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kimswhat version of xubuntu you're using?12:00
kimssorry bad english12:00
ObrienDavebetter english than most :)12:01
kimsi am using that version too :)12:02
kimshmm... :/12:02
kimsits quiet here..12:02
ObrienDavewell, general chatter is in #xubuntu-offtopic12:03
cfhowlettquiet = systems are working!12:04
kimshehe, i am new user ... sorry12:05
ObrienDaveit's ok, cfhowlett has to get snarky once in a while ;P12:09
kimshahaha, so... dave what are you doing now?12:10
kimson me?12:14
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sidi Is there anyone here who is new to Linux and Xfce and would have 10 spare minutes to give some feedback on the design of the session logout dialog?13:32
elfysidi: if you get no takers - you can have some from someone who's been about for a while ;)13:41
sidielfy, im setting up a google forms survey :-)13:43
sidiyou can take it once it's done13:43
elfyokey doke :)13:43
sidiand i strongly encourage advertising it so we can get some insights on that session logout UI13:43
elfysidi: best place to ask is in -devel for that - can get it on the social sites perhaps13:44
sidielfy, will talk to Simon and Pasi :-)13:44
hyper_chhi there14:12
AirbanderHi guys i have a problem when i want copy a big file from 200Mo on USB flash memory he just stop copying in 90%14:30
ObrienDaveis the USB empty? writing a new file or overwriting an existing file?14:32
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holsteinAirbander: those go bad, as well..14:46
Airbandersorry i wasnt here14:46
Airbanderyes the USB empty14:47
holsteini would get another USB stick, and try writing that file to it.. try writing another file to the same stick as well..14:47
Airbanderi used 4 type of USB14:47
ObrienDaveok, that answers both of my questions14:47
holsteinAirbander: you used 4 types of USB ? you mean, for different USB sticks "act" the same ?14:48
Airbanderthe same when i copy the from the usb to my laptop the file work fine14:49
holsteinAirbander: does *any* file copy to the USB ?14:49
ObrienDavesounds like a bad file to begin with14:49
HedgeworkAirbander: HOW are you trying to copy?  Via some gui, or using cp or rsync?14:49
holsteinyeah.. i think the file is the issue, as well ^14:49
Airbanderi didnt copy the same file over and over14:49
holsteinthere is a gui for rsync .. grsync14:49
AirbanderHedgework i tryed from GUI and terminal14:49
Airbandercopy and paste14:49
Hedgeworkbut in terminal you used 'cp'?  Did it give you an error when it stopped?14:50
Airbandermv file.mkv /media/my user name/usbname14:50
Airbanderin terminal i used mv14:50
Airbandercp i forget this one14:50
holsteini wouldnt "mv" it.. since you are having issues14:50
ObrienDavedoing so could lose the original14:51
HedgeworkAirbander: Okay, so if you like I can take you through some debugging steps, but I'm at work right now so we may have long pauses where I disappear to deal with work.14:51
holsteini would go back to a backup copy of the file, and try cp and other commands to copy from the terminal, and look for and share errors14:51
Airbanderthanks Hedgework take your time14:51
HedgeworkObrienDave: In theory, but what it's *supposed* to do by default (unless you use command line options to change its behavior) is copy-then-delete.14:52
Airbanderi will try and give again14:52
Airbandera second plz14:52
ObrienDavetoo tired to type out a 500 letter explanation ;P14:52
ObrienDavemakes my 4 typing fingers tired and sore ;P14:53
HedgeworkAirbander: First off, what version of xubuntu are you on, how big is the file in question, what filesystem is on the USB stick (if you know...if not, we'll check), how big is the USB stick and how much free space does it have?14:53
HedgeworkObrienDave: Meh, I need to move faster, I'm cold. :P14:53
HedgeworkWe got our first snow of the season today.14:53
HedgeworkAFTER I mocked my cow-orkers about how I'd be in New Orleans when the snow starts sunday :P14:54
Airbanderthe file i want copy 686.8 MB14:54
Airbanderon 4Go USB drive14:54
Hedgework"Go"?  Do you mean GB?  or maybe GiB?14:54
ObrienDaveHedgework, karma will get you every time ;P14:55
Hedgework(not that the difference between GB or GiB is likely to be a deciding factor in this case)14:55
HedgeworkObrienDave: apparently14:55
HedgeworkObrienDave: I'm now being blamed for the snow :P14:55
Airbander4Go = 4096Mo this is what i meant14:55
holstein4096Mb ?14:56
HedgeworkAirbander: I'm seeing you consistently use "Go" and "Mo", which are not units I am familiar with.14:56
Airbanderah in frensh14:57
holsteinits the little "o" in place of what we expect and see a "b" that is the question14:57
Airbandero in frensh sorry14:57
Airbanderit's b forget about o14:57
holsteinregardless, there is plenty of room on the device.. try a terminal cp or other command, and share errors.. try using a backup copy of the file14:58
Airbanderi'm using 14.04 xubuntu the last update14:59
Airbanderusb " Kingston"15:00
HedgeworkAirbander: Okay, so I got that the file is 686.8 MB, the drive is 4GB, but I did not see where you specified your version of xubuntu, the filesystem on the USB stick, or the amount of free space on the USB stick.15:00
Hedgeworkheh, beat me to it :)15:00
Hedgeworkbrb, work...should be 5-10 min but I can read backscroll :)15:00
Airbanderit's ok15:00
Airbanderthanks any way15:00
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sidiAirbander, sorry didnt read the whole backtrace but are you sure the *trash* on the USB device is empty?15:43
sidiWindows, Linux and OS X create trashes on USB devices, but they're not always visible by default.15:43
Hedgeworksidi: yeah, I was about to have him run "du" to check for that and similar issues15:43
Airbanderthanks how empty that trashes then ?15:43
sidiHedgework, good idea15:44
sidiAirbander, empty the trash from Thunar as you would normally do. it will empty all trashes on all devices15:44
Airbanderi used gparted on my USB15:44
sidior you can remove a folder called ".Trash" or ".Trash-1000" at the base of the USB device15:44
sidiAirbander, it's very unlikely that this is the problem though, after having read more backlog15:44
Airbanderok guys15:44
* sidi goes back to quiet.15:44
HedgeworkAirbander: Assuming that the device is at /path/to/foo, you run "du -sh /path/to/foo" and it'll show you how much space is used15:46
Airbanderguys i just used du on terminal is that bad ?15:46
cfhowlettAirbander, not bad.  it'll give you valuable info15:46
Hedgeworkthat's what I intended :)15:46
HedgeworkAirbander: I'll always warn you if a command is potentially destructive, and/or if it needs to be run with sudo privs.15:47
HedgeworkAirbander: though if you are ever unsure about a command someone tells you on IRC, you can do "man commandname" or sometimes "info commandname" to learn what it does before running it.15:47
Airbanderya Hedgework i need to remember that :D15:48
Airbanderdu -sh 1.3G15:51
HedgeworkOkay, so only 1.3G of the disk is full, so it should have plenty of room. :)15:52
HedgeworkThat rules out one class of problems.15:52
Airbanderi'm gonna format the disk15:52
HedgeworkAirbander: meh, if you want to, but we haven't determined that the format is at issue yet :)15:55
Airbanderhow ?15:55
Airbanderok i will chose fat3215:55
Airbanderhow Hedgework15:56
Airbandercan i use ext415:56
HedgeworkAirbander: If you want to reformat, you can unmount the drive, and then, assuming it is /dev/sdb (MAKE SURE this is right or you could destroy data on your system), do "mkfs.vfat /dev/sdb1"...15:56
HedgeworkAirbander: You can use ext4, but if you do then Windows systems will not be able to read the data on the drive.15:57
Airbanderi dont use windows any more15:57
Hedgework(nor will some common embedded devices like a printer/scanner combo you want to talk to the drive)15:57
Airbanderthanks for help guys15:57
Hedgeworkto reformat to ext4, just change mkfs.vfat amove to mkfs.ext415:57
Airbanderi'm using gparted to make it easy for me15:59
Hedgeworkthat works, too :)15:59
Airbanderexcuse me15:59
Airbanderi use prim or exten ?15:59
AirbanderExtended or Primary " Partition16:00
Hedgeworkextended partitions are just a hack for dealing with >4 partitions on old-style partition tables that don't handle that easily16:02
Airbanderhe give me an error16:03
Airbanderi used ntfs16:03
Airbanderand now it's good16:03
Airbanderhe copy very fast16:03
Hedgeworkewww, NTFS :P16:04
Airbanderya man lol16:04
Hedgework(just a personal feeling...you aren't actually hurting anything)16:04
Airbanderbecause i share movies with my friend16:04
Airbanderthey use windows16:04
Airbanderlike i'm mastering Linux lol16:05
GridCube!ot | Airbander16:07
ubottuAirbander: #xubuntu is the Xubuntu support channel, #xubuntu-devel for discussion regarding development of Xubuntu, and #xubuntu-offtopic is for random chatter. Welcome!16:07
Airbanderok ubottu16:07
Airbandersorry GridCube what that mean "!ot"16:08
GridCubeits a factoid call for ubottu16:08
ubottuHi! I'm #xubuntu's favorite infobot, you can search my brain yourself at http://ubottu.com/factoids.cgi | Usage info: http://ubottu.com/devel/wiki/Plugins | Bot channels and general info: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Bots | Make a clone of me: /msg ubottu botclone16:08
Airbanderah lol16:08
Airbandervery nice16:08
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AirbanderHi guys how can i add rockdock on my desktop ?19:55
Airbanderor like rockdoc*19:55
soreauHi, I installed xubuntu on an efi device and it works but I have to manually select the device list to boot.. how can I set it to load grub efi by default? It doesn't appear in the efi / bios settings even though I enabled legacy support, I can only see xubuntu entry when I select the boot list20:07
Airbandersorry i can't help you but i think there is no one here right now20:10
Airbanderask on ubuntu it's the same thing OS20:10
ali1234soreau: that's odd, it should just work like any ubuntu flavour20:16
soreauali1234: Well when I booted the live session I hadn't disabled secure boot and enable legacy yet.. could that have something to do with it?20:30
ali1234yes, absolutely20:31
ali1234maybe you can just run "grub-install" or whatever, and it will fix itself?20:31
ali1234i still don't have any UEFI to deal with20:31
Meerkatsoreau, does the option you want have its own line?21:03
Meerkatactually, I cannot help. Looks like they have changed how grub works again. :(21:05
bennypr0fanehello, how can I check which wireless network connections are available? the network manager icon is missing from my panel (but I didn't remove it, it was never there)21:47
bennypr0fanebtw this is 14.0421:51
soreauI can't seem to figure out how to move the panel to the bottom of the screen in 14.0422:45
drcRight Mouse click on panel, panel, Panel Prefs, unclick lock panel, click and holdon either end of the panel...drag to bottom, reclicj lock panel.22:51
soreaudrc: thanks22:53
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octetcloudhow do I get rid of the magenta highlights? the settings>>Theme Configuration doesn't seem to control it for me, my highlight background there is the simple blue, AND I have it set to ON, but even after restart, it makes no difference23:20
knomeoctetcloud, try to set it to on, then off.23:21

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