bubbasauresalesan, https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Partitioning/Home/Moving00:00
bastidrazoralesan: it works just the same. you'll need to manually add a few things but it isn't going to make a difference00:00
alesanbubbasaures, bastidrazor oh OK so I can safely work with fstab, no special Ubuntu GUI tool in the way?00:04
gcl5cplarzo: Intel Corporation Mobile 4 Series Chipset Integrated Graphics Controller (rev 09)00:04
bubbasauresalesan, Sure, just a config ask any needed questions.00:06
alesanokok I come from Slackware this is easy if it's only about doing stuff on the terminal00:06
bubbasauresalesan, Yeah you can nano...etc00:07
alesanwell... vi come on... :)00:07
oniongrrrlhello can someone please help me? I am having problems connecting to my home wifi. It was working perfectly fine just yesterday I came and tried to login today and it will not connect. I can see the wifi, and I can even connect to my phone hotspot but it wont let me connect to my home wifi. Anyone have any idea why this is? I am using the newest version of Xubuntu.00:08
alesanwhat are the recommended mount flags for a ext4 formatted partition00:10
alesanon a spinning disk00:10
alesannoatime ... ???00:10
oniongrrrlIs there anyone here?00:14
acer_just install xubuntu on my machine00:14
daftykinsoniongrrrl: yes, ask a question if you have one00:15
acer_looking to install xbmc with to watch portuguese tv and navi x for movies...can any1 point me a video tutorial how to have this set up plz ???00:15
oniongrrrldaftykins, hello can someone please help me? I am having problems connecting to my home wifi. It was working perfectly fine just yesterday I came and tried to login today and it will not connect. I can see the wifi, and I can even connect to my phone hotspot but it wont let me connect to my home wifi. Anyone have any idea why this is? I am using the newest version of Xubuntu.00:15
daftykinsoniongrrrl: done any updates since yesterday?00:16
Tobias[L]oniongrrrl: have you updated ubuntu? (as in clicked Update on the notice)00:16
oniongrrrlyes, actually I did.00:16
bozeis there a way to get flash working on chromium? pepper doesn't work. Flash works on firefox :/00:16
daftykinsoniongrrrl: try booting your last kernel by holding left shift at boot time, going to advanced, then selecting the kernel with the second newest version #00:16
Tobias[L]oniongrrrl: check which packages updated00:17
Tobias[L]boze: install google chrome, the plugin got deactivated00:17
bozeTobias[L]: thanks00:17
oniongrrrldaftykins: I got the notice to update and I did, I restarted my wifi router today and not its not working at all. I know the router is working because it connectes to my tablet and phone fine and I can see my home connection it just wont connect. I am talking to you now connected through my phone hotspot.00:17
OerHeksbose pepperflash should work. how did you install? sudo apt-get install pepperflashplugin-nonfree && sudo update-pepperflashplugin-nonfree --install00:18
daftykinsoniongrrrl: right, how does this relate to trying an older xubuntu kernel?00:18
daftykinsoniongrrrl: i'll happily explain it another way if you don't follow my suggestion?00:18
bozeOerHeks: I tried that a bunch. It didnt' work00:19
oniongrrrldaftykins: Im sorry I didn't see your comment about trying the old Kernel.00:19
OerHeksboze, see also here with same commands https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Chromium/Getting-Flash00:19
Tobias[L]acer_: are you familiar with installing programs? sudo apt-get install xbmc should work well, beyond that point google propably is a better call00:19
OerHeksboze, and restart chromiun after that00:19
oniongrrrldaftykins: im using IRC through webchat.freenode.net its not very good lol00:20
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oniongrrrldaftykins:  I will try tha tnow. Thank you! !!00:20
daftykinsTobias[L]: any thoughts on non-kernel updates that could have kicked said wifi? :) curious for my own education00:21
Tobias[L]daftykins: well i know that hostapd regularily kicked the hotspot mode for my ubuntu until i ap-mark hold' it, dunno which package may cause this right now00:22
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Tobias[L]boze: OerHeks: they shut down Npapi support in april, since that getting peeper to work is based on luck in chromium. it also has some weird scaling issue for both my laptops so i gave up and use my regular chrome-opera-firefox instead00:23
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Tobias[L]boze: OerHeks: If you download and install the ‘regular’ version of Google Chrome (the one with the rainbow-coloured icon) then you have no cause for concern. Despite the change, YouTube, Vimeo, etc. will all continue to work “out of the box” on Linux as the browser comes with a bundled version of Flash based on a newer, more secure plugin format.00:25
Tobias[L] 00:25
Tobias[L]If you opt to use Chromium (the one with the blue icon), available from the Ubuntu Software Centre, then you won’t be able to watch/interact with/view Flash content without first extracting and installing the ‘Pepper’ plugin from Google Chrome. This workaround will apply to all browsers based on Chromium.00:25
bozeTobias[L]: flash is working in chrome tyvm! Also solves a problem I was having with google hangouts + screenshare. Life is much better now00:25
Pinkamena_DHello. I have a small SSD which I would like to place a partition on to replace SWAP on the hard drive00:25
Pinkamena_DIf I remove the local swap partition and place a new swap partition (with gparted), will it be noticed?00:26
Tobias[L]boze: yep google chrome has a bundled version of it, works OOTB00:26
bastidrazorPinkamena_D: if you add it to your fstab00:26
k1lPinkamena_D: change the entry in fstab00:26
Tobias[L]Pinkamena_D: you have to edit fstab00:26
bubbasauresPinkamena_D, Just change the UUID in fstab to the new swap.00:26
Tobias[L]oniongirl: did it work?00:27
oniongirlHi again00:27
Pinkamena_Dok, so partition new, change fstab, remove old00:27
oniongirlTobias[L]:  No :(00:27
Pinkamena_Dsounds good00:27
Tobias[L]Pinkamena_D: no sudo gedit00:27
oniongirlI loged using the kernel 13. and its still not working00:27
Tobias[L]oniongirl: look for last updated packages00:27
daftykinsoniongirl: that's a shame, i'll pass over to Tobias[L]' idea now00:28
daftykinsTobias[L]: hate to second guess, but 'sudo' with GUI apps is bad practice, gksu should be used in place00:28
oniongirlTobias[L]:  how can I do that? I had been using the 16.x kernel and it was working I am now logged in using the 13.x kernel00:28
Tobias[L]Tobias[L]: enter        cat /var/log/dpkg.log | grep "\ install\ "       into a  terminal00:28
daftykinsoniongirl: can you tell us your wifi hardware?00:29
Tobias[L]oniongirl:  and paste it on pastebin so the spam wont get filled XD00:29
Tobias[L]daftykins: sorry, used to arch where only sudo sometimes is set up (yeah i have some glorious cases of removed packages00:30
oniongirlTobias[L]:  daftykins   http://pastebin.com/D0nhtTc700:30
daftykinsoniongirl: and the wifi device? "lspci" perhaps00:32
oniongirldaftykins:  http://pastebin.com/jcWERYVh = lspci00:33
daftykinshmm Ralink RT276000:33
Tobias[L]oniongirl: this can take a bit, i hope you dont mind ^^00:33
pzkpfw Hello all. I dualboot 14.04 with Win7 and last night I had the error of no network connectivity upon resuming after suspend00:33
pzkpfwexcept... when I restarted my computer I cannot boot into ubuntu any longer00:33
pzkpfwit says "kernel panic"00:33
daftykinsoniongirl: did you definitely have to install the 3.16 kernel to get working wireless then?00:33
newbhi. need to install ati graphics card. I have the needed drivers downloaded and tried to run this command to run the installer: sudo ./amd-driver-installer-catalyst-13.1-legacy-linux-x86.x86_64.run00:33
oniongirldaftykins:  Tobias[L]  I just want to thank you guys so much for taking the time to  help. I do appreciate your time.00:33
oniongirlTobias[L]:  not at all. I really appreciate your time!00:34
Jordan_Unewb: Don't install proprietary drivers that way, use the "Additional Drivers" tool that comes with Ubuntu.00:34
newbadditional tools?00:34
oniongirldaftykins:  wifi is working the same with the 3,16 Kernel as it is with the one im using now.00:35
KKEmEriC^^ are you online?00:35
Tobias[L]oniongirl: sorry your updated packages are only mono and bamf, nothing stopping connectivity00:35
newbwhere is this additional drivers?00:35
daftykinsoniongirl: i understand it's not connecting now, but when you first installed (v14.04?) did you have working wireless on 3.13?00:35
oniongirlTobias[L]:  strange. the only thing I did was restart my router.Plugged it back in and no wifi.00:36
daftykinspzkpfw: try an older kernel00:36
oniongirldaftykins:  yes. Everything was up-to-date and working perfectly yesterday, and even this afternoon. Went out, came home and no wifi00:36
daftykinsoniongirl: but 3.16 was something that had to be manually added, so i am wondering if you installed that kernel version specifically to get wifi support00:37
Tobias[L]oniongirl: well then the problem propably is with your router, rebooted it already? else this likely wont be a ubuntu problem00:37
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Jordan_Unewb: What version of Ubuntu are you using?00:38
newb14.04 lts00:38
oniongirldaftykins:  no, I installed it a week or so ago. Just to upgrade no particular reason.00:38
pzkpfwKernel panic - not syncing on 14.04 LTS. Problem started after I lost network connectivity upon resuming from suspend. Any ideas?00:39
daftykinsoniongirl: ah i see, it's an odd action to install a kernel not specifically needed for hardware support00:39
oniongirlTobias[L]:  The wifi works great with my phone and tablets no issues. I can see it here in network settings but just not working. It tries to connect but just times out and connects to my phone hotspot00:39
newbi found the additional drivers app.00:40
daftykinsoniongirl: what do you use to manage the wireless network?00:40
oniongirldaftykins:  is it? I just saw on webupd8 that the new kernel was out so I decided to update.00:40
newbhow do i add the ati support?00:40
newbi have a ati radeon hd 455000:40
Tobias[L]oniongirl:  can you cat your syslog after connecting two times?               cat /var/log/syslog00:41
Jordan_Unewb: Just search for "Additional Drivers" in the Unity search bar. Do you know what I mean by "the Unity search bar"?00:41
newbjordan i found it. Im in00:41
daftykinsnewb: are you being offered any fglrx choices?00:41
daftykinsJordan_U: i think the AMD 4xxx series are legacy and only work with 12.04 these days, no?00:41
Jordan_Udaftykins: I have no idea.00:42
daftykinsok i will look that up00:42
daftykinsnewb: your card is no longer supported, you cannot install any other driver under anything newer than ubuntu 12.04.200:43
oniongirlTobias[L]:   http://pastebin.com/hiLxCMUY = Cat /var/log/syslog00:43
daftykinsnewb: you're going to have to get by on the default open source ("radeon") driver00:43
newbreally? that's sad :(00:43
Tobias[L]daftykins: Jordan_U newb: AMD 4xxx is legacy, the last supported linux is linux mint 13 or Ubuntu 12.04 1st version, only the former still around (i have the same legacy 3xxx atm), else try live without full 3D00:44
blamiis there any way to avoid flicker and screen mess when I change multihead configuration?00:44
newbare there any other options?00:45
daftykinsnewb: yep upgrade card00:45
Tobias[L]newb: use an even older linux00:45
daftykinsnewb: what are you hoping to do though? you probably don't need a different driver at all00:45
Tobias[L]oniongirl: looking into it00:45
ianorlinyou could use integrated as well00:45
newbi wanted to play doat 2 on this linux machine.00:45
oniongirlTobias[L]:  thank you!!00:45
daftykinsoniongirl: Tobias[L] - i would recommend deleting your wireless network profile from network manager and recreating, if you haven't already (just to be 100% certain)00:46
Tobias[L]oniongirl: have you changed the MAC to 00:00:00?00:46
Tobias[L]else that is the problem XD00:46
daftykinsTobias[L]: that's the AP side :)00:47
oniongirlTobias[L]:  no I haven't tried anything. daftykins  I deleted my home wifi, restarted and it found it again but same thing it just dosen't want to connect.00:47
oniongirlTobias[L]:  I mean to say I did not change MAC address00:47
Tobias[L]daftykins: since when it gives out 00:00 for this ?00:48
KKEmEriC^^ :)?00:48
daftykinsTobias[L]: i'd ponder that as being a driver issue00:48
oniongirlTobias[L]:  I never noticed it honestly I wouldn't know how to change it myself.00:48
daftykinsTobias[L]: line 437 is interesting00:49
Tobias[L]oniongirl: abouya-something your router ssid?00:50
oniongirlAbuayyoub is my Wifif hotspot the DDW3... is my home wifif00:50
oniongirlmy phone wifi is abuayyoub i meant to say my home wifii SSID is DDW365C700:51
daftykinsthat explains why that one worked :>00:51
oniongirldaftykins:  I should mention that I just got this internet hooked up yesterday. before that I was just using my hotspot with my phone.00:52
Tobias[L]so the interesting line is oniongirl: daftykins: "association took too long, failing activation."00:52
KKEmsomeone whos famillia with TestDisk?00:53
Tobias[L]KKEm: i use it seldomly, what you want to do?00:53
oniongirlTobias[L]:  ok, what does that mean?00:53
daftykinsoniongirl: ah-haaaa do you feel like exploring its' web-based administration pages from one of your other devices?00:53
Tobias[L]daftykins: oniongirl: this is a 100% not ubuntu related00:54
oniongirlYou want me to login to my router?00:54
daftykinsTobias[L]: yeah, i still enjoy networking queries though00:54
daftykinsperhaps we should take it to a more relevant channel, depends if you'd like to follow along, Tobias[L] :)00:54
KKEmi have found the partition i wanna use, but it says "you will have to reboot for the change to take effect" < Tobias[L]00:54
daftykinsoniongirl: yes please and find the wireless security settings page00:54
oniongirlTobias[L]:  oh. Ok, Very strange. Maybe something happened when I rebooted it. Think I should try a reset?00:55
Tobias[L]oniongirl: your router fails to authenticate your device and daftykins yeah why not00:55
Tobias[L]oniongirl: that would be the fastest way00:55
oniongirlTobias[L]:  ok 1 sec. Let me try it on the ipad.00:55
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Tobias[L]KKEm: what partiiton, where, what format?00:55
Tobias[L]KKEm: and especially: why?00:56
KKEmhave you seen EriC^^?00:56
daftykinshe might be there if you highlight him and wait ;)00:56
Tobias[L]'/whois eric gives out he is ericp4 atm00:57
KKEmericp4 :D ?00:58
Tobias[L]Ups nah he isnt but hes online XD try /msg eric00:58
oniongirlTobias[L]:  daftykins  pastebin.com/BK7Ukqwx00:58
daftykinsoniongirl: yeah, hopefully you can find a wifi settings page?00:59
Tobias[L]oniongirl: are you using openwrt or an usual cable modem?00:59
oniongirljust a regular time warner cable box01:00
Tobias[L]oniongirl: maybe they finally try to get you to pay for more than two regular wifi devices XD01:01
daftykinsoniongirl: does your laptop have a wired LAN port you could plug into the router with temporarily in order to upload screenshots of the web admin pages?01:01
Tobias[L]daftykins: even an ipad should be able to display these and the ipad works01:01
daftykinsTobias[L]: yes but the upload of screenshots would be the point of contention there i think01:02
Tobias[L]daftykins: oniongirl: but i agree visual overview sometimes is superior01:02
oniongirlTobias[L]:  everything else seems to connect perectly. :( trying to find default login settings for this router.01:05
Tobias[L]oniongirl: either on the sticker on it or they gave you a  nice and sleek service manual01:05
daftykinsoniongirl: admin : cableroot ?01:07
oniongirlTobias[L]:  I am in. Think I should try resetting to default?01:07
daftykinsoniongirl: nope locate the wifi settings first01:07
Tobias[L]oniongirl: what daftykins said01:07
oniongirldaftykins:  Tobias[L]  ok im in the wifi settings01:08
daftykinsis it on WPA1 with TKIP?01:08
Tobias[L]daftykins: nope wpa201:09
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daftykinsAES/TKIP or no mention of either?01:09
Tobias[L]daftykins: psk01:09
daftykinsthat's a different thing :)01:10
daftykinsother things to look for are channel #, which might be on auto01:10
Tobias[L]daftykins: dunno about that, i just looked int othe config files01:10
daftykinsPSK is just pre-shared-key, i.e. non enterprise password sharing01:10
oniongirldaftykins: Tobias[L]  www.imgur.com/l3Ysvsn01:10
daftykinsoniongirl: try changing 'Control Channel' to 601:11
oniongirldaftykins:  ok01:11
Tobias[L]oniongirl: Access control?01:12
daftykinsoniongirl: obviously after that you'll need to hit 'apply' then i'd reboot it for good measure (via power off and on, if need be)01:12
oniongirlOk I will reboot. hope it works.01:13
daftykinsone suspected thought is it could be down to the mixed mode operation right now01:13
daftykins('g' and 'n')01:13
Tobias[L]daftykins: im happy im still on my Linksys wrt54gl, i had no problems ever01:14
daftykinswow that's a relic!01:14
daftykinshmm as it was on channel 1 i don't suspect much from my idea01:15
Tobias[L]daftykins: hey it doesnt support my networks capabilities sadly (1 gbit/s) but hey ~ it works without any burden on TomatoRAF01:15
daftykins:) i too greatly favour my wired gigabit LAN.01:16
Tobias[L]University network, i have wired 10 gigabit but i have found no router able to match my current router yet01:17
Tobias[L]while having 10 gigabit support and a potent NAT switch with wlan ac dualmode01:18
daftykinshah, yeah can't say i've seen any 10GbE hardware for domestic use01:18
Tobias[L]well some are out in the wild but i would be happy with 1 gbit XD01:19
Tobias[L]i  think over getting myself a netgear firewall, it is a feeling of safety, has nat and wifi01:21
Tobias[L]especially in an university network where every pc and printer shouts out their identity into the network, resulting in 3000 packages/second01:22
iseneI have Pointer_Button2 and Pointer_Button3 mapped to two keyboard keys - but now and then they drop out and I have to hit a key bound to Pointer_EnableKeys to reactivate them (I have no numlock on my keyboard so I had to bind Pointer_EnableKeys to another key - the PrintScreen key). The weird thing about this is that I have an identical laptop (yes Identical) that doesn't behave this way. Any ideas?01:22
Tobias[L]oniongirl: didnt work?01:22
oniongirlTobias[L]:  Didn't work :(01:22
daftykinsTobias[L]: i think this marks your turn on the roulette wheel01:22
daftykinsshall we say nuts and reset the router, or poke another variable? :)01:23
oniongirldaftykins:  I can't think of anything else.01:23
Tobias[L]daftykins: jay XD onion: screencap access restrictions but i think we move closer and closer to "just reset it, else something bigger is to be done"01:23
oniongirlI suppose I can just try reseting to default01:23
daftykinsoniongirl: yeah i have more ideas but go for the reset for fun01:24
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oniongirldaftykins:  ok, back in a few :)01:24
Tobias[L]daftykins: oniongirl: it likely saves us a ton of time01:24
daftykinsTobias[L]: i saw in the syslog that the AP MAC did eventually change, so it's a tad odd it decided to come up with 00's to start with01:27
daftykinsthat model seems a couple of years old at least (wifi card) so i wouldn't be surprised if it's another of the endless tales of Linux and wifi being a pain01:27
daftykinsespecially as Ralink are cheap tat in my experience01:27
Tobias[L]daftykins: ralink, asus, acer and everything under 500€ i usually throw right away in the pc world01:28
j4s0nWhy isn't the sourcecode included with the kernel?01:28
j4s0nlike the .config is01:28
daftykinsthere's a package for that, i think01:29
Tobias[L]j4s0n: its an extra package, ubuntu keeps it this way, makes it smaller01:29
Tobias[L]i believe its kernel-headers or something01:29
ubuntuaddictedhello, i'm trying to get this minecraft launch script to work but i see can not make directory /var/run/screen while the server is booting. how can i fix this? the script is first starting a screen as a certain user and then launching minecraft as a certain user but i guess that user doesn't ahve permission to create a screen session?01:30
Tobias[L]ubuntuaddicted: for ubuntu-server related questions join #ubuntu-server01:31
daftykinscontacting the person that wrote the script would make more sense01:31
xangua!language | explodes01:31
ubottuexplodes: The main Ubuntu channels require that you speak in calm, polite English. For other languages, please visit https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/ChannelList01:31
ubuntuaddictedTobias[L], it's a desktop. :)01:32
explodesWhen i wake up my computer, everything is minimized. Next to the application icons on the Launcher, the usually-solid triangle on the left-hand side is just the outline; when I click the icon, the application does not appear. When I alt-tab to the any application, it also does not appear then.01:32
Tobias[L]explodes: nvidia?01:33
explodes343 iirc01:33
daftykinsthat's a non-packaged version01:33
Tobias[L]explodes: driver problem, i have the same when connecting to a monitor, try another version or instead shutdown01:34
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explodesTo downgrade, simply uninstall 343 and install the current version, right?01:34
=== Yukitteru is now known as Yukinotteru
daftykinsno nvidia-current will be ancient, boot back in and use additional drivers01:34
Tobias[L]explodes: jep or use synaptic to install an even older version01:35
Tobias[L]explodes: or daftykins idea01:35
Tobias[L]daftykins: additional drivers always fail to detect my pc's graphics card (dual gt 650 m)01:35
Tobias[L]oniongirl: i guess it works?01:36
oniongirlTobias[L],  yes!01:36
oniongirlit worked :)01:36
daftykinsTobias[L]: optimus and SLI? 0o01:36
Tobias[L]oniongirl: next time it hiccups reset it, it just takes some time to fully set-up again01:36
oniongirlI reset the router, removed all everything from the wifi settings in Ubuntu, rebooted my PC and it connected!01:36
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Tobias[L]daftykins: no, optimus disabled even if i swap the ultrabay gt650m for an hdd01:37
oniongirldaftykins,  Tobias[L]  thank you so much for your help!!01:37
explodesK. Downgrading to 340.. Wish me luck I guess01:37
Tobias[L]daftykins: Lenovo Y50001:37
oniongirlYou guys are amazing thank you!01:37
daftykins340? 340 isn't packaged either.01:37
Tobias[L]oniongirl: no problem at all01:37
j4s0nTobias[L]: I want the source with the kernel to fufill req.s01:37
daftykinsoniongirl: hopefully it'll last this time, if not i have some configuration ideas01:37
daftykinslol, "i want this" *quit*01:37
navetzdoes internet explorer work in WINE?01:38
oniongirldaftykins,  lol thank you. hopefully it will work for a while at lest.01:38
thoonaiTobias[L]: ultrabay graphics card for an lenovo thinkpad? o.O01:38
Tobias[L]navetz: jep, install playonlinux, it offers IW packages01:38
Tobias[L]thoonai: Ideapad01:38
leonlemoutonexplodes : perhaps  : http://ubuntuhandbook.org/index.php/2014/09/nvidia-343-22-install-in-ubuntu-1404/01:38
thoonaiTobias[L]: thx01:38
Tobias[L]thoonai: Lenovo Ideapad Y500 in max config, successor is the Y510 p01:38
Tobias[L](battery sucks and high-end games slowly get too much for "ultra"01:39
Tobias[L]leonlemouton: explodes is offline01:39
leonlemoutonTobias[L] :( too late01:41
Tobias[L]daftykins: i hope this chat isnt a representation of being an sysadmin XD01:42
thoonaiTobias[L]: this is quite a nice idea01:42
daftykinsTobias[L]: life is far less free in here01:42
Tobias[L]thoonai: can you live with crysis on high and 2 hours bvattery?01:42
Tobias[L]daftykins: how so?01:43
Tobias[L]daftykins: since i wanna get into that after completing university :D01:43
thoonaiTobias[L]: ?01:43
daftykinsa sysadmin would need to swear far more ;)01:43
Tobias[L]thoonai: thats the Y510p if you consider it01:43
Tobias[L]daftykins: oh i know torvalds talk, i am just a polite person XD01:44
Tobias[L]daftykins: also, forgive me my terrible grammar, im just not that well-versed in english since its my second language01:44
thoonaiTobias[L]: I stick to the business models the consumerstuff does not really get me though the UB graca is super nice idea ;)01:45
thoonaiTobias[L]: now I've to go to bed, good night01:45
Tobias[L]thoonai: if it was optimus enabled yes :D  and goodnight!01:45
daftykinsTobias[L]: not a worry at all, your formality has you come across as a far better english speaker than my own casual online approach01:45
Tobias[L]daftykins: english persons talking way sloppier than a german non-native? I'm surprised01:47
daftykinsyeah, through typing laziness01:47
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Tobias[L]well if i can swear i definitely will choose sysadmin XD (making a button just to throw any apple device out the network seems tooooo intriguing, connecting it to a fat red buzzer in the hallway i press on when i'm angry XD01:49
daftykinsTobias[L]: oh, what's the method involved there?01:50
Tobias[L]explodes: got it to work?01:50
explodesI don't know if the "bug was fixed" but the installation went ok01:50
explodesWe'll see!01:51
Tobias[L]daftykins: oh an deauth for every know mac address range and any registered device thats known to be a mac, and while we are at it my patented XD check-script01:51
Tobias[L]mac MAC adress range*01:51
TabmowIS there any way to remove the taskbar at the top of the screen, with the time/logout etc. from additional monitors? I still want it on my main monitor, just not on the others...01:52
OptimizedCoderHi - I want to install a specific version of gcc (gcc-4.1 package)-  but do not want to overwrite my default gcc  (sort of like a sandbox) - this possible? I happen to have a .deb of my preferred gcc which I'd need to use for a specific project. This possible?01:54
Tobias[L]OptimizedCoder: setup a vm, would be the easiest way01:56
OptimizedCoderTobias[L], sheesh - I thought doing something like this was one of the advantages of having a package manager and all that01:57
Jordan_UOptimizedCoder: Tobias[L]: A VM is definitely overkill.01:57
OptimizedCoderTobias[L], - The other way is to just compile that version of gcc from src in a location - but I'mgetting some dang compile errors01:57
Jordan_UOptimizedCoder: Was this .deb file made for the version of Ubuntu you're using?01:57
Tobias[L]OptimizedCoder: unless you want to force it to install somewhere else and link all your software to that... this isnt java XD01:57
OptimizedCoderJordan_U, Yes- for my arch01:58
Jordan_UOptimizedCoder: What do you mean by "for my arch"?01:58
Tobias[L]OptimizedCoder: but definitely possible01:58
OptimizedCoderJordan_U, my cPU's architecture - amd6401:58
OptimizedCoderand also specific to my OS01:58
Jordan_UOptimizedCoder: That's not what I was asking about. Is the .deb for your specific release number of Ubuntu?01:59
OptimizedCoderJordan_U, yep, I addressed that too01:59
Jordan_UTobias[L]: OptimizedCoder: It's entirely normal to have multiple versions of gcc installed simultaniously, and like other similar things the default is handled via update-alternatives.02:00
OptimizedCoderJordan_U, ah ok - I knew about update-alternatives02:00
OptimizedCoderI'll just go ahead and deb install it - and switch to wahtever I want using update-alternatives .. and uninstall it once I'm done02:01
Jordan_UOptimizedCoder: Installing the new version probably won't change the default, and if it does then you can just use update-alternatives to get the default you want back. You can call any specific version of gcc explicitly by running gcc-version.02:01
OptimizedCoderJordan_U, Thanks alot!02:01
Jordan_UOptimizedCoder: You're welcome.02:02
* OptimizedCoder - cue someone pointing me to the difference b/w alot and a lot 02:02
=== hampster is now known as Guest38066
daftykinsOptimizedCoder: no such thing as 'alot'02:03
Tobias[L]whelp 3 am, daftykins nice talking to you, time to power off my oc XD02:03
daftykinsTobias[L]: likewise :) goodnight o/02:03
OptimizedCoderdaftykins, http://4.bp.blogspot.com/_D_Z-D2tzi14/S8TRIo4br3I/AAAAAAAACv4/Zh7_GcMlRKo/s400/ALOT.png02:04
jakesylHey guys, so I recently got a dell poweredge server, and wanted to install debian on it so i did, and usb worked fine and i used an encrypted lvm, and i stopped once it hit 30% to install ubuntu server, I burned ubuntu to usb, and when i try to boot off it it says missing operating system02:04
daftykinsyou fudged your USB drive most likely02:05
Jordan_Ujakesyl: How did you prepare your Ubuntu USB? Is this a UEFI or BIOS based machine?02:05
daftykinsor your download was corrupted02:05
OptimizedCoderjakesyl, Did you use dd to 'burn ubuntu' to the usb?02:05
pizzadudehi my laptop internal mic works in alsa but not pulseauudio02:06
jakesylactually yep02:06
pizzadudecan someone help02:06
pizzadudelaptop is lenovo flex 2 15, running 14.0402:06
jakesylbut the usb worked with debian02:06
OptimizedCoder jakesyl, I've seen issues with burning ISOs to usb using dd with default bs02:07
cassio3can the system detect the device pizzadude?02:07
daftykinsjakesyl: i'd be willing to bet you selected /dev/sdx1 instead of /dev/sdx02:07
OptimizedCoderjakesyl, use dd - copy the iso with bs=1024M or so - that should mostly work02:07
jakesylunetbootin didn't work either so02:07
pizzadudeyes cassio302:07
pizzadudebut not pavucontrol02:07
pizzadudeit works in audacity02:07
daftykinsOptimizedCoder: that's a horrific idea for a blocksize O_O02:07
Jordan_Ujakesyl: What dd command did you run?02:07
OptimizedCoderdaftykins, lol sorry typo02:08
cassio3if it works with audacity02:08
OptimizedCoderjakesyl, use dd - copy the iso with bs=4M or so - that should mostly work02:08
cassio3it's not an ubuntu issue02:08
cassio3(at least not to my mind02:08
pizzadudeok but is there a config file i can edit02:08
pizzadudeto make pulse recognize it02:08
MichaelHabibI have Ubuntu server 14 in a vm. After cloning that VM (full clone) the Network Macc Address has not updated in the Ubuntu server. Any idea how to make Ubuntu detect the new Macc / Hardware without having to hardcode the Mac address in /etc/network/interfaces ?02:11
compdocMichaelHabib, you want a new mac address?02:11
MichaelHabibcopec: yep02:12
compdocyou can use virsh edit to change the address by hand, or just delete the nic and add a new one02:13
MichaelHabibcompdoc: When I cloned the VM, I generated new Mac Address for the network card(s) but running ifconfig still shows that the Network Cards still have the old Mac Addresses02:13
jakesylyup it was the usb02:13
trillcollins_txhi i need some help02:14
compdochave you looked at the file /etc/network/interfaces to see if the mac address is assgined in there?02:16
MichaelHabibcompdoc: I did and no it's not there .02:16
jakesylwait so if i shouldnt use dd how should i burn02:16
compdocdo you use virt-manager?02:17
ubottuPlease don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience02:17
MichaelHabibcompdoc: that's what is confusing me, where else to look and why it's not detecting the new Mac after network restart (ifdown + ifup) and VM reboot02:17
MichaelHabibcompdoc: I have Vmware workstation02:17
compdocoh, sorry, I was thinking qemu-kvm02:18
compdocthats what I use02:18
OptimizedCoderjakesyl, use dd with a low 'bs' arg and you should be fine02:18
OptimizedCoderbs=2M or bs=4M should possibly work02:18
jakesylthat's what i burned at02:19
OptimizedCoderjakesyl, oh02:19
daftykinsjakesyl: nothing wrong with dd, you likely just did it wrong. also, it's NOT burning on a USB drive.02:19
kapilhello, i'm having some problem with x chat in ubuntu, whenever i minimize x chat to tray, it disappears02:19
jakesylwhat's it called then02:19
daftykinscopying :P02:19
OptimizedCoderjakesyl, can you double check if you're writing to the correct device and or if you're d/l is not corrupt?02:19
daftykinsburning is for optical media only02:19
daftykinsjakesyl: did you MD5 the ISO? are you sure you're using /dev/sdX and not /dev/sdX1 ?02:20
trillcollins_texhttp://i.imgur.com/1NAbxOd.png , i was trying to use the ubuntu cd boot helper and right when it was 100% finished, i would get this02:20
Jordan_Ujakesyl: What is the exact and complete dd command you ran? Is this a UEFI or BIOS based machine?02:20
OptimizedCoderfor starters like someone mentioned you don't dd to /dev/sdab1 but rather to /dev/sdab (if /dev/sdab is your usb drive)02:20
=== trillcollins_tex is now known as trillcollins_tx
OptimizedCoderjakesyl, daftykins knows whats up02:20
daftykinsOptimizedCoder: come again?02:21
daftykinsoh i get you02:21
daftykinstrillcollins_tx: WUBI is an abomination, i would not recommend it.02:22
Bashing-omtrillcollins_tx: Is there a particular reason you desire to use WUBI ? There is little support for WUBI .02:22
trillcollins_txnot at all02:22
jakesylsudo dd if=~/Downloads/ubuntulinux.img.dmg of=/dev/rdisk1 bs=1m02:22
trillcollins_txas i remember whatever i downloaded from ubuntu site for my flash drive, thats what was on there02:22
jakesylalso i thought b.s stood for burn speed02:23
trillcollins_txis there anywhere u could send me where i could do it right?02:23
Jordan_Ujakesyl: No, it's block size.02:23
jakesyloh okay02:23
jakesyland what exactly does that mean02:23
Jordan_Ujakesyl: It means the size of the chunks that dd will try to copy using.02:23
jakesyloh okay02:24
jakesylso any idea why that didn't02:24
OptimizedCoderjakesyl, why's that a dmg file - thats a mac osx file?02:24
usr13jakesyl: And as you might imagine, the larger block size will be faster.02:24
daftykinsjakesyl: 'rdisk1' doesn't make sense, plus you used a '1' where i said 2 or 3 times in a row is wrong02:24
Jordan_Udaftykins: They're running dd from OSX.02:24
bubbasaurestrillcollins_tx, That is a wubi issue, not really anyone supporting is all.02:24
Bashing-omtrillcollins_tx: What release of Windows is installed ? ( is the booting EFI or MBR ?)02:25
jakesylso it should be disk102:25
Jordan_Ujakesyl: No.02:25
daftykinsjakesyl: no it's not disk at all. pastebin 'sudo fdisk -l'02:25
OptimizedCoderjakesyl, can you just link us to your o/p of `sudo fdisk -l` with your usb connected (or is there a variant of this cmd for MAC?)02:25
daftykins!paste | jakesyl02:25
ubottujakesyl: For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://imgur.com/ !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.02:25
trillcollins_txi have 8 on the laptop im trying to use it on, and trying to install it on the flash drive02:25
OptimizedCoderdaftykins, great minds think alike :)02:25
daftykinsOptimizedCoder: care to explain the progress thus far then ;)02:26
jakesylhold on i think it worked02:26
OptimizedCoderdaftykins, the important question though - does fdik work on OSX?02:26
bubbasaurestrillcollins_tx, You know it is a file right, on the usb is strange.02:26
trillcollins_txshould i just delete it off of the usb02:27
daftykinsOptimizedCoder: what relevance does that have to this?02:27
bubbasaurestrillcollins_tx, As far as I know it will not run in a uefiW802:27
OptimizedCoderdaftykins, he's running this on MAC, I gues02:27
trillcollins_txallllrighty then well thanks il bbl when i need more help02:28
jakesylokay this time i got isolinux.bin is corrupt02:28
daftykinsjakesyl: can you follow what i'm saying so we can all sleep tonight please :)02:29
jakesylinteresting development, so I tried it on my server and it threw that error, and tried it on my other pc and it worked fine, also ya sure02:30
daftykinsjakesyl: what OS are you making this flash drive up from?02:30
=== MichaelC1 is now known as MichaelC
jakesylos x (don't hate me)02:30
OptimizedCoderdaftykins, I thought he was on MAC OSX..02:30
OptimizedCoderdaftykins, yeah see..02:30
Bashing-omtrillcollins_tx: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1958073 , https://wiki.ubuntu.com/LiveUsbPendrivePersistent , http://www.ubuntu.com/download/help/create-a-usb-stick-on-windows . For starters to give ypu some ideas .02:30
daftykinsyeah i scrolled up but couldn't find confirmation, i have tired 2:30am eyes02:30
Jordan_Ujakesyl: If you don't directly reply to this question I am giving up on helping you. Is the server UEFI or BIOS based? If you don't know, then say so rather than just ignoring the quesition.02:30
jakesylyeah I i've been following this http://www.ubuntu.com/download/desktop/create-a-usb-stick-on-mac-osx02:30
daftykinsOptimizedCoder: he doesn't need a parrot, thanks.02:30
rkhshmi'm trying to build 3.0.101 kernel on a 3.2 base kernel..02:31
jakesylbios unfortunately02:31
rkhshmis it not possible to build ?02:31
jakesyldebian worked fine so02:31
Jordan_Ujakesyl: Great. Where did you get this "ubuntulinux.img.dmg" file from? It's almost certainly not what you want to use. Just use a regular Ubuntu iso.02:31
clockwork_Hello, I am currently on a mobile hotspot with limited bandwidth and I am wondering if anyone can help me get my wifi card working.02:32
jakesylIt says here to convert it to an img http://www.ubuntu.com/download/desktop/create-a-usb-stick-on-mac-osx i converted it from the iso to that image, i verified the iso and everything02:32
daftykinsalright, too many cooks spoilt the broth. good luck02:32
usr13clockwork_: Which wifi card is it?  lspci |grep ireless02:32
Jordan_Ujakesyl: Those instructions are only for making a USB drive for booting from a Mac. Since the target machine, the server, is BIOS based you just want to dd the original .iso file.02:33
clockwork_It's an Atheros card, I do not know the exact model02:33
usr13clockwork_:  lspci |grep ireless02:33
rkhshmany ideas guys?02:33
jakesyloh wow, okay let me try that, but i am curious as to why it's working on my dell pc and not my poweredge server02:33
clockwork_Okay, give me a moment02:33
Jordan_Ujakesyl: Possibly your dell PC is UEFI based?02:34
rkhshmits been a long time since i built any kernel and now i just wanted to know because i'm not able to build the kernel02:34
clockwork_I have to reboot, I removed the wificard to see the tag and forgot to put it back in before restarting02:34
jakesylalso I'm not sure what you meant with rdisk02:34
daftykinsrkhshm: ##linux might be more relevant02:34
rkhshmok thanks02:35
usr13rkhshm: You'll need a registered nick02:35
jakesylalso, dd command sudo dd if=/Users/Jake_Sylvestre/Downloads/ubuntu-14.04.1-server-amd64.iso  of=/dev/rdisk1 bs=1m02:35
rkhshmusr13: yes i'm a reg user02:36
usr13rkhshm: Yes I see now...02:36
Jordan_Ujakesyl: That looks good.02:36
jakesylso any idea why it's working on one bios based pc and not the other?02:36
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Jordan_Ujakesyl: No.02:38
jakesylokay well I'm tryin it now so, I'll tell you what happens02:38
clockwork_I am back, could you repeat the comand I was supposed to enter?02:40
jakesylisolinux.bin missing or corrupt again02:40
businessmanAnyone know of a good android website creator?02:40
clockwork_I believe Webs has an android editor, but I could be wrong.02:40
clockwork_Can anyone help me get my wifi card working? I was just here a moment ago02:41
clockwork_I had to restart to reinstall my wifi card02:42
Bashing-omclockwork_: "  usr13> clockwork_: Which wifi card is it?  lspci |grep ireless " .02:44
jakesylI'll try debian again and see if that works02:44
clockwork_It's an Atheros card but the tag on it says alteros02:44
usr13clockwork_:  lspci |grep ireless02:44
usr13clockwork_: Show us02:44
clockwork_01:00.0 Network controller: Qualcomm Atheros AR9485 Wireless Network Adapter (rev 01)02:45
usr13You have 14.04.1 installed?02:45
Bashing-om!paste | clockwork_02:45
ubottuclockwork_: For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://imgur.com/ !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.02:45
clockwork_I cannot update at the moment however because I am on cellular internet02:46
usr13clockwork_: iwconfig02:46
clockwork_thats the output for iwconfig02:48
usr13lsmod |grep ath9k02:49
=== Error is now known as Guest38963
clockwork_http://paste.ubuntu.com/9017470/ output for lsmod02:50
usr13clockwork_: Looks to me like the wifi card is working.02:51
usr13clockwork_: What does the network-manager say about it?02:51
usr13clockwork_: Is the network-manager not configured to look for wlan0 ?02:52
usr13clockwork_: Or have you looked?02:52
clockwork_I dont even have a command for network-manager let me try installing it?02:52
clockwork_I have not command for network-manager and it is installed, I will also check that link out02:53
usr13clockwork_: What do you have installed?  14.04.1 ?02:53
cryptodanifconfig or iwconfig in terminal will let  you know if you have an IP address on your wlan0 and will let you know the wireless interface02:53
clockwork_I have 14.04.1 installed02:54
usr13clockwork_: sudo iwlist wlan0 scan02:54
clockwork_No scan results02:54
EriC^^usr13: there's no network-manager command02:54
usr13EriC^^: I did not say there was.02:55
EriC^^k thought you wanted something02:55
usr13EriC^^: it is nm-applet  Right?02:55
usr13clockwork_: Do you have a wifi router running near you right now?02:56
cryptodanclockwork_: what does ifconfig or iwconfig show for your wireless?02:57
clockwork_There are multiple networks, I also have my old phone's wifi hotspot on02:57
usr13cryptodan: http://paste.ubuntu.com/9017452/02:57
cryptodanand rfkill list all?02:58
cryptodanseems like its not beaconing out03:00
clockwork_Is there a way to fix this?03:00
cryptodandid this work in windows?03:00
usr13clockwork_: Go to the link I sent you. (It may *not* be working as it should.)  (This is assuming there *is* a wireless access point in range right now.)03:00
Clockwork[wifi]I got disconnected just now03:02
usr13Clockwork[wifi]: http://askubuntu.com/questions/461417/wireless-not-working-on-kubuntu-14-04-qualcomm-atheros-ar948503:02
Clockwork[wifi]I tried both answers03:02
Clockwork[wifi]Neither worked03:03
Clockwork[wifi]well ubuntu doesnt have a driver manager, does it?03:03
usr13Clockwork[wifi]: What does the network manager say about it?03:03
usr13Clockwork[wifi]: ... anything ?03:04
MarcusLawIs 14.10 buggy?03:04
Clockwork[wifi]nothing, still no networks in the list03:04
usr13Clockwork[wifi]: And you do, in fact, have a Wireless Router close by?03:05
EriC^^Clockwork[wifi]: are you sure there are networks in the list?03:05
basil1xLinux is a work very much in progress, MarcusLaw03:05
EriC^^Clockwork[wifi]: try unity-control-center network , then press use as hotpot03:05
MarcusLawbasil1x: I asked about 14.10.03:05
=== james is now known as Guest38357
Clockwork[wifi]Yes, on my windows computer I can picking up 5 wireless networks with a strong signal, plus the hotspot on my old phone is active03:05
Guest38357hi all03:05
usr13Clockwork[wifi]: And is it 802.11 ?  (2.4GHz)?03:05
basil1xUbuntu qualifies as linux.03:05
MarcusLawbasil1x: I'm talking about 14.10 specifically. -_-03:06
Clockwork[wifi]my phone?03:06
MarcusLawbasil1x: Are you implying that dumb questions get dumb answers?03:06
basil1xNo.  Just that you learn to expect a certain amount of bugs in the system.03:07
basil1xFact of having a computer, it is.03:07
Clockwork[wifi]Give me a moment, I'm trying to gather some info on my phone03:08
revhippiedoes anyone here know why they removed the ipx packages from 14.04?  (at least, i think they did...)03:08
Clockwork[wifi]I belive it is 802.1103:09
daysmark_can you hear me?03:09
usr13Clockwork[wifi]: If the WiFi router's radio only transmits on the 5GHz frequencies, this particular network interface won't connect to it, (it appears to be 802.11bgn which I think is 2.4GHz only).03:11
usr13Someone correct me if I'm wrong.03:11
cryptodanit should work at 2.4 and 5ghz03:12
usr13Qualcomm Atheros AR9485 Wireless Network Adapter (rev 01)03:13
daysmark_what are you talk about?03:13
uhelpHow do I get the title to appear when I use alt-tab in 14.04?  I worked just fine in 8.04.03:13
Clockwork[wifi]my phone does broadcast using the 802.11b and 802.11g  frequences, it isn't capable of 5ghz03:13
Clockwork[wifi]according to my information03:13
uhelpI looked in "Application Switcher" settings in ccsm but didn't see anything.03:14
cryptodanN works in both 2.4 and 5Ghz03:14
mendnwngs...Interesting.. First time back on IRC since, 2002 or so.. Cool to see it still going.03:14
SchrodingersScatmendnwngs: party never stopped03:15
mendnwngsSchrodingersScat, guess I'm just late :-)03:15
Clockwork[wifi]"EriC^^> Clockwork[wifi]: try unity-control-center network , then press use as hotpot" my wifi card seems to broadcast just fine03:15
usr13cryptodan: The above link says 24 GHz  but it obviously means 2.403:15
Clockwork[wifi]this phone is an older HTC Desire (with a whole wopping 124mb of space to store my stuff in03:16
mendnwngsIs there a more sociable channel?03:16
SchrodingersScat!ot | mendnwngs03:17
ubottumendnwngs: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!03:17
usr13cryptodan: Clockwork[wifi] Actually, on page three it says "1x1 802.11n 2.4 GHz WLAN"03:17
mendnwngsOh, cool.. Thank you03:17
lotuspsychjegood morning to all03:17
usr13cryptodan: Clockwork[wifi] ... but on that same page, it also says, "Frequency Band03:18
usr132.4 GHz03:18
cryptodanid replace the card that adheres to the standards03:18
usr13cryptodan: Yea, but if the router is dual-band, he can just revert to 2.4GHz03:18
Clockwork[wifi]I have another card that also doesnt seem to work, however this one works slightly more often when im in the live disk03:19
cryptodanwhich the card should do automatically03:19
usr13cryptodan: Many of them are now-days03:19
Clockwork[wifi]the other card works on my windows computer.03:19
Clockwork[wifi]which is actually quite old03:19
usr13Clockwork[wifi]: What is it?03:19
usr13Clockwork[wifi]: What chip-set?03:19
Clockwork[wifi]I don't know, but it shows up as a Ralink card03:20
usr13Clockwork[wifi]: Bottom line is, you need to find out what you have and what you are trying to connect to... try and match it  up.03:20
Clockwork[wifi]everything suggests updating the drivers but the download for the specific card is gone03:20
usr13Clockwork[wifi]: This is a Desktop Computer?03:20
Clockwork[wifi]This is a laptop03:20
lotuspsychjejust for info: system76 has renewed their website with ubuntu computers03:21
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usr13Clockwork[wifi]: Here is a USB device: http://www.iogear.com/product/GWU625/ (About $25 or so)03:22
Clockwork[wifi]I would buy one but I am short on money right now03:22
Clockwork[wifi]however I just found a page that may help me, I'm seeing if there are some possible solutions on it03:23
usr13Clockwork[wifi]: It appears to be 2.4GHz only as well, but I have one that works pretty well.03:24
usr13Clockwork[wifi]: Ok, good luck...03:24
EriC^^Clockwork[wifi]: did you try lshw -C network ?03:24
EriC^^Clockwork[wifi]: if not please pastebin the output03:24
Clockwork[wifi]do you know anything about ndisgtk? apparently I can install windows drivers with it03:24
Clockwork[wifi]I will try that right now03:24
lotuspsychje!ndiswrapper | Clockwork[wifi]03:26
ubottuClockwork[wifi]: Wireless documentation, including how-to guides and troubleshooting information, can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs03:26
cryptodanthe wireless access points could be preventing older protocols and just allowing N on 5Ghz03:28
Clockwork[wifi]my phone connection reset03:28
EriC^^Clockwork[wifi]: is there anything in additional drivers about the wifi card?03:31
Clockwork[wifi]There isn't03:31
Clockwork[wifi]I'm trying ndisgtk03:31
Clockwork[wifi]maybe that might work03:31
usr13Clockwork[wifi]: Is your 14.04.1 install fully updated?03:31
Clockwork[wifi]I wish I could update but I cant due to limited bandwidth03:31
usr13Clockwork[wifi]: Get updated first and then see..03:32
usr13Clockwork[wifi]: Can you get a wired connection?03:33
Clockwork[wifi]Not at the moment03:33
Clockwork[wifi]It will be a while before internet is hooked up at the current rate03:33
Clockwork[wifi]but my neighbors have wifi so i'm trying to get the wifi card working03:34
trillcollins_txi was talking to somebody earlier about installing unbuntu onto my flash drive and this coming up - http://i.imgur.com/1NAbxOd.png, and somebody said that wubi was a shit03:34
trillcollins_txso i looked for an alternative installer to wubi and found virtualbox03:35
lotuspsychjetrillcollins_tx: try universal usb installer03:35
trillcollins_txi did that03:35
lotuspsychjetrillcollins_tx: you want to create an usb for install right?03:35
trillcollins_txits not running ubuntu when i reboot though03:35
lotuspsychjetrillcollins_tx: did you try wubi or universal usb installer?03:36
trillcollins_txi created the usb for install, but nothing is running when i reboot, so i open the folder and run the wubi exe to help me try to boot it from the flash03:36
trillcollins_txusb installer worked fine03:36
trillcollins_txi tried wubi03:36
lotuspsychjetrillcollins_tx: wubi doesnt work for all ubuntu versions anymore03:36
lotuspsychjetrillcollins_tx: universal usb installer should work fine..03:37
trillcollins_txso should i use this virtualbox03:37
lotuspsychjetrillcollins_tx: no, virtualbox id for simulating an Os03:37
Bashing-omtrillcollins_tx: " At this time, Wubi does not work with Windows 8 default boot-loader " -> https://wiki.ubuntu.com/WubiGuide/ .03:38
lotuspsychjetrillcollins_tx: you can try unetbootin03:38
lotuspsychjetrillcollins_tx: but universal usb installer is the best i found so far03:39
lotuspsychjetrillcollins_tx: you sure you tryed it?03:39
trillcollins_txyeah i did the universal usb installer that is on ubuntu's website, and it wrote everything on the flash drive fine03:39
lotuspsychjetrillcollins_tx: and you chose the right architecture?03:40
lotuspsychjetrillcollins_tx: did you change bios settings to boot the usb?03:40
trillcollins_txno i really dont know how to do that03:41
lotuspsychjetrillcollins_tx: you have a win8 machine?03:41
trillcollins_txi pressed f12 when it was booting up but i got nothing03:41
lotuspsychjetrillcollins_tx: you need to disable secureboot and enable legacy bios03:41
trillcollins_txhow do i do that03:41
lotuspsychjetrillcollins_tx: go into bios and find secureboot03:42
mjaykif I have duel graphics intel and nvidia do I need to do anything differently when updating graphics card drives03:42
trillcollins_txokay brb03:43
lotuspsychjetrillcollins_tx: good luck!03:43
trillcollins_txthank you kind sirs!03:43
lotuspsychjetrillcollins_tx: you want dualboot or single boot?03:43
trillcollins_txis dualboot having win8 and ubuntu?03:43
lotuspsychjetrillcollins_tx: yes03:44
trillcollins_txthen no i just want ubuntu on it03:44
lotuspsychjenice choice!03:44
lotuspsychjethen your good to go03:44
lotuspsychjejust disable secureboot and install ubuntu on whole hd03:45
lotuspsychjetrillcollins_tx: come back here if you need anything else mate03:45
trillcollins_txokay ima stay here for a sec to make sure everything goes smoothly03:45
lotuspsychjetrillcollins_tx: your on another box?03:46
trillcollins_txyeah im putting it on another laptop03:46
* basil1x watches with interest. Initial installs for new friends are always interesting to observe. Karmic gave me a fright initially, I can tell you.03:46
lotuspsychjebasil1x: :p03:47
ubottuUbuntu 9.10 (Karmic Koala) was the eleventh release of Ubuntu. !End-Of-Life on April 29th 2011, see http://ubottu.com/y/karmic for details.03:47
lotuspsychjelong time ago :p03:47
cryptodanonly 3 years03:47
basil1xWell... it was like losing an old, slightly daft and annoying friend.03:47
trillcollins_txwell the up arrow on the keypad isnt working lol03:48
basil1xWinXP, that was.03:48
trillcollins_txIM IN THE DAMN BIOS MENU03:48
lotuspsychjetrillcollins_tx: plz keep the language polite mate03:48
lotuspsychjetrillcollins_tx: try F5 and F6 to up/down values03:48
trillcollins_txsweet thanks03:48
trillcollins_txnope just beeping at me03:49
mjayknum lock / tab / any weird laptop fn key03:49
trillcollins_txnvm got it03:49
jakesylJordan_u I accidentally delete the utility partition while trying to setup the encrypted lvm which screwed up my raid card in case you were wondering03:50
trillcollins_txokay now im doing the legacy support, it asks me yes or no, i cant move left or right for yes/no or press f5/f6 to go to yes03:51
lotuspsychjesomeone knows a GUI package to enable/disable /etc/init system services? now im disabling them the manual way with service.override trick03:51
lotuspsychjetrillcollins_tx: read at bottom, should tell you what key to press03:52
trillcollins_txi know but the button itself isnt working03:52
lotuspsychjetrillcollins_tx: try Fn combo like mjayk suggested03:53
lotuspsychjetrillcollins_tx: did you get a warning about bios needs reboot first?03:54
lotuspsychjetrillcollins_tx: then reboot first and go back into bios lol03:54
trillcollins_txlol i hate it03:54
lotuspsychjetrillcollins_tx: your almost there03:55
trillcollins_txi knowww03:55
darknessthekiddHow can I make a Windows 7 USB installer from Xubuntu?03:55
darknessthekiddWhat program do I Need?03:55
lotuspsychjedarknessthekidd: there is a package 'winusb' but needs ppa add03:55
mjaykdarknessthekidd: the iso and hte windows usb creater03:55
darknessthekiddWhat is the PPA I need to add? Should I just google it?03:55
lotuspsychjedarknessthekidd: yes google winusb for ubuntu03:56
lotuspsychje!ppa | darknessthekidd keep this in mind also03:56
ubottudarknessthekidd keep this in mind also: A Personal Package Archive (PPA) can provide alternate software not normally available in the offical Ubuntu repositories - Looking for a PPA? See https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+ppas - WARNING: PPAs are unsupported third-party packages, and you use them at your own risk. See also !addppa and !ppa-purge03:56
darknessthekiddYep, Ik thanks anyways.03:57
jakesylanyone here have experience with dell servers?03:57
lotuspsychjejakesyl: best is ask your ubuntu issue mate03:58
Seven_Six_TwoI have a dell server.03:58
Seven_Six_Twoalthough it's an older one03:58
Seven_Six_TwoI don't know if I'03:58
Seven_Six_Twosorry.. I don't know if I'd call it experience. It sits under the stairs and does its thing. I blow the dust out every few months. It's more Ubuntu experience than anything.03:59
lotuspsychjejakesyl: checkout the #ubuntu-server guys aswell04:00
trillcollins_txokay do i HAVE to do this legacy boot04:01
darknessthekiddThanks, I found the command I was missing for WinUSB it was a extra command than normal to add the PPA.\04:01
lotuspsychjetrillcollins_tx: now you should be able to set usb as first boot and override uefi04:02
lotuspsychjetrillcollins_tx: yes, legacy instead of uefi w804:02
trillcollins_txcuz something is wrong with the keyboard and it wont let me use the left or up buttons so i cant enable legacy boot04:03
lotuspsychjetrillcollins_tx: you can try the ##hardware guys if you really cant find your right keys04:04
=== Mohi is now known as IAmNotThatGuy
lotuspsychje!info bonnie++ | Ben6404:21
ubottuBen64: bonnie++ (source: bonnie++): Hard drive benchmark suite. In component main, is optional. Version 1.97.1 (utopic), package size 64 kB, installed size 188 kB04:21
vijaihello can anybody say how could I get keyboard quick toggles work in ubuntu 14.04 LTS?04:28
vijaiMy laptop is asus x550ld04:28
ubuntuaddictedi have a question, i want to edit my audacity launcher but the suggestion is to make it Exec=env PULSE_LATENCY_MSEC=30 audacity %U whereas the default desktop file has audacity %F. what's the U vs the F?04:29
=== kerosene__ is now known as kerosene
krytarikubuntuaddicted: See here: http://standards.freedesktop.org/desktop-entry-spec/latest/ar01s06.html04:36
dawsoni had a question about displays :P04:41
dawsonkind of a complex one to04:41
dawsonanyone up for the task?04:41
dawsonanyone even on?04:42
reisiodawson: I don't see your question04:42
dawsonoh XD04:42
reisiodid it go away since you had it? :p04:42
dawsonmy question is that i had 2 displays and one monitor broke04:42
dawsonso im now on the one display04:42
dawsonso now when im trying to open some programs it loads onthe other monitor but its not even there04:43
reisiobut that isn't a question :p04:43
dawsonit is04:43
dawsonim asking how to fix it XD04:43
reisiois it? :p04:43
dawsonasked how to fix it basically04:43
reisiodawson: what's your graphics device?04:43
dawsonnvidia geforce the 1gb card04:43
reisiodawson: lsmod | grep nvidia04:44
dawsondo i have to go to the nvidia control panel?04:44
dawsonwhats that lsmod thing reisio?04:44
reisioit deletes all your data04:44
dawsonuhm all of what data04:44
reisioit says what driver you're using04:45
Halanybody there?04:45
Halneed help with drivers04:45
reisioHal: ?04:45
=== Hal is now known as Guest5343
dawsonreisio i cant screw around with the data04:45
dawsoni got things that i physically CANNOT lose04:46
Guest5343NickServ : I dont get you04:46
Guest5343I got asus x550ld04:46
Guest5343And I dont see my gpu in proprietary drivers window04:46
cryptodandawson: is the broken monitor unplugged?04:47
lyntooonly unplug and reboot, the defect monitor don't fix your display trouble?04:47
dawsonthe power cable for the monitor and the display cable04:47
dawsonive also made sure in the nvidia settings and display settings that the monitor that is broken is gone04:47
cryptodanrun xrandr and dpaste.com the results04:48
dawsonuhm ok one second04:48
reisiodawson: it says what driver you're using04:48
reisioGuest5343: where?04:48
dawsonho do i get it copies04:48
cryptodanhighlight and right click and select copy04:48
dawsonreisio my driver is a proprietory (idk if i spelled it right) driver04:48
Guest5343reisio: in Softwares and updates -> Additional drivers04:49
reisiodawson: what does 'lsmod | grep nvidia' say?04:49
reisioGuest5343: ?04:49
dawsonreisio im not doing that because you said 2 things04:50
Bashing-omGuest5343: Show what we are working with -> sudo lshw -C display | pastebinit < -.04:50
dawsonone being that it deletes my data and you saying it resets my display stuff04:50
dawsoncryptodan: http://dpaste.com/0C5TMXC04:50
reisiodawson: heh04:50
dawsonreisio i dont mess around.....04:50
reisiodawson: but if I'd said "it makes all your dreams come true", then you would have trusted me?04:50
* reisio rolls eyes04:50
cryptodandawson: wierd you are using one monitor04:51
reisioit was a joke, vis-a-vis the pointlessness of asking04:51
dawsoncryptodan its just loading skype up on the non existant monitor04:51
reisioyou can either take a person's word on something, or you can look up what a command does and know what it does04:51
reisiojust asking is pointless :p04:51
cryptodandawson: are you sure its not configured to load up on another workspace?04:51
dawsonhow do i check that O_O04:51
cryptodandawson: take a screensot of your full desktop and upload it to imgur.com04:52
Guest5343Bashing-om: http://paste.ubuntu.com/9018891/04:52
dawsonscreenshot button :P?04:52
dawsonprtscr right?04:52
dawsonk one sec crypt04:53
Bashing-omGuest5343: Look'n at http://paste.ubuntu.com/9018891/ .04:53
dawsoncryptodan: http://imgur.com/zrwjhP204:54
vAd0rCan someone confirm how i should be restarting tftpd04:54
dawsonwait wait wait WAIT04:54
dawsoni think it resolved itself04:54
vAd0rsudo /etc/init.d/xinetd stop or sudo service xinetd restart04:54
vAd0rand what is the diff04:54
dawsonskype opened up on the right onitor one sec04:55
dawsonok well nvm04:55
XPOHhello, guys. is it possible to disable auto display detecting in ubuntu?04:55
dawsonjust ubuntu being itself :3 (jk about that btw)04:55
vAd0ri made some changes to my settings and now i do not see it started and listening in my processes04:56
XPOHit accidentally changes the resolution to lower, when i pressing system settings or display settings04:57
Michael___I want to add a new service at startup under condition that it should be run if the network's already up. I want to do it using upstart. Currently I'm reading through the documentation to get to know how to set up this, but if you can provide me with quick explanation I'll be grateful.04:57
Michael___*should be running04:57
Guest5343Bashing-om: Any idea?04:58
lotuspsychje!upstart | Michael___04:58
ubottuMichael___: Upstart is meant to replace the old Sys V Init system with an event-driven init model.  For more information please see: http://upstart.ubuntu.com/04:58
Michael___lotuspsychje: yes, I know. The problem's that I don't know which the event is responsible for the state "the network is up and running" (note "the network" and not "the network device").04:59
lyntooservice --status--all  (to view running services)05:00
=== Yukinotteru is now known as Yukitteru
Michael___lyntoo: thanks, it's given me some ideas. Now, I'll have to reboot.05:02
lyntoonp, you can also start by command like service tftpd-hpa start05:04
linuxmintHello, I'm setting up RAID MDADM for the 1st time. I believe I need to add Terminal commands, so should I install a Linux OS, as my blank HDDs are not betting yet. Just the BIOS.05:04
=== x_ is now known as DF3D2
Bashing-omGuest5343: Intel is not in my bag of tricks. I find this interesting that "Haswell-ULT Integrated Graphics Controller >> vendor: Intel Corporation >>  configuration: driver=nouveau . Where 'nouveau' is the Nvidia open source diver ! What returns -> lspci | grep Display <- ?05:09
XPOHhello, guys. is it possible to disable auto display detecting in ubuntu?05:14
daftykinsXPOH: for what purpose?05:17
XPOH it accidentally changes the resolution to lower, when i pressing system settings or display settings05:18
=== Michael__ is now known as Guest62333
XPOHor when i'm typing commands in terminal, related to graph mode05:18
daftykinsXPOH: sooo... don't do that? :)05:19
Guest62333But if I want to add a startup script which is dependent on a service run by a sysv-style script, then I'll have to do it using sysv-style script, yes?05:19
XPOHit's most frequent case, it does it, when it wants. as if ubuntu lived it own life )05:20
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tman21Good Evening guys, anyone have any suggestions with Dota 2.  My computer will lock up on loading screen about 50% of the time05:29
Noskcajtman21, What version of ubuntu are you on, and what graphics driver are you using05:30
=== ubuntu is now known as Guest71122
tman21Noskcaj: i'm using 14.04 and i'm using  fglrx-updates propietary05:32
=== guest-Rkxcen is now known as lyntoo
tman21this is a fresh install of 14.04 as of tonight05:33
strong[help] How can i use -O2 -o together in gcc05:34
lotuspsychjehow can i show unrar speed from terminal?05:34
lyntoowhat idiot i am, i run startx and crap my longin user session05:37
Noskcajtman21, I can't really help then, as that was working fine for me05:45
loserbuntui have a problem with ubuntu 12.0305:48
loserbuntu12.04 i mean05:48
loserbuntui downloaded 2 .deb files and tried to install them with terminal05:48
loserbuntubut they had dependencies and thus i dont want to install them anymore05:48
loserbuntubut now an Errorcount>0 error appeared05:49
rajuloserbuntu: try with sudo apt-get install -f05:49
rajuthat will fix the dep's05:49
loserbuntuyes, but that will try to install all the dependencies05:49
loserbuntui dont want to do that05:49
rajuto help you better , we need log .05:49
loserbuntuwhat do you need?05:49
xangualoserbuntu: how about you install trusted software packages from repositories? Can you even mention what are you trying to install?05:49
Abhijitwhat is apache called in 14.04? sudo service apache start and apache2 gives error servire not known05:50
Abhijitunrecognized server.05:50
loserbuntudont remember the exact name05:50
loserbuntuit was a stupid mistake on my part05:50
loserbuntui deleted the .deb05:50
loserbuntui dont want to continue installing them05:50
lotuspsychjehow can i show speed/time unrarring an archive from terminal?05:51
loserbuntubut when i type sudo dpkg --configure -a05:51
loserbuntuthe .debs are still mentioned05:51
rajuAbhijit: its apache205:51
rajugive us the log05:51
* Abhijit type the whole again..05:51
Abhijitraju, sudo service apache2 start05:52
Abhijitapache2: unrecognized service05:52
lotuspsychje!patience | loserbuntu05:52
ubottuloserbuntu: Don't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. While you wait, try searching https://help.ubuntu.com or http://ubuntuforums.org or http://askubuntu.com/05:52
rajuAbhijit: do as  service --status-all | grep apache05:52
rajuand look at what output says05:53
rajuloserbuntu: please wait bro , while I am helping someone here05:53
rajuloserbuntu: I told you bro , I need log .05:53
loserbuntui came here before him05:53
loserbuntuhow do i get the log?=05:53
loserbuntui am a complete noob05:53
rajuso I told you bro , I need log. just copy and paste the terminal code and pastebin or some note taking online site and paste that link herer05:54
loserbuntulog of what,?05:54
rajuwhat you have tried. what you have entered and what you got.05:54
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=== Blob is now known as Taco
=== Taco is now known as Bump
=== Bump is now known as Bump_
Bump_If I pull a hard drive from one computer would I be able to put it in a computer with a lower amount of RAM05:54
rajuMention the RAM value05:55
Abhijitraju, http://paste.fedoraproject.org/150987/41603092/05:55
rajuand Bump_  I am not getting your question.05:55
loserbunturaju: ok heres the log : http://pastebin.com/55Favk5M05:55
Bump_2GB for the new computer and 4GB for the one where the hard drive came from05:56
Bump_raju, Does Ram affect switching out hard drives05:56
rajuBump_: come on bro . You can place the harddisk if it is compatible. Its doesnt matter with RAM05:56
Bump_Okay thank you05:57
Abhijitraju, apache is not listed in that output.05:57
rajuAbhijit:apache2 service I think you havent installed05:57
XPOHis it possible to disable auto display detecting in ubuntu?05:57
Abhijitraju, okey.05:57
loserbunturaju, is that the log you wanted05:57
lotuspsychjeXPOH: whats your end goal exactly?05:57
rajusudo apt-get install apache2 and thanks for not reviewing my resume05:58
rajuloserbuntu: looking bro05:58
Abhijitraju, which resume? when did you sent me?05:58
rajuAbhijit: nice act .05:58
XPOH<lotuspsychje> i want to set my displays resolution ones and forget about it05:59
rajuloserbuntu: there is a problem. In my office pastebin is blocked.  http://paste.fedoraproject.org/ use this05:59
rajupaste here and give me link05:59
lotuspsychje!xrandr | XPOH05:59
ubottuXPOH: XRandR 1.2 is the new method of running dual screens in !X.  Information/HowTo here: http://wiki.debian.org/XStrikeForce/HowToRandR1205:59
Bump_raju, What if the Hard drive in the new computer is a SSD does it matter then06:00
loserbuntuyou should have told me beforehand that pastebin is blocked06:00
rajuBump_: Bro I did mentioned already , if its compatible ... same type of socket then no problem. RAM doesnt matter06:00
Bump_Okay just wondering. Thank you06:01
rajucheck whether your PC type will support or not /06:01
ubottuXRandR 1.2 is the new method of running dual screens in !X.  Information/HowTo here: http://wiki.debian.org/XStrikeForce/HowToRandR1206:01
rajuloserbuntu: as I told you you have to do either " sudo apt-get install -f " or install gdebi and try to install those deb's from gdebi which can take care of dependencies automatically.06:02
XPOHlotuspsychje, i,ve found this http://www.ubuntugeek.com/how-change-display-resolution-settings-using-xrandr.html06:02
HerroWorldswhy does it feel like freenode is broken?06:02
HerroWorldsits not forcing me to identify before talking06:03
rajuHerroWorlds: what makes you feel like that ?06:03
XPOHbut can't find /etc/gdm/Init/Default in my system06:03
HerroWorldsraju: It's not forcing me to identift06:03
loserbunturaju: does that mean that i have to install those dependencies to remove them?06:03
rajuHerroWorlds: you check in maintab of freenode . there it will tell you to notify06:03
HerroWorldsits not forcing me to ident before i can talk in channels...06:04
rajuloserbuntu: No  you need them to install those deb's you are trying to install06:05
loserbunturaju: I no longer want to install those debs06:05
loserbuntui want them removed, flushed out06:05
rajucome on bro06:05
loserbuntuall references to them06:05
rajuso now you dont want to install them >06:05
loserbuntuyes, that's what i said06:05
loserbuntui made the mistake to try install them06:06
loserbuntui want everything the way it was before06:06
rajubut you first said you want to install them06:06
loserbuntui didnt06:06
loserbuntui just want that dependency error gone06:06
loserbuntuI want that BrokenCount>0 error gone06:06
rajuso to avoid error i want you to install those deps06:07
loserbuntui wont install them06:07
rajucome on06:07
loserbuntuis there no way to remove them?06:07
rajuyes you can remove them using06:07
loserbuntuusing what?06:07
rajudpkg -r packagname06:07
XPOHwhy not install them first, and than normally remove?06:08
loserbuntuok ill try that06:08
Guest18686hey I've connected my android device but ubuntu does not read/recognize it. I'm on ubuntu 14.04.06:08
TabmowIS there any way to remove the taskbar at the top of the screen, with the time/logout etc. from additional monitors? I still want it on my main monitor, just not on the others...06:08
rajuXPOH: hmm he dont wanna isntall06:08
=== Guest18686 is now known as bwk
loserbuntuyes i dont06:08
bwkhey I've connected my android device but ubuntu does not read/recognize it. I'm on ubuntu 14.04.06:08
loserbuntui think it worked, raju06:09
rajubwk make sure you have connected in MSC mode06:09
rajuloserbuntu:r good06:09
rajumass storage mode bro06:09
bwkraju what does that mean?06:09
bwkraju, and how do I do it?06:09
cfhowlettbwk upgrade to 14.04.1    set your android as "storage" mode in the settings06:09
loserbunturaju: ok, it says removed06:09
loserbuntubut now how do i get rid of that ugly red circle with the minus sign?06:10
rajuTwo modes one for Images a and Mass Storage . From USB Settings you can choose06:10
rajujust do06:10
BlasterHow come I get “System program problem detected” after every restart?06:11
rajuloserbuntu: just do sudo apt-get update ; sudo apt-get upgrade ; its like you interreputed/mess with some installlation06:11
loserbuntuill try it06:11
rajuBlaster: see more detail why its coming06:11
loserbuntudid sudo apt-get update06:11
cfhowlettBlaster, how would we know?  read the error details message06:11
loserbuntustill the ugly red circle06:11
rajurestart and try again06:12
BlasterSorry let me get the message.06:12
BlasterExecutablePath /usr/lib/upower/upowerd crashed with SIGSEGV in service_client_free().06:12
BlasterEvery single time I restart this happens.06:13
rajureport a bug then06:13
rajuapport upower in terminal i think06:14
ubottuAs you can see, this is a large channel. If you're speaking to someone in particular, please put their nickname in what you say (use !tab), or else messages get lost and it becomes confusing :)06:14
rajucfhowlett: ok ok i got it . thank you06:14
cfhowlettraju, :)06:14
loserbuntu_ok i think it worked06:17
loserbuntu_i no longer see that ugly red circle06:17
loserbuntu_thank you06:17
loserbuntu_do you think i should upgrade to 14.04?06:17
loserbuntu_i have 12.0406:17
cfhowlettloserbuntu_, both are long term support.  your choice.06:18
cfhowlettloserbuntu_, note: you can directly upgrade 12.04 >>> 14.0406:18
loserbuntu_is 12.04 still supported?06:18
loserbuntu_yea, i heard about that06:18
Ben64until 2017, yes06:18
cfhowlettloserbuntu_, 5 years on the desktop = until 201706:18
loserbuntu_ok great06:19
ubottuThe official ubuntu support channel is #ubuntu. Also see http://ubuntu.com/support and http://ubuntuforums.org and http://askubuntu.com06:19
rajuHi cfhowlett How can I see complete bot options06:19
loserbuntu_i was wary of upgrading to 14.04 since i heard of failed upgrades leaving the installation corrupt06:19
cryptodanloserbuntu_: always back up regardless06:20
cfhowlettraju, first: /msg ubottu !bot         will avoid flooding this channel.06:20
loserbuntu_cryptodan: backup my data?06:20
rajuok cfhowlett thank again06:20
cryptodanloserbuntu_: yup06:20
Ben64loserbuntu_: upgrades almost always fail because of non-standard software, PPAs and stuff like that06:20
rajuok cfhowlett thanks again06:20
loserbuntu_ben64: then i should not try to06:20
cfhowlettraju, happy2help06:20
Ben64loserbuntu_: the less weird stuff you got going on, the easier the upgrade will be06:20
loserbuntu_how do i ensure that I dont have any weird stuff ?06:21
cfhowlettloserbuntu_, actually, now that we're at 14.04.1    most new release issues have been solved.06:21
loserbuntu_i would like to upgrade to 14.04 at least06:21
Ben64loserbuntu_: pastebin /etc/apt/sources.list and /etc/apt/sources.list.d/*06:21
cfhowlettloserbuntu_, I only boot LTS and only upgrade at first point release = .106:21
loserbuntu_ok i will one moment pls06:21
cryptodanloserbuntu_: backup custom configs, and your /home and you should be okay06:22
loserbuntu_how do i get the contents of those sources.list files'06:22
eb0tis it not /etc/sources.list06:23
eb0tor something similar06:23
cfhowlettloserbuntu_, cat /etc/apt/sources.list06:23
Ben64and cat /etc/apt/sources.list.d/*06:24
loserbuntu_i just opened the file with gedit06:24
eb0tuse vim its much better06:24
loserbuntu_vim sucks06:24
cfhowlettlet's not have *that* religious debated again :)06:25
eb0tits the most powerful editor known to man06:25
eb0tgedit is for kids06:25
Abhijitand to women?06:25
* cfhowlett thinks "Oh, hell. It begins."06:25
cryptodanno Notepad is the most powerful editor known to man kind06:25
eb0tha ha06:25
loserbuntu_here's sources.list:06:25
XPOHso who is for sublime? )06:26
loserbuntu_sources.list.d is a directory06:26
loserbuntu_it has many files06:26
ubuntuaddictedanyone know how to turn off the audio feedback in mumble? lol  everytime someone types something into the chat it says it back to me verbally06:27
XPOHubuntuaddicted, does it spell correctly?06:28
Bashing-omloserbuntu_: -> tail -v -n +1 /etc/apt/sources.list.d/* | pastebinit <- .06:28
cfhowlettubuntuaddicted, on xubuntu System > accessibility > assistive technologies06:28
DrakkenWarrI would add a space06:28
loserbuntu_bashing-om, thank you06:29
loserbuntu_here's sources.list.d:06:30
ubuntuaddictedi found it, it was under configure. Text to Speech was set06:31
loserbuntu_ben64, did you get both files?06:32
loserbuntu_both pastebins i mean?06:32
loserbuntu_another thing that i have noticed is that package-manager doesnt tell me 14.04 is available for upgrade06:34
cfhowlettloserbuntu_, if your system is set to LTS only, it should.  otherwise ...06:34
loserbuntu_how do i see that?06:35
cfhowlettloserbuntu_, system > update manager > settings06:35
Mikey^loserbuntu_: you can also type details in the ubuntu launchbar06:36
loserbuntu_how do i do that?06:36
loserbuntu_ok got it06:37
Mikey^loserbuntu_: Click on the Ubuntu icon nad type update06:37
Bashing-omloserbuntu_: Package manager is not complaining of "duplicated sources" > as " deb http://ppa.launchpad.net/nilarimogard/webupd8/ubuntu precise main" and "src" lines are duplicated .06:37
loserbuntu_Bashing-om, what do i do then?06:38
loserbuntu_Mikey, yes im on package manager now06:38
loserbuntu_anyone looked at the sources.list and sources.list.d that i pastebinned?06:39
Bashing-omloserbuntu_: The "duplicate" entries, are they the result of backup " ~ " files ? If so, no action is required on your part.06:44
cfhowlettloserbuntu_, pastebin blocked in china.  try fpaste.org06:44
=== knightshade2 is now known as knightshade
loserbuntu_Bashing-om: no idea how they came to be06:45
loserbuntu_i remember adding some entries when  i installed steam06:45
=== megabitdragon is now known as megabit|away
=== Abhijit_ is now known as Abhijit
loserbuntu_ok, here's sources.list: http://fpaste.org/150991/14160340/06:47
cfhowlettloserbuntu_, if you're not developing, you don't need the source entries ...06:48
loserbuntu_but how do i make package-manager or whatever tell me that 14.04 is available?06:50
cfhowlettloserbuntu_, sudo apt-get update && sudo do-release-upgrade             should tell you that06:51
cfhowlettloserbuntu_, note: 14.04.1 sources:  http://fpaste.org/150995/06:52
trickyjhow to check the owner of the installed package ?06:52
loserbuntu_cfhowlett: do i replace my  sources.list  with that one?06:52
cfhowlettloserbuntu_, nope.  try this instead to rebuild your list:  http://repogen.simplylinux.ch/index.php06:53
Apachezany suggestions on where to find proper hda jack pinout settings to use beats audio in hp pavilion 15 laptop with ubuntu 14.10 ?06:53
loserbuntu_i did a sudo do-release-upgrade and in terminal it says that it wants to download 2.3GBs06:54
rajucfhowlett: just forgot , what is the IRC channel for Ubuntu daily iso checkings06:54
cfhowlettloserbuntu_, right.  normal.06:54
cfhowlettraju, wait 106:54
loserbuntu_but this is terminal06:55
loserbuntu_is there a way to make package-manager tell me that?06:55
cfhowlettloserbuntu_, ??? and?  terminal is where real work happens.  package-manager is the pretty gui.06:55
loserbuntu_i like the pretty gui. im a shallow person :)06:55
cfhowlettraju you mean for discussion of the development version?  #ubuntu+106:56
cfhowlettloserbuntu_, :)  right.06:56
loserbuntu_besides package manager used to tell me 14.04 was available for download06:56
loserbuntu_how do i make it do that again?06:56
cfhowlettloserbuntu_, are you set to upgrade LTS only?06:56
loserbuntu_yea i think i am06:57
cfhowlettloserbuntu_, "... I think ..."06:57
loserbuntu_ill see06:57
Apachez"... ill see ..."06:58
loserbuntu_notify me of a new ubuntu is set to LTS06:58
trickyjI have installed JAVA but still getting error while installing one of the application. here is the terminal output kindly help. http://paste.ubuntu.com/9020315/06:58
cfhowlettloserbuntu_, right06:59
loserbuntu_but it still doesnt tell me that 14.04 is available06:59
Ben64trickyj: we can't really help you with non-ubuntu software06:59
cfhowlettloserbuntu_, worth mentioning: 12.004 > 14.04 update manager alerts were buggy.06:59
loserbuntu_but it used to tell me06:59
cfhowlettloserbuntu_, but since you KNOW 14.04 is available, why stress it.  upgrade or don't!06:59
loserbuntu_i remember starting ubuntu and getting a notification that 14.04 was readdy07:00
loserbuntu_i like to stress07:00
loserbuntu_i want to use update-manager07:00
loserbuntu_could i update to 14.10?07:01
cfhowlettloserbuntu_, 14.10 is not LTS07:01
loserbuntu_i know that07:01
cfhowlettloserbuntu_, and your update manager is set to ... ?07:01
loserbuntu_i changed it to any new07:02
Apachezwhat a cliffhanger07:02
loserbuntu_and now its telling me 12.10 is available! :D07:02
cfhowlettloserbuntu_, correct.  it'll see the next version.07:02
loserbuntu_how do i make it see 14.04 or 14.10?07:02
Ben64you have to upgrade to 14.04 from 12.0407:04
loserbuntu_yes i want to do that07:04
loserbuntu_but update manager is telling me 12.10 is available07:04
Ben64choose LTS not any07:04
loserbuntu_how do i make it see 14.0407:04
loserbuntu_i set it to LTS again07:04
cfhowlettloserbuntu_, the lack of interest you see is what happens when your question has been asked and answered more than one.07:07
loserbuntu_just tell me how to make it see 14.04 and im gone07:07
cryptodanbaby steps07:10
cryptodanIf you want to make it faster download 14.10 and install fresh after backing up data07:10
Ademanso I just had a panic moment when I ran out of disk space in the middle of installing a package. Since there is some amount of reserved space on the partition, and nothing apparently failed, is everything ok?07:13
cfhowlettAdeman, maybe ... sudo dpkg --configure -a07:14
gshmuI want start thunderbird minimize07:15
gshmubut not compizconfig-settings-manager and alltray07:16
=== matteo is now known as Guest16879
gshmuor start it at other WorkSpace07:18
DeafGuyHello there07:19
EriC^^gshmu: why without compizconfig ?07:19
DeafGuyIs there any way I could possibly play Counter Strike on my Ubuntu?07:19
EriC^^gshmu: there's also devilspie07:19
EriC^^DeafGuy: i think steam supports it07:20
cfhowlettDeafGuy, install steam.  install CS07:20
gshmuEriC^^: I want more way07:20
EriC^^gshmu: devilspie07:20
DeafGuyEriC^^, cfhowlett: I already created a Steam account, and installed Steam, but I can't find CS through searches.07:20
cryptodanDeafGuy: it should be in your library07:21
DeafGuycryptodan: Not sure what you mean. Could you explain?07:21
cfhowlettDeafGuy, if you didn't purchase CS, you won't see CS07:21
DeafGuyI'm not familiar with Steam. What library are you talking about?07:21
cfhowlett!steam | DeafGuy07:21
cryptodanDeafGuy: I will do one better07:21
ubottuDeafGuy: Valve have officially announced that they are developing Steam and are working with !ubuntu during their development, see http://blogs.valvesoftware.com/linux/steamd-penguins/ for further details, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Valve for install instructions, you can also join #ubuntu-steam for discussion.07:21
DeafGuyOh. It's not free.07:21
DeafGuyLet me rephrase my question then.07:22
DeafGuyIs there any way I could possibly play Counter Strike for FREE on my Ubuntu?07:22
cryptodanNo DeafGuy07:22
cfhowlettDeafGuy, no.07:22
DeafGuyUmm okay. Are there any games I could play for free, using Steam?07:22
cryptodanDeafGuy: http://i.imgur.com/JiArijg.png see how I have it in my library that means I own it07:22
DeafGuyExcept Max Gentlemen, which sucks :/07:23
cfhowlettDeafGuy, look in the steam games store.07:23
cryptodanDeafGuy: http://store.steampowered.com/search/?snr=1_4_4__12&term=free07:23
=== ubumixer is now known as ubu\AFK
dominic1134www.openas.org - an open-source Anti-Spam appliance - We're still looking for contributers, volunteers and supporters. Check it out!07:26
Flanneldominic1134: Please don't advertise/spam here, thanks.07:26
dominic1134Flannel, sorry.07:27
=== Eric_ is now known as EriC^^
DeafGuyIs there anything other than Steam I could try? :/07:29
=== cc is now known as Guest97434
cfhowlettDeafGuy, software center, search for games07:30
Guest97434can anybody tell me how to execute a python script by just double click in xubuntu?07:31
EriC^^Guest97434: that's not recommended07:32
cfhowlettGuest97434, and your question was already answered in !xubuntu  <xangua> right click, properties, mark it as program/executable07:32
Guest97434EriC^^: why?07:33
EriC^^Guest97434: you won't see the output and/or errors07:33
Guest97434EriC^^: i know that but i just want07:34
EriC^^Guest97434: if you absolutely had to, you could make a script that called gnome-terminal with the command and let it stay open07:34
EriC^^gnome-terminal -e "/bin/bash -c '/path/to/script.sh; exec /bin/bash -i'"07:35
EriC^^that will call the script in gnome-terminal and leave it open after it runs07:35
Guest97434EriC^^: is there another way07:35
EriC^^i mean, gnome-terminal -e "/bin/bash -c '/path/to/pythonscript.py; exec /bin/bash -i'"07:36
Guest97434EriC^^: ok, thanks07:37
EriC^^Guest97434 you need to add python before /path/to/pythonscript.py07:40
acollinshello, I'm having trouble with my touchpad since upgrading to 14.1007:55
acollinsthe bottom left corner can't be used for clicks anymore.07:55
acollinsis there a way to change that?07:56
EriC^^acollins: yes07:59
EriC^^acollins: you mean the corner of the touchpad right?07:59
hydehi, I'm having dhcp apparmor problem when connecting tessel via usb: http://paste.ubuntu.com/9021079/08:02
hydeany suggestions? like, "allow all", how?08:03
acollinsEriC^^, yes08:03
Apachezso installing a new laptop and got stuck in the choices between ubuntu 14.04 LTS, Ubuntu 14.10 and Linux Mint 17 :S08:04
hydeI'm now looking at sbin.dhclient apparmor config file, but the format is... not something you can edit without diving into documentation, it seems.08:04
yao_ziyuan1can anyone recommend a video converter? (e.g. MOV to H.264)?08:04
cfhowlettyao_ziyuan1, avconv08:05
=== root is now known as Guest17378
daftykinsApachez: well, feel free to come back if you decide ubuntu.08:06
hydehmph, I guess I'll use Windows instead for this, no time to start studying apparmor :-(08:07
Poodle2Question: Generating a 4096 RSA-key via ssh-keygen is very fast. But generating a 4096 RSA-key via gpg is taking so long because of entropy. Can someone tell me the reason?08:09
Ademancfhowlett: thanks, it looks like there was nothing pending08:09
cfhowlettAdeman, happy2help08:10
Rastarthey there. something wrong with my ubuntu time to get some information about all processes running.08:12
Poodle2Rastart: Use ’top’ in command line08:12
Rastartwhat's the best way to get detailed information about processes? mean: how do they exactly work.. not a basic info.08:13
Rastartcan you help that noob find some comfort in that troubled life?08:13
Ben64can you explain what you mean08:14
Name141Is wubi still supported?08:16
cfhowlettName141, no.08:16
Name141cfhowlett: Hm.. I got an old XP machine that wont boot with nothing but DVD/CDs.. But I don't have any..08:16
Name141cfhowlett: What is the latest version for Wubi?08:17
RastartI got many kind of errors..even system errors..I'm worried about my privacy and I would like to disable every function that is not strictly needed. you know that even if linux usually doesn't have virus issues viruses are not the only trouble you can have by surfing the net.08:17
cfhowlettName141, it's not supported, it's not compatible with 14.408:17
cfhowlettIOW it will break things08:18
Name141cfhowlett: 12.04 LTS wont work/be supported?08:18
cfhowlettName141, install virtualbox to windows, install lubuntu to virtualbox08:18
cfhowlettName141, 12.04 maybe08:18
Name141cfhowlett: Perhaps that'll buy is time till they can get a CD-R.08:19
bekksName141: you dont need a cd-r for virtualbox.08:19
Name141Unless there is some kind of trick to make ye olde Pentium 4's boot from USB?08:19
RastartI only would like to know more about how ubuntu work to make everything work without errors and have better security too.08:19
Rastarteven if i don't do really much..I like to feel safe and i think is my right.08:20
cfhowlettRastart, go.  learn.  http://www.linuxfromscratch.org/08:20
Rastarti need knowledge..nothing more..08:21
Rastartand..cfhowlett..thank you for this.08:21
=== ebot1 is now known as eb0t
deegoHi. My flash player has stopped working on most websites following an update. Reinstalling doesn't help either.  Anyone seeing the same thing?08:24
Rastarti'll read it. do anyone know other useful sources for processes and system information?08:24
Rastarti feel like i would like to study a lot so please help me :)08:24
cfhowlettRastart, http://www.linuxlinks.com/article/20090405061458383/20oftheBestFreeLinuxBooks-Part1.html08:25
Rastarti think the more i know the more I'm able to help too and that's awesome thing :)08:25
Rastartit's hard to really understand linux when spent a whole life exploring windows...it's totally different..and I'm trying and trying to better understand...and I always feel like a newbie..cause to make it all work and be able to make it work by yourself mean without asking for help with every trouble you find on the way...you have to understand perfectly how everything works...08:31
cfhowlettRastart,here's a hint.  get off irc and go read the books that were suggested.  talking about learning linux is NOT learning linux08:33
Rastartthat's exactly what i would like to to...learning. i know it would take maybe years...since i started running linux i always hoped to be able one day to be useful to linux community someway.08:34
Rastartyeah cfhowlett..thank you for everything. see you around.08:34
charlhello how to remove this escape char on a file? ^[[?1h^[=^[[H^[[2J^[[?25l^[(B^[[08:44
charltried sed but few still remains08:44
daftykinsask in the bash channel08:44
charldid already, ty08:44
YALexHello using ubuntu 12.04 server and grub is not automatically booting08:45
YALexHave checked the timeout values in /etc/default/grub and it appears to set correctly08:45
daftykinssits on the menu not booting the default, is it?08:45
daftykinsYALex: ...08:45
YALexyes thats correct daftykins08:46
daftykinsdo you have a separate /boot partition?08:46
YALexno i do not daftykins08:46
daftykinsah ok, that's my theory out. i installed a modified ubuntu a while back that ended up having kernels stored in the /boot on /, but then a /boot partition over-mounted /boot confusing life08:47
daftykinsseemed it had a broken installed incapable of merging the two08:47
daftykins*installer too08:47
YALexits a server so need to autoboot08:48
YALexany other advice daftykins08:49
daftykinsnah, that's me for now. gotta run for breakfast now i'm afraid08:49
daftykinsgood luck though08:49
trexanybody tell me how to search in google or anyother website via command line.09:03
=== Michael is now known as Guest37768
cfhowletttrex, ask #google09:08
trexneed a command to search a word in website and get the result09:09
trexneed a command to search a word in website and get the result09:16
=== Yukitteru is now known as Yukinotteru
cfhowletttrex, /join ##linux and ask them09:16
EllieGouldingman this place is even dryer than 14.10 right now09:17
cfhowlettEllieGoulding, ask your support question.09:19
EllieGouldingcan someone else ask one, i'll support instead :)09:20
rob_hi, anyone got a mid 2014 macbook pro and ubuntu 14.10 working properly? for me i get a lot of packetloss and the connection drops out periodically..09:31
cfhowlettrob_, 14.04 works great and it's LTS09:32
rob_cfhowlett: is it a problem specifically with 14.10?09:32
rob_(is it known?)09:32
cfhowlettrob_, IDK.  I only LTS09:33
rob_cfhowlett: which wifi chipset do you have? lspci -nn -d 14e4: reports 14e4:43a0 for me..09:33
cfhowlettrob_, using a 2014 Mac Air I believe it's the same chipset.09:34
cfhowlettrob_, broadcom09:34
rob_cfhowlett: is it the same bcm4360?09:35
cfhowlettrob I think so ... Apple standard OEM equipment09:35
rob_hmm ok thanks, i'll give 14.04 a go09:36
rob_pretty odd though09:36
cfhowlettrob_, I snuck into the corner of the Apple Store, live booted Ubuntustudio 14.04        no wifi.  navigate to filesystem > cdrom > pool > main > d > dpkg -i dkms.deb         do the same for restricted > b > broadcom        fun times.09:38
EllieGouldingman you shoulda threw windows xp on there09:39
EllieGouldingwinxp is the shit!09:39
cfhowlettEllieGoulding, stop it now.  trolling and profanity violate the guidelines09:39
cfhowlett!guidelines | EllieGoulding09:39
ubottuEllieGoulding: The guidelines for using the Ubuntu channels can be found here: http://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Guidelines09:39
rob_cfhowlett: funny :)09:39
erle-ecryptfs-recover-private does not find my wrapped passphrase file, but it is there09:41
erle-what can I do?09:41
onlaIf I want to install something which has install instruction that starts with a command "brew", how do I install it? I can't find any packages called brew. This is the software https://github.com/qrush/gsay09:41
onlaIs that brew installed alongside rubygems, if I need to install that, do I?09:42
=== EriC^^ is now known as explosive
cfhowlettonla, refer to the README on that git09:44
onlathat's where I am referring09:46
onlainstallation: brew install mpg12309:46
cfhowlettonla, sounds like an included app09:46
onlaI am googling "what is brew linux?" and I get some ruby stuff here and there09:47
onlaafter that brew it says "gem install gsay" and that also is some ruby links on google09:48
onlabut can't find clear instructions what I need to install in order to run brew and gem09:48
cfhowlettonla maybe a good question for ##linux09:48
onlaok thanks09:49
EllieGouldingI just got banned from ##linux just cuz I told some guy to dd if=/dev/urandom of=/dev/sda bs=512 count=109:49
EllieGouldingpretty dumb09:50
Midoshi27Hello all. So I recently installed Ubuntu 14.10 on my Lenovo Thinkpad W520 and I'm loving the OS but I have an issue: when running on Windows the Thinkpad had a 'Power Manager' with an option for 'Turbo Mode' (this would turn on the GPU's dedicated fan for extra cooling when running high end graphics). Since install Ubuntu clearly there is no 'Power Manager' like this. I'm wondering where I might find this option? Would it be in th09:50
Midoshi27e BIOS?09:50
=== EriC^^ is now known as explosive
BlasterI have a 1TB internal HDD that I added, and in Ubuntu when I type `lsblk` I see it listed as sdb, but how do I make it accessible?09:58
BlasterI tried mounting with `sudo mount /dev/sdb1 /mnt` and I got `mount: special device /dev/sdb1 does not exist`.09:59
Midoshi27Hello all. So I recently installed Ubuntu 14.10 on my Lenovo Thinkpad W520 and I'm loving the OS but I have an issue: when running on Windows the Thinkpad had a 'Power Manager' with an option for 'Turbo Mode' (this would turn on the GPU's dedicated fan for extra cooling when running high end graphics). Since install Ubuntu clearly there is no 'Power Manager' like this. I'm wondering where I might find this option? Would it be in th09:59
Midoshi27e BIOS?09:59
BlasterMidoshi27: Sup you son of a bitch!10:00
Midoshi27Blaster! You old son of a gun!10:00
BlasterWow we both asked a question at almost the same time.10:00
explosiveBlaster: sudo parted -l10:00
explosivepaste it in paste.ubuntu.com10:01
Blaster1 minute plz10:01
BlasterMidoshi27, you should see my new console colours, they rock.10:01
BlasterAlmost as good as yours lol.10:01
Midoshi27Blaster: I bet it's sexy10:02
Blasterexplosive: http://pastebin.com/mtnC5M8310:02
BlasterMidoshi27: http://imgur.com/3UehAAL10:03
Midoshi27Blaster: Nice dude10:04
BlasterHard on the eyes at first but I'm adapting lol.10:04
Midoshi27hahahaha good choice10:04
BlasterMidoshi27, your laptop still running mad hot?10:04
Midoshi27Blaster: Yeah pretty top hot10:05
BlasterSo basically the switchable graphics on your NVIDIA Quadro 1000M are running in discrete mode and now you need to figure out how to get the GPU fan to turn on?10:06
Midoshi27yeah exactly10:06
BlasterWe gotta get that figured out before you overheat your CPU or Motherboard.10:07
BlasterThe fan used to turn on when you had Windows right?10:07
Midoshi27yeah it was with the specific Power Manager10:08
Midoshi27which is stupid10:08
BlasterWindows power manager had an option to enable the fan?10:08
Midoshi27sorry it was a Lenovo Power manager10:08
=== arla_ is now known as Arla
explosiveBlaster: my internet is really slow right now10:09
BlasterThere could be an option in the BIOS.10:09
explosiveBlaster: can you type sudo blkid | grep /dev/sdb and paste here?10:09
BlasterI kinda remember seeing some stuff there.10:09
explosivethe pastebin page isn't loading10:09
Midoshi27Blaster: Just found this article, I'll be fine: http://sagark.org/optimal-ubuntu-graphics-setup-for-thinkpads/10:10
BlasterMidoshi27:  Perfect.10:10
Blasterexplosive, where should I paste it?10:10
explosivehere, should be a line or 210:10
Blasterexplosive: /dev/sdb: PTUUID="08c108c1" PTTYPE="dos"10:11
explosiveBlaster: that's all?10:14
BlasterMidoshi27: You may want to try checking the "advanced" tab in your BIOS to enable your fan before doing those steps.10:14
Blasterexplosive, yes.10:15
Midoshi27Blaster: sure, I got a weird error last time tho10:15
explosiveBlaster: can you paste sudo parted -l in paste.ubuntu.com?10:15
BlasterMidoshi27, take note of the error next time.10:15
explosivei think something's wrong with pastebin10:15
BlasterMidoshi27: might have to take a pic with your phone if it's long and it comes up pre-boot.10:16
Blasterexplosive, no it works fine.10:16
explosiveBlaster: k, cause you got 4 views on it10:17
Blasterexplosive, so you can see it?10:17
explosiveno, just the views and size loads10:17
BlasterMaybe 4 people from here clicked my link.10:17
kleinerdrachehi there10:17
explosiveyeah, usually you'd get about 10010:17
kleinerdrachewhen I use awesome window manager, i miss the change user in the menu.  how can I get it?  Or are there some commands to use for that?10:17
Blasterexplosive: On a Friday night/Saturday morning?10:18
explosiveBlaster: there's 1700 people here10:18
LeMikeI don't get it. I did `gpg -K` and see two keys. don't they have a password or something so that I can test them? I like to encrypt some passwords with one of the keys (via `pass`) but don't know which to use. aren't I supposed to provide a password for that?10:18
explosivethat's about 1/20 people checking it10:18
BlasterProbably half are bots.10:18
explosiveBlaster: ok man10:19
BlasterDo you still want to see my `parted -l` output?10:19
Blasterexplosive: Try this http://i.imgur.com/3UehAAL.png10:19
kleinerdracheoh, i found it: dm-tool10:20
explosiveBlaster: ok, did it used to be a gpt partition table?10:20
Blasterexplosive, I don't even think the drive has been formatted.10:21
BlasterI just put it in recently and Ubuntu doesn't recognize it.10:21
explosiveBlaster: you have to have partitions with filesystems to mount them10:22
BlasterIt shows up on lsblk though.10:22
Ben64does it show any partitions10:22
explosiveBlaster: it recognizes it, and it has a msdos partition table10:22
BlasterBen64: How do I tell?10:22
explosivebut no partitions10:22
BlasterThat was in the parted output?10:22
Ben64Blaster: well, look at lsblk10:22
explosiveBlaster: yes, it's in the parted output10:23
Blastersdb      8:16   0 931.5G  0 disk10:23
explosiveBlaster: is the drive new?10:23
Ben64Blaster: yep, looks unpartitioned10:23
Ben64unless theres more after that sdb10:23
BlasterLast time it was installed was in my Windows computer.10:23
explosiveBlaster: cause it can be either that there are no partitions on it, or it used to gpt and was converted to mbr, and has stray gpt data10:23
BlasterHow do I fix it?10:24
explosiveBlaster: try sudo fixparts /dev/sdb10:24
BlasterWarning: 0xEE partition doesn't start on sector 1. This can cause problems10:24
Blasterin some OSes.10:24
explosiveno problem10:24
BlasterIt wants an MBR command.  Is this going to wipe the old data?  I don't know if there's anything important on there.10:25
BlasterI wanted to check and see.10:25
explosiveBlaster: did it mention anything about stray gpt data?10:25
explosiveBlaster: you can try sudo testdisk10:25
explosiveto see if it will pick up any partitions10:25
Blastertestdisk Loox Like A Snazzy Program.10:26
Blastersorry that was lame10:26
Blasterexplosive: I can figure it out from here thanks.10:27
explosiveyou sure?10:28
BlasterI was just gonna leave it and do something else.10:28
explosiveah ok10:28
BlasterI would like to use it for storing my movies but a) I need to find if anything important is on it and b) I need to fix the filesystem issues and get it formatted to work in Linux, so it seems like too much work.10:29
Ben64Blaster: really not that much work10:30
explosiveit's a couple buttons in testdisk10:30
BlasterOkay I'm gonna try it.10:30
Blasterexplosive, Ben64 it says Please select the partition table type, and I recall seeing something about it being DOS, but I don't see that option.10:32
explosiveBlaster: select Intel10:32
matthias_hello, i'm having problems to get ltsp-remoteapps to run on a fat client with ubuntu 14.04 lts server. i created /var/lib/tftpboot/ltsp/amd64/lts.conf and added [Default]     LTSP_FATCLIENT = True     REMOTE_APPS = True10:32
matthias_after that reboot the client and run there ltsp-remoteapps "passwd"10:32
Blasterexplosive, it found 4 Linux Partition during quick search, but couldn't find any bootable partitions.10:34
explosivewhat do you mean by bootable?10:34
explosiveBlaster: press "p" over the partitions to view the files10:34
Blasterexplosive, teskdisk just popped up a message that said that no bootable partition was found before it let me do a quick search.10:34
explosiveBlaster: no problem10:35
BlasterOh I remember what I used this drive for now.10:35
BlasterIt can be completely wiped. It was going to be my primary drive for running Ubuntu but I decided to order an SSD and use that instead.10:35
matthias_and when the screensaver gets activated on  a fat client, i can't login anymore10:36
explosiveBlaster: ok, if you're sure, exit testdisk, then type gksu gparted10:37
BlasterNow do I run an MBR command with fixparts or should I format it to work with Linux with something else?10:37
explosiveBlaster: do you want it just for linux? or you want to be able to use it on windows as well?10:37
BlasterI've never been this sure before.10:37
explosiveBlaster: if it's for movies and stuff, you could make it ntfs and it would work with windows and linux10:38
BlasterI use KVM with a Windows guest and I may want to share with the guest at some point.10:38
BlasterI can just use a network share or something for that so I am sure that file system won't really matter.10:39
Ben64ntfs is still pretty slow on linux10:39
BlasterWhat's best? FAT32?10:39
Ben64for linux? ext410:39
BlasterOh okay.10:39
BlasterWhat's the quickest way to find what file type a drive is partitioned as?10:40
BlasterFilesystem type I mean.10:40
Ben64parted -l, fdisk -l, gparted, blkid10:40
Ben64pick your favorite10:40
BlasterI would prefer to use ext4 on that /dev/sdb drive.10:41
BlasterHere goes gparted.10:42
Blasterexplosive, what's **gksu** gparted?10:42
BlasterNevermind, stack is my friend. http://unix.stackexchange.com/questions/66479/what-is-the-difference-between-gksu-and-sudo10:42
Ben64to add to that, you should never use "sudo" for graphical applications, it can cause permission problems and you could experience some weird errors later10:43
BlasterWhy's that?10:43
BlasterThat sounds smelly.10:44
Ben64gksudo sets up the environment properly for gui stuff10:45
BlasterWhat is it about sudo + GUI that can lead to permissions errors?  Do I really need to install gksu to use gparted?10:45
Ben64gksudo should already be installed10:45
BlasterThe program 'gksudo' is currently not installed. You can install it by typing...10:45
BlasterI'm on Ubuntu 14.10.10:45
evilwombatHey guys. I know that halfway through boot, ubuntu 14.04 likes to muck with the current console, load a console font, etc. Is there any way to prevent it from touching the framebuffer in any way at all?10:45
BlasterDesktop version.10:45
explosiveBlaster: just type gparted-pkexec10:46
Ben64Blaster: then just launch gparted from the dash or whatever10:46
BlasterOptions are good.10:46
BlasterI'm in!10:46
ax562is there an ubuntu blu ray burning app?10:47
BlasterJust looks like a whopping 931.51GiB of unallocated space on that /dev/sdb1 drive.10:47
cfhowlett!blueray  ax56210:47
Name141How long is 14.04 good for?10:48
cfhowlett!blueray | ax56210:48
ubottuax562: For multimedia issues, this page has useful information: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestrictedFormats - See also https://help.ubuntu.com/12.04/ubuntu-help/media.html  - But please use free formats if you can: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FreeFormats10:48
explosiveName141: april 200910:48
cfhowlettName141, `5 years of support10:48
Name141explosive: 2009?!10:48
explosiveName141: april 201910:48
Name141explosive: Turns out I had a Kubuntu 12.04 LTS disk laying around.10:49
BlasterI don't need swap on a secondary internal HDD do I?10:49
Name141To use on that old machine10:49
Ben64Blaster: nah10:49
Name141Is that still supported?10:49
SupaYoshiis there anyone here that uses qemu?10:49
explosiveName141: yes10:49
cfhowlettName141, 12.04 has 5 years of support = 201710:49
BlasterIt worked guys10:49
SupaYoshiI updated to the latest version and now qemu only starts a vnc server and not a gui anymore ? :P10:50
SupaYoshiThe vnc server works, but I want the gui ? :P haha10:50
Name141I might go on and upgrade to 14.04 LTS though.10:50
BlasterA couple more questions for you folks...10:50
Name141I suppose that LTS -> LTS is decently safe?10:50
BlasterHow do I change the disk label for that drive, by default it was set to “1.0 TB Volume”?10:51
BlasterThat's probably a googleable question.10:52
BlasterFigured it out10:52
cfhowlettName141, generally safe, but I've learned to prefer LTS >>> LTS.1   i.e. first point release before upgrading.  so ... 12.04 >>> 14.04.110:52
jester-Blaster: sudo e2label /dev/sdxx newlabel10:52
Name141cfhowlett: It just said "Kubuntu update avalable"10:53
BlasterLast question is about samba shares, can you mount a samba share at an arbitrary location on your hard disk?10:53
BlasterAs the client.10:53
cfhowlettName141, right.  from 12.04 that would take you to 14.04.110:53
cfhowlettName141, as 14.04.1 is the current release10:53
Name141cfhowlett: Alrighty, I'll see what happens.10:53
=== morgan is now known as Guest21592
Name141cfhowlett: installing the packages is what's going to take forever.10:54
=== tizbac_ is now known as tizbac
Guest21592i need help with touchpad issues on a Dell Inspiron 13 700010:54
cfhowlettName141, take it easy: torrent 14.04.1       make a usb and clean install10:54
jester-!samba > Blaster10:54
ubottuBlaster, please see my private message10:54
Name141cfhowlett: The old CeleronD (Pentium 4 era) machine can't USB boot and I'm out of CD-R's10:55
Name141I just so happened to have a 12.04 LTS CD laying around10:55
Name141I made some years/months ago10:55
cfhowlettName141, !!! well do NOT install ubunt then; lubuntu or xubuntu are better options10:55
=== Guest21592 is now known as Morgy59
Ben64you might as well stay on 12.04 then10:55
Blasterubottu: I don't do private messages10:56
ubottuBlaster: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)10:56
Ben64and just replace the computer before 2017 :)10:56
Name141cfhowlett: xubuntu-desktop should install xfce later?10:56
TopologyProdigycan someone help me delete system 32?10:56
Name141Well, with the tiny 8 GB hard drive probably best to keep one GUI10:56
Blasterubottu: What do you mean, I thought computers were supposed to be smarter than humans?10:56
ubottuBlaster: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)10:56
cfhowlettName141, xubuntu = ubuntu core + xfce4 + apps10:56
Morgy59i need help with trackpad not working at all after sleep on ubuntu 14.10 on  a dell inspiron 13 700010:56
Name141Kubuntu is using 6.5 GBs already.10:57
cfhowlettTopologyProdigy, deleting system 32 will cripple windows - not something we are likely to do.10:57
Name141The original 80 GB hard drive went out in it, and I had an 8 GB laying around from a Pentium 2 era.10:58
Name141strangly it worked.10:58
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TopologyProdigycfhowlett:  are you a linux engineer?10:59
cfhowlettName141, sounds legit.  14.04 is considerably more gpu hungry than 12.04 and lubuntu is optimized for older / lower spec hardware like yours10:59
cfhowlettTopologyProdigy, no10:59
Name141cfhowlett: Perhaps I should have kept it 12.04 then.. oh well now11:00
cfhowlettName141, test for yourself: sudo apt-get install lxde xfce411:00
Name141cfhowlett: it's too late, my "LNFZ" stopped.  The downloads are done though, but the updates are going11:01
Name141(12-5 AM is the only unlimited bandwidth hours)11:01
TopologyProdigywell i m a WIndows Engineer11:01
cfhowlettName141, command will install the other 2 desktop environments.  logout, choose DE, login.  for the full mean deal: sudo apt-get install *buntu-desktop11:01
TopologyProdigyI know what im doing11:01
cfhowlettTopologyProdigy, then you don't need OUR help maintaining windows.  please take further queries to ##windows as this is ubuntu support11:02
=== Owner__ is now known as Guest5351
TopologyProdigyand I want to delete sys 3211:02
cfhowlettTopologyProdigy, "I know what I'm doing" ... seems that was untrue.  and off-topic.11:03
youknowyeti really need to know if i can disable dedicated vga on notebook, in the way to use only integrated intel11:06
explosiveyouknowyet: check the bios maybe11:06
k1l_youknowyet: see the bios setting11:06
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agent_whitequiet in here11:35
cfhowlettagent_white, quiet = ubuntu is humming along11:36
agent_whitecfhowlett: Hahah good point :)11:36
BluesKajHiyas all11:36
bastidrazorquiet = ubuntu will not connect11:37
agent_whiteI worry about that sometimes when the crickets come out11:41
agent_white"Did... was... a netsplit?!"11:41
ikoniaagent_white: what ?11:42
agent_whiteikonia: When it gets _very_ quiet on all my channels at once, I worry there was a netsplit.11:42
agent_whiteI enjoy constant chatter.11:42
ikoniaok, so not really something for discussion in this channel then please.11:43
k1l_agent_white: please join #ubuntu-offtopic for chitchat. thanks11:44
agent_whitek1l_: Understood, it wasn't chitchat. Just a comment.11:44
agent_whiteEriC^^: Move that to #ubuntu-offtopic please.11:50
bigelvous aller bien11:52
ubottuNous sommes desoles mais ce canal est en anglais uniquement. Si vous avez besoin d'aide ou voulez discuter en français, veuillez taper /join #ubuntu-fr ou /join #ubuntu-qc. Merci.11:52
EriC^^bigel: /join #ubuntu-fr11:52
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unlockushello guys11:53
virtsamanyone here savvy about about stalling steam games to external drives?11:54
otyI've a old audio file I'm unable to read. What tool should I use ? It's a .wav11:54
otysmplayer warns me : [format] Sample format big-endian MPEG-2 not yet supported11:55
otyI have no idea what this means11:55
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unlockusguys i need help, i have 4 computers in my network and i want to make afile server, just for the computers from my network what is the best choice to do that ? ubuntu server?11:55
kk_drophow to call shell command by ssh in background?11:56
unlockusthe server i want to use it as backup for the documents and files from the other computers11:56
EriC^^kk_drop: can you rephrase your question?11:56
EriC^^kk_drop: or explain what you're trying to achieve?11:57
rubiksmomo_unlockus: Do you have Ubuntu on all those computers?11:57
unlockuson 3 of them11:57
unlockusone has windows 711:57
unlockusand i want to leave as it is with w711:58
OerHeksoty from a sony cam perhaps? .bnp fileformat is not supported (yet)11:58
rubiksmomo_unlockus: https://help.ubuntu.com/lts/serverguide/samba-fileserver.html11:58
unlockusthanks rubiksmomo_11:59
unlockusi will do it like this11:59
rubiksmomo_unlockus: no problem, internet search does it :)11:59
unlockusi know, but i was asking here because i see that here are lot of people that actually use and know  how to manage ubuntu12:00
kk_dropEriC^^, I'm logged with ssh on my server and want to call this procedure: ruby script/rails server webrick -e production12:01
kk_dropEriC^^, but then I can't close terminal becouse server stops12:01
kk_dropEriC^^, so I would like to call it in background mode (if there is somehting like this) and close terminal and would like server to sill runnig12:02
k1l_!cn | scyllane12:02
ubottuscyllane: 如欲獲得中文的協助,請輸入 /join #ubuntu-cn 或 /join #ubuntu-tw12:02
OerHeks!cn | scyllane12:02
ikoniakk_drop: screen12:02
EriC^^kk_drop: you can use screen12:02
kk_dropgreat, thank you12:02
virtsami have attempted to create a directory on an external USB flash drive specifically for steam game installs. however, when i select that directory it shows that i have 1.6 Gb available. This cannot be correct since i created /media steamgames on a 64GB flash drive. im pretty certain the value displayed in steam is available storage on my chromebook since it only has 16 Gb total and i've already installed several programs to it. Any ideas?12:03
ikoniavirtsam: what OS are you running exactly12:04
ikoniavirtsam: no, that's a desktop12:05
ikoniavirtsam: what operating system/distribution/version are you running12:05
k1l_virtsam: lsb_release -d12:06
virtsamlsb_release -d12:06
virtsamUbuntu 14.04.1 LTS12:06
ikoniavirtsam: do you know how to use a pastebin ?12:07
virtsamnot a clue12:07
virtsami know enough to be dangerous12:07
ikoniavirtsam: ok, so if you go to pastebin.ubuntu.com in a browser12:08
ikoniayou can put data in there, and then hit submit and share the link with us, we can then see what you see12:08
ikoniavirtsam: please put the output of "df -h" into the pastebin please and give us the link12:08
ikoniavirtsam: are you sure that's not chromeos12:12
=== Guest57502 is now known as paracetamol
paracetamolJOIN #paracetamol12:13
virtsamI was under the impression it was not. when in chrome i ctrl+alt+t to access terminal. i run "shell" and then "sudo startxfce4"12:14
ikoniavirtsam: did you actually install ubuntu or was it already installed ?12:14
virtsami installed it.12:14
ikoniavirtsam: can I see the ouptut of uname -a in the channel please12:15
virtsamand im able to run multiple programs that chrome never could. so im pretty certain im in ubuntu. the paste came from a terminal running in what i believed to be ubuntu.12:15
ikoniavirtsam: can you please show me the output of uname -a12:15
ikoniavirtsam: ok, this looks wrong to me, very wrong12:16
ikoniavirtsam: lsb said ubuntu 14.04.112:16
ikoniayet that is the kernel from 12.0412:17
ikoniaand there is various odd output lines (that could be explained realisticially) in your df output12:17
EriC^^virtsam: try cat /etc/issue12:19
ikoniaEriC^^: I don't think thats going to help12:19
ikoniaEriC^^: as the output of lsb conflicts with the kernel12:19
ikoniaso a text file isn't going to be trustworthy12:19
ikoniavirtsam: what is saying (precise)?12:22
ikoniawhere is that coming from ?12:22
EriC^^why's uname -a not say ubuntu btw?12:23
EriC^^maybe he's using a custom kernel or something?12:23
ikoniait doesn't look like ubuntu12:23
ikoniait looks like chromeos12:23
Ben64yeah ubuntu should be #xx-Ubuntu SMP12:24
ikoniaor some custom distro12:24
WhiteBlizzardvirtsam dit you install "ubuntu" on your chromebook?12:24
virtsamim guessing custom distro12:24
ikoniavirtsam: how are you guessing that ?12:24
ikoniavirtsam: I asked "did you install it"12:24
ikoniavirtsam: you said "yes"12:24
ikoniavirtsam: you should know what you installed12:24
=== Tsunami is now known as Guest19315
virtsamthose were the steps i followed12:28
EllieGouldingwhat chromebook you have?12:30
virtsamhp 2709m12:31
EllieGouldingis it arm based or x8612:32
DrManhattanI am installing ubuntu to a system with firmware raid1. my boot device is on that raid1 device, /dev/md126. in order to boot from my raid1 device do I install the bootloader to /dev/md126 or /dev/md ?12:33
ikoniathis is pretty much outside the scope of this channel12:34
ikoniachroot style installs into chrome os isn't really within scope12:34
EllieGouldingits /md12612:35
virtsamnonetheless, i appreciate the feedback. i think i have an idea about my next course of action. thank you all for the assist.12:36
DrManhattanEllieGoulding, thank you12:37
XPOHhey, guys, how to make this permanent: xrandr --newmode "1920x1080_60.00"  173.00  1920 2048 2248 2576  1080 1083 1088 1120 -hsync +vsync12:38
XPOHxrandr --addmode DVI-0 1920x1080_60.0012:38
XPOHxrandr --output DVI-0 --mode 1920x1080_60.0012:38
bennypr0fanehello,  can you help me with starting this Java program in Xubuntu? it's IBM SPSS and came in a .bin installer, I installed it under /opt. It didn't create a menu entry in the main menu though, how do I lanuch it, and how do put a convenient menu entry in the Whisker menu?12:38
XPOHnow i have to reenter theese lines every reboot12:39
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ubuntu-studioheelo all12:43
ikonia12:13 < paracetamol> JOIN #paracetamol12:43
erle-what is the natural way to configure synaptics touchpad in utopic? There is no more /etc/X11/xorg.conf.d12:45
paracetamol¶Ô ikonia ˵ Forget playing this /12:46
paracetamol¶Ô ikonia ˵ (20:43:45) <ikonia> 12:13 < paracetamol> JOIN #paracetamol12:46
paracetamol¶Ô ikonia ˵ understand?12:46
OerHeksparacetamol, stop it please.12:47
cfhowlettzero tolerance = I like it!12:47
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viking141Hello i have newly installed ubuntu 14.04 but the font is cluttered in sites like facebook. What may be the issue? Thanks13:02
EllieGouldingcluttered how?13:03
viking141Not smooth..and kind of over sharp13:04
viking141EllieGoulding here is a screenshot of the issue regarding font http://awesomescreenshot.com/0d43utzx0213:07
EllieGouldingthe font looks fine13:08
EllieGouldingyou can always change it to something else13:08
EllieGouldingubuntu light should be less "cluttered"13:08
OerHeksover sharp, first time i hear this one13:11
michele1993is there eric?13:12
gfgfgggHI ALL13:13
loawhat is ubuntu light?13:13
michele1993i've kworker that use 70% of my cpu help13:14
EllieGouldingI use 100% of it on a regular basis you're fine :P13:15
sacarlsonmichele1993: I had something like that yestarday with both firefox and chrome both taking 100% due to some content in a website that had some flash stuf in it13:16
ubottu!Ubuntu-GNOME, !Kubuntu, !Xubuntu and !Lubuntu are simply flavors of Ubuntu that come with GNOME, KDE, Xfce, and LXDE (respectively) installed as default, instead of Unity. Other specialized flavors of Ubuntu include !Edubuntu, Ubuntu !Studio, and !Mythbuntu.13:16
michele1993it always active13:18
michele1993the kworker it's a process that come from the bios signal13:19
sacarlsonmichele1993: I see 20 processes that are called kworker one in top is seen but useing 0% cpu on my system13:21
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bmullanis there a specific IRC channel for discussing LXD?13:22
michele1993i've only one process with 70% of cpu usage in top13:23
sacarlsonbmullan: is that what docker uses?13:23
bmullansacarlson: no.  LXD is the new "hypervisor" Canonical just announced that will be advancing LXC technology13:24
bencchow can I use multiple enviroment variables from the command line at the same time?13:24
bencc"ENV1=1 command"13:24
benccI need ENV1 and ENV2...13:24
michele1993if i change in this file gedit /sys/firmware/acpi/interrupts/gpe0613:26
michele1993 from enabled to disabled i do wright ?13:26
michele1993gedit  /sys/firmware/acpi/interrupts/gpe0613:27
Luyinmichele1993: I don't understand your question.13:27
belgianguyAnyone knows what powers the Dash search in Ubuntu?13:27
michele1993ok now i show you13:27
Luyinmichele1993: with gedit file you open the file with the gedit editor13:27
belgianguyeg what programming language/framework?13:27
michele1993then i want to write disabled in this file13:27
sacarlsonbmullan: seems docker uses LXC not LXD but they sound much the same,  docker makes lxc easy to handle http://www.zdnet.com/ubuntu-lxd-not-a-docker-replacement-a-docker-enhancement-7000035463/13:28
Luyinmichele1993: then open the file as you wanted to and do it in the editor13:28
michele1993look this /sys/firmware/acpi/interrupts/gpe06:140203199   enabled13:28
Luyinim afk13:28
michele1993look michele@michele-K53SC:~$ grep . -r /sys/firmware/acpi/interrupts/13:28
michele1993and this is all /sys/firmware/acpi/interrupts/sci:14039620613:29
bmullansacarlson:   no, docker used to use LXC but decided to create their own "container" mgmt technology like google did with "lmctfy"13:29
michele1993can i disable gpe06?13:30
sacarlsonbmullan: the docker I use today still uses lxc.  I know at some point they like to make another contained but only in dreams at this point as far as I know13:30
belgianguyis there a more programming related ubuntu chat?13:31
belgianguyI want to learn about its underpinnings13:31
HewloThereHow can I find a folder recursively in Ubuntu?13:31
cfhowlettbelgianguy, too broad.  choose a language first.13:31
belgianguycfhowlett: I want to know how the Dash works, what/if it uses an indexer, and what language that uses13:32
belgianguyIt's probably not Solr/Java13:32
cfhowlettbelgianguy, developer.ubuntu.com/apps/sdk13:33
belgianguycfhowlett: thanks, will go and check it out :)13:33
bmullansacarlson:   Docker has now developed their own implementation libcontainer that uses kernel container capabilities directly.13:33
michele1993(gedit:23465): Gtk-WARNING **: Calling Inhibit failed: GDBus.Error:org.freedesktop.DBus.Error.ServiceUnknown: The name org.gnome.SessionManager was not provided by any .service files13:33
joh_Hi, what would be the answer here?13:34
bmullansacarlson:   I think the confusion comes because alot of blogs talk generically about LXC when really talking about namespace container technologies like docker13:35
=== derk0pf is now known as derk0pf|NA
belgianguyjoh_: what is the question?13:36
sacarlsonbmullan: you must be right as I look at dependancies of docker.io and it now has lxc as a suggested not dependancy13:36
joh_Its about a copyleft provision13:36
bmullansacarlson:   see docker's github for libcontainer... https://github.com/docker/libcontainer13:36
belgianguyjoh_: do you want to use it? Or do you want to see if it's compatible with other licences?13:37
=== gebruiker_ is now known as gebruiker
joh_belgianguy: Its a question from a quiz. I am not sure, whats the right answer13:37
belgianguyjoh_: ahh, I see13:38
joh_its not good formatted as I see xD13:38
=== Heisenberg is now known as Guest88438
belgianguyI don't think 3 is possible, and 1 is untenable13:38
belgianguy5 is certainly correct13:39
joh_Ok, thank you13:39
belgianguy2 is not factual IMO13:39
belgianguyAnd about 4 I'm not sure13:39
sacarlsonjoh_: would that not depend on what was in the provision?13:39
joh_sacarlson: it was just this question without any background13:40
sacarlsonjoh_: they didn't provide you with witch gnu or other oh copyleft ha ha what is that13:41
belgianguyAGPL, no?13:42
joh_its actually from cisco netacad ^^13:42
=== pvoigt_ is now known as pvoigt
sacarlsonany one ever get simon the voice recognition software to work?  no error spit out anymore but nothing is being detected with trained or other models13:44
belgianguycfhowlett: the SDK is to make apps13:44
belgianguyI want to see what powers the Dash internally :)13:44
cfhowlettbelgianguy, download the code and take a look then.13:45
sacarlsonbelgianguy: you can look at the source of dash if you wish13:45
belgianguycfhowlett: sorry for disturbing you13:45
flux242will they ever fix the server, huh? W: Failed to fetch http://de.archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/dists/trusty-updates/main/binary-i386/Packages  Hash Sum mismatch13:45
belgianguysacarlson: that'd be nice13:45
cfhowlettbelgianguy, not disturbing me = I didn't fully appreciate your question13:46
=== lol is now known as Guest31982
TabmowIS there any way to remove the taskbar at the top of the screen, with the time/logout etc. from additional monitors? I still want it on my main monitor, just not on the others...13:46
Guest31982hello guys i have problem with kde 5 on 14.10 . I can not emulate in on VBox.13:46
belgianguycfhowlett: nm13:46
k1l_Tabmow: not that i know of13:46
gebruikerwhy do you use ubuntu(linux) and what kind of user are you of the dekstop' (how would you decribe it yurself)13:50
cfhowlett!poll | gebruiker,13:50
ikoniagebruiker: not really what this channel is for13:50
gebruikerwhere do I go then?13:50
cfhowlettgebruiker, #homeworkhelp13:50
matthias_My lockscreen looks like this: http://imgur.com/7LJ22Jh13:51
gebruikercfhowlett, ?13:51
k1l_gebruiker: #ubuntu-offtopic for example13:51
kostkonmatthias_, mint?13:52
belgianguycinnamon at least :p13:52
sacarlsonbelgianguy: this may not be the same version as we now use in ubuntu so if you want to modify ubuntu version best find it's source http://www.linuxfromscratch.org/blfs/view/svn/postlfs/dash.html13:52
matthias_kostkon: no it is ubuntu mate ltsp13:52
kostkonmatthias_, ok13:52
matthias_kostkon: i have the problem that the password is wrong and i can't start a remote_app13:52
belgianguythanks sacarlson, I was looking on launchpad but could not yet find it13:52
AlexPortableI accidently removed network-manager13:53
AlexPortablehow can i get it back? internet isn't working atm13:53
belgianguyAlexPortable: you can install from other media IIRC13:53
k1l_AlexPortable: get it from package.ubuntu.com and install it13:53
flux242AlexPortable: how do you chat now if internet isn't working?13:53
popeyAlexPortable: wired or wireless?13:53
belgianguyeg download with your phone, transfer to hdd and reinstall13:53
AlexPortableflux242: another pc13:54
AlexPortablepopey: both is broken13:54
popeyAlexPortable: does it have a wired port and cable though?13:54
popey(because wired is easier to get working that wireless)13:54
k1l_AlexPortable: or set the connection with another way and use that to use apt-get13:54
sacarlsonAlexPortable: or manually setup network with ifconfig or maybe just need sudo dhclient eth013:54
AlexPortabledhclient command not found13:55
k1l_ok, i see enoug supporters here so i drop that ticket :)13:55
=== derk0pf|NA is now known as derk0pf
popeyAlexPortable: you can manually setup the config in /etc/network/interfaces13:55
popeyAlexPortable: which is what you would do if you didn't want/need network manager anyway13:55
AlexPortable /etc/networking/interfaces is emptyd13:55
belgianguyAlexPortable: http://askubuntu.com/questions/422928/how-to-reinstall-network-manager-without-internet-access -> take a look at the second answer13:55
popeyAlexPortable: wrong location13:56
popeyi said /etc/network/interfaces13:56
popeyjust stick two lines in... like this:-13:56
popeyauto eth013:56
popeyiface eth0 inet dhcp13:56
zteamHi all!13:56
popeyassuming eth0 is your wired device13:56
anjo-aladiahWhen we first install windows it stay with 4 partition included system, recovery etc. After we install ubuntu paralell, and it will erase all partitions and live only 1 for windows ?13:56
AlexPortablehow do i reload it agin popey ?13:57
ikoniawhy would you not use network manager though ?13:57
popeyikonia: he removed it13:57
popeyikonia: which is what we're trying to fix, by getting online and reinstalling13:57
XPOHis it possible to move launcher to the right side?13:57
k1l_XPOH: no13:57
popeyAlexPortable: reload what? On the console I would "sudo nano /etc/network/interfaces"13:58
AlexPortableyes but after editting13:58
AlexPortableor does it just works out of the box?13:58
popeyah, you have made the edits AlexPortable ?13:58
anjo-aladiahASking other way : Ubuntu install side by side with windows will remove all partitions that already exists on hard disk ?13:58
popeyAlexPortable: reboot is the quick/easy/dirty way13:58
zteamJust a quick question, how can I remove a folder with the terminal which name begins with " I know I need to escape it somehow but how?13:59
popeyAlexPortable: you should then get wired network and can re-install network manager (and whetever else was removed) and then remove that stanza from the file again13:59
popeyzteam: slash space13:59
popeyrm "\ "13:59
michele993how to save ? http://www.pasteall.org/pic/7985213:59
popeyoh, a quote.. sorry, thought you said space zteam13:59
popeyrm \"13:59
popeyzteam: then press tab, and it should autocomplete14:00
belgianguymichele993: what editor is that? vi ?14:01
belgianguy(write and quit)14:01
AlexPortablepopey: rebooted, network is still down14:01
anjo-aladiahASking other way : Ubuntu or lubuntu install side by side with windows will remove all partitions that already exists on hard disk ?14:02
popeyAlexPortable: what does ifconfig say? does it list network interface cards?14:02
AlexPortableeth0 was down, i put it up14:02
popeyanjo-aladiah: depends, if you ask it to, it will.14:02
AlexPortablebut no ip address from the router14:02
zteampopey, okey, then I end up with this line sudo rm -ir \"/14:02
belgianguymichele993: leave insertion mode first (escape key)14:02
belgianguy:w would be just saving14:02
popeyAlexPortable: cable is attached? ☻14:02
AlexPortablepopey: yes14:03
anjo-aladiahpopey: i mean when we chose the option that comes on installion, Install ubuntu paralell to windows.14:03
k1l_AlexPortable: does "cat /etc/network/interfaces" show the lines popey said?14:03
AlexPortableauto eth014:03
AlexPortableiface eth0 inet dhcp14:03
popeyand the interface name is eth0 ?14:03
zteampopey, and then executed the terminal ask me this rm: go down in folder ”"/”? n14:03
popeyin ifconfig14:03
popeyzteam: what's the actual full file name you're trying to remove?14:04
AlexPortablemoises: hallo hoe is het?14:04
xloginTest Message14:04
AlexPortablepopey: mac address doesn't shows up in router table14:04
moisespero esto que es '14:04
popeyAlexPortable: do you have mac address blocking in your router?14:04
AlexPortablemoises: dat vroeg ik net aan jou14:04
AlexPortablepopey: no14:04
k1l_!pt | moises14:05
ubottumoises: Por favor, use #ubuntu-br para ajuda em português. Para entrar no canal por favor faça "/join #ubuntu-br" sem as aspas. Para a comunidade local portuguêsa, use #ubuntu-pt. Obrigada.14:05
zteampopey, it's name is " and it is located directly under /14:05
moisesdonde esta el chat en español ?14:05
popeyAlexPortable: does "dmesg | grep eth0" show anything interesting ?14:05
AlexPortablemoises: kijk 2 regels boven je14:05
k1l_!es | moises14:05
ubottumoises: En la mayoría de los canales de Ubuntu, se habla sólo en inglés. Si busca ayuda en español entre al canal #ubuntu-es; escriba " /join #ubuntu-es " (sin comillas) y presione intro.14:05
k1l_AlexPortable: stop that. that is not helpfull14:05
popeyzteam: so ... sudo rm /\"14:05
AlexPortablek1l_: ok :(14:05
zteampopey,  I guess I could cheat by deleting from nautilus but I thought this was interestering14:05
popeyzteam: mildly interesting ☻14:06
AlexPortablepopey: eth0 link is not ready. eth0 link down. eth0 link is not ready. eth0 link up. eth0 link becomes ready14:06
k1l_AlexPortable: just think of everyone was making jokes when you come here to ask.14:06
AlexPortablek1l_: well he starts in his native language. I start in mine14:06
AlexPortablek1l_: If I ever start talking dutch in here, you may talk back in your native language to me :)14:06
k1l_AlexPortable: again: that is no reason to be unhelpfull. you really should know that because you come here very often to ask things14:07
belgianguyAlexandro: no need for antagonising14:07
belgianguyAlexandro: oops, was meant for AlexPortable14:07
k1l_i i bet i told you before, because you are known to do that nonsense.14:08
AlexPortablebelgianguy: so you go on holiday to a foreign country and then you expect everyone to talk your language?14:08
XPOHwhere can i find ~/.xprofile? nothing in search14:08
belgianguyAlexPortable: that is ot14:08
k1l_!guidelines > AlexPortable14:08
ubottuAlexPortable, please see my private message14:08
popeyAlexPortable: so sudo dhclient eth0... doesn't work?14:08
zteampopey, that line doesn't seem to work correctly sudo rm -ri  /\"14:08
zteamrm: go down to folder ”/"”? y14:08
zteamrm: go down to folder ”/"/media”? n14:08
popeyzteam: oh, it's a folder, not a file?14:09
zteampopey, I added -i to rm as I always does14:09
zteampopey, correctly14:09
belgianguyGuyThatNeedsHelp: hi14:10
zteampopey, I know i'm supposed to escape it somehow, but I really don't get how....14:10
martyj-oI installed Ubuntu in VMware Player. It failed.14:10
martyj-oIt now shows me a scary black screen with white text instead of the expected desktop.14:10
martyj-oHow do I make it start?14:10
popeyzteam: but it's a folder, this /" file ?14:11
martyj-oLast thing it said was something about "WRITE SAME failed".14:11
popeyzteam: the fact it says go down to folder /"  implies it's a folder not a file.14:11
zteampopey, it is a folder yes, not a file14:12
popeyzteam: and you want to remove the whole folder and all inside?14:12
belgianguyrm -rf ?14:12
martyj-oHow do I make Ubuntu start the GUI?14:12
popeyzteam: rm -rf /\"14:12
popeythat'll do it14:12
zteampopey, exactly14:12
k1l_martyj-o: "sudo service lightdm start"14:12
popey(with sudo)14:12
martyj-oThat's far longer than "start x" which I remember from the early 2000s.14:13
belgianguyyou can make aliases14:13
Huliosup man14:13
GuyThatNeedsHelpive reinstalled ubuntu on my computer and i cant download xchat, adobe-flashplugin and i cant update firefox tried to uninstall firefox and reinstall it but it stays on 28.014:13
belgianguyand startx is something else IIRC14:13
popeyyou can do "sudo start lightdm" too14:13
bencchow can I find how much memory an app requires when running?14:13
popeyyou don't need the "service" bit14:13
ikoniaGuyThatNeedsHelp: define "can't download"14:13
martyj-oSomething must be horribly wrong.14:13
belgianguybencc: htop14:13
ikoniaGuyThatNeedsHelp: what are you doing and what is the problem/error14:13
GuyThatNeedsHelpthe distro i installed was 13.04 and i updated the distro all the way to 14.0414:14
martyj-oIt has stopped at "Prompt greeter with 1 message".14:14
ikoniaGuyThatNeedsHelp: what are you doing and what is the problem/error14:14
GuyThatNeedsHelpwhen i search for it in unity i cant find it14:14
ikoniaGuyThatNeedsHelp: how did you install it14:14
zteampopey, umm.... not to be rude or something but wasn't that the exact line we just tried before?14:14
k1l_GuyThatNeedsHelp: how do you want to update that programs?14:14
popeywe added rf14:14
XPOHhow can i set 1920x1080 default an only resolution?14:14
moisesno encuentro el chat14:15
ikonia!es | moises14:15
ubottumoises: En la mayoría de los canales de Ubuntu, se habla sólo en inglés. Si busca ayuda en español entre al canal #ubuntu-es; escriba " /join #ubuntu-es " (sin comillas) y presione intro.14:15
popeyzteam: sudo rm -rf /\", previously I said sudo rm /\" because I didn't realise it was a folder14:15
martyj-oI just wanted to test if my program really does work on Linux.14:15
martyj-oBut I can't even get a god damn Linux desktop up and running.14:15
k1l_martyj-o: what ubuntu is that?14:15
belgianguyzteam: or give us a screenshot or ls -al output14:15
flux242is there a ubuntu touch channel?14:15
martyj-ok1l_: Latest, downloaded yesterday.14:15
belgianguyto remove all doubt14:15
popeyflux242: yes, #ubuntu-touch14:15
k1l_martyj-o: installed in vm or native?14:15
popeymartyj-o: ranting at us volunteers won't help that.14:15
popeymartyj-o: virtualbox? vmware?14:16
martyj-oTried both VirtualBox and VMware Player, and also tried Linux Mint which gave black screens.14:16
k1l_martyj-o: what did you do before?14:16
martyj-o(Windows is VMed perfectly.)14:16
popeymartyj-o: enable 3d acceleration in virtualbox14:16
martyj-ok1l_: This is a clean VM.14:16
popeymartyj-o: and then after you get the GUI, you may need to install the virtualbox extensions14:16
popeymartyj-o: Ubuntu default desktop needs the 3d bit turned on in vbox14:17
GuyThatNeedsHelpok an example is when i look up adobe flash plugin on ubuntu software center instead of it saying remove or install it says "Available from the "mutiverse" souce" and the button says use this source14:17
ikoniaGuyThatNeedsHelp: stop14:17
ikoniaGuyThatNeedsHelp: answer the quetions you are asked14:17
XPOHas i know, VMware detects ubuntu and sets optimal settings itself14:17
ikoniaGuyThatNeedsHelp: how did you install xchat14:17
GuyThatNeedsHelpi got xchat to work now installed from the software center14:18
martyj-oYes. VMware Player said it had enabled "easy install mode", and I expected it to go without any issues, but instead, I get nonsensical half-errors and nothing happens.14:18
GuyThatNeedsHelphad to install xChat-GNOME IRC Chat to connect here14:18
martyj-oAnd "accelerate graphics blabla" is checked in VMware Player.14:18
zteampopey, belgianguy http://paste.ubuntu.com/9025804/14:18
ikoniaGuyThatNeedsHelp: that seems unlikley as you joined this hcannel complaining it wans't working14:18
k1l_GuyThatNeedsHelp: :/ dont use the -gnome one. that is a cut off version14:18
GuyThatNeedsHelpbut before xchat had the same issue it said use this source14:18
popeyzteam: yes, thats working14:19
zteampopey, my system language is swedish but....14:19
=== shadow is now known as Guest21496
popeyzteam: you added -i, though which is why it's prompting14:19
GuyThatNeedsHelpit may be a cut off version but it was the only way i could connect here before14:19
k1l_GuyThatNeedsHelp: please show the output in a pastebin "cat /etc/apt/sources.list"14:19
belgianguyzteam: so was the folder now deleted?14:19
XPOHmartyj-o: may be you should try to update display driver in windows?14:19
zteampopey, , yes, but it asks me if I want it to go down to /media and I don't want thing to get deleted there14:20
martyj-oIt's 1 week old... but there *is* actually an NVidia update that I've been putting off for a few days (because it's so damn annoying to install it and requires tons of manual steps).14:20
martyj-oI'll try that.14:20
popeyzteam: no it isnt14:20
moisesno funka14:20
popeyzteam: it's asking about "/media, not /media, note the quote14:20
GuyThatNeedsHelpk1l_: http://paste.ubuntu.com/9025842/14:20
popeyzteam: sorry, it's asking about /"/media, not /media14:20
popeyzteam: you have a "media" folder inside your '/"' folder. It's working correctly14:21
belgianguyzteam: can we see the ls output?14:21
k1l_GuyThatNeedsHelp: did you change that manually?14:21
popeyzteam: asking you if you want to remove the contents of /", one by one, because you added -i14:21
GuyThatNeedsHelpk1l_ no i just installed ubuntu 14.0414:21
martyj-oIf this is what solves the problem, I'll be genuinely baffled.14:21
k1l_GuyThatNeedsHelp: that is a lie!14:21
martyj-oIt will throw everything I thought I knew about computers out the window.14:22
matthias_hi, where can i see the command for the screensaver?14:22
GuyThatNeedsHelpk1l_ on my disk it has ubuntu 13.04 and i just upgraded the distro14:22
k1l_GuyThatNeedsHelp: ok, if you want to get help in here dont tell stories. you did not install 14.04 since the file points out it was installed as a 13.04.14:22
bencccan I ask htop to show mem in MB instead of %?14:22
zteampopey, yes, sorry my misstake  I missreeaded the .media as media, sorry :-)14:22
popeyzteam: np, it's not easy to spot!14:22
martyj-oAlso, NVidia has the most idiotic, user-hostile driver update process in the non-FOSS world.14:22
matthias_i got the remoteapps to work and i'm now planning to modify the screensave authentication, so that i don't have my problem anymore14:22
k1l_GuyThatNeedsHelp: and that config file is messed up. so i bet you did changes there manually.14:23
GuyThatNeedsHelpk1l_ but before i upgraded two times i tried to find some command that would take me straight into 14.0414:23
martyj-oClick... click... wait... click... wait... click...14:23
martyj-oIt should be one single click. Not a million clicks and waiting in between.14:23
GuyThatNeedsHelpk1l_ on unity top right corner i clicked on about this computer and it says im on ubuntu 14.04 LTS14:24
zteampopey, and the reason I always add -i before is to avoid typos with rm :)14:24
k1l_GuyThatNeedsHelp: yes you are on 14.0414:24
k1l_GuyThatNeedsHelp: but its not a "just installed ubuntu 14.04"14:24
GuyThatNeedsHelpk1l_ is it easy to fix the config file? or do i have to reinstall14:25
unopastecercinus you have been muted for 60 seconds as it looks like you are pasting lots of lines into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com and paste just the URL of your data here when you are unmuted14:25
k1l_GuyThatNeedsHelp: so if you want to get help in here dont make up things. tell the truth and people will help. if you tell only stories people will loose motivation to help you14:25
GuyThatNeedsHelpi just did install ubuntu lastnight?14:25
GuyThatNeedsHelpinstalled skype and vim14:25
XPOHwhere ~/.xprofile located?14:26
simo_it's my 1st tie in chat14:26
simo_how works?14:26
XPOHcan't find it14:26
compdocXPOH, ~ is your home directory. sounds like you done have that file14:26
GuyThatNeedsHelpand apache server k1l_ what do you mean i didnt just install it?14:26
XPOHi was told to edit this file if i want to set 1920 as my default resolution14:27
XPOHmay be a have to create it ?14:28
GuyThatNeedsHelpbrb switching to xchat14:28
k1l_GuyThatNeedsHelp: open a terminal and type: "sudo nano /etc/apt/sources.list"  then remove the "#" at the beginning of the following lines: 6,11,17,19,27,29,37,42,44,51,52,5614:28
belgianguyXPOH what graphics driver are you running? they might have a tool for it as well14:28
belgianguyor override the settings14:28
k1l_GuyThatNeedsHelp: open a terminal and type: "sudo nano /etc/apt/sources.list"  then remove the "#" at the beginning of the following lines: 6,11,17,19,27,29,37,42,44,51,52,56. then remove line 57 totally. then press ctrl+o to save, and ctrl+x to exit.14:29
XPOHbelgianguy i have dusty-old radeon 4850, so only free amd driver is available for my card14:29
XPOHbelgianguy, afaik it goes with ubuntu install natively14:30
compdocXPOH, files that start with a period are hidden files. did you know that?14:30
zteampopey, thanks for all your help14:30
belgianguyXPOH: that's fine, from the latest tests I've seen the open driver can rival catalyst is some instances, but AFAIK there is a Screen tool GUI in Ubuntu14:30
XPOHyes, i pressed ctrl+h14:30
belgianguyXPOH: in my 14.10 when I search in Dash, there's a tool called "Screens"14:31
XPOHbelgianguy, if you are talking about display in system settings panel, it's my pain in da ass14:32
belgianguy(I just typed "resolution" in the Dash)14:32
belgianguyXPOH: oh, what is the error then?14:32
XPOHa heve to press several times on "detect display" to get proper resolution14:33
belgianguybecause indeed that's indeed what I'm using14:33
XPOHbelgianguy, error is, that ubuntu always tries to detect my display, and sets 1024 res14:34
belgianguyXPOH: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/X/Config/Resolution14:34
belgianguywhat does xrandr say?14:34
GuyThatNeedsHelpk1l_ ok i did it14:35
XPOHbelgianguy, Screen 0: minimum 320 x 200, current 1920 x 1080, maximum 8192 x 819214:35
XPOHDVI-0 connected primary 1920x1080+0+0 (normal left inverted right x axis y axis)14:35
belgianguyand then maybe edit xorg.conf14:35
belgianguybut be careful, breaking GUI related stuff is the worst14:35
k1l_GuyThatNeedsHelp: run "sudo apt-get update &&sudo apt-get dist-upgrade" in terminal and show all output in pastebin14:35
GuyThatNeedsHelpk1l_ what should i do now? reboot?14:35
matthias_hello, is there a program for ubuntu  which i start and it asks me for a password and locks the screen with it?14:36
XPOHa have already done that, but no success-automatic display detection still sets it to 102414:36
belgianguymatthias_: Ctrl + Alt + L ?14:36
belgianguyXPOH: ah I see, so when you reboot, it sets it wrong again?14:37
matthias_belgianguy: i need a password which is independent from the current users password14:37
XPOHbelgianguy, not only when reboot. it sets it, when i even open system settings panel14:39
belgianguymatthias_: Can you explain further?14:39
XPOHthe only way, i found googling, is xrandr --newmode "1920x1080_60.00"  173.00  1920 2048 2248 2576  1080 1083 1088 1120 -hsync +vsync14:39
XPOHxrandr --addmode DVI-0 1920x1080_60.0014:39
XPOHxrandr --output DVI-0 --mode 1920x1080_60.0014:39
XPOHbut it works till next reboot14:39
belgianguyXPOH: and can't you force those parameters on boot?14:40
XPOHi'd like to, thats why i need ~/.xprofile )14:40
XPOHor maybe there is other way?14:41
martyj-oWell, can you guess what?14:41
martyj-oThe stupid GPU driver update to the host OS actually solved it.14:41
matthias_belgianguy: i have a ltsp fat client install and at the moment the look screen starts after 5 minutes. but when the user types in the password it is invalid, because it is trying to login locally not on the server14:41
martyj-oSo now I have no idea how computers work.14:41
XPOHim total noob14:41
belgianguyXPOH: ~/.xprofile14:41
belgianguyXPOH: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/X/Config/Resolution#Xrandr_Graphical_Front_End_GUI14:42
RickyB98hello :-) how do i modify locales permanently?14:42
belgianguyXPOH: Setting xrandr commands in .xprofile segment14:43
XPOHbelgianguy, thanks! i'll try that link14:43
matthias_belgianguy: it always says password invalid, but the password is right14:43
ubuntuaddictedfor some reason a user i created can't use the screen command. it returns cannot open your terminal '/dev/pts/19' - please check   i view /dev/pts/ and sure enough, it's owned by root:root, is this normal14:45
martyj-oDid I accidentally download a 15 year old version of Ubuntu? There is a floppy disk icon in the GUI, right on the first screen...14:46
XPOHmartyj-o, so driver update worked?14:46
martyj-oXPOH: Yes.14:46
martyj-oXPOH: At least for getting the thing to install and show a GUI.14:46
XPOHwindows is such a windows14:46
martyj-oWhat gives with the floppy disk icon?14:46
martyj-oAlso, I tried right-clicking a dir but found no "open terminal here".14:47
martyj-oIn fact, no sign of a terminal?14:47
belgianguymatthias_: I still can't follow, sorry, little experience with LTSP14:47
rainbowwarriorhi I am running Ubuntu 14.10 and I was wondering how do I install the USB Driver for a 4 channel USB & SD DVR please ?14:48
XPOHbtw, why ubuntu cant mount ntfs volumes?14:48
belgianguybut does it relate to the problem of the password screen?14:48
XPOHUnable to access error14:48
martyj-oDoes anyone see my messages?14:48
belgianguyXPOH: it can14:48
ikoniarainbowwarrior: it depends, does the device have linux support ?14:48
cfhowlettmartyj-o, yes14:48
martyj-oCan you answer them?14:48
matthias_belgianguy: yes14:49
cfhowlett!patience | martyj-o,14:49
ubottumartyj-o,: Don't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. While you wait, try searching https://help.ubuntu.com or http://ubuntuforums.org or http://askubuntu.com/14:49
rainbowwarriorikonia : I use to have it working on OpenSusE before so it must have linux support14:49
vijaiAnybody knows why my laptop shows no nvidia driver in additional driver settings?14:49
XPOHError mounting /dev/sdb1 at /media/ika/STUFF: Command-line `mount -t "ntfs" -o "uhelper=udisks2,nodev,nosuid,uid=1000,gid=1000,dmask=0077,fmask=0177" "/dev/sdb1" "/media/ika/STUFF"' exited with non-zero exit status 14: The disk contains an unclean file system (0, 0).14:49
XPOHMetadata kept in Windows cache, refused to mount.14:49
XPOHFailed to mount '/dev/sdb1': Operation not permitted14:49
XPOHThe NTFS partition is in an unsafe state. Please resume and shutdown14:49
XPOHWindows fully (no hibernation or fast restarting), or mount the volume14:49
XPOHread-only with the 'ro' mount option.14:49
unopasteXPOH you have been muted for 60 seconds as it looks like you are pasting lots of lines into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com and paste just the URL of your data here when you are unmuted14:49
belgianguymatthias_: maybe my hangover is messing with me, but could you explain again what the problem was?14:50
ikoniarainbowwarrior: ok, so you need to find out what kernel module it needs, then find out if thats in the kernel you are using or provided from an external resource14:50
k1l_XPOH: did you even read the error message? that would have answered your questions14:50
cfhowlettXPOH, the error and the cure are both stated clearly.14:50
rainbowwarriorikonia : ok thank you :)14:50
martyj-oI right-click a binary and select "run". I double-click it. Nothing happens. No error message. Nothing.14:50
* martyj-o is frustrated.14:50
introomis there any package for the kernel api, aka, this page:https://www.kernel.org/doc/htmldocs/kernel-api/14:51
XPOHk1l, yes, i did, and it scared me )14:51
Luyinmartyj-o: are you using the standard ubuntu desktop (unity)? if so, the standard file manager doesn't include the "open in terminal"-option anymore. you can add it, though (google)14:51
k1l_XPOH: you need to turn off the "fast boot" option in windows. that leaves the partition in a state that is not safe to be mounted.14:51
matthias_belgianguy: I've installed the mate desktop for my ubuntu fat clients. When the screensaver gets activated after 5 minutes the user has to type in his password to unlock the screen. my problem is that the password is always invalid. As i undestood: the client tries to login locally not on the server and thats why the password seems wrong14:51
matthias_belgianguy: so i thought that \14:52
vijaiseems like my qustion is over looked. Anyway, here it is again: Anybody knows why my laptop shows no nvidia driver in additional driver settings?14:52
XPOHk1l, and can i somehow override this restriction, without turning of fastboot in windows?14:52
XPOHdon't even know what is it14:52
k1l_XPOH: you can run fsck and hope that no data will be lost.14:53
matthias_belgianguy: it would be the easiest way to start the screensaver with a predifinied password, which is also used to unlock the screen14:53
k1l_XPOH: but i do strongly recommend to disable that option in windows.14:53
cfhowlettXPOH, overriding a safety feature that you don14:53
XPOHok, thanks14:53
cfhowlettdon't even understand?  unwise.14:53
XPOHdidn't know abot this function in windows14:54
cfhowlettXPOH, ask ##windows14:54
belgianguymatthias_: so you want a screensaver that is not tied to the user?14:55
k1l_XPOH: http://winaero.com/blog/how-to-disable-or-enable-fast-startup-in-windows-8-1/14:55
belgianguybut uses a custom parameter (password when started?)14:55
=== Michael__ is now known as Guest56343
matthias_belgianguy: yes right14:55
k1l_vijai: what does "lspci" give you? please in a pastebin14:56
XPOHthank you, guys!14:56
spoownHello, does anybody have an idea how can I increase the usable disk space on a partition ? my disk is a 1To , but creating a partition, only allow me to use 917 Gb.... ?14:56
cfhowlettspoown, normal.14:56
Naphatulwhy does apt-get build-dep wine tell me it can't find the source packages?14:56
vijaiK1l_: http://paste.ubuntu.com/9026368/14:57
spoowncfhowlett, I already did try to minimize the superblock usage, but does not change actuaally...14:57
cfhowlettNaphatul, enable source in your repos???14:57
belgianguymatthias_: would it be more ideal if the login screen verified against the server rather than locally?14:57
Naphatulcfhowlett, i did14:57
k1l_vijai: install nvidia-prime if that is a optimus card setup14:57
=== domi_825 is now known as progix
vijaiK1l_: I guess it is optimus card. Its 820m. Which switches between iGPU and dedicated depending on the application14:58
matthias_belgianguy: if this verification is possible it is even better. So the lockscreen verifies the entered password with the current user session password14:58
spoowncfhowlett, any idea, how can I get more usable space on the disk ?14:59
cfhowlettspoown, no idea. sorry.14:59
ubuntuaddictedis it a security risk to add a user to the tty group?14:59
belgianguymatthias_: I don't know if that is possible, but that would be the most elegant and transparent to the user and sysadmin :)15:00
Naphatulspoown, that's mostly due to data representation15:00
Naphatulyour disk is more than likely that big15:00
zkxHow do I compile this file? http://pastebin.com/VKxfhyL615:01
matthias_belgianguy: yeah, catch the password verify it and the lock/unlock the screen. i don't know how to modify it, that it works15:01
Naphatulspoown, your manufacturer says 1GB=1000MB but operating systems say 1GB=1024MB15:02
spoownNaphatul, I get it that it was normal... but on big partition, it's quite a waste of space ! with xfs it's better but , if you known any way to increase the usage space, it would be great15:02
vijaiK1l_: Installed nvidia-prime but is it only 144kb?15:03
k1l_vijai: install "nvidia-331" too15:04
Naphatulspoown, the rest is most likely due to journaling but it's minor, even so you'd want it on15:04
Naphatulor use a fs without journaling15:04
vijaiK1l_: Thanks :)15:05
k1l_after that reboot15:05
vijaiBtw, know how to install drivers for my trackpad?15:05
Naphatulok so what source repo specifically do i need for wine?15:05
vijaiMy laptop is asus x550ld15:05
spoownNaphatul, oh great idea, did forget that ! let's see what it will make whithout it !15:06
Naphatulit says it's from universe but i have sources enabled for that15:06
vijaimy model seem to be having this issue and now I'm emulating it as a generic ps2 mouse15:06
vijairebooting. will be back after reboot15:07
belgianguymatthias_: Could LDAP be the solution here? https://help.ubuntu.com/community/LDAPClientAuthentication15:08
Naphatulcan someone run "apt-get -s build-dep wine" and paste me the output if it's not "unable to find source package" ?15:08
matthias_belgianguy: maybe, i don't know how to set it up15:08
Naphatulprefferably in a pastebin it could be long15:09
siva4080Is there any strong alternative to md5sum to check whether a file is purposefully tampered or damaged in electronic transfer?15:09
belgianguymatthias_: https://www.digitalocean.com/community/tutorials/how-to-install-and-configure-a-basic-ldap-server-on-an-ubuntu-12-04-vps15:09
Naphatulsiva4080, sha1sum15:09
smacktalkBuild-Depends dependency for wine cannot be satisfied because candidate version of package libfreetype6-dev can't satisfy version requirements15:10
ubuntuaddictedso does xubuntu 14.04.1 use init scripts or upstart. i'd like to know what i'm talking about15:11
cfhowlettNaphatul, http://fpaste.org/151060/14160642/15:11
Naphatulubuntuaddicted, upstart but it supports legacy sysvinit scripts15:11
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Naphatulcfhowlett, thanks15:12
ubuntuaddictedNaphatul, ok, thank you. so are legacy sysvinit scripts the ones located within /etc/init.d/ ?15:12
cfhowlettNaphatul, happy2help15:12
Naphatulubuntuaddicted, i thinks so but not 100%15:13
matthias_belgianguy: will it be worth to setup for 20-30 clients?15:14
smacktalkis there a way to share a drive on the network with Ubuntu...it's easy in windows15:14
belgianguymatthias_: https://www.digitalocean.com/community/tutorials/how-to-authenticate-client-computers-using-ldap-on-an-ubuntu-12-04-vps15:15
belgianguymatthias_: it's worth investigating, and it keeps things tidy15:15
belgianguymatthias_: the managing can then happen on just one box, rather than having to hardcode something on each of them15:16
belgianguyI think its setup cost might be higher, but it'll be easier to use and handle15:17
belgianguydo you have 2 boxes laying around?15:17
matthias_belgianguy: the lockscreen thing will only have to be setup once in the chroot of the clients images.15:17
matthias_belgianguy: only one server at the moment15:17
belgianguymatthias_: I don't know how to make a lockscreen that does that, something that goes full screen and disables all input? Except for the entry in its input box?15:19
Naphatulbelgianguy, ehh isn't that what all lockscreens do?15:19
belgianguyNaphatul: sure, but Ubuntu already has one15:20
belgianguyand that's causing the trouble, he can't use that one15:20
=== megabit|away is now known as megabitdragon
Naphatulbelgianguy, welll he can always try xscreensaver ...15:22
Glda19what is the baest way to make a coppy off linuw with on the ssd 50 GB root and on a 1TB HDD 500 MB. It's for when i have problems i can put the backup ore image back15:22
belgianguyGlda19: Clonezilla -> write image?15:22
Glda19werkt da goe belgianguy15:23
belgianguyGlda19: keep it in English so everyone picks up some interesting bits15:23
belgianguyGlda19: but yeah, it works well15:23
Glda19belgianguy how to doe than15:24
Naphatuli'd use lvm and snapshots but i guess restoring that might be trickier15:24
belgianguyGlda19: I would assume you need to put a CloneZilla ISO to USB/CD and boot from it on the computer that contains the to be backed up system15:24
Glda19belgianguy is make a image of the root the onlyu thing to do15:24
belgianguyGlda19: depends on what you need and want to restore15:25
Glda19belgianguy is for when the linux will not boot ore is corrupt15:25
belgianguyNaphatul: but xscreensaver does not override the login prompt, right?15:26
belgianguyGlda19: yeah, a backup15:26
Naphatulbelgianguy, what log in screen? do you want a screen locker or a display manager?15:26
belgianguyNaphatul: ask matthias_ :)15:26
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belgianguyGlda19: there is also #ubuntu-be and ubuntu-nl, should you wish to communicate in Dutch or Flemish, or by pvt message15:28
matthias_Naphatul: i want the mate screenlock which gets activated with the screensaver15:28
=== sins-_z is now known as sins-
Naphatulmatthewvz, then install it?15:30
GuyThatNeedsHelpk1l_ very big update15:30
belgianguyGlda19: and once booted into that, you can then write an image of the full HDD (maybe even partitions) to an external drive15:31
belgianguyspace is cheap, and I'd rather just reload an image that I know works rather than fidgeting with excludes and then seeing I missed something critical15:31
ACidRain2012dude. where is the httpd.conf in ubuntu?15:33
ACidRain2012im struggling over here15:33
martyj-oSeriously? There is no terminal in Ubuntu?15:33
cfhowlettmartyj-o, of course there's a terminal15:33
martyj-oI can't find one.15:33
cfhowlettmartinh_, use the dash to search for it15:34
Naphatulbelgianguy, what's there to mess with?15:34
hawasomebody please help. my broadcom wifi is not working. there is no option for enabling or disabling the wireless. i tried practically everything...15:34
cfhowletthawa, do you have the ubuntu .iso?15:34
NaphatulACidRain2012, /etc/apache2/apache2.conf ?15:35
umib0zudoes anyone know where I should put jdk's or where they're stored after using apt-get? I want to set a JAVA_HOME environment variable but I don't know where to put this thing or where they're kept.15:35
Guest56343how to install minix 1.1 from ubuntu? So far I have downloaded floppy images15:35
OerHeksACidRain2012,  Configurations are done in the subdirectories, sites-available, mods-available and /etc/apache2/envvars15:36
belgianguymartyj-o: Ctrl + Alt + T ?15:36
ACidRain2012apache2.conf doesnt have the LoadModules section15:36
ACidRain2012and when i try to load a module from there, it gives error15:36
hawacfhowlett, its precise pangolin 12.0415:37
ub3rl33th4x0rz0rTop of the morning!15:37
hawacfhowlett, i dont want to reinstall the whole OS... i have plenty of stuffs in here... and i dont have anything to back my data up...15:37
GuyThatNeedsHelpk1l_ Thank you for helping me firefox updated and everything seems good thank you15:37
cfhowletthawa, not what I asked.   do you have the USB or an ubuntu  .iso?15:38
k1l_GuyThatNeedsHelp: yes you ruined your source.list that did stop your system from getting updates or installing packages.15:38
OerHeksACidRain2012, see #4 https://help.ubuntu.com/12.04/serverguide/httpd.html#http-configuration15:38
hawacfhowlett, no i dont...15:38
=== ter0 is now known as Guest49461
cfhowletthawa, unfortunate.  you can easily enable broadcom from the .iso/usb15:39
hawacfhowlett, so is there any other way???15:39
cfhowlett!broadcom | hawa, yep.15:39
ubottuhawa, yep.: Help with Broadcom bcm43xx can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs/Driver/bcm43xx15:39
hawacfhowlett, i tried the ubuntu community docs. there was some problem with wl module...15:40
SimonidesHi there! Is anyone there whose Unity disappeared suddenly by using Compiz (ccsm)?15:41
hawacfhowlett, lspci shows the bcm4313 though...15:41
OerHekshawa what is wrong wit reading https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs/Driver/bcm43xx ?15:41
Glda19what is the best wy to make a coppy of a linux system for when he don't boot any more ore is corrupted15:41
belgianguySimonides: I use ccsm to make mine reappear when it goes away after messing with my graphics drivers15:41
OerHeks!clone | Glda1915:42
ubottuGlda19: To replicate your packages selection on another machine (or restore it if re-installing), you can use the !software package "apt-clone" - See also !automate15:42
ubottuThere are many ways to back your system up. Here's a few: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BackupYourSystem , https://help.ubuntu.com/community/DuplicityBackupHowto , https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HomeUserBackup , https://help.ubuntu.com/community/MondoMindi - See also !sbackup and !cloning15:42
cfhowletthawa, download the .iso.  got to /pool/main/d and sudo dpkg -i dkms         then /pool/restricted/b     sudo dpkg -i broadcom15:42
belgianguySimonides: can you get to a terminal?15:42
belgianguyor to ccsm in general?15:42
Simonidesbelgianguy,  you see, i have uninstalled unity (hope forever) because of sedveral errors15:43
martyj-oOkay. Literally *NOTHING* happens when I double-click my "test" file, which is a binary with the +x flag set, and 777 chmod. What the hell?15:43
hawacfhowlett, thanks... my download takes overnight... bt sure will try...15:43
martyj-oAt first, I thought maybe it had something to do with the filename, so I renamed it "test".15:43
martyj-oNothing happens at all.15:43
cfhowletthawa, torrent!   not direct download15:43
belgianguymartyj-o: what do you want to do?15:43
Simonidesi've tried several tricks in terminal, but I gave up :D now I'm using new GNOME15:43
martyj-obelgianguy: Run the executable.15:43
Gregorian_1TBmartyj-o: when there is no graphical output, there is nothin to see15:44
hawacfhowlett, its 40kbps...yep, my internet speed... anyway... thanks for the help...15:44
Gregorian_1TBmartyj-o: run it in the terminal ;)15:44
martyj-oThere is graphical output. It's a GUI program.15:44
OerHeksmartyj-o, give more details, what binairy, what ubuntu, 386 or 64 bit?15:44
belgianguymartyj-o: well if it was so Duh you wouldn't be here now...15:44
Gregorian_1TBstiil, terminal gives you potential errors15:44
martyj-oWhen I run it in the terminal, as ./test, it says "No such file or directory"15:44
cfhowlettattitude people!15:44
* Gregorian_1TB sighs15:44
martyj-oOerHeks: 32-bit. I guess my Ubuntu is 64-bit. But then it should still show an error of some sort.15:45
Gregorian_1TBmartyj-o: do a 'pwd' in the terminal15:45
oniongirlHello everyone. I got a question. Is there a program where I can see what is taking up my hard disk space and where? Sort of like DiskDaisy for Mac Os X?15:45
dalecomment on what is slow in 14.04 LTS, on my system, SOftware Center, software search, update ... I am using a 5 year or so old emachines15:45
belgianguyoniongirl: baobab?15:45
Gregorian_1TBthan you see where you are, I guess you did not cd'ed in the right directory15:45
k1l_oniongirl: run "baobab"15:45
oniongirlcool thank you!15:45
Simonidesbelgianguy: I've asked just for sure ;)15:46
cfhowlettoniongirl, du -a in a terminal but you might pipe the output to a text file15:46
belgianguySimonides: but GNOME does not have Unity, so I don't get the question15:46
Glda19so i can't use clonzilla to make a image of the root15:47
martyj-oOkay. Even with 64-bit version, nothing happens.15:47
martyj-oTrying what Gregorian_1TB said now.15:47
belgianguymartyj-o: what kind of binary is it?15:47
k1l_Simonides: what is your real issue then?15:47
cfhowlettdale, did you localize your mirrors?  that's helps quite a bit15:47
Simonidesbelgianguy: none, I've just asked if anyone has such a problem with it15:48
Gregorian_1TBmartyj-o: you could also move the file to your home directory if it somewhere deep in the directory tree15:48
martyj-oGregorian_1TB: /home/a/Desktop/Testapp_0.01_Linux_32-bit15:48
Gregorian_1TBmartyj-o: ok, now do a ls -l test15:48
belgianguySimonides: it's become a ritual to break compiz when updating my graphics drivers15:48
martyj-obelgianguy: It's... a binary. Maybe incorrectly created.15:48
martyj-oBut even if so, it should give some sort of message.15:48
martyj-oLike, "this is not a correct Linux executable".15:49
oniongirlOk, guys I have another question. I have an external HD that I was using w/ Mac Os X and I can only access as Read Only. It was formated with Mac OS x format but I turned off journalizing Any idea how I can make it read/write?15:49
ubottuTo view your Windows/Mac partitions see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/AutomaticallyMountPartitions - For write access, see !NTFS-3g or !FUSE15:49
martyj-oGregorian_1TB: -rwxrwxrwx 1 a a 80305617 Nov 15 06:06 test15:49
Simonidesbelgianguy: but, when I would like to revert to unity, the only solution could be to reinstall graphic drivers (finally, that's my issue)15:49
Gregorian_1TBmartyj-o: what binary is this, where is it from ?15:49
martyj-oI made it. Probably incorrectly.15:50
martyj-oIt's for my own software.15:50
OerHeksoniongirl, you don't want that, turning off journaling, if you want to use it on mac again15:50
Gregorian_1TBmartyj-o: how did you made it ?15:50
martyj-oWill have to go back to step 1.15:50
Naphatulmartyj-o, run "file pathtobinaryhere"15:50
k1l_Simonides: again: what is your real issue? you mix a lot of things here. talking about ccsm, gnome, video drivers....15:50
Gregorian_1TBand pls post the output of 'ls -l test'15:50
belgianguySimonides: or pass some time on Cinnamon, but ccsm is useful, you have to enable the Unity plugin on the left15:50
belgianguyor it will not work15:50
martyj-oGregorian_1TB: With this command in a Windows batch file: copy /b "%dirforfiles%\nw"+data.nw %finalname%15:51
martyj-oI guess that only works for Windows EXEs.15:51
martyj-oI assumed it was the same on Linux because it's just binary data.15:51
martyj-oAnd the "nw" file is made for Linux (not by me).15:51
cfhowlettmartyj-o, nope15:51
oniongirlOerHeks,  I dont plan on using it with OS X again. I've sold my Macbook and dont see a new one anytime in the near futured.15:51
Gregorian_1TBuh, noo..ya do the file commannd Naphatul recommended15:51
martyj-o"test: ELF 32-bit LSB  executable, Intel 80386, version 1 (SYSV), dynamically linked (uses shared libs), for GNU/Linux 2.6.24..."15:52
martyj-oThat's the output of Naphatul's command.15:52
OerHeksoniongirl, oke, just warned you before you run in trouble, see ubottu's url https://help.ubuntu.com/community/hfsplus15:52
Gregorian_1TBok, and when you run it with ./test ?15:53
Naphatulmartyj-o, did you set it to executable first before trying to run it?15:53
belgianguyoniongirl: http://www.tuxtrix.com/2014/03/accessing-hfs-partition-from-linux-in.html15:53
belgianguyNaphatul: he said something about chmod +x and 77715:54
Gregorian_1TBNaphatul: still waitin for the ls -l output :/15:54
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Simonidesbelgianguy: ok, from the beginning: i've played a little with ccsm, disabled composite, and then unity has passed out. I've entered to tty and enabled ccsm again and then I checked 'unity plugin', but this haven't bring up the unity (got just blank wallpaper). Ive tried almost everything and finally I  deleted unity15:55
belgianguyoniongirl: that link says you can do a drive check and it will be able to be mounted as r/w15:55
HewloThereWhat is the correct command to zip a folder recursively with better compress?15:55
k1l_Simonides: ok, so you ruined unity while playing with ccsm.15:55
oniongirlbelgianguy,  I am looking at it now thanks!15:55
Naphatulwell if it's an executable with the executable bit set, my next guess would be to try and debug your program, i don't know what it's supposed to do and it might not produce any output15:55
Simonidesbelgianguy: yeah15:55
cfhowlettSimonides, sudo apt-get install lxde xfce4 kde.  logout/choose a different desktop environment/login.  no unity in use.15:55
cinnamonrollzCan anyone suggest a nice vps?15:56
belgianguySimonides: well, purge unity and ubuntu-desktop and reinstall them15:56
HewloTherecinnamonrollz: Digital Ocean.15:56
belgianguyWhat cfhowlett said, but I quite like Cinnamon too15:56
cinnamonrollzHow do they handle take down requests?15:56
OerHekscinnamonrollz, wrong channel, this is ubuntu support only, join #linux or #ubuntu-offtopic maybe15:56
Simonidesbelgianguy: ok. But if I would revert to unity, i must do apt-get (unity? or somewhat) and then also choose it on logon screen, right? (im linux noob, sorry)15:57
cinnamonrollzOerHeks #linux is invite only15:58
ubottuInformation about registering your nickname: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/InternetRelayChat/Registration - Type « /nick <nickname> » to select your nickname. Registration help available by typing /join #freenode15:58
cfhowlettSimonides, you can choose any installed desktop environment you like.15:58
k1l_cinnamonrollz: ##linux15:58
cfhowlettcinnamonrollz, ##linux is open15:59
=== maestroj_ is now known as maestrojed
k1l_Simonides: install "ubuntu-desktop"15:59
cinnamonrollzyouve got to apply for voice15:59
Simonidesbelgianguy: I thought bout that, thx15:59
Simonidesk1l_: thanks, I'll check it out16:00
k1l_Simonides: in terminal: "rm ~/.compiz-1 ~/.config/compiz-1"16:00
k1l_Simonides: and then "gsettings reset-recursively org.compiz" and "setsid unity"16:00
Simonidesk1l_: i did it, but this won't help (after rebooting) - still without unity16:01
Simonidesk1l_: Ok, i'll do it now16:01
k1l_install the package, then do what i told. reboot and you should choose unity/ubuntu on login screen16:01
=== floown_ is now known as floown
k1l_Simonides: if that doesnt help try "dconf reset -f /org/compiz/"16:02
Naphatulcinnamonrollz, you have to be registered with freenode16:02
Simonidesk1l_: damn, this worked! shit! thanks!16:02
Naphatulthey don't even require an email from what i remember16:02
cinnamonrollzI was registered but apparently my password to identify my nick magically changed16:03
k1l_Simonides: and for the future: if it says: "only use when advanced user" its there for a reason. and as a beginner you can ruin your desktop, like you did.16:03
Simonidesk1l_ and belgianguy: thanks a lot!!16:03
martyj-oGregorian_1TB: I already showed the output from the ls -l...16:03
martyj-oGregorian_1TB: And from ./test16:03
martyj-oNaphatul: Yes...16:03
martyj-oIt claims "no such file" when I ./test16:04
Simonidesk1l_: i know, i ve reinstalled OS's for many times. Right, thanks a lot!16:04
martyj-oAnd it has 777 chmod.16:04
martyj-oExtremely annoying.16:04
Naphatulare you sure you're in the same directory?16:04
Naphatulit would not say "no such file" if the file location you were passing is the right one16:05
martyj-oThis error doesn't add up.16:05
martyj-oI know. That's why it's weird.16:05
Gregorian_1TBmartyj-o: I do not see the ls -l output16:05
martyj-oGregorian_1TB: -rwxrwxrwx 1 a a 80305617 Nov 15 06:06 test16:05
Simonidesk1l_: only one thing: to swich to gnome again: what can I type?16:06
Naphatulmartyj-o, "touch test.txt && ./test.txt && rm test.txt"16:06
Naphatulsee? different error16:06
Simonidesk1l_: setsid gnome or what?16:06
Gregorian_1TBthat is extremely wierd..16:06
k1l_Simonides: no no no16:06
k1l_Simonides: you change the desktop on the login screen16:06
HewloTherek1l_, how do I archive a folder recursively?16:07
martyj-obash: ./test.txt: Permission denied16:07
martyj-oWhen running Naphatul's latest command.16:07
Simonidesk1l_: aaah, alright again thanks16:07
Simonidesk1l_: bye16:07
Gregorian_1TBmartyj-o: he created a dummy file 'text.txt' and showed you the output when it is not a proper executable16:07
Gregorian_1TBor in this case, without executable bit set16:08
Gregorian_1TBcan you do a 'head test'  ?16:08
Gregorian_1TBit would make sense if the "no such file.." output came from the script16:09
martyj-oOutputted nonsensical stuff that messed up the terminal.16:10
Naphatulyou can ptrace it16:10
Naphatulto see if it runs16:10
Naphatuland what it runs16:10
Gregorian_1TBwhat is standing exactly when you do ':/test'16:10
Naphatulbeyond that you should go back to the source and fix it16:10
Gregorian_1TBNaphatul: I do not have ptrace available on my system16:11
martyj-oRemember: my build.bat script is on Windows. I am running Windows on my host box and building the software for Mac, Windows and Linux. I use the command "copy /b "%dirforfiles%\nw"+data.nw %finalname%" in place of the "cat /usr/bin/nw app.nw > app" command. I believe they are identical because they just smack two binaries together.16:11
martyj-o(This works on Windows.)16:11
martyj-oNote also that the "nw" I use for the Linux port is the correct Linux one. Not the one for Windows.16:12
Naphatulwell throught gdb, mostly16:12
Naphatulmartinh_, gnu debugger16:12
martyj-oI think that even if I made the binary incorrectly, it should not say that it cannot be found.16:13
Naphatulmartinh_, it shouldn't that part i believe is your error16:13
martyj-oBut how can it be my error? I'm not a newbie with Unix shells, so it's not some dumb error...16:13
martyj-oI've triple-checked.16:14
Naphatuldoes ls say the binary is in your current directory/ what "exactly" are you typing in?16:14
Naphatulmartyj-o, well i've never had it tell me the file doesn't exist and it does...16:14
martyj-oLet me show you the output of my terminal. Please hold on.16:15
Gregorian_1TBis there really a 'bash: ./test: no such file or directoy output' ??16:15
Gregorian_1TBah, there you go16:15
gebruikermy fonts ( while browsing ) look much better in unity than in gnome or kde or xfce16:16
gebruikerhow come?16:16
martyj-oHere it is: http://pastebin.com/raw.php?i=BB2uRbx216:17
Gregorian_1TBare you kidding me?16:17
martyj-oAnd just to clarify: if I run simply "test" (no quotes), nothing happens at all. Nothing runs. No output at all.16:17
martyj-oGregorian_1TB: Not in any way, no.16:18
Gregorian_1TBthere is an asterisk!16:18
martyj-oUm... so?16:18
k1l_who did name the files with a * at the end?16:18
Gregorian_1TBsoo !16:18
Gregorian_1TBhow did it get there..16:18
Naphatulthat's hilarious16:18
martyj-oDoesn't * simply mean that it's an executable?16:18
Gregorian_1TBok just try ./test\*16:18
Gregorian_1TBor better first 'mv test\* test16:19
gebruikerdoes ubuntu come with flash installed per default?16:19
Gregorian_1TBthat is indeed hilarious16:19
OerHekswhat filesystem uses * lOlZ16:19
k1l_martyj-o: did you make it * at the end?16:19
OerHeksgebruiker, no16:19
martyj-oOkay. This is the worst situation in which to have a locale problem. I can't type certain chars in that VM, including *.16:19
Naphatulprobably a malformed glob16:19
johng@gebrukeier: No16:19
k1l_gebruiker: no. that is forbidden with the licence from flash16:19
martyj-oI did not make the files with any * in the end, no.16:19
martyj-oI didn't think that would even technically work.16:19
Gregorian_1TBbut its there16:19
johnggebruiker : You have to manually install the flash ffmpeg codecs16:20
Naphatulgebruiker, you can select to install it on the install screen16:20
gebruikerk1l_, I installed latest LTS and youtube works int he browser16:20
Gregorian_1TBso there is indeed no test\*16:20
martyj-oMaybe 7-Zip added them for some reason.16:20
Naphatulmartyj-o, it does work16:20
Gregorian_1TBdid not knew, that '*' are allowed in *nix filenames o.O16:20
k1l_gebruiker: youtube switches to html516:20
Naphatulmaybe your script has a malformed glob16:20
gebruikerk1l_, i see16:20
martyj-oWhen looking at the archive in Windows, in 7-Zip, there are no asterisks at the end of the files.16:20
OerHeksgebruiker only chrome has build-in flash16:20
martyj-oI was 100% convinced that this was a visual cue in Linux and not part of the filename.16:21
gebruikerOerHeks, gotcha16:21
martyj-oHow do I change the keyboard input layout?16:21
martyj-oI looked all over in the control panel a while ago.16:21
Gregorian_1TBmartyj-o: so either remove it, or just run ':/test\*'16:21
martyj-oGregorian_1TB: I'm trying to. Can't input * char.16:21
Naphatulmartyj-o, setxbkmap16:21
Gregorian_1TBok, now you are kidding me16:21
martyj-oNo. NOT kidding.16:21
martyj-oThis is a VM.16:22
martyj-oInstalled solely to test this.16:22
* Gregorian_1TB wonders in what crappy situations people can get16:22
Gregorian_1TBno offense martyj-o16:22
gebruikerk1l_, what is different about unity ? Fonts seem to be better dispalyed whnen browsing than with xfce or gnome16:22
Naphatulsetxkbmap us16:22
Naphatulor something like that16:22
martyj-oGregorian_1TB: You think this is bad? It's nothing. I end up in situations like this all the time.16:23
k1l_gebruiker: that is because unity cares about the looks16:23
martyj-oNaphatul: No command 'setxbkmap' found, did you mean:16:23
martyj-o Command 'setxkbmap' from package 'x11-xkb-utils' (main)16:23
* martyj-o wants to just cry16:23
Gregorian_1TBmartyj-o: oh man, on what kind of hell are you living ;]16:24
martyj-oThere are no asterisks in the end of the file names when browsed even on Ubuntu.16:24
martyj-oOnly in the stupid terminal.16:24
Naphatulmartyj-o, oh you're running a server?16:24
martyj-oNot a server.16:25
Naphatulweird it's installed for me, guess i've installed it for something16:25
Naphatulbut yeah use that or go to the settings16:25
gebruikerk1l_, please tell me more...16:25
martyj-oBy the way, none of those commands with the asterisk added to the end work either.16:25
Naphatuland you can change the keyboard layout from there16:25
martyj-oAll return in "no such file".16:25
Naphatulyou need to escape it16:25
martyj-o(I ended up copying the text.)16:25
=== xubuntu is now known as Guest55145
Naphatulto run test* you need to type ./test\*16:25
OerHeksmartyj-o, please let us ask the questions, and do not give the info we want, troll16:26
martyj-oYes, I know, Naphatul.16:26
Naphatulmaybe a locale issue?16:26
* OerHeks facepalms16:26
martyj-oPlonk @ OerHeks.16:26
martyj-oWith or without the escaped asterisk, it returns the same command.16:26
Gregorian_1TBmartyj-o:  just run the frickin ./test\* command16:27
martyj-oGregorian_1TB: Isn't it clear that I've ran it several times at this point?16:27
martyj-oI keep telling you that it doesn't say anything differently.16:27
Gregorian_1TBmartyj-o: you told us 30s ago you cant type an asterisk16:27
martyj-oYou really don't read anything I type?16:27
martyj-o"(I ended up copying the text.)"16:27
martyj-oCopying and pasting the exact command instead of inputting it.16:28
Gregorian_1TBmaybe some messed up character encoding in the terminal, sorry I am out16:28
Gregorian_1TBfilenames with '*' in it, god I need a break..afk16:28
martyj-oBut they don't have * in them. Only in the terminal.16:29
martyj-oIt must be a visual cue of some sort.16:29
martyj-oIn bash.16:29
martyj-oIn the 7-Zip-packed archive (both as seen on Windows and on Linux), and in the GUI on Ubuntu, there are no asterisks.16:29
martyj-oOnly in bash do those asterisks show up in the end of the file names.16:29
rachomartyj-o, either you're trolling or you messed up with locales16:30
Naphatulmartyj-o, what does "ldd test" say?16:30
WhiteBlizzardmartyj-0 do the asterisks apear behind the filenames?16:30
rachobecause i just created a file with an asterisk16:30
rachoand it shows up both in gui file managers and terminal16:30
rachoalso bash autocompletion escapes it automatically16:31
martyj-oAlso, if I only do "ls" (not ls -l), even bash does not show any asterisks.16:31
martyj-oNaphatul: "not a dynamic executable"16:31
WhiteBlizzardmartyj-0 do the asterisks apear behind the filenames?16:32
martyj-oSeriously. People have become so fucked up in the head at this point that asking any question has become impossible without hearing several idiots calling you a "troll". Who the FUCK sits and spends their days INVENTING fake computer problems?!16:32
=== Michael__ is now known as Guest54963
martyj-oThere are countless REAL ones to deal with 24/7.16:33
=== Owner__ is now known as Guest24822
Naphatulmartyj-o, is this a 32 bit system?16:33
martyj-oNaphatul: 64-bit.16:33
Naphatulwhat does "dpkg --print-foreign-architectures" say16:33
k1l_martyj-o: drop that attitude and language asap16:33
martyj-oInterestingly: "i386"16:33
martyj-oI used: ubuntu-14.04.1-desktop-amd64.iso16:34
gebruikerso I do not have to install pepper flas plugin-nonfree if I install chrome?16:34
xloginTest Message16:34
belgianguygebruiker: chrome has flash built in, no need to install it again16:34
Naphatulmartyj-o, well last thing i can think of is try running "apt-get install libc6:i386 libstdc++6:i386"16:35
Naphatuland whatever 32 dependencies you need16:35
Naphatuland try running it16:35
Naphatulbeyond that i'm out16:35
belgianguyonly if you also wish to see Flash content in  Firefox  you'd have to install it16:35
gebruikerbelgianguy, when I apt-get install it I can still install the peperflash plugin, I thought peper flash was from google ... '16:36
mairai am using ubuntu deeper drake because hardware limitations and recently i install a wifi card with the chipset AR9727, but deeper drake doesn't recognize16:37
belgianguygebruiker: that might very well be so, but the Google binary (google-chrome) already ciontains that16:37
mairahow do i install the driver of this card for ubuntu 6 deeper drake?16:37
gebruikerbelgianguy, hmm wonder why? is that package compatible with other browsers?16:37
OerHeksmaira that version is long time eol16:38
belgianguygebruiker: so just installing google chrome should do it16:39
Naphatulmaira, run debian wheezy? even squeeze is supported until 2016 if you need older16:39
gebruikerbelgianguy, yeah but what is the other package for?16:39
belgianguyonly if you want to see Flash content outside of chrome, you'd need to install Adobe plugin16:39
belgianguygebruiker: check on launchpad16:40
OerHeksNaphatul, 6.06 dapper drake *16:40
gebruikerbelgianguy, does your flash run as smooth as on other ms windows?16:40
NaphatulOerHeks, ?16:40
mairaNaphatul, mi hardware is very old and doesent suport newer versions of SO16:40
johngGuys, I was wondering whether it is possible to take a complete backup of an ubunu system?16:40
StannazI have an audio issue, Ubuntu 14.04, could anybody help me?16:40
Naphatuloh you mean it's years earlier16:41
OerHeksmaira that version is 9 years old, those repos are long gone16:41
belgianguygebruiker: yes it does, I stream movies in Ubuntu16:41
mairanot realy16:41
tewardStannaz: just ask your actual question - explain the symptoms, what you're expecting to happen, etc.16:41
Naphatulmaira, old enough that it won't debian squeeze?16:41
mairai found official repos for deeper drake on old-releases16:41
gebruikerbelgianguy, you run a custom kernel?16:41
StannazNo sound, although it does work on login, I expect it to work after login(obviously). I believe this is linked to me installing, and then removing xfce4 DE.16:42
belgianguygebruiker: nope, just the 14.10 one16:42
gebruikerbelgianguy, the ck with bfq patches?16:42
Stannazon login, I mean the ubuntu drums login sound, afterwards, nothing16:42
k1l_maira: that is not supported at all.16:42
anjo-aladiahsudo pm-hibernate work on a packard bell 64 bits console but not on the panel bar. On another hand sudo pm-hibernate dont work on a Toshiba Satelite 64 bits console nether the console nether de panel bar button. The Packard Bell behavior is similar on Button as Toshiba SAtelite on both console and panel bar button. They both were installed with same ISO. Someone know a console command to...16:42
tewardmaira: for all intents and purposes, dapper drake is past support and end-of-life.  old-releases are the repos as they were at EOL time - they get no security updates and such.  continuing to use dapper is going to open you to infinite security risks.16:42
anjo-aladiahanjo-aladiah...solve this problem ?16:42
anjo-aladiahIam with Lubuntu 14.1016:44
marlonHOla :D16:45
belgianguyanjo-aladiah: please reformulate that in shorter questions16:45
belgianguyas that wall of text will probably not entice many readers16:46
anjo-aladiahi cant hibernat on console nether panel bar button16:46
anjo-aladiahsudo pm-hibernate work on a packard bell 64 bits console but not on the panel bar. lubuntu 14.1016:47
anjo-aladiahsudo pm-hibernate dont work on a Toshiba Satelite 64 bits console nether the console nether de panel bar button.16:47
damidamhey guys, does anyone know a ppa for the new nvidia drivers? http://www.nvidia.com/download/driverResults.aspx/79720/en-us16:47
StannazI have an audio issue, Ubuntu 14.04. No sound, although it does work on login, I expect it to work after login(obviously). I believe this is linked to me installing, and then removing xfce4 DE.16:48
anjo-aladiahStannas that problem happens to me .16:48
anjo-aladiahDO you have sound icon ?16:48
StannazDid you manage to fix it?16:48
anjo-aladiahi had no sound icon and no sound16:48
StannazWell, my sound indicator often disappears but adding and removing it in settings fixes it16:49
StannazMy main issue is no sound, and no sound devices showing16:49
anjo-aladiahi did sudo apt-get install indicator-volume16:49
anjo-aladiahand sudo reboot16:49
Stannazdo you mean indicator-sound?16:50
Stannazor sound-indicator?16:50
k1l_damidam: why do you need the new drivers? what is with the drivers ubuntu ships?16:50
anjo-aladiahyes that s it, sorry16:50
Stannazbut the issue is not in regards to the icon, it's to do with there being no sound as a whole16:50
damidamk1l_ heroes of the storm is running badly for me in wine16:50
damidami'm hopeing to get some fps out of the new drivers16:50
johngGuys, I was wondering whether it is possible to take a complete backup of an ubunu system?16:51
k1l_damidam: that is in most cases a wine issue. and not a video driver issue16:51
marlonI9M BILINGUE16:51
Stannaz@johng have you tried googling?16:51
SchrodingersScatjohng: couple ways, there's dd and other tools, depending on what you need16:51
marlonyou mother16:51
marlonyour mother16:51
Bantu____alisamixer<----- sound cmd16:51
johngWhat i was thinking about was something along the lines of a nandroid backup that exists in android16:51
anjo-aladiahsudo apt-get install indicator-sound  Stannaz:16:51
SchrodingersScat!backup | johng16:51
ubottujohng: There are many ways to back your system up. Here's a few: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BackupYourSystem , https://help.ubuntu.com/community/DuplicityBackupHowto , https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HomeUserBackup , https://help.ubuntu.com/community/MondoMindi - See also !sbackup and !cloning16:51
johngWas wondering whether something like that was possible16:51
damidamk1l_ so you would advise against installing them ?16:52
johngSE didn;t give me any such answers .16:52
k1l_damidam: yes.16:52
Stannazanjo, that's just the indicatoir, I already tried reinstalling that and it didn't help16:52
Bantu____alsamixer ...16:52
anjo-aladiahSomeone help me to make my Toshiba SAtelite hibernate as weel on console or panel bar button ?16:52
k1l_damidam: you could install them but in most times there goes something wrong and we cant do anything about it.16:52
damidam"most" ?16:52
=== soee_ is now known as soee
k1l_damidam: user coming in here having issues after upgrades or kernel updates or just having issue tend to use a PPA or the sites driver.16:53
johngjust as a nandroid backup restores ubuntu back to its initial config with all its programs, is there something similar for ubuntu?16:53
k1l_johng: use dd to make a full backup16:54
StannazFixed my problem! Removing the pulseaudio config (so it was regenned) sorted it.16:54
johngk1l_, thanks i'll look it up.16:54
k1l_johng: but the clever way is: backup your personal data and the config files. the whole system could be reinstalled very quick16:55
ArdentI have a problem. In TightVNC i try running an application and my VNC session just crashes.16:55
k1l_johng: but that is all explained on the backup sites the bot linked16:55
Evropiis there any way I can see most recently installed packages via command line or synaptic?17:23
Evropiif that information is recorded at all.17:24
=== user is now known as basichash
johngEvropi, that info is available in USC.17:25
johngUnder the installed tab17:25
Evropijohng: I use Kubuntu acutally...17:25
Evropithat channel is dead though17:25
Evropiit's this deb package I downloaded and installed, I want to remove it now. It doesn't come from the repos17:26
johngif you remember the prog, use "purge" to remove it17:27
k1l_Evropi: /var/log/apt gives you the history17:28
Evropi17:27 johngif you remember the prog, use "purge" to remove it <-- yeah I was looking for the package name :P17:28
Evropithanks k1l_17:28
anjo-aladiahiam with lubuntu 14.10 paralell install to windows 8.1  Now it only start with windows and menu to choose dont appear why ?17:30
k1l_anjo-aladiah: did you reinstall windows or something?17:31
anjo-aladiahFirst i reinstall windows , then lubuntu paralell, then updates to windows . .17:31
Evropiweird k1l_, it wasn't listed in the history file for some reason, but I found it in the end by opening the deb in the wastebin17:31
anjo-aladiahthen update to lubuntu and somes restarts17:31
Evropithanks anyway, I'll keep it in mind17:31
k1l_Evropi: so you did a .deb install?17:31
k1l_!bootrepair | anjo-aladiah17:32
ubottuanjo-aladiah: Boot-Repair is a simple tool to repair frequent boot issues you may encounter in Ubuntu. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Boot-Repair for more info.17:32
Evropianjo-aladiah: try "sudo update-grub"17:32
Evropioh wait you're stuck in windows17:32
k1l_anjo-aladiah: see the bots message17:32
anjo-aladiahEvropi: where i should typ sudo update-grub if i cant enter inside lubuntu ?17:33
Evropianjo-aladiah: nevermind me, follow the instructions of the bot which is to check https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Boot-Repair17:33
k1l_anjo-aladiah: run grubinstall17:33
k1l_anjo-aladiah: see the message from the bot!17:33
anjo-aladiahhow ?17:33
k1l_anjo-aladiah: how?17:34
k1l_anjo-aladiah: did you even open the link the bot gave you?17:34
anjo-aladiahi should run grubinstall after creat a usb pen doesnit ?17:35
anjo-aladiahyes i did.17:35
k1l_anjo-aladiah: no you did not! because then you did not need to ask17:35
k1l_anjo-aladiah: it is all explained in the help page to bootrepair. if you got a specific question ask it here. but dont let us just read the page for you write it here again. that is just wasting time.17:36
anjo-aladiahI think the process its to complicated for me. even reading.17:38
pressurejoin #history17:41
Glda19what is the best way to make a backup so that i can recover it by problems17:42
EarloHey, I got weird problem with Skype and Ubuntu.17:44
EarloIt happens every once a while, that my keyboard inputs get all weird in Skype, while working just normal elsewhere.17:44
EarloI mean, it feels like one 3rd of the time the letter doesn't appear at all, another 3rd it writes "e" and for rest of the cases it works just as it should.17:45
ericwhen running apt-get update i have packages that are missing and cause the update to fail. The entries are not in sources.list. where are they located and how do i remove them?17:47
streulmahi, with Ubuntu I have System Temperature 90D error. Tried with thermal.nocrt=1 but no succes.17:51
streulmait's a HP notebook17:52
ubuntuaddictedtrying to use mprime to check stability of my OC and for some reason the latest tar gzip doesn't log by default and i'm just trying to understand how to edit prime.txt so it does17:57
ubuntuaddictedanyone use mprime?17:58
sakralwadyالسلام عليكم17:59
sakralwadyهل من عربي17:59
k1l_sakralwady: that is a english only channel18:00
k1l_!eg | sakralwady18:01
sakralwadyhwer a found arabic channel18:01
barrett__i'm trying to make a USB flash drive of 14.04 using unetbootin (on a 12.04) machine.  unetbootin only has options that go up to 11.10live    do you think that would work for making a bootable 14.04 usb stick?18:01
k1l_#ubuntu-eg is the channel18:01
sakralwadythank you kil18:02
barrett__what is the best way to crate a 14.04 live usb from 12.04?18:04
tewardbarrett__: usb creator, probably18:05
barrett__what is that is that an application?18:05
tewardbarrett__: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/FromUSBStick#Creating_a_bootable_Ubuntu_USB_flash_drive_from_Ubuntu  <-- start here18:05
tewardbarrett__: it's an application in ubuntu, yes, you can do `sudo apt-get install usb-creator` to install it, then use it18:06
barrett__hrm not in my repos18:06
tewardbarrett__: well, it's there - http://packages.ubuntu.com/search?suite=precise&searchon=names&keywords=usb-creator18:07
tewardbarrett__: you might need to do `sudo apt-get update` first, but depending on what your error is saying... it's hard to determine the actual issue with that.18:07
=== charles is now known as Guest9868
Guest9868 /nick cjb9918:09
=== Guest9868 is now known as cjb99
streulmais the Geforce Nvidia 840m compatible with Ubuntu 14.04 ?18:09
mairasome one has a solution for my case??18:09
mairawireless atheros working on ubuntu 6.0618:09
mairasome one found??18:10
mairaI found the driver but make doesent compile18:10
mairai got an error18:10
ikonia6.06 is dead18:10
ubottuPlease don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience18:10
ikoniait's not supported here any more18:10
ubottuDon't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. While you wait, try searching https://help.ubuntu.com or http://ubuntuforums.org or http://askubuntu.com/18:11
ikoniaMeow: please stop trying to mess with the bot18:11
anjo-aladiahBoot repair told me to disabled Secure boot on bios. But i cant  change this option there .18:15
bekksanjo-aladiah: Why not?18:15
ubuntuaddictedis anyone in here familar with mprime? i can't get it to log to a file using the prime.txt config file.18:15
=== hdr is now known as Guest29992
anjo-aladiahbekks: i am not able to put the cursor in it to change. the color is different, in this parameters . . that i cant change18:16
=== Guest29992 is now known as Zepplin
bekksanjo-aladiah: So maybe you have to unlock your bios by entering some password of actually entering the "change" mode.18:17
anjo-aladiahthe password is disabled18:17
anjo-aladiahsupervisor: clear18:17
anjo-aladiahuser : clear18:17
=== Alessandro is now known as Guest13702
anjo-aladiahhdd : clear18:17
=== Guest13702 is now known as Alexandro
anjo-aladiahit must be a must doensit to boot repair work , disable this feature ?18:18
bekksanjo-aladiah: I am sorry, I did not understand your last question.18:19
anjo-aladiahboot repair gave me the? option to continue without change or disable Secure boot. Do you think i should try18:20
anjo-aladiahwhat if i change boot mode UEFI to Legacy.  . . it will work  then ?18:22
bekksanjo-aladiah: If you change from UEFI to legacy, your system will not boot anymore if you installed it in UEFI mode.18:22
anjo-aladiahi will try to use the tool boot repair with out disabled Secure boot on bios. Because i dont have idea how to acess the parameters18:24
anjo-aladiahthey seem to be looked18:24
anjo-aladiahtell me casssio318:26
cassio3can we do some standard questioning here?18:26
cassio3what caused this problem?18:26
cassio3are you sure it's software, and not hardware?18:26
anjo-aladiahafter some reboots of lubuntu it happens,18:26
cassio3why did the machine reboot?18:26
anjo-aladiahThe hard disk should be first on boot order doesnit ? or Windows boot manager should come first ?18:27
cassio3guys, does that mean it kernel paniked?18:27
anjo-aladiahbecause iam installing it fresh18:27
cassio3if you installed lubuntu18:27
cassio3it becomes the boot manager18:27
cassio3called grub I believe18:27
cassio3if you are installing fresh18:28
cassio3and want to wipe both windows, and linux18:28
anjo-aladiahiam talking about bios seto boot order18:28
cassio3install windows first18:28
anjo-aladiahthat what i did18:28
anjo-aladiahthen lubuntu paralell18:28
cassio3windows is working?18:28
anjo-aladiahalll was working18:28
cassio3and then what happened?18:28
anjo-aladiahyes it start windows instead lubuntu and don t give me the option18:28
cassio3things don't break on their own18:28
cassio3hang on18:29
cassio3I get it18:29
cassio3so you want to get back into lubuntu18:29
anjo-aladiahiam with a usb flash on it18:29
anjo-aladiahto try boot repair tooll18:29
matthias_how can i start xscreensaver in blank mode?18:29
cassio3just stop.18:29
cassio3the boot repair tool is the windows boot repair tool18:30
cassio3the bios order is irrelevant18:30
cassio3give me a second18:30
cassio3this problem is really old18:30
anjo-aladiahthe windows is the 8.118:31
anjo-aladiahand lubuntu 14.1018:31
theadminYou may not even need to use boot repair18:31
cassio3theadmin, she doesn't?18:31
theadminanjo-aladiah: Is Fast Startup in Windows disabled?18:31
anjo-aladiahcassio3: iam reading it18:31
theadminIf it's not, do disable it.18:32
LoLoLoRussia will fuck you18:32
cassio3one second, listen to theadmin18:32
cassio3My Linux knowledge is rudimentary and stale.18:32
anjo-aladiahwhere i can see that fast start up option . on BIOS ?18:32
anjo-aladiahtheadmin:  that option is on bios ?18:33
theadminanjo-aladiah: No, it's in Windows.18:33
anjo-aladiahControl pannel ?18:33
himansurathianoj-aladiah: see control panel ->power options ->disable fst start up18:33
anjo-aladiahok i will back to windows with it to check18:33
theadminanjo-aladiah: Control Panel -> Power Options -> Change what the power buttons do -> uncheck "Turn on fast startup", then shutdown your computer.18:34
anjo-aladiahiam doing it, its on another machinw18:34
cassio3this seems to match what she's saying -- it "rebooted a few times"18:35
anjo-aladiahyesss, i hope its about this. because its a friend mine , and iam repsonsable for the instalation.18:35
cassio3this must have to do with hibernation?18:35
ugb3Hey Guyz, I’m using 14.04 LTS and my computer isn't booting anymore since i'v moved, it takes a while to "boot" and then after the logo I just get a KP with  "drm_kms_helper panic occurred switching back to text console" could anybody walk me trough troubleshooting it ?18:35
theadmincassio3: To sum it up, "Shut down" in Windows 8 is more like "Log out all users and hibernate".18:35
anjo-aladiahyes i was trying sudo pm-hibernate18:35
cassio3anjo-aladiah, I always do a backup of systems before I install any operating system, or ideally touch it in any way.18:36
cassio3I backup the mbr too...18:36
suikhey guys, have a server where someone install ubuntu server, but enabled hardware virtualization  so it's only using 2 cores now. I want to make the server use all 8. Do I have to reinstall ubuntu?18:36
bekkssuik: No.18:36
cassio3anjo-aladiah, I use acronis on windows, but it would be nice to have something that's dual-platform.18:37
bekkssuik: And your statement doesnt make sense, since as long as you are installing on native hardware, Ubuntu will use all cores available.18:37
anjo-aladiahI cant find power options in control pannel.18:37
TheMaverick`Getting an error (/usr/bin/X not found) when running startx on a minimal install. I've done the following: "sudo apt-get install --no-install-recommends xserver-xorg-core-lts-trusty xinit openbox synaptic". Any ideas?18:37
cassio3does he mean software virtualization as enabled by hardware?18:38
cassio3is it running in a VM?18:38
bekkscassio3: I dont know :)18:38
ubuntuaddictedanyone else use Hardinfo? for some reason when I click on sensors it's blank but i do have lm-sensors installed18:38
cassio3I'm thinking out loud18:38
theadminTheMaverick`: Try "xinit" instead of startx.18:38
theadminOh, wait, /usr/bin/X not found, uh...18:38
bekks!info /usr/bin/X18:39
theadmin!find /usr/bin/X18:39
ubottuPackage usrbinX does not exist in utopic18:39
ubottuFile /usr/bin/X found in haxml, libxerces-c-samples, scilab-full-bin, scilab-full-bin-dbg, tightvncserver, topp, vnc4server, x11-common, xalan, xdmx (and 7 others) http://packages.ubuntu.com/search?searchon=contents&keywords=/usr/bin/X&mode=&suite=utopic&arch=any18:39
himansurathianoj-aladiah :there might be something as Hardwares in the control panel and there u may see power options18:39
bekksah :)18:39
anjo-aladiahsomeone know where it is power options inside control panel in windows ?18:39
theadminApparently that file is not provided by any package...18:39
bekksanjo-aladiah: Thats a good question for ##windows18:39
theadminanjo-aladiah: Uh, it's just called "power options"18:39
TheMaverick`theadmin: Shouldn't X be with xserver-xorg-core-lts-trusty?18:39
anjo-aladiahhardware and sound ? system and securit18:39
theadminanjo-aladiah: Meh, switch to uncategorised view18:40
anjo-aladiahtheadmin: it dont give me that option18:40
TheMaverick`Is the current Minimal install based on 14.04 or 14.10?18:41
theadminanjo-aladiah: Here: http://i.imgur.com/U9KMliI.png18:41
theadminTheMaverick`: There's likely one for both of them.18:41
canolucashey, is there a way to transfer audio to the TV automatically when connecting it via HDMI ?18:41
himansurathi Is it safe to install fedora if I already have windows 8.1 and ubuntu 14.0418:42
k1l_TheMaverick`: there is a minimal install every release. so for 14.04 and for 14.1018:42
anjo-aladiahtheadmin: yes that i have small icons18:42
theadminanjo-aladiah: Well select that and then look for "Power options"18:42
anjo-aladiahok iam in it18:42
theadminanjo-aladiah: Now "Change what the power buttons do"18:43
theadminanjo-aladiah: Then, uncheck "Enable fast startup"18:43
theadminFinally, save it and reboot18:43
dimiI'm trying to install Desurium and I came up against a problem: http://pastebin.com/J7hXLxBF What do I do?18:43
theadminOr, err.18:43
bekks14!info desurium18:43
bekks!info desurium18:43
ubottuPackage desurium does not exist in utopic18:43
TheMaverick`k1l_: Seems like I must have 14.04 --> https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/MinimalCD#A64-bit_PC_.28amd64.2C_x86_64.2918:44
himansurathiIs it safe to install fedora if I already have windows 8.1 and ubuntu 14.0418:44
bekkshimansurathi: Ask the fedora support, we dont know it :)18:44
bubbasaureshimansurathi, Could be ask ##fedora18:44
k1l_TheMaverick`: if that is the name and the hash, its 14.04.18:44
bekksdimi: If you have issues compiling that application from source, you should ask the authors/maintainers of that software.18:44
erichaving trouble with apt-get update - it failes - the failing entries are not in sources.list. I want to remove the entries - where can i find them?18:45
theadmineric: /etc/apt/sources.list.d/18:45
erictheadmin thx18:45
anjo-aladiahtheadmin: the power buttons are to put all doing nothing in baterry or plug in to eletrical ?18:45
dimisigh, alright, bekks. spent two hours building it. ;_; thanks.18:45
=== Mateon2 is now known as Mateon1
bubbasaureshimansurathi, Not much difference in any linux OS, more similar than different most the time.18:46
theadminanjo-aladiah: Wat no, just look at the bottom of that screen, there are a couple checkboxes18:46
ugb3noone to help me with my « drm_kms_helper panic occurred switching back to text console » ? :(18:47
anjo-aladiahtheadmin : there were boxes to put buttons doing nothing when on batery or when in pluged. i put doing notinhg in all18:47
anjo-aladiahi restarted and it restarted windows again18:48
theadminanjo-aladiah: http://i.imgur.com/eiIMz7Z.png - I mean this thing.18:48
anjo-aladiahthe admin: yes took out that18:48
anjo-aladiahi terminate it again and it start with windows again18:49
theadminOK, hm18:49
theadminThen your problem is indeed something else.18:49
anjo-aladiahi will try boot repair.18:50
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TheMaver1ck`Well... that was fun.18:51
=== TheMaver1ck` is now known as TheMaverick
=== TheMaverick is now known as TheMaverick`
anjo-aladiahthe problem is i cant modify the settting in boot, to disable boot secure feature on  PAckard Bell, acer stykle18:52
=== zeus is now known as Guest46819
TheMaverick`So, since I'm getting an "X not found" error... how do I install X? I thought it would come with xserver-xorg-core-lts-trusty.18:53
GuyThatNeedsHelpHello i followed this on how to install apache + php (https://www.digitalocean.com/community/tutorials/how-to-install-linux-apache-mysql-php-lamp-stack-on-ubuntu-14-04) and on accident i changed something so when i go localhost i see the default page but i made a directory and when i go to it i see "Forbidden You don't have permission to access /cheese/index.php on this server. Apache/2.4.7 (Ubuntu) Server at localhost Port 80"18:54
=== Karunamon|2 is now known as Karunamon
=== GTB3NW_ is now known as GTB3NW
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=== _gypsy__ is now known as _gypsy_
=== suigeneris is now known as Kartagis
GuyThatNeedsHelpHello i followed this on how to install apache + php (https://www.digitalocean.com/community/tutorials/how-to-install-linux-apache-mysql-php-lamp-stack-on-ubuntu-14-04) and on accident i changed something so when i go localhost i see the default page but i made a directory and when i go to it i see "Forbidden You don't have permission to access /cheese/index.php on this server. Apache/2.4.7 (Ubuntu) Server at localhost Port 80"18:56
mdogeGuyThatNeedsHelp: use /var/www/18:57
GuyThatNeedsHelpmdoge: what do you mean?18:57
mdogeand make sure its permissions are correct (chown -r www-data:www-data /var/www/)18:57
mdogeGuyThatNeedsHelp: /var/www/ is the webroot of your apache server18:58
GuyThatNeedsHelpmdoge: i put my directory in /var/www/html18:58
mdogechown -R www-data:www-data /var/www/18:58
mdogetry that18:58
rachoGuyThatNeedsHelp, probably /var/www/html is with messed permissions18:58
matthias_how can i disable the lockscreen for all fat clients in the chroot. i'm using the mate desktop18:59
alo21Hi...I cannot hear sound from hdmi outpur or aux cable. Can someone help me?18:59
GuyThatNeedsHelpmdoge: http://paste.ubuntu.com/9029760/18:59
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=== Mattias___ is now known as Mattias
GuyThatNeedsHelphow would i change the permissions?19:00
GuyThatNeedsHelpmdoge: how would i change the permissions? i know i messed them up when i was installing19:00
mdogeGuyThatNeedsHelp: chown -R www-data:www-data /var/www/19:01
bubbaI've been trying to get wifi working on ubuntu/lubuntu on a laptop that requires the buttons to work (averatec 5110), Ive looked, and cant find the av5100 module that should solve my button problem.19:01
=== kyle is now known as Guest41901
GuyThatNeedsHelpmdoge: that changes it?19:01
mdogeGuyThatNeedsHelp: yes19:01
=== tsimpson_ is now known as tsimpson
GuyThatNeedsHelpmdoge: i did that and got this http://paste.ubuntu.com/9029760/19:02
mdogeGuyThatNeedsHelp: my command changes the ownership for all the files and directories in /var/www/ (the -R flag does that)19:02
GuyThatNeedsHelpmdoge i forgot sudo19:02
mdogeGuyThatNeedsHelp: sorry. use sudo.19:02
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=== aewing__ is now known as aewing_
seydarhi, i'm having a lot of trouble install pandoc on my ubuntu box19:02
GuyThatNeedsHelpmdoge: thanks19:03
mdogeGuyFromMars: does it work now?19:03
canolucas Hi. Does anyone know if there is a way to automatically transfer audio to the TV whenever i connect it via HDMI as other famous OS does ?19:03
seydari keep getting 404 not found errors for the package: Failed to fetch http://archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/pool/universe/p/pandoc/pandoc_1.10.1-1_amd64.deb  404  Not Found [IP: 80]19:03
seydarand i'm running `sudo apt-get install pandoc`19:03
=== brainyron_ is now known as brainyron
bubbaI need help figuring out how to get av5110 module.19:05
=== bigfuzzyjesus_ is now known as bigfuzzyjesus
seydarhot damn, i finally fixed it: https://smyl.es/how-to-fix-ubuntudebian-apt-get-404-not-found-package-repository-errors-saucy-raring-quantal-oneiric-natty/19:06
seydari've been struggling with this for a while, and sure enough as soon as i come to IRC, i resolve it without actual human interaction. kinda like calling your friend whenever you get lost in a store19:06
k1l_seydar you should be updating anyway19:07
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anjo-aladiahThis boot repair its like a super robot and is tellling me what commands to type to recover grub19:12
anjo-aladiahI tought i need to create a flash usb with it, but dont. Only thing i need was a thing i have , a Live usb flash with Lubuntu. I hope this boot repair work for me19:15
bubbasauresanjo-aladiah, Save the bootinfo summary if run, you will get a url it's at.19:16
bubbasaureswhere it's at*19:17
cordycepsgot a hardware(ram) problem. Is this  the right venue?19:18
alo21please help mee19:18
bubbasaurescordyceps, There is ##hardware19:19
murosaiwhen using screen+irssi sometimes long lines get displayed really oddly, does anyone know how to fix this?19:19
bubbai have a problem with a module that my laptop seems to need (av5100), but I cant find it.19:19
bubbasauresalo21, Don't plead, details are what get you help here.19:20
anjo-aladiahk1l:  boot repair gave me an error. here is the link  (paste.ubuntu.com/Boot-info_2014-11-15_02h05.txt19:20
alo21i can't hear sound when hdmi is connected, or via aux cable19:21
=== adante_ is now known as adante
bubbacan anyone see what I type?19:22
Fghgyes I see19:22
scottyarwoodI am thinking about trying to get ubuntu but currently I have fedora and I can't even get the ubuntu live cd to boot. Is there anything I can do to get it started?19:22
bubbaFghg, Thanks.19:23
ehsanvyes buba19:23
ehsanvi can see19:23
anjo-aladiahk1l: sorry somthing wrong with the url19:23
Fghgfolks for some reason when I play youtube some weird horizontal lines come across screen19:23
ehsanvhello ricardo19:23
Fghgso fucking bizzare19:23
FghgI wonder how to fix it19:23
bubbasauresalo21, First google hit here is askubuntu, note the TV is identified you might search there, https://www.google.com/search?q=14.04+hdmi+sound&sa=G&hl=en&gbv=1&sei=3adnVJWBAsmKiwL1y4HQDA19:23
bubbafghg, that sounds like a flash issue. there are a couple versions that you may need to try to get it working right.19:24
bubbasauresFghg, No swearing please, thank you.19:24
riccardo_I do not like the sound in Skype program I tried to take the test but I'm not part of the volume19:24
Fghgi love swearing sometimes Ö=19:24
Fghgskype is %%%19:24
Fghgutox is good19:24
bubbaehsanv, thanks.19:25
ehsanvbubba, you're wecome19:25
scottyarwoodI currently have fedora installed on my computer but I want to get ubuntu. Ever since I installed fedora, I can't boot any liveCD's. Is there anything I can do?19:26
=== genpaku_ is now known as genpaku
riccardo_hello scotty19:27
Gregorian_1TBscottyarwood: the live boot is always coming before the installed OS19:27
the_eye_scottyarwood,  Boot cd is a bios setting19:27
Gregorian_1TBscottyarwood: check your bios settings19:27
scottyarwoodit's not doing that for me19:27
=== genpaku is now known as genpaku_
scottyarwoodI did and cd is first19:27
=== genpaku_ is now known as genpaku__
the_eye_scottyarwood, check if cd/dvd burn succesfully19:28
scottyarwoodit works on our desktop, just not my laptop19:28
the_eye_Try with a usb19:28
riccardo_scotty my advice fast operating system19:28
scottyarwoodWhat do you mean by that?19:28
ehsanvscotty try F11 right after bios screen19:29
scottyarwoodok thanks19:29
scottyarwoodI'll try it19:29
=== ehsanv is now known as pero
perociao ricardo19:30
riccardo_pero sei esperto di linux19:31
squintyto access the bootup options, different computers use different hot keys.  some use Esc others F12 etc.  usually the key options are displayed on the computers boot splash screen or check the unit's docs for such19:31
peroriccardo speak eng pls19:32
=== ValicekB_ is now known as ValicekB
riccardo_pero no eng italiano sono19:33
squinty!it > riccardo_19:34
ubotturiccardo_, please see my private message19:34
Huliois there a way to block seeing subversion folder when browsing on web page?19:37
Hulioi know subversion is using apache19:37
Huliobut how to block viewing it on the web page?19:38
OerHeksHulio i guess not.19:39
peroricardo im not italian but like this name pero19:39
Almindorif you start a program in ubuntu and it's loading is the mouse cursor supposed to reflect it somehow?19:40
Almindore.g. before you see the window of the program show up, I'd expect some kind of feedback that things are loading19:40
Gregorian_1TBAlmindor: ya you usually see a round circle animation, similar to Mac OS19:40
AlmindorGregorian_1TB, I never get that19:41
AlmindorGregorian_1TB, my cursor is always the normal pointer19:41
Gregorian_1TBmaybe because you pc is too fast :P19:41
AlmindorGregorian_1TB, I wished :D but it pisses me off with steam games19:41
Gregorian_1TBAlmindor: no seriously, which WM are you using ?19:41
bubbaI guess im screwed on this module for ubuntu/lubuntu. Can anyone reccomend a distro that supports av5100 module?19:41
AlmindorGregorian_1TB, unity19:41
Gregorian_1TBah, steam is special19:41
Gregorian_1TBbehaves rather erratically on my machine at least19:42
AlmindorGregorian_1TB, if I start a steam game for example sometimes it loads for seconds with 0 indication, I have to look at disk usage to see it's trying something19:42
Gregorian_1TBthe steam launch itself, it should show it though19:42
Almindorhmm I see19:42
AlmindorVALVE!! :D19:42
Gregorian_1TByep, when you launch sth inside steam, its no longer the wm buisness19:42
=== Mateon2 is now known as Mateon1
Almindorbut then again, I thought this was a std. shell functionality19:42
matthias_hello i want to modify the command which is run, when i click on System -> Lock Screen. which file do i have to edit? I'm on Mate19:42
Gregorian_1TBshell is sth different ^^19:42
AlmindorI meant graphical shell19:43
Almindorlike gnome319:43
Gregorian_1TBummh, steam is really like you are already running a programm19:43
Gregorian_1TBits like loading a level from inside a game, you wouldnt expect an animation there right ?19:43
Gregorian_1TBat least not one from the wm19:44
Gregorian_1TByou can start steam games right away without invoking this huge "steam browser" or whatever that is19:44
Gregorian_1TBat least for me I find start scripts for my steam games in '~./steam/steam/SteamApps/common/GAMENAME19:47
murosaiwhen using screen+irssi sometimes long lines get displayed really oddly, does anyone know how to fix this?19:49
Midoshi27Hello all, I'm using a Lenovo Thinkpad W520 and can't get my second monitor to display. It was working fine just last night, but now it's not at all.19:50
Midoshi27I know that in the BIOS I should have the nvidia card set to 'Discrete Graphics' (and I do) but when I boot it is setting it back to the default setting19:51
squintymurosai:  there is a #irssi channel here on freenode19:51
dimii downloaded the official desura client, and followed the instructions in the readme. everything installed.19:51
dimibut now when I double-click the desura icon, nothing happens. help?19:51
the_eye_dimi, try from terminal19:52
dimiwhat do i do in the terminal, the_eye_19:52
the_eye_dimi, to run desura client19:52
=== Gregorian_1TB is now known as Whir
=== Yukinotteru is now known as Yukitteru
dimithe_eye_, what do I type in the terminal to run the client?19:59
=== nyuszika7h_ is now known as nyuszika7h
the_eye_dimi, Well I don know, I dont use desura. But terminal is much more verbose about errors.20:00
dimithe_eye_, dir returns this in desura's folder:     bin     desura     desura.desktop     docs     lib_extra     version     data     desura_appfiles.xml     desura-force.desktop     lib     README     xdg20:02
dimithe_eye_, any guesses?20:02
the_eye_try "./desura" without ""20:02
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ubottuA netsplit is when two IRC servers of the same network (like freenode) disconnect from each other, so users on one server stop seeing users on the other. If this is happening now, just relax and enjoy the show. See http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Netsplit20:05
harish_just started new eclipse ADT20:05
harish_but there are no menu for it, i am useing ubuntu 14.0420:06
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harish_i can not find main menu for eclipse in ubuntu 14.04 http://imgur.com/ittLGOl20:08
matthias_I'm pretty sure, that i found the path i edited it with nano /usr/share/applications/mate-screensaver-lock.desktop but it doesn't get executed. when i go to the folder via caja, and double click the file, it is working fine20:10
cordycepsgot a micro ATX pc with ddr2 2gig RAM. I added another 2gig RAM(ebay) and then had only 3G plus the desktop wouldn't open, only console mode available. Had to switch back. What's my next move?20:14
=== rc0mbs is now known as rcombs
flexuscordyceps: free -h20:16
eraggoquickie for those running 14.04: how do i get usb thumb drives to work (read/write) in it? I do remember this issue was problem but cant remember how i did fix it earlier20:20
mrkirby153So, I'm a member of the www-data group but I still can't write to /var/www over FTP20:20
mrkirby153Or should I just chown it to myself only20:22
flexuseraggo: what does lsusb say? does it detect the drive?20:22
eraggoflexus: yes; i can read from it20:22
flexusmount ?20:22
eraggoonly writing is issu20:22
cordycepseraggo: might have to be formatted fat32 IIRC20:23
flexusa RW switch on the thumbdrive?20:23
=== joe75_ is now known as joe75
eraggoflexus: no r/w switch on it. laptop near here can read and write on it20:23
=== dark is now known as mircx1
=== mircx1 is now known as ASHER1
matthias_please help me20:25
cordycepsflexus: was away, sorry. free -h? Doesn't tell me how to fix.20:25
eraggoflexus, cordyceps mount command shows http://pastebin.com/uHy7bZ5m20:25
=== Michael__ is now known as Guest83478
flexuseraggo: ls -l on  /dev/sd bla ?20:26
flexuscordyceps:  only wanted to know if sum of ram is written correctly20:26
morhadubuntu 14.4 have any method to switch kbd layout between 2 languages  with one kbd combination and if I want to switch to 3rd language, for this case I will use anothe combination..20:26
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eraggoflexus: http://pastebin.com/VvcTWvPG20:27
cordycepsflexus: yes. But I had to switch back to original 2G. It didn't work with the extra 220:27
flexuscordyceps: maybe ECC ram u are mixing20:28
bubbasauresmatthias_, I think this might help as far as getting help here. https://workaround.org/getting-help-on-irc20:28
flexuseraggo: might be ok20:29
matthias_bubbasaures: i know20:29
root____1Are my messages seen?20:30
bubbasauresmatthias_, Spreading the info out you gave across the channel with no answers makes it really difficult to help, especially when not really well detailed is all. ;)20:30
OerHeks!rootirc | root____120:30
ubotturoot____1: It's not technically our business, but we'd like to tell you that IRC'ing as root is a Very Bad Idea (tm). After all, doing anything as root when root is not needed is bad, and especially bad with software that connects to the Internet.20:30
eraggoflexus: it just doesnt allow me to write :<20:30
cordycepsflexus: according to $sudo lshw -C memory the two sticks(old and new) were identical but only 1G of the new RAM showed up PLUS no desktop, so I took out the new 2G module and everything returned to "normal"20:30
matthias_bubbasaures: so it was not clear, what i meant?20:31
HFSPLUSis there more themes to unity than radiance and ambiance?20:31
bubbasauresmatthias_, What is blank mode?20:31
ugb3Hi everyone, for no evident reason i’m getting a Kernel Panic with « drm_kms_helper panic occurred switching back to text console »any idea ?20:32
ugb3i’m using 14.04LTS btw20:32
OerHeksHFSPLUS, sure, here are 10 >> http://sourcedigit.com/9432-top-10-best-custom-themes-ubuntu-14-04/20:32
HFSPLUSOerHeks, thanks i will look into god bless you20:32
eraggoflexus: this is very weird; it does allow me to create data on terminal but not in GUI? Basically meaning i can write and read data in console. Very weird20:32
matthias_bubbasaures: i meant with that, only black screen, but i switched from xscreensaver to i3lock, since i couldn't find the "blank mode". my current problem is the following20:32
OerHeksHFScarefull with the mac theme, it might ruin your system20:33
DrManhattanI installed ubuntu on fakeraid and my raid mirror reads as "initializing" in my bios, even though it is healthy according to dmraid -s20:33
flexuscordyceps: maybe make a ram check with grub bootmenu20:33
DrManhattanis this something I should be concerned with?20:33
ugb3One of the last line is « rip r100_mm_rreg+0x39/0x70 [radeon] »20:33
matthias_http://imgur.com/jgzsCoN i want to edit the command which gets executed when i click the highlighted item to lock the screen.20:33
=== matthewvz is now known as Guest74159
cordycepsflexus: thanks, will try ;)20:34
flexuseraggo: so x doesnt have right?20:34
matthias_bubbasaures: i already modified the highlighted .desktop file in the file browser. and it is working when i double click it. but it seems that it is not the same like in the panel20:34
eraggoflexus: seems so maybe20:34
matthias_bubbasaures: is my problem now clear?20:34
matthias_the file i edited was: /usr/share/applications/mate-screensaver-lock.desktop20:35
MadHatter42anyone know whats the security issue with systemd ?20:35
flexuscordyceps: make a buzz if it works out20:36
flexuseraggo: maybe some windowmanager issues20:38
=== rava is now known as Guest35750
flexuslightdm or such20:38
bubbasauresmatthias_, Sorry had to take a call, my contact with you was for really to make it clearer to the channel not me, mainly concerned you get help is all. ;)20:38
=== Snowstormer is now known as Guest1976
matthias_bubbasaures: thanks20:38
ugb3This time I only get an hyphen on the top left part of the screen…20:39
* bubbasaures thinks his shadow is a "ethnic mother" choose your favorite20:40
ubottumiaa: No warez here! This is not a file sharing channel (or network); read the channel topic. If you're looking for information about me, type « /msg ubottu !bot ». If you're looking for a channel, see « /msg ubottu !alis ».20:41
dalemoving app windows across desktop switcher always freezes my system, on if a 5tabterminal, firefox, gedit20:41
ugb3Nobody to help me help myself with my kp ? :(20:42
daleusing 14.04 LTS, all updates done20:42
_DeLa_The movie project about the scientist Wilhelm Reich needs your support! https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/25874147/wilhelm-reich-documentary-film-project20:42
DrManhattanIm not supporting anything with the word Reich in it20:42
DrManhattanI installed ubuntu on fakeraid and my raid mirror reads as "initializing" in my bios, even though it is healthy according to dmraid -s20:43
DrManhattanis this something I should be concerned with?20:43
OerHeks_DeLa_, please don't spam here, thanks20:43
flexus_DeLa_: lol20:43
Bashing-omugb3: I am hist joining . kp ?20:43
_DeLa_c'mon guys....20:43
OerHeks!ot > _DeLa_20:43
ubottu_DeLa_, please see my private message20:43
ugb3Bashing-om: Kernel Panic20:43
_DeLa_okay...I see...sorry20:44
eraggoflexus: made quick video about issue.. waiting upload happening to show it20:44
ugb3With nomodeset I only have a a white point over a black screen, x doesn’t seems to start.20:45
ugb3oh it does after a while.20:45
Bashing-omugb3: Have youy tried booting an older kernel ? - see what happens - can you boot to terminal from the grub boot menu ( maybe then isolate to the GUI ) .20:45
ugb3Bashing-om: I don’t have any older kernel, in fact I have the older one atm…20:46
ugb3Bashing-om: I can booth with nomodeset tho but I don’t know what happened it has worked for a while and i didn’t do any update before it broke.20:47
eraggoflexus: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tsYqepWDEOQ sorry for my language20:47
=== supay_ is now known as supay
flexuseraggo: je ne comprends pas20:49
ugb3Anyway to reinstall the « radeon » drivers or downgranding it ?20:49
Bashing-omugb3: Humm .."nomodeset" disables Kernel mode setting. What results if you try and boot to terminal from the grub boot menu ( 'e' key, replace boot parameters "quiet splash" with the term text ) . Maybe see then what results if we start the GUI from terminal .20:50
ugb3Bashing-om: Doing that.20:50
eraggoflexus: nope. i am pretty sure i had this problem like on launch. can't remember how i did fixed it20:51
flexuseraggo: its some user rights problem20:51
teaearlgraycold_I shouldn't have issues installing Ubuntu on a Win 8 machine if I built it myself, right?20:51
Bashing-omugb3: Yeah, we can alwys try and (re-)install graphics drivers . When ready we look at the chip set and IF a driver is installed.20:51
EriC^^eraggo: what's the error say?20:52
ugb3Bashing-om: It used to work pretty well with sound over hdmi and everything.20:52
ugb3Bashing-om: Ok I got a console20:52
OerHeksteaearlgraycold_, depends, did you setup win8 with bitlocker?20:53
eraggoEriC^^: i'll try my best to translate: "error on copying files: you can only read from target"20:53
teaearlgraycold_OerHeks, you mean is the Windows partition encrypted?20:53
OerHeksteaearlgraycold_, yes20:53
teaearlgraycold_I had a random bitlocker partition that I just found, but it was on my mechanical drive not my SSD boot drive20:53
teaearlgraycold_So no20:53
Bashing-omugb3: Hey hey .. situation is not hopeless, huh ? .. Ok, what Desktop environment are you running ? unity ? gnome ? else ?20:54
ugb3Bashing-om: cinanon20:54
teaearlgraycold_OerHeks, can I just install into free space and then add an entry to GRUB (or whatever is hip these days)?20:54
OerHeksteaearlgraycold_, oke, then no worries, just check if you have formatted in GPT and if your system has UEFI, but there is a manual for20:55
ubottuUEFI is a specification that defines a software interface between an operating system and platform firmware. It is meant as a replacement for the BIOS. For information on how to set up and install Ubuntu and its derivatives on UEFI machines please read https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UEFI20:55
EriC^^eraggo: try to type nautilus . in the terminal and create the directory20:55
Bashing-omugb3: Gimme a bit as I do not know what display manager cinnamon uses .20:55
eraggoEriC^^: same issue; now with root/sudo?20:55
flexuseraggo: with root is cheating...20:56
EriC^^that doesn't make sense20:56
=== icecube45_ is now known as icecube45
teaearlgraycold_OerHeks, how do I know if Windows was installed in EFI mode?20:56
teaearlgraycold_Is Win8 always installed in EFI mode20:56
EriC^^teaearlgraycold_: not always no20:56
EriC^^teaearlgraycold_: are you on ubuntu?20:56
OerHeksteaearlgraycold_, you could see this in the uefi-bios screen20:57
teaearlgraycold_I'm on windows 820:57
teaearlgraycold_Want to install Ubuntu20:57
teaearlgraycold_Well, Xubuntu20:57
eraggoEriC^^ flexus with sudo permissions i can write to drive in nautilus. no need to use console. wth20:57
EriC^^ok check the bios screen, or go to control panel > type disk20:57
EriC^^check if there's an "ESP" or EFI partition ( about 300mb or so at the start of the disk )20:58
teaearlgraycold_EriC^^, http://i.imgur.com/SViLyyG.png20:58
flexuseraggo: right, so a permission issue20:58
EriC^^looks like it's not efi20:58
EriC^^teaearlgraycold_: does it mention the partition table somewhere too?20:59
flexuseraggo: make some visudo magic20:59
teaearlgraycold_So I just need to disable secureboot?20:59
EriC^^mbr/msdos or gpt ?20:59
EriC^^teaearlgraycold_: also the fast boot20:59
eraggoflexus: just say how lo20:59
EriC^^teaearlgraycold_: control panel > power20:59
flexuseraggo: cant tell you exactly - i'm not really ubuntu20:59
teaearlgraycold_No mention of a partition table20:59
flexuseraggo: some visudo and user group stuff  maybe21:00
teaearlgraycold_Power what21:00
flexusgpasswd bla21:00
EriC^^teaearlgraycold_: there should be something along the lines of advanced settings or so21:00
Bashing-omugb3: Ok, from that terminal let's try and start Cinnamon -> cinnamon-session-cinnamon2d <- does it start, and any errors reported ?21:00
EriC^^teaearlgraycold_: power > change what the button does > settings that are currently unavailable > fast boot21:01
PrezidentHey guys!21:01
ActionParsnipHi Prezident21:02
PrezidentIve got an server and using scp alot, and wanna use alias to make it quicker and easier.. Why not "alias text="scp $1 nick@bla.bla:/bla21:02
PrezidentDosnt $1 works with alias?21:02
ugb3Bashing-om: « cinnamon-session:2648 Warning **: Impossible to open display »21:02
teaearlgraycold_EriC^^, I'm going to enable UAC. Can I just disable fast boot outside of windows?21:02
EriC^^Prezident: yes, it works21:02
ActionParsnipPrezident: no because the alias is just substitutes in when you run commands21:02
flexusbla is such a thing21:03
PrezidentSo is there any solution on this?21:03
ActionParsnipPrezident: sounds like you want a bash script and $1 will work then21:03
EriC^^ActionParsnip: alias does use $1 too21:03
PrezidentWhy i get "Not a regular file" then EriC^^ when im trying?21:03
Bashing-omugb3: Sheesshh .. ok, let's do look and see if a driver module is loaded -> sudo lshw -C display | pastebinit <- .21:03
ActionParsnipEriC^^: what is $1 in an alias....21:04
EriC^^the first argument21:04
=== megabitdragon is now known as megabit|away
PrezidentYeah so then text File.txt should get scp:ed but i get Not a regular file as reply21:04
ActionParsnipEriC^^: so the first arg in any command can be referenced inline like that?21:04
ugb3Bashing-om: http://pastebin.com/8r9SJj6Q21:05
ugb3Bashing-om: Ah shit it kept my language…21:05
Bashing-omugb3: look'n http://pastebin.com/8r9SJj6Q .21:05
ActionParsnipPrezident: I'd make a bash script and it will work as expected.21:05
PrezidentYou will fix it for me ActionParsnip ?21:05
PrezidentI am so happy! Thank you so much.21:05
PrezidentBut most i want this alias work.21:06
EriC^^yeah i'd use a bash script oo21:06
ActionParsnipPrezident: make a text file in one of the folders in $PATH and mark it as executable21:06
ActionParsnipPrezident: set the top line as:   #!/bin/bash21:06
ActionParsnipPrezident: then your command21:07
ActionParsnipPrezident: you will need to run gedit with sudo to get access outside of $HOME21:07
flexusmake a path21:07
ActionParsnipPrezident: save the new file and use chmod to mark it executable21:08
ActionParsnipPrezident: now $1 will work as you expect21:08
PrezidentWhat about alias !\^, wont work neither?21:09
PrezidentOk well, let me try this you did now first.21:09
Bashing-omugb3: Well you have " produit: RV710 [Radeon HD 4350/4550] " and I bet by now you know there is no proprietary driver available for that card, and you are running with the open source driver 'radeon' installed. Lemme think on this a bit as to why the display is not available to Cinnamon.21:09
ActionParsnipBashing-om: there is a PPA for older radeons. There used to be an issue with the Xorg in Precise which it fixed21:10
turtle8120has anyone tried the nvidia gtx 750 ti in ubuntu? will it be compatible with ubuntu 1404?21:11
nycnugb3 use the open source driver and set the =121:11
EriC^^text () { scp $1 nick@bla.bla:/bla; }21:11
EriC^^Prezident: ^^^ type that21:11
ugb3nycn: Sorry I don’t get it ?21:11
ActionParsnipBashing-om: https://launchpad.net/~makson96/+archive/ubuntu/fglrx21:12
EriC^^Prezident: then type text <something>21:12
RalliasIs there a version of pageant for ubuntu?21:12
ActionParsnip!info pageant21:12
ubottuPackage pageant does not exist in utopic21:12
Rallias:( So I've got to find a windows computer to deal with these ssh keys :/21:13
EriC^^Prezident: you can use 2 arguments, text () { scp "$1" nick@bla.bla:"$2"; }21:14
Bashing-omActionParsnip: Yeah, I am aware of that method, downgrading Xserver will lead to problems later .21:14
EriC^^Prezident: like text <something to send> <where to send to>21:15
ActionParsnipRallias: why? Ubuntu can manage SSH keys...21:15
ActionParsnipRallias: what are you wamting to achieve?21:15
RalliasActionParsnip: I'm dealing with keys to a server I haven't dealt with in about 2 years.21:16
flexusPrezident: do yo have only 1 host to connect to ?21:16
eraggoflexus EriC^^ why does mounting of my flash drive do this?21:16
andrewjs18hi folks, how can I use the rm command to delete several files that all have certain text in the file names?21:16
ActionParsnipRallias: then scp your public key to the box you want to connect to and append it to ~/.ssh/authorized_keys21:16
ActionParsnipRallias: or am I missing something?21:17
flexuseraggo: first sight: your device is owned by root21:17
RalliasActionParsnip: Yeah, me being able to scp in the first place.21:17
ActionParsnipRallias: what does pagaent do?21:17
andrewjs18for example: file_123_56.sql.gz...how can I remove everything with file_123 in it?21:17
RalliasHandles putty's keys.21:17
flexuseraggo: chown21:17
Prezidentflexus: yes21:17
ActionParsnipRallias: is this on a Linux client?21:17
RalliasIt's a windows ssh client, I'm on a ubuntu 14.10 machine.21:17
RalliasAnd, to the best of my current knowledge, there's no windows computer within about a mile.21:18
ugb3andrejpan: use * as a wildcard21:18
eraggoflexus: so basically i need to do that with every usb stick/drive to get permission to write? before reinstallation it did work like a charm21:18
ugb3rm file_123*21:18
ActionParsnipRallias: if you copy your public key you can paste to the file as text using vi / no21:18
ActionParsnipRallias: nano etc21:19
andrewjs18ugb3, is that for me?21:19
andrewjs18thanks, I'll give it a while21:19
flexuseraggo: as i see you need to change owner21:19
ugb3andrewjs18: http://linuxcommand.org/lts0050.php21:19
RalliasActionParsnip: This key that's in putty format is the only way to log into said server. I can't SSH without it, and I don't know how to deal with it.21:19
flexuslittle bit out of alignement21:20
flexuseraggo: you worked as root before, right?21:20
ActionParsnipRallias: then it sounds like you'll need someone to put your key into the server for you21:20
andrewjs18ugb3, ty21:20
EriC^^Prezident: you can have it check if theres 2 or 1 arguments text () { if [ -z $2 ]; then scp "$1" nick@bla.bla:/bla; else scp "$1" nick@bla.bla:"$2"; fi }21:20
RalliasActionParsnip: The key's already on the server, but I only have it in putty format, not openssh format.21:21
eraggoflexus: i used sudo21:21
ActionParsnipRallias: then I'd ask in ##windows to see how to change it in PuTTY21:21
flexuseraggo: *headscratch* hm ok21:21
EriC^^( in case you use 1 directory a lot and sometimes use others 021:21
flexusmaybe i read it wrong21:22
RalliasActionParsnip: I don't HAVE windows.21:22
eraggoflexus: :D i am doing it too; a lot. it is not a problem with me copying to use console but if someone else using my computer......21:22
trismRallias: putty is in the repos, so you could always use that if you can't figure out how to convert it, maybe it has some tool to export it21:24
flexuseraggo: didnt understand21:25
Bashing-omugb3: From terminal what results -> cinnamon-settings panel < - .21:25
eraggoflexus: *headscratch* part21:25
ugb3Bashing-om: lot of text ending with failed21:26
flexuseraggo: working as root you mean21:26
ugb3and seg fault.21:26
ugb3Gtk-CRITICAL errors, wanna a paste Bashing-om ?21:26
EriC^^flexus: eraggo guys /media/eraggo is owned by root true, but he has acl permissions there ( see the + at the end )21:27
EriC^^eraggo: i don't get what you meant by why does it mount like that?21:27
EriC^^the partition is being mounted as AF9E-... owned by yourself21:27
eraggoflexus: umm.. this might be stupid question. on what usergroup i must be in to write to flash drive and how i do set to be in one?21:27
EriC^^eraggo: are you mounting it in nautilus?21:27
andrewjs18worked like a charm, ugb321:27
Bashing-omugb3: Cinnamon the only desk top installed ?  no paste at this time .. maybe look at what the package manager thinks as to what may be broken ?21:28
=== ubuntu is now known as Guest8206
ugb3Bashing-om: Yeah, i’m using mint actually, i’m checking if any pkg is broken21:29
Bashing-omugb3: What release are you running ? I seem to recall that Cinnamon is now in the 14.10 repository .. Might check and see .21:29
eraggoEriC^^: it does mount in. I can click it on GUI. just cant create content in it with in desktop; only in console21:29
ugb3last LTS, based on 14.0421:30
Bashing-omugb3: Yuk, You realize that Mint is not supported here on this channel ?21:30
EriC^^eraggo: that's odd, cause you tried nautilus . in the terminal right? ( it opened the directory it's mounted on right ? )21:31
ugb3Bashing-om: Sorry, i’m so used to ubuntu… and it is based on an ubuntu lts...21:31
ubottuLinux Mint is not a supported derivative of Ubuntu. Please seek support in #linuxmint-help on irc.spotchat.org21:31
EriC^^eraggo: i mean, using the same terminal you can mkdir in, you typed nautilus right?21:31
flexuseraggo: sorry, told this the wrong way days ago: it might be some "sudo usermod -aG" - dont know the group21:32
Bashing-omugb3: They can help much better than we, A lot of difference between Mint and ubuntu - when one is past the kernel .21:32
ugb3Bashing-om: ok.. gonna try to seek help there.21:32
ugb3Bashing-om: thanks anyway.21:32
Bashing-omugb3: OK, there is just too much we can not know about the innards of Mint.21:33
ugb3Bashing-om: Wasn’t aware of so much differences.21:33
eraggoEriC^^: new short video on the way sigh21:33
EriC^^eraggo: it's ok, i'll take your word for it21:34
guntbertflexus: don't suggest   usermod (it is susceptible to typos)    the easier way is    sudo adduser  <username> <group>21:34
flexusguntbert: the problem i've seen on adduser is that u delete an existing group21:34
EriC^^eraggo: maybe the mount options are unusual? try mount | grep /media and paste here21:34
eraggoEriC^^: funniest thing i KNOW i had this issue beginning of this year :D just cant remember what i did.21:35
cassio3hey guys, what's the best way to install Linux on my mac21:35
Bashing-omActionParsnip: IRT makson96, the basis pf my rationale -> http://paste.ubuntu.com/9031674/ . I have been slapped on the wrist in ubuntuforums for making this recommendation .21:35
flexusguntbert: its some boolean stuff, if you write it the wrong way21:35
cassio3now that EFI is supported21:35
k1l!mac | cassio321:36
ubottucassio3: For help on installing and using Ubuntu on a Mac, see: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MactelSupportTeam/CommunityHelpPages21:36
guntbertflexus: no, its the other way round - with a typo in usermod (-g instead og -G) only the mentioned group remains, adduser is really safe21:36
eraggoEriC^^: /dev/sdb1 on /media/eraggo/AF9E-3A56 type vfat (rw,nosuid,nodev,uid=1000,gid=1000,shortname=mixed,dmask=0077,utf8=1,showexec,flush,uhelper=udisks2)21:37
flexusguntbert: ok so you're sure, it was some critical stuff i remember- boolean21:37
flexusso eraggo pls doublecheck21:37
flexuseither one of us21:37
EriC^^eraggo: try this21:37
EriC^^eraggo: try to go to nautilus and create a file instead of a directory21:38
eraggosame error21:38
guntbertflexus: I am very certain: usermod IS error-prone21:38
solutionebcanadaI guy21:38
flexusguntbert: good good21:38
teaearlgraycold_EriC^^, okay I'm in my UEFI settings and I can see that my boot mode is set to "UEFI and Legacy"21:38
EriC^^eraggo: dmask=0077 should give only read perms for directories21:39
EriC^^ah nevermind21:39
EriC^^it should give all the for user21:39
teaearlgraycold_Oddly my SSD isn't showing up in the UEFI, but my flash drive and HDD are21:39
EriC^^teaearlgraycold_: i see21:39
EriC^^try to boot the live usb21:40
eraggoEriC^^: yes... having no hair after this scratching :|21:40
teaearlgraycold_If I install it and it turns out my Win8 is EFI will I be screwed?21:40
MagicSpudhello alacarte is failing adding new shortcuts ubuntu 14.0421:40
EriC^^eraggo: try to manually mount it21:40
EriC^^eraggo: unmount in nautilus then type21:41
cassio3I want to point out that that page has at least one broken link on it21:41
cassio3is there a distro specifically designed for mac?21:41
EriC^^eraggo: sudo mount /dev/sdb1 /mnt21:41
ActionParsnipMagicSpud: are there any bugs reported, if not then please report one21:41
k1lcassio3: osX :)21:41
cassio3yeah, I know it's weird21:42
cassio3I'm weird21:42
ActionParsnipcassio3: mac's aren't special. It's just an overpriced pc21:42
flexusEriC^^: maybe chroot ?21:42
cassio3ah this is funny.21:42
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eraggoEriC^^: ok.. now what21:42
ActionParsnipcassio3: so I'd grab Ubu tu 14.04 and enjoy LTS til April 20q921:42
cassio3macs are well supported, including for development21:42
EriC^^eraggo: use nautilus to create a directory there21:42
MagicSpud(alacarte:4099): Gtk-CRITICAL **: gtk_accel_label_set_accel_closure: assertion 'gtk_accel_group_from_accel_closure (accel_closure) != NULL' failed21:42
cassio3I will not get into an argument here21:42
flexusEriC^^: but i heard you have to buy a cd from amazon to get chroot on ubuntu21:43
cassio3but linking to a dead bootcamp page is an error21:43
eraggoEriC^^: blacked out on nautilus21:43
ActionParsnipcassio3: grab the LTS, it will install21:43
eraggoEriC^^: oops21:43
EriC^^flexus: what are you talking about? :D21:43
flexusEriC^^: forget it21:43
teaearlgraycold_EriC^^, yeah it boots, but it gave me the option of "Sandisk" and "UEFI: Sandisk". Only "UEFI: Sandisk" boots.21:43
EriC^^flexus: seriously21:43
MagicSpudis there any better menu shortcuts manager than alacarte for ubuntu21:43
EriC^^i'm not understanding21:43
flexusEriC^^: was on the wrong track with chroot21:43
EriC^^oh ok21:44
ActionParsnipMagicSpud: I use gedit personally21:44
EriC^^i thought you meant theres spyware in ubuntu or something21:44
k1lcassio3: the support differs from year of the mac hardware. there are some working good and some having issues.21:44
cassio3I got it21:44
k1lcassio3: but in general ubuntu works on them. but you need to make a more specific research then21:44
eraggoEriC^^: yep.. can't create anything in nautilus. everything was blocked21:44
flexusEriC^^: no, i didnt use it anyways before i have to say. once21:44
cassio3I'm quite good at this21:45
ActionParsnipMagicSpud: copy one of the files from ~/.config/autostart to the desktop, then open it in gedit and change it. Then copy the new file (rename the file) to /usr/share/applications21:45
flexusdidnt work, left it aside21:45
ActionParsnipcassio3: good at what?21:45
teaearlgraycold_The installer can't find my Windows installation. I'm installing to the free space at the end of the drive. All of that okay?21:45
flexusEriC^^: there where some issues i would correct nowadays, so i left chroot aside21:46
ActionParsnipteaearlgraycold_: run a chkdsk on the NTFS partition in Windows21:46
teaearlgraycold_Okay, gotta reboot then21:46
EriC^^eraggo: try ls -l /mnt21:46
flexusEriC^^: i heard this cool comment from a foreighn guy using another distri, thats the point21:46
EriC^^eraggo: what are the permissions on the files? -rwxrwxrwx ?21:47
EriC^^flexus: i see, chroot is for changing the root of the filesystem21:47
EriC^^like if you have another distro mounted on "/mnt" you chroot to /mnt and your "/" becomes "/mnt"21:47
flexusEriC^^: you mentioned some reboot or so, and i said chroot...21:48
flexussome reflex21:48
EriC^^it's ok man21:48
cadmium__Ive got some problems removing old kernels is there any kind soul here who could help me? <321:49
=== |Aerides| is now known as Aerides
Bashing-omcadmium__: What is the problem ? You are using the package manager, no ?21:50
cadmium__Bashing-om if i do it just freezes :(21:51
ActionParsnipcadmium__: what is the output of: uname -a; cat /etc/issue; dpkg -l | grep linux-image | grep -v extra | awk {'print $2'}21:51
martyj-oHow is this possible? I installed a completely new VM from scratch (exact same Ubuntu version) and copied in the files again, just like before. This time, the ls -l does not have asterisks after the files, and I am able to run it (but it has a different error, but that's at least not the same kind of bizarre error).21:51
ActionParsnipcadmium__: use a pastebin like http://pastie.org to hold the text21:51
martyj-oAnd BTW... asterisk, according to some obscure GNU manual, means "executable file".21:51
eraggoEriC^^: fixed it with fast googleing: created udev rule for this type of hard drive only for plugdev group (which i am part of)21:52
martyj-oSo it makes absolutely no sense that this isn't shown now, but was before.21:52
martyj-oI really am at a loss for words about this.21:52
EriC^^eraggo: great!21:52
bekksmartyj-o: "asterick" means "your shell is currently configured to mark eexecutables with it, but it doesnt mean anything".21:52
martyj-obekks: Does it have some kind of keyboard shortcut that I may have accidentally pressed?21:52
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cadmium__Actionparsnip http://pastie.org/972185621:52
ActionParsnipmartyj-o: what files did you copy in?21:52
bekksmartyj-o: For permissions, look at the permissions, not at astericks.21:52
martyj-oActionParsnip: The same ones as before (my own program).21:52
flexuseraggo: good one21:53
ActionParsnipcadmium__: Saucy is no longer supported in any way. I suggest you upgrade to Trusty either online or via a clean install21:53
eraggoflexus EriC^^ thanks for your time. hopefully i do not need to do that rule for each vendor and their product21:54
babyhello every one21:54
flexuseraggo: dont do it on arch21:54
eraggoflexus: i keep that in mind21:54
flexuseraggo: lifting black hat21:55
eraggooh god lol21:55
apofishi baby, hi guys21:55
martyj-oThis is very interesting: the 32-bit executable is just entirely ignored by the Ubuntu GUI, and says "file not found" when I attempt to run it in the terminal. The 64-bit executable is also ignored in the GUI when I double click it, but is run (gives a different, unrelated error) when I run it in the terminal. WTF?21:55
ActionParsnipcadmium__: sudo apt-get --purge remove linux-image-3.11.0-18-generic linux-image-3.11.0-17-generic linux-image-3.11.0-12-generic21:55
bekksmartyj-o: 32bit binary not in path.21:55
flexuseraggo:  ;)21:55
bekksmartyj-o: How about starting a sane approach to get your application(s) up and running?21:56
eraggoflexus: just saying SELECTING those vendor/products. just clarifying21:56
cassio3rebuild the package dependency tree21:56
cassio3using dpkg21:56
cassio3it will download all the updates automatically21:56
martyj-obekks: What sane approach would that be?21:57
martyj-o#node-webkit is a ghost town.21:57
martyj-oI've been trying to get help for this another things for weeks.21:57
martyj-oRead their Engrish manual 100 times.21:57
bekksmartyj-o: Stop looking at astericks and configure your path to your needs? :)21:57
martyj-obekks: I cannot change the PATH of users' computers.21:58
martyj-oIt needs to run immediately without extra config.21:58
martyj-oAs a single executable.21:58
bekksmartyj-o: Why cant you change the users path?21:58
martyj-oBecause of obvious reasons? Changes to their computer is unacceptable.21:59
cassio3you are the sysadmin22:00
bekksThats not obvious at all. A user wants to run a specific binary from a non-standard location, so change the path.22:00
cassio3this is absolutely your responsibility22:00
cassio3or just use a symlink22:01
bekks3rd party software like yours should reside in /opt, so fix the path to include your /opt/mysoftware/bin folder as well.22:01
teaearlgraycold_ActionParsnip, no OS detected by Linux still22:01
dominic1134Hi guys, I'm wondering what anti-spam appliances / gateways you're deploying in a typical business environment? Which features do you use and would you like to have in a typical product like this? We're currently developing a open-source e-mail security appliance and would be happy for your suggestions. See www.openas.org and https://launchpad.net/open-as-cgw22:01
martyj-oThe user downloads MyCoolApp.tar.bz2 onto their desktop. They extract it as a dir called MyCoolApp on their desktop. Then they run the Test binary inside of that dir by double-clicking it.22:02
bekksmartyj-o: Thats not how software is deployed on linux.22:02
bekksmartyj-o: Thats a typical windows way.22:02
ActionParsnipteaearlgraycold_: did you resize the NTFS in Windows?22:03
teaearlgraycold_I googled the issue and it seems like it's normal for Win8 to go undetected22:03
bubbasauresdominic1134, This is straight ubuntu support is all, check channel topics.22:04
ActionParsnipteaearlgraycold_: try changing the disk to basic (in windows)22:04
teaearlgraycold_That won't cause any issues?22:04
ActionParsnipteaearlgraycold_: not sure if Win8 can do this as I've not used it22:04
dominic1134bubbasaures, sorry22:05
teaearlgraycold_Can I point / and /home on the same drive easily? This guide I'm looking at wants two partitions22:07
teaearlgraycold_One for each22:07
teaearlgraycold_I mean, put / and /home on the same partition*22:07
martyj-obekks: Huh? What do you mean it's not how it's deployed on Linux?22:07
martyj-obekks: Bear in mind that this isn't an open source application, so it cannot be in some repository.22:07
bekksmartyj-o: Linux software is not deployed by downloading packages, extract them and randomly clicking on something. Software on linux is normally installed by a package manager.22:08
bekksmartyj-o: And WHY exactly cant you create a private repository?22:08
suilhey guys, just installed ububtu. Created a publich key, appended to authorized keys, when I ssh in, still doesn't require my public key. Any ideas? RSA and pubkey are turned on in the ssh conf22:09
bekksmartyj-o: To answer that for you: the is no reason. If you want to deploy packages, create a repo. It doesnt matter wether you are deploying closed or free software. It is your responsibility as sysdadm to grant access to the people allowed to access it.22:10
apofissuil: check /var/log/syslog || /var/log/secure - probably an issue with permissions on .ssh/xxx22:10
ActionParsnipteaearlgraycold_: the default is 2 partitions.  One for / and one for swap22:10
chindygot some question about installing programs in ubuntu22:13
teaearlgraycold_ActionParsnip, so this is cool? http://pastebin.com/8RpZXakP22:13
apofischindy: go ahead22:14
teaearlgraycold_Both are set to logical partitions22:14
rypervenchesuil: your ~/.ssh needs to be 700 and your ~/.ssh/authorized_keys file needs to be 600. That could be the problem.22:14
chindyso when i mv the program to /opt and create a program.desktop etc.... how do i make it so that i can execute the program from the terminal without beeing in the right folder22:14
Tobias|2chindy: chmod +x /full/path22:15
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chindyTobias[L] what path is supposed to be /full/path22:16
Tobias[L]chindy: from the base directory of your pc to the file, if you are unsure start your Folder Manager, go where the file is and right click it, there it will be listed22:17
ActionParsnipteaearlgraycold_: if you have 2Gb RAM, yes22:17
teaearlgraycold_I have 8GB22:18
bekkschindy: Make the file executable and add /opt/yoursoftware/... to your PATH variable.22:18
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suilrypver: any other ideas? i've chmodded, still no dice22:19
chindyyea but that does not make it executable in a way that i mean...does it? i mean that i can to into the terminal and type eclipse and it starts eclipse not that i have to type ./eclipse etc... simply put just like i would install sth with apt22:20
MagicSpud<MagicSpud> hello again...I am trying to add new shortcuts with alacarte the gui is not working so i tried editing the code directly: http://www.pasteall.org/55179/xml but though it worked partly... some of the shortcuts wont appear..I am asking you for the part of the code I didnt edit which is towards the end... I was wondering why the second layout does not have includes?22:20
MagicSpud<MagicSpud> because all those shortcuts are listed perfectly despite not having the include tabs22:20
MagicSpud<MagicSpud> hint: the first layout and all their include tabs are custom made22:20
MagicSpud<MagicSpud> I also checked the .desktop files one by one and they look the same! those working like which are not22:20
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apofischindy: iapart from chmod +x you can 1. always provide full path to executable ; 2. add /opt/application/whatever to your path 3. make an alias like "alias runme='/opt/application/whatever'"4. other option I use quite often is to link proper executable to ~/bin/ directory22:22
bekkschindy: I explained the way to run "eclipse" without "./"22:22
teaearlgraycoldSo is my main partition logical or primary? Because I'm reading conflicting info22:26
rypervenchesuil: We need to see what it happening. Use the -v option when you try to ssh to the server and pastebin us the output. Also, did you manually add the publicy key to the authorized_keys file or did you use ssh-copy-id?22:27
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beltorakhi all; what's the recommeded way to go about setting my personal iptables ruleset as the default, on-start firewall setup? it's not really feasible to use any of the simplified firewall setups.22:41
j4s0nbeltorak: use rc.local until you figure it oout22:42
ActionParsnipbeltorak: I use22:43
ActionParsnipbeltorak: use rc.local to import a config file, or you can use cron @reboot22:43
beltorakj4s0n: hence my question; is /etc/init a viable option? on a related note, when will systemd replace upstart? when should I start migrating my services?22:44
suilhey guys, just installed ububtu. Created a publich key, appended to authorized keys, when I ssh in, still doesn't require my public key. Any ideas? RSA and pubkey are turned on in the ssh conf .. checked the perms.. stlil nothing22:47
beltoraksui: did you enable it in ssh*d*''s config and restart the sshd service? (I'm not sure if there's a way to get it to reload the config file)22:48
j4s0nHow does one upgrade from quantal to LTS.22:49
j4s0nbeltorak: rc.local is what to use until you figure it out22:49
j4s0nWhat command pulls the key for the encrypted home directory I am just going to do a fresh install.22:49
j4s0nI will need to copy files from my home directory while using a liveCD.22:49
ActionParsnipsuil: when you connect using: ssh -vvvvv user@server22:49
k1lj4s0n: do all upgrades from 12.10 to 13.04 then to 13.10 and then to 14.0422:50
beltorakj4s0n: what i am trying to do right now is figure it out22:50
j4s0nk1l: Would you rather I do not do a fresh install?22:50
j4s0nbeltorak: get the source.22:50
k1lj4s0n: its your choice. with that many upgrades a reinstall and copy back the backuped files seems much faster22:51
suilbeltorka: ye i restarted teh service22:51
ubottuEnd-Of-Life is the time when security updates and support for an Ubuntu release stop, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Releases for more information. Looking to upgrade from an EOL release? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/EOLUpgrades22:51
k1lj4s0n: if you were on 12.04 you could use the LTS upgrade from 12.04 to 14.0422:51
j4s0nk1l: ok if you don't know the firstboot command that copies the home dir key , I have it written down somwhere.22:52
jjavaholicWhat is going wrong here? : GLib-CRITICAL **: g_slice_set_config: assertion 'sys_page_size == 0' failed22:54
kostkonjjavaholic, is it something that is causing problems?22:54
kostkonjjavaholic, otherwise, you can just ignore it22:54
jjavaholicI suspect it is causing high CPU usage22:54
mrcnjahey, I'm trying to install ubuntu on a macbook pro and I'm running into some issues22:55
jjavaholicthis is a guess cause I don't really know what is going on and what the error means22:55
kostkonjjavaholic, doubt it22:56
mrcnjaI have refind working as the main bootloader22:56
jjavaholicwould you like to explain why you doubt it?22:56
mrcnjagrub is on the ubuntu partition22:56
mrcnjawhen I boot into ubuntu I just get a purple screen and nothing else22:56
bubbasauresmrcnja, Try to consolidate your info and post all at once, and wait for help.22:57
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chindywhere should i install java? /opt/ ?22:59
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hikenbootwhat is the ubuntu live cd password trying to ssh into another instance of the live cd23:00
hikenbootwont let me set it either23:00
beltorakchindy: what i do (which is probably not recommended) is unpack it to /opt/lib/java/jvm{32,64}/vm, with a few symlinks so java is available at /opt/lib/java/jvm/jdk; some /etc/profile.d magic to set JAVA_HOME=/opt/lib/java/jvm/jdk and put $JAVA_HOME/bin:$JAVA_HOME/jre/bin first on my path...23:06
beltorakchindy: I also use a custom "package" that tells dpkg that java is already installed23:07
beltorakbut if you can get away with it, why not use the standard packages?23:07
chindybeltorak kk ... well i think it should be sufficient to just install it to /opt/jvm23:07
jason___k1l: Will you assist?23:09
riccardo_io assist23:09
jason___riccardo_: send a privmsg to this nick23:10
=== jason___ is now known as j4s0n
j4s0nriccardo_: ok, go23:10
mrcnjaI'm trying to install ubuntu on a macbook pro and I'm running into some issues, here's what I know so far: http://privatepaste.com/6d5635520023:11
riccardo_those who have problems tells me settle your problems ubuntu23:11
k1lj4s0n: assist on what?23:12
riccardo_and assist23:12
k1lchindy: why dont you use the java form the ubuntu repos?23:13
riccardo_kil java comand terminal sudo install java23:13
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bubbasaures!nomodeset | mrcnja easy test from the grub menu for graphic23:14
ubottumrcnja easy test from the grub menu for graphic: A common kernel (boot)parameter is nomodeset, which is needed for some graphic cards that otherwise boot into a black screen or show corrupted splash screen. See http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1613132 on how to use this parameter23:14
rypervenchehikenboot: ubuntu23:15
beltorakanother question; i installed samba and lxc, when i do nmblookup -MRS -- -, it gives me the samba server using the lxc "router" address, and only my machine in the workgroup... what's going on?23:15
j4s0nok ready23:16
j4s0nriccardo_: yes23:16
j4s0nthe neighbors like to spy23:16
riccardo_I can solve a problem23:16
j4s0nok the problem is to verify the hashsums23:17
j4s0ngiven that the neighbors keep doing MITM attacks and hopping onto my torrents I want to verify the hashsum with a stranger.23:18
j4s0nto be sure I am getting the public iso23:18
j4s0nriccardo_: noo?23:18
mguyHow do I reinstall the bootloader on my system? I installed Windows 7 on drive 0 and now there is no boot loader for 14.04 on drive 123:18
k1lj4s0n: what? the md5sums are public23:18
riccardo_windows 7 no da problemi23:18
ubottuTo verify your Ubuntu ISO image (or other files for which an MD5 checksum is provided), see http://help.ubuntu.com/community/HowToMD5SUM or http://www.linuxquestions.org/linux/answers/LQ_ISO/Checking_the_md5sum_in_Windows23:18
j4s0nk1l: no shit!23:19
j4s0nso if the attacker does MITM they just change the public MD523:19
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axel_siebmguy: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Boot-Repair23:19
k1lj4s0n: can you drop that nonsense please?23:19
bubbasauresmguy, Chroot from a live and put it in.23:19
j4s0nk1l: as soon as you assist23:19
SpaghettiCatj4s0n:  how do you change the public MD5?23:20
hikenbootrypervenche, the password does not appear to be "ubuntu" without the quotes23:20
bubbasauresmguy, This a msdos with mbr's used?23:20
mguyaxel_sieb: tks23:20
mguybubbasaures: not sure, ,i think so23:20
rypervenchehikenboot: Are you using "sudo -i" ?23:20
j4s0nSpaghettiCat: the attacker would just intercept the transmission at a low level and insert desired MD% on the html page received23:20
rypervenchehikenboot: Are you talking about the root password? If so, you'll need to set one manually. The ubuntu user's password is "ubuntu" by default though.23:20
cariveriHi. How to vpn with someone over the internet ?23:21
bubbasauresmguy, Can you boot to a live ubuntu, we would fix this there?23:21
rypervenchehikenboot: I take that back. I think you have passwordless sudo access. You need to set a password manually.23:21
mguybubbasaures: I am in one now23:21
bubbasauresmguy, Cool, pastebin sudo parted -l23:21
SpaghettiCatj4s0n:  get a torrent. It includes a checksum of the ISO, and good luck to the MITM attacker trying to conceal himself as all those bittorrent peers23:22
mguybubbasaures: hold on let me get on irc from the ubuntu computer and not my mac23:22
bubbasauresmguy, Yeah, that will be best.23:22
mguywhat pastebin site do you want me to use23:22
mrcnjabubbasaures➤ nomodeset doesn't fix the issue23:23
bubbasaures!pastebin | mguy here's the bots23:23
ubottumguy here's the bots: For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://imgur.com/ !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.23:23
swabydeckmrcnja: do u have EFI23:23
bubbasauresmrcnja, Ah, just wondered if the hang was just a graphic glitch, not sure beyond that.23:24
mrcnjaI believe so, swabydeck23:24
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mguybubbasaures: maybe just set boot flag on part 1 since that was /boot ?23:25
swabydeckmrcnja: You can't boot install23:25
dsnydersHi all!  Why didn't the command for i in {1..9}; do mv *S0$iE* Season0$i; done ; do what I thought it was going to do?23:25
bubbasauresmguy, Run the chroot than run grub-install /dev/sdb than update-grub  http://www.tuxgarage.com/2011/07/creating-chroot-ubuntu.html?m=123:25
reisiodsnyders: what'd you think it was going to do23:25
skinuxJust to make sure...if I symlink "Documents" directory on Windows parition to /home/<user>/Documents, will the contents located on Windows partition count toward the usage of Linux partition?23:26
beltorakdsnyders: you need to separate the variable from the other text chars; use ${i}23:26
dsnydersreisio: put *S01E* into Season01, *S02E* into Season02, etc.23:26
bubbasauresmguy, boot flag is not really used often in linux.23:26
martyj-oWhat exactly does it mean by this?23:26
martyj-o"error while loading shared libraries: libudev.so.0: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory"23:26
CyLHi, in Xubuntu 14.04 I have python-tk installed, but trying to import tkinter from the interactive interpreter, yelds me an error saying python could'nt find any module named tkinter23:26
reisiodsnyders: what'd it do instead23:27
dsnydersreisio: It put everything into Season0123:27
mguybubbasaures:  that for loop line isn't running right23:28
mguymount: mount point /mnt/temp/dev does not exist23:28
dsnydersbeltorak: do I have to do that on both parameters of the mv command?23:28
bubbasauresmguy, what was your exact command that failed?23:29
beltorakdsnyders: anytime it would be ambiguous; bash can't tell the difference between <variable i><E> and <variable iE>...23:29
mguyubuntu@ubuntu:~$ for i in /dev /dev/pts /proc /sys; do sudo mount -B $i /mnt/temp$i; done23:29
* reisio uses quotations around variables23:29
bubbasauresmguy, what did you run here? sudo mount /dev/sdXY /mnt/temp23:30
mguybubbasaures: sdb1 which should have been sdb6 hence not finding those dirs23:32
beltorakdsnyders: sorry i was distracted; was that explanation clear?23:32
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bubbasauresmguy, Heh, easy mistake, it wants root /23:33
mguybubbasaures: yea I figured that out once I read the instructions again :(23:33
mguyalright let's reboot23:33
bubbasauresmguy, I just have a copy of supergrub to boot in and run the commands, I rarely chroot on this.23:34
dsnydersbeltorak: Yes, the explanation was clear.  Would it be a prudent policy to always put {} around variables?23:35
rypervenchedsnyders: It is good practice when you're keeping them next to other characters.23:35
NewRoadHelp! I have a Mac Book Pro 11,3 that I was trying to remove the Ubuntu partition from.. I deleted the partition in Disk Utility, but now I am booting to GRUB. I want to temporarily go back to the standard mac setup23:39
dsnydersrypervenche, beltorak, reisio:  The {} worked like a charm.  You saved me untold seconds of work of uparrowing and editting command lines that doing each season separately would require.23:39
rypervenchedsnyders: Cheers :)23:39
beltorakdsnyders: you're welcome :)23:39
zteamHi again all!23:41
swabydeckNewRoad: You need to boot into osx then figure how to mount the EFI partition with admin rights so you can delete the Ubuntu folder.23:41
NewRoadswabydeck.. I can't get past the GRUB prompt when I power on the laptop23:42
swabydeckNewRoad: you can't select osx from grub?23:43
bubbasauresNewRoad, must be a standard boot reload for apples, not sure many if any will know here, your just stuck with grub from your activities.23:43
NewRoadno its a GRUB command prompt23:43
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zteamI have some odd issue with the caps lock ied light on my keyboard with Ubuntu , caps lock itself is working as expected but the led light doesn't turn on or off correctly  this works great if I select the guest account but not for my own account23:44
NewRoadbubbasaures, you mean Apple would have to fix it?23:44
zteamI already tried deleting .cache .config .local but still no luck :-/23:45
swabydeckNewRoad: I think there may be keyboard shortcut while booting to select partition to boot from23:45
zteamany suggestions but creating a new user account?23:45
swabydeckNewRoad: http://support.apple.com/en-us/HT20125523:46
k1lNewRoad: you need to install the old apple bootloader again23:46
bubbasauresNewRoad, Heh no, just someone who knows this stuff is all, there are #mac and #MacOSX channels among others23:46
k1lNewRoad: since you removed the ubuntu partitions grub doesnt know what to do now23:46
bubbasauresNewRoad, This was before anyone chimed in though, so...23:46
swabydeckNewRoad: try the keyboard shortcuts first.23:47
NewRoadI was just able to boot to Disk Utility23:47
swabydeckNewRoad: I am not familiar with Mac but maybe utility can offer boot repair.23:49
NewRoadyah, trying that23:50
swabydeckNewRoad: what happens if you hold option key during boot.23:51
NewRoadthats what got me to the disk utility23:51
NewRoadI am trying the repair partition option now23:51
swabydeckNewRoad: hope all the best. Its a pain on Windows to rid ubuntu completely to.23:52
NewRoadit worked!! thanks guys :D23:55
swabydeckNewRoad: cool23:59

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