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ubuntuaddictedhello, i'm trying to get this minecraft launch script to work but i see can not make directory /var/run/screen while the server is booting. how can i fix this? the script is first starting a screen as a certain user and then launching minecraft as a certain user but i guess that user doesn't ahve permission to create a screen session?01:33
mardraumI think your script is for a different OS/distro?01:34
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ubuntuaddictedmardraum, what do you mean? it's a init script.01:36
tewardubuntuaddicted: the "script" you've specified is not known to us, and likely is for a different OS / distro... is the code publicly online somewhere?01:36
qmanthis is the one you should be using, if you aren't already: https://github.com/sandain/MinecraftServerControlScript01:38
qmanthat aside, does screen work normally when you attempt to use it?01:38
ubuntuaddictedteward, one moment, getting it uploaded to pastebin01:38
ubuntuaddictedyes, I can issue sudo service minecraft start and the service starts up just fine01:39
qmanthat's not what I'm asking; can you run 'screen'?01:40
ubuntuaddictedit creates a screen session using user minecraft and it then launches minecraft from that screen session01:40
ubuntuaddictedqman, no, user minecraft can't run screen.01:40
qmanubuntuaddicted: what's the error message?01:41
ubuntuaddictedqman, it returns Cannot open your terminal '/dev/pts/4' - please check01:41
ubuntuaddictedi'm guessing because user minecraft can't write to the /dev/pts folder?01:41
mardraumsomebody else owns pts/401:42
qmanno, you can't use screen after switching users01:42
tewardwhat qman said01:42
qmanyou have to log in as a user, then run screen01:42
qmanthe exception being root since root has all the permission needed01:44
ubuntuaddictedhmmm, here's the script i'm attempting to use: http://paste.ubuntu.com/9016691/01:46
ubuntuaddictedqman, how would a script like this work then?01:47
qmanubuntuaddicted: to be clear, this limitation only applies to the client session portion01:48
qmanubuntuaddicted: you can launch a detached screen after switching users01:48
qmanyou just can't attach to one01:48
ubuntuaddictedqman, not sure i follow but that's not important. :)  so is this minecraft script ok to use?  do i just need to add the minecraft user to the group root so he has write permissions on /dev/pts?01:49
tewardNEVER add a non-root user to the root group01:49
qmanno, absolutely do not do that01:49
tewardthat opens you up to hell01:50
qmanwhat I need you to check is whether or not you can run screen properly, so log into your server as any user and run 'screen', without switching users via su or sudo01:51
qmanit's not important who, all users that can log in should be able to do it01:51
ubuntuaddictedqman, i can run screen as my normal user yes.01:52
qmanso the most likely cause of your error is that your init script is running before /var/run is available01:52
ubuntuaddictedqman, it's only after I switch to the minecraft user and try to run screen that it gives that error from above01:52
ubuntuaddictedqman, i'm not sure how to fix that01:54
LinStatSDRSounds like a frame issue01:55
qmanthe 'right' way is to adjust the start event settings to something that happens later or the specific event needed01:55
qmanthe hacky way is to make it sleep before starting01:55
LinStatSDRI dislike that word, "hacky"01:56
qmananother solution would be to have the init script wait until /var/run is available in the start process01:57
LinStatSDRYou mean modification to the code01:57
Patrickdk   no, fixing the code :)01:57
qmanno, I mean hacky01:57
qmanas in would work, but not well thought out or robust01:57
LinStatSDRWe don't refer to fixing code as hacking qman in here.01:57
qmanI'm not01:57
qmanyou clearly misunderstand01:58
* LinStatSDR scratches head01:58
ubuntuaddictedit's interesting that the script needs adjusting. i believe others use it with ubuntu so not sure why it doesn't work for me01:58
qmanto put it another way, it's a dirty hack01:58
qmanjury-rigged, etc01:59
LinStatSDRThat's better.01:59
qmanno, they're equally accurate01:59
LinStatSDRI understand you're simply trying to fix the code you're having a problem with.01:59
LinStatSDRqman, guidelines thats why01:59
LinStatSDRShould poke at them01:59
qmanI could not care less; my statement was accurate and has nothing at all to do with "hacking"02:00
LinStatSDRIt's the wording.02:00
Patrickdkwhat is wrong with the wording?02:00
Patrickdkthere is nothing wrong with hacking02:00
Patrickdkit's perfectly legal02:00
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* LinStatSDR pokes his own eye02:01
LinStatSDRouch brbn02:01
Patrickdkor are you confusing hacking with cracking?02:01
LinStatSDRHacking is by nature malicious, where as penetration testing is not.02:02
qmanubuntuaddicted: regardless of that, the script may work in some cases and not others due to a race condition; upstart is not linear and therefore sometimes things happen in a different order depending on your system and tons of other situational things02:02
LinStatSDRSame thing with that.02:02
LinStatSDRI agree qman02:02
Patrickdkhacking is not malicious02:02
qmanhacking isn ot malicious02:02
LinStatSDRIt's called penetration testing if it isn't02:02
Patrickdkyou can hack on your car, projects02:03
qmanubuntuaddicted: all that means is, the script's start requirements are not completely accurate to what the script actually needs in order to function02:03
Patrickdknothign to do with computers02:03
qmanubuntuaddicted: the fix is adjusting that properly, I'm not sure what specific upstart event is going to work best here02:03
ubuntuaddictedqman, ok, what's the easiast solution? lol02:03
Patrickdkand do tell me that hackathons are penetration tests, and are malicious02:04
LinStatSDRThat's under different conditions02:05
Patrickdkheh? no it's not02:06
qmanubuntuaddicted: I'm going to suggest adding $network to Required-Start and Required-Stop, and removing the Should-Start and Should-Stop lines, like this: http://paste.ubuntu.com/9016881/02:06
ubuntuaddictedisn't there an off topic channel? :)02:06
LinStatSDRcan we change subjects02:06
LinStatSDRI'm in that channel...02:06
qmanubuntuaddicted: $network is one of the slower to start events in most cases so it may fix it, if not, you'll have to find another event to base your start condition upon02:07
LinStatSDRdoes this support java, could spin up a socket json rq02:08
LinStatSDRmay be quicker if it's sluggish starting02:09
ubuntuaddictedqman, ok, i made those adjustments and will restart the server. hopefully minecraft starts this time02:09
LinStatSDRI hope so :D02:10
ubuntuaddictedqman, ok, i briefly saw soemthing about permission denied02:12
qmanubuntuaddicted: less /var/log/syslog02:12
ubuntuaddictedthe screen session isn't there and minecraft isn't running02:13
qmanubuntuaddicted: then press shift+G to go to the end, and scroll up until you see it02:13
ubuntuaddictedqman, hmmm, looking at syslog i only see this: dbus[1084]: [system] Activated service 'org.freedesktop.login1' failed: Cannot launch daemon, file not found or permissions invalid02:16
qmanok, that shouldn't have anything to do with this02:16
ubuntuaddictedwhere else would it get logged to? in dmesg?02:16
qmanubuntuaddicted: within less, type /minecraft02:17
qmansee if it finds anything02:17
qmanthe forward slash is the search command02:17
qmanwhen you installed this, did you update-rc.d?02:18
ubuntuaddictedqman, yes02:18
qmansudo update-rc.d minecraft defaults; sudo update-rc.d minecraft enable02:20
qmanif you did, it should have put something into syslog02:20
ubuntuaddictedqman, ok defaults said it already existed but when I ran enable it returned a bunch of stuff. i just restarted again. we'll see02:21
ubuntuaddictedcannot make directory /var/run/screen permission denied02:22
ubuntuaddictedqman, is this solution acceptable? https://github.com/superjamie/minecraft-init-script/issues/2602:25
qmanubuntuaddicted: I found bug 57477302:25
uvirtbotLaunchpad bug 574773 in screen "Cannot make directory '/var/run/screen': Permission denied (convert init to upstart)" [Medium,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/57477302:25
ubuntuaddictedqman, looks like we both found similar solutions/bugs02:27
qmantry this modification: http://paste.ubuntu.com/9017190/  note line 802:28
ubuntuaddictedqman, so the one link at github suggests one thing while the bug you linked to i am not sure what to do to get my script to work. can you help me understand02:28
ubuntuaddictedqman, ok, thank you. will incorporate and try02:28
ubuntuaddictedqman, wait, doesn't it say something about BEFORE the cd \"$MCPATH\02:29
qmanubuntuaddicted: before or after should not matter in this case02:29
ubuntuaddictedqman, looks like you added something to the script after that line instead of before it02:29
ubuntuaddictedqman, oh ok02:29
qmanubuntuaddicted: the key here is that before it tries to run screen, it runs the screen-cleanup02:29
ubuntuaddictedqman, so line 8 is the only addition?02:30
ubuntuaddictedqman, THANK YOU! that did it02:38
ubuntuaddictedqman, i can't believe it's been a bug since back in 201002:39
qmanglad it worked02:40
ubuntuaddictedqman, onto the next issue. :)02:40
qmanrace conditions like this are the biggest problem with modern init systems02:40
ubuntuaddictedqman, i have a custom compiled nginx server installed and the init script for that isn't working. so my ubuntu doesn't think it's installed since i compiled and installed it myself02:41
qmanstick to distribution packages whenever possible02:42
ubuntuaddictedqman, the reason i compiled it myself is because it needed to be compiled with the rtmp module. so how to get it to auto-run when the server starts?02:42
nunizacuisnt it easier to apt-get source and then repackage? just asking, i just screen -r02:45
ubuntuaddictedhere's the init script http://paste.ubuntu.com/9017449/02:46
ubuntuaddictednunizacu, sorry, are you talking to me?02:46
nunizacui just trying to get what what are you talking bout02:47
nunizacudont take it offensife02:47
nunizacui didnt sleep for 24h, im talking 7'th antibiotics in 2 months and barely think02:48
nunizacuand yet for last 24h i'm fighting to fully ipv6ize openstack02:49
ubuntuaddictednunizacu, we were trying to get a script to start that was launching screen but it couldn't due to a bug in screen cleanup or something like that BUT qman fixed my script for me02:49
nunizacuwell, to get to the point i would need more data, and thou im couirours im happy you did it02:50
nunizacubtw. you guys use ubuntu all the time, im forced becouse of raid+lvm02:51
nunizacuis there a way to recompile whole packages with own flags?02:51
nunizacui need it for quite big project02:52
nunizacuand i'm sick of kpartx on pdc to get unknown partitions and integrate it into ininitrd02:52
nunizacuenough i made openstack gentoo and bsd 9 and 10 cloud img02:53
nunizacujust brb ok02:53
nunizacui need to change host02:54
ubuntuaddictedso looking at the nginx script, i don't see where the definition of the command's location is?02:54
LinStatSDRman -02:55
LinStatSDRoh read that wrong02:55
LinStatSDRmy fault wow02:55
LinStatSDRForgive me ubuntuaddicted02:55
ubuntuaddictedhow do i get nginx to launch when the server starts IF i had to compile and install nginx myself? the guide I followed installed it to /usr/local/bin/nginx03:03
tewardubuntuaddicted: using some third-party plugins not included in nginx-extras or something?03:10
ubuntuaddictedteward, i believe so correct. i don't think the nginx-extras has the rtmp module does it?03:11
tewardjust checking :)03:12
nunizacuman, changeing revs takes a while03:27
nunizacuand add sasl auth03:28
nunizacui tought about ssl cert + rsa but i have 8192 rsa03:28
ubuntuaddictedteward, does it include rtmp module or no?03:29
nunizacuubuntuaddicted: what troubles you?03:29
nunizacuubuntuaddicted: i did many wierd hacks on ubuntu03:29
cryptodanubuntuaddicted: https://packages.debian.org/sid/nginx-extras03:29
ubuntuaddictedcryptodan, nope, rtmp is not there03:30
nunizacuw8 few minutes ill cook something for you03:31
ubuntuaddictedif anyone can help me get the nginx init script to start my nginx install properly i would appreciate it.  here's the init script http://paste.ubuntu.com/9017449/03:34
nunizacuyou want script, module or whole package ?03:35
nunizacuthats what im doing03:36
nunizacugive a link when compiles03:36
cryptodanI found this one https://launchpad.net/~mcfletch/+archive/ubuntu/nginx-rtmp03:37
ubuntuaddictedcryptodan, that's only available for 12.04.03:38
ubuntuaddictedcryptodan, thank you for trying though. i just want to know how to edit the init script so it looks in /usr/local/bin/nginx instead of the normal nginx location03:39
nunizacuyou want all modules or only thios?03:39
nunizacupaste the script while i bake your new nginx03:39
nunizacuand tell me what modules you want, all, rwhatever or everything03:40
ubuntuaddictednunizacu, i already have nginx compiled and installed, thanks though03:40
ubuntuaddictedi've linked the init script several times03:40
nunizacubut not with everyting03:41
nunizacuand i have to recompile so you have what you want03:41
nunizacuand i was away when you posted your iniit03:41
nunizacubut hey, if you dont want help i got enoguth to do03:42
nunizacueven being kind is wierd on irc03:42
cryptodanid try the module from 12.04 but thats just me03:44
ubuntuaddictednunizacu, i don't want you to compile me nginx, i already haev it installed03:49
ubuntuaddictednunizacu, thanks anyway03:50
nunizacuwhatever i just finishing it with every module + one you wanted03:52
nunizacunginx in apt-get doesnt have every module enabled03:54
ubuntuaddictednunizacu, exactly why i'm not using that nginx03:54
nunizacuthat's why i was asking what modules except that missing you need03:55
nunizacuyou cant add that module without recomompile03:55
nunizacui dont understand you, you want some module, someone is making it for you then you dont need it, just wasting time03:57
nunizacubut as i started i'll fininish03:57
nunizacuomg, i didnt slept for 30 hours03:58
nunizacuand if you have problem with init screen paste it or do it yourself, i wont ask you for helping you03:59
ubuntuaddictednunizacu, i didn't say i needed nginx with the rtmp module, you clearly didn't read what I asked for.04:06
ubuntuaddictednunizacu, the only person wasting their time is you because you failed to read what I wrote several time04:07
nunizacui said i didint slept 30h straight04:07
nunizacuand i could get any kind of communication04:07
nunizacuman, i kindly asked whats the problem04:08
nunizacunow i know why came to irc one every few years04:08
ubuntuaddictednunizacu, for the 4th time, i would like nginx to start when the server starts. i have an init script that i linked which is not auto starting when the server starts. how do i get nginx to start when I launch the server04:09
nunizacuso just drop it to /etc/init.d ?04:09
nunizacuthen set what runlevel should it start and stop04:11
nunizacuinit.d scripts are quite easy, you can just copy any and fit to your needs04:11
nunizacuor maybe w804:12
ubuntuaddictednunizacu, it's already in /etc/init.d/04:12
ubuntuaddictednunizacu, as i've stated already, it's an init script. how do i get it to find my nginx installation which is in /usr/local/bin/nginx04:13
nunizacuedit the script?04:13
nunizacureplace DAEMON=/usr/sbin/nginx with DAEMON=/usr/local/bin/nginx04:14
nunizacuthen sudo restart nginx04:17
nunizacushould start at bootup04:18
ubuntuaddictednunizacu, i don't see that DAEMON line within my script. hmmm04:26
nunizacui just installed nginx on my ubu box and i had it in my script04:31
nunizacumaybe paste me that script, i will change it so it works and paste it back04:31
ubuntuaddictednunizacu, http://paste.ubuntu.com/9017449/04:34
ubuntuaddictednunizacu, i guess i'm not sure why it's not starting by default. i used update-rc.d defaults OHHHHH but maybe I didn't enable it04:36
cryptodanupdate-rc.d requires 2 things the service name and the action you want04:38
ubuntuaddictednunizacu, and I jsut realized that sudo service nginx stop says it's already stopped BUT it's still running. hmmmm. it's like the nginx scripts I have in /etc/init.d/  aren't linked to the nginx i have installed at /usr/local/bin  and /usr/local/nginx/04:38
nunizacureplace DAEMON="${DAEMON##* }" with DAEMON=/usr/local/bin/nginx04:39
nunizaculine 8804:39
ubuntuaddictednunizacu, will that fix it also for stopping the service?04:40
nunizacubut messing with update-rc.d wasnt brightest idea04:43
nunizacufor init.d user /etc/init.d/ngnix stop04:45
nunizacuor sudo stop ngnix04:45
cryptodanubuntuaddicted: whats the result of ps auxww | grep ngnix04:45
nunizacupgrep ngnix is faster04:46
nunizacufirst pgrep ngnix, killall -9 every number , then start, then stop, then pgrep again04:49
nunizacuyou will see if stop is working04:50
nunizacuit should04:50
nunizacumaybe you just started more than one instance04:50
ubuntuaddictednunizacu, ok, sudo service nginx start seems to work. it starts up BUT sudo service nginx stop does not stop it.04:56
ubuntuaddictednunizacu, it returns * nginx already stopped  BUT ps aux | grep nginx still shows it running.  So the init script I linked which we edited is still not working correctly apparently04:57
cryptodanubuntuaddicted: whats the path?04:57
ubuntuaddictedcryptodan, path to what?  if i type in which nginx it returns /usr/local/bin/nginx04:58
ubuntuaddictedcryptodan, i need reboot the system i'm on. i'll be right back04:58
cryptodanwhats the path via ps command04:58
ubuntuaddictedcryptodan, same thing04:59
nunizacuit may not stop i said try sudo /etc/init.d/ngnix stop04:59
ubuntuaddictedcryptodan, ps shows nginx: master process /usr/local/bin/nginx04:59
cryptodanis that the correct spelling?05:00
ubuntuaddictedcryptodan, that's by user root and there's another process running as user nobody which is just nginx: worker process05:00
nunizacuit would be better to rewrite it to start-stop-daemon05:00
ubuntuaddictednunizacu, the script i linked is suppose to do that. ;)05:01
ubuntuaddictedi'll be right back05:01
nunizacuwhy i'm so unlucky today05:02
nunizacuguy with nick ubu the tech guru who dont know bash05:02
linuxmintHello, I'm setting up RAID MDADM for the 1st time. I believe I need to add Terminal commands, so should I install a Linux OS, as my blank HDDs are not betting yet. Just the BIOS.05:04
nunizacurun ubuntu install and do it during install05:05
ubuntuaddictednunizacu, cryptodan i'm back05:05
nunizacu14.04 even recognizes fakeraid05:05
cryptodanlinuxmint: are you running linuxmint?05:07
linuxmintcryptodan, I haven't installed an OS yet. I'm going to run Proxmox, so I thought I'd try the best RAID, RAID10?05:07
nunizacupromox is fakeraid05:08
nunizacuconfigure in bios and install on it anything05:08
LinStatSDRI prefer non-software raid but.05:09
nunizaculike 14.04 if you dont want to mess with kpartx05:09
nunizacudunno if mint also has it already05:09
nunizacubefore that i had to manualy do scripts to recognize fakeraid and lvm on it05:10
linuxmintnunizacu, I think the MOBO BIOS has a RAID option, so I'll try that then.05:10
LinStatSDRyeah, bad script could hose the system05:11
nunizacuwell, its not that bad05:11
nunizacuyou can always boot from recovery cd and fix it05:11
nunizacumost of the time05:12
nunizacuif it is proxmox bios almost for sure has raid option05:12
nunizacubut how you set it up is mobo dependend05:12
nunizacui have mobo where it takes 20 minutes to open fakeraid menu05:13
ubuntuaddictedcan someone help me get this script working with nginx that's installed within /usr/local/bin/nginx please? http://paste.ubuntu.com/9017449/05:15
nunizacuyou messed up update-rc.d05:15
nunizacuit may not start automagicly05:15
nunizacutried sudo start ngnix ?05:16
cryptodanlook at the spelling05:16
ubuntuaddictednunizacu, not sure what you mean by messed update-rc.d. all I did was sudo update-rc.d nginx defaults and sudo update-rc.d nginx enable05:16
nunizacui have 11 terminals open and more than 30 hours on foot, i can mess words05:17
ubuntuaddictedcryptodan, that's what I have, earlier when I put ngnix that was the typo.05:17
cryptodanno in the script05:17
ubuntuaddictedcryptodan, here's the script http://paste.ubuntu.com/9019140/05:19
cryptodanoh it is spelled right05:20
ubuntuaddictedcryptodan, right05:20
cryptodanwait its not unless you misspelled it?05:21
ubuntuaddictedcryptodan, i dont' follow what you're saying05:21
nunizacumaybe change name of original nginx and add your installed patho to PATH05:23
nunizacutype should find it05:24
nunizacuPATH in script, not systemwide05:26
ubuntuaddictednunizacu, i'm sorry, i don't know what any of that means05:27
cryptodanwhere did you get this script in the first place?05:27
ubuntuaddictedcryptodan, i'm not sure to be honest05:28
cryptodanso you openly run a script from which you do not know where you got it from?05:29
ubuntuaddictedcryptodan, if you have another nginx script that will work with my installed nginx that's in /usr/local/nginx than I would really appreciate that05:29
cryptodanubuntuaddicted: usually when you complie something like that it wouldcome with its own script05:29
cryptodanI dont openly go out on the web looking for scripts to run my services if I compiled them05:29
ubuntuaddictedcryptodan, apparently so.  looking at this one looks promising http://wiki.nginx.org/Nginx-init-ubuntu05:30
cryptodanubuntuaddicted: look in the source package from which you compiled it from05:30
cryptodanotherwise I would highly recommend that you stop trying to mess around servers and services in general if you do not know what you are doing05:31
ubuntuaddictedcryptodan, hmm, i followed this guide for compiling nginx here: https://obsproject.com/forum/resources/how-to-set-up-your-own-private-rtmp-server-using-nginx.50/05:31
ubuntuaddictedcryptodan, i can only learn if i try05:31
cryptodanthere is no script there05:32
ubuntuaddictedcryptodan, and i have not really learned init scripts or upstart. i normally just install packages using the default repo's BUT minecraft and nginx aren't in the default repo's (well you know why I had to compile nginx-because i needed the rtmp module)05:32
ubuntuaddictedcryptodan, i realize that but it appears like it has a $PATH variable in it that I can set05:33
ubuntuaddictedcryptodan, it appears as though I got my current script from https://wiki.debian.org/LSBInitScripts05:36
cryptodanthis is how you start and stop the script based upon the quide you sent $ sudo /usr/local/nginx/sbin/nginx -s stop $ sudo /usr/local/nginx/sbin/nginx05:36
ubuntuaddictedcryptodan, i know how to stop and start nginx manually. i am trying to get it to auto-start when the server starts05:37
cryptodanput /usr/local/nginx/sbin/nginx in rc.local05:37
ubuntuaddictedcryptodan, that wouldn't be using upstart then right?05:41
ubuntuaddictedcryptodan, because that new script I linked to even has the default conf directory correct being NGINX_CONF_FILE="/usr/local/nginx/conf/nginx.conf"05:41
cryptodannope but it would allow you to do what you want05:41
cryptodanubuntuaddicted: here you go http://wiki.nginx.org/Upstart05:45
ubuntuaddictedcryptodan, but i'm not familar with initctl. with that upstart job would I be able to manage the service with sudo service or no?05:47
ubuntuaddictedcryptodan, so this script woudln't work? http://wiki.nginx.org/Nginx-init-ubuntu05:47
cryptodanubuntuaddicted: also this http://wiki.nginx.org/Nginx-init-ubuntu05:48
ubuntuaddictedcryptodan, lol, that's what i linked like 15 minutes ago05:49
cryptodanthat wasnt your pastebin05:49
ubuntuaddictedcryptodan, actually this script looks the most promising. https://raw.githubusercontent.com/JasonGiedymin/nginx-init-ubuntu/master/nginx05:59
cryptodanthe one posted from the nginx wiki is the one you should use06:00
ubuntuaddictedcryptodan, linked from this guide here: https://www.vultr.com/docs/setup-nginx-rtmp-on-ubuntu-14-0406:00
ubuntuaddictedcryptodan, do i need to do anything writh update-rc.d?06:02
cryptodanupdate-rc.d nginx enable I believe06:03
ubuntuaddictedcryptodan, i don't need to remove or disable the current one?06:03
cryptodanyes and then renable the other one06:04
ubuntuaddictedcryptodan, i did sudo update-rc.d nginx disable06:04
ubuntuaddictedcryptodan, installed the new nginx file. now i just run sudo update-rc.d nginx defaults && sudo update-rc.d nginx enable?06:05
cryptodandefaults should be all that is required06:05
ubuntuaddictedcryptodan, sudo update-rc.d nginx defaults returned System start/stop links for /etc/init.d/nginx already exist06:07
ubuntuaddictedcryptodan, so i did sudo update-rc.d nginx enable and it removed all them and then re-added them scripts in each of the /etc/rc0.d/K20nginx06:08
ubuntuaddictedcryptodan, hmmm, so now sudo service nginx start doesn't work. it says nginx: unrecognized service06:10
ubuntuaddictedcryptodan, ahhhh, it was because i didn't chmod +x the /etc/init.d/nginx file. it's working now.06:11
cryptodanreboot and see if it starts06:13
ubuntuaddictedcryptodan, i would if no one was on the server but there is so i have to wait until they get off. i run a minecraft server. :)06:14
cryptodaninternet issues06:14
ubuntuaddictedcryptodan, but sudo service nginx start works. and sudo service nginx stop works.   so i believe we got it working. :)  I really appreciate your help and patience06:15
cryptodanyou are welcome, and to learn serving I would highly recommend using a VM till you get the hang of it06:15
ubuntuaddictedcryptodan, thanks. i just need to do some learning of init i guess or upstart or whatever it's referred as in xubuntu 14.04.106:17
cryptodanso that way you dont open yourself up for exploit06:18
ubuntuaddictedcryptodan, i have a hardware firewall protecting me but i see what you're saying06:22
cryptodanif it is made by man it can be broken by man06:22
ubuntuaddictedcryptodan, :)06:23
linuxmintSo, setting up RAID on new computer and BIOS says RAID can be setup with BIOS if using Windows. I'm using Linux (Proxmox on Centos), so do I need to build a different type of RAID like mdadm?07:01
ubuntuaddictedok, i'm back. apparently despite us fixing that minecraft startup script which is supposed to start a screen session that I can attach to, there's no screens running under user minecraft or under my user. can anyone help again?07:23
cryptodanubuntuaddicted: https://www.digitalocean.com/community/tutorials/how-to-set-up-a-minecraft-server-on-linux07:26
dominic1134www.openas.org - an open-source Anti-Spam appliance - We're still looking for contributers, volunteers and supporters. Check it out!07:26
ubuntuaddictedcryptodan, thanks but i'm not using those instructions. according to ps aux | grep minecraft both screen and minecraft are running07:31
ubuntuaddictedcryptodan, http://pastebin.com/yJacZVzY07:31
cryptodanscreen -R07:31
ubuntuaddictedcryptodan, that just brings up a new screen session07:32
nunizacuscreen -r07:32
ubuntuaddictedactually, it returns this Cannot open your terminal '/dev/pts/19' - please check.07:33
ubuntuaddictedwhen i run screen -R with user minecraft07:33
ubuntuaddictedif i chown /dev/pts/19 so it's owned by user and group minecraft screen -R results in a new screen session and screen -r results in There is no screen to be resumed07:35
nunizacudo it as user who did screen07:37
ubuntuaddictednot sure if what user juboobbleton did was an acceptable workaround  in this post https://github.com/superjamie/minecraft-init-script/issues/2607:37
nunizaculogin as user whitch you did screen and then screen -l07:37
nunizacuor if you dont like login sudo -u USER screen -l07:38
ubuntuaddictednunizacu, if i ssh into the server as user minecraft and try screen -r it says there is no screen to be resumed07:38
ubuntuaddictedand screen -ls returns this No Sockets found in /var/run/screen/S-minecraft.07:39
nunizacusudo ls /var/run/screen07:39
ubuntuaddictedso i don't believe adding /etc/init.d/screen-cleanup start  to my minecraft start script was the correct workable solution.07:40
ubuntuaddictednunizacu, that returns this    S-minecraft  S-ubu07:40
nunizacusudo -u minecraft screen -l07:41
nunizacusudo -u ubu screen -l07:41
nunizacuif you see some - sudo -u user screen -r07:41
ubuntuaddictedtyping in    sudo -u ubu screen -l    just takes me into a new screen session as user minecraft. what do i do once i'm in htere?07:42
ubuntuaddictednunizacu, i don't believe it's setup correctlly. that script is suppose to start a screen session, run as a daemon as user minecraft and then start the minecraft server. i should be able to reattach to screen which is named surivial-mc and see the minecraft server console but so far i can't find the running screen session07:44
ubuntuaddictednunizacu, according to screen -list  No Sockets found in /var/run/screen/S-minecraft.07:47
nunizacuso you have no screen running07:48
nunizacubut man you do web servver, minecraft server or what?07:49
Ben64ubuntuaddicted: why must you use a script?07:49
Ben64ssh in, run screen, run minecraft server07:49
ubuntuaddictednunizacu, apparently not under user minecraft. but what i'm confused about is ps aux | grep minecraft shows SCREEN running http://pastebin.com/yJacZVzY07:49
ubuntuaddictedBen64, so that if the power goes out it auto-restarts07:49
nunizacuyou can do it with start-stop-daemon07:50
nunizacuassign pid, loop test07:50
nunizacuand restart when needed07:50
Ben64ubuntuaddicted: you're overcomplicating it07:50
nunizaculearn something about linux, bash and anything man07:50
ubuntuaddictednunizacu, if there's some other way to have it autostart when the server boots up please let me know07:50
Ben64your server shouldn't be dying often enough that you need to do that07:51
ubuntuaddictedso what sucks right now is i can't safely stop the minecraft server07:51
nunizacuman, if it wasnt your nick i would do it long time ago (i can survive overgrovn ego to this extent only)07:51
Ben64my server == 02:51:45 up 78 days, 23:11,  4 users,  load average: 0.00, 0.01, 0.0507:52
Ben64and that reboot was planned07:52
ubuntuaddictedBen64, you run a minecraft server?07:52
Ben64i have07:52
ubuntuaddictedif i can't reattach to the screeen it's running in, what's the safest way to stop it?07:53
Ben64should be able to do that from within the server07:53
ubuntuaddictedBen64, i can't get to the server console.07:53
Ben64i mean, in game07:54
ubuntuaddictedBen64, someone helped me earlier thinking they fixed it for me but it turns out it didn't fix the problem, it just made it so the minecraft server started when the server booted up BUT i can't get to the screen session to manage the minecraft from it's console07:54
Ben64yeah, stop relying on scripts and stuff07:55
cryptodanI would follow this guide https://www.digitalocean.com/community/tutorials/how-to-set-up-a-minecraft-server-on-linux07:56
ubuntuaddictedBen64, i need some automated way for the minecraft server to start and it's all over the web as far as guides showing people how to use the init script to start screen and then start minecraft07:56
Ben64you really don't need an automated way07:56
Ben64you start it, and it runs forever-ish07:56
ubuntuaddictedBen64, as I said, if for whatever reason the server is restarted i'd like it to auto-start but i see your point.  but solving my current dillema, i'm on the server thru my minecraft client. what's would i type in to stop it safely?07:57
cryptodanubuntuaddicted: or this one http://minecraft.gamepedia.com/Tutorials/Ubuntu_startup_script07:57
nunizacuat last07:57
nunizacui was about to write one for him07:58
nunizacui man guru07:58
nunizacui have only 17 years of expirience07:58
Ben64maybe you shouldn't be running a minecraft server07:58
Ben64if you can't figure out how to start/stop it07:58
nunizacuand dont have enought bandwidth07:58
cryptodanor any type of server for that matter07:58
Ben64or running java on startup by using random scripts you find online and root and all kinds of stuff07:58
Ben64red flags everywhere07:58
ubuntuaddictedcryptodan, that doesn't use screen so that wouldn't allow me to admin the server thru the minecraft server console07:59
nunizacuyou can run screen inside start-stop-daemon07:59
nunizacuyou can redirect fd's07:59
nunizacuor do many fancy things07:59
ubuntuaddictednunizacu, i'm sure you can, i was merely stating what cryptodan linked to did not have screen incorporated.08:00
cryptodansimple google https://www.google.com/?gws_rd=ssl#q=minecraft+server+admin+console08:00
nunizacuman, screen is one of first thing irc guy learns08:00
nunizacuand bash is first thing linux guy learns08:00
nunizacustart with that08:00
ubuntuaddictedBen64, so it's safe to just type in stop from my minecraft client? i've never used server commands in the client before08:01
Ben64really, maybe you shouldn't be running a server08:02
cryptodanI told him to practice in a VM first08:02
Ben64good idea08:02
nunizacuwell i offer vm's but for guys who do some cool stuff08:03
ubuntuaddictedcryptodan, i was already looking at that. it doesn't state it's safe to do from the client08:03
ubuntuaddictedBen64, i can't learn if i don't do. i'm attempting to do. asking for help, if you're unwilling to help and can only belittle me than i was mistaken that this was a support irc channel for ubuntu-server08:04
cryptodanthere is a proper way to learn server hosting, and being inexperienced and hosting public facing servers is not the way08:04
Ben64ubuntuaddicted: you're doing less doing and more copying scripts you find online08:05
nunizacuman learn basics first08:05
Ben64i'm suggesting you actually DO and run screen yourself08:05
cryptodanIts all we need is another exploited server out there hosting malware such as cryptolocker08:05
nunizacuwhen i was starting i had to manualy hunt for sources to build anything couse slack had not apt-get or so08:06
cryptodanI was handed a Debian 2.0 Disk and was told have fun and good luck08:06
nunizacuit was just hunting for some program and then hunting for dependencies, and dependecies of depenencies08:06
nunizacuso you remember how cool it was when mandrake came out08:07
Ben64i compiled 2.6 kernel when it came out, had to update pretty much everything in order for that to work08:07
Ben64i didn't follow any guide or anything, just tried stuff till it worked08:07
nunizacuman, kernel compiling become daily stuff08:07
cryptodanI removed /etc once08:07
Ben64the upgrade from 2.4 to 2.6 was huge though :)08:08
nunizacuman, worst nightmares was gcc updates08:08
nunizacuor glibc08:08
cryptodantried removing postfix manually and well lets just say I typed in rm -rf /etc and thought I hit tab but then hit * and well hit enter08:08
nunizacurm -rf / is oldest joke ever08:09
Ben64and thats how you learn to quintuple check before hitting enter08:09
ubuntuaddictedi had the server working just fine previously but had to manually start the server. screen was launched and minecraft launched within that. it was working. i came here to get help to automate it during a bootup. someone in here gave me a command to add to my minecraft init script which i had thought made the minecraft server start at system boot BUT it didn't make a reattachabel screen so the solutiuon given to me was incorrec08:09
nunizacusorry for caps08:09
nunizacuim sick for 2 months08:09
ubuntuaddictedi've never entered commands for the server in a client before.08:10
nunizacuand after 6 or 7 antibiotics08:10
nunizacuwell, its good we have sudo08:10
ubuntuaddictedit's a bug in screen, in ubuntu's provided screen package since 4 years ago08:10
nunizacuyeah, im using screen right now08:11
nunizacuon ubuntu08:11
ubuntuaddictedat least i got my server back to running the way it was before I came here.08:11
ubuntuaddictedscreen is running for user minecraft, and I can reattach to it just fine.08:11
nunizacuscreen somprogram, control-a-d, screen -r08:11
nunizacuwhole philosophy08:12
ubuntuaddictedand see the minecraft server console so all is well08:12
nunizacuman, you are just toxic08:12
nunizaculearn basics08:12
ubuntuaddictednow to figure out how to autostart it when the server boots up. that's for another day cause i'm exhausted. worked 13 hours at my normal job and then messed with minecraft and nginx all night.08:12
Ben64alternatively, don't autostart it08:13
nunizacuand i work over 35 hours now08:13
ubuntuaddictedthanks for everyones help. goodnight08:13
nunizacubeat that08:13
nunizacuif you are netadmin they dont ask if you can or can do it, or if you have time, you have to get it done08:13
ubuntuaddictedeasily, my longest shift was 31 hours without leaving :)08:14
nunizacuif i have a problem i google and try thus learn08:14
nunizacuwell, my shift ends maybe tommorow08:14
ubuntuaddictedexcuse me, 3908:14
ubuntuaddictedanyway...... night08:14
nunizacusleep looong08:15
nunizacuwhere such guys come from08:15
nunizacuhe acts like fifteen years old egoovergrown kiddo08:15
nunizacu39 shift... i have 35 and i have more coffeine inozytol and taurine than blood08:16
nunizacuand alive just becouse i slept last 30 hours08:17
nunizacui thought ubuntu-server would be channel for some guys who knows at least basics08:17
nunizacui know its not lfs but anyway08:18
nunizacui had to run from networking channel becouse they didnt know why fd80 adresses work and others dont08:18
nunizacuit's good i have my ovn irc server08:19
nunizacuehh, #gentoo is no better08:55
nunizacu'how can i do this'? ansawer 'dont'08:55
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lordievaderGood morning.10:39
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Nafetschhi there12:03
Nafetschi have a short question12:03
Nafetschi have two php versions on my server12:03
Nafetschi try to install apc12:04
Nafetschbut after install php5-dev i sill get sh: 1: phpize5514: not found12:04
Nafetschi think i have to link phpize to phpize5514... but how?12:04
ikoniawhich repo did that come from ?12:07
Nafetschpuh. donk know12:08
Nafetschsorry i am a noob12:08
Nafetschmy other php is php551412:08
Nafetschi just need to figure out why phpize dont like it12:09
Nafetschwhat i try is pecl install apc12:09
lordievaderNafetsch: What is the output of 'apt-cache policy php5-dev'?12:10
Nafetsch  Installiert: 5.3.10-1ubuntu3.1512:11
Nafetsch  Kandidat:    5.3.10-1ubuntu3.1512:11
Nafetsch  Versionstabelle:12:11
Nafetsch *** 5.3.10-1ubuntu3.15 012:11
Nafetsch        500 http://ubuntu.mirror.serverloft.de/ubuntu/ precise-updates/main amd64 Packages12:11
Nafetsch        500 http://ubuntu.mirror.serverloft.com/ubuntu/ precise-security/main amd64 Packages12:11
Nafetsch        100 /var/lib/dpkg/status12:11
Nafetsch     5.3.10-1ubuntu3 012:11
Nafetsch        500 http://ubuntu.mirror.serverloft.de/ubuntu/ precise/main amd64 Packages12:11
lordievader!paste | Nafetsch12:11
ubottuNafetsch: For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://imgur.com/ !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.12:11
NafetschI will do that next time12:12
lordievader!info apc12:12
ubottuPackage apc does not exist in utopic12:12
NafetschI think php5-dev is installed for my 5.3.1012:12
Nafetschbut i have also 5.5.1412:13
NafetschI think my problem is that when I installed the php-dev it is not for the 5.5.14 ... is that possible?12:13
lordievaderNafetsch: Is it the 'php5-apcu' what you are trying to install?12:13
NafetschACP YES12:14
Nafetschpecl install apc12:14
lordievaderNafetsch: Why not take the package?12:14
lordievaderNafetsch: apt-get install php5-apcu12:15
lordievaderI actually hope to learn something...12:15
mardraumyou shouldn't be using apc anymore in recent php12:15
mardraumuse opcache.12:16
ikoniathis looks like a PPA12:16
Nafetschi want to use it for own cloud12:17
mardraumapc is dead.12:17
NafetschPHP module apc OR PHP module apcu OR PHP module xcache12:17
Nafetschthe docu of owncloud says:12:17
mardraumthat's nice. use an older php then.12:17
Nafetschapt-get install php5-apcu SAYS: package not found !12:18
mardraumapc is dead, jim12:18
mardraumapc - it's dead. jim.12:18
lordievaderUgh, irssi history and high latenc don't mix...12:19
Nafetschwhen I try to install APCu I get the same error12:20
mardraumwho knew.12:21
Nafetschrunning: phpize5514           sh: 1: phpize5514: not found          ERROR: `phpize' failed12:21
lordievader15-13:15 < mardraum> you shouldn't be using apc anymore in recent php12:21
lordievader15-13:16 < mardraum> use opcache.12:21
NafetschOK GUYS general question about apt-get install12:25
NafetschHOW can i tell apt get install which PHP I WANT TO USE12:26
Nafetschbecause it installs everything for the old one12:26
ikoniaI'd be more interested in why you have 2 versions12:26
ikoniaand where those 2 versions are coming from12:26
Nafetschi have plesk and i can choose12:26
Nafetschbut that doesnt matter12:26
ikoniait does matter12:27
ikoniaas it defines how your system is configured12:27
Nafetschwhen i write which PHP12:27
Nafetschi get the old one12:27
ikoniaagain - I'm more interested in where your different versions are coming from before suggesting any course of action12:28
Nafetschis that where apt get install does the stuff for ?12:28
Nafetschi compiled it12:28
ikoniathat seems unlikley12:28
ikoniaas apt-get would not show your compiled version12:28
Nafetschand It performs very well12:29
* mardraum giggle12:29
Nafetschbut i dont know how to add modules to it or change it with apt get install12:29
ikoniayou don't12:29
ikoniaassuming you are correct i that you compiled it12:29
Nafetschah ok12:29
ikoniaapt-get will not interact with your compiled version12:29
Nafetschis that possible?12:30
Nafetschthe it will interact?12:30
Nafetschor do i have to recompile it?12:30
ikoniaapt knows nothing about your compiled version12:30
Nafetschhow to tell it about12:30
lordievaderUnless you package your compiled code and install it through dpkg.12:30
Nafetschmy compiled version12:30
Nafetschah ok12:31
Nafetschis that complex?12:31
lordievaderBut all of that is not supported here.12:31
Nafetschok thank you12:31
Nafetschbut if I need apcu now12:31
Nafetschi can just recompile my php and put that in12:32
ikoniathats up to you - it's your compile12:32
Nafetschactually that is what I tried before but I have problems to add new stuff to my compile config12:34
Nafetschwhat i do is for example:   apt-get install php5-dev12:35
Nafetschbut how add it to my compile: ./configure ----with-php5-dev12:36
Nafetschthat dont work :(12:36
ikoniaNafetsch: that won't work12:36
ikoniainstalling php5-dev won't do anything magic, your source tree is what needs to be aware of it12:37
Nafetschi know :D12:37
lordievaderNafetsch: You said you had it compiled yourself, then why do you use the headers from the repo?12:37
ikoniaif you know why are you telling us pointless information12:37
NafetschI dont know where to read more about it...12:38
ikoniaabout what ?12:38
lordievaderNafetsch: Why did you compile php in the first place?12:38
ikoniaI don't understand12:38
ikoniayou state you're doing it wrong (by showing us examples)12:38
ikoniathen when I explain how it's wrong you say "I know"12:39
NafetschI did a tutorial for the compiling. because I need a new PHP version.12:39
ikoniaso whats the issue ?12:39
Nafetschwhere can i read something about Configuring my compile... how can I compile apcu into my new PHP12:40
Nafetschlordievader ... Sorry I dont know what you want to say with headers of repo12:40
lordievader-dev packages usually contain headers for when you want to compile stuff that has those dependencies.12:41
lordievaderFor example php5-dev would be installed if you want to compile a custom module against the install php version.12:42
lordievader*the installed php versin  == the version from the repo.12:42
ikoniaNafetsch: ##php is the php support channel, they have some very skilled people12:43
Nafetschok. thank you lordievader and ikonia12:43
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hikenboothi! I have a ubuntu server that is in a microsoft virtual hard drive that is 300GB 220GB is empty space (after shrinking) I tried using clonezilla to clone the vm to a smaller virtual drive but it fails unreacognized sda format...20:44
hikenbootmy question is this20:45
hikenbootcan I create a new vm that is 60GB (2GB for /boot) 58 for system using the ubuntu installer then boot from a live cd the original vm and the new one and rsync the install to new drive20:46
hikenbootafter removing the fresh install from the new drive (just leaving the partitions)?20:46
qman__you can simply rsync the files, then install grub on the new disk20:47
hikenbootif so what rsync switches would i need I would have to preserve all the special files and symlinks20:47
qman__you will have to update fstab for the UUID20:47
qman__rsync -aH20:47
hikenbooti would just copy the data to the new install but its a rather complicated install with lots of customized configs everywhere20:48
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