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Travestyanyone know how I can grep a skype username ip address when resolver isn't working?07:04
holsteinTravesty: you will have to get skype support from the creators of skype.. its not open, so you may not be able to "grep" what you need14:45
celestehanybody got experience with a nanokontrol (or other midid faders) and ardour?15:24
holsteincelesteh: should be plug and play15:24
celestehhow do i map the faders and knobs to fader and pan automation? The buttons are working, at least15:29
holsteincelesteh: i would follow the suggestions las gave in #ardour .. you can also try #opensourcemusicians15:30
celestehthe suggestions work for the buttons only....15:33
holsteincelesteh: i would fire up "sooperlooper".. it has a nice easy learn function.. i would see if i can get the software working with the hardware, and take note of how the automated learn feature supports it, if it does..15:36
ParadoxGuitaristI have some questions about the kernel you guys are using. I was under the impression that you guys supplied an RT kernel16:20
ParadoxGuitaristBut I guess it's no longer an rt kernel but a low latency?16:20
holsteinParadoxGuitarist: correct16:32
holsteinParadoxGuitarist: there are many kernels officially provided in the default ubuntu repos16:32
holsteinthere is many generic ones of various versions.. and the lowlatency that ubuntustuduio ships16:33
ParadoxGuitaristWhat the difference in how it's compiled compared to the rt kernel?16:33
holsteinone can always, and is welcome to add their own custom RT kernel.. or, use one via PPA, such as falktx's kxstudio PPA16:33
ubottuA Personal Package Archive (PPA) can provide alternate software not normally available in the offical Ubuntu repositories - Looking for a PPA? See https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+ppas - WARNING: PPAs are unsupported third-party packages, and you use them at your own risk. See also !addppa and !ppa-purge16:33
holsteinParadoxGuitarist: yes16:33
ParadoxGuitaristrealtime scheduling?16:33
holsteinParadoxGuitarist: as far as for the end user, i suggest trying the one that ships.. if you need to go one way or the other, you are welcome to16:34
holsteini suggest looking at what your latency needs are,and find a balance16:34
holsteinthe lowlatency is a nice balance between audio performance, and supporting "normal" desktop use16:34
ParadoxGuitaristIs there any documentation about what how they're actually compiled differently?16:35
holsteinthe need for an RT kernel is becoming less and less all the time, since the main generic kernel is becoming more and more able to support lower latency by default16:35
holsteinParadoxGuitarist: im sure there is16:35
holsteinParadoxGuitarist: i dont develop, nor compile a kernel.. i dont plan to ever compile a kernel16:35
holsteinParadoxGuitarist: i grab the provided tools, and test with my hardware16:36
ParadoxGuitaristWhat version of the kernel are you on?16:36
holsteinParadoxGuitarist: you can have different outcome based on many variables16:36
holsteinParadoxGuitarist: i use the lowlatency that ships with ubuntustuduio 14.0416:36
holsteinParadoxGuitarist: in 12.04, i had a generic, and an RT from ppa that i would choose between at boot16:36
holsteinParadoxGuitarist: in 10.04, that shipped with the RT kernel from 9.1016:37
ParadoxGuitaristholstein: I ask because I want compile my own but I don't want to reinvent the wheel on what patches or switches I'm using.16:37
holsteinParadoxGuitarist: i find, i get *very* similar results with my well supported ffado firewire device with current lowlantecy kernel and older RT kernels16:37
holsteinParadoxGuitarist: i dont think there is any need for you to compile your own kernel16:37
holsteinParadoxGuitarist: there are *many* PPA's taht provide an RT kernel should you want to try one16:38
ParadoxGuitaristI'm glad to hear that ffado is working for you. I have some firewire devices but I'm always too worried to try to get things working on top of JACK that I never bothered.16:39
holsteineither they support linux, or they dont.. my device has support16:39
holsteini am capable of 1.2 ms latency with the latest stock kernel16:40
holsteini have different latency settings based on my needs.. different jack profiles16:40
ParadoxGuitaristholstein: the system I need to run the kernel on isn't Debian based, so I can't just try them out. I just want to know why/how you guys compile your kernel.16:40
ParadoxGuitaristhow many xruns do you get with the 1.2ms ?16:41
holsteinParadoxGuitarist: i have a zero xrun policy16:41
ParadoxGuitaristthat's awesome16:41
holsteinParadoxGuitarist: i get *no* xruns at 1.2ms with 8 tracks tracked overnight at 24/9616:41
holsteinthats my personal test16:41
holsteinParadoxGuitarist: i would try a general linux channel.. or a kernel mailing list16:42
ParadoxGuitaristWell I should be able to get a build file or something I just don't know where to look.16:44
ParadoxGuitaristActually, I'll just email Alessio.16:45
ParadoxGuitaristlooks like he's the maintainer.16:45
ParadoxGuitaristthanks holstein16:45
holsteinwas the maintainer..16:47
zequenceholstein: Alessio was never the maintainer of -lowlatency while in the Ubuntu repos (except for the first version)22:15
zequenceI took over that, and have been maintaining those ever since22:15
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