awilkinsHmm. Wonder if it will magically update existing packages00:01
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diddledandirecthex: is that the results of their voting?00:06
daftykinsthat looks like the creation of a madman00:06
diddledanso out of discussion they've decided to discuss00:06
daftykinsi don't understand that image at all XD00:06
diddledannor me - the numbers don't add up00:07
directhexcondorcet voting00:07
diddledanI think the arrows are back-asswards00:07
directhexthe arrows mean "more votes than". so the one with only outwards arrows won.00:08
diddledanso they've decided to not do anything?00:08
directhexor just go with the score. higher score = better. 3.77 was highest00:08
diddledani.e. general resultion not required00:08
directhexdiddledan, basically, yes00:08
daftykinsdoes that mean "nothing needs to be done" ? :P00:09
diddledanI guess that means systemd is still going to be implemented as the only initd?00:09
directhexit means the previous TC vote stands00:10
directhexwhich said systemd by default, others ideally supported as alternatives00:10
awilkinsOh dear, if that works, Verisign and the like will be weeing their pants00:20
awilkinsUgh, I hate Ant builds00:31
awilkinsEspecially ones that use jars without version numbers on them00:32
awilkins*stabs Ant*00:32
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maphi all05:50
mapanyone watch gotham ? on e305:53
mapalso anyone watch the vids vice make and ut on youtube? some interesting videos thats for sure05:53
Myrttimorning UK07:18
zmoylan-pigreetings earthlings07:19
MooDoomorning all07:49
diploMorning all08:04
diplomap, yeah i watch Gotham.. good series so far08:04
MooDooi watched the first ep, not seen anything after that.08:08
diploI'm enjoying it so far08:08
MooDooso many things i'm watching at the moment though08:09
knightwisemorning everyone08:24
MooDoomorning knightwise08:29
knightwisehey MooDoo how are you today08:30
MooDooknightwise: i'm very well thanks mate, what about your good self?08:34
knightwisedoin ok  preparing a talk on the importance of open source application design for a barcamp tomorrow08:35
MooDoocool :)08:41
knightwiseyep , trying to crunch it down into a 20 minute talk with as few slides as possible08:42
zmoylan-pimore glove puppets :-)08:46
MooDooknightwise: just use two, hello i am and bye :D08:48
knightwiseLOL :) good idea08:48
knightwisegoogled up an interesting document about the pyramid principle09:10
knightwiseits a way of storytelling .. interesting stuff09:10
bigcalmGood morning peeps :)09:15
knightwiselord popey  !09:17
bashrcmorning all09:19
knightwisehey bashrc09:19
DJonesbigcalm: Whats up, couldn't you sleep? You don't normally say that until about 3pm09:23
JamesTaitGood morning all; happy Have A Bad Day Day! :-D09:35
zmoylan-piif you have a bad day day does that mean it's a good day?09:36
JamesTaitThat'd be a bad bad day, surely?09:37
* zmoylan-pi buys lottery ticket and makes offering to gods of fortune09:38
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awilkinsGah, just worked out how to get NetworkManager to connect to more than one VPN at once09:46
awilkinsOpen "Network" settings dialog. Enable VPN connections from there09:46
awilkinsFor some reason the NM tray applet greys out the menu items for the other VPN connections when you connect one09:47
awilkinsThat's just ANNOYING09:47
* JamesTait is reminded he has a VPN to set up.09:50
brobostigonmorning boys and girls.09:52
JamesTaitbrobostigon, o/09:54
brobostigonmorning JamesTait09:54
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bigcalmIs there a way to see if traffic is going via a VPN or via the 'net at large?10:41
* popey installs nethogs10:56
popeyooh thats neato10:56
intrbizbigcalm: look at the routing table on the device terminating the vpn: ip route show10:58
intrbizbigcalm: you can also use wireshark / tcpdump to see which interface the traffic is going out on10:58
foobarryand iptraf11:01
foobarryand mtr11:01
bigcalmI'm using mtr11:07
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foobarrypopey: are you on ubuntu mate team now?11:21
popeyI kinda started it, so yeah ☻11:29
MooDooCan't say i've used it yet11:40
daftykinsa friend jumped at the chance when i mentioned it11:41
MooDoolts normal will do me for now11:41
daftykinsi like the way that guy refers to it running on a Pentium III with 512MB RAM11:43
daftykinsi'm not sure i'd force my worst enemies into that situation11:43
awilkinsAnyone know a way to block *outgoing* profanity in XChat ?11:43
awilkinsLike, sometimes I accidentally swear in here11:43
awilkinsI have channels open where swearing is part of the culture11:44
awilkinsAnd then we have channels where it's not11:44
awilkinsLike this one, like any channel I'm conducting business on11:44
awilkinsI guess I could write some kind of plugin like an incoming profanity filter in reverse11:45
popeyI have Ubuntu MATE running on a thinkpad here. It's really nice.11:46
foobarrydo you still use unity much?11:47
popeyof course11:47
popeymy main machine is running unity11:48
popeyI haven't stopped using unity since it came out11:48
awilkinsDoes Ubuntu MATE put the window chrome buttons on the left like Unity?11:52
awilkinsI confess, I've got used to that and even think it makes more sense than the right11:52
popeyyeah, its funning how the whole bruhaha happened over that11:52
awilkinsYou close an app, the next thing you do is open another11:52
daftykinsthat's the stockholm syndrome ;)11:53
awilkinsMakes sense with the dash / start menu / whatever being close to the close button11:53
awilkinsWindows has the absolute worst config with Start bottom left and close top right11:53
awilkinsThe furthest distance to move your mouse11:53
awilkinsUnity : Combatting RSI since <whenever>11:53
daftykinsyou actually use the mouse to do that? interesting11:53
awilkinsNot always11:53
popeymany people do.11:54
popeykeyboard shortcuts are alien to normals11:54
awilkinsIf you don't, then you don't care11:54
awilkinsIf you do, then it matters11:54
daftykinsyeah, them pesky normals11:54
daftykinsi do remember a non-tech type saying it's a bit odd with Windows that you go to "start" to stop the machine11:55
awilkinsThat was easy compared to how it was on Windows 8 to start wiht11:57
daftykinshaha yeah, i had to look that up!11:57
daftykinsit was as though they sacked every UX designer they had11:57
awilkinsI mean, MS even has a VIDEO of how to do it now11:58
awilkinsA 43 second video11:59
awilkinsWith three different ways to do it11:59
zmoylan-piand you probably need to install a different media player to view it...11:59
foobarryand it has weezer singing a song11:59
awilkinsNo, actually works here on Firefox11:59
zmoylan-pior at least 1gb of updates and sp11:59
awilkinsAlthough ... if you hit META and type "Power off" or "shut down" into the dash, it doesn't offer the option12:00
awilkinsThat's a small omission in Unity methinks12:00
* zmoylan-pi misses the days when the power button was a power button12:00
daftykinszmoylan-pi: do i detect the air of bias and cynicism in your comments? ;)12:01
zmoylan-pijust a smidge12:01
daftykinsUnity and 8 are equally ridiculous to me12:01
diddledanthe power button is often suspend I guess, but it does reduce power usage and make the pc appear to turn off12:01
awilkinsI hate that as default config12:02
awilkinsUNity at least has that right - powerbutton summons the "What KIND of shutdown do you want" thing12:02
zmoylan-pii have never used suspend intentionally, waste of battery/power12:02
awilkinsYeah - the default mode for Windows is a poor choice for laptops12:02
awilkinsi) It sucks the battery power12:03
awilkinsii) At some indeterminate point it does a hibernate12:03
awilkinsWhich is a terrible idea on a laptop12:03
awilkinsHaving your laptop power up in your laptop bag where it can't vent heat12:03
awilkinsAnd spinning a disk on something that may be moving rapidly and subject to shocks12:04
daftykinswhy would it power up?12:04
zmoylan-piand sucking in all the bag fuzz to clog vents too12:04
awilkinsTo do a hibernate12:04
diddledanI don't like the installation routing of ubuntu finishing and saying "would you like to reboot or continue using the live dvd?" when you click reboot it doesn't immediately reboot instead offering you the standard "would you like to power off or reboot?" screen12:04
awilkinsHibernate saves the RAM state to disk12:04
daftykinspower up to hibernate? wat12:04
zmoylan-piwhen the battery gets low the laptop will power up to hibernate12:04
zmoylan-piwhile in suspend12:05
popeyI just tap the power button to shutdown12:05
popeyhave done for years12:05
awilkinsI do that for laptops now12:05
daftykinsi'm thoroughly aware of how power management operates, but why on earth are you surrendering such control to Windows defaults 0o12:05
awilkinsOh, I don't12:05
awilkinsWindows is no longer in charge of any of the hardware I run12:05
popeydaftykins: power up to hibernate is a useful trick12:05
awilkinsIt's confined to VMs like it should be12:05
daftykinspower up from what though, sleep? i don't see how this ever happens12:06
popeyOSX does it too12:06
awilkinsOh, except my main desktop where I have a dualboot for games12:06
popeyI dont think Linux ever got it working12:06
daftykinsOSX doesn't even let you disable lid close sleep in the GUI, that's a crime12:06
awilkinsI like to rest my laptop on a pedestal and RDP / SSH / Whatever into it12:06
diddledandaftykins, osx will stay turned-on if you leave it plugged-in12:06
awilkinsWith the lid closed12:07
daftykinsi think the only time i use suspend is if i'm going out for an hour and know i'll be back12:09
daftykinslike if i pop out into town beside me here12:09
diddledansaid arnie12:09
daftykinsI'll be Bach.12:12
popeywifey leaves her mbp suspended all the time. i suspend my laptop and desktop all the time.12:12
* popey ♥ Fn+F412:12
foobarryi used to turn my phone off completely at night12:12
popey 12:12:50 up 9 days,  3:57,  4 users,  load average: 0.60, 0.73, 0.8412:12
popeyon my laptop12:12
popeyusually longer, think I had a catastrophic failure last week.12:13
daftykinsthere's something odd about being sent an email to confirm you've been unsubscribed from something12:15
awilkinsCan someone go to https://appear.in/horse-meat  with Chromium or Chrome and see if they can get their camera / mic to work?12:16
awilkinsI can get it to work in Firefox12:17
awilkinsThe screen sharing only works in Chrome12:17
diploOn linux specifically ? No camera/mic on my Linux PC12:17
awilkinsdiplo, Could you try it in Windows?12:17
awilkinsI should install Chrome in my Windows VM..12:18
awilkinsI can't get the "access camera / mic : allow" permissions to work12:18
awilkinsThey show up in the relevant dialogs and settings pages12:18
awilkinsbut when you visit the page you get the "no access" icon on the right of the address bar and it doesn't work12:18
awilkinsEven if you allow it right there and reload the page12:18
diploOK I', om tjere12:19
daftykinsi've got chrome on Windows open12:19
daftykinsawilkins: just got a massive 'connecting to server...' message here12:19
awilkinsYeah, me too12:19
daftykinsthere we go it's asking for access to my devices12:19
awilkinsTrying it on Firefox12:20
awilkinsFirefox works for the devices12:20
awilkinsBut no screen sharing plugin for it12:20
daftykinsdo you want to see a screenie of what it looks like at this point?12:20
awilkinsMine is now waiting12:20
diploAsks me to install a screen sharing pluging12:21
diploI'm still all alone12:21
awilkinsI'm coming in12:21
awilkins"Preparing : Hang on on tight"12:21
daftykinsit's umm12:21
awilkinsPerhaps they have capacity issues12:21
daftykinsa rapid experience12:21
awilkinsIt worked fine yesterday12:21
diploI went straight in pretty much12:22
diploNo real issues12:22
diploExcuse me if you catch me eaating :P12:23
daftykinsi feel like staying on so diplo doesn't feel disappointed12:23
awilkinsLinux needs more WebConf love12:23
awilkinsWebEx : works (mostly) if you prepare a special 32-bit Java and Firefox environment for it12:24
awilkinsGotoMeeting : until recently, no chance12:24
awilkinsBut I hear they have a WebRTC client done or in the pipe12:24
diploMine has gone to Connecting to server now12:24
awilkinsappear.in : uses WebRTC so should be perfect12:24
daftykinsdiplo: don't worry i'm still there! :)12:24
awilkinsBut no screen sharing except Chrome12:25
awilkinsAnd Chrom(e|ium) doesn't  work for me here12:25
diploYou're there now and I can't reconnect12:25
diploSeems to be limited to 1 person12:25
awilkinsMay get out my 14.10 laptop and try that12:25
awilkinsBut first, lunch12:25
daftykinsdiplo: ah, not working then?12:27
daftykinsah well i shall close it now12:28
diploNope still connecting12:30
diploSorry went to get a brew12:30
* popey tries to remember how he last copied windows from disk to disk using gparted12:32
popeymight have used dd last time I did it12:33
popeywant to move last remaining windows pc from spinning rust to SSD12:33
daftykinsclonezilla \o/12:35
daftykinsi did a couple of SSD upgrades for a friend and his missus recently, used a bootable clonezilla on a flash drive to shift them over12:36
daftykinsit's better than dd since i think it was wise enough to only copy actual data12:36
diploGot syncthing working between home server and work PC, now going to try windows PC and work PC12:40
popeyI do love syncthing12:40
diploDefo easier to use since the last time I used it12:44
foobarryknives are out for bill cosby12:44
diploGuessing the why wasn't at me ?12:44
diploNext issue is to get all 3 devices to start on boot/restart etc12:45
foobarryJanice Dickinson accuses Bill Cosby of drugging and sexually assaulting her12:45
diploBut  Iguess I should do some work in between12:45
foobarryShe is fifth woman to publicly accuse the comedian and actor of sexual abuse.12:46
popey100£ fine for leaving bad reviews12:46
popeywe should do that in Ubuntu :D12:46
foobarry"aid the details of the charge were in the booking documents, but his wife did not have her glasses on and signed it without reading the small print."12:47
foobarryif you download ubuntu for free you will fix 5 bugs in the first year of use or it will delete all your datas12:47
diploI now have the same Calibre Library on 3 machines, just need to sort the laptop out at home12:50
foobarrythe hotel plan has backfired12:53
foobarryas most people will now remember it as a rotten stinking hovel12:53
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foobarryhave just finished re-reading the whole hitchhikers guide series13:05
DJonespopey: Have you seen this article http://www.omgubuntu.co.uk/2014/11/jolla-tablet-linux-based-os-crowdfunding thought it might be of interest to you13:07
popeyyeah, been keeping an eye on it today13:08
popeywent from 0 to target in 2.5 hours13:08
DJonesLooks interesting, although nothing new (from whats in the article) compared to other tablets13:09
popeywell, the sailfish bit is new13:09
DJonesPrice looks good, and if its linux compatible, in theory, ubuntu shouldn't take too long for somebody to work out how to install13:10
daftykinsyay another swathe of youngsters shall flood #ubuntu asking how to mod their tablets13:11
* daftykins groans13:11
DJonesdaftykins: Just point them to #ubuntu-touch popey can deal with them then13:12
popeythats usually what happens13:13
DJonesProbably still a bit of a speciality area13:13
daftykinsoh, that's the plan yeah ;)13:13
DJonesThe average, even experienced Ubuntu user probably has little knowledge of tablet releases13:14
popeyI'd quite like Ubuntu on my hudl213:14
DJonesI'm still trying to poke a broken N7 to see I can fire it into life to put ubuntu on13:16
daftykinsDJones: heh, is it one of those ones with the bad battery connector?13:16
DJonesDon't think so, it just died, can get to the system screen, but can't force a reset or anything, beyond that it doesn't do anything13:17
daftykinsa friend had one that'd been dead for months, i looked it up and suggested he pop the back panel off and check this connector13:18
daftykinsit was working again within 30 mins \o/13:18
DJonesTrying to force the battery to run down completely to see if 0 power followed by a recharge would work13:18
DJonesIt seems to charge ok, just won't go into a reset mode13:19
foobarryfind it interesting how these indian fellows who stumble into -uk always attach themselves to popey like a limpet13:20
daftykins:D haha yes they do13:20
foobarryits a bit of a free for all in here really13:20
daftykinsalthough it doesn't help that 3+ of us are all throwing instructions at once13:20
foobarryif you are helping someone, and someone else has a suggestion, then go for it13:20
foobarryoften it does help though13:21
foobarryobviously not bombarding13:21
daftykinsnah trust me, when someone's treading on my toes in #ubuntu it can be seriously rage inducing13:21
daftykinsespecially as invariably they have very different approaches to the same issue13:21
foobarrybut other chans as soon as someone answers you, if they don't know the answer, you have to go away for a day and try again, because nobody else will touch it13:21
foobarry#ubuntu is a motorwy though, you need highlights for every thing typed13:22
foobarryi mean nicks13:22
foobarrylow traffic chans should allow multi assist13:23
daftykinsbut that's how you know when someone's helping someone already :)13:23
daftykinswell if you look back to yesterday when that chap came in, nothing was getting followed13:23
daftykinsit was pretty painful13:23
foobarrywe used to have another guy come in and just ask for opopey13:24
foobarryand wouldn't accept help from anyone else13:24
daftykinssounds like saafiyah ;)13:24
foobarrymaybe dvrr, i can't remember13:24
daftykinsever since popey helped with a custom EDID she was smitten :>13:24
foobarrydid the rasp pi cluster ever get finished?13:26
foobarry"build cluster"13:26
daftykinsthe other Alans seem suspiciously quiet actually13:28
daftykinsnot seen TheOpenSourcerer in a while either13:28
foobarrymaybe they have been enslaved by it13:28
foobarryis anyone using chromecasts in an office encironment to throw their desktop onto a screen in ad-hoc fashion?13:29
daftykinsif anyone sees them in hats with the 'pi' symbol on, it's time for an intervention :)13:29
MooDoowhat a day what a day13:43
* zmoylan-pi has been thinking a a+ in a baseball cap with a hud of some sort...13:48
MooDoodaftykins: just a busy one13:50
daftykinsi'm open to trades... i have nothing on right now13:50
MooDoolol :) access + label printer...;)13:52
daftykinsthat's what you're up to? you're on your own!13:53
daftykinsmmm lunch14:06
SuperMattthat's not a lunch, that's the starter I have with my lunch14:12
daftykinsyeah it is but part of it :)14:13
daftykinsi have some welsh cakes downstairs14:13
awilkinsWelshcakes nom14:15
MooDoobacon and cheese turnover i've just had14:16
daftykinshmm interesting14:17
daftykinsi was going to be good and walk to the supermarket to buy sandwich provisions, but instead i want to yet another sandwich bar and bought a latté, bounty choc bar and that panini for £7 odd14:18
MooDooneed to drive to the nearest aldi i do,14:18
* zmoylan-pi hiked to tescos and bought spaghetti and bogroll.14:19
* awilkins bought 2 reduced steak pasties and a christmas cake bar14:19
awilkinsAnd 3 bottles of cider14:19
awilkinsCider is for LATER14:19
* awilkins lug lug lug14:19
daftykinszmoylan-pi: i always wonder when combining toilet paper with a single other item, whether the cashiers think that you predict trouble14:20
zmoylan-piyes i believe the thing to do is buy nappies and vodka and when told the price ask for just the vodka :-p14:20
* daftykins doesn't follow14:22
zmoylan-pithe look of disgust when you leave with the vodka and not the nappies...14:22
daftykinsi need to carry on with that edX Linux course14:23
daftykinsnot touched it since i got out of hospital14:23
zmoylan-pihope you're feeling better14:27
daftykinsyeah pretty much back to normal now thanks :)14:28
daftykinslast night i rode to the pub quiz 3 miles away and back for the first time14:29
daftykinsstill can't move my right arm behind my back as much as my left can, due to the shoulder blade break, but meh who does that :D14:29
zmoylan-pibut you'll never be able to use the phrase 'with one hand tied behind my back' with out clarification :-p14:34
daftykinshere have some geek porn14:43
bashrctoo many drives14:45
daftykins5 in the enclosure at the bottom14:46
daftykinsthe 6 at the top are the old array, i don't even run that anymore14:46
daftykins6 x 1TB disks doing nothing ;x14:46
daftykinsthey've mostly all been spinning 24x7 for 6 years though, so they'll probably die soon14:46
zmoylan-piin return for your geek porn, 2 business near me that shouldn't be side by side... https://www.dropbox.com/s/5kb0d4z1icmn9iq/Photo-0048.takeaway%20n%20vet.jpg?dl=014:52
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daftykinszmoylan-pi: hahaha nice14:56
daftykinszmoylan-pi: reminds me of the classic "no we no see your cat, stop asking"14:56
zmoylan-piand don't be shortsighted when dropping off kitty...14:57
daftykinsspeaking of kitty, she wasn't letting me type yesterday14:58
daftykinsMonday, rather14:58
zmoylan-pilaptops give off heat, you can see the moggies confusion14:59
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foobarrycan anyone recommend a evernote client they use?15:42
popeyi use the web ☻15:43
foobarrycan't export to pdf :S15:43
foobarryhmm geeknote looks interseting for other uses15:44
foobarryedit evernotes with vim/etc15:45
daftykinsaww yeah just helped setup Google Apps... in German15:45
foobarryevrpad has unity lens if you like that kind of thing15:52
AzelphurHow do I defrag a NTFS partition on Linux?16:03
daftykinsis it really worth risking?16:10
awilkinsAzelphur, Make a Windows VM. Mount the partition as a physical volume in the VM. Use the Windows defrag util.16:12
Azelphurdaftykins: yup, there's practically no data on the drive and no windows partition16:13
daftykinsno windows partition? huh? oh it's a pure data NTFS volume?16:14
popeyAzelphur: copy stuff off, copy it back on.16:14
Azelphurpopey: I actually really need NTFS defrag, I have some very weird circumstances16:15
popeywell copy off,delete, copy on will defrag it16:15
Azelphurpopey: it doesn't, at least not according to the drive16:15
Azelphursince I just made a brand new partition and copied files onto it and it's still demanding I defrag16:16
popeywhats demanding it?16:16
daftykinsisn't there a package of kinda windowsy disk utils?16:16
daftykinsno idea if defrag is a part of that16:16
Azelphurpopey: http://www.zalman.com/global/product/Product_Read.php?Idx=67416:17
popeyah that16:17
Azelphurpopey: the images on the drive need to be continuous in order for it to work16:17
popeyyes, i had that too16:17
popeycopy one file onto it at a time16:17
Azelphurpopey: ah, thanks :)16:25
daftykinsdefrag definitely wouldn't have sorted that methinks16:29
directhexi don't think linux has an ntfs fscker16:51
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daftykinsand the pheasant fscker is busy16:53
* daftykins whistles16:53
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daftykinsis it me, or vmware... that dragging windows to the left and right of your desktop in 14.04 unity requires more than just letting go of the mouse button once the orangey box appears to suggest your window will be snapped to 50% of your visible desktop?18:25
daftykinsseems you have to click too18:25
aquariusdaftykins, I can confirm that it doesn't happen if you're not in vmware, so I suspect it's a vmware issue18:44
daftykinsty sir18:48
daftykinsheh, this edX course is talking about "pushd" and "popd" - i can't think of how those would ever be useful18:49
* popey read a script by aquarius which used push and pop just yesterday18:53
popeywhich turned into a blog post18:53
aquariusI properly love pushd18:53
aquariususe it *all the time*18:53
* popey fondly remembers push and pop in his Z80 days18:53
daftykinsi don't hugely get it, you're adding a stack of directories - fair enough, but they disappear when you switch to another18:55
daftykinsi thought it would be useful maybe if you permanently kept that list, sort of like 'bookmarks' that you can then repeatedly jump between18:56
daftykinsbut what's the use if you're removing it from the list immediately?18:56
popeyyou only need them temporarily18:56
popeymore ephermeral than bookmarks18:57
aquariusI'm in the middle of doing something, so I'm in ~/Projects/Something, and I think: hm, I want to check my pictures for a thing. It might take a bunch of commands, so I don't want to have to do "command ~/Pictures/Somepics/Whatever/*.jpg" over and over, because typing the ~/Pictures/Somepics/Whatever/ every time is annoying18:58
aquariusso I pushd ~/Pictures/Somepics/Whatever/18:58
aquariusdo the commands18:58
aquariusthen popd18:59
aquariusand I'm back where I was18:59
aquariusit basically saves you one command: cd ~/back/to/where/I/was, plus the mental energy required to *remember* where you were18:59
aquariusneither are hugely significant, but, hey, I use ls rather than reading stuff out of /dev/kmem for the same reason ;)18:59
daftykinswould that not be more relevant to a 2+ directory scenario, since "cd -" could've sufficed?19:00
aquariusmight have, if I'd known that existed :)19:00
daftykinsin fairness it's a new one on me XD19:00
aquariusI think I've pushd'ed two levels deep once :)19:00
daftykinsthat's why i'm doing this course, despite being an intro it's got some gems19:00
daftykinsooh i like this file streams and IO redirection section19:03
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daftykins1) cat goes outside 2) cat comes to window 3) cat paws at window wanting to be inside19:18
DJonesdaftykins: Get a dog, 1) Dog goes outside, 3( Owner goes to door, 3) Owner goes outside to fetch dog in19:24
DJonesOh and if you get the dog, your 1/2/3 would stop at 2 with 3 changing to cat hides up a tree19:28
daftykinsthis is a bit of a hinderance to study21:01
daftykinsthere's only so long i can practice the 'cat' command *whistle*21:02
shaunokill (1)             - send a signal to a process21:22
daftykinsyou want me to kill cat ? D:21:22
shaunoit's badly named .. there's more than one signal you can send :)21:23
daftykinswhere did you paste that from?21:24
intrbizdaftykins: man page probably21:28
intrbizyou could always: cat < poke21:28
daftykinsman kill cat21:28
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daftykinsdiddledan: :D21:48
shaunodaftykins: that was 'apropos kill', hence the awkward gap.  it's the same content as the first line of the manpage though21:49
intrbizreminds me of: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RW-kjpZPTnw21:52
daftykinsthat was terrible :(22:06
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popey\o/ dd success22:47
daftykinsbut all those wasted writes :(22:48
popeydont care ☻22:48
daftykinsit'd be relevant were it an SSD22:48
popeyit is an ssd22:49
daftykinsguess it's not the end of the world :P22:49
popeynot had an ssd fail yet22:52
daftykinsthat's not really what that's getting at22:54
daftykinshmm that's enough education for tonight22:54
daftykinsnow i know how to use 'find' :O22:54
shaunoI'm still not convinced anyone knows how to use find :)23:17
daftykinsi shall use it the best by not desiring to find things, ever23:24
daftykinswe'll see how long that works out for23:24
awilkins_So apropos only works on locally installed man pages?23:38
awilkins_What was the thing that recommends packages that you don't have installed?23:39
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