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elfycan someone help me with a private bug issue I've got please :)18:45
elfybug 138562418:46
ubot5Error: Launchpad bug 1385624 could not be found18:46
elfyhappy that we (Xubuntu) can't see that - but I did other bugs so we could see the issue - as I unmarked MY private one18:46
elfybut apport marks as dupes of the 1385624 one18:47
tewardelfy: maybe your xubuntu devs should apply for bugcontrol :P  (just sayin)18:49
elfyon the list I think :)18:49
elfyI just know that *I'm* NOT on the list ;)18:49
* teward throws /dev/urandom at elfy for the heck of it18:51
tewardelfy: FWIW, have you considered just giving the Xubuntu devs the non-dupe bug number/link? at least so they can look at it18:53
elfyteward: they've seen the empty bugs I reported ;)19:00
elfyas soon as it marks as dupes all the attachments get removed19:01
* elfy forgot that it did that when he reported it again today 19:02
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