tsdgeosmeh my changes make grid be in an infinite delegate construction/destruction loop :'(09:35
* tsdgeos reads some grid code09:36
WellarkSaviq, mzanetti, dednick: any idea if MacSlow is on holiday or something?10:42
SaviqWellark, sick10:42
WellarkSaviq: ack. thanks!10:47
dednick_Saviq: don't know10:49
dednick_hm. my network is going wonky.10:49
Saviqdednick_, was Wellark asking, but nw ;)10:51
greyback_Saviq: has anyone tried out Qt5.4 yet?10:52
Saviqgreyback_, I believe Mirv has started looking into it lately10:52
greyback_Saviq: ok10:52
Saviqgreyback_, https://launchpad.net/~canonical-qt5-edgers/+archive/ubuntu/qt5-beta210:52
greyback_nice, something to play with10:53
dednick_Saviq: doh.10:53
MirvSaviq: greyback_: yeah kind of the usual story not really finding time with all the 5.3.2 and 5.3.0 and other landings10:53
greyback_Mirv: no worries, was just curious10:53
Mirvwith RC out this week I guess I should rebuild the qtbase+qtxml+qtdeclarative with that and continue from there10:53
greyback_would be nice to test it with our stuff before it released10:53
Mirvwould be10:54
Mirvright, I had some unfinished qtdeclarative fixes, let's see how that goes. those are anyway "no symbols, no tests, no nothing" builds, maybe I could bring the beta up11:03
mzanettibregma: ping11:06
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bregmamzanetti, pong11:41
mzanettibregma: hey, what would you recommend to determine if unity8 is running in a desktop session?11:41
mzanettibregma: is there some env exported we don't have on phone/tablet or the like?11:42
bregmamzanetti, not that I'm aware of11:42
bregmamzanetti, as far as I know we don;t ever want there to be11:42
mzanettibregma: yeah... you think using screen size would be the way to go?11:43
mzanettiSaviq: your input? ^11:43
bregmait's supposed to be more "do I have a physical keyboard?  do I have a large screen?"11:43
bregmaand just as importanat, "what does my user want me to do?"11:44
Saviq↑ more important, not "just as"11:44
Saviqmzanetti, let's think what we want to get to, we want a set of profiles that you can switch between11:45
bregmawell, a user might want to run the 10-foot experience on their phone, but maybe shouldn't be allowed to11:45
Saviqbregma, sure, we probably need to implement some constraints11:45
Saviqlike you need at least foo GUs to run in this mode, but that's not phone vs. TV11:45
Saviqmzanetti, a profile would be a collection of (1 or more) screens, each of which has a geometry, grid unit and usage mode associated with it11:46
Saviqusage mode == one of touch/10"; desktop-y/2'; tv/10'11:47
Saviqmzanetti, here's how tvoss described it https://docs.google.com/a/canonical.com/presentation/d/1K1oV4vMc-FduKUNYYO62zPUCU5WMb74zjer8KzYzhLg/edit#slide=id.g1805cfc54_03111:50
Saviqmzanetti, so yeah, let's take that and think of a minimal approach that will kinda-take us to where we want to be11:53
* mzanetti thinking atm11:54
mzanettiso, we don't really have the input stuff in place11:54
mzanettiwe only support touch atm11:54
mzanettiwe do have information about the output device11:54
Saviqmzanetti, wait, we do have mouse input11:55
mzanettiit acts like touch11:55
Saviqmzanetti, just we don't *know* we do, I think?11:55
mzanettii.e. doesn't select text, but scrolls11:55
Saviqmzanetti, but that's on a lower level11:55
Saviqmzanetti, it's SDK/QML doing that11:55
Saviqor do we convert mouse events?11:55
mzanettiyes, with the -mousetouch stuff, now?11:56
Saviqmzanetti, not sure we do... maybe Mir is only sending touch events?11:56
Saviqmzanetti, we don't have the mousetouch stuff enabled on Mir, afaict11:57
Saviqon either phone or desktop11:57
mzanettiif we don't then we get touch from mir11:57
Saviqso that could mean that we only get touch events indeed11:57
mzanettibecause edges work11:57
Saviqmzanetti, in any case, it's not about the actual input events, but rather about availability of hardware, and that we don't have11:57
mzanettinot atm, that sounds doable though... /me checks QtSystems API11:58
mzanettiSaviq: no, it's not there, but I guess this would the place to add it: https://qt.gitorious.org/qt/qtsystems/source/aa651c73bf7bc57c1b6b1bfcfa9afe901884a102:src/imports/systeminfo/qdeclarativedeviceinfo_p.h12:01
mzanettiok, so that's one todo. figure available input devices12:02
mzanettiSaviq: I guess for a start we gonna end up using screen size again12:06
Saviqmzanetti, right, in the mean time, maybe we need a gsettings key (it being the user preference) and the desktop session would ship an .override12:06
Saviqmzanetti, I'd rather ↑12:06
Saviqmzanetti, as a small laptop will end up having less GUs than the Nexus 10, for example12:07
mzanettifair enough12:07
Saviqmzanetti, and we'll generally never install the desktop session on touch devices12:07
Saviqand that would still allow us to override12:07
mzanettiSaviq: already thinking of a place for the key?12:09
Saviqmzanetti, since it's not supposed to be "public"/"permanent", I'm thinking a custom unity8 schema12:10
Saviqmzanetti, rather than anything in unity-schemas or so12:10
mzanetticom.canonical.unity8.interface ?12:11
Saviqno need12:11
larsuincluding the version number in there is weird...12:11
larsudon't we already have com.canonical.unity?12:12
mzanetti[13:10] <Saviq> mzanetti, since it's not supposed to be "public"/"permanent", I'm thinking a custom unity8 schema12:12
mzanetti[13:10] <Saviq> mzanetti, rather than anything in unity-schemas or so12:12
mzanettilarsu: ^12:12
Saviqlarsu, we don't want to release unity just for having a temp key we can use12:12
larsuthere's no such thing as private keys12:12
larsumeh, fair enough12:13
Saviqlarsu, public in the sense of "this is the way to change this for eons ahead"12:13
* larsu thinks of gsettings keys as public API12:13
Saviqlarsu, yes, which is why we want to put it somewhere where it's not considered that ;)12:14
mzanettiSaviq: not necessarily though. I guess we'll always have the user preference input12:14
Saviqmzanetti, but a single key won't be enough then12:14
mzanettiyeah, probably true12:14
Saviqmzanetti, it will have to be a minimal set of data (from inputs/outputs etc.) + user preference12:14
Saviqand that db will grow every time user changes stuff12:15
Saviqand not otherwise12:15
Saviqi.e. the db might be empty all the time, if the "hypothesis generator", as tvoss put it, comes up with the right answer every time12:16
dandraderpaulliu, there are no qmltests for Dialogs, right?12:34
paulliudandrader: no.12:35
paulliudandrader: Do we need one?12:35
dandraderpaulliu, I do. I will write it12:35
paulliudandrader: ok. thanks12:36
mzanettiSaviq: want a separate package for unity8-schemas or should I just put into the unity8 package?12:43
Saviqmzanetti, no, in -common12:43
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dednick_dandrader: hi. just working the shellRotation indicator problem at the mo. Does the shell not rotate while indicators are open?12:45
dednick_dandrader|afk: by that i mean, "is it not supposed to rotate while indicators are open"12:46
dednick_dandrader|afk: i've pushed the fix for the indicator interaction to the unity-team shellRotation branch13:03
mzanettilarsu: hmm... did you ever try the GSettings qml element with a key that contains a "-"?13:19
larsumzanetti: that's not possible, qml doesn't allow dashes in names13:23
larsumzanetti: all keys are automatically converted from this-way to thisWay13:23
mzanettiah ok13:24
* mzanetti tries13:24
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dandraderdednick_, yes, it deliberately does not rotate if the indicators panel is open13:36
dandraderdednick_, awesome! thanks for the fix!13:36
dednick_dandrader: cool.13:42
Saviqooh Cut The Rope's here!14:07
dandraderSaviq, where?14:22
Cimimzanetti, https://code.launchpad.net/~mzanetti/unity8/close-temp-scope-on-left-edge/+merge/241555 crashes for me14:38
Cimimzanetti, boot phone, tap on app store, now immediately swipe left14:38
mzanettiCimi: ok, will have a look14:40
mzanettiI did test it though14:40
ricotzTrevinho, hi :), i am wondering if I can blame Wnck here ;) http://paste.debian.net/plain/13252214:53
* tsdgeos realizes he's been putting the debug in the wrong class for a while, that's why nothing was showing up and puzzling :D14:54
Trevinhoricotz: well, could be, but I guess all the wnck calls are quite well wrapped with error handlers15:08
ricotzTrevinho, yeah, looks like at least one isn't then?15:11
ricotzmight be triggered by a right-before call of wnck_screen_force_update15:13
* ricotz isnt able to reproduce this, it got reported by an user15:14
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WellarkI think I know the answer, but I need to ask anyway...15:52
WellarkSaviq, tsdgeos, dednick_: is there a way to compile unity8 trunk on top of local utopic install?15:53
Wellarkmy guess is not15:53
SaviqWellark, not unless you build a few other things that got bumped in the mean time15:54
tsdgeosi did cheat a bit15:54
tsdgeosand seems to work15:54
tsdgeosif you don't care about the header being a bit broken15:55
tsdgeosbut yeah15:56
tsdgeosnot recommended i guess :D15:56
Wellarktsdgeos: I just need to build it :)15:56
WellarkI don't care about headers ;)15:56
Wellarkis vivid usable?15:57
Wellarkold habbits die hard.. I'm still quite reluctant to upgrade my production system..15:57
SaviqWellark, nothing bad happens for me on vivid15:59
SaviqYMMV of course15:59
Saviqyou could always take a snapshot of your / and try it out (if you're using btrfs of course ;))16:00
WellarkSaviq: right.. another old habbit.. you don't use btrfs on a production system. _ever_ :P16:03
SaviqWellark, I do, for over a year now16:09
Saviqother than the odd ENOSPC, works great16:09
WellarkSaviq: has the experimental flag been removed from kernel already?16:15
SaviqWellark, there's plenty of experimental kernel features you're using already, I expect ;)16:16
WellarkSaviq: yeah.. I know.. I've just been burned with filesystems breaking on the worst possible hour before (old habbits..) that I have a very high barrier to migrate from ext4 to anything else16:18
WellarkI used to run reiser4 and btrfs on my gentoo installs back in the day when Hans Reiser was not yet in jail16:18
Wellarkgood old times16:21
SaviqWellark, do backups, I know they're for wussies, but hey16:24
greyback_dednick_: I suspect stupid question, but what exactly is trust prompt suspend? Is it to suspend/SIGSTOP the trust prompt provider's process?16:29
dednick_greyback_: nope. we don't want to stop the trust helper, but we need to inform it that the application has been "backgrounded" (suspended). This way they can timeout/close the providers as they want16:30
greyback_dednick_: okay16:31
dednick_greyback_: ie. it should be the responsibility of the trust helper to deal with the providers if the application has been suspended.16:31
greyback_dednick_: could you add that to your MR commit messages please16:31
greyback_as without context, I wasn't sure what those MRs were doing16:32
greyback_also some test instructions would be appreciated16:32
dednick_greyback_: ok16:32
tsdgeosSaviq: Cimi: i pushed what a fixed version of moreAsyncDash16:50
tsdgeosif you guys could have a look16:50
tsdgeosit's somehow still jumpy when changing some scopes16:50
tsdgeoswhich is weird because my debugging says everything is being created async :/16:51
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dandradergreyback_, kgunn, regarding shellRotation, which is more important to fix: desktop or tablet?18:58
dandraderI will go for tablet18:59
* dandrader blows the dust off his N1019:02
greyback_dandrader: I say desktop :)19:11
Saviqdandrader, I actually agree, desktop would be better (and I imagine simpler?)19:14
Saviqalthough that depends on how does rotation interact with mzanetti's desktop stage19:15
mzanettiso far it doesn't at all19:16
mzanettidunno... atm I expect it to behave like trunk does19:16
Saviqyeah what I mean is that if it doesn't break desktop usecase, then I'm fine with that, as rotating desktop is rarely needed19:16
mzanettiwe will need it eventually, but we're not there yet19:17
mzanettiSaviq: what does it break for tablet/desktop?19:19
mzanettidoes it end up being rotated all the time now?19:19
Saviqmzanetti, I dunno :)19:19
Saviqmzanetti, well, for tablet there's sidestage, of course19:19
greyback_mzanetti: for me, dash is rotated 90degrees19:19
greyback_so that needs fixing :)19:19
mzanettigreyback_: the surface?19:19
Saviqand we actually want rotation19:19
greyback_mzanetti: in the dash yeah19:20
greyback_in the shell I mean19:20
mzanettiah ok, yeah, needs fixin then19:20
greyback_so unity8 is fine. But dash is 90 degrees rotated19:20
mzanettigreyback_: speaking of which, now that I constantly work with the desktop an mock apps19:20
mzanettigreyback_: do you know what's to fix so the mock surfaces are not rotated any more?19:20
mzanettigreyback_: you said you broke that at some point but we decided we were too lazy that moment to fix it19:21
greyback_mzanetti: something in tests/mocks/Unity/Application/MirSurfaceItem.* gone wrong regarding orientation19:22
greyback_not sure what exactly19:22
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kgunngreyback_: dandrader|afk sorry, was out for a run, i'd vote desktop in terms of importance, i would also prefer we have something "semi working" on tablet before landing19:34
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dandraderSaviq, greyback_ you guys still there?22:03
greyback_dandrader: kinda22:04
dandradergreyback_, Saviq should dash rotate on the tablet or stay on landscape?22:04
greyback_dandrader: IMO whatever is easiest for you22:05
dandradergreyback_, yeah, better if it22:05
dandraderstayed in landscape22:06
dandradergreyback_, dash is rotated on desktop and tablet22:06
dandraderbecause its desktop file says it supports only portrait22:06
dandraderit's not because of qtubuntu22:06
greyback_I made error sorry22:06
dandradergreyback_, but if you change it to landscape-only, unity8 will look pretty broken :-D22:07
dandraderbut shouldn't be hard to fix, I guess22:07
greyback_sounds like a hack is needed22:07
dandradergreyback_, there's an assumption somewhere that depending on shell aspect ratio and size if will be tablet or phone22:08
dandradergreyback_, but that doesn't hold in a rotating shell scenario22:08
dandraderagain, shouldn't be hard22:09
dandraderto fix22:09
dandraderand the problem is the same for tablet or desktop, as they both have landcape screens22:09
greyback_note N7 scren is portrait22:09
dandraderhaven't tried it yet22:10
greyback_yep, just yet another thing to screw with assumptions22:10
dandraderheh, seems shellRotation won't leave any stone unturned22:12

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