Kilosmorning all05:46
Kilosinetpro: bushtech hopelik kom dit vandag06:37
Kilosdit sous nou hier06:37
bushtechKilos, lyk belowend hier ook06:37
Kilosklaar gestop ai!06:39
Kiloskom groot reen asb06:39
Kiloshi Tonberry_ 06:40
KilosSymmetria: ping06:41
Kilosyour server was at gprs speed at 1am this morning06:42
* Kilos switched to neology just now06:43
Kilossous weer06:51
Kiloshi Squirm 06:57
Kiloshi captine 06:57
Kilossjoe twice in 2 days06:57
Kilospower stayed on but modem disconnected sigh07:25
Kilos16mm so far07:25
bushtechheh 1mm here07:27
Squirmglorious sunshine here08:42
Kiloskbmonkey: ping09:07
somaunnhello Kilos10:17
somaunnhello superfly10:17
somaunnhello inetpro10:17
Kiloshi somaunn 10:17
somaunnHello Squirm10:17
Kilosno fly or pro here10:17
somaunnokay 10:17
Kilosonly bushtech and i10:18
Kiloswhat did you break?10:18
somaunnhi bushtech10:18
somaunnnothing Kilos10:18
Kilosoh Squirm is here too i think10:18
Kilosthats good10:18
somaunni like to break things (more my system than other things)10:18
Kilosthen use unity, easy to break stuff from there10:19
Kiloskde more stable10:19
somaunnnever ever10:19
somaunnkde is just the way i want it 10:19
Kiloslekker hey10:20
somaunneven gnome is more stable than Unity ....10:20
Kilosthats all im using now10:20
somaunni mean in certain point10:20
Kiloskde seems much stronger and more stable imo10:21
Kilosalso a bit slower though10:21
somaunnyeah u right10:22
somaunndo we have someone very strong at doing KDE and who can tell us in a better way what's in there ?10:22
somaunni wish i will break something on my system today10:22
Kiloswhat do you want to look for in kde10:23
Kilosit has many more tools in10:23
somaunnJust inderstand the real differences etc... in a practical point of view for sure10:24
Kiloswell the fly and pro only use kde10:24
somaunnbut they're not here10:25
Kilosya only me10:25
SquirmI'm around10:25
SquirmHouse sitting for a friend in Hout Bay10:25
Squirmhave to pop into work for a few hours now though10:25
Kiloslekker Squirm 10:25
somaunni want to reach another level of using kde, just fedup using kde in a MS way10:25
Kilosadd three panels then its way different10:26
Squirmsomaunn: what you really want to do is learn to use the cli a lot more10:26
Kilosoh somaunn and add lots of workspaces10:27
Kilosand in the bottom panel you right click and add pager10:27
Kilospager switches between workspaces10:28
Kilosno ms could ever do that10:28
Kilosthen you can also get a different wallpaper for each workspace10:30
Squirmyou can get an application that does it Kilos10:31
SquirmI've come across one that shipped with the Nvidia application10:31
Squirmbbiab, going to work10:31
Kilosenjoy Squirm 10:31
Kiloshi Private_User 13:21
nlsthznoom Kilos... another big one now eh?14:19
Kilosyip nlsthzn im watching too and tara and debs in pidgin14:34
nlsthznunleash THOR15:31
nlsthznI suspect we will have to go back and re-learn basics... seems we can't adapt when we can't out muscle the other team 15:41
KilosMaaz: tell nlsthzn on freenode at least we won, ref made some booboos16:35
MaazKilos: Got it, I'll tell nlsthzn on freenode16:35
Kiloshi Squirm 16:53
Kilosnaand inetpro moeg alweer?17:54
inetprohi Kilos18:13
Kilosons het 20 vandag gekry18:14
Kilosmaar lyk of die weg is nou18:14
* inetpro recovering from a migraine 18:14
Kiloseish skuus man18:14
inetprostill feels as if I was hit by a runaway train18:15
inetprowe had 14 + 418:15
Kilosthats better than it has been, now everything is going to grow lekker18:16
Kiloshi gremble 18:33
gremblehey Kilos 18:33
Kilosi think ive figured out what scalpel does18:33
Kilosit ignores the sda6 and recovers the whole sda18:33
grembleI thought it would do something like that. Since you could have a broken partition table18:34
gremblethen it would not know which partitions are which18:34
Kilosit recovers everything in sda18:34
Kilosthats why it was recovering so much18:35
grembleAh yes18:35
KilosRhi superfly 19:34
Kilosohi too19:34
Kilosdunno where the R came from19:34
superflyhi Kilos19:36
Kilosai! net sick again20:02
=== Sub_Oracle is now known as SubOracle
Kilosnight all. sleep tight20:23

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