anotheralquestion: what do I need to do to get cloud-init to reload the ubuntu user's authorized keys from AWS metadata, when i'm creating a new AMI?00:43
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harlowjaanotheral typically clearing out the cloud-init data folder should do it17:53
harlowjahttp://cloudinit.readthedocs.org/en/latest/topics/dir_layout.html 17:53
harlowjaif u are making a new AMI i would also do other cleanup to17:53
harlowjacleaning out any other settings (your own ssh keys that were installed...)17:54
anotheralyeah it's very weird - i'm starting with an official ubuntu 12.04 daily AMI18:41
anotheralinstantiate it, clear out /var/lib/cloud and ~ubuntu/.ssh/authorized_keys18:41
anotheraland make a new AMI.  the authorized_keys file remains empty when I instantiate the new AMI18:41
harlowjaseems odd, that shouldn't happen18:47
harlowjado u have the cloud-init log files from when u make a new instance from your new AMI?18:47
anotherallemme check those18:51
broskosI'm using cloud-init with a chef block to install and run chef. How can I notify cfn or heat when the chef run has completed?  Is there a way to do this with cloud-init?19:20
harlowjabroskos i thought the heat folks had some callback mechanism? perhaps asking in #heat channel ?19:35
broskosharlowja: thanks, I'll try.  19:42
broskosI see their waithandles and such, and cfn-signal which is pretty straight forward.  Just working on sorting out how to tell when the chef run is finished at the moment19:43
harlowjaya, i know one way cloud-init can do it, but i thought the heat folks used a different strategy19:44
harlowjaaka, http://cloudinit.readthedocs.org/en/latest/topics/examples.html#call-a-url-when-finished is one way, but i didn't think this was the way19:44
harlowjathat more of signals when cloud-init is done, which could be used to also say 'chef' is done19:44
broskossaw that thanks.19:44
broskoscan't seem to get it to send the right bits back to heat19:45
harlowjalet me know if u find out, i've always wondered how to and never had enough time to investigate19:45
broskosstill poking - I'll come up with somehting... I just mostly wanted to make sure I wasn't overlooking something more obvious19:45
harlowjabroskos u might be interested in https://code.launchpad.net/~harlowja/cloud-init/better-chef-module/+merge/238040 which yahoo is using (until that merges)19:46
harlowjaadds more configurability...19:46
broskosheh - had to hack in a small portion of that myself.19:53
broskoscurrent version doesn't run chef-client except on a gem install19:54
broskosI'll keep an eye on that branch, it's much better than what Ive got going19:54
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broskosharlowja: ok - from within heat you create your wait_condition and your wait_handle21:07
broskoslike this guy does here:21:07
broskosvery basic, name them what you will21:08
harlowjak, then heat just polls until that stuff is done?21:08
broskosthe wait_handle when you reference it will return a url that you can post to21:08
broskosso now you can use phone_home21:08
broskos          phone_home:             url:               Ref:  "GoServerWaitHandle"             post: [ instance_id ]21:08
broskosyou can also daisy chain config blocks and user data together via mulipart mime21:09
broskosand they will process sequentially, 21:09
broskosso chef config first, then one that does a notfiy back using heat stuff...21:09
broskosbut that is more complicated than what I needed, since I only wanted the chef config to notify21:10
harlowjanot many people know about that mime multipart stuff, the heat folks do, ha21:10
broskosI found it confusing, mostly because there are 3 different template formats and various posts will have used a format slightly different that what you are using causing a lot of time interpreting and converting21:11
harlowjaya :-/21:11
broskosin the end I got the multipart mime to work, but then backed it out and when back to phone_home21:12
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