Logan_dannf: when you merge from Debian, you should be retaining all the other changelog entries that were specific to Ubuntu01:09
Logan_how are you performing this merge?01:10
dannfLogan_: ack. i'm taking a debdiff between the debian/ubuntu versions and rebasing it on top of the newer debian version01:40
Logan_ah, have you tried using bzr or grab-merge to merge packages?01:40
dannfLogan_: i've used bzr in the past, when an existing non-udd branch is there, i haven't used grab-merge before01:42
* dannf hadn't read https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuDevelopment/Merging yet - looks like it's covered there, will take a look when i get back at it01:43
dannfthx - just needed to know what to google for apparently :)01:44
Logan_dannf: you got it :)01:49
Logan_tjaalton: can we sync freeipa from unstable?02:30
ScottKpitti: You appear to be TIL for lvm2.  It would be nice to get it merged from Debian since I see at least one package depwaiting for the newer version.04:07
wgrantpitti: I'll work out how to fit that into the schedule on Monday.04:34
tjaaltonLogan_: no08:04
tjaaltonLogan_: it needs some work because we don't use systemd yet08:04
tjaaltonand I haven't had time to test it08:04
Logan_tjaalton: kk08:12
tjaaltonthanks for asking btw ;)08:19
brainwashxnox: hey, I remember that you did some debugging on bug 137589311:00
ubottubug 1375893 in ubiquity (Ubuntu) "Black background to Try/Install Dialogue" [High,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/137589311:00
brainwashbut you did not add a comment to the report11:00
brainwashso, we still do not know what's exactly broken. one workaround for this problem is to use feh (like mentioned by bluesabre in the comments)11:03
bluesabrebrainwash: we know what is broken... xfdesktop dies for some reason12:31
brainwashbluesabre: ok, the report does not reflect the current bug status/progress12:38
bluesabreI'll add a comment, though we are no closer to fixing it12:38
brainwashbluesabre: wouldn't it be easier to use a simple app like feh to do the job?12:40
brainwashthere is no need to load the "bloated" xfdesktop I think12:40
bluesabreyeah, it'd be easier, but it would be better to fix xfdesktop12:41
brainwashtrue, the crash needs to be fixed12:41
bluesabrewill try to get to the bottom of it this cycle12:42
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