derekvhere's an interesting thought, you'd usually just have a String column in a table, you wouldn't usually have a FK to a table called "strings" and use it for every column in every table that calls for a string00:01
derekvi think partly that is because there is no interesting difference between the string "derekv" irregardless of where it appears... it's identity _is_ its data00:03
derekv(plus a hundred other reasons)00:03
derekvlike if i had a VehicleBasicDescription{ model_year: num, doors: num, ext_color: color } ... and then I had Vehicle{ vin: string, description: VehicleBasicDescription } and Buyer{ name: string, prefered_vehicle: VehicleBasicDescription }00:10
derekvthere's no conceptual reason to have VehicleBasicDescription be it's own table00:10
cmaloneyGOod morning12:48
cmaloneyHeading to the vet this morning for Pixel's check-up12:49
cmaloneyLooking forward to trying to get her into the cat carrier. :)12:49
rick_h_cat party time16:11
jrwrenhttp://www.amazon.com/dp/B00MNOPS1C/ref=wl_it_dp_o_pC_nS_ttl?_encoding=UTF8&colid=1MPOO6SP217SS&coliid=I2QJAIOV0WK9X  for linux, what do you think?18:23
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cmaloneyGood afternoon21:05
cmaloneyjrwren: 32GB is awfully small21:06
cmaloneyfor $30 more you can get the 15" model with 500GB 5400 RPM drive, and double the memory21:08
cmaloneyThough the ratingsa aren't that great it seems21:08
cmaloneyAcc. to the Q/A section 10GB of that eMMC are reserved for Windows recovery21:10
cmaloneyMight as well get a Chromebook at that rate21:10
_stink_5 hour battery would be my biggest turn off21:19
_stink_that should be on a personal ad21:19
cmaloneyThat's about what I get on my laptop21:19
_stink_"biggest turnoff: 5 hour battery"21:19
cmaloneyI have an older battery / machine though21:19
_stink_all i have is a chromebook these days21:19
cmaloneyso I get about 3 hours tops21:19
_stink_so yeah i'm spoiled for battery21:19
_stink_i traded a real OS for a good battery :P21:20
_stink_anyone in here do radio controlled hobby type stuff?21:42
_stink_i'm looking for a radio recommendation21:42
dickweedjrwren: Get a c720 for the same money. Similar specs with exceptional linux support22:00
dickweedand a much longer battery life22:00
dickweedhmm reading about the proc in that computer and i may be wrong about the battery life22:05
dickweedthe silvermont architecture was designed to be very low TDP (4.5W). The Haswell chips are all fundamentally the same from the 2955u to the 3000$ xeons, the differences are entirely outside the core. Thus, the silvermont processor (in the laptop you linked) may get better battery life but the 2955u (in the c720) will perform better thread-for-thread. at least from what i can see22:07
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mrgoodcati really have to figure out how to get my client to stop doing that after netsplits22:10
mrgoodcatchanges my name to my super old immature username22:10
cmaloney_stink_: my FIL used to do hobby RC stuff but his stuff is super-old.22:25
_stink_ok np.  i found #rc on efnet and they're pretty helpful23:02

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