jostOk, disabling the ubuntu addon for firefox, restarting firefox, and then enabling the addon again fixed it00:05
oniongrrrlhello can someone please help me? I am having problems connecting to my home wifi. It was working perfectly fine just yesterday I came and tried to login today and it will not connect. I can see the wifi, and I can even connect to my phone hotspot but it wont let me connect to my home wifi. Anyone have any idea why this is? I am using the newest version of Xubuntu.00:12
oniongrrrlanyone here?00:14
drconiongrrrl: At Last count there were 133 nicks listed, so there must be someone here.  I would guess that no one is answering becasue 1) no one knows, or more likely 2) All you have said is "my wifi's broke, it worked yesterday but won't today".00:17
ubottuPlease elaborate; your question or issue may not seem clear or detailed enough for people to help you. Please give more detailed information, errors, steps, and possibly configuration files (use the !pastebin to avoid flooding the channel)00:18
drcand now we'll never know :)00:21
ranelaghHello. I am trying to install xubuntu 64 bits but it seems it is only available for amd64 cpus. I do have a GenuineIntel cpu01:00
ranelaghis it possible to install a 64 bit version of xubuntu?01:01
xanguaamd64 stands for 64bit01:01
ubottuAMD64 and Intel 64 are fully supported architectures on Ubuntu. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/CommonQuestions#AMD64_Processors and http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Amd64 for more information.01:01
ranelagheven if I have GenuineIntel cpu?01:01
shamuraiYes its not specific to AMD01:02
ranelaghI downloaded xubuntu-14.04.1-desktop-amd64.iso and burned into usb01:02
shamuraiyou should be all good then01:02
ranelaghbut it does not start01:02
shamuraiWhat did you use to put it on the usb?01:02
ranelaghsudo dd bs=4M if=/path/xubuntu-14.04.1-desktop-amd64.iso of=/dev/sdb101:03
shamuraiWhat was the output?01:04
shamuraiYou should use sudo dd bs=4M if=/path/xubuntu-14.04.1-desktop-amd64.iso of=/dev/sdb not sdb101:04
shamuraiYou might also add try this sudo dd bs=4M if=/path/xubuntu-14.04.1-desktop-amd64.iso of=/dev/sdb;sync01:05
ranelaghthe output was fine, I saw it was written the iso. I started with the usb and chose install xubuntu but it stopped there and nothing happened01:05
ranelaghmy usb was on sdb101:06
shamuraisdb1 is a partition you want to write the image to the disk sdb01:06
ranelaghI see. I will try to write to the disk. Now it appears as sdc1 so it'll be sdc01:08
shamuraiadding sync to the end helps to.01:08
ranelaghI am using first sudo umount /dev/sdc101:08
ranelaghshould it be sudo umount /dev/sdc instead?01:09
shamuraiNot really necessary but in that case sdc1 would be correct since the partition is mounted.01:09
ranelaghsudo dd bs=4M if=/path/Downloads/xubuntu-14.04.1-desktop-amd64.iso of=/dev/sdc;sync  --> output: 232+1 records in 232+1 records out 975175680 bytes (975 MB) copied, 96.7549 s, 10.1 MB/s01:13
shamuraiLooks good give it a shot01:13
ranelaghit'll try to install again. Hopefully it'll work. Need to restart01:13
ranelaghI was not lucky01:31
ranelaghI dunno why but it does not proceed01:32
ranelaghI did the same to install xubuntu 32 bits and it got through but with 64 it does not01:33
shamuraihow far do you get?01:33
ranelaghI see the grub where you can select install xubuntu among other options01:34
ranelaghI selected install xubuntu but nothing happened, the screen is black and I do not see anything else01:34
shamuraiwhat kind of video card do you have?01:35
ranelaghnvidia gt540m01:35
shamuraiCan you disable the the discrete card in the bios?01:37
ranelaghright know I am on 32 bits xubuntu01:37
ranelaghI dunno, what do you mean by discrete card01:37
shamuraiTry this, when you get to grub hit f6 key and select x nomodeset01:38
ranelaghok, cheers01:40
ranelaghyou mean the grub I got when trying to install 64 bits?01:41
shamuraiYes so when you see it say install or try hit f6 a menu will pop up and you can select the option I mentioned01:41
krytarik!md5 | ranelagh: Also this01:42
ubotturanelagh: Also this: To verify your Ubuntu ISO image (or other files for which an MD5 checksum is provided), see http://help.ubuntu.com/community/HowToMD5SUM or http://www.linuxquestions.org/linux/answers/LQ_ISO/Checking_the_md5sum_in_Windows01:42
ranelaghI got 119cb63b48c9a18f31f417f09655efbd01:44
ranelaghthe same as the web01:44
ranelaghgonna try what shamurai said01:45
ranelaghstill the same01:54
ranelaghpressed f6 but nothing01:54
krytarik!nomodeset | ranelagh01:55
ubotturanelagh: A common kernel (boot)parameter is nomodeset, which is needed for some graphic cards that otherwise boot into a black screen or show corrupted splash screen. See http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1613132 on how to use this parameter01:55
ranelaghI am seeing like this http://i.imgur.com/4TjxW.jpg01:55
shamuraithats the UEFI boot screen I can't remember how to enable it from there.02:25
ranelaghHi, finally I installed bits xubuntu02:46
ranelaghsetting acpi=off after pressing 'e'02:46
ranelaghtook out quiet splash and set up acpi=off02:47
ranelaghbut know I lost grub02:47
ranelaghI cannot see windows or ubuntu anymore, I guess I'll need to restart the grub?02:48
holsteinranelagh: try just reinstalling grub02:59
holsteinnot sure what was going on before, though.. if something is broken, like the hard drive, this wont fix that03:00
Soelenhelp, my mouse is not working anymore03:43
SoelenI can still move the cursor but I can't click anything03:43
Soelenwhat do I do03:43
holsteinSoelen: sounds like a hardware problem.. i would try a different mouse, and test that mouse on another machine..03:44
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nonuby14.10, when I switch from HDMI to laptop screen (using xfce4 screen switcch or [a|X]randr) the theme for xfce is lost (reverts to non themed grey), is this a known bug?06:19
vrkalaknonuby, yes, it's known, but it is not a 'bug'06:35
nonubyhi vrkalak, if its not a bug is it resolvable?07:13
vrkalaknonuby,  i use from my laptop to TV ... I always have that problem ... I have to restart07:15
knomesounds like a bug, but for what it's worth, i haven't seen that happen07:16
knomeotoh, i am not running 14.10, so if it's only happening there... then it's a new bug07:16
vrkalaknot a 'bug' but hard-drive  error07:17
knomehow is it a hard-drive error if your theme changes on unplugging HDMI? care to elaborate?07:18
nonubycould it be to do with the graphic driver, I notice on this new laptop that uses the kernel radeon driver that changing screens is very slow, where as 2.5 years old intel 3000 chipset never a problem07:19
knomenonuby, file a bug report so we can potentially monitor and triage that problem07:21
xubuntu41wcan anybody tell me how to execute a python script by just double click in xubuntu 14.04.1?07:26
xanguaright click, properties, mark it as program/executable07:27
bul_guldurHello I'm having trouble with USB3 copy speed. I'm getting about 10-15MB/s after the buffer is filled using the 'async' option while mounting. On my home gigiabit network, I can achieve about 80MB/s from HDD-HDD. How do I fix this please?08:27
bul_guldurIt's now at 2MB/s.08:27
bul_guldurNow increased to 80MB/s, and back down to 20MB/s. Does heat have a bearing on this or is the kernel and distribution just poorly configured?08:29
bul_guldurWhy is this channel even occupied?08:31
cfhowlett!patience | bul_guldur,08:31
ubottubul_guldur,: Don't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. While you wait, try searching https://help.ubuntu.com or http://ubuntuforums.org or http://askubuntu.com/08:31
alesanhow can I set the image viewer as default image viewer? if I click on a photo, it opens it with firefox, which is franlky quite annoying08:32
bul_guldurOK. Sorry.08:32
cfhowlettalesan, right click on image, .>> properties >>> open with ....08:34
alesancfhowlett, yes it is set on the image viewer08:34
alesancfhowlett, but it still opens with firefoxx08:34
cfhowlettalesan, "image viewer" = ???08:35
alesancfhowlett, my installation is in another language - this is my mom's computer08:35
alesanit calls it "Visualizzatore di immagini Ristretto"08:36
cfhowlettalesan, yep, that's the one ...08:36
knomealesan, this is not the ideal situation, but change the default application to something else than ristretto, then switch back to ristretto08:36
knomeermm, ideal solution08:36
alesanknome, OK I chnaged to GIMP and now it opens with GIMP08:37
alesanI switch back to "Ristretto" and it opens with GIMP08:38
alesanthis is a brand-new Xubuntu 14.10 installation08:38
knomealesan, weird... file a bug08:38
knomealesan, also, check what ~/.local/share/applications/mimeapps.list says08:40
elfyor update - is that not bug 138297708:40
ubottubug 1382977 in thunar "[SRU] Thunar open default not respecting mimetype" [Critical,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/138297708:40
alesanok... so what do you advise?08:51
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bul_guldurWhat a terrible tradgedy linux has become, that it is now so complex it's experts can all but report and prioritise bugs ad infinitum instead of hacking away at the problem.09:13
knomebul_guldur, excuse me?09:14
cfhowlettbul_guldur, pray do continue in #ubuntu-offtopic.  THIS is the support channel.   ranting goes elsewhere.09:15
bul_guldurIndeed, farewell.09:15
knomebesides, not everybody contributing to linux are "experts", or developers that are able to fix things, so they use their time for getting bugs reported and triaged. (i know they are gone, but i think it is fair to give an answer for that question)09:16
cfhowlettknome, question?  I didn't see the question!  But your point is taken.09:18
knomewell i did the processing and considered somebody would ask next "yeah, why aren't you working on bugs but telling us to report them?"09:19
knomeso it was an answer for THAT question..09:19
cfhowlettknome, :)  noted.  :)09:19
knomeand now... something completely different. bbl!09:20
xubuntu32wHello can you help me for education ?10:13
xubuntu32wI need to know what is the Architecture  xubuntu 14.0410:14
xubuntu32whello can you help me ? I need to know what is the Architecture for xubuntu 14.04 ?10:17
Alexfrencharchitecture ?10:18
xubuntu32wYes. For example batch or  multiprogrammed or time-sharing10:19
Alexfrenchsorry too clever for me this topic10:22
xubuntu32wOkay. Thx :D10:22
LuyinI don't understand the question, xubuntu32w10:28
jarnosWhen I run "xfce4-session-logout -s" using a script launched from a launcher in panel, sometimes system does not suspend, but asks for administrative password. Why is this?11:58
brainwashjarnos: but it suspends after providing the password, right?12:04
jarnosbrainwash, no12:04
brainwashnow that's odd12:06
Alexfrenchon 14.10 i presume12:07
brainwashdo you get any additional log messages when you run the command inside a terminal window?12:09
brainwashalso, look at ~/.cache/upstart/startxfce4.log12:09
jarnosAlexfrench, 14.0412:20
Alexfrenchah ok thanks12:20
Alexfrenchso it go on suspend mode and can't go out that's it ???12:20
jarnosAlexfrench, no, it does not go on suspend mode sometimes.12:21
Alexfrenchhave you seen this ??12:25
bennypr0fanehello,  can you help me with starting this Java program? it's IBM SPSS and came in a .bin installer, I installed it under /opt. It didn't create a menu entry in the main menu though, how do I lanuch it, and how do put a convenient menu entry there?12:37
jarnosAlexfrench, no12:38
Alexfrenchdoes it help you ???12:38
jarnosActually, I run "xflock4 && "xfce4-session-logout -s" and the former script runs "light-locker-command --lock"12:43
jarnosbrainwash, nothing in terminal12:43
brainwashthis is the problem, you switch to different vt12:45
brainwashwhich can be racy12:45
bluesabrebennypr0fane: if you know the executable that needs to be run, you can add it to your menu with the installed "menulibre" application, "Menu Editor" in the Settings Manager12:45
bennypr0fanebluesabre, thanks, I found it! Now I'm looking an icon to use12:46
bluesabregreat :)12:46
bennypr0fanewhich folder would you expect icons to be in in a Java program?12:47
bennypr0faneis there a way to maybe just search the whole directory for .ico files?12:47
brainwashyou could use "catfish" to search for icon/picture files12:47
bennypr0fanebrainwash, with which search terms?12:48
bluesabrebennypr0fane, if you installed in /opt, check your installation directory. You can use most image types, not just .ico with menulibre12:49
bennypr0fanedoes * work as a wildcard?12:49
brainwashit's easy to test if it works or not12:49
jarnosbrainwash, sometimes it suspends after provifing the password. I can give password only after I switch vt from to another and back.12:49
bluesabreif you press the F9 key, you can turn a filter on for images12:49
bennypr0fanebluesabre, I meant which subfolder of the installation dir. I'm just browsing through all of them now...12:50
bennypr0fane*.ico as a search term with the image filter enabled returns 0 results...12:50
brainwashjarnos: make sure that you suspend first, and then lock the screen (which takes you to a different vt)12:50
bluesabrejust use *12:50
bluesabrewith the images filter on12:51
bennypr0fanebluesabre, no luck12:51
bluesabreit might not ship with any icons/images then12:51
bennypr0fanedoes it check subfolders of the one I specified by defuatl?12:52
brainwashjarnos: also, light-locker is able to listen to the dbus suspend signal, so you don't actually need to run it manually12:52
bennypr0fanecan'r miagine a big company like IBM doing that. The windows version has an icon...12:53
brainwashjarnos: just make sure that the light-locker process is running in the background and lock-on-suspend is enabled12:53
jarnosbrainwash, I know, but I don't always want to lock when I suspend.12:54
bennypr0fanehow stupid is that. I'll just use a calculator icon from the os icon set12:54
bennypr0fanehow to save changes I made in the menu? can't find a button...12:55
GridCubetheres a button with an arrow in the menu panel12:56
bluesabreor use Ctrl+S12:58
jarnosbrainwash, running suspend before lock could work, but there are two issues: I can't know, if locking works before suspending, and delay in locking may expose desktop.12:58
brainwashjarnos: use a simple screen locker instead12:59
brainwashsomething which does not require any vt switching12:59
nonubytaking a list and performing a map op and then removing nils, is it better to wrap with (filter identity (map map-fn coll)) or (mapcat (fn [i] (if cond [i] [])) coll)13:00
brainwashwrong channel13:00
jarnosbrainwash, I which the script could work with any locker.13:00
brainwashit does work with any, but light-locker is troublesome13:01
brainwashit has many negative side effects13:01
brainwashnot security wise13:02
jarnosbrainwash, Oh, I better to use another one, then. But isn't light-locker default locker in Xubuntu?13:03
brainwashjarnos: see https://github.com/the-cavalry/light-locker/issues/2213:03
brainwashit is13:04
jarnosbrainwash, does any other locker than light-locker disable audio?13:08
brainwashthe disabled audio is only a side effect13:09
brainwashyou could disable it manually in your script13:09
brainwashand then re-enable13:09
jarnosbrainwash, I just tested light-locker, and it did not disable audio.13:09
brainwasheven after 10 seconds?13:10
brainwashpulseaudio disables the audio if you switch to a different vt, but only if you run it as user process13:11
bennypr0fanebrainwash, bluesabre: thanks, everything worked. Man, I'm so glad I didn't have to contact IBM support for anything!13:11
jarnosbrainwash, yes.  Re-enable should be done manually at least with lockers I know.13:11
bluesabrebennypr0fane: congrats, glad to hear it :)13:11
brainwashbennypr0fane: that's awesome :)13:11
brainwashjarnos: it should be fairly easy to write a script for that13:13
jarnosbrainwash, actually I usually don't want to disable audio when I lock. I mute manually, when I want.13:22
brainwashjarnos: problem solved I'd guess.. or you have more questions?13:27
jarnosbrainwash, yes, thanks. I checked ~/.cache/upstart/startxfce4.log There are some GPU errors. I guess they are somehow related to bug https://bugs.freedesktop.org/show_bug.cgi?id=8056813:33
ubottuFreedesktop bug 80568 in Drivers/DRI/i965 "[gen4] GPU Crash During Google Chrome Operation" [Normal,New]13:34
jarnosbrainwash, what is this startxfce4.log?13:37
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ixspectorHello. I want to try the xubuntu linux OS, which version do you recommend, 14.04 or 14.10? thanks15:05
cfhowlettixspector, 14.04 is long term support15:05
ixspectorcfhowlett: If I choose 14.10 it is only 9 months am I right? So can I upgrade to the following releases?15:07
cfhowlettixspector, yes you can upgrade to the next release15:07
ixspectorcfhowlett: And is it safe?15:08
cfhowlettixspector,  safe"  ... sure.  bleeding edge tends to be bloody.  your choice.15:08
ixspectorcfhowlett: which one do you use?15:09
cfhowlettixspector, LTS only.15:09
cfhowlettixspector, I upgrade every 2 years.  I'm happy.15:09
ixspectorYea I think I might stay with the LTS too. Since Xfce doesn't tend to change much as well. I prefer to keep it simple and stable, therefore I like this DE15:10
ixspectorcfhowlett: So this is more or less like using Debian stable for 2 years? I know the release dates for Ubuntu and Debian are different though15:12
cfhowlettixspector, I cant' speak to debian as I've never used it.  LTS has a 3 year support life on xubuntu.  It gets an upgrade every 2 years.  I wait for the first point release and grab it >>> 12.04.5 >>> 14.04.115:14
ixspectorI think I will follow that same way too. So you download the first LTS point release or you simply upgrade from the previous LTS?15:15
cfhowlettixspector, I run the previous version e.g. 12.04 until the the successor reaches first point release, e.g. 14.04.115:17
cfhowlettand I clean install.  but that's just me.15:17
ixspectorcfhowlett: ok, thank you15:25
cfhowlettixspector, fun fact: ubuntustudio = xubuntu + the studio metapackages.  have fun.15:25
ixspectorcfhowlett: I was actually looking for a simple desktop environment that is not too fancy and is good enough for work and Internet. I saw MATE, LXDE and Xfce, would you say that Xfce is the best choice then?15:28
cfhowlettixspector, simple = lxde or xfce4.  both are lightweight, familiar (XP-like)15:29
xubuntu58wonce xubuntu has been installed, how do i get it to initialise? I hear grub will let me pick between windows and linux?15:56
cfhowlettxubuntu58w, properly installed, grub will offer the choice of windows/linux on boot15:57
xubuntu58wonce downloaded, a xubuntu folder opens15:59
xubuntu58wwhere do i go from here?15:59
cfhowlettxubuntu58w, !!!15:59
cfhowlettdid you install xubuntu?15:59
xubuntu58w14.04.1 yes. If there's an install option in the folder, i'm not seeing it (the sub folder marked install is useless)16:00
cfhowlettxubuntu58w, and what OS are you running right now?16:01
xubuntu58wwindows 716:01
xubuntu58wthanks btw16:01
cfhowlettxubuntu58w, you doin it wrong16:01
cfhowlett!install | xubuntu58w16:01
ubottuxubuntu58w: Ubuntu can be installed in lots of ways. Please see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation for documentation. Problems during install? See https://wiki.ubuntu.com/CommonProblemsInstall - Don't want to use a CD? See http://tinyurl.com/3exghs - See also !automate16:01
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gaarditojust installed xubuntu 14.04 on my old toshiba netbook... a new life for him16:37
xubuntu09wme again17:00
xubuntu09wi downloaded xubuntu via unetbootin, and after rebooting as told i'm struggiling to find the next step17:00
drcxubuntu09w: Did you boot <FROM> the USB stick or just let the boot default to the HHD?17:02
xubuntu09wto the hard drive17:03
drcBoot FROM the USB stick17:04
xubuntu09wso you have to use a usb?17:04
drcOK,  I'm missing context here...I'll let whomever was helping you earlier take back over.17:05
xubuntu09wwell, earlier i installed xubuntu from the site with no usb, and opened a folder which was a dead end. Other then that there's nothing to tell17:06
xubuntu09w*windows 717:06
drcOK...try this (i.e. read this...carefully).  Everywhere it says Ubuntu substitute Xubuntu (the installer is the same). If you want 14.10 rather than 14.04 just grab the 14.10 iso.17:11
drcxubuntu09w: As to getting getting the Xubuntu iso onto a dvd or usb in windows, I have no idea, haven't used windows in many many years.17:15
xubuntu09wI'm transferring what i previously installed onto a usb now17:16
xubuntu09wand done17:16
n-iCeyou can use unetbootin on windows, to create a xubuntu bootable usb drive17:16
drcxubuntu09w: You can't just copy the iso onto a USB, it won't work.17:16
n-iCeI don't use Windows either, but I have seen it works for Win.17:16
n-iCedrc: what do you use17:16
xubuntu09wok, so best bet reinstall and follow the linked instructions17:17
drcn-iCe: dd or unetbooting (depending on whether I'm istalling to a full or partitioned USB.17:17
n-iCedrc: I mean as host OS17:18
drcxubuntu09w: Yes, I would.17:18
n-iCemain OS17:18
drcn-iCe: Haiku17:18
xubuntu09wi got nothing17:18
n-iCenever heard of it17:19
xubuntu09wsame thing as before, just a folder and no popup options17:19
xubuntu09wthis is the link i'm using17:19
xubuntu09wi'll try extracting to the usb17:20
drcxubuntu09w: no17:20
Alexfrenchi have this too on my virtualbox17:21
drcYou've grabbed the iso, not you need ti burn (properly) to a dvd or usb...just copying won't work17:21
drcsoory about spelling...dog wants a petting :)17:22
xubuntu09wwont extracting cut it? not copying?17:22
xubuntu09wgo get some tactile feedback :)17:22
drcxubuntu09w: what OS are you using now?17:22
xubuntu09wwindows 717:22
drcxubuntu09w: http://www.ubuntu.com/download/desktop/create-a-usb-stick-on-windows  As far as I know it's current.17:23
Alexfrenchdrc said you have to burn it on a dvd as an iso image, not to drag it to copy it17:23
xubuntu09wso how do i burn?17:23
Alexfrenchwith a dvd burner17:24
Alexfrenchif you have one17:24
xubuntu09wi'll use the link17:24
n-iCeas image17:24
n-iCeto make it bootable17:24
drcxubuntu09w: Here's another link...between the 2 you should be able to accomplish it.17:25
xubuntu09wfucking malware17:25
ubottuThe main Ubuntu channels require that you speak in calm, polite English. For other languages, please visit https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/ChannelList17:25
xubuntu09wand/or ads17:26
fscktheworldi think you have to use that pen drive program, dont you? its been forever since ive used windows, though17:26
xubuntu09wnow, which link is real17:27
xubuntu09wi'm trying but half the downloads are clickbait17:27
xubuntu09wnope, not a real one to be seen. Moving on17:29
n-iCexubuntu09w: what do you want.17:30
drcxubuntu09w: I have no idea what you are talking about, neither of the two links I gave have "click bait".17:30
fscktheworldyeah i didnt get that either, drc17:30
drcso, therefore...I'm out.17:30
xubuntu09wi'm getting this premier download manager packaged with it, at the very least17:30
xubuntu09wsry for trouble, it is frustrating17:31
xubuntu09wah, that's better, finally the real link17:32
fscktheworldwhich link did you use?17:36
xubuntu09wthe blue one when you scroll down on this page http://www.pendrivelinux.com/universal-usb-installer-easy-as-1-2-3/17:38
n-iCewhy not to use unetbootin?17:38
xubuntu09wbeneath the walthrough17:38
n-iCedon't get it17:38
xubuntu09wi tried, but after it told me to reboot i forgot the next step17:39
fscktheworldi think i used unetbootin when i installed my first linux distro.17:39
xubuntu09wmight try again17:39
xubuntu09wlet's see with the usb17:40
fscktheworldwhy give up on the first try?17:40
fscktheworldjust re-run it17:40
Alexfrenchsorry it works with any distribution of linux ??17:42
fscktheworldi believe so?17:43
fscktheworldi think i used unetbootin to install debian on a crappy computer a friend gave me17:43
Alexfrenchcool one day i'll try with a new usb card17:43
xubuntu09wwell, i put it on the usb, and magic failed to happen. It might be because autorun was blocked by my antivirus17:45
xubuntu09wi'll retry unetbootin now17:46
sleeziohello, i'm having some issues with xubuntu and geforce gtx 750 ti driver....i had to download the drive from nvidia, install it, pc works fine, but if i go to settings > dsiplay, it only shows resolution of 800x600...but it's actually on 1920x1080, but since i opened display and it's set at 800x600, when i close display, it drops my res to 800x600 and when i reboot, pc doesn't acknowledge the driver i installed...also, in additional drivers, it shows17:49
sleezio nothing there, window is blank..no drivers listed...and my nvidia setting icon is missing in settings, but the link is still there, i can open nvidia settings, but when i try to close the window freezes, i have to force it closed...what am i missing to fix this?17:49
ali1234use nvidia-settings17:49
sleezioali1234, the link in settings?17:50
ali1234you should have installed the driver with additional drivers in the first place17:50
sleezio..not sure i follow what you're refering17:50
sleezioit doesn't show any17:50
ali1234if you download the driver from nvidia, you will mess up your system17:50
xubuntu09wi'm downloading unetbootin to the usb drive this time, and i;ll boot from that as suggested17:51
sleezioi had no choice, when i put new gtx750 card in, pc wouldn't acknowledge vidcard17:51
sleeziocouldn't even see bios/post17:51
fscktheworldxubuntu09w - are you trying to put xubuntu on your computer?17:51
ali1234how did you download the driver then?17:52
sleeziodownloaded it, then shut x server down, ran the nvidia bash script17:52
fscktheworldim confused as to why you are putting unetbootin on the usb drive17:52
sleezioa screenshot of additional drivers: http://i.imgur.com/nlDbolz.png17:52
ali1234how did you do any of that if the computer would not even post?17:53
sleezioi had to put old card back in, then put new one in and i saw post...entered xubuntu ..ctrl_alt_F1, logged in, stopped lightdm, ran nvidia script...everything installed fine, but display doesn't show but 800x600 res, nvidia setting is acting goofy and if i open display, it forces card to go 800x600, then pc on reboot won't recognize card(no opst on screen)17:55
sleezioand as you seen in that screenshot, additional drivers don't show anything17:55
ali1234you hotswapped the video card while the computer was turned on?17:55
ali1234well, how do you expect it to identify the video card if it isn't plugged in?17:56
sleeziowhen i put the old card back in and start xu, i can go to additional drivers i see the drivers as well as the 'the driver you manually installed'...so i'm guessing thats resetting the driver which enables my new card to boot next time17:56
ali1234no, if your computer does not post with the video card plugged in, your video card is broken and you should return it17:57
sleezioit does when the driver i installed is set current17:57
sleezioif i open display in settings, it auto resets my res to 800x600...i can't pick 1920..it's not listed, so i have to reboot, when i reboot, pc doesn't recognize card again17:58
sleezioso i have to put old card back in, reboot, let it reset driver, then shutdown, put new card in and boot up, it works17:59
ali1234the driver has no effect on post17:59
sleeziowell, new card won't show post unless i put old card back in then swap again back to new18:00
ali1234did you disable the onboard graphics?18:00
sleeziowhy am i not seeing any 'additional drivers'?18:00
fscktheworldshouldnt a nvidia driver already be included in the distro?18:01
sleeziomy bios settings doesn't have that topion, only to choose between pci and pcie18:01
fscktheworldyeah there is something wrong with the card18:01
ali1234if it really doesn't post for any reason, that is faulty hardware18:01
sleeziolike now, i have it working18:02
ali1234the only exception is if the post screen goes to the onboard video card because you didn't disable it18:02
sleezioi can reboot 100000x and it boots fine18:02
sleeziobut if i set res different, it'll no longer see post18:02
fscktheworldif it cant see any resolution its the card18:02
sleeziook, so if i were to boot from live cd, should i see 'additional drivers'?18:04
fscktheworldif you boot from a live cd, do you run into the same problem?18:05
ali1234but of course, you can't boot ANYTHING if the computer won't post18:05
ali1234not even windows18:05
sleezioabout to boot live now and see18:05
sleezioit will see post until i change res18:06
sleezioback in a few18:06
ali1234that is impossible, but w/e18:06
xubuntu09wyes i am fsck18:07
xubuntu09wshould i just install to the hard drive or boot to the usb18:08
fscktheworldinstall unetbootin to your hard drive and run it from there18:09
xubuntu09wi tried18:09
fscktheworldwhat does it do?18:09
xubuntu09wthen forgot the next step18:09
xubuntu09wlol :P18:09
xubuntu09wi'll retry18:09
fscktheworldok so run it again?18:09
drcInsanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. Albert Einstein18:10
drcxubuntu09w: Did you even bother to read either of the two links I sent you earlier?18:10
fscktheworlddrc - apparently not18:11
fscktheworldunetbootin isnt that hard to use.18:11
sleeziook, i'm on live boot now, additional drivers first reads 'searching'...then 'no additional drivers found'18:16
sleeziolooks like it's the default nueveau driver in use at 102418:16
xubuntu09wi did, and i never got any of those windows. Hence why i'm attempting to get to that initial stage18:20
xubuntu09wmultitasking i'm afraid, reason it took this long18:21
drcnope...totally confused again...out :(18:21
xubuntu09won the final part of the unetbootin wizard, where it tells me to reboot, it instructs "After rebooting, select the UNetbootin menu entry to boot."18:26
xubuntu09wi couldn't find that menu entry when i tried this last tme18:27
bekksxubuntu09w: Configure your BIOS to boot from your USB device.18:27
xubuntu09wi'm doing it on my hard drive18:28
bekksUhm, why? :)18:28
fscktheworldaaaaaah, i thought you were doing something else18:28
fscktheworldok yeah do it on your usb18:29
xubuntu09w*head desk* *10x speed* *combo breaker!*18:29
xubuntu09wkeeping this here just in case18:53
xubuntu09wAfter rebooting, select the USB boot option in the BIOS boot menu.18:53
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xubuntu37wsorry, my conection failed19:06
xubuntu37whow do i fiddle with the bios?19:06
holsteinxubuntu37w: thats quite specific per machine.. there should be directions with the manufacturer.. and the hardware will need to provide support for what you are trying to do.. what are you trying to do?19:07
xubuntu37wi'm trying to boot up xubunut on my usb19:09
holsteinxubuntu37w: you dont need the bios for that.. you can use unetbootin, or a few other tools.. that'll make a live USB19:10
xubuntu37wi've installed it with unetbootin19:10
xubuntu37wand it intsructed me to fiddle with the bios19:10
holsteinxubuntu37w: unetbootin doesnt "install", really.. it just makes the live iso's bootable from usb19:10
xubuntu37wso whaddaya do?19:10
holsteinxubuntu37w: it depends on what im trying to accomplish19:11
holsteinxubuntu37w: the bios settings are per machine.. you can usually google search how to get to those settings.. and i'll just try a few.. usually, on newer hardware, you dont need to change bios settings.. but, you can just hit a key that pulls up a boot menu19:11
xubuntu37wi want to install xubuntu on my windows 7 pc19:11
xubuntu37wah ty19:11
holsteinxubuntu37w: sure.. nothing about xubuntu or linux or ubuntu is preventing that. but, you must keep in mind, you didnt install *any* operatings sytems on that hardware. it came with windows, and you were not promised you would be able to easily install any operating system you like19:12
ubottuDual boot instructions: x86/AMD64: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/DualBoot/Windows - Macs: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/MacBookPro https://help.ubuntu.com/community/YabootConfigurationForMacintoshPowerPCsDualBoot19:12
holsteinthe first step is to get the installation media made.. then, to boot it.. then, i like to test the linux desktop on the hardware live, before installing.. i like to see if all the hardware works well, and if not, how challenging it might be to provide support for it, since that is my responsiblity19:14
xubuntu37whow do i do that?19:14
xubuntu37wwell, first things first19:14
xubuntu37wi'll restart and initialise the bios19:14
holsteinxubuntu37w: how do you do what? run the installation media live? there is a menu where you can choose "try it live"19:15
xubuntu37wbut only once you've booted right19:15
holsteinxubuntu37w: nothing about xubuntu or linux is suggesting you "initialize" any bios19:15
xubuntu37wit's what this unetbootin is telling me19:15
xubuntu37wit's a bit of a sordid tale19:15
holsteinxubuntu37w: yes.. once you, as following the list i gave, 1. make the installation media, and 2. boot the media, you can 3. (which is optional, but i suggested it) try it live19:16
holsteinxubuntu37w: no.. unetbootin is *not* suggesting you 'initialize' any bios settings19:16
holsteinxubuntu37w: you likely have a shortcut key that will prompt you want you would like to boot, and you dont need to change the bios settings at all19:16
xubuntu37wa grub shortcut?19:17
holsteinxubuntu37w: you will have to either, google search about that, or ask the manufacturer, which may consider that a void of the warranty..19:17
holsteinxubuntu37w: no19:17
holsteinxubuntu37w: this is *all* before *any* operating system.. in the hardware's firmware, or bios19:18
holsteinxubuntu37w: i have several machines, that, at boot, they really quickly show something like "press f9 for bios f10 for boot menu"19:18
xubuntu37wthat's what i thought19:19
holsteinxubuntu37w: i press f10, in that scenario, and i get a prompt, from which, if the hardware supports it, i can choose the USB stick i made19:19
xubuntu37wi'll restart and try that19:19
holsteinxubuntu37w: your hardware is *specific*.. that is not a blanket thing19:19
holsteinxubuntu37w: it may or may not be f10, or an option.. or, support usb boot, or booting of *anything*19:19
holsteinif the hardware manufacturer wants, they can lock it down where you cannot boot anything but what they promised you would boot when you bought it..19:20
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xubuntu38wthank you drc, h something, and all others implicated!19:57
n-iCedid you install xubuntu succesfyully?19:59
drcYeah Team!  And just I was girding up my loins for another attempt :)19:59
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dorenHi Please someone tell me which PPAs are safe to enable from these: https://launchpad.net/~xubuntu-dev . Thanks20:34
brainwashdoren: hey there. did you read the PPA descriptions?20:42
dorenbrainwash: Are they really unstable? I know some people use it20:43
brainwashnot necessary unstable, but you use them at your own risk20:44
dorenbrainwash: Which ones do you think are less risky?20:45
brainwashmmh, the extras ppa contains additional/new software20:47
brainwashthe 4.10 one can be ignored anyway (unless you are still using ubuntu 12.04)20:47
dorenYea it includes some additional, neat stuff. What about Xfce 4.12?20:47
dorenOnly Xfce 4.12 and Extras seem interesting for me20:47
ali12344.12 isn;t released yet, it doesn't exist20:49
dorenali1234: I know, but right now Xubuntu is using the development releases20:49
ali1234the staging ppa is the closest you will get without building from source yourself20:49
ali1234i use it, not had any problems i can remember20:49
brainwashstaging is basically a daily ppa20:49
drcdoren: I'm going ask only one question:  Do you know how to back out a ppa correctly if one of them breaks something?20:50
brainwashbut the question is, do you really need any of these PPAs (not including the extras PPA)?20:50
dorendrc: yes20:50
drcIf  yes, then take your pick...that answers my question :)20:50
dorenbrainwash: Xfce 4.12 has for example a new version of whisker menu20:51
dorenbrainwash: It will eventually get Xfce 4.12 final once it is released20:52
ali1234the staging PPA is the most useful for bug reporting, i think20:52
ali1234as in, that's what we are going to recommend testers to use20:52
ali1234so if you are using it, we might pay more attention to your reports20:53
dorenok, thanks guys21:05
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xubuntu00wI'm not sure I'm in the right place to ask this, but... I am using xubuntu dual boot with windows 7.  I think my problem has something to do with the disk names of my partitions.  I can not recognize either my scanner or cd rom drive.  Are there any resources anyone can point me to in order to learn how to configure/mount disks or other hardware?21:58
teaearlgraycold_So I'm trying to dualboot Xubuntu and Win8. I've disabled fastboot and secureboot. I'm doing a custom installation as Xubuntu can't find Windows8.22:10
teaearlgraycold_Can you guys let me know if this partition layout it cool?22:11
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CyLHi, in Xubuntu 14.04 I have the packagepython-tk installed, but trying to import tkinter from the interactive interpreter, yelds me an error saying python could'nt find any module named tkinter23:30
xubuntu75wThere is someone who speak spanish, I need help!23:43
drc !es23:43
ubottuEn la mayoría de los canales de Ubuntu, se habla sólo en inglés. Si busca ayuda en español entre al canal #ubuntu-es; escriba " /join #ubuntu-es " (sin comillas) y presione intro.23:43
xubuntu75wok thanks.23:44
lfarnellHello everyone23:54
lfarnelli was wondering if someone could help me with mapping keyboard shortcuts23:55

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