imgbot=== trainguards: IMAGE 26 building (started: 20141119 02:05) ===02:03
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imgbot=== trainguards: IMAGE 26 DONE (finished: 20141119 03:30) ===03:28
imgbot=== changelog: http://people.canonical.com/~ogra/touch-image-stats/26.changes ===03:28
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Mirvmorning here too05:24
Mirvwhy, certainly05:49
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zsombicihelp: need clarification on this https://jenkins.qa.ubuntu.com/job/generic-deb-autopilot-runner-mako/6140/console06:59
zsombicihelp: seems there are package conflicts there?06:59
Mirvcihelp: ^ to zsombi's request, the error looks like if a vivid rootfs (qt 5.3.2) would try to install utopic UITK packages (compiled against qt 5.3.0)07:28
robrucjwatson: infinity: around? what's the correct value to pass to 'pbuilder create --mirror _____' if I want to create an rtm chroot?07:46
Mirvis the dashboard down?08:25
MirvI mean the jenkins one08:26
sil2100Seems to work here08:38
cjwatsonrobru,infinity: the URL is http://derived.archive.canonical.com/ubuntu-rtm/, but that won't quite help because debootstrap doesn't understand 14.09.  It's probably simplest to create a chroot with something uniformly older (say, trusty), flip sources.list over, and upgrade; or grab the chroots from Launchpad ("manage-chroot -d ubuntu-rtm -s 14.09 -a amd64 get", from lp:ubuntu-archive-tools) and use those as a starting point.08:40
cjwatsonMight even be possible to do the latter directly with sbuild using Stéphane's sbuild-launchpad-chroot gadget.08:41
cjwatsonOh, FYI folks, "devel" now works in PPAs; no need to edit sources.list any more after using add-apt-repository.08:43
sil2100jibel: hey! Do you know if the new custom tarball has been picked up for testing yesterday night?09:03
sil2100Oh, wait, I see it did09:03
sil2100jibel: nvm!09:03
jibelsil2100, it's in 165, isn't it?09:05
jibelsil2100, we didn't test 165 yet09:05
jibelwe'll do it this morning09:05
Mirvcjwatson: great! for the 'devel' working.09:10
sil2100Looking good so far, we seem to be missing only 2 topblocker fixes right now, both having fixes ready09:19
sil2100jibel: do you have someone that could take a look at rtm silo 11?09:20
oSoMoNsil2100, FYI, my testing of oxide 1.3 (in silo 3) is complete and good, dbarth is still testing webapps a bit more extensively, but it looks like we should be ready to land it soon09:28
sil2100oSoMoN: \o/09:39
popeyMirv: when you get a moment could you please upload calendar to the store (note, it's not in the rtm image so it's not covered by freezes) http://s-jenkins.ubuntu-ci:8080/job/calendar-app-click/lastSuccessfulBuild/artifact/generic-click-builder-utopic-armhf/output/com.ubuntu.calendar_0.4.549_all.click09:50
popeyMirv: also sudoku pls. http://s-jenkins.ubuntu-ci:8080/job/sudoku-app-click/lastSuccessfulBuild/artifact/generic-click-builder-utopic-armhf/output/com.ubuntu.sudoku_1.1.319_all.click09:51
sil2100john-mcaleely: ping09:51
sil2100olli, pmcgowan: so, we're closing the landing gates now - all fixes for the listed topblockers either already landed or are in silos09:53
sil2100olli, pmcgowan: actually, only 2 topblockers are left and both have fixes in silos09:53
=== sil2100 changed the topic of #ubuntu-ci-eng to: Need a silo? ping trainguards | Need help with something else? ping cihelp | Train Dashboard: http://bit.ly/1mDv1FS | QA Signoffs: http://bit.ly/1qMAKYd | Known Issues: RTM Archive frozen (no new silos landing) ! RTM cron builds disabled
Mirvpopey: calendar and sudoku uploaded09:57
popeythanks Mirv09:57
sil2100john-mcaleely: re-ping10:15
sil2100john-mcaleely: we would need a device tarball generated from silo 11 for QA to start testing10:15
ogra_sil2100, OH !10:17
ogra_sil2100, did you notice silo 13 ?10:17
ogra_(that is the "UI freezes randomly" topblocker)10:17
ogra_(not marked as such ... bad tedg )10:17
ollisil2100, good job!10:18
sil2100ogra_: oh my, well - it's targetted for the next milestone anyway ;)10:18
sil2100I wouldn't try forcefully pushing it in here10:18
ogra_sil2100, well,if we have spare QA capacity i dont think a week more testing would be bad10:19
jibelsil2100, rvr will review silo 3 and rhuddie silo 11 when it's ready10:19
ogra_it is *very* intrusive10:19
rvrogra_: sil2100: I noticed10:19
rvrThe changelog is huge10:19
sil2100True, actually, if john-mcaleely won't pop up pretty soon we might ask for testing this silo now10:20
sil2100Since without him it might be troublesome to test 11 anyways...10:20
rvrOoops, I'm talking about silo 310:20
sil2100rvr: ok, that's a different story ;) silo 3 is a new oxide, and that's always huuuge10:20
rvrsil2100: ogra_: Silo 3 contains an update to oxide, is that known? ... Ok10:21
ogra_known and wanted10:21
ogra_(and dont dare to find any problems, rebuilding ocide will take a month at least :P )10:21
pmcgowansil2100, so whats left10:47
ogra_pmcgowan, tons of new bugs with the OOBE here for me10:56
ogra_i just hung the dash hard10:56
ogra_and i can repro10:57
pmcgowanogra_, you mean the wizard or the new scopes stuff10:57
ogra_new scopes10:58
ogra_going to the bottom of "today" ... then tapping "tell me more" at the button ... in the following page scrilling completely down and tapping "finished ... " gets me a hard hang of the dash10:59
ogra_oh, wait ... this time it doesnt ... it instead crashed the dash10:59
ogra_the OOBE as a whole kind of trashes the whole experience IMHO ... it makes it feel very unfinished (but thats personal opinion, not a bug)11:01
victorpogra_, sorry but that is just not true...11:05
victorpjust because that is the first time you see that bug, doesnt mean is the OOBE11:06
ogra_victorp, heh, well, thats my user impression11:06
ogra_the way we scatter buttons everywhere11:06
victorpogra_, I meant = tons of new bugs with the OOBE here for me11:06
ogra_the way you can not easily find a way to disable it11:06
ogra_plus the new bugs11:06
victorpa scope can *not* hang the dash11:06
ogra_(fitbit doesnt work anymore, reproducable crash ... and we havent looked deeper yet, i'm sure there will be more stuff bubbling up)11:07
ogra_victorp, well, i can reliably hang or crash it using the very bottom button on the hints page11:07
ogra_the blue one11:08
victorpogra_ ok.. let take it out, so then you can not reliably reproduce the bug!11:08
ogra_victorp, no, lets get it fixed ...11:08
victorpogra_, but you know what I mean.. the scope is just using the fw.. if it hangs is a bug in the framework that was there before11:09
victorpand other scopes will hit11:09
victorpbtw, what button. I will try to reproduce11:09
ogra_i have not seen the dash crash in a month now11:09
ogra_and i use plenty of scopes regulary11:09
ogra_now we have one action that makes it hang hard11:10
victorpogra_, you must not be using scopes much ;P I have seen it crash a fair amount11:10
ogra_and it is one that is very exposed in our default scope11:10
victorpogra_, sure, so lets fix it11:10
victorpbut, can you tell me how to reproduce please :)11:11
ogra_<ogra_> going to the bottom of "today" ... then tapping "tell me more" at the button ... in the following page scrolling completely down and tapping "finished ... " gets me a hard hang of the dash11:11
victorpyeap hanging for me too11:11
ogra_every second or third time i get a complete dash restart (showing the "scopes" splash)11:12
ogra_victorp, there seems to also be an issue with accounts integration ... (like ther eis none)11:12
victorpogra_, ?11:13
pete-woodsogra_: I can confirm I get this hang11:13
ogra_wait for seb128 to return ... seems fitbit ids completely gone for him11:13
pete-woodsalso :(11:13
victorpoh, wierd.. it doesnt hang on nexus4 but it hangs in krillin11:13
ogra_i cant repro that since i dont have a fitbit account (or device)11:13
victorpogra_, ok but that is not related to this bug or the changes we landed11:14
pete-woodsogra_: while you're here, had a low level question. according to /proc/cpuinfo the krillin has 1 CPU core, however it has 4 afaik. is /proc just lying to us / are we using only 1 CPU?11:14
ogra_pete-woods, compile a kernel and look again while the compiler runs ;)11:14
ogra_they are dynamically offlined if not in use11:15
victorpogra_, what worries me is that krillin is  behaving differently to n4 at scope level..11:15
pete-woodsah, cool. that's good to know :)11:15
ogra_victorp, yeah11:15
sil2100ogra_, pmcgowan: does anyone of you know if john-mcaleely will be around today?11:21
sil2100We'll have to give some other instructions to QA if not11:21
ogra_i dont ...11:21
pmcgowanlet me check11:22
john-mcaleelysil2100, I appear to be here11:22
pmcgowanyes he is11:22
ogra_but pmcgowan should be able to shout through the office :)11:22
john-mcaleelysil2100, just a little late11:22
pete-woodsvictorp, ogra_: FYI https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/unity-scopes-shell/+bug/139415511:22
ubot5Launchpad bug 1394155 in unity-scopes-shell (Ubuntu) "Deadlock / crash of the dash possible through Today scope" [Undecided,New]11:22
john-mcaleelysil2100, it appears you need a device tarball for the rtm release?11:22
ogra_pete-woods, confrimed11:22
ogra_john-mcaleely, with a new initrd ...11:23
sil2100john-mcaleely: ping pong then! We have silo 11 which we would need a device tarball from for krillin, with a new initrd11:23
ogra_john-mcaleely, wehere does the krillin build pull that from ?11:23
john-mcaleelyogra_, and new pngs, and some changes to system-image-update, by the looks11:23
sil2100john-mcaleely: comment says this: "Needs a device tarball for krillin, john-mcaleely will generate a new one (please ping him if not yet available when you start testing this)"11:23
pete-woodsvictorp: also, we have seen different behaviour on the two platforms before. I think the QML caching / preloading thing differs between them at very least11:23
john-mcaleelyogra_, from a private gerrit. rsalveti appears to have pushed all the merge proposals we need11:23
victorppete-woods,  not sure is related11:24
ogra_thats what ii wanted to make sure :)11:24
victorpGot scope URI "scope://com.canonical.scopes.dashboard_dashboard?q=start"11:24
victorpQObject: Cannot create children for a parent that is in a different thread.11:24
victorp(Parent is QNetworkAccessManager(0x20ae87c), parent's thread is QThread(0x1f53500), current thread is QThread(0x20aa888)11:24
victorppete-woods, ^^11:24
john-mcaleelysil2100, ack. if it's ok, I'd like to be thorough here, so that might take a couple of hours11:24
john-mcaleelysil2100, if you want it quicker, it can be done quicker11:24
john-mcaleelyogra_, I'm building the first set now11:24
pete-woodsvictorp: I have seen that before, and have a fix. have just tried this with that fix applied and it still happens11:24
ogra_victorp, lol ... that might be the just demoted QNetworkAccessManager bug ... we should probably push it back to topblocker11:24
pete-woodsogra_: no, it's a bug in the GeoIP code in the shell11:25
ogra_oh, ok11:25
sil2100john-mcaleely: how many couple of hours that would take approximately?11:27
john-mcaleelysil2100, (conservative eta, considering I want to do a master build first, and a test pass) 2pm UK. 2.5 hrs from now11:27
john-mcaleelysil2100, quickest you can have an untested (ie, rely on rsalveti's testing) device tarball: 30 mins11:28
sil2100I would prefer we do it safe, even if it takes longer11:28
sil2100john-mcaleely: so proceed with the standard approach, we'll simply have the promotion candidate a bit later11:28
sil2100ogra_: and this basically means we might have time for the silo 1311:29
john-mcaleelysil2100, ack11:30
john-mcaleelysil2100, will keep you updated11:30
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sil2100jibel: hey! I think we'll also try including the fix from silo 13 - it's a fix for a topblocker from the next milestone11:32
jibelsil2100, it's ready to test?11:34
sil2100jibel: at least tedg maked it as ready for testing11:36
jibelsil2100, okay, we can pick 13 one until we have a new device tarball for 1111:38
jibelrhuddie, since we won't be able to test 11 before 2 to 3 hours can you take 13 instead?11:39
sil2100I suppose silo 13 needs some additional testing as the change is bigger and it's a very high-risk component11:39
sil2100jibel: thanks!11:39
jibelrhuddie, then omer will join and pick 11 if you are not done with 1311:40
rhuddiejibel, sil2100, ok, I'll look at 13 now11:40
sil2100rhuddie: thanks :)11:41
ogra_sil2100, john-mcaleely, we can start testing without the device tarball and later to atomic testing for only this landing i think11:41
ogra_jibel, ^^ (about silo 11)11:42
jibelogra_, anyway we cannot test 11 and 13 simultaneously. We'll start by 13 which is ready and test 11 when the tarball is available.11:43
sil2100ogra_: later I might take a half-day sick-day, don't feel too well so I might just go lay down for a while11:55
ogra_sil2100, thats fine, get some rest11:55
john-mcaleelyogra_, sil2100 so the device build passed some initial smoke tests, so I've kicked off an official build. on track so far12:08
sil2100john-mcaleely: great news :)12:08
ogra_john-mcaleely, awesome12:09
seb128I had a few boots today where the apps view in the dash takes like > 10s to load the top icons12:44
seb128like the phone/messages/browser etc ones12:44
ogra_slow network ?12:44
seb128could be I guess, but for sure those are not coming from the internet?12:44
ogra_they get checked for new content afaik12:44
ogra_bug 1357321 might be related12:45
ubot5bug 1357321 in qtbase-opensource-src (Ubuntu) "QNetworkAccessManager doesn't support roaming on Ubuntu" [Critical,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/135732112:45
ogra_(only remotely ... though since it shows the same breakage if you switch networks )12:46
sil2100I saw something similar today as well, but I don't switch networks12:48
sil2100Only one AP and only WiFi enabled12:48
ogra_right, the bug just shows that the icons depend on networking .. thats what i wanted to point out12:51
popeycan someone put more coal in ci.ubuntu.com/smokeng/utopic/ ?12:57
popeyit's like swimming in treacle12:58
ogra_it just wants you to stop looking at old utopic results :P12:59
sil2100jibel: I just CCed you to the new custom tarball changelog13:04
sil2100jibel: can you have someone from your team looking at it? It's removing some of the troublesome changes from the tarball13:04
sil2100So it basically has only reverts13:05
ogra_but not everything is reverted13:05
ogra_which means th remainders need some special attention13:05
ogra_(to make sure they still work even with the other bits removed)13:05
cwayne1right, so really just some exploratory testing on the aggregators specifically13:06
sil2100That's why we need QA sign-off13:11
cwayne1well, we always need QA sign-off for custom :)13:12
* cwayne1 is glad he starts working early in the morning so he could get this to QA in time13:12
sil2100jibel: ^ :)13:15
jibelsil2100, yup, on it13:15
* cwayne1 just verified the fix in 14.09-proposed-customized and 14.09.es-proposed-customized13:16
sil2100Thank you!13:17
john-mcaleelysil2100, ogra_ jibel ^ new device tarball for rtm and also silo 1113:19
ogra_yay, its all rolling in :)13:19
john-mcaleelyvivid tarball to follow in a while13:19
john-mcaleelyrsalveti, (fyi) ^13:19
ogra_yeah, landed already in vivid anyway13:19
jibelom26er, ^^ can you take silo 11?13:19
john-mcaleelyogra_, not as a krillin tarball :-)13:19
ogra_(just not krillin vivid)13:19
sil2100We're lacking QA people now actually!13:21
ogra_yup, as expected13:21
om26erjibel, sure.13:21
om26erthat looks like a dangerous bug to test.13:22
jibelom26er, it is, you're lucky.13:22
ogra_there is some test script (or description) in the bug though13:22
sil2100om26er: feel free to poke people if you have any problems with that one, since the bug itself is a bit 'tricky'13:23
jibelsil2100, don't add more topblockers to wave1 and it'll be okay :)13:24
sil2100hah ;)13:24
sil2100No more, we promise! But this way, we basically have no topblockers for wave2 now13:24
sil2100So this means we can concentrate on image quality13:24
ogra_jibel, you mean we should stop the meeting where we invent them right now ?13:25
jibelsil2100, heh, no topblockers for wave2? I'm pretty sure the bucket will be full again13:26
ogra_yeah, we are good at inventing them ;)13:26
om26ersil2100, ogra_ How do I install the android part ?13:29
ogra_om26er, ubuntu-device-flash has an option for that ... john-mcaleely is more familiar with this than i am13:29
ogra_you just need the tar,xz locally and point an option to it though13:30
john-mcaleelyubuntu-device-flash touch --channel ubuntu-touch/ubuntu-rtm/14.09-proposed --bootstrap --device-tarball path/to/downloaded/device_krillin-xx.tar.xz13:30
john-mcaleelyom26er, ^13:30
john-mcaleely(you can vary --channel if you need to, of course. add --revision N at the start if you need13:31
om26erjohn-mcaleely, in case of silo 11 here: https://launchpad.net/~ci-train-ppa-service/+archive/ubuntu-rtm/landing-011/+packages13:32
om26eris android_20141117-0039.orig.tar.xz the right file ?13:32
john-mcaleelyom26er, no13:32
john-mcaleelyom26er, this is the file you need13:33
john-mcaleelyfor *krillin*13:33
john-mcaleelyom26er, ^13:33
om26erjohn-mcaleely, alright, thanks. downloading.13:35
john-mcaleelyom26er, :-)13:36
ogra_om26er, and ignore the PPA it only has the raw input files for this13:37
om26erogra_, ok, so I don't need initramfs-tools-ubuntu-touch - 0.80 from there ?13:37
ogra_no, thats already inside your tarball13:38
jibelsil2100, I flashed customized en, and there is no keyboard in the wizard to type my wifi key13:40
ogra_wasnt that fixed like three promotions ago ?13:41
ogra_cwayne1, ^^^^13:41
jibelhm, there is some weird here. cancel and select the network again and the keyboard appears13:41
cwayne1hm? that's got nothing to do with custom...13:42
ogra_is the base image in that channel actually recent ?13:42
cwayne1it's the latest rootfs13:42
pmcgowanare silos 3 and 13 intended to land today?13:42
ogra_yeah, looks like13:43
ogra_pmcgowan, yes13:43
jibelpmcgowan, they are. ETA for QA sign off 1 hour or so13:43
ogra_pmcgowan, 11 too13:43
ogra_and the custom traball rollback13:44
pmcgowanah right13:44
jibelogra_, I'm reflashing, I'm wondering if it's the problem with dbus going crazy when you boot the device and it's connected.13:45
ogra_yeah, that could be13:45
ogra_try without cable :)13:45
jibelworks fine on second try and without cable13:47
sil2100pmcgowan: they're in the queue right now13:47
ogra_silo16 would amke it go away :)13:47
sil2100pmcgowan: anyway, we now wait for silo 3, 11 and 13 to land, then we can kick the promotion candidate13:47
ogra_but thats not due to land currently13:47
pmcgowansil2100, awesome13:47
pmcgowanogra_, btw seeing some bad dbus stuff here all week13:48
pmcgowanabout to file a new bug13:48
ogra_pmcgowan, different from "eats your CPU when cable attached" ?13:48
ogra_(that is what rtm 16 would fix)13:49
pmcgowanyes, eats cpu without cable attached13:49
pmcgowanogra_, just grab some stuff, its network manager AP changes13:50
sil2100pmcgowan: is it eating up CPU badly?13:51
pmcgowanyes, this is mako13:51
pmcgowanwill file a bug13:51
* ogra_ recommends mayonnaise or mustard :)13:51
sil2100It might be the dbus-CPU issue that we know of, that tvoss is still trying to find (as it's really hard to reproduce)13:52
ogra_but we also have the upower induced one ... though that onyl shows if the device is on cable13:52
ogra_bug 1337200 is fallout of that afaik13:53
ubot5bug 1337200 in ubuntu-system-settings (Ubuntu) "High CPU due to excessive device changed signals from upower" [High,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/133720013:53
om26errsalveti, Hi! how do I verify the fix for bug 1387214 ? I don't seem to find anything clear in the bug report.13:54
ubot5bug 1387214 in initramfs-tools-ubuntu-touch (Ubuntu RTM) "[TOPBLOCKER] file corruption on touch images in rw portions of the filesystem" [Critical,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/138721413:54
rsalvetiom26er: added that to the spreadsheet, 1 sec13:55
rsalvetiom26er: http://paste.ubuntu.com/9096495/13:55
om26errsalveti, and How do I finally check if corruption happened or not ?13:56
rsalvetiom26er: after validating the image, you can reproduce by using the test script described by the bug13:57
rsalvetiom26er: http://paste.ubuntu.com/9096553/13:58
rsalvetithat will start the script in a loop, let it running for a few iterations13:58
om26errsalveti, do I need to run that script after each validation step or after running all the steps ?13:59
rsalvetiom26er: after running all the steps13:59
* sil2100 goes lay down for some moments14:00
sil2100ogra_: in case I oversleep, I leave you in charge of teh meeting :) Thanks!14:00
om26errsalveti, last question: should I *not* wipe the device after the first step i.e. --bootstrap with new device tarball. ?14:03
rsalvetiom26er: doesn't matter14:06
rsalvetijohn-mcaleely: thanks for creating the tarball14:29
john-mcaleelyrsalveti, yw14:31
rhuddiejibel, I am finishing silo 13, no issues found14:50
=== plars changed the topic of #ubuntu-ci-eng to: Need a silo? ping trainguards | Need help with something else? ping plars | Train Dashboard: http://bit.ly/1mDv1FS | QA Signoffs: http://bit.ly/1qMAKYd | Known Issues: RTM Archive frozen (no new silos landing) ! RTM cron builds disabled
jibelrvr, are you done with silo 315:03
rvrjibel: Only one test left, 5 minutes and done15:04
rvrjibel: Finished15:18
ogra_passed ?15:18
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rvrpopey: New Music app introduced untranslated strings15:29
rvrogra_: Yes, passed15:29
oSoMoNtrainguards: RTM silo 3 just got approval from QA, can we publish?15:33
MirvoSoMoN: sure15:34
MirvoSoMoN: so it was deemed that binary copy of utopic build is fine for rtm?15:35
Mirvwell sil2100 did that, so I assume yes15:36
ogra_yup, i think that was the plan15:36
Mirvtrello looks good15:36
ogra_Mirv, 13 is good to go as well15:37
Mirvok then15:37
Mirvogra_: 13 is approved but from earlier today has "15:37
MirvBlocked for this week because it's topblocker but approved for Wave 2.15:37
ogra_Mirv, we dont mind extra enduser testing :)15:38
ogra_not sure who put that in place15:38
ogra_definitely not what we discussed15:39
Mirvogra_: rvr wrote that.15:39
ogra_well, if it passed, let it in15:39
Mirvthen 44 mins ago rhuddie wrote that it's tested15:39
Mirvogra_: my understanding kind of was that wave 2 is not supposed to go in before next week or such, maybe deemed as risky and promotion wanted without first?15:40
rvrMirv: Yes, I wrote that in trello this morning. But jibel told us later that it was approved for this wave.15:40
ogra_Mirv, no15:40
MirvI might be wrong, but I'd like to be pointed to be wrong :)15:40
Mirvrvr: ok then15:40
Mirvrvr: ogra_: that part was simply not written in there.15:40
ogra_the waves are recommendations to give the "hard" bugs more time15:40
ogra_not mandatory ... if it is ready., let it in15:40
ogra_point people to me iff they complain ;)15:41
* Mirv the gatekeeper15:41
Mirv013 published too15:41
ogra_so we arre waiting for 11 and the custom tarball15:42
cwayne1jibel: any eta on the custom tars?  ive been testing english + spanish here and looks good15:44
popeyrvr: oh? ahayzen ^^15:51
om26errsalveti, does the script keep on running forever ? It has rebooted for like 6 times already.15:54
rsalvetiom26er: yeah15:55
rsalvetithen it means it worked for 6 times15:55
om26errsalveti, so how do we conclude the results ?15:55
jibelcwayne1, english is ok. waiting for rvr for spanish15:55
rvrcwayne1: jibel: Flashing the phone15:56
rsalvetiom26er: let it running for at least 10 times15:57
cwayne1rvr: jibel: cool, ill wait til theyre both +1'd to push it15:57
rsalvetiom26er: then just abort, which means it worked fine15:57
rsalvetiom26er: without the changes I did it was breaking on the first run15:57
ahayzenpopey, hmmm? strange15:58
om26errsalveti, aha, then the fix is working, good.15:58
rvrcwayne1: #8, right?15:58
cwayne1rvr: yessir15:59
cwayne1rsalveti: that fix is for the corruption bug?15:59
rsalveticwayne1: yes15:59
rsalvetimore of a workaround for now15:59
popeyrvr: can you provide more detail to ahayzen ?16:00
popeyor a bug16:00
rvrpopey: I filled a bug16:00
ahayzen...they look translatable ... http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~music-app-dev/music-app/remix/view/head:/common/SongsPage.qml#L283 http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~music-app-dev/music-app/remix/view/head:/common/SongsPage.qml#L30916:00
ahayzenso either the pot is out of date or your language has just not been translated yet16:00
popeyright, so we need to get them translated and crank a new click16:01
ahayzenpopey, bug 139426516:01
ubot5bug 1394265 in Ubuntu Music App "Untranslated strings" [High,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/139426516:01
rvrahayzen: We are supposed to be in UI freeze, so no new strings :P16:01
rvrNo "Shuffle" there16:03
ahayzenI see it in the .pot http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~music-app-dev/music-app/remix/view/head:/po/com.ubuntu.music.pot#L142 http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~music-app-dev/music-app/remix/view/head:/po/com.ubuntu.music.pot#L14616:05
ahayzenah hang on that web UI maybe incorrect as it maybe showing lp:music-app/utopic :/16:07
* ahayzen wonders how you switch it to the other branch16:08
ahayzenrvr, look at https://translations.launchpad.net/music-app/remix16:11
ahayzenrvr, https://translations.launchpad.net/music-app/remix/+pots/music-app/es/+translate?start=0&batch=10&show=untranslated&field.alternative_language=&field.alternative_language-empty-marker=1&old_show=all16:12
Saviqtrainguards, I can has silo for line 79 please?16:18
rvrahayzen: I'll do that later16:18
ahayzenrvr, thanks i'm checking with dpm but i think i know how to make that view default now16:19
om26errsalveti, you said the change affects write performance, does it also affect read performance ?16:27
ogra_only write apparently16:28
ogra_do you notice significant performance hits when using the device ?16:28
oSoMoNtrainguards: can I have a silo for line 81 (landing oxide 1.3.4 in vivid) ?16:30
rsalvetiom26er: no, it can actually improve read a bit16:32
om26errsalveti, after running those tests many of the apps fail to start16:33
om26erweather, gallery, calculator etc..16:33
om26erthere is no crash file.16:33
ogra_denials in syslog ?16:34
ogra_iirc the test fiddles with apparmor stuff16:34
rsalvetiyeah, I'd recommend reflashing it after running this test specifically16:34
om26erogra_, no, none.16:35
ogra_well, the test definitely has potential to break the install, so i agree with rsalveti16:37
om26erok, then.16:37
rsalvetiogra_: john-mcaleely: did we publish the device tarball for vivid?16:38
ogra_i guess john was waiting for the rtm results16:38
rsalvetiright, makes sense16:39
john-mcaleelyrsalveti, ogra_ I've also been distracted by other firedrills. so there is a tarball built officially, and i just need to smoketest it16:39
john-mcaleelyand then push it16:39
ogra_yeah, no hurry16:39
alan_gfginther: I've got what appears to be a problematic difference between Mir CI and Mir autolanding. Some tests fail in the latter, but not the former (bug 1394278). Is there a difference in setup that would cause "open("/dev/shm", O_TMPFILE | O_RDWR | O_EXCL, S_IRWXU);" to fail in the latter only?16:48
ubot5bug 1394278 in Mir "[testsfail] Autolanding failure in MesaBufferAllocatorTest.software_buffers_dont_bypass ett alia" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/139427816:48
oSoMoNtrainguards: can I have a silo for line 81 (landing oxide 1.3.4 in vivid) pretty please ?16:57
robruoSoMoN: vivid 17, do you need me to do the binary copy too?17:08
oSoMoNrobru, yes please, I don’t think I am allowed to do it myself17:09
robrucjwatson: can you check why the upload to https://launchpad.net/~ci-train-ppa-service/+archive/ubuntu/staging-000/+packages failed? got another one of these 'dput reports success, package never shows up, i don't get the rejection mail" things17:09
robruoSoMoN: ok, binary copy requested. Once you see that in the PPA please do a WATCH_ONLY build17:11
oSoMoNrobru, thanks!17:12
robruoSoMoN: you're welcome!17:12
cjwatson2014-11-19 17:19:12 DEBUG   Considering changefile ~ci-train-ppa-service/ubuntu/staging-000/ubuntu/ubuntu-app-launch_0.4+15.04.20141119-0ubuntu1_source.changes17:23
cjwatson2014-11-19 17:19:12 DEBUG   Launchpad failed to process the upload path '~ci-train-ppa-service/ubuntu/staging-000/ubuntu':17:23
cjwatson2014-11-19 17:19:12 DEBUG17:23
cjwatson2014-11-19 17:19:12 DEBUG   Could not find suite 'ubuntu'.17:23
cjwatsonrobru: ^- looks like a dput configuration error - compare these two log lines:17:24
cjwatson2014-11-19 16:10:12 DEBUG   Considering changefile ~ci-train-ppa-service/ubuntu/landing-009/mir_0.9.0+15.04.20141119.1-0ubuntu1_source.changes17:24
cjwatson2014-11-19 17:19:12 DEBUG   Considering changefile ~ci-train-ppa-service/ubuntu/staging-000/ubuntu/ubuntu-app-launch_0.4+15.04.20141119-0ubuntu1_source.changes17:24
robrucjwatson: wow, ok thanks (we're trying to bring up a staging instance of citrain and basically everything is broken)17:25
cjwatsonI wonder if you're missing dput from trusty-updates or similar17:26
robrucjwatson: yeah I would say so, since it's running on precise ;-)17:29
ogra_om26er, oh ! all good ?17:29
robrucjwatson: is there a trick for getting the right dput in precise?17:29
om26erogra_, yes, the write performance had a hit when I paste stuff onto the device, other than that all good.17:29
cjwatsonrobru: Probably easier to drop a .dput.cf in place17:30
ogra_rsalveti, want to take the honor to publish silo 11 ?17:30
cjwatsonwith the [ubuntu] stanza17:30
cjwatsoner, rather, the [ppa] stanza17:30
robrucjwatson: yeah I'm looking for what we're using in the production instance (which is also precise) but I can't find it. That would just be in ~ right?17:30
rsalvetiogra_: sure17:31
robrucjwatson: nm, found it17:31
ogra_yay, thats our last silo for the milestone :)17:32
robrucjwatson: this looks right to you? https://ci-train.ubuntu.com/job/cyphermox-test/409/console17:32
cjwatsonrobru: Yeah17:36
robrucjwatson: thanks17:36
john-mcaleelyogra_, om26er is the device tarball signed off?17:39
om26erjohn-mcaleely, yes17:39
ogra_john-mcaleely, waiting for rsalveti to hit the button on the silo17:39
rsalvetidoing that now17:39
ogra_john-mcaleely, then i'll trigger an image and you and cwayne1 can land your tarballs17:39
ogra_yay, thanks17:40
john-mcaleelyogra_, ok17:41
john-mcaleelyogra_, ping me when you want it :-)17:41
ogra_john-mcaleely, in 30-60min ...17:41
cwayne1ogra_: still waiting on the +1 from rvr for the spanish one17:41
cwayne1jibel +1'd the english one though17:42
rvrcwayne1: Oh, for me is +1 for the Spanish17:42
ogra_cwayne1, well, see above ... 30-60min anyway ...17:42
ogra_just waiting for the last silo to migrate17:42
cwayne1ogra_: okay cool, let me know when to push and i will17:43
cwayne1thanks rvr :)17:43
ogra_will do17:43
john-mcaleelyogra_, ack17:43
ogra_sil2100, hey, survived your ebola attack ?17:44
ogra_sil2100, importer stopped, waiting for the last silo to migrate and will kick *the* image17:45
sil2100Yeah, somehow at least17:45
sil2100Did all the silos land?17:45
ogra_last one is migrating at,17:45
sil2100Ok, happened later than I expected, but still ok I guess17:45
ogra_we got all topblokers in :)17:46
* sil2100 keeps fingers crossed that we won't see any new serious issues17:46
ogra_so we can all take vacation next week17:46
sil2100\o/ wait, that's... hmm... ;)17:46
rvrcwayne1: Crash in ubuntu-rtm/14.09.es-proposed17:49
* cwayne1 needs to run for about 15 min17:56
* ogra_ wonders why intramfs-tools-ubuntu-touch is two versions apart between vivid and rtm ... instesad of one18:01
ogra_ah, the fix was split in two uplaods18:02
olliogra_, sil2100, we are about to eod18:02
olliany news?18:02
ogra_olli, waiting for the last silo to migrate to the archive ... then there will be a new image in ~2h18:02
john-mcaleelyand it will be the perfect image18:03
ollinew image?18:03
ogra_olli, and then we can all take a week of vacation since all topblockers are in18:03
ollihad some issues in the current one18:03
ogra_olli, yes, the candidate image ...18:03
olliogra_, you yourself announced 2 GMs18:03
=== alan_g is now known as alan_g|EOD
sil2100olli: image will be spinned pretty soon18:03
ogra_olli, right ... now we dont need the second one and can alll go off and slack for a week :P18:03
ollithat's right18:04
ogra_this image with be *perfect*18:04
sil2100ogra_, olli: ...assuming that QA won't find anything during regression testing!18:04
ogra_nevar !18:04
olliso, we are done silo testing18:04
ollineed to do a sanity check and then the regression check18:05
olliis that where we are at?18:05
ogra_well, first an image ....18:05
olliwell done everyone18:05
ogra_ToyKeeper will pick that up and do sanity testing over night18:05
olliI assume the image building process is something we already have under control ;)18:05
ogra_and tomorrow morning we know where we stand18:05
ogra_everything is under control ... enjoy the hotelbar :)18:06
olliif only18:06
sil2100olli: go get drunk!18:06
john-mcaleelythey've promised me a drink. how long before I push the tarball?18:07
ogra_oh, and it see there are also new langpacks ... just in time for this image18:08
ogra_hmm, or not18:09
oSoMoNrobru, has the binary copy of oxide-qt to silo 17 failed, or is it just still pending?18:09
rvrahayzen: Translating the strings18:09
sil2100oSoMoN: binary copies are almost instant18:10
ahayzenrvr, thanks :) i switched the default view of the translations page over to the remix series18:10
sil2100oSoMoN: so it either failed, or maybe robru didn't do it yet18:10
robrusil2100: i did it18:10
oSoMoNsil2100, yeah, that’s what I thought, so I’m surprised it’s not appeared in the PPA yet18:10
robruoSoMoN: must have failed. maybe another ppa too small? ;-)18:11
oSoMoNrobru, is there any way to check for errors? maybe the size of the PPA is insufficient (oxide with its debug packages is typically larger than 2GB)18:11
cjwatson[2014-11-19 17:11:19,756: INFO/PoolWorker-2] <PlainPackageCopyJob to copy package oxide-qt from ~ubuntu-mozilla-security/ubuntu/ppa, RELEASE pocket, in ubuntu vivid to ~ci-train-ppa-service/ubuntu-rtm/landing-017, RELEASE pocket, in ubuntu vivid, including binaries>18:11
cjwatson (ID 25591849) failed with user error CannotCopy(u'oxide-qt 1.3.4-0ubuntu1 in vivid (Series ubuntu vivid not supported in archive for ubuntu-rtm.)',).18:11
cjwatsonYou need to use --to-suite=14.0918:11
cjwatsonAssuming you did this by hand with copy-package18:11
oSoMoNwait, this needs to happen for vivid, not for RTM (oxide 1.3.4 already landed in RTM)18:12
cjwatsonOK, or you need to copy to somewhere else :-)18:12
cjwatsonAnyway, distribution and suite need to match.  I expect you'll get mail about this shortly, assuming you ran the copy with your normal user privileges18:13
fginthercamako, hey. alan_g had a question about some test results on jenkins. The difference is probably the host itself. I've disabled it for now for mir, so you can try and re-approve those MPs18:13
oSoMoNrobru, wrong target PPA indeed…18:14
rvrahayzen: Done18:14
ahayzenrvr, awesome thanks :) are you wanting these translations in this image?18:14
fginthercamako, it's not a good solution, but hopefully it removes the immediate problem and allows for less stressful debugging18:15
robruah did i copy it to rtm? crap18:15
robruoff-by-one error in the copy-packages page ;-)18:15
robruok I can copy again18:15
rvrahayzen: Yeeees, please18:15
rvrIf possible18:15
fginthercamako, Here's at least one MP that failed due to this issue and can be re-approved - https://code.launchpad.net/~alan-griffiths/mir/migrate-more-acceptances-tests/+merge/24209418:15
ahayzenrvr, hmmm we need to manually trigger lp to merge them and push a new click... dpm popey possible?18:15
camakofginther, it's pretty easy to make the tests pass on our end... we'd like to understand and root-cause it though18:16
ogra_oookay ... all landed18:16
* ogra_ fires up the rootfs build18:16
rvrahayzen: You can download the .pot file https://translations.launchpad.net/music-app/remix/+pots/music-app/es/+export18:16
fginthercamako, the host that ran the failed test runs was a newly created cloud instance. It was probably built from a newer image then the other builder nodes18:17
oSoMoNrobru, yes please, if you don’t mind18:17
ahayzenrvr, usually launchpad merges the other languages in the morning for us automatically18:17
fginthercamako, I've gotta run. Can try to pick this up as soon as possible18:17
camakofginther, ok thanks18:17
ahayzenrvr, that maybe the way of doing it ? .. but i don't know how it works i usually ask dpm :)18:17
dpmahayzen, it's not possible to trigger a translations export (it happens every morning at around 8:00), but you can manually download a tarball of all the .po files, commit them to the source tree, submit a new MP and let Jenkins build the click18:18
robruoSoMoN: ok done, sorry about that18:18
oSoMoNrobru, no worries, thanks!18:18
ahayzendpm, is there a place where i can download all of the .po's?18:18
dpmahayzen, I'd say unless it's urgent to get a release out today, it's not worth the hassle and we can wait until the automatic export tomorrow18:18
imgbot=== trainguards: RTM IMAGE 166 building (started: 20141119 18:20) ===18:18
ahayzendpm, ok :) ... rvr ^^ ?18:18
ogra_there we go18:18
* john-mcaleely waits for a ping18:19
dpmahayzen, you can use the download link at https://translations.launchpad.net/music-app/remix/+pots/music-app18:19
ogra_john-mcaleely, cwayne1, land your tarballs at your conveninece18:19
john-mcaleelyogra_, thank you. starting now18:19
rvrahayzen: dpm: Yup, a bit late for today, image 166 is building right now18:19
sil2100jibel, ToyKeeper: promotion candidate building, in ~2h you should have something for sanity testing o/18:19
john-mcaleelyogra_, done18:20
ahayzenrvr, cool we'll push out a click tomorrow when it lands then :) thanks for doing the translations18:20
sil2100ogra_: how's the adbd change going btw.?18:21
cwayne1ogra_: done18:21
ogra_sil2100, havent found the time for it today, i'll make it ota-1 (or land it next week) it is corner case enough ... and the bits that just landed should prevent it from having actual impact18:22
sil2100ogra_: right, just been wondering - anyway, I think it's time for you to rest today as well o/18:22
sil2100All in the hands of QA18:22
ogra_once everything is done i will :)18:22
* ogra_ watches https://launchpad.net/~ubuntu-cdimage/+livefs/ubuntu-rtm/14.09/ubuntu-touch18:22
ogra_sil2100, so langpack imports are set up for tuesday nights now for the future ... that way we will have the before the candidate images on wednesdays in the future18:23
ogra_i was hoping to get a full langpack set before todays image ... but that kind of slipped18:24
sil2100Langpack-only changes seem safe, so we can spin an image sometime later if needed18:30
ogra_sil2100, hmm, "We will unblock ubuntu-rtm landings ..."18:37
ogra_will we ?18:37
sil2100ogra_: for future topblockers we will, those that we mark for the next milestone (if we find any)18:37
sil2100I guess18:37
ogra_i would expect our manager trio to define new ones for next week18:38
ogra_level2 topblockers :)18:38
sil2100hah ;)18:44
ogra_rootfs built ... re-enabling the importer19:12
Saviqtrainguards, could I have a silo for line 79 please?19:14
sil2100ogra_: o/19:30
ogra_sleep well19:30
robruSaviq: ok, vivid 30, dont' forget about vivid 11 too ;-)19:31
Saviqrobru, that one's a testing silo only, will probably clean it out soon19:32
Saviqrobru, thanks19:32
robruSaviq: you're welcome19:32
elopioplars: do we have phones on the lab with real sims and a carrier contract so they can receive real SMS ?19:50
plarselopio: no19:50
=== plars changed the topic of #ubuntu-ci-eng to: Need a silo? ping trainguards | Need help with something else? ping cihelp | Train Dashboard: http://bit.ly/1mDv1FS | QA Signoffs: http://bit.ly/1qMAKYd | Known Issues: RTM Archive frozen (no new silos landing) ! RTM cron builds disabled
imgbot=== trainguards: RTM IMAGE 166 DONE (finished: 20141119 19:55) ===19:53
imgbot=== changelog: http://people.canonical.com/~ogra/touch-image-stats/rtm/166.changes ===19:53
ogra_ToyKeeper, thats yours :D ^^^19:54
ToyKeeperogra_: Thanks.  :)19:54
ogra_oh, how did sudoku get in there ?19:54
ToyKeeperI've had issues lately getting xchat to notify me on imgbot messages.19:55
ogra_popey, balloons ^^^19:55
ToyKeeperogra_: Er, don't tell me we need to rebuild to remove sudoku...  (?)19:56
balloonsogra_, oO sudoku :-)19:56
ogra_ToyKeeper, lol, nope19:56
balloonsit was obviously in the previous image..19:56
ogra_ToyKeeper, i just want to know why it landed, it didnt have a topblocker bug and wasnt approved for landing19:56
ToyKeeperIt's far from the only custom tarball change which landed without a topblocker bug...19:57
ogra_balloons, it wasnt supposed to be updated without whishlist approval19:57
balloonsogra_, I didn't land it. However my guess is it was not expected to be in the image, and thus free of whitelisting landings19:57
ogra_ToyKeeper, well, in this case it means someone didnt follow the process and uploaded an update to the store19:57
balloonsit's not on the list for 'in image'19:58
ToyKeeperI was very surprised to see new design changes in yesterday's image; thought those were on hold until after release.19:58
ogra_it definitely is on the image ...19:58
ogra_was there since day one19:58
ogra_ToyKeeper, most of them were ripped out again19:58
ToyKeeperHowever, I was also pleasantly surprised to see how things are going on mako lately.  Mako rtm seems really smooth and solid.19:59
* ogra_ was surprised to see *these* design changes .. it felt like no designer had ever seen them 19:59
balloonsogra_, yes that's obvious. I'm saying I don't think it's on popey's list of apps to hold.. For example,  calendar is updated freely; indeed it was updated today too19:59
ogra_yeah, thats fine until we pull it on again20:00
ogra_(whouch should happen with some ota release20:00
balloonsyes, *soon*20:00
ogra_hopefully :)20:00
* ogra_ wants it by default again ... 20:01
ogra_and a timer and stopwatch20:01
ogra_oh, and a pony20:01
ToyKeeperI still wonder if there's anything we can do about unity8 creating and destroying so many threads all the time.  I got the impression that's caused by a layer too low for us to fix.20:04
ogra_thats a tedg and ricmm thing ...20:05
ogra_i guess20:05
tedgShouldn't be a tedg thing...20:05
ogra_hah, shouldnt ...20:06
tedgMight be a scopes thing :-)20:06
ogra_see, it was a tedg thing to point in the right direction ;)20:06
nik90_ogra_: you know everytime someone uses the keyword "timer", "stopwatch" or "wake", I am pinged....stop doing that :P20:07
ogra_dbarth, the G+ app on my phone only shows the desktop page20:13
dbarthogra_: recent change?20:14
ogra_dbarth, the image is still warm, yes ... i just updated to 166 which had the new oxide and webbrowser-app landed20:15
ogra_same thing if i open plus.google.com in the browser btw20:15
dbarthogra_: which new webbrowser-app? ie from which silo?20:15
ogra_the one that landed today in rtm http://people.canonical.com/~ogra/touch-image-stats/rtm/166.changes20:15
ogra_i think that was in silo rtm 3 when it landed20:16
dbarthah i see the change20:16
ogra_wow, most annoying, you cant even scroll in the G+ page without pulling up the keyboard with every swipe20:16
dbarthi tested this one this afternoon20:16
ogra_other webapps are fine it seems20:19
dbarthogra_: i have the very same version of webapp-container running right now20:21
dbarthon rtm/krillin20:21
dbarththe g+ webview looks fine here20:22
ogra_weird, for me it opens the desktop page in both, the webapp and the browser20:22
ogra_heh, it offers me hangouts20:24
ogra_and clicking "start hangout" indeed crashes the browser20:24
ogra_oh !20:25
ogra_and after the restart i get the mobile page !!20:25
dbarthi've seen that occasionnally with youtube20:25
dbarthwhere it gets confused because of a cookie or so20:25
ogra_yeah, the G+ app still has the desktop page20:26
dbarthogra_: can you try the refresh button in the header20:26
ogra_there is none in that G+ app20:27
ogra_its fullscreen20:27
dbarthalso maybe navigating to the settings page from the drawer menu20:27
dbarththe g+ header itself20:27
ogra_(not using xnox' one ... )20:27
dbarththe black one20:27
iahmadcwayne1, re wrong distances bug, on very first boot, I can still see distances though on refresh they disappear20:27
ogra_dbarth, thats the point, there is no such header on the desktop version of the page20:28
cwayne1iahmad: was that after an ota?20:28
ogra_i can click the Google+ logo but that only refreshes the page20:28
iahmadcwayne1, nops, flash with --wipe20:28
dbarthah well, i'm seeing the mobile version20:28
dbarthlet me check on my desktop20:28
ogra_i must say that the content rendering is miles better in the desktop page20:28
ogra_and our browser can obviously easily cope with it20:29
ogra_to sad the fonts are unreadable small20:29
dbarthit's blink behind, so it does, yes20:29
ogra_damn ...20:30
* ogra_ goes and removes the app and all traces of it 20:30
dbarthogra_: i suspect a cookie pb still20:30
ogra_lets see if it goes away after re-installing it afresh20:30
dbarthright, we are adding hooks to clean up caches and settings once you remove a webapp20:30
dbarththis way, people should have a way to get out of that sort of trap20:31
dbarthwithout requiring devmode20:31
dbarthogra_: try to ping alexabreu if the problem persists after that20:32
ogra_i'm actually ponderign to keep it that way ... it is so much snappier !20:32
ogra_and pics are not cut off20:33
dbarthmaybe keep a tarball of the .local/share app directory for later inspection20:33
ogra_gifs are actually playing20:33
ogra_you just have to zoom to read20:33
ogra_hmm, nope20:38
ogra_didnt workk20:38
* popey catches up with conversation about sudoku20:47
popeyI asked balloons to update it in the store.. what's the issue?20:47
ogra_popey, did it have approval and whitelisting ?20:49
popeyno, it's not in the image20:49
ogra_(it is on the image)20:49
popeymako, yes, krillin, no20:49
popeyphablet@ubuntu-phablet:/usr/share/click/preinstalled$ ls -l *sudoku*20:49
popeyls: cannot access *sudoku*: No such file or directory20:49
rsalvetitedg: what is the reason for the indicators to have such a small upstart respawn limit?20:49
rsalvetirespawn limit 2 1020:49
popey http://people.canonical.com/~ogra/touch-image-stats/rtm/166.changes is the mako changelog, right?20:49
ogra_popey, oh, bah ... it is included int the rootfs, so updates show up in the changelog20:50
rsalvetitedg: http://paste.ubuntu.com/9103715/20:50
ogra_popey, no20:50
ogra_it is the rootfs changelog :)20:50
popeyI'm confused ☻20:50
rsalvetitedg: we're about to land https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu-rtm/+bug/1394350, but then if we get an indicator crashing at least twice in a row it'll be already enough for a reboot20:50
ubot5Launchpad bug 1394350 in Ubuntu RTM "[ubuntu-touch] system not recovering automatically when a critical service reaches the upstart respawn limit" [Critical,Confirmed]20:50
ogra_on krillin the custom tarball removes the unwanted clicks20:50
popeyright. super. So panic over.20:50
ogra_all images use the same rootfs20:50
popeyno rules broken20:50
* ogra_ goes back to bang his head aganins G+ 20:51
tedgrsalveti, We kinda put our finger in the air and guessed, but we figured they shouldn't crash more than once, so twice seemed like a good limit...20:51
tedgrsalveti, No "reason" more a guess20:51
rsalvetiright, the default from upstart is 1020:51
ogra_i wonder if xnox' G+ app would work20:51
popeythats broken in terms of image upload20:51
popeywhats up with whatever you're playing with?20:52
rsalvetitedg: if you think we should reboot the phone in case they crash at most 2 times, fine20:52
rsalvetijust a heads up :-)20:52
ogra_popey, with the new oxide it defaults to the desktop page20:52
ogra_which is kind of ok20:52
popeyoxide 1.3?20:52
ogra_i really like that you dont have cut off content etc20:52
ogra_but you miss all notifications (they vanish behind the screen edge) and the fonts are to small to read20:53
ogra_popey, yeah, image 16620:53
tedgrsalveti, Eh, I don't know a better number. If it crashes twice it'll probably do so three times.20:53
rsalvetithat's indeed true20:54
ogra_the browser itslef shows the mobile page again after me madly reloading it like 20 times20:54
ogra_i might just keep a browser tab for seeing the notifications :)20:56
ogra_and the app for reading content (after zooming)20:56
ogra_ah ... all back to normal ... i had forgotten to wipe the QML cache21:03
ogra_great then ...21:05
* ogra_ wanders off to the TV21:05
robruinfinity: cjwatson: can I get a new-binary-package ack on https://ci-train.ubuntu.com/job/ubuntu-landing-002-2-publish/lastSuccessfulBuild/artifact/packaging_changes_ubuntu-keyboard_0.99.trunk.phablet2+15.04.20141119-0ubuntu1.diff ? thanks21:06
bfillerpopey, ogra_ : I'm seeing the desktop sites instead of mobile as well. Is that a regression with oxide 1.3?21:31
infinityrobru: On vacation, find another core-dev sucker. ;)21:45
infinityrobru: Like rsalveti perhaps.21:45
popeybfiller: looks like it21:51

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