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hggdhUbuntu IRC meeting in 30 minutes17:28
hggdhIRC meeting in 5 minutes17:54
genii@expire 50720 1m20:20
rwwitym @duration20:20
genii@duration 50720 1m20:22
ubottuFailed to set duration time on 50720 (not a ban or quiet)20:22
genii@duration 63778 1m20:30
ubottu63778 will be removed after 1 minute.20:30
genii@duration 59931 1m20:35
ubottu59931 will be removed after 1 minute.20:35
genii@duration 59742 1m20:36
ubottuFailed to set duration time on 59742 (not a ban or quiet)20:36
genii@duration 58336 1m20:37
ubottuFailed to set duration time on 58336 (unknow id)20:37
Jordan_UThat's odd.20:39
Jordan_UAnd while we're on the subject of odd problems with ubottu...20:39
Jordan_U@duration 59201 1 minute20:39
ubottuFailed to set duration time on 59201 (bans not in sync)20:39
geniirww: All of my other ones which could have been lifted, other ops already removed long ago.20:41
rwwthe "bans not in sync" error means the ban is in bantracker but not on the actual channel banlist. to fix thise:20:42
rww@help clearban20:42
ubottu(clearban <id>[,<id> ...] [<comment>]) -- Marks the ban with <id> as removed with <comment>, if no comment is given it defaults to "Cleared by $nick".20:42
Jordan_U@clearban 5920120:44
ubottuRemoved 5920120:44
Jordan_Urww: Thanks.20:44
geniirww: Any idea what the "unknow id" is?20:46
rww@duration 58336 1m20:46
ubottu58336 will be removed after 1 minute.20:46
rwwsilly bot20:47
rwwand then "not a ban or quiet" is because it was a kick20:47
rwwor remove, one or the other20:47
rwwor mark, i guess20:47
geniiYeah, I finally caught on after I tried that twice and then re-checked BT20:47
geniiThe majority of my other actual bans are mostly stuff like HFS and similar which have to stay20:49
rwwtbqh i think we need a big red "this ban needs to stay until something remarkable happens" button on bantracker :320:50
rwwalthough IP-based bans on HFSPLUS can probably go if they're more than a few days old. he changes it constantly20:50
rww(nick and what not should stay, obv)20:50
rwws/what not/such/20:50
DJonesI changed my mind about that, if HFSplus joins & isn't banned he trolls, if he is banned he changes nick and still trolls, if HFSplus isn't banned, its obvious when its himand easier to kick wothout thinking  is it hfsplus20:53
DJonesWhat seems to work best for him, is just removing from the channel & he stops (as far as I can see anyway)20:55
rwwchanged your mind about nickbans, I think that means?20:56
rwwif so, yeah, that's the downside of them. I don't tend to set them because it makes it harder to notice the trolls20:56
DJonesNot so much nickbans as a whole, but more for persitent trolls, we may as well make it easy for them to hilight themselves21:03
* rww nods21:04
DJonesRather than forcing them to use a random unknown nick21:04
Jordan_Uk1l: You're still op'd in #ubuntu.21:11
babyspicehfsplus is drunk23:00
elkyyou're always drunk23:00
babyspiceelky, no shitttttt23:00
babyspicenoooooooo waaaaaaaaaa23:00

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