alleeI can cd to build-area fix there the patch and copy back to the debian dir in merge-mode .  But would prefer that bd-do does this on exit for me.00:01
shadeslayerallee: whats bzr bd-do00:04
alleeshort vor bzr builddep-do00:04
shadeslayeryou do realize we don't use bzr anymore right00:05
shadeslayergit ftw00:05
alleeone, digikam pkg moved to git at anon00:05
alleeshadeslayer: you know the git URL to clone the digikam pkgs repo?00:06
alleeoh, oh, AFAIR digikam debian pkging and ubuntus pkging diverted quite a bit00:07
shadeslayerprobably somewhere on http://anonscm.debian.org/cgit/00:08
shadeslayeror well00:08
shadeslayermaybe time for a merge? :)00:08
shadeslayersleepy time for me00:09
alleeshadeslayer: thx.   Same here.  Sleep well.00:18
alleeHmm, looks like digikam is still manged in svn.  I'll postpone merge to the PIM / Kubuntu sprint00:19
valorieon teh KDE end?00:25
valorieI thought we got the last of the kde projects out of SVN00:26
valorieaside from artwork and translations00:26
valorieand etc.00:26
alleevalorie: no, svn for pkging done in debian00:27
valoriegot it00:28
valoriewell, when we package it, we'll put it in git00:28
valorieand then debian will be able to use that00:28
alleevalorie: yes.  But AFAIU this means migrating debian digikan svn into git first, then merging  our (quite different) pkging.    At least svn->git I'm not qualified at all.00:32
valoriesure, I guess we'll have a bit of this work ahead of us in the next months00:33
valorieit will end up helping everyone though00:33
alleevalorie: yes!00:34
valorieall help is welcome, and you can *become* qualified00:34
valorieprobably not at this hour of the day, though00:35
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ScottKshadeslayer: Riddell fixed ktorrent already.03:28
lordievaderGood morning.08:18
lordievaderHey Riddell, how are you doing?08:23
Riddelllordievader: about to give a talk on kubuntu to blue systems, wish me luck :)08:36
lordievaderWhoo, good luck :D You'll do fine!08:36
lordievadermokush in #kubuntu has troubles installing Kate with the Kubuntu Next ppa installed. The dependencies are at a newer version due to the ppa while the kate package still comes from the regular archive and depends on the package versions from the archive. Thus resulting in unmet dependencies. How can we help this user?08:39
shadeslayerScottK: so replacement not required then?09:16
JackWolfSkin_Riddell: apport port was not originally on the porting card so there is no port :P09:33
Riddellshadeslayer: not required but it's unmaintained and cluttered so there may still be good reasons09:44
* valorie hands JackWolfSkin_ the port09:45
shadeslayerRiddell: why would you want to do that now?09:45
shadeslayerwhen we've been using it for so long09:45
Riddellshadeslayer: I don't especially, it's ScottK who started the thread09:45
shadeslayerthe premise of that thread is that ktorrent doesn't build/work09:46
shadeslayerso kind of useless now?09:46
lordievaderRiddell: How did your talk go?09:46
Riddellshadeslayer: unless people want to say there's other reasons09:47
Riddelllordievader: dunno ask shadeslayer 09:47
valoriewe should always give our users the best possible experience09:47
shadeslayerit was cool :)09:47
valoriebut I sure do hate to move from KDE to not-KDE applications09:47
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BluesKaj'Morning folks12:25
ScottKshadeslayer: I think we may, at some point, want to move off of ktorrent if it doesn't get maintained, but the immediate problem I was worried about it no longer relevant, so not a problem.12:29
soeesomeon using Plasma5 on a laptop ?12:40
lordievaderSortof, yes.12:42
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BluesKajsoee, I am12:47
ScottKRiddell: Looks like something's still pulling libkactivities-bin onto the images.12:51
RiddellScottK: yeah I saw, not worked out what yet13:45
Riddellbut sudo apt-get install kubuntu-desktop^  does indeed still fail locally13:47
shadeslayerScottK: ack, though I think it's just that the ktorrent people need pokery13:49
ScottKshadeslayer: They can start by fixing ktorrent.org.13:50
BluesKajsomeone is asking if neon/kf5 is down..is it?13:50
RiddellBluesKaj: yes all of neon is dead I belive13:51
BluesKajok thanks Riddell13:51
soeeRiddell: so now if we want Plasma5 on vivid we should use kubuntu-ci ?13:57
BluesKajsoee, yup13:58
Riddellsoee: exactemente13:59
Riddellnothing about kactivities-bin in http://people.canonical.com/~ubuntu-archive/germinate-output/kubuntu.vivid/desktop13:59
soeeRiddell: exactAmente ? :)14:00
Riddellpor supuesto, exactamente14:00
soeeRiddell: how about Utopic -> Vivid upgrade 14:01
soeeif now im runnign plasma5 on utopic, what steps do i need to take to have it all working on vivid ?14:01
BluesKajupgrade to vivid ?14:04
soeeBluesKaj: ok but plasam5 is not by default in archive if im right than i wonder if it is going to be removed during upgrade ?14:07
soeeand than do i have to add some extra ppa to get it back ? no?14:07
Riddellsoee: yes you will14:09
Riddellor maybe it'll keep neon packages around but they won't get updated14:09
RiddellScottK: well dunno, I can only see it in http://people.canonical.com/~ubuntu-archive/germinate-output/kubuntu.vivid/all where it's brought in as a recommends from libkactivities6 but that's no longer true14:10
RiddellI've just deleted the libkactivities-bin binary14:11
soeeRiddell: so the steops are: 1. upgrade to vivid, add ppa (what ppa), full-upgrade ?14:11
Riddellso I blame germinate14:11
ScottKDid the fixed libkactivities6 migrate to the release pocket?14:12
BluesKajsoee, I added the 15.04 ppa, then just updated, upgraded and dist upgrades , so an upgrade to 15.04 first then add the ppa and proceed14:13
soeeBluesKaj: what 15.04 ppa ?14:15
BluesKajthe kubuntu-ci on launchpad14:16
soeeBluesKaj: ok, so wthat is the command to upgrade to dev version / i always forget it /14:17
BluesKajsudo do-release-upgrade -d14:18
soeehmm it has kubuntu-next as a dependency ?14:19
BluesKajthen get rid of the kubuntu-next ppa14:21
soeehmm yesh, but i think ill wait till xorg-edgers add builds for vivid14:22
soeethe latest nvidia drivers i just must have14:23
BluesKajok, that's your call...personally I still like 14.10 with plasma 4 better than 5, so I'm sticking with it on my desktop pc14:26
soeeoh i dont think i coud move back to Plasma4 :)14:31
lordievadersoee: Also there are different kubu-ci ppa's, landing, daily and weekly.14:32
soeelordievader: teh kubuntu-ci ppa is also available for uptopic ?14:34
soeethan it replaces kubuntu-next or not ?14:35
lordievaderUnstable weekly seems to be utopic: https://launchpad.net/~kubuntu-ci/+archive/ubuntu/unstable-weekly14:36
lordievaderHmm, landing is the only one with Vivid.14:37
soeelordievader: and what about the dependency to kubutnu-next ?14:37
soeeoh wait teh weekly does not have it14:37
soeeso removing kubuntu-next and adding ppa:kubuntu-ci/unstable-weekly should give me latest builds on Utopic right ?14:38
soeewell latest... weekly :)14:38
lordievaderWhat does have a dependency on Kubuntu Next?14:38
lordievadersoee: ^14:39
soeelordievader: the link from BluesKaj https://launchpad.net/~kubuntu-ci/+archive/ubuntu/unstable/+index?field.series_filter=14:39
soeecheck Technical details about this PPA14:40
lordievaderRiddell: ^ I think that should be removed. It works fine here on Vivid without Kubu Next. (Also seeing as Kubu Next is EOL)14:41
bukaiRiddell: ping14:42
lordievaderRiddell, a much wanted man :P14:44
bukailordievader: Indeed :)14:45
bukaisoee: ping14:47
soeebukai: hiho14:48
bukaisoee: Can I send you a pm?14:50
soee_Riddell: do you mind take a look: http://paste.ubuntu.com/9097681/ is it safe to do such upgrade (removed plasma-next ppa and added unstable-weekly)15:02
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Riddellsigh, sorry internet here is broken15:11
Riddelltoo many people with too many laptops/phones etc15:11
RiddellScottK: hmm no it didn't migrate15:11
ScottKThat would explain it.15:12
Riddellit's moaning about no libkactivities-bin15:12
ScottKAsk infinity what to do.15:12
ScottKIn theory we shoudn't have to force it.15:12
Riddellbut now I've deleted libkactivities-bin15:13
Riddellmaybe we need to wait another hour for that to be realised15:13
Riddellor maybe I need to detel it from proposed as well?15:13
Riddellhi bukai 15:14
Riddellsoee: good question on how to install kubuntu-ci, apachelogger has failed to write any docs for it15:14
yofelwhat's the apps 14.12 work ppa btw.? the notes don't say that15:15
Riddellyofel: I just put kolf in vivid15:16
yofelwell, non-motu's can't do that15:17
RiddellI guess for new packages at least we'll want to use a ppa so pick either ninjas or staging15:17
shadeslayerQuintasan: ping15:17
bukaiRiddell: Hi, I made a change in the download page will i keep for the other 2? 15:17
Quintasanshadeslayer: pong15:17
shadeslayerQuintasan: what was that asus channel we hanged out in?15:18
Quintasanit was #archos15:18
Quintasanor #asustransformer if you are sure it was asus related15:18
shadeslayerQuintasan: nah, archos was the one15:19
Riddellbukai: I don't know what the change is so I don't know if it needs to be kept15:19
bukaiRiddell: :) I made a slider for download http://test.kubuntu.co.uk/sok/download.html as compared to stacking them up15:22
bukaiRiddell: btw only the news page has to be created  and a proper footer is needed to be done. I started with the news page but as I have my semester exams going on and final year thesis submission so I can complete it earliest by the first week of Dec. Will that be ok?15:26
Riddellbukai: I don't see anything sliding in http://test.kubuntu.co.uk/sok/download.html15:31
Riddellif I click the left/right arrows it #todo15:31
bukaithe arrows on the side of the download? Is it not there?15:32
bukaithere the other 2 download details will be put15:32
bukaiIf we decide to keep this design15:33
bukaiRiddell: ^^15:33
Riddellwell you should get all presented at first so you can select which one15:33
shadeslayerit looks fancy but I don't think I agree15:33
Riddellrather than have to slide through several to see what's available15:33
* shadeslayer needs coffee15:33
bukaiRiddell: shadeslayer So I will just put it one below the other then ?15:35
Riddellbukai: or an expandable boxes like currently http://www.kubuntu.org/getkubuntu15:36
Riddellthat way it's easy to browse what's available then delve into the one you like15:37
Riddellbut also that's the page that doesn't work without javascript which upset one person once15:37
bukaiYes, and I guess it wont go well with our layout15:38
bukaiRiddell: The heading will be clear enough for the selection so accordion won't be necessary I guess15:40
soeeRiddell: so we can use kubuntu-ci with Utopic right ?15:56
Riddellsoee: yes it's only for utopic15:56
bukaiRiddell: Any ideas about the footer? the usual stuff that is there now won't be there right?15:56
soeeit is not ? i see vivid listed also for latest15:56
Riddellbukai: I think the footer should go, anything there is either useless or should go in the header15:57
soeeRiddell: for example here https://launchpad.net/~kubuntu-ci/+archive/ubuntu/unstable you can choose vivid or utopic15:58
sgclarkI am using ci in vivid and I did when I was in utopic15:58
bukaiRiddell: Ok so no footer? Not even the copyright thing?15:58
Riddellbukai: right15:59
soeesgclark: so im a bit confused now :) Riddell said its for Utopic but it seems its for Vivid also, also https://launchpad.net/~kubuntu-ci/+archive/ubuntu/unstable has dependency set to kubuntu next15:59
lordievaderOnly the landing ppa is for Vivid according to Launchpad.16:00
lordievaderDaily and weekly are only available for Utopic.16:00
Riddellsoee: looks like it's utopic and vivid16:01
Riddellsoee: and I uges sfor utopic you need to use kubuntu next16:01
soeeok but the general purpose of kubuntu-ci is to provide latest builds of Plasma5, KF5 etc ?16:01
Riddellsoee: builds of git master16:02
Riddell(stable still to be done)16:02
Riddellsoee: so it replaces neon516:02
Riddellbut it uses the same packaging as our packages16:02
Riddellso it'll help us packagers16:03
lordievaderYou guys are doing a great job though, it may be called unstable but here it has been quite stable :D16:04
soeethis builds contain also new applications ?16:07
sgclarksoee: not yet, I and hopefully others are working on them now16:09
soeeok :) sgclark you ar eon vivid with kubuntu-ci ?16:10
soeeany crashes or some serious problems when using it ?16:11
sgclarkthe only real annoyance is I can't seem to use kate and dolphin at the same time, not sure what is going on there16:11
lordievadersgclark: Just tested that here, works fine...16:14
sgclarkokie dokie16:15
sgclarkmy machine has gremlins then16:15
lordievaderHaven't you been nice to your gremlins? O.O16:15
soeeok so i think il try the jump :) 16:16
soeeso: 1. do-release-upgrade -d 2. add kubutnu-ci ppa upgrade etc. 3. Be happy using Plasma5 on Vivid ?16:17
lordievadersoee: Good luck, and have fun ;)16:17
bukaiRiddell: regarding the SoK do I have to fill in some status report?16:20
Riddellbukai: not that I know of no16:21
Riddellbukai: not better than that would be to get a blog and write blog updates16:21
sgclarkyes blog once a month is mandatory is what I was told16:21
bukaiOk, shall do it. 16:22
Riddellbukai: then submit a bug on bugs.kde.org with rss url and hackergotchi image so I can add it to planet kde16:23
sgclarkRiddell: http://paste.ubuntu.com/9099200/16:24
Riddellsgclark: this is packaging 14.12 amor?16:24
Riddellsgclark: where does the package install it to?16:25
Riddellsgclark: so it's just the bug of $PATH not being set right16:26
sgclarkdid we set that path somewhere in kde4?16:26
sgclarkwell the first error anyway16:26
Riddellsgclark: it's a bug in utopic both kde4 and plasma516:26
soeeoh do-release-upgrade -d fails :)16:27
Riddellsgclark: I guess Kicker has same issue as terminal, it's not in the path16:27
soeesgclark: did you have the same: http://paste.ubuntu.com/9099284/ ?16:31
sgclarksoee: oh yeah, I disabled those extra in sources.list16:31
bukaiRiddell: What bug will i submit?16:33
Riddellbukai: "please subscribe me to planet"16:41
bukaiRiddell: what is the product I need to select for this?16:43
Riddellbukai: planety kde16:45
sgclarkRiddell: so I guess I need to know if I should commit this or do I need to somehow set PATH?16:49
Riddelladd export PATH=/usr/games:$PATH  to the top of /usr/bin/startkde16:52
yofelshouldn't that be part of the default PATH?17:07
yofel/etc/login.defs:ENV_PATH        PATH=/usr/local/bin:/usr/bin:/bin:/usr/local/games:/usr/games17:07
yofelor did that change recently..17:07
bukaiRiddell: I need to provide the rss url for ? 17:07
bukaiRiddell: i mean rss url of what?17:09
yofelyour blog17:09
yofelor well, the feed for the posts on your blog that are meant for planet kde (category, tag, whatever...)17:10
sgclarkyofel: hmm interesting, yes usr games is in there. but I get these errors http://paste.ubuntu.com/9099200/17:10
yofelyeah, curious17:11
yofelwhat's PATH set to if you open a new shell and look at env?17:11
sgclarkoh /bin:/usr/bin:/usr/local/bin17:11
yofelI wonder if sddm messes with the environment17:12
soeeshoul di care about this warnings during upgrade http://paste.ubuntu.com/9099979/ ?17:12
yofelsoee: nope17:12
sgclarksoee: hmm dunno, looks scary though17:12
sgclarkguess not lol17:13
soeeokey :)17:13
yofelwell, there's a chance that something in gtk might not quite look right. Usually it shouldn't matter17:13
soeethere were also some other warnigns: http://paste.ubuntu.com/9100033/17:14
yofelI'm guessing that's ok... assuming the package in the archive is the correct one17:15
soeealso: dpkg: warning: libkf5sysguard5-data: conffile '/etc/dbus-1/system.d/org.kde.ksysguard.processlisthelper.conf' is not a plain file or symlink (= '/etc/dbus-1/system.d/org.kde.ksysguard.processlisthelper.conf')17:17
yofelthat would be bad. What is it actually?17:18
Riddellbukai: yes of your blog that you want subscribed17:20
soeeyofel: not sure, the same warnig was posted also when i did previous upgrades i think17:21
Riddellsgclark, yofel: yes it's a longstanding bug for utopic, fixes welcome17:21
Riddellit may well be an issue with sddm I don't know17:22
Riddellbut I think it's also in plasma 4 image17:22
yofelsoee: what does "file /etc/dbus-1/system.d/org.kde.ksysguard.processlisthelper.conf" say?17:22
soeeyofel: wait a few moments till my upgrade finish17:22
soeeyofel: /etc/dbus-1/system.d/org.kde.ksysguard.processlisthelper.conf: directory17:39
yofelsounds familiar..17:39
yofelsoee: empty or not?17:39
soeeyofel: -rw-r--r-- 1 root root 314 Oct  2 19:04 org.kde.ksysguard.processlisthelper.conf17:40
yofelgreat :/17:40
soeeso thi is inside17:40
soeeso it should not be a dirtectory but fiel or simlink that is placed inside ?17:41
yofelshould be the file itself really17:42
yofel/etc/dbus-1/system.d/org.kde.ksysguard.processlisthelper.conf: exported SGML document, ASCII text17:42
soeeso i wonder how this happend and if i should try to manually fix it ?17:42
soeebrb reboot, oh btw during upgrade also:http://paste.ubuntu.com/9100393/17:44
RiddellScottK: removed libkactivities-bin 4:4.13.3-0ubuntu3 from vivid-proposed, that should help it transition17:46
soeelordievader: ping17:48
lordievadersoee: Pong17:49
soeelordievader: after upgrade to vivid from Utopic + Plasma5 i have Plasam5 installed without using kubuntu-ci17:50
lordievadersoee: Hmm, where does plasma-desktop come from?17:50
soee500 http://archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/ vivid/universe amd64 Packages17:52
lordievadersoee: What version?17:52
Riddellsoee: for kubuntu-ci you will need the next PPA to get the meta package17:53
Riddellthen you can install kubuntu-plasma5-desktop17:53
soeelordievader: http://paste.ubuntu.com/9100757/17:53
soeeRiddell: but do i have to ?17:54
lordievaderHeh, is 5.1 in the archives :)17:54
soeeyeah so kubuntu-ci is not required right ?17:55
sgclarkI don't recall installing kubuntu-plasma5-desktop in my vivid upgrade17:55
sgclarksoee: no it is not required, never was, just for those that like to live on the edge17:55
lordievadersgclark: Does apt-get autoremove want to remove the entire plasma5 with you too?17:56
sgclarkeh wut?17:56
soeeyofel: so any idea what to do ith this one file problem ?17:57
Riddellsoee: no you can install stuff individually if you want but you might miss something17:57
yofelsoee: replace the directory with the file inside it17:57
lordievadersgclark: I'm not sure why but apt finds that all plasma5 packages are not needed and can be removed -.-17:57
* sgclark is very confused17:57
soeeyofel: please confirm also that this file is empty17:57
sgclarklordievader: nope, does not want to for me17:58
soeelordievader: nope, i can confirm what sgclark said17:58
lordievaderHmm... 17:58
yofelsoee: it isn't... is there a .dpkg-new file?17:58
* lordievader wonders what meta package he is missing..17:58
soeeyofel: ah ok now its not empty 17:59
soeeyofel: ok i did manual move18:01
yofelok, should be fine in the future then18:01
soeethe sddm issue with nvidia-prime has not been fixed yet rigth ?18:02
sgclarkdunno, I gave up on it and now manually install my drivers18:03
RiddellJackWolfSkin_: fix your silly nickname18:08
RiddellJackWolfSkin_: what do you think of this? https://community.kde.org/Kubuntu/PPAs#Kubuntu_CI18:08
soeesddm does not work when trying to use nvidia card, works with intel though18:11
lordievaderIs he in hiding again?18:11
soeehiding ?18:12
lordievadersoee: apachelogger ;)18:12
soeeah ok :)18:12
soeeguys one more thing now when im on Vivid the About module shows Kubuntu, but in grup we have Ubuntu18:14
sgclarksoee: grub will never go back to kubuntu. upkeep was more than it was worth18:16
sgclarkat least that is what the changelog said :)18:16
Riddellsoee: please read over https://community.kde.org/Kubuntu/PPAs#Kubuntu_Continuous_Integration_.28CI.29 18:22
Riddelldoes it make sense?18:22
Riddellthat grub change caused all sorts of problems18:22
Riddelland kubuntu is part of ubuntu, I don't want to hide that18:22
sgclarkyeah but those that multiboot, it would be nice to know which one kubuntu and which is ubuntu18:25
sgclarkjust sayin18:26
Riddellbut why multiboot between kubuntu and ubuntu?  it's the same thing18:32
sgclarkRiddell: I don't know lol, back in my multiboot days I had 12 different distros for no particular reason :)18:33
sgclarkI am down to one :)18:34
RiddellJackWolfSkin_: I'll kill the content on https://techbase.kde.org/Getting_Started/Using_Project_Neon_to_contribute_to_KDE18:37
Riddellsgclark: we win!18:38
soeeRiddell: ok after quick read we need kubutnu-next ppa and install kubutnu-plasma5-desktop only on Utopic right? On vivid we just want to add kubuntu-ci/unstable and just upgrade ?18:39
sgclarkhmm, ci is not required... is it?18:40
sgclarkplasma5 is in archive, or at least it is supposed to be18:40
Riddellsoee: yep (and mind vivid is unstable)18:41
Riddellsgclark: no it's not18:41
sgclarkwhat? ci is required?18:41
sgclarkthat doesnt make sense18:41
Riddellsgclark: it's not required, it's useful if you want to develop against KDE Git and it's useful for us to keep an eye on the jenkins at http://kci.pangea.pub/ for packaging problems against kubuntu git18:42
Riddellproblems against kde git rather18:42
Riddellsgclark: but those of us wanting to develop kubuntu vivid should use kubuntu vivid18:42
sgclarkright I kinow that and use it, but you were just saying it is required in vivid. and it is not18:42
sgclarkproposed perhaps18:42
sgclarkanyway I have a functional system on my laptop that does not use ci18:43
lordievaderRiddell: I just saw a paste where plasma-desktop v5.1 came from the archive.18:43
sgclarkyeah I swear I was hitting refresh on a ton of plasma5 stuff in archive one night18:44
lordievadersoee: ^18:44
soeeyeah this is also strange if Riddell says its not in archive 18:44
yofeler, plasma-desktop is in the archive18:48
Riddellit's in vivid18:48
yofelkubuntu-plasma5-desktop isn't18:48
soeeah so thats why all works fine after upgrade, i had kubuntu-plasma5-desktop installed before so all dependencies where to18:49
lordievaderYes, Vivid. Wasn't that what we were talking about?18:49
sgclarkI was18:50
sgclarkI am on vivid for both laptop and desktop. laptop normal plasma5 install and desktop is living on the edge with ci18:52
sgclarkI may have enabled proposed on laptop tho18:52
soeein on Vivid + Plasma 5 on laptop :) works fine 18:52
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soeeas this is my daily work machine at home, i wont risk now using ci18:53
lordievaderMy test laptop runs Vivid + systemd + Plasma5 :D18:53
yofelI want to have plasma5 fully in the archive first with apps before I got to vivid18:53
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=== Guest30834 is now known as claydoh
soeeany news about new activities manager in plasma 5.2 ?19:02
RiddellScottK: kactivities now in -release!19:13
Riddelllordievader: infact plasma 5.1 is in utopic Plasma 519:15
lordievaderWell there we go :D19:16
soeeis it possible to somehow use with current plasma https://bugs.kde.org/show_bug.cgi?id=340900 ?21:08
ubottuKDE bug 340900 in general "Can't load plugins if compiled with -DKDE_INSTALL_USE_QT_SYS_PATHS" [Normal,Resolved: fixed]21:08
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soeeah cool :) i have upgrade kactivities from unstable ppa and now i can define shortcuts to selected activities :)23:12
soeetime to remove virtual desktop and stick again to activities23:13

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