RAOFTrevinho: I take it invalidate_for_new_frame isn't called by anything?00:25
TrevinhoRAOF: it's called by gtkwindow as it's used as function overrider in gtkmirwindowimpl00:26
RAOFAh, ok.00:26
TrevinhoRAOF: so at the end in gdkwindow.c at line 365300:27
RAOFWhy does it bail early if not using GL? You still need to account for previous damage (unless you always do full-window repaints when not using GL?)00:27
TrevinhoRAOF: not sure I undestood what you mean...00:28
Trevinhoah, the function...00:29
Trevinhowell, when not using gl it shouldn't be called at all, in that case it uses a 2d surface00:29
TrevinhoRAOF: basically this function works only when a gdkgl area is used, which happens only when using a gtkglarea, not for all the rest of the widgets00:30
RAOFFair chop.00:32
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dufluWow, src/server/ is 317 files now. No wonder I'm still getting lost07:43
mlankhorstwhy so many?07:46
duflumlankhorst: Mir does more than you think08:14
dufluJust not all that you want (yet)\08:14
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duflualan_g: Any idea why C++ says you can't get to namespace local things in the parameter list, but can in the function body?09:25
alan_gduflu: do you means something different to what I understand by "namespace local things"?09:26
duflualan_g: I mean a function parameter list must use full namespace spec, and can't implicitly get to the namespace the function is in09:27
dufluI guess parameter list is different scope to the body09:27
alan_gI don't believe that is true.09:27
alan_gGive an example09:27
duflualan_g:   mir::shell::Something::doit(shell::Type x)09:28
alan_gLike mir::logging::Logger::log(Severity, ...)?09:29
alan_gThat works09:29
duflualan_g: Maybe it's a different issue. No big deal.09:30
mlankhorstduflu: yeah, I would really like to have support for multiple keyboard/etc09:32
duflumlankhorst: If that's your only complaint then we're doing well09:33
duflumlankhorst: Find the egl examples?09:33
dufluWe have a few09:33
mlankhorstwell, no09:33
mlankhorstwindow management is lacking, makes rootless hard09:33
duflumlankhorst: Working on that right this moment09:34
duflumlankhorst: You know how to use mir_server_demo_shell?09:34
mlankhorstno, not at all09:34
duflumlankhorst: Very primitive WM: http://unity.ubuntu.com/mir/demo_shell_controls.html09:35
mlankhorstdon't even know the differences between all those mir servers09:35
mlankhorstoh and support for synaptics would b enice09:36
anpok_working on it09:36
duflumlankhorst: I think anpok is working on libinput now09:36
anpok_and the underlying libevdev is causing some trouble with umockdev09:37
mlankhorstwhat about support for dumping keymappings so I can tell X about them?09:37
duflualan_g: I didn't realise yesterday that "Shell" is a class already :)09:58
duflualan_g: So I'm side-stepping that and making a "WindowManager" to avoid changing too much at once09:58
alan_gI don't know what your trying to solve. I thought I explained why there wasn't a problem yesterday09:59
duflualan_g: I'm avoiding large changes suggested yesterday09:59
dufluThese are less invasive10:00
dufluNot final, but smaller steps10:00
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mlankhorstwho knows more about the lifetime management of the buffers with mesa?10:23
duflumlankhorst: A client is guaranteed to own any buffer the server gives it till the next swap10:26
dufluThat's possibly all you need to know in the client10:26
mlankhorstduflu: yes, but what happens if I cache the fd's, should that work?10:27
duflumlankhorst: Possibly not. The server might resize the surface once it gets it back. And I think that could mean the old one is gone10:28
dufluResize means delete buffers when it's safe and replace them with new ones of the new size10:28
mlankhorstdoes it reset the buffer age in that case?10:28
duflumlankhorst: Don't know. It _should_ I guess but unsure10:29
mlankhorstmm *checks how xorg-mir does it*10:29
mlankhorstok it just does the whole dance over and over10:31
mlankhorstduflu: but is it really a good idea that the fastpath is gbm_bo_import, eglCreateImageKHR, glGenTextures, glEGLImageTargetTexture2DOES, glDeleteTextures, eglDestroyImageKHR, gbm_bo_destroy ?10:47
duflumlankhorst: *shrug*10:48
mlankhorstduflu: what about the drm fd, is that a new one only used by the device?10:57
duflumlankhorst: I have lost context, sorry. Would have to dig through source to answer anything like that10:58
mlankhorstoh oops10:58
mlankhorst*checks if gbm closes the drm fd or not*10:59
mlankhorsteven dup'ing seems to be affected, great11:08
dufluWoo, working on-the-fly WM policy11:24
dufluJust needs a few days to make it nice11:24
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* alan_g wonders if he's the only one to find the log messages now coming from the tests a PITA13:59
kdubalan_g, I do too... was thinking of logging a bug :)14:11
ubot5Launchpad bug 1394221 in Mir "acceptance_tests are too chatty" [Medium,New]14:19
alan_gcamako: the AnonymousShmFile tests should pass on kernel 3.13 shouldn't they? https://code.launchpad.net/~alan-griffiths/mir/migrate-more-acceptances-tests/+merge/242094/comments/59631514:26
mlankhorstugh found my issue, I had to RTFM14:45
mlankhorst"If the EGL rendering context context is not current to any thread, eglDestroyContext destroys it immediately. Otherwise, context is destroyed when it becomes not current to any14:45
mlankhorst                    thread."14:45
mlankhorstx11perf works again now, and I no longer get those weird issues I was having..14:47
mlankhorstthe basic functionality is now stable, on towards handling resizing events I guess. :P14:53
camakoalan_g, yes they should15:05
alan_gcamako: thanks15:06
anpok_mlankhorst: cool15:21
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attente_hi, is there any progress on https://bugs.launchpad.net/mir/+bug/1391976? i can't seem to get unity8 running from trunk because of it17:58
ubot5Launchpad bug 1391976 in Mir "Loading libmircommon.so twice leads to a segfault in protobuf code" [High,Confirmed]17:58
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