jeamesvHi. I am having an issue removing "cat:" from my devices. I don't know what the "cat:" is/means. Any help thanks!00:11
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dholbachgood morning07:46
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JamesTaitGood morning all; happy Have A Bad Day Day! :-D09:35
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zsombinik90_: pingorius10:16
nik90_zsombi: pong (from phone)10:25
zsombinik90_: I still cannot launch your app in Utopic desktop10:29
zsombinik90_: however I made a small test app10:30
zsombinik90_: and don't bother with the app launching, I just realized I have Qt 5.3.210:31
zsombinik90_: so most probably that's the issue10:31
zsombinik90_: so, question: do you remember what backend were you using when you got the disabling problem? EDS or memory?10:32
zsombinik90_: I found one issue with the latest, but still doesn't disable the alarms, will keep checking.10:32
nik90_zsombi: I tried the eds backend10:34
nik90_I tried the memory back end as well if I vaugely remember...at the end we concluded that the clock app switch code needs to be fixed10:35
nik90_n zsombi the alarm not being disabled is a regression on the phone at the moment10:35
nik90_zsombi: indicator date time isn't patched yet to recognise the special tag we decided to use.10:36
zsombinik90_: the alarm disabling seem to have issues still, and not the ones I have tests for...10:37
zsombinik90_: but the regression you mean the branch I gave you, right?10:38
zsombinik90_: or is a different one?10:38
nik90_zsombi: no it is present in the rtm images now and is a different issue.10:38
nik90_zsombi: although your branch also had trouble disabling alarms when we last checked10:39
zsombinik90_: but not ion teh alarm API, right?10:39
nik90_So 2 separate issues10:39
zsombinik90_: the branch I gave you, the one I'm working now has, I know, I am fixing that10:40
beunodholbach, hi!11:21
dholbachhey beuno11:21
dholbachhow's life over there?11:21
beunodholbach, I finished filling the pool with water yesterday, so not too bad I guess11:21
dholbachnice :)11:22
dholbachdoing well, thanks11:22
beunodholbach, I've been seeing more and more people take to mailing lists and g+ as they hit some review scripts failures11:22
beunoand I see that a lot of failing tests don't have askubuntu links on them11:23
beunoI guess because we continue to grow tests  :)11:23
beunodholbach, do you think you could sneak in some time to fill that out a bit more?11:23
dholbachbeuno, I'll have a chat with the guys11:24
beunothank you11:24
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ahayzenHi, so over the past few boot on my mako i've noticed that either i don't get the 'Adjust brightness automatically' option in the power indicator or i have half of the scopes missing, has anyone else seen this behaviour (i always seem to get one working but not the other)?12:46
dholbachdpm, mhall119: do you get "Error establishing a database connection" too on developer.u.c?12:55
dholbachah no... seems it was just intermittent12:55
dholbachdpm, mhall119: do you know what http://developer.ubuntu.com/web-app-tutorial/ was supposed to be about?12:57
dpmdholbach, it's the web apps tutorial. Hm, it seems it appears in the site's header now13:19
dpmlet me see if I can fix it13:19
dholbachdpm, ok... I just noticed the page because I replaced "128x128" with "256x256" (for icons) everywhere (as that's what myapps uses now)13:21
dpmdholbach, ok, fixed, thanks for the heads up!13:23
dholbachok cool13:23
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zsombinik90_: bingo!!! :)14:14
nik90_zsombi: you solved the issue?14:15
zsombinik90_: I found the problem...14:15
zsombinik90_: in your app, you use model.enabled = checked14:17
zsombinik90_: then mode.save()14:17
zsombinik90_: the problem is that you/I used model14:17
zsombinik90_: that will fetch the unmodified model data!14:17
nik90_zsombi: mode.save() or model.save()14:17
zsombinik90_: each time you're trying to dereference model, the QAbstractItemModel will call the model to get the role...14:18
zsombinik90_: model, sorry14:18
zsombinik90_: so, that role fetch will always return you the unmodified data, so after model.enabled = false, you will still have print(model.enabled) printing true!14:19
zsombinik90_: solution: var alarmData = model14:20
nik90_ah ok14:20
zsombinik90_: and use alarmData whenever you wanna change something on the alarm14:20
zsombinik90_: you must do this wherever you have changes on the "model" role!14:20
zsombinik90_: mea culpa, I should have known this when I wrote the sample app...14:21
nik90_zsombi: do I need your sdk branch to land before doing this change?14:21
zsombinik90_: nope, you can do it on your own, before my branch(es) land14:22
zsombinik90_: I thought these roles are handled like the context properties, but no, they are not...14:22
zsombinik90_: so each time you use a model role name in your ListView or other model based lists, those will land in QAbstractItemModel::data() calls!14:23
zsombinik90_: but noone sais that anywhere in the docs...14:24
nik90_zsombi: ok, so where I need to *get* data I use model.propertyName ...and when I want to change the data, then I do var alarmData = model and then alarmData.enabled = true/false or whatever14:25
zsombinik90_: right14:25
zsombinik90_: also alarmData.save()!!!14:26
nik90_zsombi: after going through my alarm list delegate file, the only change I had to do was http://paste.ubuntu.com/9097197/. There was no other place where I did model.propertyName = someValue.14:29
zsombinik90_: yes, but that was enough to not to disable the alarm :)14:29
nik90_zsombi: :)14:30
zsombikalikiana: nik90_: ok, https://code.launchpad.net/~zsombi/ubuntu-ui-toolkit/alarm-data-adaptation/+merge/237611 is up to date now14:34
zsombikalikiana: as you were reviewing all previous alarm code, would you mind looking at? thx!!14:35
nik90_zsombi: looking at your sample app, the switch code looks much simpler. For clock, we had to worry about looping issues and so on and as a result looks like http://paste.ubuntu.com/9097288/. Can I simplify it?14:37
zsombinik90_: yes, you can, and perhaps the problem there was the same model role issue...14:38
zsombinik90_: hope the simplified will work14:38
zsombinik90_: can you help me? can you reproduce this bug? https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu-ui-toolkit/+bug/133680614:38
ubot5Launchpad bug 1336806 in Ubuntu UI Toolkit "qmlscene crashed with SIGSEGV in UCAlarmModel::clear()" [Medium,Triaged]14:38
kalikianazsombi: aye14:39
zsombikalikiana: thx, pretty big one, almost same amount of code goes out as comes in :D14:40
nik90_zsombi: I cannot reproduce the crash on my 14.10 lxc container. I am using the memory manager by default.14:40
zsombikalikiana: but I had to do this in order to support properly the model actions14:40
zsombinik90_: I was afraid to hear that :)14:41
zsombinik90_: thx!!!14:41
nik90_zsombi: do you remember when mzanetti fixed the alarm crashes with a simple fix. May be this bug was reported *before* that fix landed?14:42
zsombinik90_: aaah, indeed, as I don't have the clear() func anymore :D14:42
nik90_zsombi: :) So i get the bug is invalid14:42
zsombinik90_: yep, smells like14:43
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nik90_zsombi: can you review https://code.launchpad.net/~nik90/ubuntu-clock-app/fix-model-usage/+merge/24222114:52
nik90_zsombi: I made the usage of model consistent in alarm delegate and fixed the above issue14:53
zsombinik90_: the date, message, type and others were good as they were, as those are also roles, model is a role which gives access to the slots/ivokables of the Alarm type, so no need to get those changed14:54
nik90_zsombi: oh yes,14:55
nik90_zsombi: reverted14:57
nik90_zsombi: why do we refer to enabled as model.enabled though? It is not a slot/invokable14:57
zsombinik90_: good question :)14:58
zsombinik90_: oh, yes, because teh CheckBox also has enabled property14:58
zsombinik90_: so enabled would use that14:58
nik90_ah...that makes sense14:58
zsombinik90_: MR looks good :)15:01
nik90_zsombi: can you approve. I can then top-approve when I get the permission to land this in trunk.15:01
zsombinik90_: done :)15:02
nik90_zsombi: cool, thnx. I will look into the switch code simplification tonight15:02
* zsombi eod15:05
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dholbachbeuno, do we know what the most failing tests are? :)15:36
* dholbach crosses fingers and hopes we store that in the database somewhere15:36
dholbachbeuno, did you respond? :)15:40
popeyhe didnt dholbach15:42
dholbachok, thanks15:42
popey<beuno> When that holbach comes back, tell him I owe him beer15:42
popeyHe may or may not have said that.15:42
* dholbach hugs popey15:43
beunodholbach, I always owe you a beer15:55
beunodholbach, the most common complains come from the ones that have "manual review"15:56
beunoand people don't understand why or what to do15:56
dholbachI was just wondering if we had a list of most common issues in database15:57
beunodholbach, we don't currently record that at that level15:57
beunoI'll add that to my list, it'll be useful in the future15:57
* dholbach hugs beuno15:57
seb128nik90_, popey, is that known that the calendar app stopped showing all day events?16:05
seb128well in the day/week views at least16:06
kalikianat1mp: are you still there? I'm  wondering if I'm looking at a ListItem.Standard regression. removing without confirmRemoval doesn't work16:06
seb128popey, nik90_, mihir, ups, sorry for pinging the wrong people ;-)16:07
mihirseb128: no issues.16:07
nik90_seb128: no worries, although when I saw the latest screenshots of calendar app, it was still there16:07
popeyseb128: there's a bunch of in-flight design changes in calendar right now.16:07
seb128well, I've a patch pilot day today, which is listed in the agenda view16:08
seb128but not in the calendar16:08
seb128well, not in the week/day calendar views I mean16:08
seb128but the event is there, my phone ring as a reminder and it's listed in the agenda view16:08
popeywill take a look16:09
seb128seems like it's not know in any case, and that I should open a bug about it ;-)16:10
popeysure, feel free16:10
popeyrenatu: bfiller: i did a clean install, added google accounts and then installed calendar, then switched on calendar sync in online accounts, but got no sync-monitor popup.. and i see no events16:13
popey(nothing in calendar, nothing in indicator)16:13
mihirseb128: sorry i escaped your message without reading previous message.16:14
mihirseb128: here is new Day View / Weekview (WIP) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1Mw1_oJdAp416:15
seb128mihir, no worry, I opened https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu-calendar-app/+bug/139428416:15
mihirseb128: here is new way for New event (WIP) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WMZVKEpGFJY&feature=youtu.be16:15
ubot5Launchpad bug 1394284 in Ubuntu Calendar App "Day event not listed in day/week views" [Undecided,New]16:15
ahayzendpm, ping16:15
bfillerpopey: mind attaching your sync-monitor.log to the previous bug16:15
seb128mihir, nice work there! :-)16:16
mihirseb128: :) both MP is in WIP as of now will land soon \m/16:16
bfillerpopey: if you toggle calendar sync switch does the sync occur then?16:22
popeybfiller: updated bug 139343316:23
ubot5bug 1393433 in sync-monitor (Ubuntu RTM) "Sync-monitor didn't sync contacts" [High,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/139343316:23
popeyseb128: feel free to review them ㋛16:23
popeybfiller: what? switch off and on again?16:23
bfillerpopey: yes16:23
bfillerthe calendar sync switch in accounts16:23
popeystill no popup16:24
popeysorry ☹16:24
bfillerpopey, renatu : looks like same errors in the log as last time "Failed to create session" for Calendar sync. Contact sync seemed to work ok, correct?16:26
bfillerpopey: did you switch on contact and calendar sync at the same time after installing the calendar app? or did you switch on contacts sync before installing calendar app?16:27
popeythe latter16:27
popeyi only just installed calendar, then switched on calendar sync16:28
popeybut I flashed the phone and turned on contact sync some hours ago16:28
bfillertrying to repro, without wiping my phone16:28
bfillerpopey: did you launch calendar before switching on the sync setting?16:31
popeyuh, yes.16:32
bfillerpopey: just worked for me doing exact same steps (:16:33
bfillerpopey: do you have any logs in .cache/syncevolution/*calendar*?16:35
bfillerpopey: if so those would be helpful16:36
popeyyes, i see logs16:36
kalikianat1mp: please check this one https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu-ui-toolkit/+bug/139429516:48
ubot5Launchpad bug 1394295 in Ubuntu UI Toolkit "Swipe to remove is racy, 50% nothing happens (without confirmRemoval)" [Critical,New]16:48
dpmhi ahayzen, sorry for the late pong17:53
ahayzendpm, no worries i was going to ask if we needed to switch the development focus of the translations from utopic to remix...i hit the big red button and nothing seems to have broken17:54
ahayzen...as we changed our code development focus to remix as well17:54
dpmahayzen, yep, looking at the translations page, it looks good. We should start talking of probably renaming the remix branch to trunk at some point, too17:55
ahayzendpm, well if you branch lp:music-app it actually branches remix i think it is all ok now?17:56
ahayzendpm, the only trace of the word remix left is the series name17:56
dpmahayzen, yeah, that works well. I was just thinking of that - to rename both series at some point17:56
ahayzenmaybe although we'll probably be onto the next series soon lol :)17:57
popeyMusic Remix, Remix.18:02
ahayzenpopey, Music Restructure is maybe next ;)18:03
ahayzenpopey, but Remix, Remix sounds possible... ;)18:04
dpm"Music App Greatest Hits III"18:07
ahayzen+1 lol18:07
ahoneybunhello all21:05
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zmajhello anyone online?22:51
akiva-thinkpadzmaj, yep22:53
akiva-thinkpadhows it going?22:53
zmajnice you?22:53
zmajapparently I am an Ubuntu app pioneer :D22:53
akiva-thinkpadzmaj, wasting time on reddit; save me22:53
akiva-thinkpadzmaj, ah I am jealous22:53
akiva-thinkpadnice work22:53
zmajI wondered when will they contact me for my t-shirt22:54
akiva-thinkpadping popey -  he's in charge of t-shirts (probably)22:55
popeynot me, mhall11922:55
akiva-thinkpadah yes; hes really in charge of t-shirts22:56
akiva-thinkpadits why Canonical hired him. That and he is a good programmer.22:56
zmajthough .click packaging is a blessing... .deb is seriously complicated.22:58
rpadovaniDiscerning Duck is on the store :D22:59
zmajso,just out of curiosity,what are you guys working on at the moment?I am thinking of either making my own web browser or a 4chan webapp...23:04
zmajhow would you make a vertical text input field in qml?23:11
rpadovanizmaj, you mean that every single char is on a new line?23:16
zmajexacly like that23:19
rpadovanizmaj, I dunno if it's the better solution, but you can use a TextArea, set autoSize to true and set the width of the textarea to the width of one char23:20
zmajthank you23:21
ahoneybunomg akiva-thinkpad23:30
* ahoneybun pokes mhall119 for his t-shirt as well23:31
zmaj@rpadovani :thank you for the help,I think i cracked it...23:31
ahoneybunseems ubuntu sdk does not like me using 3d on VM23:32
rpadovanizmaj, great, feel free to ask if you need something else :-)23:32
zmajlet me copy paste my solution23:34
rpadovanizmaj, that's how I implement it if I need it - again, maybe there are better solutions, but not I'm aware of23:37
zmajI am satisfied with it...23:38

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