k1l* [cholby[]] (~cholby]@ cholby[]      obvious one00:08
elkywhere is he this time?00:31
rwwelky: got kicked out of #ubuntu00:46
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ubottuThanks for letting us know you are here, someone will be along presently05:39
ubottuamana called the ops in #ubuntu-ops ()05:39
geniiamana: What's your current concern?05:50
amanawell i have a slight problem with my ubuntu05:51
geniiThat would be a support question, which you should ask in #ubuntu and not here05:52
amanai forgot my user password and the terminal boots up with esperanto as default during recovery05:52
amanagenii: i was banned from ubuntu because my nick was "inappropriate" i changed it and they said if i change it they'll unban me, that didn't happen05:53
geniiamana: Let me look into it. Please wait.05:53
amanamy nick was nggafriedchkn05:53
geniiOK, thanks for the info05:54
geniiamana: Please try to enter now05:57
amanathank you so much!05:57
amanaoh well i06:00
amanai'm still baned06:00
amanai guess i deserve it06:00
amanalater, im going to format my hard drive06:00
geniiamana: Perhaps try again tomorrow. I unbanned*!42b075c0@gateway/web/freenode/ip. but it may be your hostmask is still getting caught by another filter which was used.06:01
geniiamana: I have adjusted it, please try again06:04
amanait's okay ;)06:05
amanai'm going to format the drive06:05
amanai hope you have a good day!06:05
elkygenii: you missed the *!43b075c0@gateway/* ban but they're enough of a pain everywhere, it's no real loss06:31
geniielky: When I checked the log on BT, didn't show the exact +b line, was the Idle One06:32
elkyit does for me, in the "nick/mask" line on the results page for both #u and -ot06:49
* genii makes a note06:56
bazhangTopologyProdigy> and I want to delete sys 3211:03
bazhangwindows engineer eh?11:03
k1l_using 6.06 because of the hardware? o_O18:14
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valorienasty person in #ubuntu-women-project22:00
valorie<nevaforget> Rob, Rob, Rob of the Freenode One big stupid fuck! AH EEH AH EEAHH EEYA EYAH EEYAH!! WATCH OUT FOR THAT TRUCK!!!22:00
* valorie haz no ops there22:00
k1lcall !ops ?22:01
valoriemikaela did22:04
valoriethanks, k1l22:05
k1li did ask in the #ubuntu-ops-team channel too but then checked that its already sorted22:07
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valoriebelkinsa just did !ops in #ubuntu-women-project -- and it did nothing23:28
valorieare we lacking a bot or something?23:28
k1lyep,no bot there23:29
k1lif a jason or j4s0n or jasonmchristos wants to get unbanned, better htink twice and take a look into bantracker with all that nick variations23:33
bazhangvery much so23:35
bazhangjasonmchristos is a HUGE issue network wide23:35
k1lah ok.23:36
valoriehow do we get the bot back?23:47
bazhangthe good one? or unopaste23:47
k1lvalorie: which bot was there? ask in #ubuntu-irc to get a bot back there23:47
valoriewhichever bot responds to !ops23:48
FlannelWas there a bot at some point?23:48
valorieI assume so23:49
FlannelIt'd be ubot# (whichever one ends up going there) as it's a team channel.23:49
valoriethat would be ubottu, right?23:49
Flannelubot2 ubot3 ubot4 ubot523:49
valoriewe don't have that either which seems odd23:49
Flannelor whatever23:49
Flannel(so, a clone of ubottu)23:49
valoriegot it23:49
Flannelvalorie: -women-project is the less-official-ish (chat?) channel for -women right? or do I have that backwards?23:50
valoriethat's backwards - -project is official, and logged23:51
valorieand where meetings are help23:51
FlannelRight, I figured I probably did ;)23:51
valorie-women is for chat23:51
valoriesome of us were strongly against logging, so this arrangement was the compromise23:52
FlannelI agree that having logging foisted upon you is unfortunate and divisive.23:52
Flannelvalorie: does -women have a bot?23:53
Flannelsince if that does, -w-project probably would have the same one23:53
valorieit has ubottu23:53
FlannelMmm, right, which explains the bantracker.23:53
valorieI like having an official logged chan; that said I want the chat chan to be a safe space for people23:54
valorieso I liked the compromise23:54
FlannelSo, /that/ is actually a remnant of something that hasn't been updated.  Back when -women was the more-official of the two (and probably should've been switched over or something)23:54
valoriewe use ubottu sometimes23:55
FlannelSo, at this point, I'm personally going to throw my hands in the air and say "I don't know".  I expect ubottu probably will move into -project (and possibly get removed from -women)23:55
valorieand -women is the chan where the attacks usually occur23:55
FlannelMaybe that's why -women is still in the BT then.23:55
valoriethat would be not optimal23:55
valorieis there a problem having the bot in both chans?23:56
Flannelvalorie: Well, a clone is just as good as ubottu, has all the factoids, etc, it doesn't use the bantracker.23:56
valoriegot it23:56
FlannelSo its a question of: How (or more specifically: who) handles the bans for each channel? is it here? or in -irc?23:57
Flannel(and this is where my memory of our policy is fuzzy, because it has quite the history)23:57
valorieI don't have ops in either channel23:58
valorieI'll ask belkinsa to come in here?23:59
valoriebazhang: I hate unopaste23:59

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