LocutusOfBorg1darkxst, I have two trusty amd64 machines, what I do is install gnome-shell and gdm, and I cannot make transparency work10:36
darkxstLocutusOfBorg1, Ive not tested on trusty11:00
LocutusOfBorg1so you mean utopic or vivid?11:02
darkxstLocutusOfBorg1, yes it works on both utopic and vivid under gnome-shell11:02
LocutusOfBorg1wonderful, I'll backport gnome-terminal from there then :)11:02
darkxstLocutusOfBorg1, utopic gnome-terminal doesn't have the transparency patch though11:03
LocutusOfBorg1strange, trusty and utopic have the same version11:03
LocutusOfBorg1ah ok, so I need to backport from vivid11:04
LocutusOfBorg1thanks darkxst :)11:23
LocutusOfBorg1darkxst, works nicely! thanks to you and Laney :)13:39
LocutusOfBorg1I can use gnome-shell with transparent backgound on my trusty!13:39
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Steve_Jobsany reason I can't paste stuff from xclip to a field in chromium or chrome?22:05
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