tewardif a factoid in Ubottu has a dead link in it, who do I go poke about it?13:56
MikaelaI think you would add the factoid like !no <factoid> is factoid with correct content and link14:26
Mikaelaand then it would alert people who can confirm the change automtically14:26
k1lteward: or name the factoid and the changes in here and people can have a look :)14:32
hggdhUbuntu IRC meeting in 30 minutes (give or take a few).17:27
* genii puts on a fresh pot of coffee and washes out all the mugs17:29
hggdhIRC meeting in 5 minutes17:53
tewardk1l: ack18:28
ubottufan is Control the fan  on/off  http://www.ubuntuforums.org/archive/index.php/t-12058.html18:28
teward^ the link there is a whitepage, no error or anything18:28
k1lyeah, for me too.18:28
tewardchecked in Chrome, Firefox, Safari for iOS, and also Tor Browser because I'm weird.18:29
tewardalso checked in IE on my win7 vm, also doesn't work.18:29
phunyguyHello, if anyone from IRCC is around, I was told to poke in here about getting a cloak change18:29
tewardso either the factoid needs revising, or nuked to oblivion.18:29
k1lthe page is gone in ubuntuforums. i think the factoid can go if that is not helping anyway18:30
tewardk1l: the factoid was called in #ubuntu today, and if the link and page is just gone, then it's not really worth keeping the factoid, in my opinion18:32
tewardunless an alternate page can be found18:32
tewardthe relevant logs for that are here: http://irclogs.ubuntu.com/2014/11/19/%23ubuntu.html#t13:5318:37
hggdhnow showing the Ubuntu membership18:45
hggdhphunyguy: the cloak as phunguy, or your LP id?18:45
phunyguyphunyguy is just fine18:46
phunyguythank you :)18:46
hggdhstaff: can we please have a cloak ubuntu/member/phunguy for phunyguy18:46
hggdhphunyguy: now we wait a bit; if no response here, we go and poke #freenode18:47
nikophunyguy: congrats18:48
phunyguythanks niko18:49
hggdhniko: thank you18:49
rww /msg nickserv info phunyguy18:50
rwwhggdh: I think you spelled that wrong18:50
rwwniko ^18:50
phunyguyhaha :P18:51
nikoyes hello18:51
k1lfreenode went out of y and needs to reduce the usage now18:51
hggdhniko: awfully sorry, but my dyslexia hit again. Can you please s/phunguy/phunyguy/18:51
hggdhon the cloak18:51
hggdhniko: in your debt. I do appreciate it18:51
hggdhphunyguy: sorry, I *always* read your nick as 'phun' 'guy'18:52
phunyguyit's OK :)18:52
phunyguywe are human after all18:52
hggdhfor the record, it is haggadah18:52
* Mikaela wonders what hers is18:56
FuchsI assume it usually depends on where people pronouncing it do come from. E.g. I'd read it in Swiss German.18:59
rwwspeaking of people's nick pronounciations...19:00
* Fuchs looks at rawrawr19:00
Fuchsyes, that :p19:00

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