bdukGoodmorning everyone05:21
inetprohi bduk05:59
inetproand good morning everyone else05:59
Kiloshi inetpro ThatGraemeGuy bushtech and others06:11
KilosMaaz, cremora06:12
MaazIt's not inside Twit. It's on TOP06:12
Kiloslemme go to kde where im more at home06:15
ThatGraemeGuymorning peeps06:27
ThatGraemeGuyhttp://www.speedtest.net/my-result/3920821712 that's a bit more like it07:05
Kilosholy moly ThatGraemeGuy that is fast07:23
Kilosnow get that to your home and you are smiling07:24
ThatGraemeGuyif only07:25
ThatGraemeGuyi'll probably go with 2M at home07:25
ThatGraemeGuymy adsl is 2M I'm happy with that07:25
Kilosyou got adsl at home again?07:27
Kilosand is 2M 2 mb/s07:27
Kilosno comparison07:31
ThatGraemeGuyno adsl, telkom don't care about their customers07:33
ThatGraemeGuygetting wireless install from amobia, 2M up/down07:33
Kilosoh are they gonna do it07:34
Kiloslet me know what they install by you07:35
ThatGraemeGuyI asked the guy, its a grid, probably around 27dBi I suppose and a Mikrotik Groove07:35
ThatGraemeGuyand a router07:36
Kilosthe grib is the antenna07:37
ThatGraemeGuythe nice thing is that if I decide not to carry on with them for some reason, that kit will work on CTWUG, I asked them07:37
Kilosok now i understand what they do07:38
ThatGraemeGuyhttp://www.miro.co.za/catalogue/5ghz-grid-antenna-27-dbi-wideband-5150-5850-beamwidth-6h-9v/#sthash.HkLkOBM8.dpbs <--something like that07:38
Kilosthen they must have a tranceiver withing line of site somewhere07:39
ThatGraemeGuyyes I have perfect line of sight to the 2 towers closest to me07:40
Kilosor a wireless tower07:40
ThatGraemeGuyhttp://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sector_antenna <-- something like that I imagine07:40
Kiloswhew things have got involved since i played with radio07:41
ThatGraemeGuythose aren't really new, but you wouldn't be aware of them as an end-user typically07:43
ThatGraemeGuyunless you were on a WUG and also re-broadcasting, then you'd have a sector07:44
ThatGraemeGuya small one though07:44
charlgood morning09:30
charlMaaz: coffee on09:30
* Maaz flips the salt-timer09:30
MaazCoffee's ready for charl!09:34
charlMaaz: danke09:42
Kiloshi charl 10:03
inetprooff topic question: What would you do, would you fix a 4 year old Brushcutter (Weed Eater) for R650 or would you rather buy a new one again priced at R1299 (exact same model)?10:19
inetproKilos: ^^10:19
ThatGraemeGuyHow long did it take from new to being in a state where it needs a R650 repair?10:20
inetproBaught this thing on 5/9/2010 for R799 - RYOBI 30cc Petrol Trimmer Product ID: 108012EA10:21
bushtechis the rest of the brushcutter still in good nick?10:21
ThatGraemeGuyyeah i'd repair it10:22
inetprocompletely stuck at the moment as if seized, can't pull the string to start at all10:22
inetproI'd say it was good value for money until now, but tough decision to repair or to replace10:23
ThatGraemeGuywell if you buy a new one, assume it would take roughly the same time to reach that same state10:24
ThatGraemeGuyand if you repair it, is there much else that could go wrong with it that would be as expensive to repair?10:25
inetpronot much else that can really break10:25
ThatGraemeGuyi'd repair it10:25
inetprojust not sure whether it will last another 4 years, but maybe two10:26
inetproguess timing is a bit bad for replacing now, do the specials of these items normally run during this time of the year?10:29
inetprobaught it when it was on special10:29
charlhi Kilos, inetpro, ThatGraemeGuy 10:31
Kilossjoe inetpro skuus man10:32
Kiloswas buite met pc vir sis om m/b te kan sien10:32
inetprono stress, don't need immediate answers10:33
Kilosdid it last 4 years10:33
Kiloswho does the repairs?10:34
Kilosand is there a few months gaurantee with the repair10:34
Kilosno specials are in winter for tools that work in summer10:35
Kiloswho does the repairs10:36
Kilosif they not fly by nights id go for repair10:36
inetprowill get those details 10:36
Kilosnew is double the repair price10:37
Kiloscheckout boerbok prices, they keep everything short if you have enough of them10:39
Kilosi think they will also be kinda outa reach at todays meat prices10:40
Kilosgood armature winding companies sometimes rebuild an electric  motor that lasts better thasn the original10:41
bushtechthink this ia a petrol jobbie10:42
bushtechyeah, couple of goats and you can sell the brushcutter10:42
Kilosseized petrol motor10:43
Kiloswho forgot the 2 stroke oil10:43
bushtechwas wondering too10:44
Kiloswith a petrol motor id go for repair10:44
Kilosoh ya he said you pull the rope10:44
Kilossorry man10:44
Kilosrepair inetpro 10:45
Kilosbut not by van der merwes backyard services10:45
inetproKilos: North Lawn Mowers, don't know about guarantees though10:50
Kilosworth asking but if its seized theyll need to bore it or put new sleave and piston anyway10:51
Kilosso  i would let them repair just push for some gaurantee10:51
Kilosand if they do a good job it means valve krind too so thing should be like new10:52
inetproheh, we found the same model on special at builders express for R99810:52
Kilosi go eat10:54
Kiloshehe just check how many cases North Lawn Mowers have had against them11:02
inetproKilos: where do I check that?11:09
inetproanyway for R350 more I might as well just replace with a new one11:12
Kiloslol in law stuff11:18
Kilosa properly rebuilt petrol engines is as good as new11:19
Kilosget a new one then but repair old one when possible and keep for spare. when you have a replacement tool the other one lasts forever11:22
inetprogood idea11:32
Kiloshaha it seems to be a murphy deterent11:33
Kilosoh bushtech im sure the pc is a hp pc11:38
Kilosthis m/b http://www.motherboard.cz/mb/msi/865GM2-LS.htm11:40
Kilosand the drives are held with screws to the bracket, they felt like rivets as well but they are just different shaped screw heads to what i know11:42
bushtechKilos, specs rather low but it should work ok12:33
Kilosya for windows xp it was good with 128mB ram nor 35612:34
Kilosno 128 +25612:34
KilosMaaz: 128*25612:35
MaazKilos: 3276812:35
Kilosmuch faster than her p3 with xp anyway12:35
Kilosalso i think the cpu was upgraded from single to dual core12:37
grembleThe CPU was upgraded?13:19
Kilosyip i think when i started it it was quick and i looked somewhere and its either core 2 duo or dual core. and i thought it should be faster than my dual core but isnt then i checked rans and it had 128m only and mine has 2g14:23
Kilosanyway ince going again ill look deeper14:23
Kilosbut its still heaps faster than a p3, can write dvds too 14:23
Kilosso cant be too bad14:24
Kiloshi not_found 16:34
Kiloshows things there16:34
not_foundalo uncle Kilos :) all well and with you?16:34
Kilosgood ty. you and monkey must make plans with the re evalution thing hey16:35
Kilos1 week to next meet16:35
Kiloshi Joe_knock 16:36
Kilosnot_found: is it ready in your opinion or must more be done?16:38
Kilosmonkey seems very preocupied16:39
not_foundI will check tomorrow and day after etc... again off for a few days16:39
Kiloscool ty16:39
not_foundno prob, was the plan in any way :)16:41
Kiloshehe i worry you young ones with lives forget worse than me16:44
Kilos 16:48
Kiloshi magespawn 17:45
magespawnhi Kilos17:45
Kilosim sukkeling17:45
Kiloshi TinuvaMac 17:45
TinuvaMacwhats up17:45
Kilosstupid pc im building for sis cant see sata dvd17:46
Kilosbios sees it17:46
Kilosxp dont17:46
Kiloscant boot from it either so maybe something in bios dom17:46
magespawnget the sata drives for that motherboard17:46
Kilosoh ya17:46
Kilosty for that17:47
magespawnxp might not have them if it is a new drive17:47
Kilosdidnt even think of that17:47
Kilosits an old working xp17:47
TinuvaMacxp aint really supported anymore nowadays17:47
TinuvaMacwhy you even trying to get it to work?17:47
Kilosbecause thats what my sister uses to play age of empires 217:48
Kilosits all she wants, no energy to lr=earn win717:48
magespawndoes that pc ever go online Kilos?17:49
TinuvaMacspeaking of, i havent tried OpenAge on nix yet17:50
Kilosits just to store photos and games and play to forget the days stress17:50
magespawnthen there is relatively low risk17:50
magespawnTinuvaMac, OpenAge?17:50
TinuvaMacopensource clone of AOE2 engine17:51
magespawncool beans17:51
KilosTinuvaMac: size?17:52
TinuvaMacsmall, but i think you need original AOE2 for the data files17:52
Kilosah we have that17:53
Kilosso whats the clone for then if you have aoe cds?17:53
magespawnMaybe he got a bit tired of that conversation18:10
Kilosmagespawn: if i cant get it to boot from the sata dvd surely the prob is somewhere in bios18:11
Kilosi just pulled battery and power18:11
Kilosmaybe a bios upgrade would sort it but im not going online with unprotected xp18:12
Kiloshi somaunn 18:14
somaunnhi Kilos18:14
somaunnhow are things here18:14
Kilosgood ty and by you?18:15
charlgood evening18:15
somaunnlike a fish in a water bro18:15
somaunnwish i could get help from here18:15
Kiloswhat you need18:16
somaunnI've copied files on my Fed21 Music folder but can't delete them 18:17
Kilosjust state what you want to do and if someone can help they will18:17
magespawnKilos the bios boot order may not be set correct for the dvd. you said the bios does see it?18:18
Kilosif you boot from ubuntu live dvd or stick you can delete everything18:18
magespawnsomaunn, what os are you running?18:18
somaunnmessage: the trash has reached its maximum size! Cleanup the trash manually.18:18
magespawnhi charl 18:18
Kilosya magespawn it does and i set it to boot from cd but it hangs there a while then goes into xp18:19
Kiloshi charl 18:19
somaunnmagespawn: using Fedora 21 alpha18:19
magespawnmaybe the disk is faulty18:19
magespawnsomaunn, which user owns the files?18:19
Kilosno man it was working in xubuntu this morning18:19
somaunnmagespawn: my user account bro18:20
magespawnKilos, ti doe start to sound like it is the drive then18:20
magespawnit does18:20
Kilosthe dvd?18:20
magespawnsomaunn, then you should be able to delete them18:20
Kilosi will try the one from here18:20
magespawndoes Fedora require su to delete files? 18:21
somaunnnot by default18:21
magespawnsomaunn, how did you copy them? maybe check the ownership18:21
somaunnhow can i delete forlder in batch from cli ?18:21
Kilosdelete the whole folder18:22
somaunnKilos: can't, i want to delete specific folders only 18:22
Kiloscan you copy the stuff you want to somewhere else?18:23
somaunnmagespawn: i'm the owner as you can see hee drwxrwxr-x.  4 arnaud arnaud     4096 Nov 18 20:50 Women of faith18:23
Kilosor wont it allow that either18:23
magespawnrm i think is the command18:24
somaunn_Kilos: don't have ext hdd with me now18:26
Kilosyes but will it aloow you to copy them18:27
Kilosor is that also blocked18:27
magespawnsomaunn_, maybe you own the files but not the folder they are in or the drive18:41
somaunn_magespawn: have found a way to delete it using the root account18:42
Kilosthen you dont have permissions in that folder18:43
Kilosyou could chown it18:43
Kiloswith caution18:44
magespawncoll beans somaunn_ 18:45
magespawncool too18:46
somaunn_Kilos: magespawn succeed18:55
somaunn_yet it's tool me time but succeed18:55
somaunn_coming back in one hour !18:55
Kiloswell done18:56
Kiloshey magespawn swap dvd and it works18:57
Kilosits not a year old yet18:57
Kilosand worked this morning18:57
Kilosgood call my man18:57
magespawnprocess of elimination, might be a problem between that drive and the board18:58
Kilosalso i chose legacy mode in bios which i didnt try before18:59
Kiloswill test the dvd here when i switch off18:59
Kilosi dunno can one hot plug sata things19:00
Kilosglad its working though, would have battled to sleep otherwise19:02
magespawni think e- sata you can, but sata i think it would be wise to turn the machine off19:03
Kilosty ill try the dvd here in the morning19:03
Kilosnice to have you around my magespawn 19:03
Kilosohi superfly 19:04
Kilosnaand inetpro ook19:04
superflyhi Kilos19:04
magespawnhi superfly 19:06
superflyhi magespawn19:06
magespawnglade i could help Kilos 19:06
Kilosnight all. sleep tight19:16
Kiloshmm... 19:32
magespawnback again Kilos ?19:32
Kiloshad to come tell you magespawn , must have been the legacy settings19:33
Kilosit works here19:33
Kilosyay no claiming needed19:33
Kiloslol sleep tight19:33
Kiloslegacy works native and the other setting dont19:34
somaunnHello Guys20:07
somaunnI'm back20:07
somaunnfinally my trash is still full and the system is asking me to delete everthing manually 20:07
magespawnsomaunn, can you open the trash and delete from there?20:24
somaunnopenned > checked from GUi but the trash is empty20:26
somaunnchecked hidden files to if something is there but nothing 20:27
somaunnlook very strange20:27
magespawnmaybe this can help http://www.linuxquestions.org/questions/linux-newbie-8/how-to-open-the-trash-folder-and-empty-the-trash-in-command-line-664836/20:28
magespawnany way, i have to go to bed, chat later all20:28
EvilDMPHello South African Ubuntu users - I am hoping to find someone who can lead an Ubuntu install party at http://python-namibia.org22:17
EvilDMPIf you have any suggestions, I'd be very grateful for them22:17
Joe_knockEvilDMP: You're not really evil right?22:29
EvilDMPJoe_knock: I do my best22:34
Joe_knockSo you want an ubuntu install party to take place? Would you like to be the lead on it? We can have the disks shipped to you.22:37
Joe_knockEvilDMP: ^^22:38
EvilDMPJoe_knock: I'm organising the whole conference and will be running around madly for four days - I'm hoping to find someone in Namibia or perhaps ZA who's willing to travel to attend, and is more of an expert than I am22:38
EvilDMPJoe_knock: there'll be 40 UNAM students there of the 80 attendees; most of the students apparently are soldiering on with aged Windows laptops22:39
EvilDMPand that's not going to be ideal for doing Python workshops etc22:39
grembleThose poor bastards22:39
grembleI would totally do it if I had any way of getting there haha22:40
EvilDMPA friend who works for Canonical had been planning to come to do that and another session, but work calls him to ZA just in the wrong week22:40
Joe_knockHopefully we can find an ubuntu user in Namibia, but for anyone else, they're probably going to need a sponsorship to travel.22:40
EvilDMPJoe_knock: I've written to Canonical about sponsorship (no reply yet)22:41
Joe_knockEvilDMP: If you can get about 5 students onto the mailing list or here, we can help them install ubuntu remotely and they must then pass that knowledge on to the others.22:41
EvilDMPJoe_knock: they seem to strongly prefer sponsorship requests from witin Ubuntu/Canonical22:42
EvilDMPJoe_knock: I don't know any of the students yet!22:42
Joe_knockI don't mind coming to Namibia for a few days, but it will be a wasted expense if we can help them remotely.22:42
EvilDMPJoe_knock: the aim of the conference is to help bootstrap the open source community there22:42
Joe_knockAre you arranging PyCon Namibia? 22:43
EvilDMPJoe_knock: actually, one of the most valuable aspects of the conference is to get people to meet face-to-face and form connections 22:43
EvilDMPJoe_knock: I'm organising this event, but we're not calling it a PyCon - it wouldn't be appropriate for me as an outsider to organise someone else's PyCon - this is a more modest event22:44
EvilDMPthe idea is that the following year the community that has formed will be able to host its own PyCon22:44
EvilDMP(and invite us to it)22:44
grembleWho are you representing then?22:45
Joe_knockThe name isn't such a big thing EvilDMP . Calling it PyCon will help people understand what this event is about22:45
EvilDMPI've been working on a project to help establish PyCons in Africa for a long time, and my ex-colleagues at Cardiff are involved in a major project with UNAM - so we decided to make this part of that22:46
EvilDMPsorry, at Cardiff University22:46
EvilDMPgremble: I'm not representing anyone22:46
grembleYou answered my question anyway :P22:46
EvilDMPgremble: I organised http://djangoweekend.org, helped organise http://2014.djangocon.eu, and will be organising (well, the chair of the committee anyway) DjangoCon Europe 2015 here in Cardiff22:47
Joe_knockEvilDMP: What I can also do is put you in touch with a colleague of mine. He normally organizes the PyCon in SA.22:49
EvilDMPJoe_knock: Simon?22:49
EvilDMPby the way for the general African PyCons project, #pycon-in-africa22:50
Joe_knockYeah, Simon from CT.22:51
EvilDMPJoe_knock: we're already in touch, I'm hoping he'll be there22:51
EvilDMPand plenty of other folks from SA too22:51
EvilDMPI have been bothering South African companies about sponsorship, naturally22:52
Joe_knockIf Simon is coming, perhaps he can do the Ubuntu party as well. Have you asked him?22:53
EvilDMPI shall22:53
EvilDMPAnd in the meantime, if anyone here would like to spend a few days in Windhoek doing Python - it would be fantastic to have you there22:54
EvilDMPthanks for your help and suggestions22:54
Joe_knockNice to see a new city, but getting to Namibia is a nightmare :P22:57
EvilDMPJoe_knock: I think Simon was talking about driving22:58
Joe_knockLet me check the distance to get there :P22:59
EvilDMPit's about 1600km! my idea of a long drive is 2 hours23:00
grembleThat would be quite the drive23:00
Joe_knocksheeeettt. it's roughly 1400KM 23:01
Joe_knock17 hour drive :O23:01
EvilDMPJoe_knock: are you in Cape Town?23:02
Joe_knockNope, I think Cape Town is even further away23:02
Joe_knockand it's worse for Simon cause he'll have to drive through the Kalahari23:03
Joe_knockin summer23:03
EvilDMPI'd assume that anyone would fly anyway23:04
EvilDMPyou'd have to really like driving, otherwise...23:04
Joe_knockEvilDMP: Driving used to be part of the journey in SA. A sort of "cultural"  thing23:05
EvilDMPright, it's bedtime for me, thanks again!23:12
Joe_knockTake care EvilDMP 23:14

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