ZZambia_is anybody following the ubuntu touch development for MT6595 platforms, like Meizu MX4?00:19
ZZambia_I would need some tech info, plz00:20
mzanettimhall119: yay! someone created a proper video :D00:22
mzanettiand it includes my first try on animating maximizing/minimizing :D00:22
swordfish90mzanetti, I just saw the new video! Great work! :D ... I can't wait to see how this evolves...00:50
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mhall119mzanetti: yeah, and once again shows that nik90_'s flashback always looks amazing01:43
mhall119mzanetti: the unmaximize animation looks especially slick01:45
mhall119the pressure is on design now to make the UITK desktop-friendly01:46
doflahertyis there a way to bundle resources in a qml backend plugin?  it looks like the kit is trying to run the armhf version of rcc02:35
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wxlhey folks. i'd love to put touch on my galaxy tab 2 7.0 (cdma) but it appears the port info is a bit outdated (including the link to the device-specific file which is hosted on ubuntu one… or rather was)06:59
wxlany ideas?07:00
bzoltanmvo: do you mind if I make a simple port of the lp:click trunk to the SDK PPA where I temporary fix the vivid chroots and add the qt5-qmake-cross-armhf?07:08
mvobzoltan: whats the longer term plan with this package? will we see qt5-qmake-cross-$other_arch packages as well at some point ?07:33
mvobzoltan: and in native environments is qt5-qmake pulled in via the libs already? i.e. if I build a amd64/i386 chroot on my amd64 host07:35
mvobzoltan: you will hate me, but could we name the package qt5-qmake-cross-arm-linux-gnueabihf to be in sync with what we call the other cross build packages? really sorry for asking for this now but I did not had the chance to look earlier. or was the packagename already discussed with steve/colin and  there is a reason to not go with the full triplet?07:43
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dholbachgood morning07:46
mvobzoltan: oh and can qmake and qmake-cross-armhf installed in parallel (I assume so, but want to double check)07:59
bzoltanmvo:  yes they can08:05
bzoltanmvo:  I would go with this naming now... I was trying to catch Steve for days, but he seems to be busy with other things.08:07
bzoltanmvo: I have asked Mirv and kenvandine to review the qtbase change08:07
mvobzoltan: ok, for consistency I would really prefer a rename, does not have to happen right now but soon so that its in line with all the other cross packages we have08:09
bzoltanmvo: this qt5-qmake-cross-armhf is a very simple hackaround to enable qmake projects...08:09
bzoltanmvo: I do promise that on the next time I touch qtbase i will rename the package .. nothing will ever depend on it and o other tool will use it than the QtCreator.08:09
mvoI know, I'm in full support for it, I just want it to be consistent and yeah, next time is fine08:10
bzoltanmvo:  thanks for understanding.08:11
mvobzoltan: I look into the integration now while I wait for a snappy image build08:11
bzoltanmvo: and to answer your first question. No, there will be no qt5-qmake-cross-$other_arch as long we do not start supporting ubuntu phone/tablet/whatever  on $other_arch08:13
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mvobzoltan: does qt5-qmake-cross-armhf really needs the qtchooser dependency?09:08
bzoltanmvo:  the qt5-qmake-cross-armhf should have the same deps as the qt5-qmake09:12
bzoltanmvo:  but the  qt5-qmake-cross-armhf is landed on Vivid already. the packaging branch is updated too.09:14
mvobzoltan: I'm curious, so qt5-qmake can be used with a qt4 dev stack, is that why the qtchooser is needed (it seems to be small so not a big deal)09:16
mvobzoltan: I commented in the bug, I want to do this right, I'm happy to make the required libqt changes if timo does not mind, but I don't want to add a hack to click when we can as well do it correct. you are welcome to do it in the ppa if you want to get it out really quickly, but the required qt and click changes are small so I expect a delay of may 1 day here09:22
mvobzoltan: and sorry for the delay I understand the urge that this is a really great feature that you want to get out to the users :)09:23
mvo(which I agree, its really cool)09:23
bzoltanmvo:  this qt5-qmake-cross-armhf wil be exclusively used in click chroots. It does not make any sense to use it in other environment. No other environment is using multiarch chroots for cross building. All other Qt SDKs use rootfs with custom toolchains.09:24
mvobzoltan: right, but we have a existing pattern and code in chroot.py to deal with this kind of cross build dependency that I would like to keep. I'm happy to do the work to rename it etc, this is not a pushback (expect that it needs another qt5 build of course)09:27
bzoltanmvo: the renaming to qt5-qmake-cross-arm-linux-gnueabihf  is not a big deal, i can do it... but building in a silo, testing it, finding somebody to review would push me back for a week... i am realistic.09:31
bzoltanmvo:  So i would prefer to go with what we have now in Vivid and release the feature... and deal with the cosmetic issues once the qmake support is out09:32
mvobzoltan: even for vivid? we can't just upload qt5 to vivid even though vivid is in a really early stage of development etc?09:32
bzoltanmvo:  at the moment I am less concerned about the nice naming of a tool what is not used by anybody than about the fact that we do not have functional vivid chroot :)09:33
bzoltanmvo: Of course _you_ can upload new qtbase to Vivid :) but we still need to fix the packaging branch09:34
bzoltanmvo: I would vote on landing even small changes like that via the CI train.09:34
JamesTaitGood morning all; happy Have A Bad Day Day! :-D09:35
mvobzoltan: http://paste.ubuntu.com/9091843/ <- if you want something for the ppa for today09:35
bzoltanmvo:  Cool, that is one thing we need. But the vivid chroots are still broken.09:36
mvocjwatson: I would love your opinion on https://code.launchpad.net/~mvo/click/add-qmake-cross-to-chroot/+merge/242177, there is a bit of noise in the MP, http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~mvo/click/add-qmake-cross-to-chroot/revision/548 is the relevant one09:37
mvobzoltan: they are broken?09:37
mvobzoltan: I don't understand?09:37
mvobzoltan: broken because the qt5-qmake-cross-armhf is not in there or broken because of a different issue?09:37
bzoltanmvo:  it is broken because of a different issue.09:38
cjwatsonmvo: it's probably OK for now; but I think only qt5-qmake-cross-armhf exists and not other arches, so that probably ought to be arch-specific09:38
mvobzoltan: right, then lets not conflate the two issue, is it the qtlocation rename? I fixed that the other day09:39
mvocjwatson: ok, so adding a "if target_arch == " ? thats fine with me, I really dislike special case like this, but its all about trade-offs here :)09:39
bzoltanmvo: no it is not that ... still  not all the sdk libs are multiarch ready09:40
cjwatsonmvo: is it possible to write code that would install whichever of qt5-qmake-cross-armhf and qt5-qmake-arm-linux-gnueabihf (probably drop the -cross in the latter case) exists?09:40
cjwatsonthen we could clean up the package naming later09:41
mvocjwatson: I was considering having a "optional_build_packages" that would get installed if they exist but ignored otherwise09:41
bzoltanmvo: I have the logs on my other machine, but I run `sudo click chroot -a armhf -f ubuntu-sdk-15.04 create` again to show09:41
mvocjwatson: and yeah, I can add code (of course) to do all this, but the time it takes to write this is probably the same to just clean it up :)09:41
cjwatsonmvo: well, optional is problematic in case something goes wrong, I think it would be better to require one or the other09:42
mvobzoltan: let me try that09:42
cjwatson(I agree this is all trade-offs, I'm not stating veto kind of opinions here ...)09:42
bzoltanmvo: http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/9092071/09:46
mvobzoltan: thanks, let me fix that, more renames that caused this issue09:50
bzoltanmvo:  thank you09:50
mvobzoltan: fwiw, this breakage is not releated to the change to install the multiarch ubuntu-sdk-libs-dev, its much deeper, libqt5gui5:armhf is currently not installable due to some change ith libgbm1 it seems probably a new dependency09:59
bzoltanmvo:  ohh... crap10:11
mvobzoltan: no worries, I work on it10:12
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bzoltanmvo:  good :) thanks10:14
mvobzoltan: once the renaming buisiness is over I expect stuff to be more smooth, there seems to be a transtion from qt5declarative-* to qml-module-* on10:15
bzoltanmvo: in th meantime I start the renaming process... it will take few days https://code.launchpad.net/~bzoltan/kubuntu-packaging/proper_naming/+merge/24217910:18
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ZZambiahi there11:29
ZZambiais anybody following the ubuntu touch development for MT6595 platforms, like Meizu MX4?11:29
ZZambiaI would need some tech info, plz11:29
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PotpotIs there any hardware compatibility issue on the latest version of Ubuntu?12:37
popeyPotpot: thats a very vague question ☻12:39
PotpotI mean, is my laptop compatible with the latest version of Ubuntu? I have Lenovo Thinkpad w510. I only installed Ubuntu 12.04. And I am thinking on upgrading it.12:41
ogra_Potpot, this question better suits in #ubuntu ... thish channel is for ubuntu on phones and tablets12:41
PotpotWhat! OMG! I am so sorry. I didn't notice that ubuntu="touch" on the title bar. lol12:42
ogra_no worries12:42
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doflahertycan I launch a gui app from the command line in UT or does it need to be in a click package?12:45
ogra_you should be able to use ubuntu-app-launch somehow12:47
doflahertyokay, I'll look into that, thanks12:50
ogra_Saviq, do yu think there is anything we could do for the greeter fonts to be more visible on slightly more noisy wallpapers ? http://people.canonical.com/~ogra/greeter-wallpaper.png12:58
Saviqogra_, bug #139156013:18
ubot5bug 1391560 in unity8 (Ubuntu) "[themes] [design] Develop a strategy to keep fonts readable wherever we allow the user setting his own background image" [Undecided,Incomplete] https://launchpad.net/bugs/139156013:18
* ogra_ me-too's13:18
seb128ogra_, Saviq, having a border around the text would work, that's what e.g nautilus is doing, you always get some contrast if it's not with the border it's with the text color13:24
Saviqseb128, comment on the bug please, we want the design team to do the exercise and come up with a recommendation ;)13:25
seb128Saviq, done13:27
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Saviqcyphermox, hey, do you remember if there is a bug about "reverse" pairing BT audio devices? I know I reported this as a problem in the BT testing spreadsheet, not sure it ever made into a bug13:50
Saviqseb128, on that note, do you know of a bug about BT visibility (it's a bit confusing all in all, as every time you open the BT pane in settings you're visible, but when do you stop being visible?)?13:53
Saviqah, bug #1366061 is for the "reverse pairing", /me subscribes13:53
ubot5bug 1366061 in ubuntu-system-settings (Ubuntu) "[bluetooth] can't connect to car (auth error)" [High,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/136606113:53
seb128Saviq, visibility as being discoverable for other clients?13:54
seb128no bug open about that, at least that I know13:54
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Saviqseb128, yeah, /me files one13:59
jgdxkenvandine, have you run libqofono tests before?14:32
kenvandineno... i haven't14:32
kenvandinei think they have assumptions that they will be run installed14:32
kenvandinenot from the builddir14:33
jgdxthe failure is before that step though.. trying to "restart phonesim" and getting a dbus failure.14:39
jgdxbut maybe it yields different results installed14:40
jgdxkenvandine, any luck with ci builds today?14:47
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kenvandineElleo, is there a way to trick webbrowser-app on the desktop to trigger downloads via content-hub?15:25
Elleokenvandine: I'm not sure if you can easily override the formFactor setting, oSoMoN might know; otherwise just quickly remove the checks on the loaders in Browser.qml and WebViewImpl.qml15:28
kenvandineElleo, ah, thanks15:28
oSoMoNkenvandine, Elleo: I have a plan to make the form factor easy to override using an env var, but it’s not available yet15:31
oSoMoNkenvandine, if you can afford to rebuild it, you can modify UbuntuWebPluginContext::formFactor() in src/Ubuntu/Web/plugin.cpp to always return MOBILE15:32
kenvandineoSoMoN, already hacked the qml files :)15:32
kenvandineoSoMoN, thanks though15:32
loicmmhall119: hey, do you know if that bug is still valid? https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu-ui-toolkit/+bug/122928715:35
ubot5Launchpad bug 1229287 in Ubuntu UI Toolkit "Drawing apps show only a black screen where drawable component should be" [High,Confirmed]15:35
mhall119loicm: no, they were working last time I tried, so it can be closed15:36
loicmmhall119: alright, I guess the bug has been fixed in QtDeclarative15:36
loicmmhall119: thanks15:36
elopioping awe or rsalveti: how can I get the SIM phone number from ofono?15:44
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tedgkenvandine, Is there a reason that PathWind doesn't stop the audio when unfocused?17:05
kenvandinetedg, no... it should stop the audio17:10
kenvandinetedg, it does stop the audio17:11
kenvandineit just takes a few seconds17:11
kenvandineat least for me17:11
tedgkenvandine, I think that's when it gets SIGSTOP'd17:12
kenvandinetedg, i don't do anything special there, just uses Audio, and media-hub does it's magic17:12
tedgkenvandine, That's not it stoping the audio, that's it dying :-)17:12
kenvandineso you're saying i should listen for state changes and stop it myself :)17:13
tedgkenvandine, Yes, or Bacon should.17:13
tedgAlso save state17:13
kenvandinethen we'd need to wrap the multimedia stuff17:13
tedgSo if you're removed from RAM you can come up in the same state.17:13
kenvandineyeah, so right now you're fine as long as you aren't removed from RAM17:15
kenvandinei guess i'd need to use the state saver17:15
kenvandinebut... then that would be ubuntu specific :)17:15
kenvandinei like that it works on android too17:15
kenvandinetedg, the audio playback shows the lifecycle differences in the platforms17:16
kenvandineon an android tablet, the audio stops17:16
kenvandinebut on a kindle fire, it doesn't17:16
tedgHuh, wild.17:17
kenvandineit plays the music even after switching17:17
kenvandineannoying :)17:17
kenvandinebut they obviously keep stuff running17:17
tedgYou'll need state saving on all platforms, no?17:17
kenvandineideally yes17:17
kenvandinebut if i use our statesaver, it's ubuntu specific17:17
kenvandinenot sure if there is anything built into qt17:17
tedgEh, detect it, and then just don't save state on other platforms :-)17:18
kenvandinecan't have conditional imports!17:18
kenvandinethat is annoying17:18
kenvandinetedg, however... bacon2d could handle game state saving itself17:20
kenvandinewould be an interesting feature :)17:20
kenvandinewe have our own Settings implementation, for storing key value pairs17:20
kenvandineperhaps we could have some mechanism that saved the state of all the objects17:21
tedgI don't know enough about the internals to comment,but yes, something like that :-)17:22
kenvandinethen you could be prompted to resume a previous game17:22
kenvandinecould actually go nicely with the planned level loading feature17:22
kenvandinemzanetti, ^^17:22
kenvandinemzanetti, we could make it save the current level with the current state include?17:23
ogra_tedg, that wont help with i.e. webapps17:23
kenvandineso on resume you could load the level from the save17:23
kenvandineogra_, we're talking about bacon2d games17:23
* ogra_ has a lot of webapp games in the store ... 17:23
kenvandinea feature for bacon2d17:23
mzanettikenvandine: I guess so... although I'm not sure if that isn't too application specific17:23
kenvandinemzanetti, well if it dumped it into the same format as the level loader reads17:24
ogra_kenvandine, i talk about games in general :) there should be a flag you can set so media-hub stops17:24
mzanettismall correction: ogra has a lot of broken webapp games in the store17:24
ogra_mzanetti, i fixed 2/3 of tjhem on the weekend17:24
mzanettioh cool :)17:24
kenvandinemzanetti, and a feature i want is in game level editing17:24
kenvandinemzanetti, so you could put the scene in an editing state17:24
kenvandinemove things around, tweak physics, etc17:24
kenvandineand save it17:24
ogra_didnt get down to the list yeat, but i hope to have all my apps up to date by end of the weekend17:24
kenvandinethen share the user levels with friends17:25
kenvandineor ... even more interesting17:25
kenvandinefor game development17:25
kenvandineinclude them in the game ;)17:25
kenvandinegives you a UI for creating the levels17:25
mzanettikenvandine: yeah, live editing is something I thought about too17:32
kenvandinei think it's be a killer feature :)17:33
mzanettikenvandine: especially for the maze game that'd be cool and reasonably easy to do17:33
kenvandineyeah, i worry about the more complex games17:33
mzanettifor something like the tower defense game, the artwork is the biggest issue17:33
kenvandinelike infinite scrolling games, etc17:33
kenvandinebut if we had the ability to edit (save levels), then we could do the same thing for saving state17:34
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shiggitayanyone around?19:10
shiggitaynamely rsalveti19:10
shiggitaykyleN, haha you're in MA eh... me too! :)19:10
kyleNshiggitay, cool! (actually - COLD!)19:11
shiggitayhaha indeed19:11
shiggitaywhere abouts in MA?19:11
shiggitayI'm just outside Boston in Watertown19:11
kyleNBolton (straddles 495 due west of Boston)19:12
shiggitayhaha ok19:12
shiggitaykyleN, what device you got that's running UT?19:13
shiggitayI'm about to install it on my Nexus 5 via MultiROM19:13
shiggitayas per this: http://2buntu.com/articles/1510/installing-ubuntu-touch-with-multirom/19:14
kyleNI have an N419:14
shiggitayI helped developer rsalveti with the earliest builds of UT for the N5 many moons ago it seems lol19:14
shiggitayI'm curious to see what's changed since then19:15
* kyleN been writing scopes19:15
shiggitayMultiROM is interesting19:15
shiggitayHas UT been ported to Intel based devices?19:16
kyleNyou mean to x86 arch?19:16
kyleNi think that is part of the convergence story. so that is coming but not fully here yet19:17
shiggitayaannnd now DLing the latest 'devel' branch UT for the N519:17
shiggitaykyleN, cool ok19:17
shiggitayI have an intel based 'windows' tablet and it'd be cool to have UT on it19:17
shiggitaywow the UT image is taking ages to DL even over my awesome wifi19:18
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captnnemoHey there :D Is there any way to install Ubuntu touch on a Lenovo Ideapad s6000?19:42
kenvandinervr, mind testing the content-hub/notification translation fix?19:47
kenvandinervr, https://code.launchpad.net/~ken-vandine/content-hub/lp1394211/+merge/24225619:47
kenvandinervr, there's a CI build you can install19:47
kenvandineElleo, can you review that?  I'm not thrilled with the fix, but it works19:48
rvrkenvandine: Sure19:50
kenvandinemterry, WOOT!  very exciting to see the drop-wizard branch :)20:00
mterrykenvandine, :)  You won't have to review dumb wizard branches anymore!20:00
kenvandinenot dumb... just time consuming :)20:00
kenvandinei appreciate dropping that :)20:01
mterrykenvandine, now I'll just come whining when a change in the security plugin breaks the u8 wizard  :)20:01
kenvandinemterry, so this branch is really easy to review since it's just dropping stuff, but i'm afraid to approve it before we have the unity8 side ready20:01
kenvandinehow close is that?20:02
kenvandinei guess i don't have to worry about someone else landing it :)20:02
mterrykenvandine, there are three u8 branches for this.  One simply adds code from u-s-s, one makes that code into an integrated u8 plugin that actually works (separated for ease of review), and the third adds tests20:02
mterrykenvandine, First two are done, working on test branch20:02
mterrykenvandine, I want to end up with one silo with all four branches20:03
kenvandinemterry, will you make unity8 replace or conflict with ubuntu-system-settings-wizard ?20:03
mterrykenvandine, I actually don't believe we'll have any files in conflict20:03
kenvandinewe shouldn't20:04
kenvandinebut i want to make sure the old package gets removed20:04
kenvandineactually it's a versioned depends20:04
mterrykenvandine, ah fair...  I'm already used to image update mode already20:04
mterrykenvandine, I'll add a Conflicts or some such20:04
kenvandineso the package will be held20:04
mterrykenvandine, well for now a simple branch approval is enough, we don't need to top-approve/land until all ducks are in a row20:05
kenvandinemterry, already done :)20:06
mterryswell :)20:06
kenvandineeasy review :)20:06
kenvandinepackaging is my only concern20:06
kenvandinethe rest is just washing my hands of code :-D20:06
* kenvandine does a dance20:06
* ogra_ waits for the video20:09
kenvandineogra_, :-D20:13
rvrkenvandine: Messages are translated now :)20:13
kenvandinervr, cool20:17
ahoneybunhello all21:06
Elleokenvandine: sure, will take a look in a minute21:08
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Elleokenvandine: approved :)21:42
kenvandineElleo, thanks!21:43
Elleono problem :)21:43
kenvandineElleo, i'll get that in a vivid silo21:44
kenvandinebfiller,  can you triage bug 1394211?21:44
ubot5bug 1394211 in content-hub (Ubuntu RTM) "Download complete dialog is shown untranslated" [High,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/139421121:44
kenvandinei assume ota-121:44
kenvandineElleo, i also have a backport branch21:44
bfillerkenvandine: ok21:44
Elleokenvandine: okay, will approve that too21:47
kenvandineElleo, thanks21:47
aquariusDoes anyone know how I can get hold of someone working on Onboard, the onscreen keyboard, to ask a few questions? They don't seem to have a mailing list, and the two major contributors don't seem to have public email addresses21:50
aquariusI could file a bug against onboard (they seem very responsive to bugs!) but asking questions is not really a bug :)21:51
ahoneybunaquarius: IRC is a good way21:53
aquariusahoneybun, I thought so, but I don't know if they hang out on irc; they are not around at the moment, at least21:53
ahoneybunaquarius: so you know their IRC names21:54
aquariuswell, I'm guessing based on their launchpad names; marmuta is just referred to as marmuta everywhere on LP, and Francisco Fumanti is frafu on LP; I have assumed that those are irc nicks :)21:55
aquariusmaybe I'll just file a bug21:56
ahoneybunyea I use this name on IRC but my whole name on LP21:56
popeyaquarius: riddell and luke are on the team22:01
aquariusya, I went looking for themuso but he's not around either :)22:02
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popeywell at least you have their emeil addresses22:04
aquariusam filing a bug against the project :)22:04
* ahoneybun high fives popey22:05
aquariusdone, let's see if they think I'm mad :)22:05
popeythey will22:10
aquariusthey might not22:11
aquariusit is a good idea!22:11
ahoneybunpopey: my uBeginner app has passed the 50 downloads mark!22:13
popeyahoneybun: yay22:24
moritz31someone here who can help me out ?23:04
moritz31i'm synced all the files like i would for building cyanogenmod but when i will lunch i get back can not locate config makefile for product23:06
moritz31double check all things they are all right in place23:06

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