mgzexit eod00:05
perrito666anyone savvy on FacadeCall?00:10
thumperanyone know how to extract files from a .deb without installing it?00:12
perrito666dpkg -x00:12
perrito666thumper: ^00:13
thumperperrito666: ta00:13
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thumpercolour me confused...00:37
thumpermenn0: you have done lots of upgrades recently00:37
thumperI have bootstrapped a 1.18.4 local environment00:38
thumper/usr/bin/juju is 1.20.1100:38
thumperbut if I go `/usr/bin/juju upgrade-juju` it says: no upgrades available00:38
perrito666thumper: colour? have you just tried to use irc colors?00:38
perrito666thumper: specifying --version does not help either?00:39
thumperdo I need to go --upload?00:39
menn0thumper: to be honest i've never tried upgrading to the official releases00:39
thumpermenn0: how do you do it?00:39
menn0thumper: with --upload-toools00:40
menn0tools even00:40
menn0but i'm pretty sure what you've just tried is supposed to work00:40
menn0could be a bug00:40
thumperok that upgraded00:41
thumperok, confirmed that 1.18 local provider upgrading to 1.20.11 breaks juju-run as expected00:42
thumpernot to fix it00:42
thumperI did just want to confirm that it was doing what I thought it was doing00:42
menn0thumper: it might be a local provider thing00:43
menn0thumper: according to the upgrade-juju help output the tools selection behaviour is somewhat provider dependent (e.g. for maas you need to install the tools yourself)00:44
davecheneywhy does params.ProvisioningInfo.Jobs take a []state.MachineJob00:48
davecheneyie, and int00:48
davecheneycan I change it ?00:48
menn0thumper: can you have another look at http://reviews.vapour.ws/r/489/ pls?00:50
menn0thumper: i've created issues for the 2 bits i'd like you to look at00:51
menn0thumper: the handling of panics in that defer wasn't quite right IMO. it was swallowing the panic when it should re-panic after cleaning up.00:51
thumpermenn0: to be honest, we don't have any other panic handling like that00:52
thumpermenn0: probably worth asking davecheney if it is worth it00:52
menn0thumper: the reason it's there is because I did have a panic happening during tests but that was hidden because the state wasn't being closed so instead i got the "dirty sockets" errors00:53
menn0davecheney: can you have a look at one of the issues i've marked for  http://reviews.vapour.ws/r/489/00:53
menn0davecheney: the recover, close, re-panic bit00:54
menn0davecheney: am i being silly?00:54
davecheneyywah, don't do that00:55
davecheneyit'll end up looking like gocheck00:55
davecheneythe way it eats the panic00:55
* thumper wants to stab the person that added the second of "StateServerInfo" and "StateServingInfo"01:05
davecheneythumper: i know01:06
davecheneyi think that was me01:06
davecheneyi want to get rid of both of them01:06
menn0davecheney: so what would you recommend? state needs to get closed if something goes wrong01:08
davecheneyi have several responses01:08
davecheneynone you'll like01:09
davecheneyso i'll not suggest them01:09
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wwitzel3ok, so I've been attempting to run an apiclient call from inside the debughooks cmd, specifically a call to Resolved(), exposed by using a --retry flag on the debug-hooks command.01:11
wwitzel3is there a way to issue the call from the debughooks session? would it make sense to extend the runserver (juju-run) to accept a resolved retry command?01:13
wwitzel3because internal to the debughooks / SSH cmd stuff, it does a c.Wait and that makes issuing the client.Resolved call a bit tricky, I can use go routines and select, but then control is returned instead of Waiting since the execution is happening in the go routine.01:15
wallyworld_axw: standup?01:16
axwwallyworld_: can you send me hte link? calendar decided it needed to upgrade01:17
davecheneymenn0: can you just let the panic happen ?01:17
wallyworld_axw: https://plus.google.com/hangouts/_/canonical.com/tanzanite-stand01:17
* axw taps fingers in google's direction01:17
davecheneystate will be closed anyway when the process dies01:17
menn0davecheney: I guess so. the reason that panics are being handled was because not closing state there was hiding the real cause of a failure in the tests while I was working on this change01:22
menn0davecheney: our test cleanup stuff checks if any mgo connections are still open and reports that if they are01:22
menn0davecheney: and hides the original panic in the process01:22
menn0davecheney: i might just remove that01:24
menn0davecheney: regarding your comment about err needing to be passed into the defer func01:24
menn0davecheney: that doesn't quite work because if err is set after the defer line the defer func doesn't see the error01:25
menn0davecheney: or perhaps I'm missing something01:25
menn0davecheney: for example: http://play.golang.org/p/1zKj4v9pQP01:27
menn0davecheney: but what I want is: http://play.golang.org/p/b-zvXikd-Y01:28
menn0davecheney: or do you actually want: http://play.golang.org/p/wP2pfIGd4c ?01:30
thumperah fuck fuck fuckity fuck01:35
* thumper glares at the code01:35
davecheneymenn0: declare err in the scope of the function by making it a named return value01:48
davecheneymenn0: http://play.golang.org/p/NXg0tPrqHq01:49
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katcoaxw: thanks again for the suggestion; that was really insightful. "time is an external resource". axw: the philosopher engineer.01:58
katcoaxw: http://foomandoonian.files.wordpress.com/2011/11/philosoraptor-time-freeze.png?w=50002:00
thumpermenn0: sanity check plz? http://paste.ubuntu.com/9083907/02:00
thumpermenn0: and now for the 'orrible unit tests...02:01
thumperwallyworld_: see paste above for juju-run fix (in 1.20 branch)02:01
axwkatco: lol :)02:03
axwno worries02:03
axwkatco: sorry if I lead you astray back in Boston02:03
katcoaxw: oh no not at all. i actually meant that i remembered us addressing this same kind of problem -- you helped02:04
katcoso thank you :)02:04
axwcool. I'm wondering whether we should define a time interface somewhere, with an implementation based on the standard time package02:05
katcoaxw: i really don't know. i feel like i need to immerse myself more in that test to form an opinion. but i still don't feel right masking perfectly fine go std libs02:05
katco(at the moment)02:05
axwkatco: yup, fair enough, I struggle with that a bit02:07
axw(hence the regular flip flopping)02:07
thumperah stabby stabby02:07
thumper(╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻02:08
* thumper goes to clean the kitchen for a few minutes02:08
katcoi'm so glad i met thumper... i can picture this so much better02:08
waiganikatco: if you knew the half of it....02:09
* katco laughs02:09
waiganidavecheney: that's very tricky :)02:12
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thumperoh ffs02:30
thumperI think I have hit another typed nil bullshit error02:31
thumperdavecheney: help02:32
davecheneywaigani: it's not my pattern, william and frank came up with that one02:38
davecheneyi'm +/- on it02:38
davecheneyi think it's too clever for it's own good most of the time02:38
* davecheney reaches for curmudgeon hat02:39
thumperfuckity fuck fuck02:41
thumperdavecheney: http://paste.ubuntu.com/9084574/ line 12302:42
thumper[LOG] 0:01.337 INFO juju.upgrade err: <nil> <nil>, apiErr: *params.Error <nil>02:42
thumper[LOG] 0:01.337 INFO juju.upgrade true02:42
thumperoh... now I know why the expression was there before...02:43
davecheneytyped nil strikes again02:44
thumpergod that's horrible02:44
thumperhad to replace the test wth: if err != nil || errResults[0].Error != nil {02:44
thumperwhich is what it had before, but I thought I was being clever02:44
thumpertoo clever apparently02:45
* thumper heads to physio again02:46
davecheneytyped nils are bad02:46
davecheneythere is only one use of them in the std lib02:46
davecheneyin the guts of the net package02:46
davecheneyand it's only because not doing it that way would be much worse02:47
menn0davecheney: right. so the sample you sent me is almost identical the last one I sent you.02:47
menn0davecheney: is there any technical reason why that's better than http://play.golang.org/p/b-zvXikd-Y ?02:48
menn0davecheney: i.e. is it just a style thing02:48
davecheneymenn0: i guess so02:49
davecheneyi don't think this cleverness pays off in general02:49
davecheneyi use named return arguments as a clue that the method is doing something clever02:49
davecheneyif it's not actualloy doing something clever, then I recommend they are removed02:50
menn0davecheney: ok. i just wanted to understand if i'm missing some technical aspect.02:50
menn0davecheney: named return values are a little annoying in this case because there's 2 other return values and if you want to name one of them you have to name all of them.02:50
menn0davecheney: it uglies up the function a bit02:51
davecheneymenn0: use _02:51
davecheneyit should be ugly02:51
davecheneyit's a sign that it's complicated02:51
menn0davecheney: kk you win. I will change it :)02:51
menn0davecheney: i've already removed the panic handling btw02:51
wallyworld_thumper: looking02:58
wallyworld_thumper: i think line 90 is wrong03:02
wallyworld_thumper: i think line 90 is wrong03:03
wallyworld_if stateInfo.SystemIdentity != "" {03:03
wallyworld_should be ==03:03
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davecheneythumper: menn0 today i'm workgin on teasing apart the uses of MachineJobs03:20
davecheneyand trying to unpick state.MachineJob.ToParams03:20
davecheneyi think that method on that type needs to move somewhere else03:20
menn0davecheney: sounds good03:27
davecheneyit wont' be done today03:28
menn0waigani: the NewEnvironment tests have landed now so it's a bit easier to set up alternative environments with stuff in them for testing with03:32
menn0thumper: forgot to say, i looked at your change ages ago but forgot to say that it looks ok03:36
waiganimenn0: whoop whoop03:36
* LinStatSDR giggles03:37
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menn0thumper: one thing: did you check whether the "systemidentity" is empty or missing?03:38
menn0thumper: the assert obviously needs to match whatever happened when that change was made03:39
menn0thumper: just saw another thing: in the "if stateInfo.SystemIdentity != "" {" shouldn't that be "==" not "!=" ?03:41
wallyworld_menn0: that's what i said too :-)03:56
menn0wallyworld_: good :)03:57
menn0thumper: I have a simple "canary" environment being set up from ConnSuite.SetupTest04:15
menn0thumper: breaks everything :)04:15
menn0thumper: which is expected and useful04:16
menn0thumper: most of the setups for suites in state die because things get confused when trying to create units when there's data for another environment present04:17
thumpermenn0: why do they get confused making units?04:42
menn0thumper: still figuring it out but one of the asserts is getting tripped up by the data for the canary env04:42
menn0thumper: it's the insert into the meterStatus collection04:53
menn0here's the txn op ids and asserts:04:53
menn0C:units Id:d48e84dd-0e78-4e05-87ad-8a0a5acf99e8:mysql/0 Assert:d-04:53
menn0C:statuses Id:d48e84dd-0e78-4e05-87ad-8a0a5acf99e8:u#mysql/0 Assert:d-04:53
menn0C:meterStatus Id:u#mysql/0 Assert:d-04:53
menn0C:services Id:d48e84dd-0e78-4e05-87ad-8a0a5acf99e8:mysql Assert:[{Name:life Value:alive}]04:53
menn0C:constraints Id:d48e84dd-0e78-4e05-87ad-8a0a5acf99e8:u#mysql/0 Assert:d-04:53
menn0thumper: the canary env also has a mysql/0 so they're colliding04:54
menn0thumper: not sure if that collection is supposed to have been done yet04:54
thumpermenn0: the meterStatus collection doesn't need it, but it's asserts propably need checking04:54
menn0thumper: what do you mean it doesn't need "it"04:55
thumpermenn0: the collection's _id field is a uuid already04:55
* thumper thinks04:55
thumperI think they are storing the envuuid already04:55
menn0thumper: doesn't look like that works been done properly04:55
thumperbut the asserts that it uses to check docs probaly need checking04:56
menn0there's more problems04:56
menn0see state/meterstatus.go:7004:56
menn0thumper: i don't see anything in meterstatus.go that indicates it's using env uuid prefixes04:57
thumperno, it isn't using env uuid prefixes04:57
thumperbut I was told it didn't need it...04:57
thumpermenn0: can you fix it?04:58
menn0thumper: sure, I was about to suggest that04:58
menn0thumper: who told you it wouldn't need it? it might be good to find out why someone thought that in case we're missing something.04:58
thumpermenn0: me04:58
thumperwhen I was looking through things04:58
thumperI have been known to be wrong before :-)04:59
menn0thumper: really? :-p04:59
menn0updating the doc and LK then I'm EOD05:01
thumperfuck fuck fuck fuck05:09
thumperfuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck05:09
* thumper head desks05:10
wwitzel3sooooo how's it going?05:10
thumperpretty sure my upgrade step is writing the new system identity to disk05:10
thumperand then the machine agent deletes it05:10
thumperthis is horrible05:11
* axw joins in the head desking05:17
axwsingle collection transactions makes me :(05:17
* thumper is doing a single collection transaction for the assertion05:18
* axw is referring to his own problems05:19
thumperhow do we refer to a work in progress in github?05:20
axwsome people have been putting WIP: in the title05:20
thumperwallyworld_: https://github.com/juju/juju/pull/1185 for the fix, missing real tests05:21
thumperwallyworld_: and this is just the 1.20 branch05:21
thumperwallyworld_: although the upgrade step will be almost identical for 1.2105:21
thumperwallyworld_: there is a race in 1.20 as all the workers start at once05:21
wallyworld_oh joy05:22
thumperwallyworld_: so one worker is deleting the system identity that the upgrade step writes05:22
thumperso I've commented that bit out for 1.20.1205:22
thumperit'll be fine05:22
thumperwe can make sure it is still there for 1.21 as the race isn't there05:22
thumperdue to the upgrade synchronisation stuff menn0 did05:22
thumperbut tests will have to wait until tomorrow05:22
thumperI have tested manually05:22
thumpergoing from 1.18.4 -> 1.20.11 -> 1.20.1205:23
thumperand juju run works again after failing in the middle05:23
thumpershould also test 1.18.4 -> 1.20.1205:23
thumperbut not done that yet05:23
* thumper is done for the day, 05:23
thumperdinner is calling05:23
thumperand so is the wine05:23
thumperlater folks05:24
urulamawallyworld_: you're frozen in hangouts06:09
rick_h_urulama: up early?06:14
jw4davecheney: I can't reproduce bug 1394066 on master... are you seeing it consistently06:30
mupBug #1394066: FAIL: action_test.go:254: ActionSuite.TestActionsWatcherEmitsInitialChanges <juju-core:New> <https://launchpad.net/bugs/1394066>06:30
wallyworld_jamespage: are you ok for a chat in about an hour's time about charm status changes?08:15
wallyworld_jam: fwereade_: i had scheduled a juju status meeting to talk with jamespage from a charmer's perspective, but looks like he's not around08:54
fwereade_wallyworld_, bother08:54
wallyworld_fwereade_: you were also not around yesterday for our 1:1 :-)08:54
wallyworld_i'll try and reschedule08:55
fwereade_wallyworld_, sorry, yes, I was up stupidly late and then slept much of the day :(08:55
wallyworld_np :-)08:55
wallyworld_fwereade_: jam: was there anything major in the email I sent that was off the mark? if not, i'll update the doc08:55
jamwallyworld_: it all looked pretty good to me08:56
wallyworld_ok, ta will run with that08:57
wallyworld_fwereade_: it would be great if you could add your 1 penny's worth to the juju-dev thread talking about goal state, unit count, quorums etc08:58
fwereade_wallyworld_, bother, one thing I never mentioned, I'm not sure about the agent setting allocating/installing/error in *unit* state?09:00
fwereade_wallyworld_, aren't those still agent states?09:00
jamfwereade_: I believe they are both, because the unit agent can't set allocating/installing09:01
wallyworld_fwereade_: i had thought allocating can be considered unit state, but i can also see it does relate to the agent09:01
wallyworld_i'd like to keep as both09:02
fwereade_wallyworld_, auto-setting busy/running if set-status hasn't been used is fine09:02
wallyworld_that way people can mosylu look just at unit state and get all they need09:02
fwereade_wallyworld_, allocating in unit state is fine, I think, because no overlaps09:03
fwereade_wallyworld_, in responsibility09:03
fwereade_wallyworld_, installing feels like a different way of spelling busy that only happens sometimes09:03
fwereade_wallyworld_, and I think that error is a can of worms09:04
fwereade_wallyworld_, because (1) it's usually a filthy lie09:04
wallyworld_error on unit state means the hook failed09:04
fwereade_wallyworld_, right09:04
wallyworld_error on agent state means something fucked up in the agent09:04
fwereade_wallyworld_, that's not what it means at the moment09:04
wallyworld_true, but that's what we can make it mean, i think without upsetting people?09:05
wallyworld_i was hoping to ask james etc09:05
fwereade_wallyworld_, that throws away any ability to convey the difference between management failures and software failures09:05
fwereade_wallyworld_, a failing hook does not automatically imply non-functioning software09:06
fwereade_wallyworld_, in fact it's pretty rare that a hook failure will have *anything* to do with what the software is up to09:06
wallyworld_depends doesn't it?09:06
wallyworld_if install hook fails, itsn't it likely the software won't run?09:06
fwereade_wallyworld_, won't unit-state already be "busy" then?09:07
fwereade_wallyworld_, it's not *meant* to be running after the install hok09:07
wallyworld_it will be installing09:07
wallyworld_unless the charm sets it to busy09:07
wallyworld_unit agent sets unit state to installing just prior to running install hook09:07
fwereade_wallyworld_, do you not think that having overlap in values for unit-state and agent-state, that don't even mean the same thing, is asking for trouble?09:08
wallyworld_it's not meant to be running after install hook, true, but my point is, if install hook fails, then it likely won't ever run09:08
fwereade_wallyworld_, right09:08
fwereade_wallyworld_, however we spell it, the unit state should *already* reflect that it's not running09:09
wallyworld_i'm not sure overlap in values is bad or not, i'd like another opinion09:09
fwereade_wallyworld_, the thing that's actually *wrong* is that the agent has stopped reacting to changes09:09
fwereade_wallyworld_, that is the only thing we know09:09
wallyworld_sorry, what's the context of "the only thing that is actuall wrong"?09:10
fwereade_wallyworld_, in the absence of specific information from status-set, we don't know about the state of hte software09:11
fwereade_wallyworld_, what we do know, given an error state, is that the agent has become upset by something the charm did and wants a human to help it out09:11
wallyworld_the agent guesses though if the unit doesn;t tell it othereise09:11
* fwereade_ gets to use the zen of python again :)09:11
fwereade_wallyworld_, in the face of ambiguity, resist the temptation to guess09:12
wallyworld_we do now09:12
wallyworld_if started hook runs, then assume software is functional09:12
fwereade_wallyworld_, no argument there, but are you suggesting that's a *good* thing?09:12
wallyworld_and for old charms, we need to maintain that assumption09:12
wallyworld_just that we need to continue to do it if the charm doesn't tell us09:12
fwereade_wallyworld_, how do old charms come into this? we won't set "running" because we won't progress past the start hook09:13
fwereade_wallyworld_, so, surely, orthogonal?09:13
wallyworld_we set running for old charms if they don't use status-set during start hook09:13
fwereade_wallyworld_, I would add "and the start hook doesn't error"?09:14
wallyworld_yes, of course :-)09:14
fwereade_wallyworld_, so... I still think this is orthogonal to discussions about whether we overwrite unit-state?09:14
fwereade_wallyworld_, oh hell09:15
wallyworld_maybe we take this to a hangout?09:15
fwereade_wallyworld_, use of status-set will really not play nicely with charm upgrades, will it09:15
fwereade_wallyworld_, yeah, let me grab another coffee, with you in a mo09:15
mattywmorning everyone09:15
* wallyworld_ gets a wine09:16
* TheMue would like to join, but 10am is a bit early :D09:16
* fwereade_ has a mildly jealous09:16
wallyworld_well it's after 19:00 here :-)09:17
wallyworld_fwereade_: https://plus.google.com/hangouts/_/canonical.com/juju-status09:18
* TheMue will compensate his abstinence now with a fine single malt this evening09:18
jamTheMue: dimitern: voidspace: I'll be there in about 2 min10:01
dimiternvoidspace, standup?10:01
voidspacedimitern: om2w10:01
voidspaceperrito666: morning10:32
voidspacejam: dimitern: yep, if we use ec2.EC2.NetworkInterfaces then the new IP address shows up10:35
voidspacejam: dimitern: so I'll go mark that bug against goamz as invalid10:36
dimiternvoidspace, but how about the Instances() output? does it have the IPs?10:37
voidspacedimitern: no, it's Instances that doesn't10:37
voidspacedimitern: you have to get the interface id and fetch it from that10:38
dimiternvoidspace, that will work, but I'd rather use the pre-existing Instances() if possible10:39
voidspacedimitern: it is not in the ec2 response10:40
voidspacedimitern: it's not a goamz issue10:40
dimiternvoidspace, I mean, if it's a goamz bug due to parsing the output10:40
dimiternvoidspace, how did you verify that? what aws api version?10:40
voidspacedimitern: I'll double check, but it's not in the xml response dumped out with debug on10:40
dimiternvoidspace, because I think it's due to not using the vpc-aware version or DescribeInstances10:41
voidspacedimitern: I'm using the default version used by goamz - would I need to change that?10:41
voidspacedimitern: and the ec2.Instances call *is* a call to DescribeInstances I believe?10:41
dimiternvoidspace, because the ec2 response you're getting will match the response expected by the aws api client using the version specified in the request10:43
dimiternvoidspace, e.g. trying to run RunInstances specifying SubnetID and older (non-vpc-aware) version will return an error like "invalid field subnetid"10:43
voidspacenote that the Instances call is *definitely* a call to DescribeInstances - the response xml is a <DescribeInstancesResponse>10:44
voidspacejust trying to see if I can see the request header for the version10:44
voidspaceno, it doesn't dump the requests - just the responses10:45
voidspacedimitern: we have a vpcId in the response - so I doubt it's a non-vpc-aware version of the api10:45
voidspacenot definitive though10:46
dimiternvoidspace, hmm... then it is an ec2 api bug then10:47
voidspacedimitern: looks like it10:47
voidspacedimitern: shall I work on ReleaseAddress for ec2?10:48
dimiternvoidspace, yes, please10:49
anastasiamaci've synced upstream and now build fails due to issues in backups primarily (altho there r others)...11:12
anastasiamacanyone else seeing this behaviour?..11:12
perrito666anastasiamac: I cant say I havent11:24
perrito666anastasiamac: could you pastebin the errors?11:24
anastasiamacperrito666: thnx.. my bad - outdated utils ;-)11:24
perrito666anastasiamac: lol11:24
perrito666happens a lot to me11:24
perrito666like once every pull :p11:25
anastasiamacperrito666: :-)11:25
voidspacedimitern: ping12:11
voidspacedimitern: actually, you were correct12:11
voidspacedimitern: goamz uses two different aws api versions - a "legacy version" for most things and a "vpc aware" version only for vpc related calls12:11
voidspaceah, dammit12:12
voidspaceno -I'm still looking at DescribeNetworkInterfaces12:12
dimiternvoidspace, yes, that's why I was asking which one you use :)12:12
voidspacelet me check DescribeInstances12:12
dimiternvoidspace, I thought you're testing with the ec2 cli12:12
voidspacedimitern: yes, confirmed12:12
voidspacedimitern: nope12:12
dimiternvoidspace, right :)12:12
voidspacedimitern: I did a bit - I still find goamz easier12:12
voidspacedimitern: so DescribeInstances *does* show the private ip address when you use the vpc aware api version12:13
voidspacedimitern: http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/9094670/12:13
voidspacedimitern: that last faragment12:13
dimiternvoidspace, sweet!12:14
voidspaceThe privateIpAddressesSet12:14
voidspacedimitern: well, except we have to work out how to get goamz to use the vpc version of the api for describe instances12:14
voidspacedimitern: is it configurable that you know of?12:14
dimiternvoidspace, so we probably should use the vpc-aware version (which is not the very latest btw) for all goamz calls12:14
dimiternvoidspace, nope, not globally12:14
dimiternvoidspace, when I did those vpc changes to goamz I didn't want to switch *all* calls to use the new version, it seemed risky12:15
voidspacedimitern: vpcAPIVersion = "2013-10-15"12:15
voidspacedimitern: ah, you did those changes12:15
dimiternvoidspace, yeah12:15
voidspacedimitern: so you're fairly familiar with the mechanism then...12:15
dimiternvoidspace, I was at least :) it's been a while12:16
voidspacedimitern: do you want me to do anything about it right now?12:16
voidspacedimitern: I guess we file the knowledge away for "shortly" when we need it12:16
dimiternvoidspace, I think we should file a bug against goamz for DescribeInstances to use the vpc-aware api version12:17
voidspacedimitern: ok, I'll do that12:20
dimiternvoidspace, cheers12:21
voidspacedimitern: https://bugs.launchpad.net/goamz/+bug/139418612:58
mupBug #1394186: vpc aware aws api should be used for DescribeInstances <goamz:New> <https://launchpad.net/bugs/1394186>12:58
dimiternvoidspace, ta12:58
dimiternvoidspace, I'll pick that up and propose a fix for it later today12:59
voidspacedimitern: cool, thanks12:59
mattywdimitern, wwitzel3 I've added you both as mods to /r/juju13:01
perrito666ericsnow: you are not around by any chance are you?13:07
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dimiternmattyw, thank you13:07
bacHi marcoceppi, do you plan to release a new amulet to the PPA any time soon? We need some recent changes and getting them via the PPA is the easiest for our charms.13:19
marcoceppibac: I was going to do a release on Friday, need something sooner?13:20
bacmarcoceppi: friday is probably ok, but if you have time and are feeling charitable sooner is better.  i'm happy either way.13:21
marcoceppibac: ack13:31
wwitzel3fwereade_: ping?14:43
perrito666natefinch: you need a font with broad unicode support14:56
perrito666I had to install quivira font to see it14:56
natefinchperrito666: ain't nobody got time for that14:56
natefinchwell... except you, evidently :)14:56
perrito666natefinch: installing a font takes a couple of secconds gnome-font-viewer yourfont14:57
perrito666then click install14:57
perrito666it helped that I knew what the font was14:58
perrito666so I just googled for the first font with support for it14:58
perrito666I do wonder if it ever finishes loading14:58
perrito666otherwise seems like a stream of U0001f4a914:59
mgzjog: I see bug 1250104 but no general destroy-machine --force failing bug15:33
mupBug #1250104: destroy-machine --force may require multiple invocations <juju-core:Triaged> <https://launchpad.net/bugs/1250104>15:33
fwereade_wwitzel3, sorry, pong15:45
mgzcan someone review https://github.com/juju/juju/pull/1184 before I possibly accidentally land it?15:58
mgz(github doesn't think I'm human atm so it's not up on reviewboard)15:58
wwitzel3fwereade_: no worries need some help trying to solve an issue I'm running in to, quick hangout?16:01
perrito666ericsnow: natefinch wwitzel3 standup?16:02
natefinchperrito666: yeah, one minute, sorry16:02
perrito666you dont need to apologize for standups they are not your fault16:03
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natefinchwwitzel3, ericsnow: standup?16:10
wwitzel3natefinch: chatting with fwereade brt16:12
natefinchwwitzel3: sure no prob16:12
natefinchhmmm... chrome has started to have tabs randomly crash17:02
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ericsnowperrito666: I'm here17:38
perrito666ericsnow: hey, how are you feeling?17:38
ericsnowperrito666: well enough17:39
perrito666doesnt sound really inspiring17:40
ericsnowperrito666: I've been worse (last night for instance)17:40
perrito666well loved your changes and I integrated most of them yet I do need http://reviews.vapour.ws/r/493/ landed or I cannot compile :)17:40
ericsnowperrito666: yep, and again it got hijacked17:41
perrito666ericsnow: tell me more :)17:41
ericsnowperrito666: I'm going to push for landing the change as-is and then addressing concerns afterward17:41
ericsnowperrito666: well, there are 33 issues opened on code that I'm just moving from point A to point B17:42
ericsnowperrito666: basically none of it is new code17:42
ericsnowperrito666: while I appreciate the insight and agree it's worth addressing most of it, it shouldn't hold up restore17:43
perrito666I would agree that it needs to be merged and adressed after restore is merged so we are not doing all work twice17:43
ericsnowperrito666: if no one feels comfortable making that decision beforehand, I'll bring it up with davecheney when he gets in17:46
perrito666ericsnow: I feel comfortable if those are addressed after (that technical debt is already there)17:50
perrito666but my +1 is kind of worthless17:51
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voidspacegoodnight all18:51
natefinchperrito666, ericsnow:  eric - you have a shipit.  I'll take full responsibility if anyone complains later.18:56
perrito666uh, blank check, sweet18:56
perrito666ericsnow: lemme know if you merge that please19:08
ericsnowperrito666: k19:15
perrito666ericsnow: your build failed with some odd error19:34
* perrito666 crosses fingers19:47
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perrito666ericsnow: I really hope that is not the build broken20:24
mwhudsondavecheney: for your amusement20:25
mwhudsondavecheney: the a.p != nil line here: https://code.google.com/p/go/source/browse/src/cmd/go/build.go#192520:25
mwhudsonis a bit pointless given the line above :)20:25
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waiganimjs0: not sure if last message got through, my connecting dropped. Can we talk through the openPort upgrade when you have a moment?20:45
mjs0waigani: sure. my internet has been dropping out a lot this morning20:49
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menn0waigani: I think my link just dropped too (it's been flaky this morning)20:50
menn0waigani: but yes, let's talk about that problem.20:50
waiganimenn0: you seem to be going through an identity crisis also...20:50
waiganimenn0: okay, stand up chan?20:50
menn0waigani: going to standup channel now20:51
ericsnowperrito666: landed (and I'm signing off)20:52
perrito666ericsnow: cheers tx20:52
waiganimenn0: lost you21:00
thumperI thought it was a bit too quiet21:28
thumperhttp://reviews.vapour.ws/r/495/diff/# updated for review21:28
menn0_thumper: waigani and I were wondering where you were :)21:33
menn0_thumper: we might need to chat about something later on today regarding old migration steps21:33
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waiganidavecheney, thumper, menn0: http://reviews.vapour.ws/r/496/diff/#21:56
waiganijust doing manual testing now21:56
mgzericsnow: any idea what I'm missing for reports love on pr 1184?21:57
waiganimgz: do you have the rbtool? If so `rbt post` should push your diff up to RB22:01
thumpermenn0: got a minute?22:02
menn0thumper: yep22:03
thumpermenn0: standup hangout?22:03
menn0thumper: yep22:04
mgzwaigani: I thought it got picked up anyway now...22:16
waiganimgz: it *should*22:17
waiganithumper, davecheney, menn0: in case your looking at my branch - just realised I forgot to hook the upgrade step up, facepalm23:18
menn0waigani: whoops23:19
waiganimenn0: manual testing is a good thing!23:20
menn0waigani: so I was talking to thumper about something else and brought up the issue with the ports migration step23:28
menn0waigani: he thinks we should aim to allow multi-version upgrade hops23:29
menn0waigani: which means the test still needs to work23:29
menn0waigani: so using a manual DB query in the test is probably the way to go(i.e. not using state objects)23:29
davecheneyericsnow: is this one ready for review ? http://reviews.vapour.ws/r/493/23:34
davecheneyaisrael: please make this review as submitted, http://reviews.vapour.ws/r/262/diff/#23:36
davecheneywaigani: http://reviews.vapour.ws/r/496/ please make the change and repropose this when it's ready23:38
waiganidavecheney: thanks23:38
aisraeldavecheney: Sorry, I'm not sure what you need me to do.23:38
davecheneyaisrael: because of the unique power of reviewboard, you have to make the review as submitted when you merge it on github23:39
davecheneyotherwise it stays around in the list of things to be reviewed23:39
aisraeldavecheney: ok, I'll see if I can figure that out. I've never used reviewboard before.23:40
perrito666davecheney: mmm that used to be automatic23:46
waiganidavecheney: what did you think of the refactoring of state/upgrades.go? I used your option funcs pattern.23:50
menn0waigani: I see a spot where env-uuid isn't being set on a status doc23:50
menn0state/service.go: addUnitOps23:51
waiganimenn0: sit23:51
waiganishit even23:51
menn0waigani: statusDoc is being created without it being set23:51
menn0I think createStatusOp should probably add it23:51
aisraeldavecheney: Is this something I need to do in reviewboard, or github?23:51
menn0waigani: yeah, same problem in insertNewMachineOps23:52
waiganiaisrael: in reviewboard, go to your review request page, there will be a "Close" tab23:53
davecheneyaisrael: reviewboard23:53
davecheneysadly only the author can close reviews23:53
aisraeldavecheney: I'm not the original author, though. That'd be jrwren. He gave me commit access to his fork so I could fix the tests.23:54

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