skellatwxl: You need this script to figure out who are members of ~ubuntu-us-or and are also part of ~ubuntumembers -- https://code.launchpad.net/~ubuntu-lococouncil/+junk/ubuntu-membership-checking00:28
skellatwxl: As for being unreached, they simply were non-responsive after 3 attempts to contact them00:28
wxlskellat: ok i didn't know that existed so i'll put that in the future work to do00:28
skellatwxl: Knowing you have people in ~ubuntumembers is good.  Ohio had a special case of many people being unreachable which is why the distinction was made when I wrote up our page.  You won't need to do that from Oregon generally.00:35
belkinsaOhio only has four Members.  Yours may have more than us.00:36
wxli know we have at least 2 XD00:36
* belkinsa really wants to see how many Members are in all of the LoCo's now00:36
skellatbelkinsa: That's a research study you'd want to propose at school for credit as a "Special Topics" class perhaps00:38
wxlwhat do you think skellat belkinsa ? anything missing? https://wiki.ubuntu.com/OregonTeam/VerificationApplications/2014#preview00:38
wxl(there's an ohio team plug in there)00:39
skellatwxl: Remember, the script helps identify ~ubuntumembers persons in the LoCo00:40
belkinsawxl, jvlb isn't a Member00:40
wxlhe's not?00:40
wxlwell that's freaking weird00:40
wxli see what you mean00:40
wxli thought you meant a member of the team00:40
skellatYeah, the little medallion is missing00:40
wxli thought most active members meant a member of the team00:40
skellatThat's one of the things that tangentially got touched on at "Community Council Feedback" and is being handled slightly off-stage00:41
belkinsawxl, for the blog talk about what are the options that you suggested to your LoCo00:41
belkinsaAnd link to that flier00:42
belkinsaOther than that it's good.00:42
skellatRunning the script now00:42
skellatLaunchpad API can be a bit slow00:42
skellatKnown members of ~ubuntumembers located in ~ubuntu-us-or: sgclark, bkerensa, brian-murray, paddyhayes, wxl, tgm4883, cody.smith, kees, gandelman-a, allison, vorlon00:45
skellatThat's a pretty good number actually00:45
belkinsa11!  Nice.00:45
wxlbelkinsa: kthx belkinsa 00:46
skellatQuite a bit of firepower out there with Steve Langasek, Allison Randal, Brian D. Murray, wxl...00:46
wxloh thx skellat !!00:46
wxlyeah i know bdmurray is awesome :)00:46
wxli'm somewhat disinclined to include bkerensa in there tho. i mean here's a member of the loco but he's stopped contributing to ubuntu. he's blogged about it and everything00:46
belkinsaI remember.00:47
skellatWell, all you're doing is just saying who in the ~ubuntu-us-or set on Launchpad is also in ~ubuntumembers.00:47
skellatbkerensa can always come back and contribute if he chooses00:48
skellatbelkinsa, when did hammouda-mariam join us in Ohio?00:49
wxli'm going to list the others as "unknown status"00:49
belkinsaBut I don't why she did.00:50
belkinsaWhen? I will check00:50
belkinsajoined on 2014-06-0600:50
belkinsaI appoved it myself.00:50
skellatJust did, it was in June00:50
skellatMariam also has status in ~ubuntumembers00:51
belkinsaBut she isn't a Ohioan00:51
belkinsaShe is a Tunisian00:51
skellatIs she studying here?00:51
wxlclose enough00:51
skellatwxl: One of the funny things is trying to ensure you know the folks who are part of your community00:52
belkinsaDunno, I feel like it's a random join and no hello in the ML00:52
belkinsaLike everyone else in the team00:52
wxlskellat: that's understandable. i don't know everyone in the team yet but i can see the value in reaching out to them00:52
wxlso i need to include that00:52
wxlin the roadmap00:52
* belkinsa really wants to kick out everyone is inactive00:52
wxloh derp i did!00:53
wxlkind of00:53
skellatbelkinsa: And we'll wind up with you, me, James, and Unit00:53
belkinsaGood point00:53
belkinsaRoll call on the ML to see if there is other ones?00:53
* skellat is looking at having to go all "killall firefox" yet again00:54
belkinsaFirefox not working for you?00:55
skellatActually, Ohio is one of the few teams to not have a lists.ubuntu.com mailing list and use its LP mailing list instead00:55
skellatSo we can see how many members are even subscribed there00:55
belkinsaskellat, yes, but that won't say who is active.00:55
wxlyou can't see that with the regular ubuntu lists?00:55
belkinsaOnly admins can00:56
wxlwell that's fine00:56
skellatAnd you can't easily correlate it with membership of ~ubuntu-us-or00:56
wxlwell 27 people is not so much that it's a problem00:56
skellatThose are the trade-offs00:57
skellatYou have to be an explicit member of the LoCo group on LP to be on the mailing list00:57
skellatYou don't have to be when it is on lists.ubuntu.com00:57
belkinsaWe have 52 subscribed, but that means nothing.00:57
wxli found it interesting that you have indirect members00:57
wxlhow is that?00:57
skellatwxl: At the time there was a nested team that had members00:57
skellatThat nested team was separated out later00:58
belkinsaThe North East one, right, skellat?00:58
skellatbelkinsa, yep00:58
wxli like that idea00:58
belkinsaThe page is good, wxl00:58
wxlok i'm sending it out00:59
wxllink me to the loco agenda again please/01:00
* belkinsa really wants to do the role call01:00
belkinsaroll call*01:00
skellatbelkinsa: Talk to James and Unit about it first, work out a consensus, and then the four of us can talk about it together01:01
belkinsaBut it really doesn't matter on how many we have, it only matters on who is active01:01
wxlshould i call this re-verification or not since we've already lapsed?01:01
wxlwell i'll call it reverification01:02
belkinsaskellat, I think I need to think about it first.  It's one of those, "be real Svetlana" things again.01:03
wxloh i guess i should rename the app then01:03
belkinsaYou can a copy of that page and keep the old one01:04
wxli can just rename too01:04
skellatbelkinsa: No, some things work-related are happening to where the three of you do need to practice working together again01:04
belkinsaBut I think it deletes the old one01:04
belkinsaskellat, true, true, but it's the whole fact that as a LoCo we are dead and until we get people active again, I think it's pointless to work together.01:05
skellatbelkinsa: If I disappear to any of the following states depending upon which Human Capital Office makes an offer first, the three of you will be taking over: California, North Carolina, Alabama, Florida, Pennsylvania01:06
belkinsaYou better be kidding here.01:07
belkinsaThose states and ours?!01:07
skellatNo, as in I have 6 possible transfers out of my employing agency to other agencies01:07
skellatOne stays within Ohio01:07
skellatThe other five mean I would have to hurry up and move01:08
belkinsaI see.01:08
skellatThe one in Ohio would mean moving 6 floors up in http://www.gsa.gov/ajcfb to work for another agency01:09
belkinsaUrg, I don't know!  The state of the LoCo community in the States is what is worrying me and I think that's why I can't think of anything that will help us01:10
belkinsaSorry for that out brust01:10
wxlok thank you SO MUCH for all the help belkinsa skellat 01:10
skellatbelkinsa: You're saying what needs to be said01:10
wxlyou guys are both super awesome and you deserve an Ubuntu Member Badge01:10
belkinsaThe Geek Badge?01:11
* belkinsa hugs wxl and skellat01:11
wxlwell whatever it is01:11
skellatChallenge Coin with a "circle of friends" on one side and something else on the other side would work too01:11
wxlthat's what i meant01:11
wxli forgot what you called it01:12
belkinsaskellat, I know, but it's just I think I want to get some of this ideas into place mainly the United LoCo of USA instead of the states as the LoCos.01:12
belkinsaStill that is a different topic for another day.01:13
belkinsaAnd the LC will just hate me for it.01:13
skellatNo, we won't01:13
skellatGive us a working plan that may work and we may run with it01:13
belkinsaRight. A working plan.01:14
belkinsaMaybe it could be a sprint within the cyle to create one.01:14
josea challenge coin?01:16
joseI want a challenge coin.01:16
wxlman everyone's all crazy about the challenge coin01:16
* wxl likes nerd merit badges better :)01:16
belkinsabecause it's better than shuttleworth's siggy on a paper!01:17
skellatjose: If you had attended UOS you would've heard my plans about Challenge Coins for an event we may sponsor as LoCo Council01:17
joseskellat: well, I didn't 01:17
joseI was at school01:17
skellatjose: I know01:17
skellatjose: Will you be able to attend Tuesday's meeting?  I will report then on my UOS machinations.01:17
josetoday my teacher almost yelled at me for looking at summit while in class01:17
joseskellat: I'll be on my way to classs at that time01:18
wxlsheesh are you grade school? :)01:18
josewxl: nope, university. this is my second term (first year), 10 terms total01:18
belkinsaOne of my profs kicked me out for using my cell phone once01:18
joseand I'm already hating it01:18
wxljose: i've never had a university instructor yell at me for doing anything01:18
wxlbasically the attitude was very embracing if you wanted to learn and if you didn't, oh well01:18
josewell, my teacher was nice enough to just look at me and tell me 'turn. off. your. phone.' with his eyes01:19
wxlof course i used to take my discrete math notes in TeX XD01:19
* belkinsa really thinks going to school won't help her...01:19
wxlbelkinsa: you could try a psychologist01:19
wxlj/k XD01:19
* wxl hugs belkinsa 01:19
* belkinsa hugs back01:19
wxlas i'm sure you could tell from the uos session, i'm as much a joker in real life as i am on irc ;)01:20
belkinsaI really think I would be better of the skills that I gained from the uBuntu COmmunity01:20
belkinsawxl, :D01:20
wxlwell ubuntu contributions require involvement and application of skills01:21
belkinsaI feel like i learned more than brought in, if that makes sense01:22
wxli think i've learned quite a bit01:22
wxllike, um, packaging XD01:22
belkinsaCommunity building for me01:22
belkinsaPython coding soon.01:22
wxleugene is a very community-oriented community 01:23
belkinsaLoCo portal and Harvest work will be the test of my skills learned from the python Coursera course01:23
wxlthat being said, i feel like i already had a bit of a handle on community building01:23
wxlbut i learned a lot01:23
wxlwow you're going to do harvest work01:23
wxlgimme a ping if you need code review01:23
* belkinsa wonders if Cincinnasty has one like that for Linux folks...01:24
belkinsawxl, sure01:24
belkinsawxl, more so of getting going for everyone to use01:24
belkinsawxl, http://wiki.ubuntu-women.org/ProjectHarvest01:25
wxlcommunity is not something you make. it's something you grow and tend to01:25
belkinsaWe are planning to a bug testing sprint next year01:25
wxlthe whole "build it and they will come" thing is B.S.01:25
belkinsawxl, indeed.01:25
wxloh i didn't know harvest was abandoned01:25
belkinsaIt was someones pet project01:25
wxloh i wanna help01:26
* wxl is not a womens01:26
belkinsaDoesn't matter, if you support us it counts01:26
* wxl has worn skirts, though01:26
belkinsaWe do have a guy that helps us01:26
wxlwell direct me in whatever way you feel appropriate01:26
belkinsaWell two guys01:26
belkinsaJoin the ubuntu women mailing list to stay in the loop of things01:27
wxlk i'll try to remember to do that01:29
wxli'm about ready to head out here01:29
wxlthanks again folks01:29
belkinsaNot a porblem01:29
ipmuralihello team09:35
ipmuralii need help to contact uae-locoteam09:38
belkinsaipmurali, you can ask in the LoCo Contact list at https://lists.ubuntu.com/mailman/listinfo/loco-contacts and/or at http://loco.ubuntu.com/teams/ubuntu-ae/  Your best bet is the LoCo Contact list as there is no information about a mailing list of the LoCo13:20
belkinsaPlease note, ipmurali, that their IRC channel doesn't exist anymore13:21
belkinsaAnd I don't know if they are have a LaunchPad team13:22
belkinsaIt seems that they do and here is how to contact them: https://launchpad.net/~ubuntu-ae/+contactuser/13:22
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