belkinsawxl, \o/00:05
wxli know right? :)00:05
belkinsaI wonder who voted.00:16
wxlso far skellat00:17
wxli believe the voting happens entirely in a bug report00:17
wxlwhich from a documentation standpoint is genius00:17
belkinsaI like that idea.  Too bad that the Membership Board doesn't do that for non-meetings00:18
wxlsgclark: trying to catch up on uos and i notice in 1504 release planning that plasma5 is going into the archive and the kubuntu image is being dropped. are you planning on making it default?23:19
sgclarkwxl: yes it will be default for 15:0423:21
wxlwow good work sgclark :)23:22
sgclark:) packaging all the apps now, what a pile of work heh23:24
wxlahh fun23:24
wxlmake and dputg23:24
wxlmake and dput :)23:24
wxlahh well that's not entirely right though23:24
wxlor is it?23:24
sgclarkI wish lolo23:24
wxli'm don't know, i'm a packaging noob23:24
wxli've pushed hello to a ppa and that's a milestone :)23:24
sgclarkwell, in the case of packages that have not changed much, yes, but most of these are qt5 ports23:24
sgclarkand to pile on the fun we are merging with debian23:24
sgclarkand moving to debian git for all kde stuff23:25
wxloh wow23:25
wxlwell yay on that front23:25
* wxl likes git23:25
sgclarkyeah, not actually moving from ubuntu, just our kde packaging23:25
sgclarkanyway :) back to work for me lol23:26
* wxl waves23:26
* sgclark waves23:26
bkerensawxl: if you ask pleia2 maybe she could host you guys on the ubuntu-us.org server23:56
wxlbkerensa: i saw your email. sorry i haven't got back to it yet. i've had someone already offer us hosting, but that's interesting. is she the official maintainer of the server?23:57
bkerensawxl: yes and she is on the CC and been in the project a long time so it might be a more solid option then some random person23:58
bkerensapeople come and go a lot23:58

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