jrwreni follow 60400:23
jrwreni'm guessing 400 of those tweet once a month :)00:23
jrwrenfollowing count importance < following tweet rate importance00:24
greg-gyeah, I was wondering if I could find that somewhere...00:27
greg-git'd be nice if I could see that number, and see if "if you unfollowed X, your tweet rate would be Y"00:27
jrwrenoh man, I would love that.00:30
cmaloneygreg-g: That would be awesome00:49
cmaloneyassuming I were still on Twitter of course. :)00:49
DrDaemonEyeevening everyone02:44
cmaloneybrousch: I'm about two moves from resigning our 19x19 game04:01
cmaloneyI only have a slight advantage but I can see you winning this.04:01
brouschNever give up!04:18
_stink_play a bomb piece04:22
cmaloneyGood morning14:05
DrDaemonEyemorning cmaloney, rick_h_15:31
cmaloneyMorning DrDaemonEye15:31
DrDaemonEyeHow goes?15:31
cmaloneyIt goes.15:37
DrDaemonEyeVery cold and snowman-like.15:38
DrDaemonEyeI guess we're suppose to get a couple inches of snow by mid-afternoon15:40
cmaloneyYeah, I'm not looking forward to that15:41
DrDaemonEyenor am I.  I got class this afternoon15:42
brouschbite me15:47
cmaloneybrousch: OMG IT'S SNOWING OUTSIDE! RUN!15:48
* cmaloney is listening to Chris Christodoulou - Hailstorm15:49
brouschIt's been snowing! I raked my roof and broke 2ft long icicles last night. shoveled another 3" this morning15:49
cmaloneybrousch: Yeah, but that's normal for the west side of the state15:49
cmaloneyWe should still be having 70F weather.15:49
rick_h_I had to go ask my phone 'what's the first day of winter' and it told me a lie and said Dec 21st not Nov 11th15:49
brouschAt least we're not in Buffalo15:53
DrDaemonEyebrousch: ouch.  no fun16:14
jrwrengreg-g: debian may not exist by the time you migrate to it.18:05
jrwrengreg-g: did you see https://lists.debian.org/debian-ctte/2014/11/msg00091.html ?18:05
greg-gno, but, it's ok18:06
jrwren3 resignations in 1 month: https://lists.debian.org/debian-ctte/2014/11/threads.html#0009118:09
greg-gUbuntu survived when I rage-quitted, same for jcastro :P18:10
jrwrenwere either of you leaders in the community?18:21
jcastroI would argue that ubuntu got better when greg quit18:21
greg-gjcastro: :P18:21
rick_h_ouch! beard burn right there18:22
brouschSo we're all moving to OpenSuse now?18:25
jcastrogreg-g, cdimages are cloudfronted18:26
jcastrodunno about the web stuff18:27
jcastrogod, I don't know how I lived without pushbullet18:28
jcastrobest. app. ever.18:29
jcastroshows your phone notifications on your desktop18:29
jcastroso like you can reply to texts, etc.18:29
cmaloneyAh, you mean Pebble. ;)18:29
jcastroand also push URLs etc. to your devices18:29
jcastroso when someone texts me a URL I can push it to a device18:29
jcastroisn't pebble a watch?18:30
cmaloneyIt is.18:30
cmaloneyThat gets my notifications18:30
cmaloneyI respond by looking at it and ignoring it.18:30
brouschGoogle voice18:31
cmaloneyGV works only when people use your GV number18:31
cmaloneyThough I use Hangouts for pretty much everything18:31
jcastroalso pushbullet is maintained. :)18:32
* jcastro took his number back from GV18:32
brouschDon't give out your real number!18:33
jrwrenjcastro: +1 pushbullet rules. I have an irssi script I wrote that uses it :)18:33
jrwrenoh, as for phone notifications, iOS+OSX does that OOTB :p18:33
* cmaloney decides against making a public bet that pushbullet will still be around in 3 years18:40
cmaloneyjcastro has enough of my money already. :)18:41
jcastrocmaloney, it just pushes URLs around18:41
jcastroit isn't rocket science18:41
cmaloneyjcastro: Yes, but it's a service18:46
cmaloneyand most services have the following lifecycle:18:46
jcastroyeah but relatively easy to replace18:46
cmaloney1) Awesome. Can't live without it18:46
jcastroit's not like, a life breaker if it goes away18:46
cmaloney2) Awesome, but apparently they need to make money18:46
cmaloney3) What the fuck?!?18:46
cmaloney4) Kill it with fire.18:47
jcastroyou forgot the other one18:47
jcastroa) Build something interesting, but no idea how to make money18:47
jcastrob) Get bought18:47
jcastroc) Fold service, have google/apple/amazon roll it into their basic service18:47
cmaloneyc) Become eBay / Paypal.18:47
jcastrod) Retire18:47
greg-gjcastro: you forgot the step between a and b of "???"18:48
cmaloneygreg-g: Obviously18:48
jcastrogreg-g, "get on techcrunch!"18:48
cmaloneyUnderpants as a Service18:48
jcastroyou guys watching Silicon Valley?18:48
jcastrothat show is basically all about this18:48
cmaloneyjcastro: Nope18:48
greg-gfuck no18:48
jcastroit's so good18:48
jcastrothis is the best.18:49
greg-gI pass these on my bus ride home twice/week: http://www.businessinsider.com/diet-coke-targets-san-francisco-techies-2014-218:49
greg-gI fucking puke a little in my mouth every time18:50
cmaloneyYou moved to San Francisco with no money, the name of your start-up and a $2,000 a week office lease18:50
cmaloneyyou're on fucking drugs18:51
greg-gcocaine, specifically18:51
cmaloneyDiet Cocaine18:52
cmaloneyThat's Cocaine mixed with artificial sweetner.18:52
greg-gcan't have any of that evil sugar18:52
* greg-g sighs18:52
greg-gthis fucking world18:52
greg-gcan I move back to MI yet?18:52
jcastrook sorry, this is actually the best Silicon Valley video, though NSFW: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uFYy3oEnzVg18:52
cmaloneyYou're in the diner hoping to end it all. You spot the packets on the table. You rip them open and start snorting for all you're worth. You're on "Diet Coke"18:53
cmaloneygreg-g: We have a hazardous weather outlook but you're welcome anytime. :)18:53
jcastrothere is snow here18:55
greg-gI love the snow18:56
greg-ggod I miss it18:56
cmaloneyDamn door-to-door folks19:02
cmaloneytrying to sell appliance protection19:02
cmaloneyThere goes the concentration train.19:02
greg-gWorking from Home Rule #3: never answer the door.20:01
rick_h_hah, gotta love the sales folks20:01
greg-gholy long url batman20:21
cmaloneySorry. :)20:21
cmaloneyIt's Google Plus, so long URLs are the norm20:21
* DrDaemonEye now has a laser22:23

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