goodwillCarlFK: why do you do touch /var/log/lastlog in the isshd.sh ?02:34
CarlFKgoodwill: um... I have no idea.  I suspect I wrote this about 8 years ago.02:37
goodwillCarlFK: is very nice :)02:38
goodwillprolly this: http://www.novell.com/support/kb/doc.php?id=701488102:40
goodwillI'll comment it out for now and see what happens02:40
CarlFKim trying it now02:46
goodwillCarlFK: sorry to bug ya ... I usually like to understand every line of code :)02:58
CarlFKno prob - i'm happy to have my stuff reviewed03:04
CarlFKwell.. I am sshed in, and I see in /var/log/syslog: Nov 19 03:24:41 sshd[27700]: lastlog_openseek: Couldn't stat /var/log/lastlog: No such file or directory03:27
goodwillwhat the blip ... anna-install is literally spitting out random chars03:52
CarlFKhow are you running it?  I boot the net installer, alt-f2 to a # prompt,  anna-install openssh-server-udeb04:04
goodwillCarlFK: from early_command04:20
goodwillCarlFK: and something is not working04:20
goodwillCarlFK: cause I can do anna-install from early command itself04:21
CarlFKah.. I don't think I ever go that working04:21
goodwillbut when I wget a script that has it04:21
goodwilland then run it04:21
goodwillits meh04:21
goodwillhmmm maybe it like runs it inside as string04:24
goodwillthis is bizarre04:31
goodwillCarlFK: so basically running anna-install inside a script at an early stage appears to fail04:58
goodwillsuper odd04:58
CarlFKI saw something in syslog like "openssh-server queued for install"04:58
CarlFKNov 19 03:17:56 anna-install: Queueing udeb openssh-client-udeb for later installation05:00
goodwillexcept that it fails05:03
goodwillwhen it breaks and I go into console and run anna-install there05:04
goodwillit fails as well05:04
goodwillanna-install when ran in the early_command directly, does not fail05:05
CarlFKweird.  logs?05:05
goodwillat this point I am just trying to isolate the problem ... logs are not helping05:06
goodwillwhen I ran anna-install manually I literally get jibberish like ^^[[3005:06
CarlFKhuh, never saw that05:08
goodwillokie ... so you were onto something05:12
goodwillanna-install is queing the install05:12
goodwillso the rest of the script fails cause sshd is not installed05:13
goodwillmaybe this is a solution https://github.com/socrata/preseed-custom-partitioner/blob/master/early_script#L1105:15
goodwillso what that does is queue the install and then runs ints command in the post install script for whatever "download-installer" is05:16
goodwillno idea what that is though yet05:16
goodwillCarlFK: ^^^05:16
goodwillso basically that ^^^05:17
goodwillthat post is pretty nice05:18
CarlFKpreseed_fetch ?05:19
goodwillI think thats just used instead of wget05:20
goodwillto fetch from same location as to where the preseed is at05:20
goodwillso as an alternative I can override /var/lib/dpkg/info/console-setup-udeb.postinst as well05:21
goodwillso when that is installed it runs your script :)05:22
goodwillinstead of the installer05:22
goodwillas a thought05:22
goodwillof course that means I will be installing it05:22
goodwilland have to mark a preseed for it05:22
goodwillpreseed options05:22
goodwilldownload-installer (anna) Retrieve and unpack additional components05:23
goodwillthat is it05:23
goodwilltalk about monkeypatching :)05:24
goodwillCarlFK: thanks for keeping me sane thru this ;)05:26
CarlFKmy pleazure05:26
goodwillCarlFK: I am at your disposal any time you want to bounce things off :)05:27
CarlFKim off for bed - see ya05:30
goodwillni ni05:30
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