lordievaderGood morning.10:39
BluesKajHiyas all11:36
soeehi BluesKaj11:41
BluesKajhey soee11:41
soeethe 346 beta drivers yesterday landed in xorg-edgers ppa, and i must say in-game they gave a huge performance boost11:42
soeeon previous version when smoke or fog was rendered fps droped very low, now when locked at 60 fps all works smooth :)11:43
soeebest version so far :)11:43
BluesKajoh really..hmm wonder if I should install it on wife's pc ...my desktop doesn't need a fancy driver since it's mainly a media server connected to the audio and videp s0ystem11:45
BluesKajerr video system11:45
BluesKajwife plays Lord of the Rings online on windows, wonder if the windows driver is up to the task11:46
soeefor Windows probably there wont be much difference11:47
BluesKajdue to direct X settings etc11:48
BluesKajok I'll try the xorg-edgers ppa on the media server, it's running 14.10 still with plasma 4 11:50
soeeBluesKaj: one of the changes is to stream videos from webbrowsers through GPU, so i think its worth trying on linux11:50
soeeim on 14.10 with Plasma511:50
BluesKajok cool 11:50
soeei had to first remove 343 to be able to install 34611:51
BluesKajI still run the 33111:51
BluesKajok, bbiab11:52
kfunkproject neon / plasma5 issue: "Power Management  Service" is not running when clicking on "Power Management" in settings -- what's wrong?11:55
kfunkthe service appears to be running according to "Startup and Shutdown" 11:56
kfunkone issue I'm experiencing is that the screen isn't locked after resume. I guess that's related11:56
kfunkRiddell: apachelogger ^11:56
bukaiRiddell: ping13:18
bukaiRiddell: Can you please check the downloads page once . I have Implemented the slider thing. Please let me know if it's ok then i shall do It for the remaining 213:19
bukaisgclark: Did you hear from the G+ account owner?13:21
yofelbukai: she should've sent you the key to your mail address13:22
bukaiyofel: I did not get any mail from her13:23
bukaiyofel: I just checked it again, there is no such mail :(13:26
yofelbukai: that's all I saw wrt that: http://irclogs.ubuntu.com/2014/11/14/%23kubuntu-devel.html#t17:0413:28
bukaiyofel: thanks.13:38
kfunkRiddell: apachelogger: is that supposed to work? lock on resume?14:18
sgclarkbukai: API key sent, no idea why I would go to spam..14:41
bukaisgclark: please have a look at http://test.kubuntu.co.uk/sok/download.html 14:51
bukaiis the   design for download ok?14:51
bukaithen i will add the other 214:51
yofelbukai: how would that look like for 2 Releases? (Now we have only one, but usually it's LTSR + STSR)14:52
sgclarkbukai: yeah make sure all our releases are there. and even up the bottom even if there is whitespace14:53
bukaiyes you can slide through14:53
sgclarkoh I see14:54
bukaii guess it would look better than stacking it up14:54
sgclarkand if one has no javascript there is a link to point them to the downloads?14:55
bukaiI guess all the links work fine without any javaScript as far as have checked14:56
sgclarkproceed then :)14:57
yofelthe sliders are not very obvious IMO (I didn't realize there were any at first), but in general it looks good14:58
sgclarkyeah same here yofel14:58
* yofel off14:58
bukaisgclark: then that's not good, should I change the color of the arrow or do you have any suggestions?15:00
sgclarkbukai: hmm, maybe labels? tho that could look clunky, try to darken the arrows first15:02
bukaiI tried to put the arrows out of the main text div but it looked ugly, I will try darkening it first15:03
bukaisgclark: ^^15:03
sgclarksounds good15:05
bukaisgclark: please check ,http://test.kubuntu.co.uk/sok/download.html15:29
sgclarkbukai: hmm looks the same15:31
bukaiIts not dark?15:32
sgclarkbukai: well a shade darker, but not even for my blind eyes to tell. maybe make the actual arrow black?15:32
bukaihttp://wstaw.org/w/32Tq/ Is this is not how it looks?15:34
sgclarkbukai: ahh nope. that looks lovely15:36
sgclarkne sec15:36
sgclarkbukai: err my bad, still early, cleared cache and it is right, approved!15:38
bukaisgclark: thanks :)15:38
bukaisgclark: do yooou have anu suggestion for the footer?15:43
sgclarkbukai: hmm, I will have to think on that, sure I can come up  with something. I will get back to you. gotta afk a few15:45
sgclarkbukai: for now start with copyright and a mini sitemap to the major pages.15:58
bukaiSitemap as in the xml file?   16:01
bukaisgclark: ^^16:03
soee_bukai: ping16:03
bukaisoee_: pong16:03
soee_bukai: you are using Twitter Bootstrap on the page right ?16:03
bukaisoee_: yes16:04
soee_than in your styles.css you have normalize.css used but you dont have to, TB already using it16:04
soee_are you using less/sass for TB ?16:04
bukaisoee_: no, not using less16:05
soee_bukai: next styles liek button.solid-color are your own ?16:07
bukaisoee_: my own as in?16:08
soee_theh classes you defined right ?16:10
soee_please dont :D16:10
bukaisoee_: why?16:11
soee_if you are using Twitter Bootstrap you have it all already, ready to be used ! : )16:11
soee_so for example link as button: <a href="" class="btn btn-primary btn-lg"></a>16:11
soee_for a button with with primary color, large size :)16:11
bukaiAh! I was not aware of it! :( That surely saves a lot of work!16:12
soee_whats more i suggest to use sass or less files and compile style16:12
soee_than you can adjust colors, paddings, font-seizes etc. etc. 16:13
soee_from one file with varaibles16:13
soee_bukai: you have a lot of components ready to use by default: http://getbootstrap.com/components/16:13
soee_but well, for now you can leave colors customization etc. and just prepare structure16:14
soee_compatible with TB16:14
soee_styles can be adjust at the very end16:14
soee_its just a amatter of modyifing one file with variables16:15
bukaiOk, I shall do it. Btw I have not used sass or less before , so I have to check it out first i guess.16:16
soee_bukai: there are some apps to compile such files16:19
soee_or you can do it from cli, after sass is installed16:19
soee_you can tell sass to watch files and if you do any change it will automatically compile it16:20
bukai soee_: ok, but I also have to convert the entire thing into a wordpress theme. How do I do it?16:21
soee_for the menu you can use component: navbar16:21
soee_bukai: not usre, im not working with wordpress16:22
soee_but i suggest first finish theme, so its 100% ready16:22
soee_than we can thing about cutting it into WP 16:22
bukaiok,  will using component like navbar change the styleee?16:23
soee_yes, but as i said you can adjust them all later by modyfing sass/less varaibles16:25
soee_bukai: also you are using bootstrap 3.1.116:28
soee_download 3.3.116:29
bukaisoee_: ok, will do it right away. btw is the general design ok?16:44
soee_the whole page ?16:44
soee_ell hard to say, im not sure what are teh requirements, what Riddell and others want16:45
bukaino how is the look and feel of the page? 16:46
bukaiis that ok?16:46
soee_the first step should be to write down sitemap, so you know what are main pages, what subpages will exist etc. than i would think how to make such a structure friendly16:47
soee_paralax websites are now common thing16:47
bukaiI was planning to do it on the alternate blocks16:47
bukaibut then again Riddell asked me to minimize the use of javascript16:50
bukaisoee_: ^^16:50
soee_yah :) disign similiar to waht you want i think http://newthemes.themeple.co/solveto/16:51
soee_other example: http://bitpublimedia.ro/themeforest/crystal-wp/16:51
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bukaino, I don't plan to that16:55
bukaisoee: what i have how is I alternated the background colour, but what I want is is one there will be an image in the background with paralaxing and the next plain backgroung16:58
* bukai leaves17:04
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