dholbachgood morning07:46
* wxl waves07:46
cmaloneyQuestion: Who do I contact to ask if lists.ubuntu.com could be set up to do SPF checking?14:12
cmaloneyI'm noticing mail spam being sent to "ubuntu-us-me-owner@lists.ubuntu.com" or "ubuntu-us-ma-owner@lists.ubuntu.com" that are a) getting sent to me (ubuntu-us-mi-owner@lists.ubuntu.com) and b) are not being sent from whatever domain they claim to be sending from14:13
mhall119cmaloney: ask in #canonical-sysadmins15:56
cmaloneymhall119: Thanks.16:09
cmaloneyI think that's not on freenode?16:10
cmaloneyBecause it was just me and Chanserv16:10
cmaloneyAh, not plural. :)16:11
mhall119cmaloney: sorry, I always get that wrong16:19
cmaloneyno worries. :)16:19
cmaloneyWas hoping it wasn't the traditional "go away kid, you bother me" channel suggestion. ;)16:19
cmaloneyThey told me to send to rt@ubuntu.com16:20
cmaloneyWhich I'd forgotten was the canonical Canonical sysadmin address16:20
prutsergoeden avond  allemaal 22:17
prutserik heb een problempje met mijn bureau blad en mis nu meerdere bureau bladen die zijn in 14.04 niet meer standaard en kan in de software wegfen die ik kan bedenken 22:19
prutsergeen software vinden om meerdere bureaubladen te kunnen gebruiken   ??22:19
prutsercan someone help me out of this elende dat ik in bin nu?/22:20

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