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nilujeI have a linux 3.17 (server A) and a linux 3.2.34 (server B) with a MTU of 9000 trying to contact a host with a MTU of 9001 through internet13:58
nilujeI also have a Python script that tries to send a TCP packet larger than 1500 bytes13:59
nilujeIn both servers, net.ipv4.ip_no_pmtu_disc is set to 013:59
nilujeon server B, I receive a ICMP response "need to frag (mtu 1500)"14:00
nilujethen, the packet is fragmented and resent: everything is fine14:00
nilujeon server A, I receive the same ICMP response14:00
nilujebut the kernel reemits the packet, unfragmented14:00
niluje(then I receive again an ICMP response, then the packet is reemited again, ...)14:01
nilujeIn the script that sends the TCP packet, I call getsockopt() to get the MTU value14:02
nilujeon server A, it is 9000 (??), on server B 150014:02
nilujeon server A and B, tracepath finds a MTU of 1500 (which is correct)14:02
nilujeany idea about what the problem might be? about what I can try?14:03
henrixcmagina: hi! any chances of having bug #1386261 for the utopic kernel?15:10
ubot5bug 1386261 in linux (Ubuntu) "xgene-pcie: Fix max payload size and phantom function configuration" [High,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/138626115:10
cmaginahenrix: sure, marked it as verified. hadn't been getting a lot of runtime on utopic due to a kernel change that breaks the platform that fix is for15:21
henrixcmagina: awesome, thanks15:21
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