Apachezgitso looks promising00:11
Apachezless problems than with x11vnc00:11
Apachezhowever it doesnt seem to support scaling00:11
Apachezat least not out of the box00:11
OerHeksvnc scaling?00:12
Philliesanyone know how i can route my outgoing traffic thru vpn without losing ssh access o the box00:16
Philliesright now my vpn seems to be breaking my ssh connecion00:16
x00x90Guys, i'm trying to remove then install bind,i did removed it using apt-get remove bind9, but when i try to install it again i'm getting a error that /etc/init.d/bind9 not found00:30
x00x90i did deleted it because i messed it up so i'm trying to reinstall bind so it can be created again00:31
x00x90how can i bypass this error when installing using apt-get ?00:31
x00x90if i use dpkg-reconfigure bind9 i'm getting the same error because the file is missing00:31
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OerHeksx00x90, what ubuntu version do you have??00:35
OerHeksx00x90, what error do you get tru terminal ?00:37
x00x90invoke-rc.d: unknown initscript, /etc/init.d/bind900:38
OerHeksx00x90, after removel bind9. did you reboot?00:38
OerHeksmight worth a try00:38
x00x90OerHeks: i did "touch /etc/init.d/bind9" then apt-get install bind9 but it didn't recreated the script00:39
x00x90OerHeks: i will reboot the machine00:39
OerHeksi'll wait.00:40
jazzychrishi hi evrybudy00:41
HappyNewYear13it's been a while since i've installed ubuntu from an iso image. now 14.10 image weights 1GB. what the hell. how am i gonna burn into a 700CD. i don't have a dvd burner, only CD. help00:41
bhalashHappyNewYear13: Do you have a USB key?00:41
HappyNewYear13bhalash, how much USB space i need?00:42
bhalashHappyNewYear13: A $8 USB drive will take the ISO fine00:42
OerHeksHappyNewYear13, get the mini iso00:42
bhalashHappyNewYear13: The ISO is like 850MB right? So that much.00:42
HappyNewYear13i only have a 256mb usb00:42
OerHeksyou'll need internet to install the desktop then00:42
ubottuThe Minimal CD image is very small in size, and it downloads most packages from the Internet during installation, allowing you to select only those you want.  The installer is text based (rather than graphical as used on the Desktop DVD). See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/MinimalCD00:42
OerHeks73 mb if iremember correctly00:42
x00x90OerHeks: its working now, thanks :)00:42
bubbasauresHappyNewYear13, You can boot the iso with grub00:43
HappyNewYear13i have an MP3 player. will it work?00:43
OerHeksx00x90, great !00:43
HappyNewYear13lmao, did my lates question made sense?00:43
bhalashYou'd need to change the partitions and set a boot flag. I've actually done that once in the past with some crappy Rio player.00:43
bhalashIf you're happy using gparted or fdisk you shouldn't have a problems00:44
EriC^^HappyNewYear13: how big is the mp3 player00:44
HappyNewYear13EriC^^, i think 4GB00:44
EriC^^HappyNewYear13: give it a shot00:44
bhalashHappyNewYear13: http://www.ubuntu.com/download/desktop/create-a-usb-stick-on-windows00:45
OerHeksHappyNewYear13, do you have a SD card and reader? that could work too00:45
HappyNewYear13i'm glad i just bought a new laptop with DVD burner. never had one :'(00:45
HappyNewYear13but that's where i'm going to install ubuntu00:45
HappyNewYear13no OS now00:45
bhalashI haven't used a CD in years. :/00:45
HappyNewYear13thank you friends bhalash OerHeks EriC^^00:46
OerHekshave fun00:46
liuhi ! I have iproute2 installed, but i can't find netlink library in ubuntu 14.0400:49
liucan someone help me?00:49
uskerinein ubuntu-minimal, what should be installed when you are getting messages like "no dialog-like program is installed" while installing packages?00:51
uskerineubuntu minimal 12.0400:51
OerHeksliu, this package ? http://manpages.ubuntu.com/manpages/trusty/man7/netlink.7.html00:52
OerHeksoh sorry, that is just the manual00:52
OerHeks!find netlink00:53
ubottuFound: libnfnetlink-dev, libnfnetlink0, libnfnetlink0-dbg, ntrack-module-rtnetlink-000:53
OerHekslibnfnetlink0 is what you want, i guess.00:53
liuOerHeks: http://manpages.ubuntu.com/manpages/trusty/man3/libnetlink.3.html00:54
EriC^^uskerine: ncurses?00:55
EriC^^!find ncurses00:55
ubottuFound: libcunit1-ncurses, libcunit1-ncurses-dev, libncurses5, libncurses5-dbg, libncurses5-dev, libncursesw5, libncursesw5-dbg, libncursesw5-dev, libx32ncurses5, libx32ncurses5-dev (and 24 others) http://packages.ubuntu.com/search?keywords=ncurses&searchon=names&suite=utopic&section=all00:55
liuit says that libnetlink is on iproute package00:55
EriC^^uskerine: no idea00:55
Piciuskerine: perhaps the package 'dialog'00:56
uskerineI am trying with that00:56
explodesIs there a great application for linux/ubuntu that downloads your liked soundcloud sounds?00:59
OerHeksexplodes. there is a unity-soundcloud-scope, that can browse, comment and download01:02
OerHeksexplodes, or https://github.com/lukapusic/soundcloud-dl01:03
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bwright_Having an issue with my Cannon LiDE 25 USB scanner, sane seems to find it but simple scan says no device is connected even when running it in root.01:08
bwright_Has worked on previous versions of ubuntu with no modification.01:08
bwright_So unsure as to the reason?01:08
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byerleyhi, I'm trying to install an ubuntu 14.04 server partition from USB, but I get a black screen after selecting install. I think I need to set "nomodeset" in grub, but I'm sitting on the grub edit screen and I can't figure out the syntax. The requisite images from this guide are dead: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1613132, can anyone point me to a better one?01:12
Bashing-om!nomodeset | byerley01:14
ubottubyerley: A common kernel (boot)parameter is nomodeset, which is needed for some graphic cards that otherwise boot into a black screen or show corrupted splash screen. See http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1613132 on how to use this parameter01:14
Bashing-ombyerley: UHH, same same, what is the particular problem ?01:14
ApachezOerHeks: yeah... like scale 4/5 means 1536x864 is sent on the wire instead of 1920x1080 which is the full desktop size of the client to be remoted01:15
byerleyBashing-om I'm editing the line it describes "linux /install/vmlinuz file=/cdrom/preseed/ubuntu-server.seed quiet --", should it be changed to end with "quiet --nomodeset"?01:17
Ben64byerley: no --, just nomodeset01:19
Bashing-ombyerley: ^^ , then key combo ctl+x to continue the boot process. Headless server ?01:22
bwright_Why wouldn't the scanner work on this version of Ubuntu but would work on older versions :/01:22
byerleyBashing-om: I get the same black screen in both cases, not sure if I have the syntax wrong or I'm just not fixing the problem. It's a normal Desktop setup, but I don't actually need the interface for anything I want to do with it.01:30
Bashing-ombyerley: A black screen is the most often corrected with "nomodest", but, graphics may not be the issue. Might try " acpi=off " , see if that has any effect.01:36
Bashing-ombyerley: Also, did you check the .iso integrity (md5sum) ?01:44
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EriC^^what's up Bashing-om?01:53
Bashing-omEriC^^: Hey, hey ! .. not much .. slow evening where ever I look .01:54
EriC^^yeah it's pretty quiet tonight01:54
Bashing-omEriC^^: Gives us time to thing about teak'n for breakage . ( OR why I want to install 14.10, hummm).01:55
EriC^^hehe yeah :D01:56
byerleyBashing-om: yeah, tried USB in another machine and it works fine as well. I think I'll give up for now and try again with a desktop image later, thanks for the help.01:56
Bashing-ombyerley: OK, we keep at it till we whoop it, or it whoops us. See ya later and WE all take this matter back up.01:59
mikey_hiya any gurus here can help with a wireless problem ?01:59
safinaskarplease say me what is default name of terminal in trusty01:59
EriC^^safinaskar: gnome-terminal02:00
safinaskarEriC^^: thanks02:00
mikey_and yes, it's a Broadcom02:01
ubottuHelp with Broadcom bcm43xx can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs/Driver/bcm43xx02:01
mikey_I've read/tried all that, pulling my damn hair out02:01
safinaskarwhere is keyboard layout settings in trusty?02:02
EriC^^safinaskar: settings > text entry02:02
safinaskarand where is settings?02:02
sacarlsonmikey_: is the device seen at all with iwconfig ?02:02
EriC^^safinaskar: top right corner, power button02:02
safinaskarok, found02:02
mikey_no.  it sees the realtek usb i'm using and that's it.02:03
EriC^^mikey_: what about lspci02:03
mikey_though when i install the "additional drivers" it sees all my access points but will not connect.  after reboot it is gone02:03
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safinaskarhow to temporary switch to another keyboard layout while right alt pressed?02:05
mikey_Yes it is there under lspci02:05
EriC^^safinaskar: super+space02:05
sacarlsonmikey_: best pastebin lspci then so we can locate the correct driver and firmware02:06
stepheltona machine i recently set up does not have a /etc/udev/rules.d/70-persistent-net.rules file, and itso only ethernet device is named "em1". I'm having problems trying to create aliases in /etc/network/interfaces and I'm wondering if this is related... is there a tool I can use to produce the standard 70-persistent-net.rules file?02:06
safinaskarEriC^^: no. i mean i want to use right alt as a temporary way to switch to another layout (i. e. russian). when i hold right alt, i want to type russian. when i don't hold - i type english02:06
safinaskarEriC^^: there is such setting in kde 4 and gnome 202:06
EriC^^safinaskar: you can change the shortcut in text entry, but alt is used for the HUD, so you'd have to disable that first02:07
mikey_03:00.0 Network controller: Broadcom Corporation BCM4321 802.11a/b/g/n (rev 03)02:08
mikey_it is a 14e4:4328 rev0302:08
sacarlsonmikey_: also need to know what kernel you are running uname -a02:08
mikey_Linux mike-HP-Pavilion-dv9000-RU313UA-ABL 3.16.0-24-generic #32-Ubuntu SMP Tue Oct 28 13:07:32 UTC 2014 x86_64 x86_64 x86_64 GNU/Linux02:09
Chuck_Norrismikey_: sudo apt-get install firmware-b43-installer02:09
mikey_done that Chuck02:09
codepoet_Is there something that limits the amount of memory a process can use in ubuntu 14.0.4 64bit? I have a process that eats up 32g of memory and occasionally swaps on a server I am re-doing, but on my new server,. the same process doesn’t even use 1g of Ram and takes forever. My ulimits are soft/hard * and root set at 100000 …. is there something else?02:11
safinaskaris there any way to install proprietary flush plugin from repo and not from site adobe.com?02:11
somsip!info flashplugin-installer | safinaskar02:11
ubottusafinaskar: flashplugin-installer (source: flashplugin-nonfree): Adobe Flash Player plugin installer. In component multiverse, is optional. Version (utopic), package size 7 kB, installed size 137 kB (Only available for i386; amd64)02:11
mikey_comes back "already the newest version"02:12
Chuck_Norrismikey_:  append b43 at the bottom of /etc/modules02:12
safinaskarsomsip: thanks02:12
safinaskarEriC^^: thanks02:12
safinaskarsomsip: hm, ok, i installed flushplugin, i. e. that package. but flash still doesn't work in ff02:13
mikey_ummm.. how do I do that ?02:13
OerHeksmikey_, did you rebooy after install?02:14
mikey_yes have rebooted02:14
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safinaskarso, i installed the package flashplugin-installer. what to do next?02:15
OerHekssafinaskar, restart your browser?02:16
safinaskarOerHeks: doesn't work02:16
safinaskari'll be back02:16
sacarlsonmikey_:  if you tried all else including sudo apt-get install bcmwl-kernel-source  then you might try boot a livecd with the 32bit version of linux.  it sounds like the 64bit driver for bcm is broken02:17
safinaskarso, restarting doesn't help02:17
safinaskarwhat to do?02:17
steve_RDoes anyone have a good understanding of compiling apps?02:20
mikey_hmm interesting.02:20
ubottuCompiling software from source? Read the tips at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/CompilingSoftware (But remember to search for pre-built !packages first). Also read !checkinstall02:20
OerHekssafinaskar, i am out of ideas, i use chrome to avoid flash issues02:21
bubbasauressafinaskar, Flash in the repos is older but what is available, does not work in all uses, thee is chrome with peppermint built in; their flash02:21
isleshocky77It seems that my system keeps automatically adding some really funky network connections. I've deleted them from /etc/NetworkManager/system-conntections and they reappeared. It looks like all of these weird connections are bluetooth device. Anyone know how I get it to stop adding them?02:22
KrixvarAnyone able to give me a hand with setting up my usb sound card? I can usually only get it to play sound out of one of the two rca pairs02:24
HappyNewYear13why utopic is not available in the minimalCD installation documentation? https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/MinimalCD02:25
mikey_How do you change the graphics driver to the alternate driver to boot the live cd ?  My dv9000 just freezes up without switching to the alternate driver.02:25
bubbasaures!nomodeset | mikey_ try this boot02:26
ubottumikey_ try this boot: A common kernel (boot)parameter is nomodeset, which is needed for some graphic cards that otherwise boot into a black screen or show corrupted splash screen. See http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1613132 on how to use this parameter02:26
HappyNewYear13help. i'm new to minimal installation02:26
bubbasauresHappyNewYear13, Details not help here please.02:26
HappyNewYear13bubbasaures, what do you mean02:27
HappyNewYear13minimalCD lates is 14.04 will it offer me to install utopic?02:27
bubbasauresHappyNewYear13, You don;t just say help here, we know that already, detail the issue.02:27
HappyNewYear13bubbasaures, said it above 3 minutes ago02:28
Bashing-omHappyNewYear13: A minimal install is just the core - what it takes to boot the kernel . All else you must install .02:28
HappyNewYear13Bashing-om, why utopic is not available as minimal install?02:28
safinaskarok, flash in chromium works. thanks to all02:28
HappyNewYear13Bashing-om, i read somewhere utopic server is available as minimal install, but i need utopic desktop02:29
HappyNewYear13safinaskar, you can make flash work in firefox too with "fresh player"02:29
HappyNewYear13safinaskar, it's a big buggy though02:29
HappyNewYear13you still would need pepperflash02:30
bubbasauresHappyNewYear13, Sigh right, and we ask you do not use that word. It just clouds what your task is getting help. https://workaround.org/getting-help-on-irc02:30
HappyNewYear13safinaskar, "fresh player plugin"02:30
HappyNewYear13bubbasaures, no one is answering me. when i say help, at least someone does02:31
GuyThatNeedsHelpCan i ask questions about batch?02:31
HappyNewYear13i guess no one does minimalCD install nowadays02:32
HappyNewYear13i am not good buying hardware02:32
OerHeksHappyNewYear13, sure, lot of people do02:32
HappyNewYear13i dont even have a DVD to burn utopic on it, neither a DVD burner02:32
OerHeksHappyNewYear13, just install 14.04 and upgrade02:33
GuyThatNeedsHelpwanna script that i can just type ./filename /var/www/filename02:33
GuyThatNeedsHelpso i dont got to type out /opt/sublime_text/sublime_text /var/www/filename02:33
HappyNewYear13OerHeks, i will do that. but why utopic desktop is not available? is it just a matter of time?02:33
OerHeksHappyNewYear13, not sure why it is not available yet.02:34
HappyNewYear13OerHeks, i thought it was strange02:34
HappyNewYear13man i love ubuntu hehe02:35
HappyNewYear13been using it for the last 6-7 years02:35
HappyNewYear13always installed it from a CD or upgraded over the internet02:36
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KrixvarNo one on the soundcard? I've tried asoundrc and it doesn't seem to help.. only thing that gets both to work is unplugging/plugging it back in multiple times with the speakers on for some reason (which makes them pop which I don't like...), and even then after multiple plugging cycles they still don't work most of the time02:36
HappyNewYear13how oftern you guys change your pc or notebooks?02:36
HappyNewYear13how often you guys buy a new pc or notebook? average?02:37
HappyNewYear13my audio problems solved in the past deleting the "pulse" audio folder. then reboot and it was created fresh02:38
somsipGuest81373: create a link from /usr/local/bin with sudo ln -s  /opt/sublime_text/sublime_text  /usr/local/bin/sublime02:39
HappyNewYear13is everyone sleeping?02:39
somsip!quiet | HappyNewYear1302:39
OerHeksHappyNewYear13, those are hardly ubuntu support issues, you might want to join #ubuntu-offtopic for that02:39
somsipGuest81373: meant for someone else02:39
somsipwho is now gone...02:40
HappyNewYear13i wanted to know the average ubuntu user, how often they buy new pcs or laptops02:40
somsip!ot | HappyNewYear1302:40
ubottuHappyNewYear13: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!02:40
KrixvarHappyNewYear13: I'll have to try that, though this has persisted over multiple installs (though I may have kept the pulse folder), and its in an alsa app with pulseaudio suspended :/02:40
HappyNewYear13it was a support question, for me to do the same.02:40
KrixvarHappyNewYear13: what kind of issues were you having that it fixed?02:41
HappyNewYear13Krixvar, i don't remember. it was long time ago. i guess i didn't have sound, or i lost it.02:41
KrixvarHappyNewYear13: hmm okay, I'm just confused by this because there's two rca pairs, one works but the other doesn't without getting lucky with shuffling cables02:42
HappyNewYear13my .pulse folder at $HOME02:43
HappyNewYear13rename it instead of deleting it02:43
peyamI used xrandr in redshift. it works but is it the right way to do it?02:44
peyamrandr wasnt available in my packages and neither vidmode02:44
HappyNewYear13anyone with experience installing ubuntu via minimalCD. is it smooth?02:44
somsipHappyNewYear13: it works. What's your specific question?02:44
HappyNewYear13somsiop i wanted the utopic minimal iso, but latest available is 14.0402:45
KrixvarHappyNewYear13: I'll try that02:45
HappyNewYear13i feel so sleepy02:45
somsipHappyNewYear13: doesn't seem to be available. https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/MinimalCD02:46
HappyNewYear13somsip, yeah. isn't that strange?02:46
HappyNewYear13i was thinking maybe the 14.04 iso will jump up to 14.10. but then again, i watch too much Sci-fi02:47
HappyNewYear13there's a video of Linus Torvalds saying why he doesn't use debian or ubuntu. could someone summarize it for me? YT recommend it to me02:48
EriC^^somebody should file a bug about update-manager , you can update the installation without sudo, it effectively gives anyone a sudo apt-get update and sudo apt-get dist-upgrade privileges02:48
somsipHappyNewYear13: http://archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/dists/utopic/main/installer-amd64/current/images/netboot/mini,iso02:48
somsipHappyNewYear13: http://archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/dists/utopic/main/installer-amd64/current/images/netboot/mini.iso02:48
OerHeksHappyNewYear13, found it, it is there, only not in the list yet, i changed trusty to utopic02:48
OerHeksah somsip is quick02:49
somsipOerHeks: I think we got there at the same time. Yes, noticed the minimalCD page has not been updated since 4/14 so maybe it's just that that needs doing02:49
HappyNewYear13somsip it says amd64 is that 64 bits? i always choose i386. i have no clue about 64 bits02:50
OerHekssomsip, not sure who to talk to.. or where to write/ask02:50
somsipHappyNewYear13: get whatever you need for your CPU. Or use OerHeks's link02:50
HappyNewYear13somsip, thank you, i didn't see OerHeks' (thank you too)02:51
HappyNewYear13do you guys use 64 bits?02:51
HappyNewYear13i am such a noob. i always chose 32 bits02:52
byerleyBashing-om: figured it out if you're interested, acpi=off and no quiet got me useful some debug output and evidently it was hanging on an ATA bus error (some specific SATA ports on the motherboard weren't Linux friendly so moving them fixed things - the solid HDD light during the black screen probably should have tipped me off)02:52
somsipHappyNewYear13: what other people do is not as relevant as you using what is best for your CPU/RAM02:52
KrixvarHappyNewYear13: back, restarting didn't regenerate .pulse for me02:53
HappyNewYear13Krixvar, did you rename it as i said?02:53
KrixvarHappyNewYear13: yeah, changed it to .pulse-old then rebooted02:53
Krixvarstill have that folder, but no new .pulse02:53
HappyNewYear13somsip, new laptop will be 4GB ram CPU  Intel® Celeron® N2830, 2.16 GHz (1M Cache, Turbo Máx. 2.41 GHz)02:54
=== dude is now known as Guest79728
HappyNewYear13somsip, can i use 64 bits?02:54
somsipHappyNewYear13: I'm not looking up whether yoyur CPU is 32 or 64 bits. You can do that yourself02:54
Krixvarall my other audio devices still work fine, and channels 3 and 4 of the card work, but for whatever reason I can't get the card to play out of the first two channels02:54
HappyNewYear13somsip, all this is so new to me02:54
HappyNewYear13somsip, documentation says something about UEFI hardware.... oh my god. noob again02:56
HappyNewYear13i'll go for 32 bits. 64 scares me02:57
somsipHappyNewYear13: you're coming across as self-deprecating in a way that is not funny or helping yourself. I'm struggling to care about helping you if you can't do something for yourself02:57
HappyNewYear13somsip, i appreciate all your help friend02:57
somsipHappyNewYear13: so search for your CPU and find out if it's 32 or 64 bits, without the "I'm so useless" commentary02:58
HappyNewYear13somsip, i learned so much in this few minutes here02:58
OerHeks UEFI will only take 64 bit.02:58
Bashing-ombyerley: Great! Glad ya got it fingered out. When you are good, you are good .02:58
HappyNewYear13somsip, will do that02:58
ubottuUEFI is a specification that defines a software interface between an operating system and platform firmware. It is meant as a replacement for the BIOS. For information on how to set up and install Ubuntu and its derivatives on UEFI machines please read https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UEFI02:58
HappyNewYear13uefi sounds like something from planet Mars02:58
OerHeksif your machine is 32 bit + uefi, no go02:58
HappyNewYear13i know all about BIOS02:59
HappyNewYear13this new laptop i bought comes with an installation CD, and it says 64bit03:01
HappyNewYear13so i guess it's 64bits03:01
HappyNewYear13i dont know....03:02
HappyNewYear13yeah it must be 64 bits then03:03
HappyNewYear13so i've been downloading the wrong stuff03:03
HappyNewYear13hahahaaaaaaa -_-03:03
HappyNewYear13i mean, 32 bit is supposed to work too. but not at its optimal performance, right?03:04
HappyNewYear13i mean my laptop could be more powerful03:04
HappyNewYear13my life is so funny03:05
HappyNewYear13i'm glad all this happened03:05
OerHeks32 bit works on legacy bios versions, but UEFI is a new way to protect your OS, they say. hard to find new machines without UEFI03:06
HappyNewYear13OerHeks, i just bought it today, the notebook. and as i say it's been like over 6-7 years i bought the last one03:07
HappyNewYear13still works like a charm03:07
UnderSampledHow do I get libc for gcc-arm-none-eabi?03:08
OerHeksUnderSampled, you might want to ask this in #ubuntu-arm too03:09
Tex_Nicksorry post to wrong channel03:09
UnderSampledOerHeks: ok03:10
sfdebughi, i have problem in using USB to boot ubuntu from pen-drive, when i try to boot from the usb pen-drive i receive this message: "SYSLINUX 4.03 2010-10-22 EDD Copyright (C) 1994-2010 H. Peter Anvin et al", this pen-drive works because i already installed ubunutu that is on it in two desktop machines, but, in my notebook (intel core i3, 4gb ram) does not works. the message i said appears, a prompt appears, and nothing more is done, n03:10
sfdebugdoes anyone has any idea?03:11
bubbasauressfdebug, Do you get the try or install gui?03:12
OerHekssfdebug, did you check the md5sum?03:13
peri0baron1new to linux here. Wanted to install Java and can't get beyond file extraction03:15
sfdebugbubbasaures: black background with white text appears on the screen, i think i'm not using UI.. but, can be some file trying to use UI and having problem... i already read about it on some post, but, it was talking about ubuntu version 14.10, and i didn't found the same line with the "UI" problem on 14.04.103:15
sfdebugOerHeks: yes.03:15
ubottuTo just use java you need a "Java Runtime Environment" (JRE) and/or a browser plugin. If that is not sufficient you will need a "Java Development Kit" (JDK) aka "Software  Development Kit" (SDK).  Please see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Java about how to install one of three current implementations.03:16
Luke_Rubcici'm selling comics 1$ each please check out my store http://www.ebay.com/cln/luke_rubcics_comics/comics/13370448101003:16
OerHeksLuke_Rubcic, please don't spam here, thanks03:16
peri0baron1Oerheks, i've been to multiple "help" sites and just can't seem to make it work03:18
byerleysfdebug: what kind of prompt is it?03:20
OerHeksperi0baron1, did you try the url from ubottu ?03:20
OerHeksi use openJDK just fine, no need for the binairy blob from oracle03:21
sfdebugbyerley: just a prompt, any text is present, just a prompt blincking...03:21
ubottuA common kernel (boot)parameter is nomodeset, which is needed for some graphic cards that otherwise boot into a black screen or show corrupted splash screen. See http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1613132 on how to use this parameter03:21
peri0baron1I actually needed a specific version of JDK03:22
peri0baron1found it on oracle's website03:23
HappyNewYear13just finished burning my new 14.10 minimal CD 64 bits ^_^03:23
sfdebugOerHeks: i read about that in some post... but i couldn't realize how to do that...03:23
neurosis-peri0baron1 why a specific version of JDK03:24
sfdebugOerHeks: do you have any idea where can i put the nomodeset parameter?03:25
peri0baron1neurosis, the software i'm using only works with that particular version03:27
OerHekssfdebug, it is an option with F6 when you get to the installer/try live screen, not sure you can add it to bootoptions. holf shift @ boot to enter grub2 menu, and add nomodeset as parameter to the bootline03:27
peri0baron1and for some strange reason, that ubuntu help link doesn't allow me to download the version i need03:28
sfdebugOerHeks: i cann't type anithing on the boot...03:28
OerHeksnot typing, hold shift03:30
steve_RHow does one contact the MOTU?03:34
OerHekssteve_R, 3 ways, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MOTU for mailing list, irc channel or social media03:37
DMRadfordI'm trying to access a windows share from within a program on Ubuntu. The program can't see smb shares so I'm trying to figure out in what folder does the share get mounted, or how can I dictate where it mounts the share?03:40
lotuspsychjegood morning to all03:41
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=== Guest66327 is now known as mmmy
steve_ROerHeks: Thank you03:45
byerleyhaving some issues with GRUB: it doesn't detect my windows partition and I'd rather not overwrite the MBR. Having to select the partition from UEFI would be fine, but trying to install it to the Linux partition (/dev/sdc5) fails. Not having much luck searching, any advice?03:49
Guyofdoom42Pray to the Great Old Ones.03:50
=== jasonjang is now known as jason_kr
Guyofdoom42Is anyone else going to say anything?03:51
byerleyGuyofdoom42: hi03:52
Guyofdoom42Finally, someone says something.03:52
Guyofdoom42THis is like trying to find Quake 1 servers.03:52
Bashing-ombyerley: " sudo update-grub " does not pick up and chainload Windows ?03:53
byerleyBashing-om: I'm still in the installer, I'll try skipping it and using a live disk03:55
Bashing-ombyerley: Be advised UEFI and MBR do not mix ! one or the other. whin it comes to how the system boots up.03:56
EriC^^byerley: grub should be installed to the disk not the partition03:59
EriC^^byerley: grub-install --recheck /dev/sdc03:59
byerleyBashing-om: so when GRUB says it wants to write to my MBR that'd brick my UEFI? I haven't really setup a dual-boot since before UEFI was standard.04:04
=== goeo_ is now known as Guest50085
flairso i have kind of an interesting issue from a development stand point and im wondering if im going about it the wrong way, so my question is, is there an easy way in configuring ubuntu to give access to X display to a guest/virtualenv user?04:08
SDrhi guys, having set up a VPN connection using openswan, there's a an IP nat'd on my side. How can I add this IP to the routing tables as a starting point for packets going to 192.x.x.x?04:09
Philliesare added ip rules and ip routes   need to be saved somehow before a reboot to stay in effect or good after added04:10
=== Swish[\] is now known as Swish
msgolHi!, someone please help, what was the name of the Terminal Browser?04:10
msgoli remmber having one dont remmber its name04:11
byerleymsgol: lynx?04:11
msgolthanks let me try that04:11
msgolno something else04:12
=== treelol_ is now known as treelol
=== JuttyMire is now known as Maser
=== dark3n is now known as darken
=== JoshuaDunamis is now known as Joshua^Dunamis_i
flairmsgol terminal browser ? as in file browser or internet?04:12
=== darronf__ is now known as darronf_
=== edwardly_ is now known as edwardly
=== CraftThatBlock_ is now known as CraftThatBlock
flairmsgol when u typed lynx did it load?04:13
=== ItsYoda is now known as `Yoda
msgolno nothing should i install it, i remmber having another one imgonna install lynx right now tho04:13
=== aewing__ is now known as aewing_
flairsudo apt-get install lynx-cur04:14
=== dkessel_ is now known as dkessel
msgolTHanks ;)04:14
=== robher_ is now known as robher
=== Fudster_ is now known as Fudster
=== tgm4883_ is now known as tgm4883
=== joar_ is now known as joar
dean__can anyone read this04:15
NegativeFlaredean__: of course04:15
NegativeFlareWhat can we help you with?04:15
=== cppforlife_ is now known as cppforlife
=== StFS_ is now known as StFS
dean__ohh ty well im having a lil problem installing something04:16
dean__and im new to linux/ubuntu04:16
=== gamingrobot_ is now known as gamingrobot
JR___arch linux or elementary os?04:17
NegativeFlaredean__: Alright, what do you need?04:17
msgolThanks im back in Gnome again, the Browser i was talking about is Elinks.04:17
NegativeFlareJR___: I'm pretty sure thats offtopic04:17
dean__well im trying to install dsd+04:17
lotuspsychje!info links2 | msgol04:18
ubottumsgol: links2 (source: links2): Web browser running in both graphics and text mode. In component universe, is optional. Version 2.8-2 (utopic), package size 1834 kB, installed size 3007 kB04:18
dean__ill type what it says to for installation04:18
JR___should i be in #linux?04:18
NegativeFlaredean__: I'm not sure if DSD+ is for linux04:18
NegativeFlareJR___: ##linux is your best bet yes.04:18
dean__tar xjf ittp-latest.tar.bz204:19
NegativeFlaredean__: What about it?04:19
dean__when i type this line it says tar (child): ittp-latest.tar.bz2: Cannot open: No such file or directory04:20
NegativeFlaredean__: looks like you haven't got the file to extract :P04:20
dean__the file is there04:20
dean__i see the zip04:21
NegativeFlaredean__: Are you in the correct folder in the terminal?04:21
dean__but i cant do anything through terminal to install it04:21
dalehow do I rearrange the icon bar is 14.04LTS without removing and adding back again?04:21
dean__yea i also cd and then drag the file to terminal04:21
NegativeFlaredean__: You shouldn't have to drag the file04:21
NegativeFlareThere's a thing called tab complete04:22
dean__so it auto write the dir04:22
NegativeFlarecd to the correct directory yourself04:22
NegativeFlarewhich assures you get to the correct folder04:22
dean__what is tab complete04:22
NegativeFlareTHEN run the tar command04:22
ubottuYou can use your <tab> key for autocompletion of nicknames in IRC, as well as for completion of filenames and programs on the command line.04:22
dean__ok im going to try that04:23
NegativeFlaredean__: alrighty04:23
Bashing-ombyerley: I go side tracked, hoz it going ? UEFI ?04:24
gomedunHi, could anyone help me out with getting my ethernet working?04:24
dean__what exactly does the xjf do04:25
dean__or stand for04:25
NegativeFlaredean__: it tells tar to extract a .tar.bz2 file04:26
NegativeFlareand the f tells tar what file to extract04:26
NegativeFlareX stands for extract04:26
dean_got disconnected04:27
Bashing-omgomedun: Wired or WIFI ? .. managed by Network Manager or is the network manual ?04:27
dean_what does xjf stand for or do  when i type tar xjf04:27
dean_im on wifi04:28
NegativeFlaredean_: X stands for extract, j stands for the .tar.bz2 file, and f tells the tar command what file to extract :P04:28
dean_i dont kno ho im going to remember all these commands04:29
dean_lol is there an easier way orf installing programs haha04:29
NegativeFlaredean_: I use them everyday, but then again I'm an Network Administrator04:29
Bashing-omdean_: No one does, that is why we have the manual to remind us.04:29
dean_ahh i see im a mechanic04:29
byerleyBashing-om: little worried grub will break things so I'm trying to figure out how to add the partition in windows (which is kinda painful), worst case I'll just boot into it from a live disk04:29
NegativeFlaretar xvzf, tar xvjf04:29
cfhowlettdean, some people have even been known to write down the things they wish to remember.04:30
dean_i need to find a list of these commands04:30
NegativeFlareAnyways, I've got to go04:30
dean_ILL PRINT IT OUT04:30
Bashing-ombyerley: IF WUBI .. not a lot of support for it //and WUBI will not work in a UEFI install, period.04:30
Bashing-om!uefi | byerley Have you seen this:04:31
ubottubyerley Have you seen this:: UEFI is a specification that defines a software interface between an operating system and platform firmware. It is meant as a replacement for the BIOS. For information on how to set up and install Ubuntu and its derivatives on UEFI machines please read https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UEFI04:31
user123is there a list other than fstab over partitions which ubuntu tries to mount at boot?04:34
user123dmesg is giving me an error on my sda2 which is an empty extended partition not listed in fstab04:35
byerleyBashing-om: I did, but steps 5 and 6 are scary04:35
justMesshello world04:36
Bashing-ombyerley: I will look at 5 and 6, see what is, but be aware I have no experioence either with UEFI .04:37
lotuspsychjeuser123: try gparted to merge empty partitions04:37
justMesshi guys04:37
user123lotuspsychje: cheers04:37
lotuspsychje!info gparted | user12304:38
ubottuuser123: gparted (source: gparted): GNOME partition editor. In component main, is optional. Version 0.19.0-1build1 (utopic), package size 498 kB, installed size 1860 kB04:38
gomedunany1 that can help me out with my ethernet?04:38
lotuspsychje!details | gomedun04:38
ubottugomedun: Please elaborate; your question or issue may not seem clear or detailed enough for people to help you. Please give more detailed information, errors, steps, and possibly configuration files (use the !pastebin to avoid flooding the channel)04:38
daleis there a html editor that does WW3C compliance, testing, accrediting for 14.04LTS04:38
Bashing-ombyerley: steps 4 and 6, are you meaning boot-repair ?04:39
=== eduardo is now known as Guest11325
lotuspsychjedale: check software centre for html packages, there are plenty04:39
dalethanks lotuspsychje04:39
user123lotuspsychje: doesnt say anywhere in gparted about merging hm04:40
lotuspsychjeuser123: http://askubuntu.com/questions/269045/how-to-merge-an-unallocated-partition-with-an-extended-partition04:40
byerleyBashing-om: yeah, to be honest the ubuntu partition is more of a side project so I don't want to risk messing up the resident windows installation04:41
gomedunlotuspsychje: http://pastebin.com/gAJeShnj04:41
user123lotuspsychje: thank you person04:42
Bashing-ombyerley: Understand that .. If you are the least uncertain, best to check and see what partitions have been made - If yo8u have exited the installer . Terminal command -> sudo parted -l <- for a glimpse.04:43
=== Jikai is now known as Jikan
justMe222 test04:45
daleis there a way to have a "console" in terminal mode that spews all the activities? might slow me down, but I would like to try it04:45
heloo222hello world04:45
nusrthe ubuntu does not like the mysql...after losing my password for mysql and struggling with some online tutorials to recover it, i had the bright idea to uninstall and reinstall..but now ubuntu does not install mysql. i get the message some packages cann't be installed blah04:46
nusrdale: try top?04:47
heloo222@dale what do you mean spews the activities04:47
heloo222@dale so you mean like dmesg04:48
dalespew all the acitivies my session is doing, line by line, or something, Solaris around 25 years ago had something like this, might have been a configured terminal an adminsitrator did04:49
heloo222@dale try dmesg in the command line04:49
heloo222it's the same dmesg as Solaris has04:49
=== w7ldn is now known as moondog
daleI'll look into dmesg, looks like it needs some configuration, thanks honorable guru04:50
JR___i'm a noob here04:53
JR___anyone can tell me how can i install a software04:53
sennnwhy ubuntu pptp vpn not work in china?04:53
JR___and then see it on my desktop?04:53
JR___i apt-get a software04:53
cfhowlettJR___, install with the software center04:53
JR___and it disappears into my terminal04:53
JR___can everything be found in the software center?04:53
cfhowlettsennn, many/most vpn's are blocked in china.  consult your local party leader.04:54
cfhowlettJR___, "everything" ?  of course not.04:54
JR___it isn't really what i need then04:54
JR___so how do i install softwares04:54
cfhowlettJR___, open the software center.  search for your app.  click install.04:55
flairso im working a script here that runs as a normal user but as a different user than my X display. ive added my xauth key from my x display to the normal user executing code (google-chrome as an example), however im receiving Gtk: cannot open display: :0  ... any ideas how i can fix this?04:55
JR___mmmm ok04:55
JR___i'll try again04:55
nusryou type sudo apt-get install <nameofsoftware>04:55
JR___apt-get install04:55
JR___and then04:55
JR___the software disappears04:55
nusrif it is in the repository you'll get it04:55
JR___there is no trace of it04:55
JR___how do i double click the software04:55
nusryou have to use sudo if you are not logged in as root04:55
cfhowlettJR___, dpkg -l | grep softwarename here         will show if it installed04:55
=== benny is now known as Guest6210
JR___and how do i start the software?04:56
JR___in windows you can double click the .exe04:56
JR___but you can't do that on the terminal04:56
JR___it just goes missing04:56
JR___and how do you search for all the installed apps?04:56
JR___is there a /programfiles/ for ubuntu?04:56
cfhowlettJR___, search the dash.04:57
sennnfind handbook and read it!04:57
cfhowlett!manual | JR___ start hee04:57
ubottuJR___ start hee: The Ubuntu Manual will help you become familiar with everyday tasks such as surfing the web, listening to music and scanning documents. With an emphasis on easy to follow instructions, it is suitable for all levels of experience. http://ubuntu-manual.org/04:57
nusryou can type the name of the software at the top left corner if you are using unity...or you can pin it to the side bar..or have it on the desktop..just like clicking the .exe04:57
JR___ok thanks04:57
flairi really could use some direction on my issue if anyone has had any experience with it04:59
Bashing-omflair: Restate the issue, please, I may be able to assist before I retire this session.05:04
SchrodingersScatflair | so im working a script here that runs as a normal user but as a different user than my X display. ive added my xauth key  from my x display to the normal user executing code (google-chrome as an example), however im receiving Gtk: cannot open display: :0  ... any ideas how i can fix this?05:06
SchrodingersScatBashing-om: ^05:07
flairsorry was trying to work on the issue05:08
Bashing-omSchrodingersScat: Thanks ..export DISPLAY=:0.0 ??05:08
flairbashing-om: im trying to give perm permission to another user on the system to allow display on my current users X display session05:09
SchrodingersScatyeah, I normally export DISPLAY until one of them works.05:09
Bashing-omflair: All I can come up with is some means to " export DISPLAY=:0.0 " .05:09
flairso do i do that as the user running the X session or as the user trying to hit the session?05:10
flairi would imagine as the user of the X session05:10
=== lahwran_ is now known as lahwran
Bashing-omflair: Yes as a general rule the originator of the X session.05:11
flairand as the user of the non x session is there another command i would use to try to tell the display to use 0.0?05:12
flairxsession user env:  DISPLAY=:0.0     non xsession user evn:  DISPLAY=:0   (this is what the env is currently displaying)05:14
Bashing-omflair: No, the 'export' takes care of that .. if it is exported to the proper display.05:14
=== markp is now known as mapps
flairbashing-om im not sure that you fully understand mybe, im not trying to export my display to another screen05:15
flairim trying to give access to a terminal script   v user to my xsession y user display05:16
flairso if i load a terminal -> su - v (user)   and type google-chrome .. i want it display on my curren x users session y user05:16
flairreason im needing to do this, is im working with creating a plugin for lisa-project (voice recognition ) to launch a web browser or other X display apps05:17
Bashing-omflair: Sorry, beyond my skill set.05:20
flairbashing-om: yeah np i appreciate it, i was looking into xauth add but i think the key gets regenerated each time you log out and log back in for security reasons05:21
mietekWhat's wrong with http://packages.ubuntu.com/utopic/ ?05:26
cfhowlettmietek, as the error message clearly states ...05:27
mietekI'm actually just trying to get to http://packages.ubuntu.com/utopic/pigz05:28
mietekWhich is also nicely errored.05:28
cfhowlettmietek, it's broken.  Pretty sure someone is working to fix it.05:28
mietekDo you know an alternative way to just locate the *.deb?05:29
cfhowlettmitko, apt-cache show debname.deb05:29
cfhowlettmietek, happy2help05:29
=== x_ is now known as DF3D2
sacarlsonflair: why do you have to come in as another user?  can't you just login as the same user that is now using the display?05:32
=== jason___ is now known as jason25262
flairsacarlson, no the python app runs in a virtualenv  as "alivelisa", the server runs on alivelisa and the client runs on "xsession user"05:33
sacarlsonflair: seems some time back I played with ssh that depending on DISPLAY=:0.1  or :0.2  or maybe 0.0 that pointed it to the screen I wanted05:33
flairsacarlson, im just writing a bash script to run the command sudo -h -u user google-chrome and im adding alivelisa to suders nopasswd05:34
flairscrew trying to mess with the display atm :)05:34
sacarlsonflair: ok so If I was to simulate with virtualbox I guess I would setup another user name and ssh into my host box and see if I can bring up an X app on the host05:35
flairsacarlson, just virtualbox xdisplay add a user and su - user and try to launch an x app as a that user that doesnt have access to ur current x display in ur x virtual session05:36
sacarlsonflair: oh ok ya that should work I guess05:36
flairyeah doesnt work05:36
flairok so that worked :)05:37
flairusing sudoers :)05:37
sacarlsonflair: cool done deal05:37
flairbypassed alot of security doing that05:37
flairbut eh atm its a good work around while i work on this app :)05:38
flairwoohooO! plugin worked :D  i can open google with my voice now LOL :D05:42
BlasterFreshly installed Ubuntu 14.10 on a Thinkpad W520 and there is graphics display issues.  Do we need a driver?05:48
flairblaster: would help to understand the display issues...05:49
Blasterflair: Multiple cursors appearing, menus acting oddly, glitchyness, etc.05:50
flairblaster: give me the info when u run ; lspci | grep -i vga05:51
Blasterflair: Okay hold on still updating.05:52
manikantaWhat exactly purge-repository does?05:54
=== Owner__ is now known as Guest24243
bubbasaures!ppa-purge | manikanta05:55
ubottumanikanta: To disable a PPA from your sources and revert your packages back to default Ubuntu packages, install ppa-purge and use the command: « sudo ppa-purge ppa:<repository-name>/<subdirectory> » – For more information, see http://www.webupd8.org/2009/12/remove-ppa-repositories-via-command.html05:55
Blasterflair: https://gist.github.com/anonymous/7dfd217b824e14864a7705:58
flairblaster, this might be of some use to you: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=220972005:59
flairresponse to the guys question that is05:59
manikantamake[2]: *** No rule to make target `/usr/lib/libgdal1.7.0.so', needed by `apps/lsiviewer.wt'.06:02
Blasterflair: Is there an easy way to find switchable graphics driver for Ubuntu 14.10 and a 1000M card?06:02
explodingmangoHey, is there anyone willing to try to replicate a problem I'm having with shotwell? It's a pretty simple one involving tags06:02
manikantaWhile compiling something I got that error..What exactly that means?06:02
manikantamake[2]: *** No rule to make target `/usr/lib/libgdal1.7.0.so', needed by `apps/lsiviewer.wt'.06:02
flairblaster: never had one man not sure , just trying to point you in a direction if it was me i would start06:03
explodingmango1.) start shotwell 2.) import at least one photo and add a tag 3.) right-click the tag in the left pane and add a sub-tag 4.) keep adding subtags until keyboard input stops working (takes 2 or 3 for me)06:03
flair!find | imLOST06:06
ubottuimLOST is not a valid distribution: extras, kubuntu-backports, kubuntu-experimental, kubuntu-updates, lucid, lucid-backports, lucid-proposed, partner, precise, precise-backports, precise-proposed, stable, testing, trusty, trusty-backports, trusty-proposed, unstable, utopic, utopic-backports, utopic-proposed, vivid, vivid-backports, vivid-proposed06:06
=== Anoniem4l is now known as Anoniem4l`afk
imLOSTflair: i love it06:08
acmeraptorhello hello06:08
acmeraptoranyone have some time to help me compile some mfg supplied code for a dumb wireless adapter?06:09
flairacmeraptor, ur in casper ?06:09
acmeraptori am06:10
flairso am i bud06:10
acmeraptorjust moved here from phoenix a month ago.. and i LOVE it here06:10
floatingpointhola. what is the default location for non-apt-get-installed programs?06:17
kahtahs_there's none06:19
sacarlsonfloatingpoint: I guess /usr/local/bin06:20
cybrhumanfloatingpoint: they wind up everywhere, if you need to find a program you installed with some other system try "find" or "locate"06:21
floatingpointi ask because i am attempting to install crfsuite06:21
floatingpointi guess i need to make an alias for this program as well06:21
cybrhumanfloatingpoint: how was it installed?06:21
floatingpointi downloaded a binary06:21
=== linuxuz3r_ is now known as linuxuz3r
dyucurl -X POST localhost:3000/deal/something --header "Content-Type:application/json" --data '[{"deal_id": 1, "qty": 3}]' <-- I'm using that to test a Rails app. Rails names the parameter in --data as "_json", how do I change it? Our Rails app expects something else06:21
floatingpointso, it's in /opt/crfsuite now06:22
cybrhumanfloatingpoint: opt is a sane place for it to be, just make sure it is in your path if you are going to run it directly.06:23
floatingpointis there a way to add it to all users' paths?06:23
floatingpointedit ./etc/bashrc?06:24
sacarlsonfloatingpoint: I think you can add it to your local home at .bashrc also06:24
floatingpointyeah, i want to add it for all users though06:25
cybrhumanfloatingpoint: then it will be runnable for all bash users, so, it is a solution, is it good enough?06:25
floatingpointwhat about /etc/environment?06:25
kahtahs_won't updates touch /etc06:25
cybrhumanfloatingpoint: then I guess it will be in $PATH regardless of shell.06:26
floatingpointi will do that instead06:26
sacarlsonanyone ever add voice synth to pidgin or other irc clients?06:27
floatingpointdo i need to do anything to make the /etc/environment edtis active?06:28
cybrhumanfloatingpoint: relog, give me a second and I will dig up a useful command to test it quickly06:29
sacarlsonnever mind I think I found something http://www.unixmen.com/how-to-get-pidgin-to-speak-instant-messages-in-ubuntu-and-linuxmint/06:29
cybrhumanfloatingpoint: I think "bash -l" should reload your variables06:30
newnametrying to install ubuntu 14.10 in virtualbox with all default settings and this happens.  any ideas?  http://i.imgur.com/iLiOkis.png06:32
liuxgdoes anyone know how to covert a QString to std:string in UTF-8 format?06:33
cybrhumannewname: I guess X is not working.06:33
floatingpointwhat does this mean06:33
floatingpointroot@devbox01:~# $PATH06:33
floatingpointbash: /opt/anaconda/bin:/opt/anaconda/bin:/opt/anaconda/bin:/usr/local/sbin:/usr/local/bin:/usr/sbin:/usr/bin:/sbin:/bin:/usr/games:/usr/local/games: No such file or directory06:33
cybrhumanfloatingpoint: do "echo $PATH"06:33
newnamecybrhuman: that is before telling it to run live or install06:34
floatingpointmy path is all screwed up now06:34
floatingpointit isn't what i set in /etc/environment06:34
cybrhumanfloatingpoint: oh? what did you set it to in env?06:34
newnameI had the same thing happen with new version of lubuntu.  xubuntu works though.06:35
newname12.10.4 works fine too06:36
floatingpointlooks like i needed to relogin06:36
cybrhumanfloatingpoint: bash -l did not do the trick?06:36
cybrhumanfloatingpoint: okay, I'll remember that and not suggest it again :P06:37
floatingpointi have crfsuite now06:37
floatingpointgood ol conditional random fields06:37
newnameI guess I can install 12.10 and upgrade it, seems like this would be a more widespread issue though06:39
cybrhumanwhat was the command for finding ubuntu-version I was on?06:43
basil1xuname -a06:43
cybrhumanbasil1x: that gives me linux version, not ubuntu version.06:44
=== infamy is now known as Guest78044
basil1xthere should be a popup from the 'about' thing in the upper-right.06:44
cybrhumanbasil1x: in unity?06:45
basil1xUnless they changed that from Raring.06:46
cybrhumannot using unity, but I am pretty sure I have seen a file I can read that tells me name and number, /etc/apt/sources.list only gives name.06:47
basil1xI'm pretty sure you can tell from the kernel version which buntu it is.06:47
cybrhumanbasil1x: not without googling, I mean it is a file that keeps that info,06:49
cybrhumanoh, I found it /etc/issue /etc/issue.net /etc/lsb-release /etc/os-release06:49
basil1xWell, is googling so wrong?06:49
basil1xthough I'd DDG or Ixquick instead. ;)06:50
cybrhumanbasil1x: yes, since I haven't always got internet connection when I need the answer06:50
kahtahs_cybrhuman: lsb_release -a06:50
basil1xAh.  you could put it in a text file in your /Downloads06:51
basil1xOr you could put the commands you forget there.06:51
cybrhumanI find it more useful to remember the commands so I can use them on other machines06:53
cybrhumankahtahs_: thanks :)06:53
basil1xTattoo them on your inner thigh?06:53
cybrhuman:P or just remember them06:54
basil1xAnd how has that worked out? :D06:55
cybrhumanpretty well actually, not that important commands, but still a bit useful.06:56
basil1xTrue.  Fedora doesn't even do that. ;)06:57
basil1xuname -a is all you get.  Which I why I forgot myself.  Until I can afford a new HDD, I haven't a working buntu.06:58
mikubuntui'm so sick of computers eating my text when i'm composing letters, documents, etc. i'm kind of slow, so it took me this long to figure out that what apparently happens is that as i may be happily tapping away on my keyboard somehow i inadvertently activate the highlighting feature, and with the next keystroke, all my text disappears, which is apparently exactly what it is designed to do. can i use a personal keylogger to retriev06:59
cybrhumanmikubuntu: ctrl-z ?06:59
mikubuntucybrhuman: what will that do?07:00
=== Zane is now known as Guest95208
cybrhumanmikubuntu: undo last change, you can do it repeatedly to undo several changes07:01
mikubuntucybrhuman: wow. how come thats not printed at the top of every monitor on the planet? lol.07:02
slyhackrIs anyone else having issues with firefox glitching webpages? Like, I get flashing in random rectangles and it'll flash back and forth between two tabs.07:02
slyhackrI can't for the life of me figure out what is going on.07:02
ObrienDaveslyhackr, purge and reinstall07:03
kahtahs_slyhackr: hw acc?07:03
Travestyanyone know how I can grep someone's skype ip address when a resolver isn't working?07:03
slyhackrhw acc?07:03
ObrienDavehardware acceleration07:03
cybrhumanmikubuntu: well, it is :P under the edit menu in most programs. but it is one of the failures of communication from the IT industry that it is not common knowledge.07:03
slyhackrYeah, I have hardware acceleration enabled. I'll try disabling to see if that helps.07:04
cybrhumanTravesty: why? I start to doubt your motives when you ask such questions.07:05
mikubuntucybrhuman: if i go back now to the last active window where this happened (in my yahoo mail account) will this work? is a keylogging app still a good alternative for retrieving text?07:05
cybrhumanmikubuntu: try it, I think it works in all mainstream browsers.07:05
Travestywell, I'm asking cybrhuman because a bot has discovered my address, and I am attempting to give skype the ip address so they can shut the bot down.07:05
BusinessManI want to start a channel for business minded ppl07:06
Travestygave my skype address to one person; and surely they haven't spammed it; it's my wife I gave it to...07:06
newname64 bit works07:07
cybrhumanTravesty: so you are being spammed or something?07:07
Travestyso, my attempt is to get the ip address of this individual/bot, and email skype so I can shut them down cybrhuman.07:07
mikubuntucybrhuman: are you familiar with use of keyloggers, also? i can imagine if i was a coder or some such programmer how frustrating it must be for the computer to 'eat' your last hours work.07:07
wxzwhat's an enhanced zoom alternative that doesn't require compiz?07:07
slyhackrBusinessMan: Ok, then start one.07:08
kahtahs_Travesty: Skype doesn't do that07:08
TravestyI know skype doesn't but they will ban an ip for misuse of service.07:08
cybrhumanmikubuntu: I'd advice against a keylogger solution.07:08
cybrhumanmikubuntu: which ubuntu version are you on?07:09
wxzhow can I zoom with metacity?07:09
kahtahs_Travesty: where did you get the idea that skype will do that when you mail them an ip?07:10
mikubuntucybrhuman: why not use a logger? -- lubuntu 14.0407:10
BusinessMandone.. entrepenuer and thesharktank07:10
cybrhumanbecause more harm than good lies down that road, and ctrl-z works almost universally.07:11
Travestywell, kahtahs_, it's against their TOS to use a botnet much less a server to spam their users, esp given their Privacy policy07:11
Travestythereof, kahtahs_, I'm going to email them with the ip of said botnet, and have them block that ip for good.07:11
cybrhumanTravesty: if you are being ddosed it is probably not via skype.07:11
basil1xBusinessMan, it might be helpful if oyu spelled entrepreneur correctly. ;)07:12
Travestyit's not a ddos, it's a bot cybrhuman07:12
cybrhumanso Skype will be powerless.07:12
cybrhumanTravesty: bot which does what?07:12
kahtahs_Travesty: they will just ignore you07:12
cybrhumancan't you rather set skype to not accept messages from people on contact list?07:12
=== fraytorment-5895 is now known as dimakotik
kahtahs_Travesty: https://support.skype.com/en/faq/FA10001/how-do-i-report-abuse-by-someone-in-skype?07:13
eb0ttravesty ...how do you know its a bot07:13
Travestytowanda.brentlinger - "Want to see my cam?" "Go to this http://www.example.com/"07:13
basil1xCan't you ignore the spammer?  I've never used skype, so I've no clue, but that would be feature one, if I'd made it.07:13
TravestyI'm fairly effective if I have an ip07:13
eb0tits probably some website you viisted that is just selling your ip to many places07:13
Travestyhaven't ignored them because I need that ip address.07:13
cybrhumanTravesty: in skypes settings there is a setting for not accepting random messages07:13
Travestyno, I use a bouncer @eb0t07:13
=== screedoz is now known as screedo
eb0tah ok ill look it up07:14
eb0ta bouncer eh07:14
PhilliesWarning: Setting GRUB_TIMEOUT to a non-zero value when GRUB_HIDDEN_TIMEOUT is set is no longer supported07:14
Philliesdoes this matter?07:14
Travestyyes; a bouncer.07:14
cybrhumanTravesty: a bouncer forwards messages to you?07:14
Travestya bouncer keeping my ip anonymous.07:14
kahtahs_Phillies: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/grub2/+bug/125859707:14
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1258597 in grub2 (Ubuntu Trusty) "Warning: Setting GRUB_TIMEOUT to a non-zero value when GRUB_HIDDEN_TIMEOUT is set is no longer supported." [Medium,Triaged]07:15
cybrhumanTravesty: what is a bouncer in this context?07:15
Travestyjust wish I could get rid of this dumb bot, for good on skype; which is why I need the... nvfm.07:15
eb0twhere did you get this bouncer from07:15
eb0tthis bnc relay tool07:15
eb0ti think your bouncer is the culprit07:15
Travestynever get anywhere with these people in here; have never been helpful with anything.07:16
Travestybs eb0t07:16
eb0tremove it and see if you still get spammed07:16
cybrhumaneb0t: do you know what a bouncer is in this context?07:16
Travestyuse suricata, bit defender, and an ip bouncer (not a proxy, but bounces my ip from one server to the next every 5 seconds with a stable connection.)07:16
eb0tyes..just a piece of software used to relay traffice and conections07:17
eb0tlike a proxy07:17
Travestyso I highly doubt that eb0t07:17
eb0tand that said ...some proxys are also dangerous07:17
enchiladoGosh darnit07:17
Travestybeen using it for over a year. never had this issue07:17
eb0tit allows you to hide your original source of your connection07:17
cybrhumanTravesty: but, it seems that your skype client allows random messages from everyone?07:17
eb0thopefully providing privacy07:17
TravestyI have it set up that way for a reason cybrhuman07:18
eb0tas well as abilty to route traffic thorug a specific location07:18
Travestyjust need to find this ip07:18
eb0tits your bouncer07:18
eb0tyou shot yourself in the foot07:18
eb0tthey probably have your bank details too07:18
TravestyI don't bank online FUCKNUTS07:18
eb0tyes whilste tye were on recon07:18
wxzwhat's an enhanced zoom alternative for metacity?07:18
eb0tif i were you i would go back to windows07:18
eb0tand get a tv07:18
basil1xIs the reason to be deliberately annoying to others whenever someone takes advantage of your vulnerability?07:19
Travestyeb0t ignored. YAY07:19
eb0tTravesty: ....your name says it all07:19
Travestyno more bullshit from that one.07:19
Phillieskahtahs_,  tyvm07:19
eb0tnot for you but eveyrone else can relish my witt07:19
eb0tmaybe this guy should go on an internet surfing course07:20
eb0ta bouncer...ha ha07:20
eb0tnever heard such codswallop in my life07:20
eb0tthis guy has put my back out..i was laughing so hard.07:20
eb0tim gonna sue him for being too funny07:21
ObrienDave!ot | eb0t07:21
ubottueb0t: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!07:21
eb0tah by the way what is this ubuntu distro like07:22
cybrhumanTravesty: okay. but as your account name is now known by some spam network I don't see a good solution to this.07:22
eb0ti want to install ubuntu ...and can anyone advise a bouncer i can use on it07:22
cybrhumanTravesty: I'd think you'd have more luck just giving the bot name to Skype.07:23
Travestyor I can give the IP to skype so they can track the phucker down, and ban that network for life @ cybrhuman07:24
Travestywould only take a phone call if I had the IP07:24
kahtahs_clearly you do not know how skype support works07:24
cybrhumanTravesty: uhm, I doubt that, if it been that simple we would not have a spam issue ever.07:24
Travestyoh really?07:24
kahtahs_Travesty: https://support.skype.com/en/faq/FA10001/how-do-i-report-abuse-by-someone-in-skype?07:25
basil1xOy vey.  This has become silly.  He obviously wants this IP for other purposes.07:26
Travestyit's not a person. it's a server.07:26
wxzsooo... does anyone know how to zoom with metacity?07:26
* rww looks up07:27
TravestyRegistrar Abuse Contact Phone: +1.2083895740 ; Registrant Phone: +11.35312322000 ; +1.800745922907:28
rwwthe hell07:28
rwwTravesty: #ubuntu is for support with Ubuntu Linux. Your Skype spam issues, while unfortunate, are not an Ubuntu issue. Anything else we can help you with?07:28
TravestyGFYS rww07:28
rwwand, regardless, please calm down and moderate your language07:28
Travestywhat language?07:29
rww#ubuntu doesn't do cursing, or abbreviations thereof07:29
Travestydummy? that's language?07:29
rwwso yes. Do you have a support question we can help you with?07:29
ObrienDaveobfuscated swearing07:29
linuxhow come in 14.10 i cant find my unity or advanced settings in the software center07:29
Travestywhat DE do you have linux?07:29
Travestyhave you tried reconfiguring your UI?07:30
linuxumm unity07:30
xhorAny idea what is the "application name" of evolution-mail or evolution-calendar? In the software center, it tells me it's installed, yet I can't find it in the app list (nothing containing 'evol' or 'mail' or 'calendar')07:30
Travestysudo dpkg --reconfigure gdm in terminal or CLI?07:31
=== BlackDex_ is now known as BlackDex
linuxis tht cmd line for me or07:31
Travestyterminal or CLI will work07:31
xhorfor that matter, is there a table somewhere containing 'package name', 'ubuntu store name' and 'application name within ubuntu' thing?07:31
linuxfor me or someone else07:32
rwwlinux: myunity isn't in 14.10's repositories.07:32
Travestydepending on how you have your system configured; also, did you try installing unity?07:32
xhorI find it a little difficult that each application has three distinct names within ubuntu07:32
linuxdamn it i love tht app to tweak out unity07:32
Travestyanything you removed recently linux?07:32
rwwlinux: as it stopped working with Unity past 14.04.07:32
rwwlinux: try unity tweak tool, i guess07:32
rwwlinux: 12.04, sorry **07:33
linuxok i will thx07:33
rwwoh, that's not in 14.10 either. sigh.07:33
Travestyor did you enable the upper left corner mouse pointer option in ubuntu tweak or settings?07:33
kahtahs_Travesty: please look up what registrar abuse is07:33
rwwkahtahs_: I think we've moved on, thankfully.07:33
BusinessManare there other channels with lots of ppl?07:34
rwwBusinessMan: /msg alis list * -min 100007:34
linuxunity tweak tool says schemas missing and idk how to install the nessary packages07:35
snappyq: how does /etc/network/interfaces choose the src ip address for a gateway route if there's multiple sub-interfaces (e.g. eth0:0) defined with ip addresses07:36
snappyfor example: http://codepad.org/W12OmDzd07:36
snappyeth0 is specified with address but the src ip for the route is
xhordo you know what the name of 'evolution mail' or 'evolution calendar' is within ubuntu?07:37
xhorthe ubuntu software center tells me those are already installed, yet I can't find them in the app lists07:37
BusinessManwhy ar there no business channels?07:38
cybrhumanBusinessMan: because this is freenode, not capitalistnode07:38
linuxlol i like tht name cyberhuman07:39
cybrhumanxhor: are you looking in your application menu?07:39
xhorcyberhuman: is it possible that not all apps show up under gnome shell from ubuntu? I am using the stock ubuntu with gnome-shell installed07:39
BusinessMancybrhuman: funny07:40
eb0tBusinessMan: just google business irc channels07:40
cybrhumanxhor: well, yes, but evolution should be conifgured to work with gnome stuff as it is gnome stuff IIRC.07:40
BusinessManbarely any come up07:40
_MisterZ_Is it there? launch it from terminal07:41
mikubuntucybrhuman: so i went back to yahoo mail as active window and tried control - z, but it did not return to the place i was at before consulting you -- but i found that if i input some text, highlighted, and deleted, and then immediately used control - z, it did in fact retrieve the text. that still doesn't tell me why u recommend against using a keylogger solution?07:41
xhorcybrhuman: oh, looks like 'evolution mail and calendar' is not installed, but something called 'evolution calendar' is installed, yet there is no 'calendar' app07:41
basil1xBusinessMan, Please, this is a help channel, not a networking channel.  Use the -offtopic channel to drum up room occupants if you must.  Just not here.07:41
flipfryany good channel for cross compiling noobs?07:41
BusinessManim not drumming up anthing07:42
BusinessMantheres nobody anywhere else07:43
_MisterZ_I'd try re-installing them just in case there any missing dependencies.07:43
* basil1x checks... hmmm... lots of people everywhere...07:45
slyhackrSo, after testing firefox without hardware acceleration, this glitching is still happeining. I might have to give pale moon or iceweasel a try.07:46
somsip!night | BusinessMan (and offtopic, as you have been politely told)07:46
ubottuBusinessMan (and offtopic, as you have been politely told): It's the middle of the night in the US and Europe, and surrounds.  This means that a lot of people are likely asleep, therefore there are less potential people who can answer your question.  Please be patient, and consider asking at a time when more people will be awake.  This is particularly true in the quieter channels.07:46
BlasterHow do you create a symbolic link to a samba share in the home directory if the link is smb://redstar/abc07:47
cybrhumanmikubuntu: did you try hitting ctrl-z several times? usually works. Other than that I just recommend using a tool that does support text editing well, like libreoffice or something. That is much simpler and more welltested solutions than using keyloggers, which is going to be complicated and prone to coming bak to you with a vengeance.07:48
cybrhumanflipfry: I guess #gentoo is a good channel for crosscompiling, they tend to need it07:50
flipfryill check it out07:51
cybrhumanxhor: did installing that package help?07:51
mikubuntucybrhuman: i agree, and in most cases where i would be composing some formal doc, i would indeed be using libreoffice, or even a lowly notepad -- but often this happens when commenting in public forums etc, so you are inputting on any number of places. after you've put several paragraphs together its very frustrating when they just disappear. but i will continue to use 'control - z' no doubt, and i shall be eternally greatful for07:52
basil1xcrosscompiling:  Compiling whilst angry.07:52
cybrhumanmikubuntu: just ctrl-c (copy) from libreoffice and ctrl-v (paste) in the input box.07:52
cybrhumananyone know how to disable mousepad while typing in 14.04 and 14.10?07:53
mikubuntucybrhuman: will do -- ty07:53
cybrhumanmikubuntu: ctrl-c (copy) ctrl-v (paste) ctrl-x (cut) .. he left.07:54
pantatoanyone know a place where logs for samba are stored beside /var/log/samba07:55
xhorcybrhuman: well, looks like installing evolution-calendar should also drag along evolution-mail since it's not standalone07:56
xhorcybrhuman: it doesn't currently07:56
cybrhumanxhor: have you installed "evolution mail and calendar"?07:57
cybrhumanpantato: might be some info in /var/log/syslog07:57
xhorcybrhuman: for some reason, I had 'evolution calendar' installed without evolution mail, hence the confusion07:57
=== Zarthuss is now known as Zarthus
cybrhumanxhor: yes, but have you installed the missing package and does it work now?07:58
xhorcybrhuman: yes I did and it does08:00
SoothsayerCan a variable name be used in a crontab file? (to a) store the name of a command b) console arguments c) the time interval for this cron job)08:04
somsipSoothsayer: how would you use a variable in any of those situations? Either to read it or pass it?08:06
Soothsayersomsip: didn’t get your question..08:06
Soothsayer0 */3 * * *  $APP_CONSOLE $STORE_CATALOG_PRODUCT_SYNCHRONIZE --store=foo08:07
somsipSoothsayer: so environmental variables for a), yes if the env is accessible to cron08:07
Soothsayersomsip: I am declaring the environment variable in the crontab file itself.. for example >  APP_CONSOLE=php /home/foo/app/console --env=prod08:08
somsipSoothsayer: to what end? I see no benefit on the face of it08:09
Soothsayersomsip: i have to setup more than 100+ cron jobs.. so i want to kepe the file manageable08:09
Soothsayerthan being repetitive about the command08:09
Lipkiihow can i make the apps bar transparent?08:10
somsipSoothsayer: fair enough, yes you can then. Seems that you may be better suited with something else, depending on your use case08:10
Soothsayersomsip: i have been looking for a cron alternative.. but no luck, i’ll rework our application itself to have a cron entry point and then create jobs in a background queue in the near future, but right now i needn an immediately deployable solution08:11
FlannelSoothsayer: What are these 100 cron jobs doing differently?  As I suspect you might be going about this from an odd angle if you really need 100 cron jobs that differ only slightly.08:11
SoothsayerFlannel: they manage different clients syncing08:11
Soothsayerso the client name (or store id) is different for each08:11
somsipSoothsayer: ok - as Flannel infers, of they are mostly similar, maybe better to have one cron job that passes control to a bash script to do the fine detail. At least then you can loop round arrays of client names/store ids08:12
Soothsayersomsip: that’s my next step.. creating .sh files08:12
somsipSoothsayer: I'd suggest it's a first step. But your call08:12
Soothsayerbut the frequency of a job for some client may be customized, so i want to see what pattern i identify first08:13
FlannelSoothsayer: You might be better off, in the short term (your hacky fix before really handling it) is to create a script that'll just add all 100 of them to cron (with everything hard coded).  But I agree, doing a script that you call 100 times and it dispatches various things is probably your best bet.08:13
SoothsayerFlannel:  somsip  this is what it looks like so far - http://pastie.org/private/wc0qhfl8ygbf3wqwufpzg08:13
* luohy 08:14
SoothsayerFlannel: ye, im going to do a quick script in php / node js that outputs the actual crontab file for now.. but i wanted some readability to it too (in case of long command names, etc).. cause sometimes we may want to customize / tweak during runtime to see how it performs08:15
SoothsayerFlannel: somsip does the file I pasted look like a sensible good start?08:15
FlannelSoothsayer: I'd say just create the cron file and then if you want to tweak something, (clear it and) recreate it08:15
somsipSoothsayer: and if that goes on for 100 cronjobs, it will get ugly. If you have the same 3 cronjobs for X different stores, it's asking for a loop. Difficult with knowing your full use case, but better to get a more extensible solution as early as you can08:15
FlannelSoothsayer: (for the hacky solution, anyway)08:15
Soothsayerhmm.. ok. its just our db doesn’t maintain flags yet for which stores can have crons which can’t.. so we’ll take a tad more time creating the console output. but i get what you mean08:16
pantatocybrhuman, says it's not a directory derp08:16
Soothsayereither way, if the script outs a crontab file like the one I pasted, is it acceptable? Flannel somsip08:16
FlannelSoothsayer: This sounds vastly too complicated for cron, haha08:17
SoothsayerFlannel: we will ahve RabbitMQ up in the coming weeks, until then, save us!08:17
cybrhumanpantato: no, it is a logfile.08:17
somsipSoothsayer: it'll work. Anything that works is acceptable :) It's just whether it's best... Always outside factors like time constraints, etc.08:17
Soothsayermy only constraint now is time, debug-ease and manageability in the short-term08:17
pantatoooooh durrr08:18
pantatofor some reason samba is denying my computer access to the folder08:19
pantatoit stopped working after i logged into another windows account to access a different account08:19
pantatoit usually doesn't hurt it but i left my other account logged in that time08:19
pantatothe folks in #samba are dead i guess08:20
lotuspsychjefor all users who own a samsung evo 840 on ubuntu, they released a performance firmware on their site08:21
=== dimakotik is now known as fraytormenta
jjjokershow to access apache virtual hosting if no dns pointing to it anymore?08:42
jjjokersfor example shared hosting, site migrated away, dns pointing to different server, how can still access to old site?08:42
lotuspsychjejjjokers: that might be a question for the ##networking guys08:43
LinnakHi, when I install Ubuntu Minimal CD there are theree KDE options. I know Desktop and full but what is KDE active?08:43
crystal_slinnak . whats your destro name ?  ubuntu have unity desktop ! are you use kbunu or open suse ?08:47
Linnak Ubuntu Minimal CD08:47
Vladimirskiis it possible to update java to the latest version with apt-get update .. ?08:48
ircmaniakhi! what should be in JAVA_HOME? /usr/bin/java?08:48
ubottuTo just use java you need a "Java Runtime Environment" (JRE) and/or a browser plugin. If that is not sufficient you will need a "Java Development Kit" (JDK) aka "Software  Development Kit" (SDK).  Please see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Java about how to install one of three current implementations.08:49
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White_CatI created a user using sudo adduser --system --home=/opt/odoo --group odoo08:51
White_CatI however am unble to login as this user using WinSCP08:51
White_Catnor can I log in using SSH08:52
White_Cathow can I fix this?08:52
White_Catpossibly the problem is the --system  flag08:52
lotuspsychjeWhite_Cat: man adduser08:53
White_CatI dont see the point08:53
White_CatI am not asking about how to add a user08:54
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crystal_sLinnak. ubuntu 14.04 lts is 900 mb . minimal cd just 37 mb   .  whats your system information ?    plaese download ubuntu 14.04 .1 lts  desktop .:)09:12
skyfallhello everyone09:15
lotuspsychjeskyfall: hi09:16
prahi skyfall09:16
skyfallim using ubuntu 14.10 and skype is still not running in it :(09:18
skyfallit's getting installed but when i click on the icon nothing opens up. should i be installing it using wine ??09:18
cfhowlettskyfall, nope.  you should not be using wine!09:19
skyfallcfhowlett, any other methods to install /.09:19
cfhowlettskyfall, use the terminal to start:  skype               note any error messages returned09:19
skyfallcfhowlett, i removed skype now. is there any other similar applications /09:20
cfhowlett!skype | skyfall, wait, you already deleted it?09:20
ubottuskyfall, wait, you already deleted it?: To install Skype on Ubuntu, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Skype - To record on Skype, check: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/SkypeRecordingHowto - Please use open protocols instead if you can, see !Ekiga09:20
cfhowlettskyfall, people seem to like google hangouts ....09:21
skyfallcfhowlett, google hangouts available on linux ?09:21
cfhowlettskyfall, no app, it's web-based as I understand it.09:21
skyfallcfhowlett, does ekiga has good encryption ?09:22
cfhowlettskyfall, can't say as I've never used it.09:22
skyfallcfhowlett, what is ur suggestion for me ?09:22
skyfallshould i be installing skype again or ?09:22
cfhowlettskyfall, sudo apt-get udpate && sudo apt-get dist-upgrade && sudo apt-get install skype09:23
skyfallcfhowlett, its the same way i did before . but its not getting runned09:23
cfhowlettskyfall, understood.  run skype from the terminal to find out why it fails09:24
skyfallcfhowlett, let me install it once again. let's have a try09:24
skyfallcfhowlett, please guide me through the steps09:25
cfhowlettskyfall, sudo apt-get update09:26
skyfallcfhowlett, ok done !09:26
cfhowlettskyfall, sudo apt-get dist-upgrade09:26
skyfallcfhowlett, on the process :)09:27
skyfallcfhowlett, for what is the second command for ?09:28
=== dooglus_ is now known as dooglus
cfhowlettskyfall, first update =refresh your filesystem library, dist-upgrade = refresh with the latest packages in your distro09:29
skyfallcfhowlett, ok . i completed both the steps you told me. what is the net step ?09:31
^DVD-R^hello people09:31
cfhowlettskyfall, sudo apt-get install skype09:31
^DVD-R^i borught a USB western digital elements 2tb drive and have plugged it in but in /media all i see is cdrom?09:31
^DVD-R^if i do lsusb it shows: Bus 001 Device 002: ID 1058:10b8 Western Digital Technologies, Inc.09:32
^DVD-R^which i presume is the drive09:32
^DVD-R^any ideas?09:32
skyfallcfhowlett, its showing this message; "Package 'skype:i386' has no installation candidate09:32
^DVD-R^im on Ubuntu 12.04.5 LTS09:33
cfhowlettskyfall, you're running ubuntu on a 32 bit machine?09:33
skyfallno. on a 64 bit09:33
OerHeksskype is in the partnerrepo09:33
skyfallcfhowlett, no. im using it on my 64 bit laptop09:34
cfhowlettskyfall, your source file seems to point to 32 bit repos, so I'm guessing your machine is 64 bit, but you installed 32 bit.09:34
OerHeks^DVD-R^, open nautilus, do you see the hdd mounted?09:34
skyfallcfhowlett, i didn get you .  you mean the os ?09:35
tapouthow do i find out which package provided a file?  like...  /usr/bin/qmkae09:35
cfhowlettskyfall      yep, you installed 386/32 bit ubuntu, not 64 bit.  I don't know the command to verify this though.  OerHeks ???09:35
OerHeks!find qmkae09:35
tapout!find qmake09:36
ubottuPackage/file qmkae does not exist in utopic09:36
ubottuFound: qt4-qmake, qt5-qmake, qt5-qmake-gles09:36
skyfallcfhowlett, i dont think so. because i downloaded 64 bit 14,04 LTS and upgraded to 14.1009:37
cfhowlettskyfall, be that as it may ... skype is rejecting your request for 386 version ....09:37
OerHeksskyfall, open softwarecenter > edit > sources, and enable the 'canonical partner ' repo , i have 64 bit too and have installed skype:386, that is oke09:37
OerHeksubuntu is multi-arch now09:38
^DVD-R^ive only got ssh access BTW09:39
skyfallOerHeks, should i enable source code too ?09:39
OerHeksskyfall, no, unless you want to develop something and need to build from source.09:40
skyfallOerHeks, ok . done. now what shoudld i do ?09:40
^DVD-R^apt get install nautilus @ the moment09:40
skyfallsudo apt-get install skype ?09:40
OerHeksskyfall, close the source window, it asks to reload, press yes09:40
Ben64^DVD-R^: you really don't need nautilus, "sudo blkid"09:41
^DVD-R^i know nothing about lunix09:41
Ben64^DVD-R^: well nautilus is graphical, and if all you have is SSH, that will not work09:41
skyfallOerHeks, it didn asked anything.09:41
^DVD-R^will do slkid09:41
^DVD-R^will do bkid09:41
Ben64^DVD-R^: so type "sudo blkid" and it should show you all the drives, partitions, and the filesystem type09:42
skyfallOerHeks, i just closed the software centre window.09:42
^DVD-R^ok 2 secs09:42
^DVD-R^its installing loads of crap09:42
=== ochiotte1 is now known as ochiottes
OerHeksskyfall, in softwarecenter type skype, and go for it09:42
^DVD-R^root@pwsers:/dev# sudo blkid09:42
Ben64^DVD-R^: yeah... it'll do that if you install a graphical program on a server install09:42
^DVD-R^.dev/sdf1: LABEL="Elements" UUID="5C86177186174AC2" TYPE="ntfs"09:42
=== Malsasa_ is now known as Malsasa
Ben64^DVD-R^: you're probably correct09:43
OerHeksyay, there it is DVD-R09:43
skyfallOerHeks, but still only plugins are showing09:43
^DVD-R^root@pwsers:/dev# cd sdf109:44
^DVD-R^-bash: cd: sdf1: Not a directory09:44
jnhghyI need to create a multiboot usb stick, I have the .iso files (all linux, ubuntu derivates) I've tried building it with yumi but I get boot error: no default or ... detected what other mutli boot creator is there for ubuntu?09:44
Ben64^DVD-R^: indeed, sdf1 is a block device, not a directory. you need to have it mounted in order to access it09:44
^DVD-R^ben im a complete lunix newbie09:44
cfhowlettjnhghy, pendrivelinux09:44
skyfallOerHeks, what should i do ?09:44
^DVD-R^more of a windows admin09:44
^DVD-R^how does 1 mount09:45
Ben64^DVD-R^: type "mount" and see if you see sdf1 listed anywhere09:45
^DVD-R^thats the info09:45
Ben64jpg for text? interesting09:45
^DVD-R^lots of text09:46
^DVD-R^didnt want to flood channel09:46
Ben64theres pastebin.com :)09:46
cfhowlett^DVD-R^, deeply appreciated09:46
* ^DVD-R^ awaits cookie09:46
Ben64so you need to make a directory where you'll have the partition mounted, then mount said partition to said directory09:47
OerHeksskyfall so after closing the sources window, you had no question about reloading ? don't believe that09:47
Ben64!cookie | ^DVD-R^09:47
ubottu^DVD-R^: Wow! You're such a great helper, you deserve a cookie!09:47
^DVD-R^ok ben09:47
^DVD-R^so how do i do that09:47
cfhowlettskyfall, no alert of reloading?  not normal09:47
skyfallOerHeks, i will do once again.09:47
skyfallcfhowlett, no. nothing popped up.09:47
OerHekssudo apt-get update # this will reload the sources with new partner sources repo09:47
Ben64^DVD-R^: so the mount command should be ... "mount -t ntfs-3g /dev/sdf1 /path/to/directory-you-should-have-made-before-this-command/"09:48
Mikasaif it is stated that: All sizes must be given in either %, em, or rem., does that mean that I can mix between those three or do I have to choose one exclusively?09:48
=== rymate12- is now known as rymate1234
^DVD-R^so if i create a folder in /home/mymount and then do mount -t ntfs-3g /dev/sdf1 /home/mymount ?09:49
mdogeyes that will work09:49
^DVD-R^root@pwsers:/dev# mount -t ntfs-3g /dev/sdf1 /home/mymount09:50
^DVD-R^The disk contains an unclean file system (0, 0).09:50
^DVD-R^The file system wasn't safely closed on Windows. Fixing.09:50
skyfallOerHeks, i opened software centre>edit>software sources>other software> ticked canonical partners >close09:50
Ben64^DVD-R^: well, you gotta fix that in windows09:51
skyfallOerHeks, still no question for reloading09:51
^DVD-R^the drive is blank09:51
^DVD-R^no data on there09:51
Ben64still unclean apparently09:51
^DVD-R^if i now go to /home/mymount i can see $RECYCLE.BIN09:51
Ben64oh my mistake, i didn't read your whole message09:52
^DVD-R^which i presume is the drive09:52
Ben64i thought it was the "i can't mount this because it is unclean"09:52
^DVD-R^so all looks ok now?09:52
Ben64^DVD-R^: yeah, seems mounted now09:53
^DVD-R^sweet, thank you x09:53
skyfallcfhowlett, OerHeks ??09:53
^DVD-R^one more question, if i wanted to copy data from local disk to USB whats the SSH command?09:53
OerHeksskyfal open terminal again: sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get install skype09:54
Ben64^DVD-R^: "cp" is copy09:54
skyfallOerHeks, ok. letme try09:54
cfhowlettskyfall, skype is in the partner repo.  disabled partner  repo = no skype for you09:54
mdoge^DVD-R^: SSH needs a network connection. No point in using SSH if it is all local.09:55
mdoge^DVD-R^: cp <path_to_file> <path_to_destination>09:55
Ben64mdoge: meh, i ssh to computers in my house all the time09:55
skyfallOerHeks, it worked i think.09:56
OerHeksskyfall, have fun09:56
skyfallOerHeks, its downloading . thank you09:56
mdogeBen64: thats not what i meant :-)09:56
skyfallOerHeks, letme see whether it works or not. hope it will09:57
skyfallcfhowlett, thank you too.09:57
cfhowlettskyfall, happy2help09:57
tapout!find libGLESv2.so.209:57
ubottuFile libGLESv2.so.2 found in libgles2-mesa, libhybris09:57
^DVD-R^root@pwsers:~# cp /storage/media/movies/videos (1997) /home/mymount09:57
^DVD-R^-bash: syntax error near unexpected token `('09:57
=== tcpman is now known as Guest12770
Ben64^DVD-R^: weird characters and spaces need to be escaped using backslashes, or have to use quotes. it will do it for you if you use TAB to complete stuff09:59
^DVD-R^let me test09:59
Ben64^DVD-R^: for example, type "cp /storage/media/movies/vide<TAB>" and it should fill in the rest09:59
^DVD-R^root@pwsers:~# cp /storage/media/movies/Air\ Force\ One\ \(1997\)/ /home/mymount10:00
^DVD-R^cp: omitting directory `/storage/media/movies/Air Force One (1997)/'10:00
mdogeillegal warez10:00
mdogetry cp -r10:00
^DVD-R^nope its a video of the actual plane10:00
mdogeoh ok10:00
cfhowlettmdoge, riiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiht ...10:00
^DVD-R^its doing something10:01
^DVD-R^with -r10:01
mdogeits copying the directory10:01
mdoge-r is for recursive10:01
^DVD-R^can it out put %?10:02
skyfallOerHeks, still same problem :(10:02
skyfallcfhowlett, :(10:02
mdoge^DVD-R^: you canot afaik, but you can with rsync10:02
mdogewhich is a whole different story10:02
^DVD-R^ok sod that10:02
cfhowlettskyfall, download it directly from skype.com     should be a .deb10:02
skyfallcfhowlett, its getting installed correctly. but dont know why its not getting runned10:03
lotuspsychjeskyfall: did you already paste errors from starting skype from terminal like cfhowlett sugested?10:03
OerHeksafter install skype, you have to reboot, AFAIK10:03
cfhowlettskyfall, what error messages?10:03
skyfallcfhowlett, you told me to run it from terminal right ?10:03
cfhowlettOerHeks, ?  really?  that's sounds very ... windowsy10:03
tapout!find libqxcb.so10:03
ubottuFile libqxcb.so found in libqt5gui5, libqt5gui5-gles10:04
OerHeksyeah, it didn't work for me after install, noticed that before, happened on 14.10 again10:04
skyfallOerHeks, should i reboot ?10:04
mdogeonly kernel modifications should require a reboot on linux10:04
mdogenot ... skype.10:04
OerHeksmdoge, i know, sounds silly10:05
lotuspsychjeif OerHeks says it helped..why not try it?10:05
cfhowlettskyfall, won't hurt to try ...10:05
mdogesure, whatever :p10:05
skyfallcfhowlett, yeah. im on it.  will be right back guys !10:05
OerHeksas if it starts a service we don't know of...10:05
ircmaniakin bash i've seen something awsome: run some commands in a dir, that was removed. and i even get some  errors, that i had when executable was still there10:05
Ben64ircmaniak: what?10:06
moldyi want to get ubuntu on my macbook (existing os x installation can be destroyed, no dual boot needed). how do i go about this? which version do i download? anything special i have to know?10:06
cfhowlett!mac | moldy10:06
ubottumoldy: For help on installing and using Ubuntu on a Mac, see: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MactelSupportTeam/CommunityHelpPages10:06
lotuspsychjeOerHeks: you have the 12.04 skype .deb from web running on 14.10?10:06
moldycfhowlett: thanks10:06
cfhowlettmoldy, 14.04.1 is the version you want.10:06
OerHekslotuspsychje, no, just the skype thing from partner repo.10:07
lotuspsychjeOerHeks: ok10:07
cfhowlettmoldy, I've been sneaking into the corner at the Apple store and live booting ubuntustudio.  fun times.10:07
OerHeks= same ,  and you will get updates10:07
moldycfhowlett: my main concern is that i need to get this up and running quickly and with minimal effort10:07
cfhowlettmoldy, eh ... not.  mac will require some degree of tweaking to work as I understand it.  if you need point and click, get a windows machine10:08
moldycfhowlett: a macbook is the only laptop i have right now, but i am not a mac user. and i want to use it as a conference tomorrow, so i need linux on there ;)10:08
skyfallcfhowlett, no changE !!!10:08
moldy"at a conference"10:09
skyfallOerHeks, no change10:09
lotuspsychjeskyfall: paste us the errors plz10:09
moldycfhowlett: so i must somehow set this up while working today10:09
cfhowlettmoldy, should have set this up last week then :)  try it but be aware that you may feel some pain.10:09
skyfalllotuspsychje, how can i get the errors ?10:09
moldycfhowlett: ok, i will just cross my fingers10:09
lotuspsychjeskyfall: start skype from terminal as cfhowlett suggested10:09
cfhowlettmoldy, also, hope you don't need the camera.  new icam doesn't like ubuntu10:09
skyfalllotuspsychje, command please?10:10
cfhowlettskyfall, terminal:  skype                 note the errors10:10
lotuspsychje!paste | skyfall10:10
ubottuskyfall: For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://imgur.com/ !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.10:10
moldycfhowlett: no, i don't need any multimedia stuff. i basically need my familiar vim + zsh environment ;)10:11
moldycfhowlett: i do need wireless though10:11
skyfallcfhowlett, im not clear with the command10:12
skyfallcfhowlett, i have a terminal opened right now. please tell me what to type in it.10:12
cfhowlettmoldy, suggestion:  get the .iso, make the usb, boot.  on my test machines, wifi did not work but ... go to filesystem > cdrom> pool >main         and pool > restricted           sudo dpkg -i dkms and broadcom                    wifi came up10:13
lotuspsychjeskyfall: skype10:13
skyfalljust skype ?10:13
moldycfhowlett: ok, thanks. i will give it a try as soon as the backup is done (~30 minutes)10:13
cfhowlettskyfall, samuel l. jackson says:  SKYPE10:13
skyfallcfhowlett, "skype: error while loading shared libraries: libGL.so.1: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory"10:13
moldycfhowlett: the sheer amount of documentation on this is confusing :-/10:14
cfhowlettmoldy, if you can get the live sesssion running, you might consider skipping the actual installation.10:14
cfhowlettmoldy, go pm?10:14
moldycfhowlett: sure10:14
skyfalllotuspsychje, any idea ?10:15
skyfallOerHeks, ? cfhowlett ?10:15
lotuspsychjeskyfall: you sure your grafix driver is installed correctly?10:15
lotuspsychjeskyfall: what kind of card and driver?10:16
skyfalllotuspsychje, im using bumblebee to configure apps ?10:16
OerHeks"If skype doesn't work but optirun skype does work, then you can fix it with: sudo apt-get install bumblebee-nvidia --reinstall "10:16
lotuspsychjeskyfall: http://askubuntu.com/questions/257897/error-loading-libgl-so-110:17
skyfallOerHeks, i have bumblebee with me10:17
OerHekslotuspsychje, are you on my wifi ? :-D10:17
lotuspsychjeBen64: bumblebee changed in nvidia-prime now right?10:17
lotuspsychjeOerHeks: yes, and i use your wake up alarm too :p10:18
skyfallOerHeks, what should i do ? i already enabled skype using bumblebee10:18
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OerHeksskyfall, you enabled skype using bumblebee ?10:20
ircmaniakBen64 i cd /some/dir run comman -> get erors (for example errors, or may be just status) -> delete /some/dir in nautilus -> go back to bash> pwd - sais dir exist, run same command -> get same text output in terminal window, check in second terminal tab if directory exist with ls -la  - it doesn't10:22
ircmaniakit's probably some other crazy bash bug10:23
ircmaniakbecause it interacts with executables moved to trash (without any sign to user)10:24
Sohail-AhmedI am having a little problem connecting to internet with my desktop over vlan. I can ping the gateway but pinging to google fails. Though over the different network, I mean not over vlan the system works prefectly. Any help plz10:25
lotuspsychjeSohail-Ahmed: maybe the ##networking guys might able to help10:25
Sohail-Ahmedlotuspsychje: thanks for responding. going to networking.10:26
lotuspsychjeSohail-Ahmed: if you sure its not an ubuntu problem, might be driver issue to10:27
pstar1does ubuntu offer full disk encryption on ssd drive10:28
Sohail-Ahmedlotuspsychje: How can I confirm this?10:28
Ben64ircmaniak: not a bug10:28
lotuspsychjepstar1: i dont see why encryption would not work on ssd aswell10:28
OerHekspstar yes, you will get that option during install10:28
pstar1ok thanks10:28
lotuspsychjepstar1: what kind of ssd you have on ubuntu?10:29
skyfalllotuspsychje, the only way it worked is10:29
skyfallrunning skype using the following command10:29
lotuspsychjeSohail-Ahmed: try check your additional drivers section10:29
skyfallLD_PRELOAD=/usr/lib/i386-linux-gnu/mesa/libGL.so.1 skype10:29
lotuspsychjeskyfall: try reinstall grafix driver10:30
pstar1im not running ubuntu right now justed wanted to know if it would work10:30
skyfalllotuspsychje, how ?10:30
lotuspsychjeskyfall: goto your additional driver section10:30
tapout!find libEGL.so.110:31
ubottuFile libEGL.so.1 found in libegl1-mesa, libhybris10:31
skyfalllotuspsychje, yes. then ?10:31
lotuspsychjeskyfall: what driver is enabled?10:31
skyfallNvidia corporation :GF119M (520mx)10:32
Sohail-Ahmedlotuspsychje: I know that there are issues regarding vlan support for drivers, but I am confused that how to make sure that I am not one  of the vitims of incompatatibility. One way to do is to note the driver and then check the driver details over the internet, correct?10:32
lotuspsychjeskyfall: any other drivers listed?10:33
skyfalllotuspsychje, YES.10:33
lotuspsychjeskyfall: try another one and reboot, check skype...10:33
lotuspsychjeskyfall: test a bit yourself10:33
skyfalllotuspsychje, but its showing its using the recommended driver10:33
lotuspsychjeskyfall: we need to findout whats preventing skype to start, so this is for testing10:34
lotuspsychjeskyfall: you can re-enable if it doesnt work10:34
lotuspsychjeSohail-Ahmed: lshw -C network and check what drivername is after =10:35
dnivrahello everyone! I'm running Kubuntu 14.04.1. Recently, the package gcr was installed on my machine which meant that it prompted for the password to decrypt private keys. I uninstalled gcr but now applications such as git cannot decrypt the key and thus fail. How can I return to the old behaviour where I'm prompted for password everytime the keys requires decrypting?10:35
OerHeksdnivra, i hope you did not use purge .. i think just reinstall would make it work10:37
bentygiulioi have a question about vmware player10:38
dnivraOerHeks: No I ran "apt-get remove gcr". By reinstall, did you mean reinstalling gcr? If so, I do not want that. gcr displays a GUI prompt once and caches the decrypted key in memory I think. I would like to avoid that.10:38
bentygiuliothere is any anyone that know the program?10:39
OerHeksdnivra, i think it is one way to make decrypt those keys possible10:39
Ben64bentygiulio: vmware isn't supported here10:39
bentygiulioyes but i have a problem in ubuntu 14.0410:41
lotuspsychje!info virtualbox | bentygiulio10:42
ubottubentygiulio: virtualbox (source: virtualbox): x86 virtualization solution - base binaries. In component multiverse, is optional. Version 4.3.18-dfsg-1 (utopic), package size 15722 kB, installed size 59954 kB10:42
bentygiulioi created 3 VM 6 months ago ... yesterday evening i upgreded my version from 12.04 to 14.0410:42
bentygiulioand now doesn't work anything under vmware10:43
EriC^^bentygiulio: what do you mean by it doesn't work?10:44
bentygiuliowhen i lunch vmware player i recive the error and the program goes in crash10:46
EriC^^bentygiulio: what's the error?10:46
bentygiuliook... wait...10:46
bentygiuliobefore you can run VMware, several modules must be compiled and loaded into the running kernel10:47
bentygiulionow i clik on install10:47
Ben64yep, vmware still isn't supported here. i don't even think vmware supports it unless you pay for it10:47
apgHi, i got a question here10:48
apgwhat does GNOME_DESKTOP_SESSION_ID mean?10:48
bentygiulioBen64 vmware player is free10:48
EriC^^apg: sounds like the session id of the gnome desktop10:48
bentygiulio! virtual Network Device10:49
ubottubentygiulio: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)10:49
EriC^^apg: i guess it's an environment variable10:49
apgis it an id, code, of a program that running?10:49
EriC^^man this is odd my ubuntu is disintegrating10:49
bentygiulioubottu ?????10:50
EriC^^came home to find xchat looked like xchat 1980's or something, and then recent appeared in nautilus and can't seem to remove it, and now ctrl+alt+t isn't opening the terminal10:50
EriC^^apg: do you use gnome desktop?10:51
EriC^^apg: what are you trying to achieve?10:51
Sohail-Ahmedlotuspsychje: Thanks for suggesting a command. I am sorry, at present I dont have access to that system. Since its in some other room. So what you are saying that once I get the driver, I should check for vlan comptability, correct???10:51
Ben64bentygiulio: ubottu is a bot, not a person. and if you want to use vmware, you cannot use this channel to get support for it10:51
Ben64Sohail-Ahmed: you may need to register your nick to chat on certain channels10:51
bentygiulioOK... tks bye bye10:52
Sohail-AhmedBen64: Why am I being told this??10:52
dnivraOerHeks: Turns out ssh-agent was not running. Restarting the machine helped :). Thought I'd let you know. Thanks for helping out!10:53
Ben64Sohail-Ahmed: just because you currently cannot access ##networking doesn't mean you should ask networking questions here10:53
OerHeksdnivra, nice :-)10:53
netzhauthi there. I've got an issue and was wondering if you could help: How can I get Unity to open new applications / windows on *my currently active* monitor instead of the built in monitor?11:00
netzhaut(I've got the laptop and an external monitor)11:00
netzhautIt's *really* annoying11:00
kk_dropI migrate node from csv source. all is ok except tems - it has 2 terms from same vocabulary in 2 columns. I've added mapping and it works for one field only. how to import 2 terms from 2 columns?11:02
netzhautit means every time I open a file or something, it's opening on the laptop monitor. Which means my focus, head and eyes move to another monitor, then I need to move the mouse off the monitor, grab the window, and drag it back to where my attention just was.11:02
iKillCypherhello guys is it possible for me to get my system temperate?11:02
cfhowlett!sensors | iKillCypher11:03
ubottuiKillCypher: To access CPU temperature sensors and detect fan speeds, install the lm-sensors package. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SensorInstallHowto for installation and usage instructions.11:03
phaidrosshouldn't those never change? W: Failed to fetch http://de.archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/dists/precise-updates/universe/i18n/Translation-en  Hash Sum mismatch ?11:04
phaidrosor how does that error occur?11:04
phaidros(I am asking as it is security related to trust the repos and I am not sure, where this example probably could show a mitm ..)11:04
iKillCypherhow do I install it o.O?11:05
cfhowlettphaidros, could be maintenance issue, could be a mirror update issue11:05
ObrienDavephaidros, try a different mirror11:06
iKillCyphermy laptop is dead man11:09
iKillCypheron each core11:09
iKillCypher HexChat: 2.10.1 ** OS: Linux 3.16.0-24-generic x86_64 ** Distro: Ubuntu "utopic" 14.10 ** CPU: 2 x Intel(R) Core(TM)2 Duo CPU     P7350  @ 2.00GHz (GenuineIntel) @ 800MHz ** RAM: Physical: 3,8GiB, 57,0% free ** Disk: Total: 289,4GiB, 92,7% free ** VGA: Advanced Micro Devices, Inc. [AMD/ATI] RV620/M82 [Mobility Radeon HD 3450/3470] ** Sound: HDA-Intel - HDA Intel1: HDA-Intel - HDA ATI HDMI ** Ethernet:11:09
iKillCypherMarvell Technology Group Ltd. 88E8040T PCI-E Fast Ethernet Controller ** Uptime: 23m 59s **11:09
edualsantosplease, how to make mongod runs on startup machine on ec2 ? I tryed everything, but it lost the PATH, and i’ve exported many times ...11:21
iKillCypher72, 75 on each core11:21
brenthi all :)11:25
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=== enterpresserAFK is now known as enterpresser
brenti currently have a folder called /TV/TITLE/ with a few subfolders within  it. eg. /TITLE/Season 01/. I need to move any file that is in /TITLE/ to the "Season 01" folder that has "S01" in the file name. Anyone here able to help with a command to do this?11:29
brentim currently using the ubuntu desktop file manager and do a search for S01 and copy accordingly11:30
xorredguys, what is the alternative to validate installed packages in ubuntu, to redhats rpm –Va11:30
ObrienDavexorred, afaik that is part of apt-get already11:32
xorredyea obviously I don't know how to do that with apt-get?11:32
xorredI need to verify all installed packages11:32
sacarlsonxorred: I guess to verify if corrupted or not?11:33
neurotusxorred: apt-get check ?11:33
xorredverify their integrity, yes11:33
xorredall packages, not just a single one11:33
Ben64there isn't really an analogue in apt-get for that11:34
sacarlsonxorred: not exactly what you want but there is tripwire11:34
xorredtripwire does not know what were the original packages like... only after installation afaik11:34
sacarlsonxorred: debsums11:36
xorreddebsums is entirely different than rpm -Va sacarlson11:41
sacarlsonxorred: it does about the same by validating md5 checksum from the arkives database to verify integrity.  is that much the same?11:44
xorredsacarlson: the output is miles and miles different in logic and usability, besides, md5 is not always the only thing important, there are other things in the meta-data which might have changed - access times, change times, etc11:45
xorredso far debsums only spits out 'missing files'11:46
Ben64xorred: there isn't anything similar11:46
xorredyea.. that's sad11:46
xorredciao, giaco, come stai?11:46
Ben64xorred: not really, but ok11:46
ubottugiaco: No warez here! This is not a file sharing channel (or network); read the channel topic. If you're looking for information about me, type « /msg ubottu !bot ». If you're looking for a channel, see « /msg ubottu !alis ».11:46
giaco /msg ubottu !bot11:47
sacarlsonxorred: well I had to verify for myself by modifing /usr/share/doc/alsa-base/driver/powersave.txt  with a few added letters in the file and ran debsums  and did get a fail from the results on that file11:54
sacarlsonxorred: so I guess it checks for more than just missing files11:54
xorredsacarlson: my distro spits hundreds of thousands of fails, it's DEFT, so ... maybe I am testing on the wrong distro as this one is heavy modified11:54
sacarlsonxorred: your right if I filter for just fails I'm now seeing more that the file that I modified11:57
xorredyea, but modified heavily11:57
sacarlsonkims: no this is linux mint,  I'll again test this on ubuntu 14.04 I have in virtualbox11:58
kimsyeah most user friendly linux11:59
kimslinux mint11:59
sacarlsonxorred: more I study the results the more the failed debsums are pointing at files from mint and mate12:00
murosaihow can i listen for new entries in a file and copy them to other file?12:01
murosaitail -f file ... something maybe12:02
sacarlsonxorred: total error count is about 78 on linux mint for debsums12:03
ObrienDave!it | giaco12:06
ubottugiaco: Vai su #ubuntu-it se vuoi parlare in italiano, in questo canale usiamo solo l'inglese. Grazie! (per entrare, scrivi « /join #ubuntu-it » senza virgolette)12:06
phaidrossomething is messed up with the archives, I am getting pubkey errors on apt-get update on multiple hosts .. :/12:06
nwehello, I hav configure tftp-hpa but now when I trying to starting nothing happens.. and I dont get any error msg..12:07
phaidrosat least de.archive.ubuntu.com has problems, as well as extras ..12:09
phaidrosjust tested fi.archive.ubuntu.com, which works :)12:10
ObrienDavephaidros, it happens sometimes12:11
phaidrosObrienDave: lots of handwork with alot of hosts which need upgrades :)12:12
kimsHi Dave :D12:12
sacarlsonxorred: only 2 errors counted when I run debsums on lubuntu that I have in virtualbox.  the errors are on the kernel 3.13-0-32 and /sbin/start-stop-daemon12:20
xorredyea well deft is different :D12:20
xorredI suspect they removed a file from every single package12:21
frowniA question :) I'll install Ubuntu to my pc..i've one ssd drive which has windows installed..also 2tb of backup disk. Now, i can go and buy another ssd(128gb) for ubuntu. Or i can run Ubuntu from my usb 3 stick? Can you show me a way :) ?12:23
BluesKaj'Morning folks12:23
White_CatI created a user using sudo adduser --system --home=/opt/odoo --group odoo. I however am unble to login as this user using WinSCP nor can I log in using SSH. How can I fix this? Possibly the problem is the --system  flag...12:24
geirhaWhite_Cat: yes, why did you make it a system user if you intended to log in with it?12:27
BasYHi, I want default argument [--jobs=8] for each time i execute "make", how to configure that?12:28
BluesKajfrowni, my opnion, get another drive for ubuntu if you intend tio==12:28
BluesKajfrowni, my opnion, get another drive for ubuntu if you intend to use it as a permanent install12:29
BluesKajmy apologies for the repetition12:29
White_Catgeirha I did not think it would be a problem12:32
White_CatI am fairly new12:32
White_CatI dont want to delete the account12:32
harilali need help. i installed ubuntu 14.04 lts in a seperate partiotio. i am using windows too. but i cant login to windows now. the pc is booting directly to ubuntu. how can i install the boot loader /12:32
harilalanybody please help12:32
cfhowlettharilal, reinstall grub12:32
ObrienDave!grub | harilal12:32
ubottuharilal: GRUB2 is the default Ubuntu boot manager. Lost GRUB after installing Windows? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestoreGrub - For more information and troubleshooting for GRUB2 please refer to https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Grub212:32
santoshpress esc12:32
santoshwhen booting12:33
rypervencheWhite_Cat: I would simply recreate the user. Why don't you want to delete it?12:33
White_Catbecause I configured permissions to it12:33
harilalcfhowlett, how to reinstall? i i installed ubuntu after installing windows12:33
White_Catits running odoo12:33
cfhowlett!grub2 | harilal12:33
ubottuharilal: GRUB2 is the default Ubuntu boot manager. Lost GRUB after installing Windows? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestoreGrub - For more information and troubleshooting for GRUB2 please refer to https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Grub212:33
White_Cathttp://www.theopensourcerer.com/2014/09/how-to-install-openerp-odoo-8-on-ubuntu-server-14-04-lts/ <- I followed this12:33
White_CatIs there a way to fix this without deleting the account?12:34
rypervencheWhite_Cat: You don't need to be able to log into the user to make changes to the files. What do you need to do?12:34
White_CatI need to be able to login using WinSCP to add modules etc12:35
rypervencheWhite_Cat: You can use the root user to scp and simply put it into the odoo user's folder. You may need to allow root logins to be able to do that though. OR you can copy the files over to a different user's directory and then use sudo to move them over to the /opt/odoo directory.12:36
White_Catsure, I want to avoid that complication12:36
rypervencheWhite_Cat: Which complication?12:36
White_Catthats kinda the point as to why I want to be able to use the username odoo for this purpose12:36
White_Catrypervenche what you described?12:37
White_CatI am not asking for a workaround12:37
White_CatHow do I remove the --system flag without deleting the username/12:38
rypervencheWhite_Cat: Well you could change the UID, GID, give it a shell, add a password, and then change all of the permissions of the files in /opt/oboo. That would do it.12:38
White_Catrypervenche it already hass a password12:39
White_CatI dont want to modify UID GID probably12:40
White_Catodoo runs a few services and I dont want to bother with the permissions either12:40
jvipa5gQuizás quisiste decir: Cuando desbloqueo la pantalla, me aparece una ventana de autenticación (Authentication is required to change your own user data). Y así pasa siempre. Me autentifico y continua el mensaje. Alguien me puede ayudar? Esto me pasa desde que actualice a Ubuntu 14.1012:41
jvipa5gWhen I unlock the screen, I window authentication (Authentication is required to change your own user data) appears. And this always happens. I I authenticate and continuing the message. Can someone help me? This happens to me since upgrading to Ubuntu 14.1012:41
rypervencheWhite_Cat: You have to modify the UID and GID. You made it a system user, which has a specific UID/GID range. You will have to make it above a certain number for it to be a normal user/group.12:42
lucianoxdcc sent12:45
ubottuluciano: No warez here! This is not a file sharing channel (or network); read the channel topic. If you're looking for information about me, type « /msg ubottu !bot ». If you're looking for a channel, see « /msg ubottu !alis ».12:45
lucianociao a tutti12:57
ubottuluciano: No warez here! This is not a file sharing channel (or network); read the channel topic. If you're looking for information about me, type « /msg ubottu !bot ». If you're looking for a channel, see « /msg ubottu !alis ».12:57
BluesKaj!it | luciano12:58
ubottuluciano: Vai su #ubuntu-it se vuoi parlare in italiano, in questo canale usiamo solo l'inglese. Grazie! (per entrare, scrivi « /join #ubuntu-it » senza virgolette)12:58
BluesKajsend him to the italian channeland he can try !list there , maybe word will get around that ubuntu isn't a file sharing chat12:59
ObrienDaveright ;p13:00
BluesKajthis has been going on for yrs and it's not a big problem , but it's damn annoying after a while13:00
geirhamight as well bite the dust and add a bot that'll DCC ubuntu ISOs13:02
cfhowlettI guess ubuntu is Italian for "warez here!"13:02
enchiladogeirha: "bite the dust" or "bite the bullet"?13:03
geirhaenchilado: uhm, whichever's most correct in this context (not a native english speaker)13:03
enchiladogeirha: to bite the dust is to die, and to bite the bullet is to make yourself do something you've been putting off13:04
geirhaenchilado: Ah, thanks. Then I obviously meant the latter :)13:05
BluesKajsomeone mentioned that some Italian magazine article either deliberately or mistakenly, not sure which, described ubuntu as a file sharing app or /serverchat13:06
stevecamhey, can somebody help me troubleshoot my network adapter, it's an RealTek 8111E, all of a sudden it has stopped working in ubuntu, i can see it in ifconfig but there is no ipaddress13:07
mdogedhclient -v <iface>13:07
cfhowlettBluesKaj, huh.  well that's nominally better than "ubuntu = NSA/kicks puppies/devil worship/communism" that so frequently passes for conventional wisdom13:07
sacarlsonstevecam: also you will want to see if it's connected with iwconfig13:08
stevecammdoge, thank you, and reason why it's not happening automatically by any chance?13:08
PKHaxorzcfhowlett, I thought that was conventional wisdom about windows?13:08
BluesKajcfhowlett, well,  what I just posted is what I heard here a few yrs back13:09
PKHaxorzanyway, need a bit of help. I changed my host name, but after restarting it reverted back to its original name.13:09
PKHaxorzbut ubuntu is complaining like something else changed it13:09
PKHaxorzbeing unable to resolve my _old_ host, being the one I had originally and currently, when using sudo.13:10
=== Scooby-Doo is now known as TuxxedoCat
mdogestevecam: no idea :-)13:15
OerHeksPKHaxorz, how did you change your hostname ? /etc/hostname + /etc/hosts ?13:18
OerHeksPKHaxorz, see http://askubuntu.com/a/8768713:18
OerHekserr post below that http://askubuntu.com/a/10393913:19
stevecammdoge, just worked it out /etc/NetworkManager/NetworkManager.conf had managed=false, but i wouldnt of realised without your suggestion13:20
mdogestevecam: np :-)13:21
danielle86hi guys. I'm having a problem with my ubuntu 14.04 LTS laptop, with nvidia drivers. every so often the display freezes. there doesnt seem to be any pattern to it and the computer keeps running fine. I can unfreeze it by switching to a different virtual terminal and then back again. anyone else had this problem?13:26
=== dude is now known as Guest1541
danielle86no one? :-)13:30
Th3_ghostSomebody using Ubuntu 12.04??13:30
ObrienDavemany are. ask your question please13:31
cfhowlettTh3_ghost, only  a few million ...13:31
ObrienDavewell, several thousand at least ;p13:32
Th3_ghostAfter some updates of Rhythmbox I have problems with Internet Radios13:33
Th3_ghostthe app crashesh sometimes when try to change station from one to another13:33
Th3_ghostWhy nobody's talking?13:35
cfhowlettTh3_ghost, no one knows the answer no one will talk.  simple.13:35
usr13Th3_ghost: Did you check the logs?13:35
ObrienDave!patience | Th3_ghost13:36
ubottuTh3_ghost: Don't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. While you wait, try searching https://help.ubuntu.com or http://ubuntuforums.org or http://askubuntu.com/13:36
Th3_ghostwhere I can check log for more information?13:36
usr13Th3_ghost: The logs13:36
=== Owner__ is now known as Guest99380
usr13/var/log/syslog  #And others as applicable....13:36
Techedemicyou could also just type 'dmesg' and see whether anything dramatic happened13:37
Techedemicsometimes cryptic, but if something is wrong you'll spot it13:38
Techedemiclet me rephrase:     likely very cryptic, but if something is very wrong you'll spot and at least you'll have something to search on13:39
Th3_ghostok, thanks :)13:39
usr13... and you can pipe to less and then search for keywords...13:39
Th3_ghostactually this is my first time when I join to IRC Channel13:39
usr13i.e. /error13:40
usr13i.e. /Error13:40
PCatineanI have a python program that outputs using the logger library to the console and I want to select out only the lines that have UPDATE in them13:40
PCatineanif I do | rgrep 'UPDATE" i get some wierd python errors for some reason13:40
PCatineanAny idea how I can properly filter the output?13:40
usr13Th3_ghost: Then I'm setting a bad example for you, (we should address our comments to particular NIC when not talking to everone).  So there :)13:41
usr13*NICK* not nic13:41
CarlFKPCatinean: its prolly trying to write unicode chars to a byte stream (or whatever the terms are.)   I would /j #python13:42
PCatineanthank you CarlFK !13:42
batz0xHello all13:42
usr13Th3_ghost: To be clear:  What I was suggesting was for you to do:  demsg |less13:42
batz0xi'm using ubuntu 14.04 and trying to build custom kernel-3.18.0-rc4 from source, built it, put to /boot and changed grub.cfg, after rebooting i see the same bug - https://bugzilla.kernel.org/show_bug.cgi?id=87001, is anybody knows how to fix it?13:43
ubottubugzilla.kernel.org bug 87001 in btrfs "3.18RC2 fails to boot" [Blocking,New]13:43
=== Joshua^Dunamis is now known as Joshua^Dunamis_i
batz0xi have no btrfs, but have the same bug :)13:44
usr13Th3_ghost: You could also search logs with less. Example:  less /var/log/syslog13:44
usr13Th3_ghost: SpaceBar to page down, (or PageDown/PageUp), and /search-word ...etc. etc.13:45
senn558anyone here got the CompTIA Security+ cert?13:52
kahtahs_!ontopic | senn55813:53
ubottusenn558: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!13:53
Wes-Is there a way to have some kind of watchdog that freaks out if you pull out the USB key that is the backing store for a "live usb" ubuntu?13:54
BluesKajWes-, it's usually too late to remedy any damage if you pull the stick without enabling the safe-removal option first13:55
cfhowlettWes- there *is* a watchdog.  pull the plug and your live session goes wonky.13:56
Th3_ghostusr13 Are you here?13:57
=== pvoigt_ is now known as pvoigt
=== ARMEN_ is now known as EREVAN
jhnsI just deleted network-manager on a server (via SSH), with the assumption that it's only needed for the desktop environment, which I don't use. Now I can't connect to the server anymore.14:04
jhnsAny idea what happened?14:04
BusinessMananyone on?14:06
mdogejhns: do you have physical access to the server?14:06
BusinessManme neither14:06
evandervHi everyone I am running a 12.04.4 LTS server that I had to reboot because of adding more memory to it.  The server is a virtual running on HyperV and I actually have a bunch running on Hyper.  My problem was of the 3 linux servers that I had to shut down this one comes up to grub rescue.  I have gotten it now to go to the grub command line but it wont boot into the OS14:08
BusinessManevanderv : have you tried turning it off... then back on?14:10
usc911hey guys, anyone know where to get network manager for 10.10 from? someone seems to have removed it and I cant find the download14:11
daftykinsevanderv: tried grabbing the 12.04.5 liveCD and booting it in that VM, then mounting the disk to have a look around?14:12
evandervI did mount it14:12
evandervAnd I was able to mount it14:12
BusinessManusc911 have you tried turning your computer off... then back on?14:13
usc911BusinessMan: yep14:13
BusinessManok.. then im stumped XD14:14
ubottuUbuntu 10.10 (Maverick Meerkat) was the thirteenth release of Ubuntu. !End-Of-Life on April 10th, 2012, see http://ubottu.com/y/maverick for details.14:14
daftykinsBusinessMan: stop telling people to power cycle please, it's idiotic14:18
jhnsmdoge: no14:18
jhnsmdoge: Is network manager essential in ubuntu?14:18
BusinessManjhns Yes it is necessary you also need a gigawat minimum14:18
afidegnumhello good morning, pls I am looking for the application that will restore the boot record.  I initially installed ubuntu with windows boot, but later I installed debian aside ubuntu which accidentally removed the windows boot.14:18
BusinessManafidegnum, simply restart your computer and youll be all set14:18
jhnsBusinessMan: gigawat minimum? what do you mean?14:18
afidegnumBusinessMan: no, it's not as simple as that14:18
afidegnumlet me explain,14:18
ObrienDavehe's being snarky. ignore14:18
BusinessMansorry i, just playin14:19
afidegnumah, ok14:19
AladiahLubuntu 64 bits dont run with graphics problems on a packerd bell easy nopt le69kb , i click on bar and it dont react14:19
cfhowlett!snark ??? don't poke the lion ...14:19
BusinessManim just computer clueless14:19
ubottucfhowlett: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)14:19
Aladiahretification  Lubuntu 64 bits run with graphics problems on a packerd bell easy nopt le69kb , i click on bar and it dont react14:20
AladiahShould it work better with 14.10 version ?14:20
usr13jhns: Network-Manager is not essential14:20
skyfallhow can we see all the list of installed applications in ubuntu  ?14:21
usr13skyfall: There are a couple of ways14:21
BusinessManskyfall simply restart your computer.. should take care if it14:21
skyfallusr13, suggest me please14:21
usr13skyfall: ls /var/lib/dpkg/info/*list14:22
cfhowlettskyfall, dpkg -l14:22
rypervencheCan someone kick BusinessMan please?14:22
jhnsusr13: but deleting it means the network connection gets closed?14:22
BusinessManoh relax im joking14:22
cfhowlett!behelpful | BusinessMan14:22
ubottuBusinessMan: As our !guidelines say, "When helping, be helpful". If you're not familiar with the issue at hand, let someone else handle it instead of making !offtopic comments or jokes.14:22
=== ARMEN_ is now known as EREVAN
skyfallcant we simple see using the ubuntu icon on the top left corner ?14:23
usr13skyfall: terminal14:23
skyfallusr13, ok !14:24
cfhowlettusr13, what command to get the "installed" list sorted by install date?14:24
usr13skyfall: Click that icon, type terminal, hit enter, type cd /var/lib/dpkg/info #hit Enter, type:  ls *list  #Hit Enter  etc...14:25
usr13cfhowlett: ls -tr14:25
usr13cfhowlett: (Latest would be last on list)14:25
usr13cfhowlett: (easiest way to see latest, work your way up in time.14:26
cfhowlettusr13, that lists all the folders in /home14:26
anonymous_someone help me ?14:26
cfhowlett!help | anonymous_,14:26
ubottuanonymous_,: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience14:26
skyfallanonymous, just tell what is your problem.14:26
usr13cfhowlett: ls -ltr |grep ^-14:27
cfhowlettusr13, wilco14:27
anonymous_1 hacker attack me14:27
anonymous_he hack my game server and now IP is blocked14:27
anonymous_he hack my router14:27
anonymous_he website is cms-bg.com14:27
usr13cfhowlett: ls -tr  #Lists all files and folders.  ls -ltr |grep ^d  #Lists folders only14:27
anonymous_i try to flood him but i can't14:28
anonymous_help me14:28
cfhowlettanonymous_, nope I'm not doing anything with that website14:28
usr13cfhowlett: ls -ltr |grep ^-  #Files only14:28
skyfallcfhowlett, that is a brave move !14:28
anonymous_someone can help me  this hacker send me 2000KK packets14:29
mdogeanonymous_: shut up and go away14:29
usr13anonymous_: Block with iptables?14:29
BusinessManmo tacial slurs!14:29
anonymous_he block my IP and i can't connect anything14:30
BusinessManno racial slurs... no calling us crackers14:30
mdogeBusinessMan: o/14:30
cfhowlettanonymous_, reset your router then choose a harder password14:30
skyfallcfhowlett, by what this blocking of IP actually means ?14:30
afidegnumI don't know if you understand my situation, but here is the case:   initially, on my windows pc, I have later installed ubuntu, so the system runs on dual boot where I can select windows and ubuntu. later I have installed debian, which accidentally deleted the Windows boot. even though the HDD size allocation have space for the window files it can't boot, how can I fix the windows boot back?14:30
ubottuPlease read the channel topic whenever you enter, as it contains important information. To view it at any time after joining, simply type /topic14:30
skyfallanonymous, just disconnect,reset pass14:30
anonymous_i reset 3 times but if i try to connect can't conncet14:30
anonymous_i try to connect to my machine sever with IP 212.xxx.xxx.xxx14:31
anonymous_no connect14:31
cfhowlettanonymous_, reset your router is the FIRST STEP14:31
usr13afidegnum: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestoreGrub14:31
anonymous_i reset 3 time14:31
cfhowlettanonymous_, and changed your router password?14:31
nwehello, I using preseed configuration for my ubuntu installation.. d-i netcfg/get_hostname string unassigned-hostname but I must manully confirm it, (press OK) how can I do so it doing it automatic?14:31
mdogeskyfall, cfhowlett: you guys underestimate russian hackers strength. They have a top-elite 0day for his router which is a pre-auth remote code exec. The only way we can help anonymous_ is to tell him to change ISP.14:31
anonymous_ISP say he blocked your IP 212.xxx.xxx.xxx14:32
cfhowlettanonymous_, contact your ISP tech suppot14:32
anonymous_i connect he say wait 2 weeks14:32
mdogehow is this related to ubuntu anonymous_14:32
mdogedoes your router run ubuntu lmao14:32
anonymous_i use VirtualBox14:32
usr13mdoge: GOOD POINT!14:33
cfhowlettanonymous_, oh, you definitely need a new isp.  and it's not an ubuntu issue.  ask ##linux14:33
anonymous_My server machine is at Win714:33
cfhowlettanonymous_, NOT UBUNTU.  not our problem.  sorry.14:33
anonymous_okey last question14:33
anonymous_im with Anon OS14:33
skyfallanonymous, so your problem is not related with ubuntu on the first case14:33
cfhowlettanonymous_, the answer  to your question is install ubuntu14:33
BusinessMani have a question.. what the hell is ubuntu.. lol14:33
anonymous_im with Anon OS14:33
anonymous_how can use a FLOOD ?14:34
usr13!ubuntu | BusinessMan14:34
ubottuBusinessMan: Ubuntu is a complete Linux-based operating system, freely available with both community and professional support. It is developed by a large community and we invite you to participate too! - Also see http://www.ubuntu.com14:34
usc911would anyone know the network mamager package I need for 10.10 on this page? http://archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/pool/main/n/network-manager/14:34
cfhowlettanonymous_, wrong channel.14:34
usc911im confused14:34
anonymous_what channel i go ?14:34
cfhowlettanonymous_, any channel but this.14:34
skyfallmdoge, what does flooding actually means ?14:34
cfhowlettObrienDave, hey ...14:34
mdogeskyfall: you should read the bible for an answer to that14:34
anonymous_nobody support me ?14:34
cfhowlettanonymous_, install ubuntu you get ubuntu support.14:35
ObrienDavecfhowlett, i knew you were thinking about it ;P14:35
anonymous_im with Ubuntu14:35
anonymous_Anonymous OS14:35
cfhowlettanonymous_, no you are not.  go play elsewhere14:35
BusinessMananonymos.. nope we no support you.. w want you go go bye bye14:35
cfhowlett!flavors | anonymous_14:35
ubottuanonymous_: !Ubuntu-GNOME, !Kubuntu, !Xubuntu and !Lubuntu are simply flavors of Ubuntu that come with GNOME, KDE, Xfce, and LXDE (respectively) installed as default, instead of Unity. Other specialized flavors of Ubuntu include !Edubuntu, Ubuntu !Studio, and !Mythbuntu.14:35
anonymous_okey bye ...14:35
anonymous_tnx for no support14:35
skyfallmdoge, i didnt get you.14:35
anonymous_we are legion lol14:35
anonymous_i see what legion whe are14:36
BusinessMantanky you ... bye bye14:36
cfhowlett!help | lando,14:37
ubottulando,: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience14:37
mdogeskyfall: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Noah14:37
cfhowlettmdoge, not helpful.  stop.14:37
BusinessMani have a question, may i please ask it?14:37
ObrienDaveas long as it has to do with ubuntu SUPPORT, yes14:38
skyfallmdoge, i dont need to wiki for the exact meaning. i asked you what significance it has with the things told by the anonymous right before14:38
ObrienDaveskyfall, flooding is the act of getting 1000's of requests to their server to get it to crash14:39
ObrienDavealso known as a DoS attack14:40
skyfallObrienDave, thank you. pardon my question as i was just eager to know what it actually meant !14:40
ObrienDavenot a problem14:40
usr13flooding is copying and pasting multiple lines of text into an IRC channel14:40
ObrienDavethat too14:40
BusinessManhow many gigawats do i need to run ubuntu on a catalytic converter14:43
kazdaxmy ubuntu is running really slow14:44
daftykinsBusinessMan: either you start following the policy of this channel or you should leave.14:44
usr13When we consider making a comment, first think of what it looks like on the channel - is it relevant - is it information that needs to be shared with other Ubuntu users, if not, just stick to Ubuntu questions and Ubuntu answers.  Okay?14:44
usr13And: Please stop feeding the trolls.14:45
kazdaxhow do i check like a taskmanager for ubuntu ?14:45
usr13kazdax: ps aux14:45
ObrienDaveTask Manager14:45
usr13kazdax: top14:45
usr13kazdax: Exactly what information do you need?14:45
BusinessMancan you kick me?14:46
skyfallwhat are the methods to recover when applications as well as the screen stop responding  ?14:46
kazdaxI want to check what system resourses are being hogged down14:46
kazdaxwhat why my system is running slow and sluggish14:46
skyfallkazdax, u can use system monitor to check that i hope !14:47
BusinessManeveryone: please follow the RULES. thank you its VERY important14:47
usr13kazdax: htop is good for that.14:47
kraiskilskyfall,  Ctrl+Alt+F1 should give you a text console14:48
=== Anoniem4l`afk is now known as Anoniem4l
Tm_Tlasers`: BusinessMan14:49
BusinessManlol..  what is it when you get lasered?14:49
jvipa5gHi! When I unlock the screen, I window authentication (Authentication is required to change your own user data) appears. And this always happens. I I authenticate and continuing the message. Can someone help me? This happens to me since upgrading to Ubuntu 14.1014:51
kazdaxokay i used to check my system is running sluggishly14:53
kazdaxand i find nothing14:53
kazdaxbut its still running really slow14:54
kazdaxlike when i typed..it takes time to display a character for example14:54
usr13jvipa5g: If you give the exact wording, it would help14:54
usr13kazdax: You found nothing?  (Where did you look?)14:55
compdockazdax, you tried running top in a term window?14:55
kazdaxyes term window14:55
usr13kazdax: And do not use Enter for puncuation.14:55
compdocwhats eating cpu time?14:55
usr13kazdax: and RAM?14:55
kazdaxfor now all it shows is that maximum cpu usage is 4 percent and maximum mem usage is 1414:56
usr13kazdax: %MEM and #CPU14:56
kazdaxthe update maager is running perhaps that is slowing it down ?14:56
usr13kazdax: For what process?14:56
kazdaxno wait ..i am looking at each ones cpu time14:56
kazdaxlet me see where i find total cpu being used14:56
kazdaxand total memory14:56
kazdaxokay its saying 488148 memory being used14:57
kazdaxi dont know how to claculate that in mb14:57
usr13kazdax: could very well be update manager14:57
usr13kazdax: Close it and see.14:57
usr13kazdax: Or wait till it finishes.14:57
deepubuntuis codeblocks nightly bulid messing with ubuntu??14:58
kazdaxokay how do i kill an application ?14:58
usr13kazdax: k pid in top, or kill pid in terminal or pkill process-name14:59
cfhowlettkazdax, in a terminal: kill -9 process id (pid)14:59
usr13kazdax: but you might want to gracefully close the application.14:59
kazdaxokay i think everything is gfine now14:59
kazdaxi killed the application ..let me check and see14:59
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kazdaxi just opened firefox and its taking alot of time to open15:01
kazdaxi can hear th einternal of my laptop make funny sounds15:01
usr13kazdax: What processor do you have15:01
usr13kazdax: cat /proc/cpuinfo15:01
usr13kazdax: pastebinit /proc/cpuinfo  #To show us15:01
usc911anyone seen this?15:02
usc911trying to update 10.1015:02
usc911but it wont run anything :/15:02
cfhowlettusc911, nope.  no longer supported.  install a supported version15:02
usc911cfhowlett: im trying to update15:03
mdogeskyfall: no idea what you mean15:03
cfhowlettusc911, you can't.  end of life.  repos gone.  no longer supported..  "It15:03
cfhowlett"It's dead, Jim"15:03
usc911cfhowlett: so i need to rebuild?15:03
kazdaxlike elctricity is moving15:03
cfhowlettusc911, you need to install a supported version: 14.04 for Long Term Support15:04
daftykinsusc911: backup and clean install15:04
usr13cfhowlett: It appears that's what he is trying to do.  ( usc911 )15:04
daftykinsusc911: in the long run it'll be way quicker15:04
usr13usc911: Is this a Desktop install?15:04
usc911so there is no way I can just run an update?15:04
usc911usr13: yep15:04
cfhowlett!eolupgrade | usc911,15:05
ubottuusc911,: End-Of-Life is the time when security updates and support for an Ubuntu release stop, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Releases for more information. Looking to upgrade from an EOL release? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/EOLUpgrades15:05
usc911really would like not to have to flatten the machine15:05
DJonesusc911: 10.10 is so old that even the next few releases are all not supported, it is possible to upgrade to supported versions, but you'd need to go through 11.04, 11.10 and then onto 12.04, but the chances of so many upgrades all working are probably quite slim15:05
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usr13usc911: Ok, here is the best thing to do. Back up your /home/user  and save it.  Do fresh install, with same user name and replace data15:05
usr13usc911: But if you have /home/ on a separate partition, it is a little simplier than that.15:05
usc911nah just got it all one one disk15:06
usc911this is frustrating15:06
Kyoshiro`hi, I've got an issue with ubuntu-vm-builder, I wanted to change the temporary dir where the guest OS is stored and configured, but if I change the TMPDIR variable, it gets exported in the guest OS and of course it fails at some point ^^15:06
usr13usc911: You can do a release-upgrade online, but fresh install would be better for you.  (Not that hard to backup your data.)15:06
BluesKajusc911, how long since you actually used ubuntu?15:06
Kyoshiro`and -t option of ubuntu-vm-builder doesn't seem to work :(15:06
Kyoshiro`(sorry for mixing my question with another support ^^')15:07
ewet_hi, how in effin hell can I remove ALL mounted drive icons from the launcher in ubuntu 14.04 (without blacklisting every single one)?15:08
usr13usc911: In the long run, fresh install will be easier.  And when you back up all your data to a USB drive and then replace it afterward, it's just as if you'd done a release-upgrade, only better / cleaner.15:08
ewet_`gconftool --set /apps/compiz-1/plugins/unityshell/screen0/options/devices_option  --type=int 1` does NOT work15:08
usc911BluesKaj: err15:09
usc911I use server a lot15:09
usc911this is in friends officce15:09
gp5sthello! This probably isn't the place, but was hoping someone would be able to help or direct me. If I wanted users to be able to log in and out on inserting and remove, respectively, a smart card, how would I go about doing that?15:09
cfhowlettewet_, system > settings > Desktop > icons15:09
kazdaxokay sorry i had to disconnect15:10
kazdaxdo you think its the ram15:10
usr13usc911: Friends don't let Friends go EOL15:10
kazdaxbut the processes dosnt show that they are using that much ram15:10
usr13kazdax: We don't know.15:11
kazdaxbut the kib mem being used is alot15:11
ewet_cfhowlett: that is not a thing15:11
usr13kazdax: What processor do you have?  cat /proc/cpuinfo15:11
kazdaxso 490000 is total and 420000 is being used15:11
usr13kazdax: How much ram do you have? cat /proc/meminfo15:11
usr13kazdax: To show us: pastebinit /proc/cpuinfo15:12
usc911usr13: agreedI didnt even realise this machine was here tbh15:12
usr13kazdax: (Don't flood)15:12
kazdaxwell ia musing 512 mb15:12
usr13kazdax: You need more RAM15:13
cfhowlettusc911, your options are limited and you need to decide quickly.  10.10 gets NO security upgrades = vulnerable right now.  clean install of 14.04.1 is recommended.15:13
kazdaxusr13 but this was runnign fine before ?15:14
usr13usc911: download iso, backup data, install, restore data15:14
kazdaxhow much ram is nessesary for ubuntu to run ?15:14
usr13kazdax: before ____________?15:14
usc911cfhowlett: I have to update it to get an application working. I just wanted to do it without a fresh install15:14
kazdaxbeofre like 2 hours ago15:14
kazdaxand i havnt changed anything in it15:14
gatton10.10 to 14.04. it's going to look a little...different15:14
cfhowlettusc911, and the repos are dead and gone.  update is not an option15:14
ikoniagatton: it's not going to work15:14
usr13kazdax: ls -ltr /var/lib/dpkg/info/*list15:14
gattonikonia, i'm talking about how different the desktop will be after he wipes and installs15:15
cfhowlettkazdax, *can* run on as little as 512 mb but won't run very well or very fast.15:15
usr13kazdax: Just add another 512M RAM15:15
ObrienDaveold repos are not dead and gone. just hiding in archives ;P15:15
usr13kazdax: What processor do you have?15:15
kazdaxwell this is running under vmware15:16
basil1xUnder vmware, you only gave it 512mb??15:16
usr13kazdax: Then allocate 1G (not 512M).15:16
kazdaxokay ill try adding another 512 and come back15:16
usr13kazdax: The default is 1/2 of what you have?  (So how much do you have?)15:17
usr13kazdax: How much total RAM do you have in the system.  (physical RAM)15:17
daftykinswho's to say this mem usage isn't normal? seems a bit dubious just to throw more at a situation without knowing what's really going on15:18
usr13daftykins: So tell him to ship us the computer and we will see what the problem(s) really are.15:19
daftykinsusr13: that's a ridiculous comment15:20
usr13daftykins: His RAM usage probably is normal.15:20
kazdaxokay i increased ram15:20
kazdaxbut its still using almost 1 gig of ram15:20
kazdaxand i dont have anything running on it15:20
usr13kazdax: It is supposed to.15:20
usr13kazdax: free15:20
daftykinskazdax: i think you're either reading it wrong or you need to go and read www.linuxatemyram.com15:21
usr13kazdax: free |pastebinit15:21
danielle86I'm having a problem with my ubuntu 14.04 LTS laptop, with nvidia drivers. every so often the display freezes. there doesnt seem to be any pattern to it and the computer keeps running fine. I can unfreeze it by switching to a different virtual terminal and then back again. anyone else had this problem?15:22
kazdaxI know like in window syou have svchost15:22
kazdaxthat takes ram and allocates it and gives it out when needed15:22
daftykinsdanielle86: nvidia proprietary or nouveau?15:22
v0lksmandanielle86: yes. I was unable to fix it but happened before 14.04 and I tried a bunch of different drivers15:23
kazdaxso one gig is enought ram for now15:23
v0lksmanjust seems to randomly hang, restarting lightdm alwways fixed it15:23
kazdaxor do I up it up a bit ?15:23
ObrienDavedanielle86, seems i've seen that symptom before. can't remember the cure. something about turning off hardware acceleration, iirc15:23
daftykinskazdax: no that's not how Windows works :P15:23
usr13kazdax: So you have free memory, you are swapping 015:23
kazdaxbecause i do all my brosering an chatting on this linux system ..how much would i need15:23
usr13kazdax: What is slow?15:23
kazdaxno its not slow now15:23
kazdaxnow its working fine15:23
usr13kazdax: So the internet borwsing is what is slow?15:24
kazdaxno its okay now ...15:24
usr13kazdax: Ok, good.15:24
kazdaxshould i allocate more ram ? if i am going to do browsing on this system ?15:24
kazdaxi can allocate another ram15:24
kazdaxwould that help or i should not bother with it15:24
usr13kazdax: How much total RAM do you have in the system.  (physical RAM)15:24
kazdax8 gigs15:24
cfhowlettkazdax, or install and use a light DM would not hurt.  still 8 gigs is PLENTY for most users.15:25
daftykinswhy do you use a VM? O_O15:25
kazdaxwell i could use ubuntu as native15:25
kazdaxi dont mind really15:25
usr13kazdax: So you chose to only allocate 1/2G when you have 8G?15:25
kazdaxthe only reason i use windows is because sometime i like to play games15:25
kazdaxyea well i have another vm opened at times15:26
kazdaxwhich takes about 1 gig its self15:26
kazdaxand y system usually needs about 3 gigs15:26
usr13kazdax: You might try 2G, (your Windows system will run fine on 6).15:26
kazdaxso i am about maxed out giving 2 gigs to this15:26
daftykinskazdax: it really doesn't sound like your computer usage follows any sensible methods15:26
daftykinsso you're booted into Windows, but you mainly use a VM?15:27
usr13daftykins: He is correcting that  as we speak.15:27
daftykinssorry but that's just unnecessary15:27
kazdaxdo you think i should install linux as the  main OS ?15:27
daftykinswell you could at least consider a dualboot setup15:27
ObrienDavemake it dual boot15:27
usr13daftykins: He could install Ubuntu as primary OS and then re-install Windows as client OS in VM but that would be a lot of trouble. Right?15:28
danielle86sorry, internet dropped at the worst moment. the last message I saw was at 15.23. Did anyone say anything to me? v0lksman, did you have any luck finding a solution?15:28
daftykinsusr13: inverting the setup is as equally ridiculous15:28
kazdaxif my system will run smoother on ubuntu on native hardware15:28
kazdaxi wont mind tranfering my older vms into virtual box15:28
usr13daftykins: Yes, to us, he is upside-down.  But the choice is his.15:28
kazdaxas i am using vmware server right now15:29
daftykinsusr13: sorry but your comments are idiotic and aren't actually helping the issue15:29
usr13daftykins: Ubuntu runs just fine in VM, so does Windows, who cares?  (I don't...)15:29
daftykinsa users choices can often be through naivety as to their implications15:29
kazdaxactually even if i run tis system natively15:30
ObrienDavedanielle86, nope, nothing else15:30
kazdaxi will still have to have vm for windows and for linux on that OS15:30
daftykinskazdax: so this ubuntu VM is a clean supported version and all you do is chat + browsing in it?15:30
daftykinswhy would you VM Windows atop it?15:30
kazdaxfor study purpose15:30
kazdaxi am using windows xp to analyise code15:31
usr13daftykins: We should stick with Ubuntu support and trop the philosophy15:31
daftykinsusr13: please stop highlighting me, i'm interested in understanding the scenario and offering a suggestion as to how to do so more effectively.15:31
cfhowlettkazdax, outmoded and no longer supported OS to analyze code ... OK then15:31
daftykinsusr13: so far you have offered nothing15:31
daftykinskazdax: i hope XP isn't the host OS15:32
usr13daftykins: How is that helpful?15:32
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usr13daftykins: (It is obviously not XP....)  So again, just stick with Ubuntu support.15:33
daftykinsusr13: stop talking to me.15:33
kazdax_yes because its the only windows that comes free and is used by the auther of the book i am using to study code analysis15:34
usr13kazdax_: Yes to what?15:36
daftykinskazdax_: XP isn't the host OS right? because if you were running 32-bit XP it wouldn't even be able to address 8GB RAM to offer it to VMs15:36
kazdax_no i isnt15:36
kazdax_no its in vm15:36
kazdax_like this ubuntu15:36
daftykinsso what's the host?15:36
kazdax_windows 715:36
daftykinsfeel free to type more words per sentence by the way15:36
kazdax_sorry bad habi15:36
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daftykinsok so if you mainly use ubuntu and want to from now onwards, you should consider setting up a dualboot depending on your disk setup15:37
kazdax_okay so i will give it atligs because i wan tto use it for netflix , broswers and chat east 2 g15:37
kazdax_yes thats a good idea15:37
daftykinsyeah you see, trying to do things like netflix in a VM is just bad practice15:38
daftykinsmake your host OS the one you want to use.15:38
daftykinscan you reboot for games15:38
danielle86v0lksman: did you have any luck finding a solution to our display freeze issues?15:38
daftykins*you can reboot for games15:38
kazdax_so if i install ubuntu first ...and partition disk ...will my windows instalion know that this sytsem has ubuntu and  will install accordingly and put the right bootloader and such15:38
usr13kazdax_: No, you will need to re-install MS Windows15:39
kazdax_ni i mean once i remove windows ms ..repartition disk15:39
kazdax_and install ubuntu first15:39
kazdax_then install windows15:39
kazdax_there will be conflict on whos bootloader will be used15:39
daftykinsyou already have Windows on first, you can install ubuntu after15:39
cfhowlettkazdax_, windows will not cooperate with other OS.  that's why EVERY tutorial states "install windows  before you install ubuntu"15:39
ObrienDavekazdax_, no, install windows first15:40
daftykinsi don't know why usr13 finds it necessary to give you bad advice15:40
usr13kazdax_: But if you shrink the existing MS Windows partition, or add another drive, you can instlal Ubuntu along side Win715:40
EsoRoticaGood Morning folks. Quick Question here: My Motherboard has optical audio inputs which results in my computer prioritizing S/PDIF for input/output devices. I'd much rather disable it in Ubuntu all together. Does anyone know how?  (not an option in BIOS)15:40
kazdax_okay so i have already given the whole partition to windows15:40
kazdax_now i can still make paritition from it ?15:40
usr13kazdax_: I suggest gparted http://gparted.org/livecd.php15:40
ObrienDavekazdax_, shrink it with disk managemant15:41
ObrienDavefrom win715:41
SonikkuAmericaObrienDave: Huh?15:41
kazdax_can i do all this from PXE ?15:41
ObrienDaveSonikkuAmerica, his native os is win715:41
SonikkuAmericaI just got in the channel15:42
EsoRoticakazdax_: Nah, you'll need to boot windows and use Disk management. Windows likes to put recovery and stuff at the end of parition.15:42
EsoRoticacaches, etc15:42
kazdax_okay thanks alot guys ..i will think of this solution15:43
kazdax_thanks alot15:43
usr13daftykins: Criticism is all you seem to be interested in.  Criticism is ok to a certain point, but you must differientiate between helpful criticism and just trying to demean others.15:43
* ObrienDave has 3 win7 partitions, boot, recovery, OS. in that order15:43
EsoRoticaObrienDave: Specifically I'm talking about "Restore points"15:44
daftykinsusr13: no, i identified an illogical misuse and suggested a sensible course of action instead of wasting the users time hunting processes and adjusting RAM allocation in a VM. Now an actual result has been obtained, rather than timewasting.15:44
ubottusalvo: No warez here! This is not a file sharing channel (or network); read the channel topic. If you're looking for information about me, type « /msg ubottu !bot ». If you're looking for a channel, see « /msg ubottu !alis ».15:44
ObrienDaveEsoRotica, umm, was referring to kazdax15:45
usr13daftykins: I answered his questions and offered suggestions that would solve his problem(s).15:45
EsoRoticaObrienDave: Right on :D15:45
daftykinsusr13: you keep believing that :)15:45
usr13daftykins: The goal here is to work together to share information about Ubuntu / Linux.15:45
daftykinsusr13: this isn't the place for your preaching.15:46
usr13nor yours15:46
daftykinsusr13: you're the one that keeps highlighting me with your timewasting :) goodbye15:46
alexfu`mount -t cifs //<ip>/data /mnt/data -o user=guest` still prompts me for a password. the docs specifically say that if guest option is used, then password will not be asked for.15:46
ObrienDave*sniff* why can't we all just get along ;P15:47
usr13daftykins: Please see my pm15:48
usr13ObrienDave: Good point.15:48
daftykinsObrienDave: i wish i knew, apparently i'm not allowed to help users :(15:48
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EsoRotica[Disable S/PDIF (alsa?)] My Motherboard has optical audio inputs which results in my computer prioritizing S/PDIF for input/output devices. I'd much rather disable it in Ubuntu all together. Does anyone know how? (not an option in BIOS)15:49
ObrienDavewell, there is usually more than one way to obtain the same result :)15:50
SonikkuAmericausr13: Maybe #ubuntu-customerservicecenter can help you re: your complaint.15:51
LaibschI had in the past always been able to simply swap out my HD, put it into a different computer and boot my old system from it.  This seems no longer to be the case.  what do I need to now?15:54
usr13SonikkuAmerica: What?15:55
EsoRoticaLaibsch: Are you sure the toehr motherboard recognizes it? Is in it the BIOS boot order?15:55
ObrienDaveLaibsch, umm, should work just fine, except for windows15:55
LaibschEsoRotica: yes, and both computer are actually fairly similar. One Thinkpad X200t and one X200s.  The boot hangs shortly after grub15:55
LaibschI will try one more time, then15:55
LaibschI thought somehting had changed15:56
Laibschmaybe some stupid Thinkpad "security" thing or whatever15:56
SonikkuAmerica!pm | usr13, it was a joke, also15:56
ubottuusr13, it was a joke, also: Please ask your questions in the channel so that other people can help you, benefit from your questions and answers, and ensure that you're not getting bad advice.15:56
v0lksmandanielle86: nope...I tried everything including new hardware.15:56
EsoRoticaAre there multiple HD's in the one with the problem Laibsch15:56
LaibschEsoRotica: nope.15:57
danielle86thanks, v0lksman15:57
EsoRoticaLaibsch: Interesting, so it is indeed reading grub from the HD? With that being said, No clue.15:57
v0lksmandanielle86: I've now switched to mac for my desktop. After years of using Ubuntu (since 6 series) I now only use linux for servers or headless15:57
danielle86v0lksman: ironically, I've just gone the other way. ;-)15:57
v0lksmandanielle86: mind if I ask why?15:58
usr13SonikkuAmerica: I wasn't asking a question.  I was trying to continue an OT conversation off the channel. Thanks for the humor though.15:58
LaibschEsoRotica: i will retry one more time and report back.  I could be related to the fact that I do not use UUID in fstab15:58
Laibschbut the LVM partition names15:58
Laibschshould be equally unique, though15:58
SonikkuAmericausr13: #ubuntu-offtopic15:58
EsoRoticaThat would indeed make sense, Good luck15:58
pvl1zfs or raid15:59
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levifigso, I have ruby 1.9.x and 2.0.x installed on my Ubuntu machine yet 'ruby' is not found… (same with 'gem')16:01
levifigI have a ruby2.0 and a ruby1.9 binary16:01
levifighow do I assign a default version16:01
Geforce88hello, what does tcl8.5-lib set to manually installed.16:02
EsoRoticalevifig:  Did you use rvm?16:02
levifigdo I have to manually symlink it?16:02
levifigEsoRotica, nope16:02
Geforce88hello, what does tcl8.5-lib set to manually installed mean, and how do i install it ?16:02
EsoRoticalevifig: How did you install them?16:02
levifigEsoRotica, via aptitude16:02
levifigif you install "ruby" it installs both16:03
danielle86v0lksman: I've been using apple since 10.5 and was an early user of the iphone series. apple remotely disabled the iphone after I spent alot of money upgrading it, because I used an unaproved simcard. that began a long, slow hatred of the fruity giant. I feel that since their largest revenue streams now come from their app store and their portable record player, they've stopped focusing on desktop innovation and started walling off their garden, so to spea16:03
EsoRoticalevifig: Are the executables in the path? are you using the proper name... A symlink to one or the other in the path named ruby would work.16:03
levifigEsoRotica, but it used to work… not working anymore :X16:04
EsoRoticayou can always see which its using via "which ruby"16:04
cfhowlettdanielle86, off-topic please?16:04
levifigEsoRotica, no ruby by default16:04
levifig(that's the weirdness)16:04
levifigwhich ruby = "ruby is not found"16:04
levifigeven though ruby2.0 and ruby1.9.1 exist16:04
levifig(both in /bin)16:05
EsoRoticaYes, that wouldnt work until you've either symlinked or ensure the executables are in your path16:05
EsoRoticaare those the names?16:05
levifigthose are the exact binary names16:05
EsoRoticathen symlink16:05
levifig"ruby2.0" and "ruby1.9.1"16:05
v0lksmandanielle86: interesting...I am worried about the tinker factor but so far in the last 3 years of using one (part time laptop) I've never had an issue.  So when they released 10.10 I moved over.  I keep Ubuntu in my back pocket though.  I'll never stop using it, I play a LOT in the server realm.  Just as a desktop I wanted something that always worked and never needed attention.16:05
danielle86cfhowlett, consider myself so told. all I will say is that now is a very exciting time to be using linux. ;-)16:05
EsoRoticaor call them specifically16:05
levifigEsoRotica, ruby, gem and what else?16:05
cfhowlettdanielle86, agreed!16:05
EsoRoticalevifig: I would look into RVM as this easily handed in another manner16:06
levifigEsoRotica, I personally use rbenv/ruby-build for version management… on a server, I don't normally need it16:06
EsoRoticalevifig: I know thats not what you asked, but I suggest that as I'm not very familiar with the manual process.16:07
instigatorhello. why would one use tar together with gzip? I read somewhere that tar does not compress the size of files, so why not just use gzip?16:07
levifigEsoRotica, thank you :)16:07
Geforce88so i'm trying to install a file via apt-get and am being told it's set to manually installed. what's that mean? and how can i get it isntalled so i can use it ?16:07
EsoRoticalevifig: Hope it helped :D16:07
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JabberwockyA19hi, I this page gives me an error http://packages.ubuntu.com/utopic/ . I'm trying to find a link to the latest 14.10 amd64 fglrx driver16:12
Geforce88is there a channel for eggdrop comiling and tcl errors ?16:16
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stpierrei've got a package in a private PPA that i can see with 'apt-cache madison', but if i try to install it (or, more accurately, upgrade the existing version that's installed), i get "Unable to locate package libvirt". can anyone suggest what i might look at to troubleshoot this?16:20
usr13stpierre: Look to see the ppa is still enabled.16:23
stpierrehow do i do that? sorry, i come from a RHEL background so apt is scary and confusing to me16:23
stpierrethey're listed in sources.list and not commented out, afaict that's all there is to "enabling" a ppa16:25
sanguisdex1hi there, here is a FAQ why is package management over IPv6 so slow to connect?16:31
stpierreany other ideas?16:34
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dirtslayershould i use isc-dhcp-server or dnsmasq to set up ltsp in 14.whatever16:42
cloaked1.j vagrant16:45
devhostHello, I need to resize /dev/sda1 http://i.imgur.com/OwbP830.png16:56
devhostI just moved sda5 over to make unallocated space next to sda1 but didn't realize that sda5 is inside sda2 which is locked.16:56
daftykinsdevhost: is sda1 just a /boot ?16:58
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vcohi - I'm trying to umount a drive but it keeps saying there's a process running (there's no programme using it that I know of) In umount there's one entry for /dev/sdb1 , but I'm not sure how to cancel this. Any thoughts?17:00
EriC^^vco: you can see the files that are in use with lsof17:01
stpierrevco: 'fuser -m <mountpoint>' will tell you what's using it17:01
devhostdaftykins: sda1 is /17:01
devhostsda 5 is /home17:01
vcoEric - I've got lsof17:01
daftykinsdevhost: ouch, tiny setup17:01
devhostYeah it's a small vm17:02
vcoI don't know how to end that particular process though17:02
vcohere's a paste from VIM17:02
EriC^^if you have the pid you can use kill <pid>17:02
devhostdaftykins: I have the unallocated space ready17:02
vco  1 COMMAND     PID   TID       USER   FD      TYPE             DEVICE      SIZE/OFF       NODE NAME17:02
vcoEric - AH17:02
vcoOk ace, thanks for that17:02
daftykinsdevhost: yeah, i don't know if you can move the extended partition. why such a small disk?17:02
devhostConstraints on an old system, daftykins.17:03
devhostThe host os doesn't have a large disk.17:03
devhostI already moved sda5.17:03
EriC^^vco: if it doesn't kill the process try kill -9 <pid>17:03
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devhostI can't resize sda2?17:03
daftykinsdevhost: someone else can probably suggest better, i would backup, delete and recreate17:04
vcoThanks EriC - I've used xkill before but not kill, I think it's just unmounted it, which would have meant that the mount was preventing me from unmounting? Seems a bit weird, it's worked though17:05
devhostdaftykins: I think it was because swap was on17:06
YukinotteruHow would on install VMWare Tools manually on kUbuntu?17:12
vcowhat do you mean manually - without using the packages?17:12
YukinotteruWithout easyinstall17:13
vcoI recently used VirtualBox and VM-Ware - If there's no difference to you I'd use VirtualBox, I found it a bit easier (and the cloning is easy to do in it as well)17:13
Yukinotteruvco: VirtualBox isn't as efficient and is a lot slower compared to VMWare17:14
vcoReally? I'm surprised, it worked alright for me, guess I didn't push it that much though. The cloning and set up was nice and easy17:15
ObrienDaveo/ Yukinotteru ;P17:16
YukinotteruYou normally can't install VMWare Tools without easy install, but easy install is broken on newer versions of Ubuntu17:16
vcowhat about an older version of VM Ware? I think I had version 8 working, but had troubles with 1017:17
rvgateHello, is there anyone from turkey in this channel that can help me out to find out if a certain website is being blocked in your country? (i know this isnt a ubuntu question, but there are a lot of users here :P)17:23
sxarWhich packages does banshee need to enable encoding of Ogg Vorbis?17:23
vcokill PID number made my drive not mount anymore! ACE17:24
EriC^^vco: what's mount say?17:26
makutoHi, quick question: What is the application that allows you to make custom macros all over Ubuntu (eg I type *hw or something and it types HELLO WORLD)?17:27
vcomakuto - in the terminal?17:27
makutovco: No, all throughout ubuntu17:28
makutoWhenever I type17:28
vcooh, not too sure sorry17:28
makutoI swear there is something that does this17:28
vcoprobably is - think autohotkey did something along those lines on windows17:28
sajalalias hw='echo "Hello World!"'17:28
vcoisnt' that just for the terminal sajal?17:28
EriC^^makuto: alias?17:29
sajalvco: i guess anything that can execute shell commands ...17:29
vcowhere to put though?17:29
vcoI'm guessing this wouldn't go in the bashrc17:30
sajalmaybe rc.local ... dunno i dont use alias17:30
EriC^^.profile maybe17:30
EriC^^nah .bashrc17:31
makutoI think what I was looking for was "AutoKey." I did autohotkey alternative to and that seems to be it. Thanks17:31
vco@makuto cool17:32
vco@EriC and sajal - I tried that, didn't work17:32
Yukinotteruhttp://prntscr.com/55zujj wat17:32
EriC^^vco: tried what17:32
vcoputting that alias into .profile17:32
EriC^^it hink it should go into .bashrc17:33
EriC^^btw you have to login so .profile is run17:33
vcoyeah - but the OP wanted it to operate everywhere, not just within terminal (i'm logged in now)17:33
vco@Yukiotteru > no idea what's happened there!17:35
vco@EriC^^ -> I ran the kill command without using the -9 flag... my drive won't mount again ha. Every had this happen?17:36
Yukinotteruvco: Tried changing the resolution and that happened :p17:36
YukinotteruAlso vco: People aren't pinged when you use the antcent17:37
vcoYukinottery - Ah, ha... is there a ping? Or is it just a 'pay attention' thing.17:38
Yukinotteruvco: Press TAB when typing someone's name and it will autocomplete, and then just use a colon so it highlights the person (pings them)17:40
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vcoYukinotteru: I didn't get a ping for that though, I'm guessing this is something to config or should it be default?17:43
Yukinotteruvco: What client are you using?17:43
vcoirssi - only just started though, I'm open to any suggestions17:43
YukinotteruI use HexChat17:44
YukinotteruPretty easy client to use17:44
vcoYukinotteru: hm OK, I'll give it a google now17:44
YukinotteruAnywayss, I'll bbl17:44
YukinotteruPM Me if you need any help with IRC17:45
vcoha, I don't think I can pm here17:45
vcocheers though17:45
vcoI've a lot to learn apparently17:45
YukinotteruMake sure to register your nickname17:45
Yukinotteru./ns register17:45
vcoOh ok, cheers I'll do that17:45
YukinotteruHave a good one!17:45
vcocheers! :)17:46
Giant81I have an Ubuntu 12.04 server, there is a daemon running that the creator of this server installed into /home/adminuser/<program name>17:47
Giant81since I'm taking over the server and I'd rather not babysit this thing, I'm looking at ways to clean it up17:47
Giant81mostly move the program to somewhere more appropriate and run it using init scripts so it starts with the machine17:47
Giant81and does'nt require as much daily babysitting as it does now17:47
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Giant81but where should it go?  /usr/share ?17:48
Giant81well it's not a bin, it's a jar file actually lauched with java17:48
Giant81isn't usr/local/bin typically only for bin files?17:48
Giant81or should I put the whole program directory in there?17:48
l0rdn1xno only for bin17:49
Giant81so would /usr/share/maildaemon be appropriate?17:49
Giant81or usr/local17:49
Giant81ohr hell /opt/maildaemon17:50
Giant81I'm just not as familiar with the Linux / Ubuntu directory structure as I am with windows17:50
Laibschcoming back to the topic of swapping the HD from one laptop to another (Thinkpad X200t to X200s) and continuing as is. I can boot into grub, select the Ubuntu entry and then continue.  But I am never prompted for the password to my encrypted LVM. When I press ESC I see the console and there it says "Reading all physical volumes. This may take a while" and then twice "No volume groups found". Anybody have an idea what the problem might be?17:50
Giant81I know a basic run down of linux directories, but I also know each distro has their own nuances17:50
sysop2ok does bluez4.1 need a patch to allow sixaxies?17:57
sysop2I am trying to install a bluetooth sixaxis constroller that works fine over usb but I cant bluez-utils3.9 to compile with the sixaxis patch from the ubuntu docs17:58
usr13Giant81: Mostly we just symlink the executable18:00
Giant81well it's not an executable, it's a jar file, it's supporting config files, and some ohter license files, so I think it's going to go in /opt/18:00
usr13Giant81: If it is just a script you can do it either way, but Take firefox for instance,  /usr/bin/firefox -> /usr/lib64/firefox-31.2.0/firefox18:01
usr13Giant81: So you can symlink it from /usr/lib/ or usr/lib64 to one of several places that are in your path.18:02
usr13Giant81: If it is used and relevant only to the user, you might also use ~/bin/18:04
Miky_who can help me about istall ubuntu 14.10 pm me please18:06
Giant81usr13, no it's an inhouse built daemon18:07
Giant81and I'd like to get it somehwere and setup in such a matter that I can call it using init scripts to launch at specific runlevels18:07
Giant81so I can stop having to babysit it constantly18:07
vookIs saucy no longer maintained with security updates? I have a system based on saucy that doesn't seem to be pulling an updated version of bash - the typical shellshock tests continue to fail.18:07
bazhangvook, based on saucy? what linux is that18:08
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vookIt's an ubiquiti networks system - pulls from saucy sources but has an additional source for their software.18:09
bazhangsaucy is eol18:09
bazhang!eolupgrades | vook18:10
ubottuvook: End-Of-Life is the time when security updates and support for an Ubuntu release stop, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Releases for more information. Looking to upgrade from an EOL release? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/EOLUpgrades18:10
vookweird - I don't use ubuntu often. So releases are eol 9 months after their release?18:10
bazhangnon LTS ones are18:10
vookhm, ok18:10
daehi all, can you help me to check my alias ?18:11
daealias 'apt-get1'='sudo apt-get -ymvVu update --ignore-missing --with-new-pkgs --show-progress && sudo apt-get -ymvVu upgrade --ignore-missing --with-new-pkgs --show-progress && sudo apt-get -ymvVu dist-upgrade --ignore-missing --with-new-pkgs --show-progress && sudo apt-get autoremove && sudo apt-get autoclean && sudo apt-get clean'18:11
crystal_shello . do you know any  live voice chenger in ubuntu ?  ( open source )   i need it for voic chat .8-)18:15
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knightfeltdae: Is there a problem with it you're noticing?18:17
daehi crystal_s ,Why necessarily, opened?18:17
daeAccesoirement I have no answer has your question18:17
daeknightfelt not realy but i'm not expert and i will do optimise my alias18:18
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* Yukinotteru breaks down and installs VirtualBox again18:21
knightfeltdae: Well dist-upgrade is a pretty rare command. I would think that you'd want to hold off on that and tell your machine specifically when you want to upgrade the distribution. So you might want to remove that from your script18:21
rypervencheknightfelt: I always run dist-upgrade to update my system.18:21
daei launche this command evry morning18:23
knightfeltrypervenche: I'm not saying he shouldn't use it to upgrade your system, I just don't think it's a good idea to throw it in an update script. You'll end up forgetting when a new distro is coming out and run it and 5 minutes later you've started a 2 hour process instead of a 5 minute update.18:23
jschoolcraftIs there anything special to do to make an upstart script recognized other than putting it in /etc/init/ ?18:23
rypervencheknightfelt: Ah, I came in late to this conversation.18:23
crystal_s  dae.i m prefer open source . but i cant find it .  why audacity  cant cheng voic   live ?18:23
daeOk 1) i remove the dist-upgrade lign18:24
knightfeltdae: Can you repost the script for rypervenche?18:24
daehi all, can you help me to check my alias ?18:25
daealias 'apt-get1'='sudo apt-get -ymvVu update --ignore-missing --with-new-pkgs --show-progress && sudo apt-get -ymvVu upgrade --ignore-missing --with-new-pkgs --show-progress && sudo apt-get -ymvVu dist-upgrade --ignore-missing --with-new-pkgs --show-progress && sudo apt-get autoremove && sudo apt-get autoclean && sudo apt-get clean'18:25
daecrystal_s that not the fonction of audacity =) it's just a mixer18:25
rypervencheI'm not going to be able to provide much information on that. I don't personally think that it's a good idea to automate updating.18:25
knightfeltdae: I agree with rypervenche18:26
daecrystal_s i find this https://www.google.fr/search?client=ubuntu&channel=fs&q=voice+changer+ubuntu&ie=utf-8&oe=utf-8&gfe_rd=cr&ei=jfZkVLDUN7Cx8wfWr4GoCw#channel=fs&q=voice+changer+live18:26
knightfeltdae: Something else to consider18:26
daecheck crossover and Tpb =)18:26
daerypervenche => why ?18:27
knightfeltdae: You might time out of your sudo that way. There is a way to do a whole command as sudo like sudo -c 'ls -la && cd ~' for example where no matter how long the first command takes, you won't lose sudo privledges before the cd runs.18:27
daei need creat thit alias for gain time after installer / remove18:28
rypervenchedae: Because things happen, things break, and automation cannot account for them all. Sometimes it requires manual work to resolve an issue. There will always be something that a script does not account for.18:28
haidorai need help every time i restart i get this error you have a problem report or cancel and i can't know what is18:28
sxarAnyone familiar with a workaround to enable transcoding in amaroK (14.10)?18:29
daerypervenche i'm sorry i'm french and i translat you say with reverso and i don't understand all18:29
rypervenchedae: I speak French, but we shouldn't spam everyone here with it.18:29
rypervenchedae: I would recommend either asking in #ubuntu-fr or sending me a private message if you would like my thoughts on it.18:30
daehaidora i have too this message x4 just because i have write "sudo reboot now" (on Lubuntu 14.10)18:30
daerypervenche  i don't prefer him prefer trolling on a stupid petition ans no reply to my stupid question18:31
jmaderohi all - I deleted 55k emails from thunderbird yesterday, Ubuntu crashed, now when I start thunderbird it's freezing. Top shows 80%+ CPU use...wondering if anyone has any suggestions....if I should continue waiting to see if it's still deleting those emails18:31
ActionParsnipjmadero: could ask in the mozilla channel18:33
jmaderoActionParsnip: thanks18:33
jmaderosays to go to #thunderbird which is virtually empth18:34
bozeis there a trick to getting pepperflashplugin to work on chromium trusty?18:34
BluesKajjmadero, that many emails taks a very long time to delete in thunderbird, it's probly still deleting them in the background18:34
jmaderoBluesKaj: thanks - I'll give it a few more hours see if it catche sup18:35
jmaderowould really suck to lose my thunderbird db....lots of filters18:35
jmaderoshould have backed up ;)18:35
ActionParsnipjmadero: #mozilla18:36
ActionParsnipjmadero: you should have it bcked up...backup anything that is important to you18:36
jmaderoActionParsnip: yeah I know18:36
ActionParsnipjmadero: but you didn't......18:38
SlartI'm running ubuntu 14.04 with gnome shell and gnome lists all my hard drives as removable drives (in nautilus and other widgets)... can I somehow tell the system that these drives are to be considered "regular" hard drives compared to say usb sticks and usb drives?18:38
jmaderoActionParsnip: state the obvious ;)18:38
jmaderobut I'll give it a day18:38
jmadero55k emails are quite a few :)18:38
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knightfeltdae: You still there?18:39
daeknightfelt yeap ?18:44
testuserHow does this work ?18:44
ActionParsniptestuser: its a chat room18:45
knightfeltdae: Look at this for how to run multiple commands as sudo without risking losing permissions when they run long: http://pastebin.com/TsBBxDzM18:45
daftykinstestuser: it's a support channel, people ask questions18:45
testuseroh ok thanks18:45
haidorawhat channel should i enter for my xbox 360??18:48
SchrodingersScathaidora: there was an ##xbox18:53
jmaderoit's done! woohoo - 55k emails18:54
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karrotcan anyone tell me if I can make an alias to an sshfs mount?18:57
karroterr... actualy that's not quite what I want to do18:57
karrotI want to make an alias for a directory on another ssh server18:57
karrotlike, andrew@hostplace.com:/home/andrew/tv is an alias I can just cp or mv files on my computer to18:58
karrotif that makes sense18:58
SchrodingersScatkarrot: could probably make an alias with rsync, something like rsync -rav "$1" "andrew@hostplace.com:/home/andrew/tv"  #???18:59
gr33n7007hSo what are people using bresero, k3b other ?19:00
SchrodingersScatbrasero is ok by me19:00
gr33n7007hI only ask because when i try to burn an audio cd with bresero it just ejects :(19:01
gr33n7007hso i'm trying k3b see if that works19:01
SchrodingersScatgood luck19:01
usr13karrot: I just use nfs19:01
akiva-thinkpadhey all there is an ubuntu q&a going on not; come ask your questions http://summit.ubuntu.com/uos-1411/meeting/22388/ubuntu-community-qa/19:01
Luyingr33n7007h: sounds more like a problem with the used media19:01
gr33n7007hLuyin, I'm half way through burning using k3b fingers crossed :)19:02
SchrodingersScatyeah, last time mine spit out cd's, they were in fact dvd's19:02
gr33n7007hjust standard cdr's 52x19:03
ikeboyis there an easy way to redirect HUGE output from a process in terminal to the cloud (and free cloud providers to upload to)19:06
ikeboyLike MEGA will give 50GB, but that's if I already have the file. I want to do something like stream output from my computer to online19:07
kkarrotSchrodingersScat: thanks, that's good advice, but I'd like to also easily cp or mv things to other directories in that ssh'd into directory, like andrew@host.com:/home/andrew/tv but also directories within that directory I'd like to cp and mv to without sshfs'ing them19:07
kkarrotbut I guess I just have to sshfs each time...19:07
Specikeboy: you can pipe data through netcat or ssh or what have you19:08
ikeboyIs that compatible with any filehosts?19:08
Speci don't know19:08
tux9thDoes anyone here know if boot and repair have a IRC channel?19:08
Copernicushow do i uninstall a driver https://github.com/pvaret/rtl8192cu-fixes19:11
Copernicusthe driver didn't work :(19:11
gr33n7007hah, success for k3b :)19:12
ikeboyspec: what protocol should I search for when looking for compatible filehosters?19:12
Copernicusi bought a external  wifi adapter because the one from my laptop didn't work, but sadly the new one doesnt work ether :(19:12
gr33n7007hf*ck knows why bresero isn't working19:13
usr13Copernicus: What is the on-board one?19:13
SchrodingersScat!language | gr33n7007h19:13
ubottugr33n7007h: The main Ubuntu channels require that you speak in calm, polite English. For other languages, please visit https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/ChannelList19:13
usr13Copernicus: lspci |grep ireless #Show us19:13
gr33n7007hmy apologies :)19:13
usr13Copernicus: And what is the external one, (make / model)19:14
Copernicususr13: Qualcomm Atheros Device 003e (rev 20)19:14
myry3k 21:15:28 up 10 days, 12:38,  2 users,  load average: 0,35, 0,56, 1,0019:15
usr13Copernicus: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/linux/+bug/138971619:15
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1389716 in linux (Ubuntu) "168c:003e [14.04.1] WNIC Qualcomm Atheros Device not working" [High,Triaged]19:15
Copernicususr13: external one: ISY N300 aka IWL 400019:15
tux9thCan anyone look through this and tell me where my problem with booting is? http://paste.ubuntu.com/8991431/19:16
tux9thI cannot seem to understand what's going south19:16
luk387_I have tried to edit the file /etc/ircd-hybrid/ircd.conf with my subnet, but hosts can not connect. with the basic configuration i can connect only from the server. you have any advice for me?19:16
usr13Copernicus: What kernel version are you on?19:17
luk387_in a ircd server with Hybserv19:17
rypervencheluk387_: You may want to verify that you are allowed to use those ports with your host. It may be blocked by the ISP.19:17
guardianpwrhello all, i am having an issue installing teamspeak on 14.04.... i need to have some libraries installed and when checking for them ... i ran "$ ldd libts3db_mysql.so" which returns "$: command not found"19:18
Copernicususr13: Linux jeroen-GS70-2QE 3.16.0-24-generic #32-Ubuntu SMP Tue Oct 28 13:07:32 UTC 2014 x86_64 x86_64 x86_64 GNU/Linux19:18
usr13Copernicus: Ubuntu 14.10?19:19
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Copernicususr13: yes19:19
rypervencheguardianpwr: Did you run it with sudo?19:19
luk387_rypervenche: the client and the host are in the same lan19:19
usr13Copernicus: So the external one is the netgear N300 USB stick?19:20
rypervencheluk387_: Ok, it's probably something not correctly configured in the configuration file. I won't be able to help with that.19:20
guardianpwrrypervenche: im root atm19:21
Copernicususr13: ISY N300 mini wireless adapter (IWL 4000 88830bh06469)19:21
luk387_rypervenche: ok thanks19:21
guardianpwrrypervenche: but yes i tried placing sudo in front19:21
rypervencheguardianpwr: Can you paste the output to a pastebin when you run it as root?19:21
rypervencheguardianpwr: Oh, you're running it with the $, don't use that.19:22
rypervencheguardianpwr: Don't run it as root and just run it with "ldd", no $ in there.19:22
guardianpwrrypervenche: http://paste.ubuntu.com/8991833/19:22
rypervencheguardianpwr: The $ is used to symbolize that you should be running it as your user and not root. A # would symbolize that you should run the command as root.19:23
guardianpwr# sudo ldd libts3db_mysql.so ldd: ./libts3db_mysql.so: No such file or directory19:23
Copernicususr13: thats why I tried the rtl8192cu driver for the external one19:23
usr13Copernicus: You could problably get the on-board one to work if you find an earlier kernel to use. (Comment #1)19:23
usr13http://www.iogear.com/product/GWU625/  (anoter choice) (Comment #2)19:24
usr13Copernicus: Not sure rtl8192 is right for the N300, (but it used to work, because I've had one, but I do not like it, it is pretty weak adapter).19:25
Copernicusbuy another one :)19:25
usr13Copernicus: Or use another (earlier kernel).19:26
Copernicusyeah I'll have to, have a hackathon this weekend, programming for a good cause19:26
Copernicuswhich one?19:26
HeyMan7Hey, uh, how do you allow directories with spaces in terminal?19:27
usr13Copernicus: http://www.iogear.com/product/GWU625/19:27
Copernicuswhich kernell  I mean19:27
usr13Copernicus: Or use a wireless bridge.19:27
Copernicusyeah I have one :)19:27
usr13Copernicus: Oh I don't know... would have to do some research...19:28
usr13Copernicus: 3.4 maybe, somewhere down there.19:29
Bashing-omHeyMan7: Escape the space with '\' character OR enclose the <file name> in quotes .19:31
Copernicususr13: how to downgrade a kernell :)19:31
HeyMan7Bashing-om: So like if the name was Data HDD, do Data\HDD?19:32
squintyData\ HDD19:32
HeyMan7Mk thanks19:32
HeyMan7Oh another question. How do you run an sh file located in a seperate drive?19:33
Bashing-omHeyMan7: No, leave in the space and add the escape characterbefore that space.19:33
HeyMan7It keeps saying "permission denied"19:33
anjo-aladiahLubuntu 14.10 dont show me wireless connection . How can i know what king of bcm i have with command console ?19:35
CoC_towliei wish ubuntu could provide better documentation, it is really hard to find any information to customize it19:35
daftykinsHeyMan7: best practice is to not use spaces, btw :)19:36
squintyanjo-aladiah:  https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs/Driver/bcm43xx19:36
anjo-aladiahthanx squinty19:37
HeyMan7daftykins: Yeah. That was drive was from my windows installation :/19:37
HeyMan7That drive was from*19:38
squintyCoC_towlie:  maybe try  https://help.ubuntu.com/community19:38
guardianpwrhello all, i am having an issue installing teamspeak on 14.04.... i need to have some libraries installed and when checking for them ... i ran "$ sudo ldd libts3db_mysql.so" which returns "ldd: ./libts3db_mysql.so: No such file or directory"19:38
Luyinguardianpwr: did you indeed include the "$" in your code?19:40
anjo-aladiahafter using lspci i got this http://paste.ubuntu.com/8992046/ related to Lubuntu 14.10 dont work on my bcm43142. Some one help me analyze this ?19:40
daftykinsHeyMan7: is it not just a label from it then? or a folder name upon it?19:40
HeyMan7daftykins: What are you asking? I'm not sure I understand your question19:41
guardianpwrLuyin: no that was just the command prompt19:41
Luyinguardianpwr: return suggests the file isn't installed on your system19:41
Bashing-omguardianpwr: What returns -> which libts3db_mysql.so m<- give 'ldd' a path to work with.19:41
CoC_towliesquinty, yeah but it doesn't document how ubuntu configure things especially if the default config from upstream is changed.19:42
Bashing-omguardianpwr: s/b ->  which libts3db_mysql.so <- .19:42
guardianpwr"which libts3db_mysql.so" returns nothing, just a new command line19:42
guardianpwri tried, successfully i thought, to install lib15? 16? im not sure what one it installed19:43
daftykinsHeyMan7: the name with the space in just now, was that a folder name?19:43
Bashing-omguardianpwr: indicates it is not installed.19:43
HeyMan7daftykins: It's a drive name19:43
daftykinsHeyMan7: ah, you should just mount the drive to a local path without a space :)19:43
=== vmesons is now known as vmeson
daftykinse.g. /mnt/mydiskhere19:44
Bashing-omguardianpwr: How are you installing "mysql" ? from PPA ?19:45
guardianpwri installed mysql using apt-get i believe19:45
guardianpwr"sudo apt-get install libmysqlclient15off" returns "E: Unable to locate package libmysqlclient15off"19:47
Wes-Hi, all. I am trying to upgrade the kernel on a Live USB stick. I've done the apt-get dist-upgrade, everything is fine there, but I still have the older kernel.  Does anybody know what needs to be changed? Do I need to screw around with the EFI stuff?19:47
=== Guest94567 is now known as xug
squintyguardianpwr:  fwiw, that particular file does not seem to be present at  http://packages.ubuntu.com/    googling for that particular file returns quite a number of hits relating to it going back as far as 2010 (quick search though)19:49
b43need help again, printer works but not the scanning function, keeps saying it cannot find the device19:49
daftykinsb43: aren't there guides online for your model?19:50
b43i cant find anything for lubuntu19:51
Bashing-omguardianpwr: squinty :: confirmed that too as I keep getting " Sorry, your search gave no results " .19:51
daftykinsb43: don't be so specific, just search for ubuntu19:51
squintyBashing-om:  thanks for the confirmation.  :)19:51
b43i tried both wireless, n usb, no such luck19:51
b43ok ill try lookin again19:52
Zipzit I'm wanna be software guy, highly motivated to update a wifi driver to work with current kernel.  I've been wading thru github, but not really sure on how to expand my learning on the kernel interface for hardware drivers.19:52
Bashing-omsquinty: guardianpwr A "apt-cache search mysql " quicly showed I was over my head.19:52
bubbasauresWes-, A kerel upgrade on alive is last thing you want to run.19:52
Wes-bubbasaures: really? So I have to wait for Ubuntu to release an updated image?19:53
bubbasauresWes-, Wait for what, the live is not a longterm use sistuation.19:54
ZipzitAnybody know where to start the journey on understanding kernel interface19:54
newbuntuhello, all. I have a (hopefully) easy question: I installed Ubuntu 14.04 LTS and chose full disk encryption. After installation, you get a one-time popup along the lines of "do you want to record your encryption recovery key? You can do this later by running ecryptfs-xxxxxx"    For the life of me, I can't find the proper ecyptfs command to run now to get that recovery code19:54
b43the manual even has no mention of ubuntu =/19:54
daftykinsZipzit: #linux might be more relevant19:54
bubbasauresWes-, How about some context hereon this.19:54
Wes-bubbasaures: Yes, but I want to boot from USB and need to use the same kernel version as my desktop for the device driver's I'm compiling.19:54
b43so i am at a lost, it prints both wireless n usb no problem, but scanning does not work at all19:55
guardianpwrBashing-om: squinty ok i think i have this file, libts3db_mysql.so , on another server... how can i copy it over to this one?19:55
bubbasauresWes-, Do a full install on it or a vm,the live is not stable in this manner.19:56
daftykinsb43: what have been your testing steps? simple-scan usage?19:56
vachostupid ubuntu.I have 800gb free disk space and getting: gzip: stdout: No space left on device19:56
b43yes just simple-scan, idk what other apps to use19:56
vachomy /boot/ is to small..why would ubuntu setup such a small boot?19:56
daftykinsb43: so what does simple-scan do for its' device detection test?19:56
b43i tried both pressing scan to pc on the printer itself, n clickin scan in simple scan, it doesnt work19:56
Zipzitdaftykins... will do.  Many thanks.19:56
Wes-bubbasaures: How is it unstable? How does Ubuntu build newer LiveCD images?19:57
daftykinsvacho: maybe you have a tonne of old kernels you could remove. pastebin "ls /boot" ?19:57
b43how do u get simple scan to detect, i can see the printer on the preferences, but everytime i click scan it cannot find it19:57
vachodaftykins: http://pastebin.com/cmZPwtTV19:57
vachocan I delete these?19:57
AirbanderHi guys how add rockdoc on my desktop ?19:57
Bashing-omvacho: LVM ? join your voice too: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/ubiquity/+bug/1357093 .19:57
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1357093 in ubiquity (Ubuntu) "LVM or Encrypted install creates too small /boot partition" [Undecided,Confirmed]19:57
b43or at least it wont connect19:57
daftykinsvacho: try running an "sudo apt-get autoremove" - does it prompt to remove older kernels?19:58
b43even linux isnt mentioned on the manual, this sucks19:58
bubbasauresWes-, Are you building a iso or using the release? The live is just reading the ISO no matter what first, than the persistent for changes, a kernel upgrade has to be apparent at boot.19:58
vachodaftykins: After this operation, 1,353 MB disk space will be freed.19:58
daftykinsb43: welcome to the need to buy supported hardware. look up simple-scan usage, it should give you the commands to try. i thought you said you were trying this.19:58
vachodaftykins: I thought we moved passed out of diskspace in 201419:58
vachoBashing-om: thanks.19:59
b43yes i am usin simple scan, but everytime i click scan it doesnt work19:59
Wes-bubbasaures: I'm building an image that's based on the official release (1404)19:59
daftykinsvacho: did you perhaps upgrade from an older version?19:59
vachodaftykins: haven't done anything.19:59
b43failed to scan, unable to connect to scanner it says19:59
bubbasauresWes-, How?19:59
vachodaftykins: maybe virtualmin did shit in the background :)19:59
b43but when i print, it just prints like normal19:59
daftykinsvacho: don't use that language here please.19:59
vachodaftykins: ok.19:59
daftykinsb43: can you go and try what i suggested instead of repeating the same things over and over, please?20:00
bubbasauresb43, Use nicks in your post,and please keep the channel not covered with your posts.20:00
b43daftykins: i have simple scan open, but idk where to go from here20:01
vachodaftykins: I was trying to install node and it failed cause of disk space..how do I Uninstall it and then reIntsall it? package name is nodejs20:01
daftykinsb43: apparently they have a channel - #simple-scan20:02
Wes-bubbasaures: ~ unsquash the fs to a temp dir, create some --bind mounts, chroot, configure, test, exit, re-squash fs, boot off stick.  Gives me a correct root partition, just trying to figure out how the USB key bootloader works20:02
b43daftykins: ahh ok, let me try there20:02
heartmeatbig midweek20:02
daftykinsvacho: are you not familiar with package management?20:02
b43daftykins: thx20:02
heartmeat@find the big midweek20:02
bubbasauresWes-, Never seen anyone do this without the multiple guides on this, have you considered usig one?20:03
Wes-bubbasaures: forgot to mention, I started with an image I built with UCK that was based on the distro.20:04
b43daftykins: there is not a single person in #simple-scan20:04
treelolHow do you make irc entry like "***treelol wonders." ?20:04
Wes-bubbasaures: Hm, never thought about going to back to square one when I needed to upgrade the kernel20:04
newbuntudoes anyone know how to get the encryption recovery key after using Ubuntu 14.04 desktop installer to set up full-disk encryption? There's a quick popup that gives you the option to record the key upon first login. Otherwise, you have to run ecryptfs-???? to get it. I can't find that command online anywhere20:05
newbuntuand ecryptfs manpage is full of broken links20:05
bubbasauresWes-, Not sure really from your description,sounds not even technically supported here, however if you can outline it right you may get help.20:06
daftykinsb43: that's a shame, their website refers to it.20:06
b43daftykins: hayy, so i just cant scan with this printer, is that what im stuck with?20:07
Wes-bubbasaures: Yeah. I just need to figure out how USB booting works, maybe I should start from that end.  There's got to be a way to make a bootable USB stick with the latest kernel.20:07
bubbasaurestreelol, /me than your statement, keep on support here please20:07
daftykinsb43: i'm finding suggestions when googling, check out - http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=204325820:07
b43ok let me try20:08
bubbasauresWes-, Who's latest kernel, if not in the ubuntu release it is not supported here is all.20:08
treelolbubbasaures: Thanks and sorry for off topic20:08
Wes-bubbasaures: Linux kiosk-test 3.13.0-39-generic #66-Ubuntu SMP Tue Oct 28 13:30:27 UTC 2014 x86_64 x86_64 x86_64 GNU/Linux20:08
bubbasauresWes-, You might try ##linux as well20:08
Wes-*nod* - good idea.20:09
soreauHi, I installed xubuntu on an efi device and it works but I have to manually select the device list to boot.. how can I set it to load grub efi by default? It doesn't appear in the efi / bios settings even though I enabled legacy support, I can only see xubuntu entry when I select the boot list20:09
bubbasauresWes-, Yeah that is trusty kernel, I have right now, just confirming20:09
squintyWes-:  just do a regular install to the usb stick rather than use it as live dvd.  all updates/upgrades are applied with that method.  if using on multiple boxs, forgo using proprietary video drivers20:09
daftykinssoreau: is this alongside windows 8?20:10
bubbasaurestreelol, No biggie, that is not necessarily off topic, we just want that used sparingly. ;)20:10
b43daftykins: it says copy /usr/lib64/sane to /usr/lib/sane, but im on x86 n there is no lib64 folder20:10
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b43daftykins: that was the only work around ont hat site20:10
daftykinsb43: ok nevermind then. yes i know, i read it.20:11
vachodaftykins:  not that much, would love your help.20:11
b43daftykins: any other leads?20:11
daftykinsvacho: "sudo apt-get install <packagename>" installs that package, "sudo apt-get remove <packagename>" removes it, but leaves the configuration20:11
daftykinsb43: my problem with assisting you is that you're using me as a go-between for Google right now, it'd be a lot better if you were to cut me out and use it directly :)20:12
Wes-squinty: interesting idea.  Does doing a regular install to USB have the option of setting up an overlay fs like the live CDs?20:12
b43daftykins: ive been usin google for almost 2 hours on the issue before i came in here today, still no such luck20:13
vachodaftykins: what if I want to remove it completetely including config?20:13
tony_anyone know about ubuntu 14.10?20:13
daftykinsvacho: replace 'remove' with 'purge'20:13
daftykinstony_: you're going to have to be a bit more specific than that20:13
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k1ltony_: no, no one knows nothing20:13
tony_I had my panel on the left with 14.04 but it is gone with 14.1020:14
kahtahs_newbuntu: full disk encryption should be dm-crypt/luks not ecryptfs. so: https://code.google.com/p/cryptsetup/wiki/FrequentlyAskedQuestions#6._Backup_and_Data_Recovery20:14
vachodaftykins: thanks!!20:15
newbuntukahtahs- thank you. I will read up on that. I *swear* the popup said to run a command that started ecryptfs.... I'll dig into that and report back20:15
Mendaxwhat is the channel for the surface RT20:17
MendaxI need to know because  this newest updat3 is fuclking me upo20:17
yeats!alis | Mendax20:17
ubottuMendax: alis is a services bot that can help you find channels. Read "/msg alis help list" . For more help or questions relating to alis, please join #freenode. Example usage: /msg alis list #ubuntu* or /msg alis list *http*20:17
BlueSharkWhat's a good VLC alternative that allows subtitles sync (i.e. increasing delay etc.)?20:17
treelolMendax: ##windows I think.20:18
Mendaxi don't know how to execute the command in the search bar20:18
Mendaxis it how it readfs20:18
DJonesMendax: You're asking in an Ubuntu channel about a microsoft product?20:19
treelolMendax:  /j ##windows20:19
Mendaxand i should know that is a nono because i work in IT20:19
DJonesMendax: So....Why ask here20:19
clouddigI'm trying to figure out why I can't access one system from another. Here's my scenario: http://pastebin.com/fZZevBdW20:20
clouddigAny ideas from you networking geniuses?20:20
Mendaxcould be a variety of reasons20:20
sapikBlueShark, open vlc > tools > track syncronization20:20
Mendaxi couldn't tell you20:20
Mendaxyou need to give more bvackground to the situation20:21
Mendaxfor me to be the arbiter20:21
agent_whiteAfternoon folks20:21
DJonesMendax: No, you need to tell us which version of Ubuntu you're using, what the error you  get is20:21
Mendaxthat rebuttal doesn't deem me wrong20:22
Mendaxbe honest with y ourself20:22
mdogesilly windows users20:22
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b43no such luck, google does not have any solutions for scanner issue =/20:28
justMe22 whats the scanner issue20:28
b43all in one printer, prints wireless n usb no problem, but cannot scan at all, im on lubuntu20:29
justMe22what brand / model20:29
b43scanimage -L actually sees it, but simple-scan cannot scan, failed to scal, unable to start scan20:29
b43hp photosmart 4700 series20:29
soreaudaftykins: It's windows 820:30
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=== jmaurice is now known as wiz
justMe22have you tried sane scanner libraries20:31
=== vmesons is now known as vmeson
b43yes i have, tried xsane also, no such luck20:31
daftykinssoreau: you definitely installed xubuntu in EFI mode yes? you don't need legacy enabled. you just need to pick the hard disk / SSD device as the boot device, instead of 'Windows Boot Manager' if possible20:31
b43or is that the same?20:31
bubbasaures<b43> no such luck, google does not have any solutions for scanner issue =/ LOL it does you are just missing a handful of skills, lubuntu is a harder OS it is more config based than gui's.20:31
daftykinsbubbasaures: i think b43 feigns ignorance in order to get more of a handhold is all20:32
b43bubbasaures: ive been searchin n searchin even before i came in here today, nothing is happenin20:32
soreaudaftykins: Well it's either OS Loader under the efi list or the laptop hdd in the legacy list20:32
soreaudaftykins: But there isn't a way to select legacy only..20:33
b43well, another week n a half, n id be on lubuntu for a month, 1st time ever on linus20:33
justMe22I've never tried HP scanners before20:33
bubbasauresdaftykins, Heh, I doubt that, seems like a natural state, hope not though.;)20:33
b43its a hopeless case, this is the 1st dead end after switchin from windows20:33
daftykinssoreau: it won't be legacy at all as that's non-EFI, that'd only work to boot xubuntu if you didn't install it in EFI20:34
justMe22:b43! I feed your pain20:34
=== cloud is now known as Guest35973
daftykinssoreau: this sound like a boot menu though, this should be inside the EFI setup screens. can you take pictures of them?20:34
justMe22feel not feed sorry I haven't had my moring coffee yet20:34
soreaudaftykins: I'm loading the bios/efi now..20:34
soreaucan't really get pics though20:35
daftykinssoreau: no camera?20:35
b43i guess i gotta go out to kinkos to scan, i dont have anymore windows BS here20:35
soreaudaftykins: no20:35
bubbasauresjustMe22, That's mooringcoffe here.20:35
b43disappointin, i thought u could do anything on linux/ubuntu20:36
justMe22:b43! I hope not but scanner hard ware can be a bit hit and miss20:36
b43we'll see, im not givin up just yet, i hope theres not too much more deadends20:37
yeatsb43: try gimp20:37
justMe22but if scanimage -L can see it surely we bust be able to do something20:37
justMe22Good idea try gimp20:37
b43so gimp would yield better results than simple-scan?20:37
b43that might actually save me a trip to kinkos20:37
yeatsb43: it might - I've seen gimp do such magic before20:38
b43gonna look up gimp now, thx20:38
justMe22just apt-get install gimp20:38
justMe22no need to look up20:38
b43installin atm....20:39
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jeffreylevesqueI've virtualized ubuntu on 'virtualbox'20:44
jeffreylevesqueupon login i get 'Low Disk Space on "Filesystem root" The volume “Filesystem root” has only 121 MB disk space remaining'20:44
mgolischjeffreylevesque: free up some space?20:45
jeffreylevesqueIf I had created this VM instance with more memory would this have happened so soon?20:45
jeffreylevesquei used 8GB i think for the instance20:45
=== uwishununoware is now known as uwishuno
jeffreylevesqueand haven't installed anything20:45
jeffreylevesqueother than guest additions20:45
jeffreylevesquehow can it be running low on disk space already?20:46
mgolischwhat version did you install?20:46
jeffreylevesqueUbuntu Server 14.0420:46
bekksyou installed ubuntu server, and after that you installed a full blown gnome into it for getting the resizing feature of the virtualbox guest additions.20:46
jeffreylevesquebut with gnome minimal gui20:46
bekksAt least thats what you told in #vbox :)20:46
mgolischmy server install has 500mbyte/s20:47
bekks!ot | Freemason20:47
ubottuFreemason: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!20:47
k1ljeffreylevesque: gnome is not minimal.20:47
jeffreylevesquehow big  is it?20:47
bekksjeffreylevesque: Just take a look at "df -h"20:47
k1ljeffreylevesque: gnome is one of the biggest desktops. there is no minimal when talking about gnome.20:49
jeffreylevesqueshould i resize this vm, or delete it and create a bigger one?20:49
jeffreylevesquehow difficult is it to resize a vm?20:49
bekksjeffreylevesque: Just free up space.20:49
bekksjeffreylevesque: sudo apt-get clean; sudo apt-get autoclean20:50
jeffreylevesquebekks, thank you very much20:50
jeffreylevesquebekks, before I had 3.3/3.7G used.  Now, 2.9/3.7G used20:51
Wes-bubbasaures, squinty -- figured it out, wasn't so bad; you have to update the grub in /path/to/media/boot/, drop the signed efi kernel and matching lz'd initrd into /path/to/media/casper, and create the new initrd.lz via zcat newinitrd | lzma20:51
jeffreylevesquesince this is a new instance - should i increase size to it several GB, how difficult is that.  Or, should I create a new instance with more memory?20:52
bekksjeffreylevesque: Pastebin the entire output of "df -h" into a pastebin service please, and provide the URL-20:52
justMe22I got pinged!20:52
bubbasauresWes-, I just hope it works every time.20:53
Wes-bubbasaures: Unless there is something with the way new PCs boot I don't know about (UEFI) it should.  *fingers crossed*20:54
justMe22I got pinged!20:54
safinaskari have nouveau installed. i have nvidia and intel videocards20:58
safinaskarhow to determine what of this videocards is active and how to switch between them?20:58
jelangkungsafinaskar: lspci -v20:59
safinaskarand i want to do this using my nouveau driver and not proprietary nvidia one20:59
jelangkungsafinaskar: dunno now, but cupla years ago i couldnt use nouveau with bumblebee in linux20:59
safinaskarjelangkung: http://paste.debian.net/131671/21:00
b43hopeless case now, goin to kinkos, lubuntu fails today =/21:01
b43thx for ur time y'all21:01
soreaudaftykins: I notice the only thing it did when I reinstalled grup-efi 64bit package in chroot is remove the windows entry when I select ubuntu from the boot list to get into grub21:01
yxhuvudI'm trying to get my graphics driver to work. anyone got any ideas? http://hastebin.com/soficojage.vhdl21:02
daftykinssoreau: did you follow the EFI page guide on converting your install to EFI or something? i don't really follow how you got from changing boot device to the above21:02
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KrixvarHey all, anyone able to give me a hand with my usb sound card? Sound only comes out of one of the two rca pairs unless I repeatedly  unplug/plug it back in with the speakers turned on21:12
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drop_hey i have problem.. i was using Universal USB Installer to download and burn backbox 4 and i wasn't able to boot it then i thinking and tought maybe is backbox problem so i do the same and get Ubuntu 14.04 BUT problem is still there21:37
drop_and it looks like this ===> https://scontent-a-vie.xx.fbcdn.net/hphotos-xap1/v/t1.0-9/10256795_1388387034786780_6570092328909743821_n.jpg?oh=1f853f521a954b417912b1a368bd8939&oe=5519C5BF21:37
drop_*both is x64bit21:38
bubbasauresdrop_, the installer is ubuntu only, and support for that OS is not technically here.21:39
bubbasauresdrop_, There are a handfull of usb loaders out there, you should bet set with one.21:40
k1ldrop_: is this a 64bit pc?21:40
drop_yes 64bit it is21:40
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variusshow set /boot wich is on separate partition in /etc/fstab?21:41
=== gas is now known as Guest56022
phixHello, is there an application to print effective permissions on a directory for a given user?21:42
Guest56022c'è nessuno21:42
k1l!it | Guest5602221:42
ubottuGuest56022: Vai su #ubuntu-it se vuoi parlare in italiano, in questo canale usiamo solo l'inglese. Grazie! (per entrare, scrivi « /join #ubuntu-it » senza virgolette)21:42
phixVarazir: Add in an entry21:43
nonamaei have a zombie program named unclutter and i cannot kill it even with -9 ... why? how to kill it?21:44
drop_k1l, bubbasaures is there something i can do about this?21:44
phixVarazir: This is mine --> /dev/md0/bootext4defaults0221:44
mgolischnonamae: does it have any children? maybe try killing those21:44
phixnonamae: kill it's parent21:44
bubbasauresdrop_, Not with that usb tool, there are many others check pendrivelinux21:45
phixunless it is init :) then don't21:45
mahlerDoes anybody know why I can't browse utopic packages here: http://packages.ubuntu.com/utopic/ right now? It worked a few days ago.21:45
drop_bubbasaures, but this one is from pendrivelinux21:45
variusshow should i set ext2 /boot in etc/fstab?21:46
nonamaemgolisch, doesnt have any children21:46
nonamaephix, its parent is gnome-session21:46
drop_ bubbasaures http://www.pendrivelinux.com/universal-usb-installer-easy-as-1-2-3/ this one21:46
k1ldrop_: try unetbootin21:47
mgolischprobably gnome-session did not properly ask for its child status then21:47
mgolischthats might be why its still shown in the process table21:47
k1ldrop_: i dont know what the error is  but there seems to be some issue in creating the live system21:47
bubbasauresdrop_, The real issue is, first the OS you want to load is not supported they must have a channel or forum. Second this is basic stuff, if you can't do this why are you messing with a security based OS?21:47
nonamaemgolisch, is there any other way then restarting x?21:48
PhilliesFresh install of ubuntu 14.10 on my sony laptop   everything workin pretty good only thing i cant figure out    i log out  shut down everythings fine.   click the power button and itll boot a Graphic asking for the disk encrypt pass     but it doesnt let me type move mouse anything i have to hold power and force a shutdown  then when i power it up   theres a screen for ubuntu or ubuntu advanced menu  i click ubuntu and now its a ver21:49
Philliesy poor resolution   terminal almost asking me for the diskcrypt pass and the 2nd time it allows me to enter it and proceed booting        any idea wtf is going on?21:49
Philliessorry if thats a poor explination21:49
Philliesim sort of new to linux21:49
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drop_bubbasaures,  becouse i wanna learn? :)21:50
drop_bubbasaures, nevermind, i will find a way21:50
mgolischnonamae: you could try sending gnome-session the sigchild signal, but as it doesnt seem to have done anything on that when the process terminated id guess it would not do anything now either21:50
Philliesonce it boots the 2nd time everything is fine   but after a shutdown i am not able to power up once i have to power it   hold the power to kill it    then it will boot21:50
bubbasauresdrop_, Sure, but loading a usb is so basic, and you need our help just for that, I think you have your carts before your horse, however this is a personal opinion. Find the channel for that OS and have them help you is probably a good way.21:51
drop_bubbasaures,  dude i created live usb, i tried installing it in VM FROM that bootable usb and there was no problem, i have instaled both kali and bt this way. and i think that this is ubuntu channel, and ubuntu 14.04 is not out of topic, and also i think that backbox is based on ubuntu. and there is always a way to solve problem21:56
KrixvarNo one with any ideas about the sound card? I have lots of diagnostic info if anyone knows where to go with it :/ I just don't think I should have to plug it in multiple times and make the speakers pop every time to get it to work...21:58
Jordan_Udrop_: Try doing an md5sum check of at least the squashfs file, from the machine that fails to boot. It's important that you check with the exact same configuration of hardware as the problem could be in any of the USB drive, the USB cable, the host controller, or other areas.22:01
drop_Jordan_U, tnx, ill try that22:02
Jordan_Udrop_: You're welcome.22:02
PhilliesFresh install of ubuntu 14.10 on my sony laptop   everything workin pretty good only thing i cant figure out    i log out  shut down everythings fine.   click the power button and itll boot a Graphic asking for the disk encrypt pass     but it doesnt let me type move mouse anything i have to hold power and force a shutdown  then when i power it up   theres a screen for ubuntu or ubuntu advanced menu  i click ubuntu and now its a ver22:03
Philliesy poor resolution   terminal almost asking me for the diskcrypt pass and the 2nd time it allows me to enter it and proceed booting        any idea wtf is going on?22:03
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explodingmangoPossible dumb question: If you're running from a LiveDVD, is it possible to install all updates (to make it like a fully updated installation running from LiveDVD)?22:05
Jordan_UPhillies: I can't understand your question. Please try rephrasing it using complete sentences and proper punctuation.22:05
Jordan_Uexplodingmango: With some notable exceptions like the kernel, and anything else which would require a reboot, yes. Also, to do so will take a lot of RAM.22:06
bubbasauresexplodingmango, Not the best idea, theoretically possible however.22:06
explodingmangoHaha, okay. Guess a persistent LiveUSB is a better option here.22:06
Jordan_Uexplodingmango: Not really, no.22:07
mgolischi dont think it saves aynthing besides $HOME22:07
Jordan_Uexplodingmango: A persistent USB won't allow you to upgrade the kernel either.22:07
mgolischdoes it?22:07
Jordan_Umgolisch: It does, the unionfs covers all of /.22:07
explodingmangoHm. My only goal is to replicate program bugs from a fresh install...22:07
bubbasauresexplodingmango, You might give your end goal here, and any fears of a dualboot.22:08
Jordan_Uexplodingmango: Why not do a fresh install then?22:08
mgolischexplodingmango: vms?22:08
mgolischor just install onto the usb stick22:08
explodingmangoJordan_U: My current computer needs forcepae which taints the kernel so my bug reports might be invalid (is this true?), and all the other computers here belong to other people whose stuff I shouldn't be permanently changing22:09
explodingmangoWoah waitasec, I definitely got a new kernel installed on a persistent LiveUSB at one point, come to think of it.22:10
PhilliesIts seems that after  i shutdown my system. I cannot power back up successfully.      It will skip the boot menu  entirly and goto a splash asking for disk encrypt pass, but i am unable to type move the mouse or anything also   the 2nd monitor doesnt boot up. I am forced to hold down the power button and force it to shutdown. Then when i hit the power button again. There will be a menu this time asking do i want to boot Ubuntu or Ub22:10
Philliesuntu advanced. I click Ubuntu and it will flash  goto a very brutal resolution and at a cmd prompt instead of the splash asking for the disk encrypt pass its the command prompt      it allows me to enter the disk encrpyt pass this time and procedes to boot fine. I am not sure what the problem is    Jordan_U    hopefully thats better sorry22:10
Jordan_Uexplodingmango: What version of Ubuntu are you using? IIRC, there was some work to detect such CPUs automatically so that forcepae wasn't needed.22:10
explodingmangoActually I'm running Lubuntu 14.04 and trying to avoid asking Lubuntu-specific questions here if I can help it.22:11
LinuxnoobHow do I get access to root directory in UBUNTU 12.1022:11
explodingmangoUnless it's okay with all you, anyway.22:11
variusshow should i set ext2 /boot in etc/fstab?22:11
bubbasauresvariuss, Why the boot partition?22:12
mgolischvariuss: like any other filesystem too? specify its blockdevice,mountpoint,filesystem and options22:12
explodingmangoJordan_U: nevermind, actually I can try out the Ubuntu LiveDVD and see for myself22:12
variussbut it should be automounted?22:12
Jordan_UPhillies: That's better, but you still in many places aren't using punctuation properly and have incomplete hard to understand sentences. While I could probably figure out what you're trying to say, I'm choosing not to spend extra time for that.22:12
k1lLinuxnoob: you need to make sure you plan your upgrades to 14.04. 12.10 is way out of life22:12
LinuxnoobDo I have to format and update to 14.04 or is there a easy way?22:13
magnulu_hello, I am on an almost fresh install of 14.04, and new kernel is held back from upgrade - how can I find out why? headless22:13
Jordan_ULinuxnoob: There are other ways, but I'd say there are no easier ways.22:13
k1lLinuxnoob: you can run the upgrades to 13.04, then 13.10 then 14.0422:13
k1l!eolupgrades | Linuxnoob22:14
ubottuLinuxnoob: End-Of-Life is the time when security updates and support for an Ubuntu release stop, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Releases for more information. Looking to upgrade from an EOL release? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/EOLUpgrades22:14
magnulu_I did some changes to grub, but I reverted them.. I also added an initramfs script, but I removed that as well, and ran update-initramds22:14
magnulu_updated grub as well.. rebooted, to what is afaik an "untouched" system :)22:15
bubbasauresLinuxnoob, You can move home to a partition, and do a fresh install, https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Partitioning/Home/Moving  I have not followed your info however22:15
Ben64magnulu_: try sudo apt-get dist-upgrade22:15
Jordan_Umagnulu_: Please pastebin the output of "sudo apt-get upgrade" and "sudo apt-get dist-upgrade"22:15
bubbasauresmagnulu_, Have you rub dist-upgrade22:15
LinnakHi, do you know an application which displays images in a folder in certain order and time?22:16
magnulu_ok, dist-upgrade worked22:16
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Jordan_Umagnulu_: dist-upgrade shouldn't generally be required unless you're following a development release or using some external repositories (like ppas), so it's worth figuring out why dist-upgrade was needed. Please pastebin the output.22:16
bubbasaures!pastebinit | magnulu_ for Jordan_U commands22:17
ubottumagnulu_ for Jordan_U commands: pastebinit is the command-line equivalent of !pastebin - Command output, or other text can be redirected to pastebinit, which then reports an URL containing the output - To use pastebinit, install the « pastebinit » package from a package manager - Simple usage: command | pastebinit -b http://paste.ubuntu.com22:17
Ben64Jordan_U: really? i always have to use dist-upgrade22:17
usr13Linnak: Not sure what you are trying to say but I use geeqie22:18
Jordan_UBen64: Needing to use dist-upgrade on a stable release is IMHO (and I think that of the Ubuntu developers) a bug.22:18
magnulu_Jordan_U: http://paste.debian.net/131678/22:18
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Ben64Jordan_U: unless i'm mistaken, dist-upgrade is what the normal software updater does, and its the only way to get new packages, like a newer kernel version22:19
LinnakLike an advert on a screen. I put images in a folder and the app just shows them. I set the order and the time how fast it must showing them22:19
Jordan_UBen64: I thought that kernel packages were special in that way, but maybe I'm misremembering.22:20
Jordan_UBen64: (Special in that new packages, rather than just new versions of the same pacakge, could be installed with plain upgrade).22:20
usr13Linuxnoob: Probably the easiest thing to do is back up /home/what-ever to a USB drive and restore after new install.22:21
usr13Linnak: Like a slideshow?22:22
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magnulu_I am trying to force edid on boot, using drm_kms_helper.. will this work with kernel 3.13.0-39-generic?22:23
LinnakI just installed22:23
usr13Linnak: geeqie -f -s ~/Pictures/22:24
=== owner_ is now known as Guest27222
usr13Linnak: Want to start it at a specific time? (like 4:30PM every day) Crontab entry: 30 16 * * * geeqie -f -s /home/Linnak/Pictures22:26
LinnakNo I neet to set how long pause the image22:27
LinnakAnd I'd like to switc off animation22:27
usr13Linnak: geeqie can be configured and set time each image stays on screen.22:28
LinnakI see now22:28
LinnakThank you22:28
usr13Linnak: YOu can order the images by file name, image001.jpg image002.jpg etc.22:28
LinnakGood to know. Thanks22:29
LinnakAnd what's happen if an image get into the folder while it's playing slideshow22:29
LinnakI'd like to send images to the image folder from another computer via internet with filezilla22:30
=== magnulu_ is now known as magnulu
usr13Linnak: Fine.  Do it...22:33
usr13Linnak: If a new image comes into the directory while it is playing is slideshow mode, it will stop on the current image untill such time as you start it again.22:34
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usr13Linnak: You can also use nfs to transfer files.22:36
usr13and / or samba22:39
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beefmanhi all.  I recently upgraded mobo & had to copy data out of a raid system onto a plain hd setup (now software raid), and i've got a bug in the process.  i sometimes can't open totem, and terminal shows me something about perms to /run/user/1000/dconf/user, which sporadically gets root:root ownership.  i delete the directory /run/user/1000/dconf and then it will work, even after a reboot, but occasionally switches back and i have to repeat22:46
beefmansomething i believe is related: when i plug in a certain usb hd, ubuntu automounts it in /media/<myusername>, but i can't access the partitions via computer.  it says "could not display...  the location is not a folder"22:47
usr13beefman: mount22:47
beefmanif i try to access /media/<myuser> through computer, file system, media, then no can do either.  terminal shows /media/<myuser> owned by root:root with 75022:48
usr13beefman: (see exactly where it is mounted)22:48
beefmanusr13: /dev/sdcX on /media/<myuser>/<uuid string> type ext4 (rw,nosuid,nodev,uhelper=udisks2)22:49
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usr13beefman: it is normal for it to be owned by root22:50
beefmansomething funny going on w/ dconf?  is there a way to "reinitialize" it?22:51
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PhilliesFresh Ubuntu 14.10 on my laptop    after log out and shutdown it wont boot proper. Apparently my English and grammar are not up to par for Jordan_U     i made this video illustrating my problem   was filmed on my s5  sorry its kinda brutal quality  its only a minute long    https://www.dropbox.com/s/engosoysnh10nk0/20141113_151819.mp4?dl=022:53
PhilliesI imagine its probably a simple fix, i am sort of new to linux22:54
Guest46041Hello, I have the following "interesting" problem. I have a bash script that I run as run which will in turn execute another shell script as a different user (via "su - user -c 'install.sh'"). At the end of the install.sh script, it runs a ruby script via "ruby script.rb". In this ruby script I prompt for the user input via "gets". However, the script does not pause for the input and just continues, therefore it produces an error. How can 22:54
Guest46041tell bash to wait?22:54
Guest46041If I don't start with the first script, but with install.sh, it works fine. So I guess it is related to "su - user -c 'install'". It would be great if someone can help me.22:54
LubockAnyone know a cheap or free good Web design program?22:55
bpromptLubock:       kolourpaint  =)    what are  you after specifically?22:59
bpromptLubock:   I mean..... design  or DTP wise.... pencil and paper would do22:59
usr13Phillies: Can't see what the error message is on the screen.  What does it say on the screen in the last couple seconds of that video?22:59
Philliesthe end of the video it works itll allow me to type the password in   it just changes the layout of how it asks23:00
Philliessorry for the video quality23:00
LubockI wish I was less cluelesd23:01
usr13Lubock: http://bluefish.openoffice.nl/index.html23:01
Maximo_is this the correct command for upgrading from Wine 1.6 to Wine 1.7?: sudo apt-get --auto-remove remove wine1.6 wine1.7+23:01
Philliesafter a shutdown - power up 1st time (stuck on disc encrypt password screen cant type cant move mouse)   hold down power button  shut down   hit power again to boot up      now it works    and its every single time you have to do this after a shutdown23:02
usr13Maximo_: sudo apt-get upgrade wine23:03
Maximo_usr13, hmm… I'll try it23:04
phixok so is there an application that tells me what a users efficient permissions are given a directory?23:05
phixOr do I need to write one?23:05
LubockThe Web is on corporate lock down. It's so much harder nowadays to drive traffic to a site23:05
magnulusafest way to install 3.4 kernel on 14.04?23:05
usr13phix: It is 755 for directories and 644 for files.23:05
bpromptLubock:      are you doing web dev?  front end? back end?23:06
Maximo_phix, what do you mean by" efficient"?23:06
phixusr13: And what about ACLs? :)  where you can have more than one group assigned to a file / directory and a user can be added to more than one group and the acl mask can be random too :)23:06
phixMaximo_: I mean I have a user who belongs to several groups.  I use posix ACLs to assign multiple groups with different permissions to a directory, what is the effective permission of a particular user without having to manually do it23:07
needhelpHi there23:07
phixMaximo_: I am wondering if an application exists already or if I need to start coding / scripting23:08
needhelpAnyone here who can help me with a little problem23:08
Maximo_phix, I'd be very surprised if such an application didn't already exist out there23:09
magnuluforget my previous question!23:09
tewardneedhelp: better to just ask your real question - that way you can get a couple volunteers to assist23:09
l0rdn1xneedhelp, perhaps explaining your problem in great detail and waiting for an answer?23:09
usr13phix: umask23:09
phixMaximo_: Which is why I am asking here :)  I tried google but all of the results I have found show you the manual way of doing it23:09
phixusr13: I am using Posix ACLs23:10
phixusr13: getfacl / setfacl23:10
phixMaximo_: getfacl does show this but only if you name the user expecitly in the ACL, which I don't want to do23:10
usr13phix: If you add several users to a group and then set a directory's ownership to that group, then those particular users will have access.23:11
phixusr13: :/  I am using Posix ACLs so I dont have to make millions of groups, I assign multiple groups to the same directory23:12
usr13phix: What you are asking is a bit confusing because you talk about ownership and permission as if they are the same.23:12
phixusr13: Have you used Posix ACLs?23:12
phixusr13: There is no distintion between ownership and permissions23:14
phixusr13: There has to be at least one user and group owner but you can add more with posix ACLs23:15
phixusr13: I am using EXT423:15
phixusr13: not NTFS23:15
usr13phix: Sorry: http://www.eecs.utk.edu/resources/it/kb/acls23:15
Guest46041Okay, so the source of the problem is that the pipe to bash in this command: \curl -sSL https://mysite.com/install | bash23:16
Guest46041Is there any way to add arguments to "bash" so that it would wait for user input23:16
phixusr13: And that URL tells me how to print a list of effective permissions based on a given user?23:16
needhelpSo i am installing ubuntu on my macbook pro with an usb stick. And it boots up from the USB and installs fine.  When the installation is finished it asks me to restart. But when i restart it boots from the USB instead of my local drive. If i check my local drive from inside ubuntu i see the system files and so on from ubuntu there. If i hold alt while starting my computer i see the USB stick and "windows" as the options i can boot. 23:17
usr13phix: Probably not, and I don't know either.23:17
phixusr13: Thanx for your assistance :)23:17
needhelpIf i choose the windows option i get into a command line screen which says "filesystem unknown." and "grub rescue".23:17
usr13needhelp: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestoreGrub23:17
anjo-aladiahLubuntu 14.10 dont give me sound in a Toshiba Satelite23:20
needhelpThanks for the link, usr13 i will try it out :)23:22
bubbasaures!sound | anjo-aladiah a wiki to start with23:22
ubottuanjo-aladiah a wiki to start with: If you're having problems with sound, click the Volume applet, then Sound Preferences, and check your Volume, Hardware, Input, and Output settings.  If that fails, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Sound - https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SoundTroubleshooting - http://alsa.opensrc.org/DmixPlugin - For playing audio files,  see !players and !mp3.23:22
Maximo_needhelp, did you install rEFInd on your Mac?23:22
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tirengarfiofirefox is crashing all the time..23:24
needhelpMaximo, i did have REFIT before. But it stopped working. I have overwritten every partition i used to have on my local drive too.23:24
tirengarfioit happens 3 or 4 months ago23:24
bubbasaurestirengarfio, start it without all the xtras23:24
tirengarfioeven if I updated it and ubuntu23:24
bubbasaurestirengarfio, make a new user maybe? FF has built in dbug tools23:25
Maximo_needhelp, according to the web pages I've just read, Apple's boot loader will only boot OS X. therefore, if you want to boot Linux from your internal disc drive, then you'll need to install a third-party boot loader23:25
bubbasaures!mac | needhelp have you seen this wiki23:26
ubottuneedhelp have you seen this wiki: For help on installing and using Ubuntu on a Mac, see: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MactelSupportTeam/CommunityHelpPages23:26
tirengarfiobubbasaures, could I have hardware problem? how to checkt it?23:28
tirengarfiowhat is the best software to check hardware problems?23:29
bubbasaurestirengarfio, Why do you think hardware issue, any more than firefox is the indicator?23:29
anjo-aladiahLubuntu 14.10 dont give me sound in a Toshiba Satelite C70D B 10x23:29
bubbasauresanjo-aladiah, Did you check the bots link?23:29
anjo-aladiahand i dont have sound control at all23:29
tirengarfioI get error while booting ubuntu somethimes, and an error report is sent23:30
anjo-aladiahi dont make idea what are bots links23:30
tirengarfiosometimes other apps crash23:30
bubbasaurestirengarfio, Stop, answer questions and don't just keeping posting.23:30
bubbasaurestirengarfio,sorry I meant that to another.23:30
bubbasauresanjo-aladiah, Stop, answer questions and don't just keeping posting.23:31
anjo-aladiahbubbasaures what are bots links ?23:31
bubbasauresbubbasaures> !sound | anjo-aladiah a wiki to start with23:31
bubbasaures<ubottu> anjo-aladiah a wiki to start with: If you're having problems with sound, click the Volume applet, then Sound Preferences, and check your Volume, Hardware, Input, and Output settings.  If that fails, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Sound - https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SoundTroubleshooting - http://alsa.opensrc.org/DmixPlugin - For playing audio files,  see !players and !mp3.23:31
bubbasauresanjo-aladiah, See your nick.23:31
anjo-aladiahbubbasaures i dont have a sound applet at all23:32
bubbasauresanjo-aladiah, Yes you stated that, You just want to answer actual questions directed at you,and wait for some help, not just posting single bits of info, it gets lost.23:33
needhelpHi, tried out the bootrepair thing. It did not fix hit23:34
bubbasauresneedhelp, Lets see the bootinfo summary you are instructed to save the urlto.23:35
bubbasauresurl to*23:35
vertakI am viewing samba shares using smbtree on my 14.04 machine23:35
Maximo_needhelp, where did you actually install GRUB to?23:37
tirengarfiobubbasaures, I have just restart the system and I get "System program problem detected"23:37
bubbasauresneedhelp, heh, gpt table and luks, not a clue here.23:37
tirengarfioand I report the problem then23:38
bubbasaurestirengarfio, When on the desktop?23:38
tirengarfiothis happens always23:38
tirengarfiowhen I reboot the machine23:38
bubbasaurestirengarfio, preface all answers with nicks, read questions carefully and answer if you can if not ask questions.23:39
vertakI know my samba shares are working, because on my mac I can connect to them using the "Connect to Server" Finder option.23:39
vertakBut when I try to search for them using smbtree, they don't appear.23:39
bubbasaurestirengarfio, My question was not about the rebooot other than when exactly you see this error.23:39
vertakWhat is smbtree missing that the Mac client is not?23:40
needhelpMaximo, I did not do anything with GRUB myself. I only tried installing ubuntu on my internal drive from my USB with ubuntu on it.23:40
needhelpBubbasaures, "gpt table" and "luks" i dont know what is.23:41
bubbasauresneedhelp, Since you only have ubuntu, I would question if you need the gpt table, and not just do a msdos install.23:41
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tirengarfioI don't understadn23:41
anjo-aladiahI dont make any idea why lubuntu 14.10 dont give me sound and no sound applet at all . Someone can help me ?23:41
bubbasauresneedhelp, Well you installed using a luks setup, the gpt partition table is usually from an apple or W8 setup.23:42
gebbionehi all23:42
nydelhow to, from command line, cd into a directory with spaces in its name?23:43
gebbionemy ubuntu machine woke up with black screens, nothing shows up, what can i do to troubleshoot23:43
nydelgebbione: kde?23:43
bubbasaurestirengarfio, When exactly do you see this error,is it during the boot, or at the login, or on the desktop?23:43
gebbionei can only see the cursor, nydel gnome23:43
needhelpbubbasaures. I dont know what these things are. What changes do i need to do and how?23:43
Maximo_nydel, surround the name with spaces. alternatively, use Bash tab completion (look it up)23:43
nydelgebbione: do you have a hotkey that can disable window effects?23:43
gebbionelet me be a bit more precise, i see only the mouse cursor no shell23:44
nydelMaximo_: do you mean surround with quotes23:44
gebbionenydel, i don't think so, surely i don't remember setting it up23:44
Maximo_nydel, oops! yes :)23:44
bubbasauresneedhelp, I can't help you myself, I have a low patience tolerances so walking you through anything is beyond me.;)23:44
nydelMaximo_: unfortunately it doesn't work. unless, need i backslash the spaces inside the quotes?23:45
needhelpSure, anywhere i can find out how to do this.23:45
nydelgebbione: have you tried "c-m-backspace"23:45
tirengarfioafter login, bubbasaures23:45
nydelgebbione: that is ctrl-alt-backspace23:45
tirengarfiojust after the login23:45
nydelgebbione: it should restart your window manager under most circumstances. else, get into command line at another tty (ctrl-alt-1) and do "pkill -u (username)" and then (crl-alt-7) to go back to gnome/x1123:46
tirengarfioand I usually get this erorr "Sorry, Ubuntu 14.04 has experienced an internal error"23:46
Jordan_Unydel: What is the exact command you're running? The following would work for a directory named "dir with spaces": cd "dir with spaces/"23:46
gebbionenydel, didn't work23:47
nydelJordan_U: `cd Extra\ Drive\ 1`23:47
bubbasaurestirengarfio, There is an apt called apport it is what you see, it has a more info click,that helps as it will report errors on 3rd party apps,so you have to look. I remove apport myself, make sure you are fully updated and upgraded, that can be an issue with these errors.23:47
gebbioneok i ll try the next steps23:47
Jordan_Unydel: Ok, please pastebin the output of "ls".23:47
nydells where, ../where-i'm-trying-to-cd?23:48
Jordan_Unydel: Simply "ls".23:48
Maximo_needhelp, based on what I've read, you need to install rEFInd on your Mac's internal disc drive in order to boot Ubuntu. I think you've made two mistakes: 1. you didn't install rEFInd 2. you allowed the Ubuntu installer to install GRUB onto your boot partition, which won't work23:48
nydelJordan_U: contents of my ~ couldn't possibly be relevant could they? do you mean `ls /media/username/` because that's where the folder is23:48
anjo-aladiahsystem is recognizing my sound card but i have no sound nether sound applet on menu bar http://paste.ubuntu.com/8995214/23:49
nydells -al there gives me a list of all the mounted directories from the mtab, all belonging to user:user & 075523:50
nydeli.e. i can access the directory/ies from a visual file manager but at command line it thinks a folder called "with spaces" does not exist23:51
nydelnor does it respond to "with\ spaces"23:51
paulinuxhi there23:51
nydelautocomplete in bash for "cd w" does "cd with\ spaces"23:51
Maximo_nydel, I'm totally lost…23:51
nydelMaximo_: one moment let me clear it up23:52
Jordan_Unydel: If that's where the directory is then you should be running something like the following: cd "/media/username/dir with spaces/"23:53
nydelJordan_U: Maximo_: http://i.imgur.com/mDSp1h3.png23:54
Maximo_usr13, regarding my earlier question: "sudo apt-get upgrade wine" didn't upgrade Wine 1.6 to Wine 1.7. apt-get outputs "wine is already the newest version". I presume this happens because Wine 1.7 isn't currently stable23:54
nydeli'm starting to suspect my terminal emulator23:55
nydelthis is odd right23:55
Jordan_Unydel: That is definitely odd.23:55
needhelpMaximo: Is it problematic for me to install and use refind while only in an ubuntu live session from my USB?23:55
Bashing-omMaximo_: Wine 1.6 is what is available in the 14.04 repository .23:55
nydelJordan_U: guake terminal emulator FYI - trying in gnome term emu23:56
Maximo_Bashing-om, I've added Wine's own repository that includes Wine 1.723:56
Maximo_needhelp, I have no idea, sorry23:56
nydelJordan_U: Maximo_: same error/s in other terminal emulators.23:57
tirengarfiois safety upgrade to 14.10?23:57
Jordan_Unydel: What happens if you use single quotes?: cd 'Extra Drive 1'23:57
Maximo_needhelp, http://www.rodsbooks.com/refind/installing.html23:58
nydelJordan_U: Maximo_: wanna know what just worked? this:  ln -s Extra\ Drive\ 1 nospaces && cd nospaces23:58
nydelsingles same as doubles. what the hell.23:58
Maximo_I think you've somehow managed to break "cd"23:59
Jordan_Unydel: What is the output of "type cd"?23:59
nydellooks that way Maximo_23:59
nydeloo good idea Jordan_U23:59
nydelclap clap Jordan_U23:59

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