zequencedelt: When you say chrome, I assume you mean Google Chrome. The only way I know how to use flash with firefox is to install the flash plugin package02:14
zequenceGoogle Chrome has it built int02:14
holsteindelt: you can use the flash that adoble provides to chrome in chrome and chromium.. adobe doesnt make one avialable to firefox02:59
userhey everyone this seems to be a common problem but i cant access ubuntustudio controls04:22
holsteinuser: what are you trying to control?04:22
useri wanted to enable the settings for the memlock04:22
holsteinuser: you shouldnt need to04:23
useri am also unclear on how to set up the RT kernel04:23
useri checked the kernel and it said -general instead of -rt04:23
holsteinuser: if you want, you should be able to find those settings in qjackctl04:23
holsteinuser: we dont release an rt kernel. and you shouldnt need one of those anymore either04:23
useralright i must be looking at old information04:24
holsteinuser: if you need lower latency than what you are getting, you can add a PPA04:24
ubottuFor information on professional audio tools in Ubuntu, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UbuntuStudio/ProAudioIntro04:24
holsteinshould be similar to that. .but, you really shoudnt need to worry about any memlock and rt settings anymore04:24
holsteinshould be plug and play.. with hardware that supports linux well04:24
usernow i just need to get JACK working04:24
holsteinuser:  i suggest unplugging any "extra" usb audio devices or firewire. and focus on using jack with the internal audio device, at a relaxed setting04:25
holstein*then*, you can learn to setup jack on some other proaudio device having some experience with jack "under your belt" so to speak04:25
userok, when i run JACK with the internal audio device it gives me the D-BUS error04:26
holsteinuser: you can share whatever error you like04:26
holstein!paste | user04:26
ubottuuser: For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://imgur.com/ !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.04:26
holsteinuser:  i suggest keeping it simple. only have one audio device plugged in.. try starting jack with "default" settings.. make sure you have audio otherwise with the device in linux04:27
holsteinuser: if you have messed with jack, or tried to start something that requires jack, jack can be running in the background and wont start04:30
holsteinuser: if you have messed with the settings, and pointed to a device that is not there anymore, or whos label has changed, jack wont start04:30
holsteinuser: do you have audio in linux otherwise?04:30
holsteinuser: please open a terminal and run "aplay -l" and paste the output04:31
holsteinuser: if it were my system, i would try and thin that list out a bit04:32
holsteinuser: in qjaqckctl, under "device", you can try selecting *all* of them, and see what actually used the device you are trying to setup04:32
holsteinuser: the "labels" can be wrong, since, the creators of the hardware may not support linux..04:33
userwhere is "device" ?04:33
holsteinuser: i would look in the device dropbown, and select the non-hdmi one04:33
holsteinuser: in qjackctl04:33
useri see Setup connect and patchbay ?04:33
holsteinuser: under "setup".. you'll see "device"04:34
useroh i see it now04:34
holsteininterface or device04:34
userok i selected the right device and it is working now04:35
holsteinyea!.. so, you can now experiment with playback of JACK applications04:35
holsteinthen, you can setup a proaudio device via USB the same way.. usb or whatever04:35
holstein*assuming* the device supports linux...04:36
userany programs i should get my feet wet with ?04:36
holsteinuser: depends on what you are planning on doing04:36
holsteinardour.. but likely something "easy" like, audacious playing an audio file, routed in jack. yoshimi..04:37
userok that sounds good04:37
userthanks for the help04:37
holsteinyou can check in on #opensourcemusicians and see if folks are doing what you are doing and what they use04:37
useralright thank you04:38
qwe_И что здесь можно делать14:18
qwe_And what you can do to me?14:21
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