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Jason__does anyone have any experience with usb Wireless dongles and how to make them work in kubuntu?05:31
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LinnakHi, is it possible to change the daly of the application menu appereance to zero?09:30
Linnakhi, is there any way to remove the menu delay in Kickoff Application Launcher I mean the delay for opening submenus when the mouse hovers over a folder item?09:36
mparilloHas anybody successfully used the Dropbox command line in Plasma 5? https://www.dropbox.com/install?os=lnx10:31
lordievaderGood morning.10:39
BluesKajHiyas all11:36
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BluesKajsoee, just checked the nvidia site, my entry-level 8400gs isn't 346 capable, unfortunately13:22
soeeoh  i didn't know13:22
BluesKajso no video streaming thru the gpu13:23
BluesKajwith a browser13:23
BluesKajI read somewhere there is a method to do so, but I didn't follow up on it13:24
soeeBluesKaj: one thing, are you familiar with all this hardware stuff? In Compositor properties i have 3 options OpenGL 3.1, OpenGL 2.0 and XRender13:32
soeein nvidia-settings infomration about OpendGL version shows: 4.5.0 NVIDIA 346.1613:32
soeeso i wonder shouldn't this version be somehow listed there or teh compositor uses OpenGL 3.1 and up if selected ?13:33
BluesKajafaik soee  the compositor will use OpenGL 3.1 and raster by default in desktop effects>advanced13:41
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BluesKaj_ok joining you guys on the desktop pc ....easier than switching back and forth with the laptop13:43
BluesKaj_since I have to reference the desktop drivers and hardware13:51
BluesKaj_even glxinfo | grep OpenGL doesn't show which version is used14:03
BluesKaj_soee, looks like the gpu uses the cuda capabilities to direct the video stream and dumps it into video memory then processes the data ... is this correct?14:16
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Guest16903how is evrey one14:34
Guest16903how are you14:37
lordievaderHey Guest1690314:38
Guest16903how are u14:39
lordievaderGuest16903: Doing good here, what about you?14:39
Guest16903can we chat14:40
Guest16903i am good14:40
lordievader!ot | Guest1690314:40
ubottuGuest16903: #kubuntu is the official Kubuntu support channel, for all Kubuntu-related support questions. Please use #kubuntu-offtopic for general chatter. Thanks!14:40
Guest16903do u want to be my freind14:41
lordievaderErr, that is a random question...14:41
lordievaderAnyhow please join #kubuntu-offtopic for offtopic chatter.14:42
soeeBluesKaj_: i was thinking about this Added support for decoding VP8 video streams using the NVCUVID API on GPUs with VP8 hardware decode support.14:51
BluesKaj_soee, so which nvidia gpu do you run?14:51
Guest16903what u mean14:52
BluesKaj_Guest16903, I was asking soee14:52
soeeBluesKaj_: gt650m14:52
Guest16903oh ok sorry14:54
soeebrb need something hot to dring, cold here14:54
BluesKaj_soee, nice !14:54
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ubottuVai su #ubuntu-it se vuoi parlare in italiano, in questo canale usiamo solo l'inglese. Grazie! (per entrare, scrivi « /join #ubuntu-it » senza virgolette)15:09
alket_wIs it possible to install breeze look in kde 4 ?15:10
soeealket_w: there is some theme forkde415:12
alket_wsoee: thanks i already found out something15:12
alket_wdid anyone try this http://www.iwillfolo.com/2014/07/give-kde-plasma-5-looks-based-breeze-free-customization/15:12
alket_wthanks soee15:13
alket_wits realy AAA theme15:14
soeei did not try it, im on Plasam 5 :)15:15
soeehu ClaudioPantaleo15:15
alket_wsoee: how its working for you, im really temped to move to plasma 5 but i hate bugs :p15:16
soeethere are some features missing but i have no problem with15:17
soeeworks just fine for me15:17
Guest16903i am back15:18
Guest16903hi soee15:19
Guest16903welcome,please join15:26
Guest16903have fun15:29
Guest16903u can chat with people it is very fun u can even chat with me15:31
Guest16903hi fouzia,i love that name15:32
Guest16903have fun15:34
Guest16903hi alket15:35
alket_whey Guest1690315:35
alket_wwhy dont you set a name , just write: /nick YOURNAME15:36
BluesKaj_Guest16903, I suggest you choose proper nick as suggested above15:47
Guest16903but were?15:48
BluesKaj_in the server textbox15:48
BluesKaj_click on the freenode tab15:49
Guest16903ok thx15:49
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Guest16903cant find it15:53
Guest16903cant find it15:54
BluesKaj_look at the tabs along the bottom, choose the freenode , there's a textbox just like the one you use to enter the words in the chat, Guest1690315:58
BluesKaj_thats' where you do /nick newname15:59
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alketcould someone send me this wallpaper https://www.kde.org/announcements/plasma5.0/screenshots/krunner-kde.png16:15
BluesKajalket, get rid of the dialog box16:16
alketBluesKaj: ?16:16
alketim not on plasma 5, im in 4.12 , i jsut like that wallpaper16:17
BluesKajthen find the actual url , not just the screenshot16:18
BluesKajthen use wget to copy it to your ~/Downloads16:20
alketif i could have found that link , i wouldn't have asked here, nvm16:22
BluesKajsome things you should do on your own16:22
alketi didnt ask that so someone should look that for me , maybe you have it , maybe you know where too look etc16:23
alketnvm, i keep my current16:23
lordievaderalket: Pull the package containing it from launchpad and pull it from there.16:24
BluesKajand it's not kubuntu support asking others to do things you should do yourself16:25
Guest16903i dont see it16:26
Guest16903were is it?16:28
Guest16903[10:38] <-- Simonides (~quassel@host-89-229-91-174.szczecin.mm.pl) has left this server (Remote host closed the connection).[10:38] <-- Simonides (~quassel@host-89-229-91-174.szczecin.mm.pl) has left this server (Remote host closed the connection).[10:38] <-- Simonides (~quassel@host-89-229-91-174.szczecin.mm.pl) has left this server (Remote host closed the connection).16:29
Guest16903[10:38] <-- Simonides (~quassel@host-89-229-91-174.szczecin.mm.pl) has left this server (Remote host closed the connection). and me?16:29
Guest16903waz up16:30
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BluesKajgood riddance17:02
ALS-IT-NET-PChallo here, here is als-it-net-pc.........okay!!!!17:38
lordievaderErr, okay. Hi o/17:39
BluesKajnoisy svensk :)17:41
ALS-IT-NET-PCi have contact, all right, i am okay, thanke you all!!!!!17:42
ALS-IT-NET-PCgood bye here......the end!!!!!!17:44
lordievaderWell, that was random.17:47
BluesKajchecking his quassel setup17:48
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BluesKajnotice the number of ipv6 addresses is on the rise17:50
NukeboytIs this a good place for a newb to ask for help?18:14
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elchinoh wow, I'm not the only one lo19:31
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Guest83478stopped working?20:26
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Guest1936hi andy 12321:13
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archetech2is the next ppa updated to 5.4.0 ?    this cmd doesn't work  https://community.kde.org/Plasma/InstallingNext#How_to_install_test_versions_of_Plasma_Next23:28
archetech2The team named '~neon' has no PPA named 'ubuntu/kf5-snapshot-daily'23:29
archetech2Please choose from the following available PPAs:23:29
archetech2 * 'plasma-daily-unstable':  Plasma Daily Unstable23:29
archetech2 * 'ppa':  Project Neon23:29
valoriegosh, I swear I fixed that page23:29
valoriethere is no more neon23:29
valoriehmmm, I fixed a different page23:29
archetech2im on 14.1023:30
valoriethen what you need is the /next ppa23:30
archetech2need the right sources.list i suppose23:30
* valorie fixes23:30
archetech2ok I think thats the ppa I have now.  WHat command will tell me if I'm running the 5.4.0 versions of kf523:33
valoriefixx0red, thanks for reporting that archetech223:35
valorieppa/next is about plasma23:35
valorieall of 14.10 is already on frameworks23:35
valorieas for versioning, that I don't know23:36
archetech2im no apt guru  gotta be a apt cmd I can use to verify my environment23:36
valoriesure, but for a release like that, it's no longer like kdelibs was23:37
valoriethe frameworks are released together, but afaik have their own versioning23:37
valorieor may have23:37
valoriethat's how it works with applications anyway23:37
valorieI don't *know* this, however23:37
valorieyou might ask in #kde-devel23:38
beltorakhi all; i'm having trouble setting my launcher's shortcut; sometimes it just doesn't receive the shortcut keys. I set it to [META]+[SPACE]....23:40

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