veebersalesage: heh, just had a quick glance you need to remove the placeholder code in MockClock (i.e. the prints and the comments) :-)00:03
Nothing_Muchdoes the 640x480 bug appear in other flavors of Ubuntu in VBox?00:18
alesageveebers, O I thought this was production code ;)00:23
alesageveebers, updated00:28
thetoxicarcadehttps://drive.google.com/file/d/0B1bma_pJzwFFLXU1bzBBaEp6TWs/view?usp=sharing Crazy UI idea00:55
elopioalesage, reviewed. Ping me if you want to discuss something.01:12
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balloonsthetoxicarcade, https://launchpad.net/errors03:53
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GeochrHi all, i have a small question. I traslated a package about one year before, but the translations never updated in ubuntu...I sent an email to the "Project Maintainer" but he told me that he will find a new maintainer.Since our last email never hapends (4 months ago). Is trere a way to push the translations ?12:21
balloonsGeochr, which project?14:06
balloonsgood morning all!14:21
* dkessel takes out his looooooong arm and waves across the ocean to balloons14:37
balloonsdkessel, guten tag. wie gehts?14:39
dkesselballoons: danke, ganz gut :) ich hoffe dir auch?14:44
balloonsja. kalt hier aber sonnenschein14:46
balloonsthus is the limit of my german ;p14:46
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dkesselhehe :)15:46
Geochrballoons,  Sorry for the delay answer. The project is: https://launchpad.net/screenruler and the packages in ubuntu is: https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/screenruler15:49
balloonsGeochr, #ubuntu-translators is really the best place to ask, but checkout https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Translations/LpProjectConfiguration to make sure the project is setup for translation. AFAIK, it should be automatic. New builds should be generated as soon as you add new translations15:52
dkesselit is so nice when you have people coming in your office and asking you where to put the resources required by their automatic tests :)15:54
dkesselthat's when you know that your automated testing workshop had an effect :D15:54
Geochrballoons thanks for the info but for translations updates isn't commanded by translation team, am i wrong?16:00
balloonsGeochr, no, again afaik if the project is setup right in launchpad it's automatic. the translations folks will certainly have the definitive answer and will know how to setup the project if it's not setup properly16:01
Geochrok i catch it!16:13
alesagetedg you asked about building debug packages on a branch as well, could you say a little more pls?18:12
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Letozaf_hello balloons you there ?20:11
balloonsLetozaf_, hello20:13
Letozaf_balloons, I made a change to the filemanager mp, but not sure it works20:14
Letozaf_balloons, there aren't many properties to check to see if Places page is loaded20:14
balloonsLetozaf_, ack. Did you push it to the branch? I can pull and update it20:15
Letozaf_balloons, yes20:15
Letozaf_balloons, if fails :( but it looks like it clicked on Devices though20:17
Letozaf_balloons, I think I made an error in the code :-P20:19
balloonsohh, you think you got the answer?20:19
Letozaf_balloons, ye, to the failure on Jenkins I made an error in the code, I will fix this now20:20
balloonsLetozaf_, kk.20:21
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Letozaf_balloons, I have tried to run my test on the device with: ADT_AUTOPILOT_MODULE="-v filemanager.tests.test_places.PlacesTestCase.test_go_to_root_must_open_the_root_directory" adt-run ubuntu-filemanager-app --click=com.ubuntu.filemanager_0.4.345_armhf.click --- ssh -s adb -- -p xxxx  but I get an error: http://paste.ubuntu.com/9103563/    yesterday as I recall I did not get errors20:39
Letozaf_balloons, what is it, did I bork something ?20:40
balloonsLetozaf_, seems odd20:43
balloonsLetozaf_, I wouldn't worry about it though. Let's get it passing on jenkins20:43
Letozaf_balloons, ok, I pushed again, let wait and see what happens20:48
balloonsLetozaf_, autopilot3-sandbox-run -s 400x600x24 -X filemanager.tests.test_places.PlacesTestCase.test_go_to_root_must_open_the_root_directory20:49
Letozaf_balloons, ... let me try it :)20:50
thetoxicarcadehey! check this out:
balloonsthetoxicarcade, ohh what's that?20:51
balloonsthetoxicarcade, btw errors.ubuntu.com is20:51
thetoxicarcadealready for only canonical?20:51
thetoxicarcadeooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhh :D20:51
thetoxicarcadeyeah because I needed the raw information before yui3.js uses it because I'm creating things with d3.js20:52
balloonsif you want more info about it, ping bdmurray20:53
Letozaf_balloons, other weired thing: http://paste.ubuntu.com/9103787/20:53
thetoxicarcade<3 thank you Mr. Nicholas Skaggs of Canonical, tribe of the hangout engineers,20:53
balloonsLetozaf_, yep I get same error. before it just failed20:54
Letozaf_lol thetoxicarcade is beeing "romantic"20:54
balloonsI suspect the update broke things20:54
* balloons looks at what you changed20:54
thetoxicarcadeso that's what autopilot logs look like <.<20:54
Letozaf_thetoxicarcade, nooo it's much better :)20:54
knometoo bromantic for my taste20:55
thetoxicarcadeI think I've already started begging for jobs (and I haven't even contributed to the community yet)20:55
thetoxicarcade21:50:48.928 DEBUG _X11:347 - Moving mouse to position 160,592 with animation.20:56
thetoxicarcade21:50:49.262 DEBUG _X11:390 - The mouse is now at position 160,592." oh. my. god.20:56
thetoxicarcadeH*** YES20:56
Letozaf_balloons, I think we should show thetoxicarcade a video of an autopilot test to show him "the magic" :-)20:57
* Letozaf_ is searching for one20:58
* thetoxicarcade is in a libary working20:58
balloonsLetozaf_, so I tweaked your change a bit for rev 34520:58
Letozaf_balloons, what did you find ?20:58
thetoxicarcadeQuestion: if I can come up with something less lame then the current bug interface, can that replace the bug system?20:58
* Letozaf_ is taking a look too20:59
balloonsLetozaf_, shouldn't be self.placepage. In addition, did you mean to remove page.active.wait_for(True)?20:59
Letozaf_balloons, no I added that, couldn't find a better property to check for checking if Places page is loaded21:00
thetoxicarcadeballoons/Letozaf_, can autopilot be invoked automatically (like in an iso test) or does it have to be booted manually and invoked?21:01
thetoxicarcadeHow formal are these logs? I read the shpeel on "your logs are recorded" but...21:02
balloonsthetoxicarcade, look at lp:ubiquity if you want to see that21:02
balloonsthetoxicarcade, autopilot can output to xml or subunit21:02
thomi... but we don't like to talk about xml ;)21:04
thomisubunit forever!21:04
* thomi goes back to work21:04
Letozaf_thomi, lol21:04
thetoxicarcadeyou guys are like a bad uncle that lets his nephews play with fireworks (in his bunker full of fireworks and cellphones). LOVE EEEET.21:05
Letozaf_balloons, I fixed that wrong self  :-P21:05
balloonsLetozaf_, your changes in r 345 don't help21:06
balloonslooks like             return self.wait_select_single(PlacesPage) is wait is not happening properly21:07
Letozaf_balloons, the weired thing is that I just added one line today, and yesterday I did not have this issue, so I am quite puzzled21:07
Letozaf_balloons, if I comment line 80 placespage.active.wait_for(True)  and run the test on the desktop in phone mode, the test passes21:14
balloonsLetozaf_, this works for me: http://paste.ubuntu.com/9104213/21:18
balloonsyou can see all the stuff I tried21:18
balloonselopio, you about?21:18
balloonsMy brain is a bit hazy, but basically waiting for the flickable object to no longer exist gets us what we need21:19
elopioballoons: here.21:19
thetoxicarcade<.< tried to explain it to work people and they're just like "huh?" *checks out more books*21:19
Letozaf_balloons, oh! thanks didn't know that :-)   thanks a lot21:20
balloonsLetozaf_, so we have our answer21:23
balloonsLetozaf_, I left the diff as a comment. Make the changes and let's merge ;-)21:24
Letozaf_balloons, thanks21:24
knomeballoons, how sad is http://status.ubuntu.com/ubuntu-v/ :|21:24
balloonsDoes it make sense? In the end since the 'flickable' only exists while the page is moving, waiting for it to be destroyed means the page is loaded, which means we can interact with it :-)21:24
Letozaf_balloons, yeah makes sense21:25
balloonsknome, I still haven't added my stuff. It does seem like how we work is changing / has changed21:25
elfyknome: is that just us and server who've actually got blueprints?21:25
balloonspeople want to be more agile than 6 month cycles21:25
knomeelfy, just us who use the status tracker21:26
knomeballoons, the whole agile stuff has been around for years, and i've never really understood it21:26
balloonswell, heh, I wasn't trying to say agile itself.. more of the original meaning. People want to do things faste21:27
balloonsthough agile is popular21:27
knomeand often wrongly perceived21:27
balloonsLetozaf_, I'll be glad to move on from this..It's funny how you did 99% then got stuck on the last bit21:27
knomebesides, in a way, tracking what's done is hardly contrary to doing things in the agile mindset21:28
Letozaf_balloons, yeah I did not know about the destroy thing :-P so I did not know how to solve the issue21:28
Letozaf_balloons, everything is working now also the autopilot3-sandbox-run...21:32
Letozaf_balloons, I pushed, let's wait and see21:32
balloonsLetozaf_, I knew about it, but forget.. hehe.21:32
Letozaf_balloons, :-P21:33
balloonsknome, yes you are correct. Tracking work doesn't force you to work it in any particular manner21:33
balloonsper say  . . .21:33
* dkessel keeps his fingers crossed for Letozaf_ ...21:34
Letozaf_dkessel, thanks :-)21:35
knomeballoons, and not tracking stuff makes is less transparent..21:37
Letozaf_balloons, dkessel PASSED  \o/21:43
Letozaf_thanks balloons21:43
Letozaf_wouldn't have made it without your help :-)21:43
dkesselwoohoo :)21:44
dkesselgood job Letozaf_ :)21:44
Letozaf_dkessel, thank you21:44
dkesselfantastico :D21:45
* Letozaf_ is surpriese dkessel knows italian ?21:46
Letozaf_dkessel, yeah fantastico21:46
dkesselun poco21:46
* dkessel only spent two weeks in italy21:47
Letozaf_dkessel, pitty I do not know german21:47
Letozaf_dkessel, well that's good for only two weeks stay in italy21:47
Letozaf_ok guys must go to bed now :-)21:48
Letozaf_good night21:48
knomebuona notte21:49
balloonsI approved Letozaf_ :-)21:49
balloonsdkessel, how's the UI changes coming btw?21:49
* balloons wants screenshots :p21:49
balloonsor demo sites...21:49
dkesselno news on that... today is the first day i spend on my private laptop this week21:50
balloonsdkessel, ahh, well then, don't let me ruin that21:50
balloonsi however must go catch the last rays of sunshine21:50
dkesselenjoy balloons :)21:50
thetoxicarcadeis dkessel the one dkessel I was supposed to talk to22:11
dkesselthetoxicarcade: i guess so22:21
thetoxicarcadeAh. I am trying to break things but I will try out the existing code and prove the new front end works before begging to swap it22:22
dkesselwhich frontend? errors.ubuntu.com?22:23
thetoxicarcadethat & iso.qa.ubuntu.com22:24
thetoxicarcadeI want to smash them together :D (bad idea)22:24
knomethetoxicarcade, what about making each of them more usable individually?22:25
dkesselthetoxicarcade: i am currently working on iso.qa.ubuntu.com . knome made a mockup for a new design and i am working on implementing it22:27
dkesselthe current state is: https://imgur.com/0dp7gsk . the mockup design was this: http://imgur.com/PT7horN22:29
thetoxicarcade:D yay22:30
knomedkessel, that's great work so far22:31
thetoxicarcadeit's fantastic :D22:31
dkesselit's just the submit block that still needs moving. and there won't be a drop down box for the hardware22:32
alesagethomi am I right that upower is the right layer to be mocking for veebers' indicator-power proposal?  if so that makes the others more obvious, maybe with the exception of datetime22:37
alesagethomi also IIRC you raised an objection to NetworkManager mocking, isn't that the same layer?  i.e. I think that'd be correct to exercise indicator-network22:38
alesagethomi elopio also this would be a useful thing to tackle at some point https://bugs.launchpad.net/python-dbusmock/+bug/108788722:40
ubot5Launchpad bug 1087887 in python-dbusmock "Auto-create templates from running system using DBus Introspection" [Wishlist,Triaged]22:40
thomialesage: sorry, didn't see your pings here22:40
thomiI was looking at ##qa22:40
alesagethomi nw--you do get alert over here though I hope?22:41
thomiyeah I do, but the channel is scrolled off the bottom of my screen22:41
thomialesage: I think the answer to that question depends on the answer to these: "What are we trying to test? Where are we seeing regressions?"22:41
thomifor power, I think it makes sense to test "u8 <-> indicator <- upower"22:42
alesagethomi I agree, if indicator is our target22:42
thomiso the question is, what fails in the network stack?22:42
thetoxicarcadeso I'm mocking up something like this: and https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B1bma_pJzwFFLXU1bzBBaEp6TWs/view?usp=sharing22:42
alesagethomi for datetime there have been some exotic errors which have been traced to the qt layer e.g. https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/indicator-datetime/+bug/128323622:43
ubot5Launchpad bug 1283236 in qtorganizer5-eds (Ubuntu) "Alarms are triggered in UTC tz despite saving in local tz" [High,Fix released]22:43
thomialesage: in answer to https://bugs.launchpad.net/python-dbusmock/+bug/1087887 i think you should take it to jfunk if you think it's something the project team should tackle22:44
ubot5Launchpad bug 1087887 in python-dbusmock "Auto-create templates from running system using DBus Introspection" [Wishlist,Triaged]22:44
alesagethomi ok I'll bring it up next week thx22:44
alesagethomi for the network stack I'd have to investigate22:45
alesagethomi but for the named story (connect to wifi), NetworkManager represents those objects to the indicator, surely that's the right place to start (please say yes)22:47
dkesselthetoxicarcade: i think bdmurray might be someone to talk about your mock with. i don't have any stocks in that ;)22:51
thomialesage: well, so we're writing that test becuase this is something that has failed in the past, I assume?22:51
thomi(otehrwise what's the point?)22:51
thomigah - spelling22:52
thomithe question is, where does it fail? If it failed within NM, or lower, then mocking NM doesn't achieve anything22:52
dkesselthetoxicarcade: i am leaving for today22:52
thetoxicarcadeMany thanks dkessel & I'll try to get to bdmurray22:53
alesagethomi well it would achieve end-to-end testing of indicator-network--I do appreciate this new ethic you're proposing though, sure something has failed at that level, let me review with devs at morning mtg tomw22:53
thomialesage: ok. I just think we need to get away from the 'more tests are better' mentality, and target our tests at systems that are known to be fragile22:58

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