knomenext meeting scheduled07:13
elfythanks :)07:14
knomeno problemo07:15
elfybug 1391675 - anyone know why we can't add bug watches to that? I couldn't and I guess ali1234 tried08:17
ubottubug 1391675 in xfce4-taskmanager (Ubuntu) "Refresh rate physically changes - not shown in 'menu'" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/139167508:17
knomeelfy, you are notified of all changes08:24
knomeelfy, at least that's what launchpad tells me..08:24
knomeoh, you mean something else08:24
* knome facepalms08:25
knomehttps://bugs.launchpad.net/bugs/bugtrackers/xfce-bugs shows the correct bug watch connection08:26
knomeand the page shows that bug watch too..08:26
knomebottom right08:26
elfypossibly not quite what I was meaning - I can't add the xfce bug at the top of the bug 08:32
elfyat "also affects" 08:32
elfyanyway - not hugely important as long as it's watched somehow :)08:32
knomesee the sidebar, at the top08:34
knomemaybe they changed how the bug watches are shown08:34
knomeand afaik, "also affects" is launchpad projects only, never been external bug watches (even though they have been shown there)08:35
elfyobviously not explaining myself well here - really not important :)08:36
knomei'm pretty sure i've understood you right08:37
elfyok - well if you've understood me - then what I don't understand is why I can't do the same with that ^^ bug as with bug 1382977 where it HAS let us add the xfce bug in the affects :)08:38
ubottubug 1382977 in thunar "[SRU] Thunar open default not respecting mimetype" [Critical,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/138297708:38
elfyanyway ... 08:39
knomeelfy, right, assigned to08:53
knomegood question.08:55
elfyI try :p08:57
brainwashUnit193: should we switch to mate-system-tools?12:16
ali1234brainwash: sharing things with mate seems like a good idea to me, they are in a very similar position to us17:14
ali1234brainwash: we should wait until mate is in ubuntu repositories first though, maybe we could even help with that?17:15
ali1234the plan is for that to happen by alpha 217:15
ali1234they also use lightdm-gtk-greeter and indicators17:16
brainwashuntil it is in ubuntu repos? didn't they release ubuntu mate 14.10 plus 14.04 just recently?17:18
ali1234yes but it uses PPAs17:18
ali1234the work to get everything in the normal repos is underway right now, that's what the UOS session was entirely about17:19
brainwashI thought that you could just install mate in 14.1017:19
brainwashwithout ppas17:19
ali1234you can, there is an ISO that has the PPA enabled by default17:19
brainwashthat's confusing :D17:19
ali1234trust me, i was at the session and talking with the developer :)17:20
brainwashbut working with the mate guys is very important I think17:20
ali1234yes it's confusing, but it will be solved for the next release if all goes to plan17:20
ali1234and yes they do want to work with us too17:20
brainwashmakes we wonder, which one will be able to move on to gtk3 first17:21
ali1234we are in roughly the same position there17:21
ali1234they have everything "ported" but it's rough and breaking all the time17:21
ali1234so just like Xfce really17:21
ali1234porting to Gtk really isn't that hard17:22
brainwashbut almost no one cares about it17:22
ali1234it doesn't have many practical benefits17:22
ali1234it just brings problems when they change the API17:22
ali1234maybe watch the start of the session before the video died?17:23
ali1234it's only like 5 minutes17:23
brainwash5 minutes?17:27
ali1234yeah, the hangout died and we did most of the session on irc17:27
brainwashbut the video is 16 minutes long17:27
ali1234okay maybe it's 10 minutes then... plus 5 minutes of faffing when the video dies17:27
brainwashok, I've watched the video17:40
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