HertzIntel PM965/GM965 graphics00:01
Hertzshould do 100 hz00:01
Hertz60 atm00:01
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anjo-aladiahwxl: last time we talk i changed RALT to LALT, was this the step to put my system as it were prior to intervention ?02:03
anjo-aladiahBecause i already found a solution to my problem02:03
anjo-aladiahNow i wish to put thing as it were before. CAn you help please ?02:04
anjo-aladiahwxl: are you there ?02:29
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anjo-aladiahwxl: are you there ?04:46
wxlanjo-aladiah: just edit the file and remove the line. problem solved.05:31
GBeatsHi, im new to lubuntu and linux and i kinda messed up my installation a little, but its working fine so far..... but i have grub and windows boot both working, grub boots first then gives me an option for the windows boot menu, should i remove one and if so which one?06:33
ianorlinand you can't get to lubuntu?06:34
GBeatslubuntu is working fine... its just weird to go through 2 seperate boot menus that display more or less the same thing06:40
ianorlinoh so you select windows in grub and it selects the windows boot menu06:43
GBeatsyes.. is that normal?06:44
ianorlinthing is I don't know the windows side of the bootloader well it seems like grub is doing its job06:44
ianorlinI think this might be on windows side06:44
GBeatswhat happened is i messed up the installation and its a long story im sure what really happened, it involved wubi, swapping some files etc, but i managed to install lubuntu to a partition that way, but it wouldnt boot up after, i just got a grub prompt, so i followed the manual process of locating the linux files init files etc, and at the end it said to make these setting permanant i should install grub from within lubuntu so i did. i havent actually tried l06:47
ianorlinif you mess something up trying to fix it you could make it not boot06:48
GBeatsyes, im happy its working for now, im just waiting for my partner to load up windows and see grub and throw a fit 'OMG you broke windows again...." :D06:49
DaffiHi, I use lubuntu on my macbook pro (10,2) at home with refind. Last weekend I updated osx. Now my bootmanager is broken (I got many lines, without an error, and haltet in initramfs).  Can anybody help me?09:50
wxl!info lubuntu-software-center14:47
ubottulubuntu-software-center (source: lubuntu-software-center): Utility for browsing, installing, removing applications on Lubuntu. In component universe, is extra. Version 0.0.8-0ubuntu1 (utopic), package size 103 kB, installed size 994 kB14:47
wxl!info update-manager14:50
ubottuupdate-manager (source: update-manager): GNOME application that manages apt updates. In component main, is optional. Version 1:14.10.6 (utopic), package size 531 kB, installed size 1060 kB14:50
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Guest57705i need to know why my apt-get update adds Ign cdrom://Lubuntu 14.04.1 LTS _Trusty Tahr_ - Release i386 (20140722.2) trusty/universe Translation-en_US even my /etc/apt/sources.list is not there while creating15:34
Guest57705the livecd15:34
Guest57705in my sources.list there is no entry of cdrom15:35
Guest57705where would the cdrom part it would be taking15:35
phillwGuest57705: that's why I use alternate image... it *has* to read the cd :)15:40
phillwas soon as it has updated the internet connection, kill the internet connection (either turn WiFi off, or pull the ethernet cable)15:42
Guest57705i am creating livecd15:42
Guest57705and after i burn iso when i run the iso in live mode15:42
Guest57705when apt-get update is run15:42
Guest57705it add Ign:cdrom line15:42
Guest57705where does it takes from15:43
Guest57705how can i find where in my livecd environment cdrom line would have added which gets triggered when i run the iso and run apt-get update15:50
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mutantspewwhen a app uses xfce4-notify to send a toast there are lines running through it, which makes it a bit hard to read. any way to fix this? changing the theme doesn't work. the theme remains the same no mater what I change it to.17:16
ianorlinmutantspew: that is a known bug17:40
ianorlinthere is one workaround is to open customize look and feel and choose something other than lubuntu-default or lubuntu dark panel works17:41
mutantspewokay I'll try it17:55
wxlanyone on 14.10 amd64?18:47
tewardwxl: i've got an Lubuntu 14.10 amd64 VM, if that works.18:55
wxlteward: works. check out https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/update-manager/+bug/1394241 and see if you can confirm or deny18:55
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1394241 in update-manager (Ubuntu) "Update Manager quietly crashes" [Undecided,New]18:55
tewardwxl: oooop looks like the VM has a kernel panic, give me a few to nuke and rebuild?18:55
wxloh hey i have a vm neat18:56
wxli forgot about that :)18:57
wxlnevermind, i'll take care of this hehehe18:57
tewardwxl: still helps to have a tester :)18:59
wxlsure sure18:59
tewardbesides i need a working 14.10 VM anyways :P19:00
wxlso far it looks like i'll be invalidating this one19:00
tewardeeesh looks like the ISO doesn't want to install - weirdness all around o.o19:01
tewardoh well, guess I can't test from here19:01
wxlwhat's the md5 say?19:01
tewardI/O error19:02
tewardi think the file is broken19:02
tewardor where it is on the drive19:02
* teward runs a drivetest19:02
wxlor your virtual drive19:02
tewardthat's more likely actually19:02
tewardsince it was the VM that triggered that error19:02
wxloh i am on i386 though19:02
wxlforgot about that :)19:02
tewardwxl: heheheh.19:04
tewardif i reboot to Windows i have an env i can use to test >.>19:04
tewardVMware VM there should still be functioning...19:04
tewardwxl: the iso hash is 60e666e9459ec52e56aa6cbd94d6895e - matches what's on https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UbuntuHashes for -desktop-amd6419:06
tewardthere we go19:07
tewardaaand not so much - i get the desktop screen and then aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa bbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbb cccccccccccccccccc multicolor garbage19:07
tewardmaybe it's a VBox issue19:07
tewardooo vbox crash19:08
tewardwxl: i'll still test, but i have to try and get vbox working, or install VMware again... (I have a license for that)19:15
phillwteward: the bug 1394241  can be stopped, a reinstall of update manager has sorted it.19:29
ubottubug 1394241 in update-manager (Ubuntu) "Update Manager quietly crashes" [Undecided,Invalid] https://launchpad.net/bugs/139424119:29
tewardphillw: still testing - just to see if it's persistent and if reinstall is just the workaround19:30
tewardnever hurts to be thorough in testing :)19:30
tewardand wheeee, apparently it's a VBox issue - VMware works fine >.>19:31
phillwmy update manager is running on hardware, not switched over to 15.04 just yet :)19:32
wxlkvm ftw teward19:32
tewardwxl: E:TriedAndDidn'tWork19:33
tewarddoesn't matter to me, though - i have a VMware ESXi server here for my VMs at home here...19:33
wxlteward: i smell pebkac. :)19:33
tewardVMware workstation provides a nice interface, and I have a license for both so meh19:33
tewardwxl: or E:Lazy19:34
wxlhm maybe i'll do some triage today19:35
wxlcan't i convince you to help me with triage for lubuntu teward??19:35
tewardwxl: the only reason i'm not using my Lubuntu VM on my ESXi box is because it's in a "NoOutsideAccess VLAN"... then I'd be testing there :P19:35
tewardwxl: you could try, i'm working on something for a class i have in 1.5 hours though19:35
tewardwxl: i also need to finish the 14.10 VM building :P19:35
wxlteward: i mean not now but in general19:36
tewardwxl: my primary focus is on the nginx package, after all i'm applying for PPU rights so that's my primary focus as of now19:36
wxloh yeah that's right19:36
tewardbut i have no issue helping out where i can19:36
wxli forgot about all that :)19:36
tewardyou just have to throw the bugs my way - my primary OS is Ubuntu 14.04 LTS after all19:36
tewardso if it needs actual hardware installs for replication can't help ya19:37
wxlwell you have lubuntu vms19:37
wxlif you understand lubuntu well enough, i.e. its components and such, that's sufficient19:37
tewardTBH I understand server components more, 99% of what I do is CLI xD19:37
wxlright right19:38
tewardI have issues with GUIs apparently - they're just so i can organize my windows xD19:38
wxlnevermind i'll find someone eventually :)19:38
tewardwxl: bug me if you need any additional help with setting Triaged and stuff though... like if there's an Lubuntu equivalent of a bug triaging day :)19:38
tewardi never have enough crap to do19:38
tewardlol someone's arguing in the wine channels whether it's legal or not for companies that produce software to be exclusive to specific OSes and not cater to the OSS community xD19:42
tewardsorry, offtopic, i'll be silent19:42
tewardphillw: you might set "Incomplete" instead of "Invalid"20:07
tewardbut you're right that bug can't be reproduced, and I even tried20:08
phillwteward: after the re-install, it works fine. must have been a zero day bug.20:09
phillwteward: no one has mentioned it, so I'll remove any noise on it.20:09
tewardphillw: ack, lemme know if there's any issues with it in the future, i have a fully updated 14.10 amd64 vm.20:10
phillwteward: if any one mentions an issue, I know the bug is there... but this far into release cycle, I'm guessing it is a simple glitch.20:11
tewardooh that reminds me i need a 15.04 environment20:11
phillwteward: I need two!20:11
tewardthere's no images yet are there20:12
phillwteward: yeah, they hide at such places as https://forum.manjaro.org/index.php?topic=17220.020:13
phillwJulien is mirroring onto my iso machine, not too sure how up to date it is. http://phillw.net/isos/lxqt/ ooh, quite recent!20:15
tewardwhat no amd64 >.>20:17
* teward boos phillw20:17
phillwteward: concentrate on 32bit... exapand to 64 if wanted.20:18
tewardmeh, i should make i386 VMs too... *shrugs*20:19
phillwteward: gilir has his own login for the area, so he adds as he wants.20:19
phillwteward: same as OBI, Nio just adds new stuff, updates the wiki and it goes live. This is all a part of my having the new server running as a cloud server.20:23
tewardit'd help if i had nice wifi... alas i'm stuck with campus wifi20:23
tewardstupid comcast... >.>20:23
tewardgive me level 3 fiber any day20:23
tewardwould rather have fiber over comcast coax20:23
tewardI think systemd is a problem... it keeps generating errors about being unable to start user service...20:32
tewardphillw: wxl: Is there a -dev channel for lubuntu, or no?  or a +1 channel, for 15.04 and such20:37
phillwteward: no, there is a game called catch gilir on line, but other stuff is done via brainstorming20:39
tewardphillw: what about complaining about systemd :P20:39
tewardhttp://paste.ubuntu.com/9103528 is why i ask :P20:39
teward(might be a bit larger an issue than just lubuntu)20:39
phillwteward: https://launchpad.net/~lubuntu-brainstorming20:40
phillwteward: as I'm no longer a TL for any part of lubuntu best person to ask will be wxl He's tasked with such tasks20:42
tewardwxl: oyi, wake up before systemd explodes the world :p20:43
tewardtrue, wxl is the goto for my complaining about issues nowadays20:43
wxli really think we should have a like lubuntu-geek channel for the people that don't want to hear about support (#lubuntu) or hear about random chatter (#lubuntu-offtopic)20:52
wxlreally though most of the major discussion happens on the mailing list teward. that's where our major code contributors pay attention.20:53
wxlteward: then there's that one channel that's named after a previous team leader of lubuntu20:53
wxlseriously we have more lubuntu people there than anywhere else XD20:55
tewardwell it looks like the issue i'm seeing is not localized to Lubuntu20:57
tewardso maybe it's part of core20:57
KlubuntiksIs it more software in 14.10 then 14.04 LTS ?22:16
ianorlinnot really much at all22:16
ianorlinI think maybe one small thing for changing screen brightness was added in 14.10 but it is basically all the same22:17
ianorlin!info xbacklight22:18
ubottuxbacklight (source: xbacklight): simple utility to set the backlight level. In component universe, is optional. Version 1.2.1-1 (utopic), package size 7 kB, installed size 49 kB22:18
ianorlininstalled size of 49 kB so it doesn't really matter if you are short on space and it is not really something that is a killer app22:20
ianorlinI think btrfs filesystem tools were added as well22:22
KlubuntiksI have enough space.. 160GB22:23
ianorlinIt is basically the same but if you do go 14.04 for longer support get 14.04.1 as one big wifi bug got fixed as 14.10 is a new updated version that mainly had bug fixes22:24
ianorlinalthough there are newer things you can install in repos in 14.10 but you don't get as long support22:25
KlubuntiksWhat bug is in that wifi ?22:25
KlubuntiksIs it fixed in the updates ?22:25
ianorlinThat is why I said to grab 14.04.1 as that has that update already22:25
KlubuntiksI have 2 netbooks. allready use
KlubuntiksI remember 14.04 missing wifi icon.22:27
ianorlinyeah that is what I was talking about22:27
KlubuntiksIt works good no so i am not sure i will reinstall on this computer.22:27
ianorlinthey are not really that different at all22:28
KlubuntiksI have 1GB ram and 160GB HD shud i use another linux ? Will Lubuntu use all the capacity ?22:34
wxlKlubuntiks: that should work fine. you have WAY more than enough HD. i've run lubuntu on as little as 256mb ram, so 1gb will be fine.22:35
ianorlinyeah 1GB will be fine just be warned opening a lot of tabs in firefox will use lots of ram22:40
KlubuntiksI think 1GB can let me open very many windows.22:42
ianorlinyes it can22:42
phillwKlubuntiks: lubuntu will think all it Christmas and Birthday presents have arrived at once...22:45
wxlKlubuntiks: no need to pm. just install it. lubuntu is definitely better for resource usage than xubuntu.22:46
KlubuntiksI allready use lubuntu on a netbook with 512MB and 8GB HD. it works fine.22:47
KlubuntiksIt is possible to share networks and folders between Lubuntu and Windows ?22:54
ianorlinyes with samba but I am not expirenced with that22:54
jkhlI just replaced my graphics card, trying to boot, I get cryptsetup: evms_activate is not available23:31
ianorlinI would like some more info to help solve your problem what is the old and new graphics card and where you use full disk encryption?23:37
jkhli think its a loose SATA connection to my HD23:43
jkhlnew gfx card is a GeForce 21023:43
jkhlold gfx card is a GeFroce 6200SE23:43
jkhlold gfx card is a GeForce 6200SE*23:43
jkhli use full disk encryption23:44
jkhlnot sure what you mean by where23:44
jkhlwhich partition?23:45
jkhl(I can't remember, I think I just checked the option to do an encrypted hard drive installation of lubuntu)23:45
jkhlalso SATA connection seems ok now, no difference23:46
jkhlthere is a solution here :23:46
jkhlnot sure if i should try it, i wouldn't know what i was doing23:47
jkhlalso there is errors=remount-ro in /etc/fstab23:53
jkhloh that's apparently not an error anyway23:54
jkhlstill stuck23:55

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