bLaCk`SouL ubottu  Thans00:00
Bashing-omsebo: Then we set up '/etc/network/interfaces' ; are you comforable with a text editor ( I have to ask !) .00:00
seboBashing-om: I can use vim :)00:00
retsejbubbasaures: I bit the bullet got impatient00:01
seboBashing-om: ...at least some basic of vim ;p00:01
WebdevbHey guys... can anyone help me out, I need to upgrade our open ssl version on our server but I'd only like to update that nothing else... is this possible?00:01
retsejbubbasaures: Turns out I'm better at this than I thought00:01
bLaCk`SouL sebo  türkmusun lan .D00:01
k1lWebdevb: make it a apt-get install --reinstall00:01
Webdevbwon't that reinstall everything...00:02
Bashing-omsebo: Great, then make your '/etc/network/interfaces ' same as mine except where I have eth1, yours is eth0, for your interface . ( good practice to make sure there is a back up of any file one edits ) .00:02
EriC^^Webdevb: or sudo apt-get install --only-upgrade00:02
EriC^^Webdevb: sudo apt-get install --only-upgrade <package name>00:02
Webdevbso sudo apt-get install openssl --only-upgrade00:02
EriC^^Webdevb: no, openssl at the end00:03
daftykinsWebdevb: update it on one, take the package from /var/cache/apt/archives/ then manually install that on the rest00:03
Webdevbcool thanks Eric^^ do you have to restart after upgrading opensll00:03
seboBashing-om: and where is yours?  so I might take a look?00:04
EriC^^no idea, i don't think so00:04
EriC^^Webdevb: maybe just restart the services relating to it that your running00:04
WebdevbOK thanks EriC^^00:04
Bashing-omsebo: Mine: here -> http://paste.ubuntu.com/9081646/ .00:05
zykotick9Webdevb: fyi, updating openssl usually requires restarting many services.  easiest to reboot system, but if you want you can install debian-goodies and use the checkrestart command.  good luck.00:05
seboBashing-om: Ill have to rewrite it :)00:05
Webdevbzykotick9 thanks... a little nervous about doing all this kind of stuff.00:06
Bashing-omsebo: Should only have to add the last 2 lines .(??)00:06
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zykotick9Webdevb: rebooting system = sure fire method ;)00:06
Webdevbzykotick9 nervous about it all hahaha00:07
seboBashing-om: yep... but I had not seen it when I was writing that ;)00:07
Bashing-omsebo: :) so long as ya get it all and it is formatted same same (eth0) in your use case .00:09
seboBashing-om: I've commited the change and brought the interface up `sudo ifup eth0`00:13
seboBashing-om: ...and now it pings with google :D00:13
seboBashing-om: And the warning about the packages is also gone :)00:15
Bashing-omsebo: Good deal, do we have DNS resolution ? such that ping -c3 google.com has good return ?00:16
neinmm_hey, i am having a problem with 14.10 using gnome. in firefox (only firefox) ever 5 or 6 keypresses types a 'g' and then an 'r' . even if those arent the letter i was pressing. this does not happen in xchat, or console, only firefox. is this a common issue? i cant really search for it because of the problem. here is a sample of my firefox url bar: mary hadgrlittle grb its flgre was wgre as snog00:17
neinmm_that was mary had a little lamb :(00:17
RalliasHow do I remove a dead physical volume from a volume group?00:18
seboBashing-om: yep :) `ping google.pl` was the firs thing i have tried - thx. Anyway after the `apt-get upgrade` I'll have to set this so that it'll be brought up automatically.00:19
seboBashing-om: or is it better to get some kind of 'network manager' installed?00:20
Hertzsems me monitor got bettah00:21
Hertztanks to intel drivers00:21
Hertznow I kan use linux :)00:21
retsejSo if I've got a tiny SSD holding /, but a large partition on another drive, how can I install large programs onto the other drive?00:21
EriC^^retsej: you'd have /usr on the other drive00:21
retsejEric^^ right now it's labelled /data, I did a test run to make sure I got the installation right (I did)00:23
EriC^^retsej: copy whatever is in /usr to it00:23
retsejEric^^: Then sym link?00:24
EriC^^retsej: then delete everything in /usr and modify your fstab to mount it on /usr00:24
Bashing-omsebo: I expect it to wokie great as is, and last long time.00:24
seboBashing-om: I was just wondering if after the reboot the network interface might need to be brought up manualy (which I would not like to). Thx for your advises :)00:27
Bashing-omsebo: Kernel should detect and bring up wired connection with no intercession on your part .00:28
seboBashing-om: so thanks :) ...Tomorrow I'll have to dig in with the wlan0 :]00:31
Bashing-omsebo: Good luck. mine has been good, Always to this time WIFI just works out-of-the-box; thus I have had to gain no experience with WIFI .00:32
jmaderohi all - anyone using pidgin can direct me to where I can find some conversation themes....seems like there is no central location00:39
auscompgeekjmadero: perhaps #pidgin could00:40
jmaderoauscompgeek: thanks00:40
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happyfaceI can ssh into my ubuntu 12.04 server but I can't access internet from it. "curl -v http://google.com" times out, so do requests in "apt-get update". Any suggestions?00:49
happyfaceI can ping google.com, but can't curl it00:50
jacob_koellingsup sup00:51
happyfacedaftykins: no it's not DNS. It gets an IP but then times out somewhere. I can't curl an IP directly either, for example00:55
WebdevbEriC^^ that didn't work buddy...00:55
WebdevbSeem to just install the same version...00:55
WebdevbDo i need to update my package list?00:56
EriC^^Webdevb: which ubuntu do you have00:56
Webdevb12.04 LTS00:56
EriC^^which openssl version do you want00:56
diegoviolaso when is ubuntu switching to systemd?00:56
EriC^^!info openssl precise00:56
ubottuopenssl (source: openssl): Secure Socket Layer (SSL) binary and related cryptographic tools. In component main, is standard. Version 1.0.1-4ubuntu5.20 (precise), package size 506 kB, installed size 898 kB00:56
EriC^^diegoviola: by 2016 i guess00:57
auscompgeekhappyface: are you sure you're not on a network where you have to use an http proxy?00:57
ubottuOpenSSL before 0.9.8za, 1.0.0 before 1.0.0m, and 1.0.1 before 1.0.1h does not properly restrict processing of ChangeCipherSpec messages, which allows man-in-the-middle attackers to trigger use of a zero-length master key in certain OpenSSL-to-OpenSSL communications, and consequently hijack sessions or obtain sensitive information, via a crafted TLS handshake, aka the "CCS Injec... (http://cve.mitre.org/cgi-bin/cvename.cgi?name=CVE-2014-0224)00:57
happyfaceauscompgeek: I'm not. This is a new issue on this server (an EC2 instance)00:57
aFeijohi folks, I'm stuck! I try to remove mariadb 10.1 and install mariadb 10.0, now it wont finish installing the 10.0, I try to remove and purge it many times, but the error remains00:57
WebdevbI think it's more the libary...00:58
WebdevbEriC^^ 1.0.1h seems like the one it needs to patch.00:59
auscompgeekhappyface: this is probably unlikely, but are you sure your routing table is correct?00:59
xanguaaFeijo: what ubuntu release are you uging¿  how did you install mariadb 10.1 and how are you trying to downgrade¿ "the error remains" what error? what is the message/output error00:59
happyfaceauscompgeek: "route" matches my other (working) server01:00
WebdevbEriC^^ I've tried that link above and still no look.01:00
aFeijoxangua, ubuntu 14.04, I installed mariadb with sudo add-apt-repository 'deb http://mirror.edatel.net.co/mariadb//repo/10.1/ubuntu trusty main', then I removed that apt line and added the 10.0 one, and I try to install again. The error is Sub-process /usr/bin/dpkg returned an error code (1)01:01
WebdevbEriC^^ could it be this sudo apt-get install --only-upgrade libssl1.0.001:01
EriC^^!find libssl01:02
ubottuFound: libssl-dev, libssl-doc, libssl1.0.0, libssl1.0.0-dbg, libssl-ocaml01:02
EriC^^!info libssl1.0.001:02
ubottulibssl1.0.0 (source: openssl): Secure Sockets Layer toolkit - shared libraries. In component main, is important. Version 1.0.1f-1ubuntu9 (utopic), package size 840 kB, installed size 2903 kB01:02
EriC^^!info libssl1.0.0 precise01:02
ubottulibssl1.0.0 (source: openssl): SSL shared libraries. In component main, is required. Version 1.0.1-4ubuntu5.20 (precise), package size 987 kB, installed size 2690 kB01:02
EriC^^Webdevb: it's also version 1.0.1-401:03
EriC^^Webdevb: are you sure it needs patching, they should release patches for security vulns especially on lts releases01:03
WebdevbYea if i run an ssllabs on it it's say i'm vunrable...01:04
WebdevbEriC^^ maybe I just need to do a full reboot.01:04
EriC^^in the --only-upgrade did it actually install anything?01:05
auscompgeekWebdevb: well... if you haven't restarted all services that use openssl, then you'd still be vulnerable, yes01:05
Webdevbauscompgeek this is the version: OpenSSL 1.0.1 14 Mar 201201:05
Webdevbbuilt on: Mon Apr  7 20:33:29 UTC 201401:05
WebdevbEriC^^ it just says 1 upgraded.01:06
Webdevbauscompgeek do I have to do a full restart could I not just resart opensll?01:07
auscompgeekWebdevb: how would you restart openssl?01:07
Webdevbauscompgeek I don't have a clue01:08
Eduard_MunteanuActually, I wish openssl was a service.01:08
WebdevbCould I check to see what services are using openssl?01:08
Webdevband just restart those?01:08
WebdevbThis doesn't show anything lsof | grep -i libssl | grep DEL | awk '{print $1}' | sort | uniq01:10
happyfaceauscompgeek: looks like I can access http (port 80) through a SSH socks5 proxy, but not https (443)01:10
auscompgeekhappyface: I have no clue what's going on01:11
happyfaceauscompgeek: yea, weirdest thing I've seen in awhile01:11
EriC^^Webdevb: try just lsof | grep -i libssl01:12
auscompgeekhappyface: perhaps you should ask amazon what's going on01:12
happyfaceauscompgeek: perhaps, good idea01:12
Webdevbapache is using that01:13
agent_whiteevenin' folks01:13
Webdevb nova-agent/
EriC^^Webdevb: sudo service apache2 restart01:13
WebdevbEriC^^ I've already restarted apache201:14
EriC^^try sudo service nova-agent restart01:14
EriC^^( i guess )01:15
chris__Newbie here... afraid this is going to sound like a dumb question...01:15
EriC^^do so at your own risk..01:15
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chris__Trying to sign up for a subscription and I'm getting a very generic error that says, "Chris , We have detected an error with your attempted purchase.01:17
chris__An unknown error has occurred with your purchase. Please contact customer service..."  Is there a general setting that might hinder things like this.  very vague, I know, but any help is appreciated01:17
buck11chris__: it's more likely to be an issue on their end01:17
buck11call their customer support01:18
buck11they should want your money01:18
chris__ok just thought I'd check... there's been a few quirky things since I switched over that I'm unaccustomed to... Thanks01:19
WebdevbIf I run this what version will download sudo apt-get install --only-upgrade libssl1.0.001:22
ubuthetechguruis there a way to switch users using xchat?01:22
Webdevbsafest way to reboot?? Reboot now01:24
ubuthetechguruWebdevb, sudo shutdown -r now01:26
Webdevbubuthetechguru: do you know what verison will install if i run this sudo apt-get install --only-upgrade libssl1.0.001:28
EriC^^Webdevb: the latest that's in the releases repo01:28
EriC^^Webdevb: you can add a ppa or something to get a newer one, but it might break stuff who knows01:28
WebdevbEriC^^ sorry so whats the dif between that and this sudo apt-get install --only-upgrade openssl01:29
EriC^^Webdevb: if indeed this is a security vuln i guess it would be better to talk to a dev or something cause it should be patched01:29
EriC^^Webdevb: --only-upgrade will do like apt-get upgrade does for all packages, except for just that one package01:29
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ubuthetechguruWebdevb, no idea sorry01:34
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WaterBottleAnyone got any good guides on customizing the ubuntu look?01:52
slitt_WaterBottle, Are U willing to use something besides Unity?01:52
infamyWaterBottle:  ^^01:53
WaterBottleYeah, I've tried other Destop enviroments, the only issue is there are some nuances that unity takes care of01:53
WaterBottleLike dragging a window to a side to maximzie/take up half the screen01:53
Scrivener_Yo guys. I have two mounted drives, and I was doing a mass copy of files from one drive to another.01:53
WaterBottleBut I'm more than willing to try another DE01:54
Scrivener_In the middle, I got a series of "cp: cannot create directory '[directory path on destination]': No such file or directory01:54
dormacA have to partitions, one windows, other with Ubuntu. I want to get rid of windows partition and just have the whole disk for Ubuntu. How can I rejoin the partitions? Do I have to format and reinstall?01:54
segodmichenah man01:54
Scrivener_Well of course there's no such file or directory -- it hasn't created it yet! Why would it have a problem doing this, though?01:55
segodmichefrom linux you can format that nasty windows01:55
slitt_WaterBottle, what improvements do you want to make on the appearance?01:55
segodmichetransform it to ext2 and use it01:55
segodmicheoh mount it in the fstab01:55
WaterBottleI'm trying to get a more minimalist look. Almost like the newest flavor of OSX01:55
bubbasauresdormac, You just remove and resize what is left.01:55
segodmichedormac: you don't need to rejoin them01:56
dormacsegodmiche, ext4 works?01:56
segodmichei live in the past01:56
segodmichereiserfs for a more *killer* approach01:56
slitt_WaterBottle, the most minimalist Ubuntu environment I ever used was Openbox with a black background.01:57
Scrivener_No one has run into this before?01:58
dormacsegodmiche bubbasaures tnx01:58
slitt_If you want a panel (and most do), LXDE is pretty minimal looking.01:58
LoshkiScrivener_: Odd. What were your args to cp? I prefer rsync -av --progress --partial anyway.01:58
slitt_I don't know what OS/X looks like.01:58
segodmicheslitt: it doesn't get more minimalistic than DWM01:58
Scrivener_Loshki, rp -R /source/dir /dest/dir01:58
Scrivener_cp* -R01:58
Scrivener_sudo cp -R, in fact01:58
segodmichedormac whats a bubbasaures?01:58
Scrivener_They are both HFS+ formatted filesystems, if that makes a difference, but they were mounted properly (as read-writable, as long as I'm root)01:59
bubbasauressegodmiche, You said you were in the past, just not far enough. ;)01:59
WaterBottleslitt, I like this look thank you01:59
slitt_segodmiche, I came darn close to using dwm as my daily driver desktop. But it didn't have anything like Openbox's window list sorted by desktop, which I use conxstantly.02:00
Scrivener_Loshki, trying with rsync now02:00
LoshkiScrivener_: HFS+? Sorry, no experience with it. Still, rsync will avoid having to redo the whole copy02:00
segodmichesorted by desktop..?02:01
LoshkiScrivener_: use the -n (dry run) flag until you're sure you've got the args right.02:01
pgnomefirefox 33.0 keeps crashing... is this typical in 14.04?02:01
slitt_segodmiche, yes, first desktop 1 with all its windows, then desktop 2 with all its windows, all the way to desktop 9. And you can move to one with a letter, then hit enter.02:01
Scrivener_Loshki, is there anything that will cause damage if it doesn't go correctly?02:02
Scrivener_I did not do a dry run in this case...02:02
Scrivener_And it looks like it's sitting on a file.02:02
segodmicheyeah you can do that with DWM02:02
segodmicheit's built in02:03
segodmichewell you have to set the shortcuts in the source02:03
slitt_segodmiche, I couldn't find it in dwm. How do you do it? Or, in the source code, what function?02:03
LoshkiScrivener_: only that if the args aren't correct, you risk copying stuff twice & maybe not noticing. And of course, be extra careful whenever using the --delete flag.02:03
segodmichehmm I wrote a tutorial about this, let me see if I can find it on the wayback machine, 1 sec.02:04
Scrivener_Loshki, not deleting anything02:04
LoshkiScrivener_: if you do it right, rsync will skip over the existing copies, and only copy the missing parts...02:04
slitt_Thanks segodmiche , I looked all over dwm for that functionality.02:04
GoldenAngleAnyone have experience with setting up a Groupon type website?02:04
Scrivener_Loshki, showing progress, it is not moving from a file. Been sitting showing the one file for a long time now :-/02:05
LoshkiScrivener_: list the destination file in a separate terminal. Is it growing?02:06
GreenOwen25i need help with installing teamspeak on my ubuntu machine02:06
solsTiCehi. I wouldlike to see what's in my initrd img. But it is not compressed with gzip. and I can't decompress it. cpio -i gives only a 26k file while the initrs is 28Mb02:07
electrogluefor the life of me i cant get jackd to start on 14.04. Can someone please help me?02:08
LoshkisolsTiCe: plenty of stuff on google I would think e.g. http://www.ibm.com/developerworks/library/l-initrd02:09
solsTiCeit does not work02:09
Scrivener_Loshki, strangely, while I can navigate to the directory in nautilus (running with gksu nautilus), as root when I ll in the destination directory I see nothing02:09
Scrivener_In nautilus I do see files though...02:09
solsTiCeas I said mine is not gzip compressed. why ?02:09
anjo-aladiahA user trying help me to tuning my keyborad layout, told me to do this @setxkbmap -option compose:ralt  , then as i found another solution that work, i wish to put thing as in original state. User told me to change RALT to LALT in the file as i did. This is enought ?02:09
Scrivener_Loshki, nevermind, hang on02:10
electrogluecan someone point me to where I can find accurate information on how to rub jackd on 14.04?02:11
anjo-aladiahI never seen the difference between changes at all, anyway.02:11
Scrivener_Loshki, no, size is remaining the same02:11
Scrivener_It's just not doing anything02:11
LoshkisolsTiCe: dunno, don't more recent versions use initramfs instead http://askubuntu.com/questions/299690/the-relationship-between-initrd-and-squashfs02:12
hopsinwhat ubuntu should i d/l for a desktop ?02:12
Scrivener_Loshki, the size of the destination directory is not changing either02:12
Scrivener_It's not copying new files and just not outputting it02:12
LoshkiScrivener_: that usually means rsync is having trouble reading the source file. Can you cat the file?02:13
electrogluesolsTiCe: you can see what's going in the initramfs by passing the -v flag to update-initramfs while it's being built. Beyond that I have successfully extracted the contents to a directory02:14
Bashing-omhopsin: A lot depends on your hardware, takes some horsepower to run the top-of-the-line editions .02:14
electroglueIt depends sometimes it is using xz02:14
hopsinBashing-om, just a crappy single core pc02:15
electrogluecan someone help me with running jackd on 14.04 please?02:15
electroglueI'm at a dead end02:15
Scrivener_Loshki, I can cat the file02:15
Bashing-omhopsin: I have successfully installed Lubuntu to many single core machines . Good place to start any way.02:16
Scrivener_I think I know what might be causing this problem though02:16
LoshkiScrivener_: if you're not seeing actual disk errors reported from rsync, it usually means it's in disk wait?02:16
Scrivener_In order to cat the file, I had to surround it in quotes02:16
hopsinBashing-om, what about a dual core ?02:16
flipapyhi channel. i have a question about using different window themes in ubuntu 14.04. currently i am using this one i think its ambiance or the other dark one. it is very stable and i like that. but i want one with bigger window clickable options, like a bigger 'x' for closing etc, and different color options. and ideas on the best stable choices? i know there are a lot of options, i am looking for the ones some people here know as the least bugg02:16
Scrivener_If I try to cat it according to how it shows up in ls, it treats each piece of the file (space-separated filename..) as its own file02:16
Scrivener_And says they don't exist02:16
Scrivener_I feel like I should just be able to drag and drop >.<02:17
anjo-aladiahWhat it is the difference bewteen have RALT or LALT  About this  @setxkbmap -option compose:ralt02:17
Scrivener_But apparently not :(02:17
zykotick9Scrivener_: the\ alternative\ is\ to\ escape\ like\ this02:17
HerroWor_Hey i am trying to connect to a server then open up an active log, ssh -i /Users/J/Documents/SSH/mysshkey.pem ubuntu@ colortail -f /home/ubuntu/logs/server.log02:18
Scrivener_zykotick9, of course... but I don't know why it would not do this by default02:18
Scrivener_And how am I expected to do that manually for 300+ GB of files?02:18
anjo-aladiahI know it got to do with this but i can t find the meaning of th word LALT here https://gist.github.com/Spoygg/312222602:18
HerroWor_When i do this all i see is ==> /home/ubuntu/logs/server.log <==  with no log info02:18
flipapyanjo-aladiah, have you thought about 'laugh alt loud' ?02:20
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Scrivener_Loshki, I just went manually in with nautilus this time, found the exact file it was stuck on, tried to drag and drop it to the destination (which I also have open in nautilus)02:21
Scrivener_And it gives the same error.02:21
Scrivener_No such file or directory, as though the thing I am dragging doesn't exist02:21
Scrivener_Even though I can clearly access it.02:21
ObrienDaveanjo-aladiah, LALT = Left ALT key. RALT = Right ALT key02:23
anjo-aladiahObrienDave: Thanks. So tha mean i should put RALT there, because my ALT right key is on the RIGHT ?02:24
Bashing-omhopsin: I run ubuntu just fine on a dual core althlon set up .02:24
agent_whiteHerroWor_: `ssh ubuntu@ipaddress -t 'tail -f /path/to/logfile'`02:24
hopsinBashing-om, im on ubuntu web site but there is cloud and a few others what is a basic os02:25
Eleuindefine basic OS02:26
ObrienDaveanjo-aladiah, i don't know what you would do for only one ALT key. US keyboards usually have two ALT keys02:26
Bashing-omhopsin: Burn ya a few .iso's and see what you prefer. ( I have a preference for xfce (xubuntu) .02:26
anjo-aladiahMine too. but Alt GR m the right one is on the right side02:27
agent_whitehopsin: If you are new, just go with the desktop one.02:27
anjo-aladiahIf i put LALT there with the prior command i mentioned a while ago it will be on contrary function ?02:27
ObrienDaveanjo-aladiah, i don't know02:28
anjo-aladiahRALT is the original config ?02:28
HerroWor_agent_white: im getting a weird bash: ‘colortail: command not found02:28
agent_whiteHerroWor_: Does the remote machine have colortail on it?02:29
HerroWor_the local machine does not02:29
agent_whiteHm. Can you install it on the local machine?02:29
HerroWor_i would rather not02:30
hopsinso kylin ?02:30
hopsinsays its for china02:30
HerroWor_i can still connet through ssh then run the 'colortail - f /logfile' and open the log02:30
agent_whiteHerroWor_: That's probably best bet.02:30
hopsinagent_white, i dont see a desktop install kylin says china02:31
Foxhoundzhow do I install Nginix + PHP + MySQL  on Ubuntu02:31
FoxhoundzTasksel doesn't let you choose your http daemon02:31
Foxhoundzwhich is stupid.02:31
neinmmhi! ubuntu is booting with scrolling text (dmesg) and id like to get rid of that and have a graphical boot into lightdm. is there a setting i can change to disable the text at boot time?02:32
agent_whiteFoxhoundz: https://www.digitalocean.com/community/tutorials/how-to-install-linux-nginx-mysql-php-lemp-stack-on-ubuntu-12-0402:32
Foxhoundzagent_white: thanks man! o/02:32
LoshkiScrivener_: can you pastebin the output of ls -l of the file, and ls -ld of the containing directory?02:32
Bashing-omhopsin: ubuntu desktop -> http://www.ubuntu.com/download/desktop .02:32
chadprobably a stupid question but when i do bzip2 * in term it wont let me go backt oentering commands02:32
HerroWor_agent_white: why would having colortrail installed on my local machine make a difference if i am trying to run a comand on the remote machine?02:32
agent_whiteFoxhoundz: Digitalocean has TONS of 'server-setup' like tuts. :) Cheers!02:33
chadit has >02:33
hopsinBashing-om, thanks02:34
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Bashing-omhopsin: :) enjoy .02:35
chadanyone know why my term is just >02:35
agent_whiteHerroWor_: Probably (I'm assuming) because over ssh it's just sending text, not the formatted text.02:35
DylanI'm using f.lux do dim my monitor at night. I've recently installed fluxgui to manage it, however now whatever setting I choose doesn't change the color of th eminotr.02:35
chadeach time i type it doesnt do commands just is another line of >02:35
Dylanthe monitor*02:35
DylanAnyone have any ideas?02:35
dna113pHello, i have a bit of an issue. I've been gaming using wine... But I'm having a huge problem with keybindings in Xubuntu. THere are so many random keys that launch shit that I am constantly launching shit while middle of a game. Any way I can either disable them when i'm in fullscreen game or altogether?02:35
Bashing-omchad: try key combo ctl+c to get out of command mode.02:37
agent_whiteHerroWor_: I _think_ that colortail just uses regex to get blocks of text, then probably adds ANSI escapes to add color. So it interprets the stream of text, and prolly sends it to your console via something like `echo -en "\033[32GREENTEXT!"`02:37
hopsinBashing-om, its not free ?02:38
HerroWor_agent_white, odd i tried to replace colortrail with echo hello02:38
hopsinlol nevermind02:39
HerroWor_and it does not display anything02:39
agent_whiteHerroWor_: What is the full command you entered?02:40
Bashing-omhopsin: Yes it is free, ubuntu has always been free and we have the promise it always will be free, IF you desire to assist the effort with financial aid, you may do so,02:40
HerroWor_ssh -i path/to/key.pem user@ip -t 'echo hello'02:40
DylanSince I updated to 14.04, I've had some complaints from others when using Skype that the connection will suddenly get very loud on their end. I use a headset and I can solve this problem temporarily by unplugging and plugging them back in again. I've noticed in the Sound Settings-->Input that the computer has blips where it suddenly no longer detects my headset and defaults back to the...02:40
Dylan...computer microphone/speakers. I don't know if these two are related, but has anyone else experienced this problem and have an idea what to do about it?02:40
HerroWor_i get bash: ‘echo: command not found02:40
agent_whiteHerroWor_: Then you just echo'ed "hello" to the remote console.02:40
hopsinBashing-om, if it works out no problem02:41
agent_whiteHerroWor_: Anything you pass to "-t" is run on the remote machine.02:41
slitt_Hi all, I need to hang up now because I'm going to install PCBSD 10.1 64 bit on this machine now.02:41
HerroWor_agent_white it works perfectly with colortrail i just had to remove the ''02:43
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HerroWor_from around the command i wanted to execute on the server02:43
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agent_whiteHerroWor_: Got it working?!02:43
HerroWor_tyvm :-D02:43
agent_whiteHerroWor_: Good deal! No problem!02:44
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HerroWor_is there any benifit to using restart service over stop service, start service?02:45
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agent_whiteDylan: Disable auto-adjusting mixer levels in skype?02:46
DylanLet me see here...02:46
DylanFound it and disabled. We'll see if the problem continues into the future. Thank you.02:48
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Bleezyhow do switch between desktops?02:49
agent_whiteDylan: Cheers :)02:49
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neoarkanyone using cloud.cfg to set resolv.conf?02:49
neoarkis sucessfull?02:49
DylanNext: Is anyone familiar with using Redshift programs of any sort to "warm up" monitors for 14.04? I'm having a hell of a time getting f.lux to work and I'm open to other suggestions.02:50
agent_whiteDylan: I use/recommend redshift, it's one of my startup programs.02:50
agent_whiteAs in the program is literally called redshift :)02:51
DylanGreat, thank you.02:51
Bashing-omBleezy: In the sign in /log in box click on the ubuntu icon and choose your session (??) .02:53
kfizzFor a SSD w/ an ext4 root file system, what are some advised options for fstab. Currently the options I have on mine are "errors=remount-ro" but I read that relatime is a good option to add for ext4 file systems02:55
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KrixvarIs there a way to have firefox let you choose the location to save a file to, save it there, then automatically open the newly saved file with a specific program? Trying to improve my mp3 sorting workflow03:33
SchrodingersScatKrixvar: not that I know of, but incron can watch a directory and trigger an action.03:33
KrixvarSchrodingersScat: I'll have to look into that, thanks!03:34
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ai6pgs3fs - folders in bucket aren't accessible. Any suggestion?03:42
travestyI'm having issues with wine. Fresh install of 14.04 x64 I go to browse C: drive and I get the following error message: Unable to detect the URI-scheme of ".wine/dosdevices/c:" can someone please help?03:42
travestyai6pg have you tried using the folders in the user you created them in?03:45
ai6pg#travesty - I'm not sure I understand. Local folder is /mnt/pgrace03:46
travestyhave you tried changing permissions? eg. chown?03:46
beltorakhi all; how do i go about modifying some specific properties of Xorg? Is the /etc/X11/xorg.conf(.d/) config still honored? Did the xorg.conf file move or was it obsoleted by automatic hardware detection?04:01
travestyversion beltorak?04:01
beltorak1.15.1, release date 2014-04-1304:02
beltoraker; ubuntu version 14.04.1 LTS04:03
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travestykk one sec04:04
travestyafaik beltorak, should still be honoured... see: http://askubuntu.com/questions/438845/will-14-04-be-using-x-org and ftp://www.x.org/pub/X11R6.8.0/doc/Xorg.1.html04:06
travestybeltorak, know anything about wine?04:08
beltoraktravesty: a little bit; i've run a couple of things in it04:08
travestyin a fresh install of 14.04.1 LTS, I get the following error from wine: Unable to detect the URI-scheme of ".wine/dosdevices/c:"04:09
travestyany ideas?04:09
beltorakwhat are you trying to run?04:10
travestybrowse C: drive04:11
travestygoing to be running shaiya; and wine is the only stable emulator04:11
beltorakthat's very peculiar. how are you trying to browse it? what's your de? (unity i assume?) what's the file browser? you might have luck if the dosdevices/c: is a symlink to the original location - ../drive_c - by just using the original location04:13
beltorakperhaps if you put a "file://$HOME/" in front of it to "force" your file browser to use the "file" protocol04:14
travestyI'm installing unity as we speak04:15
lotuspsychjegood morning to all04:15
beltorakmorning lotuspsychje04:15
lotuspsychjejust for the info: system76 renewed their website with ubuntu computers, its neat04:17
jbudHi lotuspsychje04:17
jbudWere you the one who recommendedme to upgrade to 14.04 over the weekend?04:18
FoxhoundzI need help04:18
Foxhoundznginx is not executing php scripts04:18
Foxhoundzinstead it lets me download them04:18
lotuspsychjejbud: thats possible yes04:18
jbudI was having problems with 13.10, and 14.04 and 14.10 before that04:18
jbudI think it was you who took a look at my syslog and identified that I needed to upgrade my BIOS driver04:18
jbudThanks for the tip, I did that and installed 14.04 about a week ago, and haven't had any problems since then04:19
lotuspsychjejbud: yes, at wich part are you stuck now?04:19
jbudNo, I just wanted to come on here and thank you04:19
lotuspsychjejbud: thats friendly mate :p04:19
jbudBeen trying to keep my eye out for you, cause I forgot to write down your name04:19
jbudI really would have had no idea to update my bios driver04:20
SchrodingersScatFoxhoundz: don't you need to setup some kind of php thing to work with nginx?04:20
lotuspsychjejbud: any other packages you looking for?04:20
travestyhere ya go FoxHoundz: http://serverfault.com/questions/322018/nginx-not-executing-php-files04:20
ejis there a log thats just errors?04:21
jbudHaha no, I mean nouveau seemed a little slow for some reason, but the nvidia blobs are working fine enough anyways04:21
lotuspsychjeej: dmesg04:21
lotuspsychje!yay | jbud04:21
ubottujbud: Glad you made it! :-)04:21
SchrodingersScatFoxhoundz: like maybe php-fpm?04:22
jbudThanks again lotuspsychje :)04:22
ejohh wow..these r all errors?04:23
lotuspsychjeej: well, not all things are critical, but working points04:23
lotuspsychjeej: check /var/log/syslog aswell04:24
lotuspsychjeej: best way is to start from your actual problems, then findout more in logs04:24
ejjust the mouse lagging..every thing else works!!04:25
geoffmccFoxhoundz: You may have forgot to setup the php part in default config. Check out https://www.digitalocean.com/community/tutorials/how-to-install-linux-nginx-mysql-php-lemp-stack-on-ubuntu-14-0404:25
lotuspsychjeej: ubuntu version?04:25
ejwith gnome throw back04:26
geoffmccFoxhoundz: the part your looking for starts with location ~ \.php$ {04:26
lotuspsychjeej: and grafix card+ driver?04:26
lotuspsychjeej: gnome fallback?04:26
lotuspsychjeej: you dont like unity?04:26
ej14.4 was to much04:27
geoffmccFoxhoundz: your config should look like this http://paste.ubuntu.com/9086524/04:27
eji cant explain!!04:27
lotuspsychjeej: if mouse pointer lags, might be grafix lagging on you04:27
flipapyej, is there a way to refresh the usb contacts?  like unplug the stuff, run a single legacy mouse and keybard and reset through some settings? or i would look into any ppa's i installed that were connected to and might have outdated packages connected to any periferals04:28
lotuspsychjeej: maybe try xubuntu or lubuntu to test04:28
lotuspsychjeej: see if your system runs any smoother on it04:28
flipapyi think i just wnat to get into virtual os's and like just have fun with it04:28
flipapythanks linux04:28
eju mean dl xubuntu?04:29
Foxhoundzgeoffmcc: is that the default config under sites-enabled or sites-available04:29
lotuspsychjeej: you can test it from your existing install: sudo apt-get install xubuntu-desktop04:29
eji just went through a day worth of configuring with 14.4!!04:29
lotuspsychjeej:well if desktop 14.04 with unity lags on you, best test out other things04:30
flipapyyeah ej if you keep at it, you learn a lot more faster04:30
flipapyit really might be that your network doesnt allow proprietary interference04:31
flipapyor your hardware might have issues04:31
flipapynot that its broken04:31
geoffmccFoxhoundz: sites-enabled is just a symlink of sites available, so make your changes in sites available04:31
lotuspsychjeej: did you install ubuntu with internet enabled?04:31
lotuspsychjeej: cable on and updates during install?04:31
geoffmccFoxhoundz: this is what i followed to setup on my raspberry pi, its a little different than what the one i just posted for ubuntu states -- http://www.raspberrypi.org/documentation/remote-access/web-server/nginx.md04:32
flipapyej, probably a dumb q, but did you set your mouse acceleration higher?04:32
flipapydid you install tweak tools or compiz config manager? and not getthem balanced yet?04:32
eji have to mouse apps no choice for eccel..u mean faster?04:32
ashishcan someone help me with a java program?04:32
flipapyok i'm out guys. thanks for the fun chats. :) good luck ej, it's getting to late for me. :) nite people :)04:33
lotuspsychjeej: ccsm is another good idea indeed to tweak grafix lower04:33
lotuspsychje!java | ashish04:33
ubottuashish: To just use java you need a "Java Runtime Environment" (JRE) and/or a browser plugin. If that is not sufficient you will need a "Java Development Kit" (JDK) aka "Software  Development Kit" (SDK).  Please see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Java about how to install one of three current implementations.04:33
ashishi have all that04:33
ejyes! compiz! i changed stuff for the mouse04:33
ashishi am having an issue with a program logic04:34
ejafter that things changed a bit04:34
ejim just gunna try xbuntu or other..04:35
lotuspsychjeej: yes might be lighter for your grafix card04:36
ejim on a laptop.. with 786 of memory04:36
lotuspsychjeej: try xubuntu-desktop from your existing install04:37
ejok go again on that ..04:37
lotuspsychjeej: command?04:37
lotuspsychjeej: sudo apt-get install xubuntu-desktop04:38
lotuspsychjeej: after install, logout and log back in into xubuntu04:38
ejmuch thanks..04:38
ejwill do..04:38
lotuspsychjeej: good luck!04:38
travestyhow would I go about changing from lightdm-greeter to Unity-greeter?04:51
ej_alright.. alright...05:13
lotuspsychjeej_: yes?05:14
ej_how could i be the man if u the man..05:15
lotuspsychjeej_: works smoother now?05:15
ej_so smooth..05:15
lotuspsychjeej_: then maybe i would suggest a tot clean xubuntu 14.04 install05:16
SchrodingersScatwelcome to xubuntu, enjoy your stay05:16
lotuspsychjeej_: xubuntu has many fans for fast smooth boxes, even new machines05:17
ej_its the same but les graphics?05:18
ElephantHello! What WYSWYG html editiors are available for Ubuntu??05:19
=== Elephant is now known as Guest3695
lotuspsychjeej_: its lightweighter indeed, not only for graphics but overall system speed05:19
Guest3695ANY GOOD HTML editor?05:19
lotuspsychjeGuest3695: checkout software centre05:19
Guest3695What is that?05:19
Guest3695Im using ubuntu 1.0!05:20
lotuspsychjeGuest3695: its the centre for installing software of your dreams05:20
xanguathere never was an ubuntu 1.0 Guest369505:20
Guest3695My dream is a wired one!! I dont dream about softwares .________.05:20
lotuspsychjea wired what?05:21
Guest3695I meant 10.0405:21
Guest3695hum yum!05:21
felspalmhi everyone05:21
Guest3695what do you want?05:21
felspalmcan any1 help me with barcodes ? )05:21
lotuspsychjeGuest3695: you on ubuntu server?05:21
Guest3695Ikonia is not here!05:21
Guest3695and no!05:21
Guest3695Its rusiing as server but Installed the GUI few days ago!05:22
Guest3695**erm -- running05:22
OerHeksBlueGriffon, komodo, libreoffice. all wysiwyg05:22
lotuspsychjeGuest3695: running wich gui?05:22
akamHello! After boot my kubuntu 14.04 desktop doesn't see my LVM partition in /dev/vg/home, I need to to vgchange -y a after each boot to mount my /home. is it bug?05:23
felspalmat windows i used tbarcode extension for ms office. any alternative at ubuntu 14.04 + openoffice ?05:24
ej_lotus should i use os unistaler or from cd?05:24
lotuspsychjeej_: create a xubuntu 14.04 usbstick and install fresh05:24
lotuspsychjeej_: your machine will run like rocket05:24
ej_hi five!05:25
lotuspsychjeej_: no need for uninstalling, just backup your data and install xubuntu clean on full hd05:25
lotuspsychjeej_: yes from your /home pictures, music05:26
ej_none.. :-(05:26
lotuspsychjeej_: ok your good to go then05:26
ej_ok!! MUCHO GRASIAS!!!05:27
lotuspsychjeej_: good luck mate05:27
ej_err.. thanks again.05:27
ej_desktop image?05:32
lotuspsychjeej_: xubuntu desktop iso yes05:33
lotuspsychjeej_: then create an usb, reboot install with internet enabled/updates during install05:34
lotuspsychjeej_: and choose reinstall xubuntu on your full hd05:35
ej_will do... i had trouble with usb couldnt booot ..madedvd..05:35
lotuspsychjeej_: you can make a nice usb, with the usb creator icon from your ubuntu05:36
ej_my bios is flash with pw..05:36
ej_that easy!05:37
lotuspsychjeej_: maybe press f12 to choose usb boot, might work05:37
ej_ok ill try it..05:37
ej_last time nope..05:37
lotuspsychjeej_: your cdrom starts first boot?05:38
lotuspsychjeej_: you can also burn 'plop boot manager' to a cd and force your machine to boot usb05:39
ej_thats what i did last time with ubuntu05:39
lotuspsychjeok nice05:39
ej_yikes! 2 hours05:40
lotuspsychjeej_: 2 hours what05:40
ej_dl time05:40
lotuspsychjeej_: your on dialup?05:41
ej_no ethernet05:41
lotuspsychjeej_: try a different mirror05:41
ej_40 min for ubuntu05:41
lotuspsychjeej_: close to your country05:41
ej_ahh!! im slipin.. gettin tired.05:42
lotuspsychjeej_: dream of your new xubuntu machine, will help you stay awake05:43
idall right05:45
ej_stupid mouse!!05:45
Bashing-omej_: When you get Xubuntu installed, you will find this http://www.xfce.org of interest.05:54
ej_england is the closest05:55
ej_this mouse is driving me mad05:57
Bashing-omej_: Try as a torrent ? http://xubuntu.org/getxubuntu/ .05:57
ej_transmission no good?06:03
idwhy are you so angry.try some fish.06:04
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PeterA_Anybody tried unity 8?06:11
OerHeks!info unity8-desktop-session-mir06:14
ubottuunity8-desktop-session-mir (source: unity8-desktop-session): Unity8 desktop session for Mir. In component universe, is optional. Version 1.0.12+14.10.20141009-0ubuntu1 (utopic), package size 4 kB, installed size 53 kB06:14
OerHeksPeterA_, you are free to try, it gives a unity8 option @ login06:14
PeterA_It lets me login, but the touchscreen on my laptop is broken06:15
PeterA_Or doesn't work in unity 8 but does in gnome 3 and unity 706:15
OerHekswe cannot support it yet, you might want to join #ubuntu+106:15
iscorpionhi guys please help me mounting xperia S on ubuntu because when i connect it charges06:16
OerHeksiscorpion,  go to the Xperia tab - enter - press connectivity- Press USB connection mode- select Maass Storage Mode [MSC] NOW plug your device into linux laptop USB and go from there06:18
OerHekssorry, that is the old android06:19
iscorpionoerheks i am using 4.4.4 usb debugging is enabled06:19
iscorpionalso adb06:19
iscorpioni can use flashtool to connect xperia for adb but cannot able to mount the storage06:20
Seveassambagirl: rarely :)06:21
sambagirlwow hi seveas!06:22
sambagirlthink i should upgrade from hoary seveas?06:23
OerHeksiscorpion, did you install mtp-tools & mtpfs ?06:23
Seveassambagirl: no. You should reinstall. The many-step upgrade would take days and would probably fail.06:24
OerHeksthere is also a gui gmtp06:24
SeveasConsidering that there are people in here who weren't *born* when hoary was released, it's well time to retire it :)06:25
iscorpionthanks will try now and also  i think i need t update libmtp06:25
sambagirlseveas you bring back great memories for me!06:29
ubuntuser13unable to run java gui software in ubuntu. on clicking Desktop icon, no response. why?06:35
agent_whiteI remember the free-cd days, waiting for a month+ to get a bundle of ubuntu cds. I used to pass them out to buddies in middle school.06:41
ubuntuser13agent_white: Do you want ubuntu 14.04 64bit version? i06:42
ubuntuser13actually i have highly compressed ubuntu 14.04 zip. apporx 13mb . you can easily download it from my drive. and create bootable cds.06:43
agent_whiteubuntuser13: I'll pass :)06:45
sambagirlagent_white that is how i got mine. i had boxes sent to me from ubuntu  for every architecture there was at that time.06:46
agent_whiteHell yeah :) I miss those!06:46
sambagirlthat was when they had good admins in #ubuntu :D06:46
ubottuThe Minimal CD image is very small in size, and it downloads most packages from the Internet during installation, allowing you to select only those you want.  The installer is text based (rather than graphical as used on the Desktop DVD). See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/MinimalCD06:49
ej_:- l06:49
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OerHeksubuntuser13, mini iso is much better than a home made 'ubuntu-zip"06:50
ubuntuser13OerHeks: 1GB iso compressed into 14mb . so everyone can extract and use it.much better option for DSL users .06:51
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SASDOEI feel bloody stupid for asking, but in this list, which is the i686 version? http://mirror.yandex.ru/ubuntu-cdimage/releases/trusty/release/07:10
OerHeksSASDOE, it wasn't in that folder, http://mirror.yandex.ru/ubuntu-cdimage/releases/12.04.5/release/ubuntu-12.04.5-dvd-i386.iso07:11
OerHeksSASDOE, make sure your system is PAE compatible07:12
SASDOEOerHeks: So there's no 14.04 version?07:12
OerHekssure http://mirror.yandex.ru/ubuntu-cdimage/releases/14.04.1/release/07:13
OerHekseven a 14.10 version too07:13
SASDOECool, thanks. Yeah I'll go for LTS. Cheers mate.07:13
OerHekshold on, there is no i386 on that page, odd07:14
SASDOEI found a direct link here http://releases.ubuntu.com/14.04/07:15
dm7freekIs workspaces agnome thing or a ubuntu thing?07:15
OerHeksdm7freek, a gnome thing :-)07:15
OerHeksor many DE's have multi workspaces07:16
flairso im a bit confused, i have a custom sensors3.conf that i got for my asus sabertooth 990FX R2.0 from http://vip.asus.com/forum/view.aspx?id=20111229082044258&board_id=1&model=SABERTOOTH+990FX&page=1&SLanguage=en-us  ... the last post... however im still receiving it8721-isa-0290 adapter alarms from in0 to 3VSB .. i looked at the config file and it doesnt seem to be calculating the min and max as shown in the config file, ive ev07:28
flairen ran sensors -c /etc/sensors3.conf .. any ideas or am i missing a step07:28
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skgdhsdoes anyone know where or what channel on irc to go on to research about being packeted or ddossed?07:46
jamswatI'm not sure.07:46
skgdhsWhat is it called an attack?07:46
jamswatI guess so.07:46
skgdhs alright thanks07:47
skgdhsI shall google more on the subject.07:47
skgdhsTake care.07:47
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Timoty Hello there!07:52
Timoty any math channel on freenode?07:54
Fudgehow can i use a commandline app to burn an iso to blueray07:54
jamswatTimoty, There's #math but this is #ubuntu, please try to keep it ubuntu related07:55
ubottualis is a services bot that can help you find channels. Read "/msg alis help list" . For more help or questions relating to alis, please join #freenode. Example usage: /msg alis list #ubuntu* or /msg alis list *http*07:56
AlexPortablehow can i install inssider on ubuntu?07:56
Timoty I didn't get... anyway thanks :-)07:57
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xangua! Find inssider07:57
AlexPortableand how can I make my system go from standby to hibernate ?07:57
jamswatFudge, i believe any dvd burning software can also burn to bluray. I might be wrong though.07:57
OerHeksFudge, https://help.ubuntu.com/community/CdDvd/Burning#Command_Line_.28Terminal.2907:57
jamswatI was just about to link that page ;P07:58
Fudgewodim doesnt support blueray07:59
AlexPortablewhere is gnome fallback config file location08:00
AlexPortableI want to backup how my panels look like now08:00
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vijay_anyone active08:10
vijay_hey anyone active08:10
OerHekshi vijay_08:11
vijay_thnx for rep08:11
vijay_hey i have xubuntu trusty tahr on my desktop.I want to create a bootable usb stick with same trusty tahr on it08:12
vijay_OerHeks:hey i have xubuntu trusty tahr on my desktop.I want to create a bootable usb stick with same trusty tahr on it08:12
vijay_OerHeks : any help...i used unetbootin08:13
OerHeksoke, use the standard startup disk creator?08:14
OerHeksunetbootin might work too08:14
vijay_i gave the executable permissions to unetboot08:14
vijay_but everytime i clicked twice,,no response08:15
OerHeks?? just install it with: sudo apt-get install unetbootin08:15
vijay_OerHeks :ok trying it08:16
OerHeksi would use startup disk creator, why the long way?08:16
OerHeksdharmit fix your connection please08:18
vijay_OerHeks :Everytime i open software centre it closes after sometime08:18
vijay_OerHeks :Reading package lists... Done08:20
vijay_Building dependency tree08:20
vijay_Reading state information... Done08:20
vijay_E: Unable to locate package unetbootin-linux08:20
vijay_i got response08:20
vijay_OerHeks :i got this response08:20
samsungapt-get update ?08:20
vijay_samsung :??08:21
vijay_samsung :I have to update the whole sys08:21
OerHeksso you tried sudo apt-get install  unetbootin-linux ??08:21
=== Yukinotteru is now known as Dhs92
vijay_OerHeks :Yes08:21
OerHeksthat is not what i gave you08:21
vijay_vijay@vijay-System-Product-Name:~/Downloads$ sudo apt-get install unetbootin-linux08:22
vijay_Reading package lists... Done08:22
vijay_Building dependency tree08:22
vijay_Reading state information... Done08:22
vijay_E: Unable to locate package unetbootin-linux08:22
OerHeksplease don't post multiple lines like that vijay_08:22
samsungi couldnt find unetbootin-linux, but if i typed only unetbootin it worked fine08:23
vijay_OerHeks :the bin file is in Downloads and has exe permissions08:23
vijay_samsung :the file name is unetbootin-linux08:23
OerHeksmaybe your download is, use the one in softwarecenter, and that is called 'unetbootin'08:24
ObrienDaveand in synaptic08:24
ObrienDave!info unetbootin-linux08:24
ubottuPackage unetbootin-linux does not exist in utopic08:25
ObrienDave!info unetbootin08:25
ubottuunetbootin (source: unetbootin): installer of Linux/BSD distributions to a partition or USB drive. In component universe, is optional. Version 603-1 (utopic), package size 216 kB, installed size 839 kB08:25
vijay_OerHeks :Yeah i read that it can be corrupted...downloading from Software or synaptic08:25
ash`guys - apt-cache search unetbootin ?08:26
ash`damn i was a tad late oh well; someone might find it useful08:26
maumI like to ask about ip multicasting08:26
OerHeksvijay_, i stop here08:27
ubottuPlease do not fall prey to, or spread FUD (fear, uncertainty, and doubt) - it is not welcome here!  Please see http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fear,_uncertainty_and_doubt08:27
vijay_OerHeks :means08:27
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vijay_ash` :??08:28
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ash`"apt-cache search" is useful for finding package names, especially if you roughly know what it could be, or in the unlikely event of the name changing etc - in response to: ": Unable to locate package unetbootin-linux"08:34
PeterAI upgraded from 14.04 to 14.1008:40
PeterAHowever I can only boot into the 3.13 kernel not the 3.1608:41
blackyboyInstalled ubuntu in VM08:41
blackyboylogin and logout while iam login08:41
blackyboywhat the issue08:41
PeterAWhen I try to boot 3.16, it boots normally but complains that it is unable to mount /boot/efi08:42
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raheelhow do you change the icon colour in openbox i cannot do it08:53
raheelcoudnt find any worthy resource via google too08:53
raheelany one can provide some quick tip or help about changing icon color of folders in lxle or lubuntu08:54
dormusmazei have a computer that won't connect to wifi, are there no default drivers in ubuntu 14? do i need to connect it via ethernet to download drivers?08:54
dormusmazei was told it worked yesterday, so how do i check if i have the drivers?08:55
Ben64dormusmaze: there is no "ubuntu 14" there is 14.04 and 14.1008:56
cfhowlett!wifi | dormusmaze,08:56
ubottudormusmaze,: Wireless documentation, including how-to guides and troubleshooting information, can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs08:56
dormusmaze14.04 is the one installed there08:56
cfhowlettdormusmaze, did you just install/upgrade to a new version?08:57
dormusmazeit was installed from a disk with 14.0408:57
dormusmazeand i don't know what else it did08:58
dormusmazei was told the wifi worked08:58
cfhowlettdormusmaze, not what I asked.  "it was working yesterday" ... so what did you change?08:58
dormusmazethey moved it to a different room08:58
cfhowlettdormusmaze, but same router?08:59
dormusmazeit was supposed to install drivers and updates, so I should check if it really did08:59
dormusmazecause maybe it didn't actually work and they're lying to me09:00
dormusmazei'm trying to see if i can avoid moving it to connect via cable09:02
dormusmazecan i see update history somewhere?09:04
dormusmazewhat was installed on it?09:04
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raheelguys and gals how can i change the colour of my folder icons in lubuntu09:07
raheelguys and gals how can i change the colour of my folder icons in lubuntu09:09
raheelany one???09:09
Ben64!patience | raheel09:09
ubotturaheel: Don't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. While you wait, try searching https://help.ubuntu.com or http://ubuntuforums.org or http://askubuntu.com/09:09
nurfin_vmdormusmaze do you have windows drivers available for your wireless network card or dongle?09:11
dormusmazenurfin_vm I don't even know what card that is, but appears it didn't install jack shit, it was just plugged in in the other room09:13
dormusmazedirectly via ethernet09:13
dormusmazeso really no generic wifi drivers in ubuntu?09:14
ne56rhello all :)09:15
BlasterWhen I login from a Windows client to an Ubuntu smb server, what information am I supposed to pass as the username and password? I'm trying my Ubuntu account but it's not authorizing.09:22
ubottuSamba is the way to cooperate with Windows environments. Links with more info: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MountWindowsSharesPermanently and https://help.ubuntu.com/12.04/serverguide/C/windows-networking.html09:22
BlasterI had it working perfectly but then it stopped.09:23
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Blastercfhowlett, I added the shares in the smb.conf file, but that doc says to put the shares in the fstab. Which is the right way?09:25
mdogewhats a share09:25
mdogefstab is for disks09:26
cfhowlettBlaster, sorry to say, I only know of the samba wiki = no practical experience with it so can't advise.09:26
mdogeand partitions09:26
mdogesmb is for creating from a partition09:26
mdogecreating a share from a partition*09:26
raheelHi all. i cannot change the icons for lubuntu i want to change to folder icons how to do that09:26
nurfin_vmI would try logging in as root09:27
SiebenHello, I've got some trouble with notifications09:29
Siebenthey are replaced by little windows09:29
nurfin_vmraheel try clicking the start>prefrences>customize look and feel09:29
Siebenand when I do a git pull for instance dropbox instead of printing one notification open tens of windows with the exact same text09:30
sacarlson1raheel try right click in nautilus and look in properties09:30
SiebenI think it come for notify-osd that is messing up sometihng09:30
raheel__i tried nurfin_vm but the color of the folders does not change there is not option for that09:30
raheel__i am using pcmanfm09:30
Siebennetwork manager is the same as well, cannot have bubble notification09:30
Siebeninstead I got windows a lot of them09:31
Gues_____yo whos alive09:33
=== Gues_____ is now known as BA_Baracus
BA_BaracusNeed help getting a touchfoil usb thing working with ubuntu09:33
BA_BaracusI ran the bin file for the drivers09:34
BA_Baracusit does this09:34
BA_Baracustouching the foil does nothing09:34
BA_Baracusi tried running touchd in bin09:35
BA_Baracusstill nothing09:35
BA_Baracusthats where im at09:35
nurfin_vmis anyone having trouble with the Ubuntu software center I try downloading a program and it gets stuck09:35
BA_Baracusi installed hardinfo, it shows up in the usb list09:35
ikoniait says it can't create the file09:35
ikoniathats why nothing is happening09:35
BA_Baracusyeh thats running the bin filea gain ikonia09:35
BA_Baracustouchd is already in bin09:35
ikoniaBA_Baracus: what are you expecting to happen ?09:36
BA_Baracusthe touchfoil to work09:36
ikoniais touchd a daemon or a command ?09:36
BA_Baracustouchfoil is thing glass thing that works like a touchscreen09:36
BA_BaracusI dunno what it is09:36
ikoniaI suspect it's a daemon09:36
BA_Baracuswhen i run it09:36
BA_Baracusit says09:36
ikoniaBA_Baracus: if you do "ps -ef | grep touchd"09:36
BA_Baracus"TS Device is connected!"09:36
ikoniaBA_Baracus: you'll probably find it's running (I could be wrong though)09:36
ikoniaBA_Baracus: that install also looks like it installs ts_drv kernel module09:37
ikoniais that kernel module loaded09:37
BA_Baracusroot      1273     1  0 Nov18 ?        00:05:07 touchd09:37
BA_Baracusroot      1288  1273  0 Nov18 ?        00:00:03 [touchd] <defunct>09:37
BA_Baracusroot      2438     1  0 Nov18 pts/4    00:05:01 ./touchd09:37
BA_Baracusroot      2439  2438  0 Nov18 pts/4    00:03:36 ./touchd09:37
BA_Baracususer      3060  3004  0 09:37 pts/2    00:00:00 grep --color=auto touchd09:37
ikoniaBA_Baracus: reboot your system and re-run that ps command09:38
BA_BaracusI dunno ikonia, im a noob with linux09:38
raheel_i cannot change the color of folder icons for pcmanfm09:38
ikoniaBA_Baracus: do not run anything other than that ps command09:38
ikoniaBA_Baracus: please put the output in a pastebin09:38
BA_Baracushow do u reboot ubuntu :P09:38
starbuckhi guys, anybody using teamviewer with xubuntu / lightdm?09:38
BA_Baracusjust 'reboot' in terminal?09:38
raheel_i cannot change the color of folder icons for pcmanfm can any one provide quick help09:39
ikoniaBA_Baracus: that works fine09:39
starbucki got a problem where teamviewer doesn't work anymore as soon as i logout from, meaning i can't see the login screen09:39
BA_Baracusok rebooting now09:39
dviopanyone there ?09:39
=== user__ is now known as basichash
BA_Baracusdo i have to run it as sudo ikonia ?09:40
ikoniaBA_Baracus: yeah,09:40
BA_Baracuswhats that mean09:41
BA_Baracusis ps running processes?09:41
ikoniaBA_Baracus: yes09:42
ikoniaso you have 2 of those daemons running, so you have no need to run that command again09:42
BA_Baracuswhat else can i try then09:42
Aaisamake: mips64-linux-gcc: Command not found09:42
Aaisaanyone can help09:43
BA_Baracushardinfo shows its connected etc09:43
ikoniaAaisa: install the command09:43
BA_Baracusive ran controller_v1.0.1 too09:43
ikoniaBA_Baracus: is the kernel module loaded ?09:43
BA_Baracushow do i check tha09:43
Aaisaikonia: when i run make command , i got this error09:44
ikoniaAaisa: yes,09:44
ikoniaAaisa: so install the mips compiler09:44
ikoniaBA_Baracus: lsmod | grep ts09:44
ikoniaBA_Baracus: please put that in a pastebin09:44
BA_Baracusts_drv                 12575  209:45
ikoniaBA_Baracus: great, so the driver is loaded09:45
ikoniaBA_Baracus: which ties in with the touchd running09:45
ikoniaBA_Baracus: so from a software point of view, that looks in line "correct" wiht the paste you sent earlier on the image09:45
BA_Baracusso it should be bleedin workin!09:45
ikoniaBA_Baracus: well no09:45
ikoniaBA_Baracus: I've never used it so I don't know how it works,09:46
ikoniaBA_Baracus: however check how to actually setup/configure it09:46
BA_Baracusthe instructions we got given09:46
ikoniaBA_Baracus: (maybe nothing maybe loads of work)09:46
BA_Baracuswere just to run the installer09:46
BA_Baracusthen run controller_v1.0.109:46
BA_Baracuswhich i have09:46
ikoniaBA_Baracus: what happens when you run controller ?09:46
BA_Baracusit opens a desktop app with some calibration options09:46
BA_Baracusand sensitivyt options09:47
BA_Baracusill screenie09:47
EjTheorygetk no reconizing my usb device09:47
ikoniano no thats fine09:47
ikoniaBA_Baracus: can you configure settings then ?09:47
BA_Baracusyeh nothing errors09:47
ikoniaBA_Baracus: ok so how do you define if it's working on not ?09:48
ikoniawhat's your test09:48
BA_Baracustouching the foil09:48
BA_Baracusit should work like a touchscreen09:48
BA_Baracusu touch it it moves cursor and clicks etc09:48
* BA_Baracus http://imgur.com/caKTQ0w09:48
dormusmazeok, more details on my wifi problem. Ubuntu claims it's an atheros AR2413/AR2414 card, I'm being told it's AR5005G. The wifi is listed under connections, but does not connect.09:48
ikoniaBA_Baracus: I can't really push it much futher as I don't know the software at all09:48
BA_Baracusbut theres no problems with the install from what u can see man09:49
ikoniaBA_Baracus: dos calibration work ?09:49
BA_Baracusit loads the screen to calibrate09:49
BA_Baracus(youre supposed to touch points)09:49
ikoniaI assume calibrate depends on touching09:49
ikoniadoes that work ?09:49
BA_Baracusbut it gets nor esponse as if the touchfoil isnt working09:49
EjTheoryim trying to crate a bootable usb with kbuntu09:49
Aaisaikonia: when im trying to install Mips compiler, i got this error09:49
AaisaE: Unable to locate package gcc-4.7-mips-linux-gnu E: Couldn't find any package by regex 'gcc-4.7-mips-linux-gnu09:49
ikoniaAaisa: you've told me that - and I've told you what to do09:49
mhabibiI've installed Postfix and Dovecot. My Postfix works but Dovecot Doesn't start. when I do "service dovecot start" and then check the proccess, it doens't exit.09:50
ikoniaBA_Baracus: that suggests to me that the device is not working with the software09:50
ikoniaBA_Baracus: is it actually a supported device09:50
ikoniamhabibi: look in the logs09:50
BA_Baracusyeh the driver file was for ubuntu09:50
ikoniamhabibi: try to start it manually09:50
ikoniaBA_Baracus: can I have a look at where you got the driver from please ?(link)09:50
BA_Baracusah sorry i got emailed from pmi-tech09:51
BA_Baracusthat is the instructions that came with it09:51
EjTheorygetk? is not reconizing my usb or cd09:51
ikoniaBA_Baracus: so you're launcing the controller with sudo ?09:52
mhabibi@ikonia How can I start it manually? My mail.err just says : Nov 19 10:24:09 roboeq dovecot: doveadm: Fatal: This is Dovecot's fatal log (1416389049)09:52
ikoniamail.err is not your startup log09:52
ikonialook at the dovecot logs or the syslog09:52
BA_Baracuswhere would it of copied that controler to09:53
BA_Baracusive been running it from a seperate location (desktop)09:53
ikoniaBA_Baracus: ok - so as I know nothig about the software, my suggestion would be to mail support back explaining exactly what you've explained to me09:53
ikoniaBA_Baracus: hang on09:53
ikoniaBA_Baracus: step 509:53
ikoniaAfter the installation is complete, the current directory, run controller.v.1.0.109:53
ikoniaBA_Baracus: "the current directory"09:53
BA_Baracusyeh where is that :P09:53
ikoniaBA_Baracus: so it should have built the controller in the current working directory09:53
ikoniaBA_Baracus: the current directory is where you run the bin from09:53
BA_Baracusi just ran the bin from the downlados folder09:54
BA_BaracusI dont think that will matter tho09:54
ikoniaI do09:54
ikoniait should be run from where you run the install from09:54
ikoniaas the instructions say09:54
mhabibi@ikonia and this is the end of syslog: Nov 19 10:54:02 roboeq kernel: [2510855.242291] init: dovecot main process (29159) terminated with status 8909:55
mhabibiNov 19 10:54:02 roboeq kernel: [2510855.242305] init: dovecot respawning too fast, stopped09:55
ikoniait may rely on cwd for config files for example09:55
ikoniamhabibi: suggests it's not configured correctly so terminates on startup, trys to respawn and loops09:55
ikoniawhat is ?09:56
BA_Baracusif i run it from terminal it loads it different style09:56
BA_Baracusall the buttons are basic09:56
ikoniahow where you running it before ?09:57
BA_Baracusclicking on it on desktop09:57
ikoniaBA_Baracus: I asked you if you where running it as "sudo" and you said "yes"09:57
mhabibi@ikonia I've copied default configs and did this : https://help.ubuntu.com/14.04/serverguide/dovecot-server.html09:57
ikoniahow are you running it as sudo by clikcing on it ?09:58
BA_Baracusleft is by clicking it on desktop09:58
BA_Baracusright is from terminail after sudo09:58
ikoniaBA_Baracus: please answer my question09:58
BA_Baracusno difference apart from style09:58
ikoniahow are you running it as sudo by clikcing on it ?09:58
BA_Baracusthought it did if u were on desktop09:58
Whitehooderhello folks09:59
ikoniaso in the one where you run it as "sudo" from the command line, from the correct directory, does the calibrate work ?09:59
=== ryo is now known as Guest35768
EjTheoryhey white//09:59
BA_Baracusno still same09:59
WhitehooderI've got a bit of a network related problem09:59
ikoniaBA_Baracus: ok, so I suggest you feed this back to the support email - as clearly as you can09:59
BA_Baracusok man10:00
ikoniaBA_Baracus: make sure you explain the diffference in clicking/sudo10:00
BA_Baracusthanks very much for your help!10:00
BA_Baracusreally appreciate this!10:00
kotelHello all...i want to monitor how much bandwidth each computer in my network consumes..also is there a way i can limit or distribute the bandwidth among the users of my network?10:00
Whitehooderyou could arpspoof all the clients on your subnet10:01
EriC^^kotel: ifconfig will tell you how much they consumed, maybe run a script that makes the connection go down once a limit is reached10:02
EjTheoryhow do i reate a bootable usb in kubuntu10:03
Whitehooderanyone here ever heard of a problem transmitting everything after the fourth line with netcat?10:03
EriC^^i'm sure there's a better way though10:03
Whitehooderunetbootin should work for you10:03
EjTheorythanks white10:04
EjTheorygetk didnt reconize!10:04
Whitehooder@kotel arpspoof the whole subnet with either the arpspoof command or a tool like ettercap. You could then monitor the traffic going through your computer with wireshark and simply filter out all other packets than those going to and from a specific ip on the subnet, and repeat the process for other computers10:05
Whitehooder@kotel if you want an easier way, you should google for a tool that can do what you want, or write a program doing just that10:06
koteli will take a look later...checking tcptrack and iftop atm10:07
A1ReconIs there an Android App for Remote KB Mouse for using with Ubunut 14.04?10:07
kotelthanks for your answers10:07
kotelhave a nice day everybody10:07
cfhowlettA1Recon, ?  see the google play / android store10:08
WhitehooderI'm behind a proxy that blocks pretty much any traffic that it doesn't like (it seems). Ports like ssh and default ports for pptp are blocked, but most ports are still open (outgoing of course). The problem here is that I'm having a problem simply transmitting more than four lines containing just a single word each line, with netcat.10:08
WhitehooderThe first four lines are transmitted (with netcat, from my computer behind the proxy, to my computer at home, with a port forwarded for sending the traffic (port 750, not in use by anything else on the network)) correctly, but anything after that is simply not received on the server side. (Those long parentheses though)10:10
WhitehooderIf anyone would be willing to help, I'd be happy to try whatever you figure might work10:10
WhitehooderIf not I'll probably post a question in ask ubuntu or something like it10:10
sacarlson1Whitehooder: so do you have something listening at the end point?  do you send tcp or udp packets?10:12
WhitehooderI have got an ssh connection (web based, since everything's blocked) with a listening netcat session10:13
Whitehooder(nc -l 750)10:13
Whitehooderbut I've got some news, I managed to transmit more than four lines by echoing10:13
Whitehooderlike this: echo -e "test\nagain\nyay\nney\nnot transmitted" | nc <host> 75010:13
Whitehooderand every line is displayed correctly10:13
Whitehooderand the connection closed10:14
sacarlson1Whitehooder: ok all sounds good then10:14
OerHeksSo you want to bypass a company/school proxy :-D10:14
Whitehooderbut when doing just the same with (nc <host> 750)10:14
Whitehooderand typing in the exact same things (pressing enter for every /n character)10:14
Whitehooderonly four lines are transmitted10:14
WhitehooderOerHeks: well, haha, yeah I do. I've already managed to transmit quite a lot (using obfsproxy and a socks proxy), but these have the same kind of problem10:15
Whitehooderonly 647 bytes of every website is loaded for instance10:16
Whitehooderit's a bit odd, and it doesn't happen without the proxy10:16
Whitehooderso I'm basically trying to figure out how this thing works10:16
Whitehooderthanks for responding at least sacarlson1 and OerHeks10:16
sacarlson1Whitehooder: maybe try nc -l -k10:19
Whitehooderstill not transmitting (at least not receiving on the server side) more than those four lines10:20
sacarlson1Whitehooder: or change -q 20 ;  to time out in longer time10:20
WhitehooderI tried spamming a couple thousand lines with echo -e "test\n" *1000 piped to nc10:20
Whitehooderand it sends everything just fine10:20
EriC^^Whitehooder: maybe nc -o option?10:21
sacarlson1Whitehooder: and are you using wireshark to see if you are getting ack from the transmited packets on the transmit side10:21
Whitehoodertried -q 20 too, but I don't think timeout is the issue10:21
AlexPortablehow can I run a program in terminal?10:21
AlexPortablewhen i open it from terminal it works fine10:22
AlexPortablebut i want to double click it10:22
Whitehoodertried uppercase O (in case that was what you meant) and specified 700 bytes10:22
Whitehooderstill doesn't receive more than the fourth line10:22
sacarlson1Whitehooder: I think it will attempt to send 1 or a few packets but will stop if no ack return is seen10:22
Whitehooderit's a bit odd10:23
Whitehooderit does work locally10:23
Whitehooder(having a nc listen and one transmitting in a screen session)10:23
Whitehoodersacarlson1: is this the server or client you're speaking of?10:23
Whitehooderso if the client (the one I'm typing the messages with) doesn't recieve any ack returns, it will stop transmitting, but still keep the netcat session running?10:24
sacarlson1Whitehooder: wireshark on the server transmit side to listen for ack packets were the recieve side tells you yes I got it10:24
Whitehooderdo you have a one-liner for wireshark in console by any chance? :)10:25
sacarlson1AlexPortable: you should be able to double click a file that has execute privs and it should pop up asking if you want to run it in a term.  or maybe that's only my filemanger ?10:26
AlexPortableit only opens text editor10:26
AlexPortableand does nothing in start menu10:26
sacarlson1Whitehooder: wireshark is a gui app,  you can run filters after you record if needed10:26
WhitehooderAlexPortable: What is the problem? I might have missed it. :P10:27
AlexPortableI want to open a program10:27
sacarlson1AlexPortable: is it set privs to execute?10:27
AlexPortablebut when i doubleclick it it does nothing10:27
AlexPortablebut when i execute it with terminal it shows output in the terminal10:27
OerHeksAlexPortable, more info please, what program?10:27
AlexPortablei want whne i double click it that it opens the terminal10:27
Whitehoodersacarlson1: Well, I've only used it with the GUI before, hence the question. My remote computer is a headless server, and I'm connecting through a webbased ssh client, so I cannot forward X1110:28
WhitehooderAlexPortable: What program is this? Does the file have an extension etc.?10:29
AlexPortableit's a custom program10:29
AlexPortablein terminal it works fine10:29
Whitehooderdidn't read the last ones10:29
sacarlson1Whitehooder: oh ok and the server side in this case it the transmit in the nc?  then I guess you would need to run tcpdump10:29
WhitehooderAlexPortable: Hmm, a bit odd. And tab autocomplete works in terminal too?10:30
sacarlson1Whitehooder: or what's the cool wireshark version of tcpdump I forget never used it10:30
Whitehoodersacarlson1: The server is the one listening. I could try to reverse it, see if the proxy is blocking something incoming10:30
sacarlson1Whitehooder: well it the client side then you wan't to be looking at as it in my guess is the one failing to get the ack packets10:31
Whitehoodersacarlson1: Oh well, in that case it's easy. I've got Xorg running here ;) Give me a second. I'll see if I recieve any ACK packets10:32
ubuntuser13unable to run program with following error: Unrecognized option: -10:32
ubuntuser13Error: Could not create the Java Virtual Machine.10:32
ubuntuser13Error: A fatal exception has occurred. Program will exit.10:32
sacarlson1Whitehooder: it's also posible that the ack packet are being filtered on the server side but until you know that your really not seeing ack packets then....10:32
WhitehooderAlexPortable: When you type half the programs filename in the terminal, and press tab, does it pop up by itself? That would mean it's marked as executable, and not just run by the terminal. It would also be helpful if you could provide the command you use to run the program.10:33
Whitehooderubuntuser13: You're missing java10:33
ubuntuser13whitehooder: i installed java 7 runtime.10:34
Whitehooderubuntuser13: Oh. Could you try to run "java -version" in a terminal and paste the output here?10:34
Whitehooderubuntuser13: Also, it says "Unrecognized option: -". Exactly how are you trying to run the program?10:35
ubuntuser13whitehooder:java version "1.7.0_65"10:35
ubuntuser13OpenJDK Runtime Environment (IcedTea 2.5.3) (7u71-2.5.3-0ubuntu0.14.04.1)10:35
ubuntuser13OpenJDK 64-Bit Server VM (build 24.65-b04, mixed mode)10:35
Whitehooderubuntuser13: Most java programs come in a jar file, and are executed with "java -jar <filename>". How are you running yours?10:36
Whitehooderubuntuser13: You don't have to, but it might be helpful if you mention what program it is that you're trying to run.10:37
ubuntuser13Whitehooder: i installed  a software called isearchgurbani. program installed correctly by i am unable to run it from desktop icon as well  as from Terminal with this error.10:37
Whitehooderubuntuser13: Hmm. Could you try to cat out the contents of the shortcut (.desktop) file? Like this "cat <filename>"10:39
Whitehooderand paste it here10:39
Whitehooderubuntuser13: where <filename> is what you tried to run from terminal10:39
ubuntuser13Whitehooder: /bin/sh "/home/monu/isg/1sg2"10:40
Whitehooderubuntuser13: Also, if it was a jar file, and you executed it with "java -jar <filename>" you don't have to post all the output from the cat command here. It would be a little too much unreadable text.10:40
=== sins-_x is now known as sins-
Whitehooderubuntuser13: Oh, so it tries to run another script. Could you please run "cat /home/monu/isg/1sg2" and paste the output here?10:41
Whitehooderubuntuser13: If there is a lot of content, please use something like pastebin (http://pastebin.com/) and paste the link here.10:42
ubuntuser13Whitehooder: it is to big too paste.10:42
ubuntuser13Whitehooder: wait i will give you pastebin link10:43
Whitehooderubuntused13: Please use pastebin (http://pastebin.com/). Simply paste all the text in there give it a title (optional) and click submit.10:43
cfhowlettubuntuser13, or fpaste.org10:44
=== nayeem is now known as source47
cfhowlettubuntuser13, pastebin if blocked at the border by the Great Firewall of China = thus my fpaste.org suggestion10:47
ubuntuser13cfhowlett: ok10:48
ubuntuser13Whitehooder: any success!10:51
loukohello there10:56
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javnuthow can I check if a window has been changed? preferably through bash11:11
javnutand if a window title has been changed11:11
javnutwoah, this is very dead for 1764 users11:21
IstalantarHi. When i execute a program from terminal, sometimes i can't use the terminal anymore, because the program i opened puts some information in there as long as it runs, but for other programs the terminal is still usabel. My question basically is, how can i execute any program and still use the same terminal window after that?11:23
javnutIstalantar: I don't think you really can, you can open a second terminal though11:24
RoryHi. Could anyone help me diagnose why apt-get update is hanging? http://i.imgur.com/2mbVePZ.png - It's truncated at "connecting to a[rchive.ubuntu...]" - the repeated lines at the end are from me hitting Return11:26
hateballRory: Does ipv6 usually work for you11:27
RoryI'm reasonably sure it used to, hateball. This is an OVH kimisufi box, and they purport to come with ipv6. It's only stopped working a couple of weeks ago11:28
RoryIs there a way to make those addresses resolve to ipv4, so I can rule that out?11:28
hateballRory: Unless you *need* ipv6 for something, it's probably faster to just disable that first and try11:29
RoryI don't need ipv6 at all. I do need security updates :311:29
Istalantarjavnut: okay thanks, i was hoping to appending some command would stop that program using terminal for information output11:30
RoryOK disabling ipv6 in sysctl.conf is enough to get apt-get working, and I only use ipv4 in real life, so this is good enough for me.11:32
Ben64thats not really a solution though11:32
RoryBen64: @me ?11:32
RoryIt totally is a solution.11:33
Ben64its just allowing something to remain broken by disabling part of the network stack11:33
RoryI don't need ipv611:33
Ben64everyone needs ipv6, ipv4 is on the way out11:34
RoryI'm getting security updates now, and I still have all the functionality I need. rory.sh resolves to IPv4 anyway and I don't have any sort of records pointing to an ipv6 address11:34
cfhowlettIstalantar, most terminals permit you to add an additional tab11:35
Istalantarcfhowlett: okay ... but, i wasn't talking about tabs11:37
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OerHeksIstalantar, use " command &  " or "nohup <command> &  "11:47
LetchikHello. I have a problem with nvidia driver: if I install nvidia-331 or nvidia-331-updates and let it update initramfs, my boot process gets stuck at "loading initial ramdisk". It boots fine if I choose recovery mode in grub menu or if I remove these nvidia packages altogether.11:54
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IstalantarOerHeks: what is supposed to come after the & ?11:56
OerHeksnothing, that is the command to make terminal accept a new command11:57
solsTiCehi. why is not possible to mount fat16 usb key ? I got one the other day and it was misdetected as something curious and i had to reformat to get it automounted automatically. But even trying to mount manually the key did not work when it was in fat16. why ?11:59
javnutalso, how do I create a program which watches for window focus changes in ubuntu?11:59
IstalantarOerHeks: hmmm okay ... with nohup the terminal is still not usable, guess i have to live with that11:59
Quatrokingis it possible to put trains on some sort of "ignore list" regarding their yearly incomes?12:00
jackbla & = launch bla and make it go to the background12:00
cfhowlettQuatroking, check your channel12:04
daharonHey guys, I'm trying to determine the date that a package was added to an apt repository.  I'm not finding having any success in tracking it down.  Is that info even available in the metadata?12:04
IstalantarOerHeks: ahhh, now i got it with the & ... thanks :)12:04
k1l_daharon: which package?12:05
Quatrokingoh, haha, I thought I was on OFTC's #openttd12:05
OerHeksIstalantar, have fun12:05
daharonk1l_: Any package.12:05
Quatrokingwell that explains the amount of ubuntu discussion here12:05
OerHeksdaharon, what repo ?12:05
daharonk1l_: openssh-client-1:6.6p1-2ubuntu2, for example.  When was it added to the Ubuntu updates repo?12:06
k1l_daharon: i would be looking on packages.ubuntu.com for the changelog that names the date12:06
daharonk1l_: That's a good idea.  I'll take a look.12:07
OerHeksdaharon, http://changelogs.ubuntu.com/changelogs/pool/main/o/openssh/openssh_6.6p1-2ubuntu2/changelog12:07
starbuckhi, i got the problem that teamviewer doesn't work anymore as soon as i logout from, meaning i can't see the login screen12:12
OerHeksstarbuck, loginscreen from teamviewer or ubuntu ?12:14
daharonActually, this might be what I need:  http://www.aptly.info/doc/aptly/snapshot/  A snapshot of a repo for a given point in time.12:14
starbuckOerHeks: from xubuntu, i think it is lightdm12:15
OerHeksstarbuck, logical, as you have started teamviewer as user. logging out disables the service as the user is not logged in12:16
tarkusWhat's the best way to connect to Ubunto via a remote desktop from Windows 8 machine?12:16
OerHeksi don't use teamviewer, as their service goes trough their server ...12:16
starbuckOerHeks: so is there a way to use teamviewer also from login screen?12:16
Ben64tarkus: vnc over ssh12:16
Ben64starbuck: probably not12:17
OerHeksi would not recommend starting teamviewer from boot/root.12:17
tarkusBen64, does it work fast enough in comparison to alternatives?12:17
Ben64tarkus: depends on your internet, but sure12:17
tarkuslast time i checked vnc worked very slowly..12:17
starbuckOerHeks: do you have experience doing so?12:18
OerHeksstarbuck, nope, i dont use the teamviewer-blob12:18
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tarkusBen64 i see one guy recommends Mate,XRDP.. I'm wondering if it's better or worse than VNC over SSH12:20
Ben64mate is a desktop, nothing to do with remote anything12:21
OerHekstarkus, it all depends on your networkspeed, client and serverside12:21
tarkusthe network speed is 1gb..12:22
tarkusUbuntu is installed on a virtual machine on a nearby computer.. and i'm trying to find the best way to connect to it from my Win8.1 workstation12:23
OerHekstarkus, if both ends are 1 gb/s, then there should be no issue.12:23
OerHeksand depends on other traffic on your network, ofcourse12:23
inebiam on 12.04 and trying to remove openvpn from autostart. i tried 'sudo update-rc.d openvpn disable', but that command first removes all symlinks but then adds them again. is that normal behaviour?12:24
inebRemoving any system startup links for /etc/init.d/openvpn ... followed by12:24
inebAdding system startup for /etc/init.d/openvpn ...12:24
BluesKaj'Morning folks12:25
tarkusBen64, OerHeks, on Ubuntu i need to install VNC and on my workstation VNC Viewer?12:26
inebfor a quickfix i will remove the symlinks to openvpn startup script manually12:26
Ben64tarkus: i think a vnc server (vino) is already installed, but if you want to be able to access it while logged out, thats a different story.12:27
tarkusBen64, I see.. but what about a client computer, from which I'm trying to connect.. do I need RealVNC VNC or just VNC Viewer, or VNC Viewer Pro12:29
Ben64tarkus: any12:30
nopf 12:39
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SoothsayerWhat is a good location to place any custom scripts/softwares I download (via zips, etc) which don’t have managed via aptitude?12:50
usrb1nHello guys. I have a little problem and I can't find out how to solve it. I guess it's really simple but I don't remember how the heck I've screw'd this. I wanted to install express for node.js and didn't used the -g (global). Got the application installed in /usr/bin (both node and express). I had a problem with the versions and wanted to remove them. From my own user (which is also uid 0) if I run "express" now it returns12:55
usrb1nbash: /usr/bin/express: No such file or directory12:55
usrb1nHowever, if I run it from any other user I get only express: command not found12:55
usrb1nHow can I remove the linked /usr/bin path for my user ?12:55
conallHi, For some reason when I change networks I have to run a "dhclient -v" manually in order to access the network, even though an "ifconfig" shows the correct ip address13:04
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Carol_hi anybody here?13:08
ubuntuser13carol_: hello!13:08
Carol_I have problem trying to tether from my blackberry phone to pc13:09
kazdaxwehn i visit sites with firefox it usually is not reponding or telle ms to kill the firefox  tells me that the page script13:09
kazdaxis this some problem on firefox because the same thing dosnt happen on my windows firefox13:09
Carol_the problem Is that Windows always says dns remote server doesn't respond13:09
ashishhave you tried usb tethering?13:09
Carol_can someone help me with it?13:09
Carol_yes I use tether app for blackberry13:09
Carol_it was working In the past13:10
Carol_and suddenly stopped13:10
ZoSo95excuse me... but what do xchat specifically?13:10
Carol_and all I get is dns server no responding13:10
Carol_any advice?13:11
k1lZoSo95: its an irc client13:11
ashishhave you tried rebooting windows?13:11
kazdaxZoSo95, its used for IRC chat13:11
kazdaxi think its one of the best irc clients out there13:11
Carol_yes rebooted windows reinstalled tether on blackberry13:11
kazdaxwritten in perl and python13:11
Carol_reinstalled whole os on blackberry13:12
ZoSo95what is irc chat?13:12
Carol_flushed dns13:12
Carol_and no gp13:12
ashishi think some files might be corrupted in windows13:12
Carol_still dns server no responding13:12
Carol_I use another application13:12
Carol_called easy tether and that one works great13:12
k1l!irc | ZoSo9513:12
ubottuZoSo95: A list of official Ubuntu IRC channels, as well as IRC clients for Ubuntu, can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/InternetRelayChat - For a general list of !freenode channels, see http://freenode.net/faq.shtml#channellist - See also !Guidelines13:12
Carol_tether stopped13:12
cfhowlettZoSo95, irc chat is the tool you are presently using.  this is ubuntu support.  ask your ubuntu questions13:13
ashishyou should give a try then13:13
Carol_could it be cuz something happen with Windows?13:13
ZoSo95oook tank!13:13
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nabblethi, when I am installing, do I have to install grub to /dev/sda or /dev/sda1 (sda1 is the EFI partition). There is windows on the ssd too.13:25
daftykinsnabblet: GRUB goes to /dev/sda, but make sure you're booted and installing in EFI mode13:25
daftykins!efi | nabblet Check here to be certain13:25
ubottunabblet Check here to be certain: UEFI is a specification that defines a software interface between an operating system and platform firmware. It is meant as a replacement for the BIOS. For information on how to set up and install Ubuntu and its derivatives on UEFI machines please read https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UEFI13:25
eden0xHi to all13:26
martinaldanyone know of an ftp server that doesnt use the underlying system for accounts?13:28
martinaldi need to integrate it with a service13:28
martinaldso ideally one that read a config file of username, hashed password, chroot dir would be perfect13:28
martinaldthen i could just generate it every so often and drop it down13:28
Ben64martinald: any ftp server should do that, but ftp isn't very great to start with13:29
martinaldwhatever :)13:29
Ben64sftp uses ssh, so that is going to use the existing users13:30
martinaldwho cares13:30
Whitehoodermost well done (s)ftp servers use the accounts on your system13:30
Whitehoodercould chroot be an option?13:30
martinaldyeah, i definitely don't want to do that13:30
nabbletdaftykins: i read the link already but thanks for the pointer! So as I understand it the EFI partition will be used because it is mounted as /boot/efi. correct?13:30
martinaldi have probably 45,000 accounts to manage13:30
daftykinsnabblet: yep that's the way13:30
Ben64sounds horrible13:30
martinaldnot really13:31
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superi did a fresh install of xubuntu trusty tahr and with flash drive(unetboot).I was not given the option to form partitions.Now how can i use Gparted.??Can Gparted in my case requires Live version??13:31
daftykinsconsidering FTP for that application is definitely horrible :)13:31
Whitehooderthat's true too13:32
martinaldits a legacy system13:32
Whitehoodercould you explain in a little more detail what the purpose of your FTP server would be?13:32
Whitehoodermaybe there are better solutions (most likely)13:32
martinaldpeople login and download xml diffs. there's hundreds of applications that are builkt around using ftp for this13:32
supercan anyone help  me??13:33
cfhowlettsuper you can live boot the USB, run gparted and partition but .. now that it's installed ..what's the point?13:33
superi posted above..13:33
martinaldthe other option is to write an ftp server that sits on top of our services but that seems like reinventing the wheel13:33
BluesKajsuper, yes, gparted can be put on a cd or usb  just like any other OS13:33
BluesKajcfhowlett, he forgot to partition the drive 713:33
supercfhowlett :Iwas not given the option13:34
Whitehoodersuper: after installing your system, partitions have been created by the installer. If there's any customization you would like to do with your root partition, I suggest using GParted from a live CD13:34
superto partition13:34
superWhitehooder :Its of 210 MB.13:34
superAny other option13:35
cfhowlettsuper yeah, I found out the hard way; unetbootin and ubuntustartupdiskcreator do not result in the same boot USB13:35
Ben64super: the installer does give you the option13:35
Whitehoodermartinald: I'll look into it. Reporting back here if I find any good solutions, but a web based solution would be better IMO if what you said above is all you'll need.13:35
martinaldwe have a web based service Whitehooder13:35
martinaldthis is for legacy applications that don't use the rest api13:35
Whitehoodersuper: So you've got too small of a partition and want to increase it? Boot up the live CD and expand it with GParted13:35
superBen64 : no,it didnt13:35
superWhitehooder :I have  single partition of 1 TB13:36
Whitehoodermartinald: Do you have a web based solution that does exactly that?13:36
martinaldyes, we have a REST API13:36
superWhitehooder :Only the option of Gparted..i dont have dat type of net connection13:37
Whitehoodersuper: Well, it does, but it's named "Something else". You probably overlooked it.13:37
Ben64super: the ubuntu installer always gives the option to partition, you may have skipped it, but it does13:37
martinaldWhitehooder, pureftpd does it13:37
BluesKajsuper, it's easier to set up the partitions with gparted before try to install, then when you do install just use the manual partition optionand set the mountpoints then install13:37
martinaldVirtual users is a simple mechanism to store a list of users, with their13:37
martinaldpassword, name, uid, directory, etc. It's just like /etc/passwd. But it's13:37
martinaldnot /etc/passwd. It's a different file, only for FTP.13:37
martinaldIt means that you can easily create FTP-only accounts without messing up13:37
martinaldyour system accounts.13:37
unopastemartinald you have been muted for 60 seconds as it looks like you are pasting lots of lines into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com and paste just the URL of your data here when you are unmuted13:37
daftykinsmartinald: try typing more on each line ;)13:38
Whitehoodermartinald: Oh, great :) Problem solved then?13:38
Ben64or just not pasting readme's in here13:38
martinaldwhoops. that was meant to be one line :D.13:38
superCan I use the live USB which has Xubuntu on it??13:39
superBoot from it??13:39
superand do the partition13:39
Ben64yes* sorry caps13:40
Whitehoodersuper: That's what a couple of guys have stated already, but sure, yeah, go ahead.13:40
superBen64 :but it says gparted already installed..and 1 primary partion in use..it says13:41
Ben64super: wait, can you explain exactly what you're trying to do13:41
ubuntuser13conky font blurred and stopped refreshing why?13:41
superhow can i show you the image..13:41
Ben64super: take a screenshot, upload to imgur.com13:42
Whitehoodersuper: The thing is, that if you want to resize the partition your system is installed on (your root partition), the system cannot be running in the mean time. You have to shutdown and boot from a live CD to change anything on that particular partition13:42
Whitehooderwell, not to read/write files to it, but you get the point13:43
superWhitehooder :yeah i did boot from Flash drive(try option).Open gparted.It again pointed about primary partition inuse13:43
Whitehoodersuper: Oh. Try to right click it and click on "unmount"13:44
superWhitehooder :I unmounted the drive icon of desktop.Then also13:45
Whitehoodersuper: Also, make sure you are on the correct disk (e.g not the flash drive). You can see what disk you're on in the upper right corner of GParted13:45
superWhitehooder : i am just uploading the screenshot13:45
azizLIGHTwhat language do i need to know to be able to change things in the top panel bar? things like making custom indicator13:47
martapybash, i guess.13:48
WhitehooderazizLIGHT: Are you using the default Ubuntu desktop on Ubuntu > 11.04?13:48
azizLIGHTim using 14.0413:48
azizLIGHTand i dont think its bash13:48
azizLIGHTis it?13:48
cfhowlettazizLIGHT, wouldn't touch it myself, but I do believe ubuntu tweak can do that kind of stuff13:49
WhitehooderI think you can code it in any language like C, C++ or Python13:50
cfhowlettWhitehooder, true.  it call compiles down to a .bin anyway13:50
azizLIGHToh i see13:50
martapyyeah. Learn C and Bash.13:50
azizLIGHTi know some bash13:50
azizLIGHTbut its for shell stuff not whatever indicators do13:50
superWhitehooder :http://imgur.com/7Y8sG3q13:51
WhitehooderI think you can find some useful info here13:51
superBen64 : http://imgur.com/7Y8sG3q13:51
streulmahello, how can I control manual the fanspeed of a HP notebook?13:52
ubottufan is Control the fan  on/off  http://www.ubuntuforums.org/archive/index.php/t-12058.html13:53
superBen64 :WHen i used the live flash drive.THen it gave 1 partition active13:53
Whitehoodersuper: try force unmounting them from terminal with the commands "sudo umount /dev/sda1" and "sudo umount /dev/sda2"13:53
minimecstreulma: I would first check you BIOS settings. Some BIOS allow 'tuning' there.13:54
superWhitehooder :In live xubuntu mode??13:54
Whitehoodersuper: Oh, are you on your system or the live CD/USB in this screenshot?13:54
superWhitehooder :presently on system13:55
littlebossTemplate::Plugin::HtmlToText cant install on ubuntu 14 . Any pointers ?13:55
Whitehoodersuper: You should boot up in live mode, yes. Then try unmounting any partition with sudo umount -f <partition path>13:55
superWhitehooder :Ok,any suggestion after that13:55
Whitehooderwell, after that you should be able to resize/repartition them13:56
streulmaminimec: 2 options, fan always on or off13:56
superWhitehooder :Ok,thanx..doing it13:56
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Whitehoodersuper: But keep in mind, your system partition is on an extended partition, which means it's not possible to make another primary partition (without copying the data and recreating the partition as a primary partition)13:57
littlebossTemplate::Plugin::HtmlToText cant install on ubuntu 14 . Any pointers ?13:57
tewardlittleboss: it probably gives you some error and you should refer to that error to know what's preventing the install/build13:58
minimecstreulma: Well both of them are probably not as usefull for you. My BIOS would allow me to set some temp 'target'. The FAn would then try to reach that target and adapt its speed accordingly.13:58
superWhitehooder :I have no data in the HDD.How to partition the extended mode13:59
littlebossteward: have done the install by hand but when i refer to it its not existing13:59
Whitehoodersuper: Are you sure you've got no data on it? That would mean you could not start the system.13:59
minimecstreulma: Ok. So one solution for you would go in this direction... http://askubuntu.com/questions/22108/how-to-control-fan-speed14:00
Whitehoodersuper: And since you've stated that you actually have booted it, I think you've got at least some data on it.14:00
Whitehoodersuper: However, a fresh install would be a better option than resizing, as resizing can take a very long time.14:00
littlebossteward: the install apt-get install libtemplate-plugin-htmltotext-perl14:01
superWhitehooder :Thanks iw ill go for fresh install.Any other option than usbnetboot??14:01
Whitehoodersuper: If I were you, I would boot up the live CD/USB again and select install. When you are prompted about "Installing alongside" or "Erase xxxx and install Xubuntu", select the option furthest down on the list, that says "Something else"14:01
Whitehoodersuper: You will be able to manually create partitions from there14:01
littlebossteward: the error apt-get install libtemplate-plugin-htmltotext-perl14:01
superWhitehooder :really thanx..i think i can pull that14:02
Whitehoodersuper: Usbnetboot? I've never heard of that. I usually make the usb using unetbootin og universal usb installer (if on windows)14:02
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superI meant unetbootin.Will usb-installer work with xubuntu-xfce environment14:03
superWhitehooder :I meant unetbootin.Will usb-installer work with xubuntu-xfce environment14:03
WhitehooderHave a nice day guys ;)14:03
WhitehooderI have to go14:03
Whitehoodersuper: Yup14:04
superWhitehooder :ok thank..bye14:04
martapyHas anyone found a solution to the terrible screan tearing issues when using an NVIDIA driver? The solutions presented in askbuntu.com weren't helpful for me.14:06
=== apsey is now known as vuash
daftykinsmartapy: optimus?14:08
martapy@daftykins what's optimus?14:09
martapydaftykins: what's optimus?14:10
akis hi all. Today i realized (after last system's upgrade) that every time i plug in my encrypted usb stick the system asks not only for the encryption's password but it asks also (twice) for root privileges password and the same asks when the usb stick is being ejected. see here: http://postimg.org/gallery/34ne880wa/575d7a67/ Any idea why does this happen and is any way to overpass this procedure and return to the previous one (only encryption's p14:10
martapydaftykins: I have nvidia prime and I set it to use the intel driver instead of the nvidia driver14:11
daftykinsmartapy: yeah, so you're using an nvidia optimus setup. laptops with hybrid intel + nvidia14:12
daftykinsmartapy: so tearing when using the nvidia, or?14:12
martapyyes. screen tearing when using the nvidia. but no screen tearing when using intel driver14:13
martapydaftykins: yes. screen tearing when using the nvidia. but no screen tearing when using intel driver14:13
daftykinsmartapy: try out bumblebee instead14:13
diego__I'm having trouble with Spanish character configuration.14:14
=== prosper is now known as Guest27368
martapydaftykins: I tried that one, it didn't work. Maybe I did something wrong, but it broke the display for me.14:15
daftykinsmartapy: yeah you probably did something wrong in the setup stages. that's the only way i've read to avoid the nvidia tearing so far, or enable vsync if you can.14:15
martapydaftykins: that's another thing I can't find out how to do. How exactly do I enable vsync? I can't seem to find it in the ccsm. I'm using ubuntu 14.04 by the way.14:16
daftykinsccsm has nothing to do with vsync setting i'm pretty sure14:16
martapyhow do i enable it then?14:17
diego__Greetings.  I'm looking for help to configure the spanish character configuration.14:19
diego__In some programs like Thunderbird I cannot type á, but instead I can only do ´a.14:19
diego__Would this be the right place to get help, or does someone know of a more specialized chat room?14:19
diego__Thanks in advance.14:19
cfhowlettdiego__, actually #ubuntu-es might know as they speak Spanish ...14:20
diego__Thank you.14:20
cfhowlettdiego__, happy2help14:20
martapydaftykins: there's a 'sync to vblank' option in ccsm. is that the same thing as vsync?14:21
daftykinsmartapy: well, when the nvidia's in use that'd typically be for full screen programs - depends where you're seeing tearing14:22
martapyThe tearing is mostly noticeable when using firefox and the terminal14:23
martapydaftykins: The tearing is mostly noticeable when using firefox and the terminal14:23
daftykinsmartapy: doesn't make any sense to me to affect the desktop14:24
CarlFKjust installed utopic, rebooted, I get the desktop background, but no mouse or menu bar (or whatever its called).  I ssh in, run top, see cpu: 60% xorg,  40% migration/0, 40% migration/1 (load 2.2).    What is migration/0 ?14:25
martapydaftykins: it really does. it's so annoying especially when i'm using firefox. I'm just using the intel driver right now and don't have problems with it. I'm not a big gamer anyway, so I don't think I'm missing out much by not using the nvidia driver.14:25
daftykinsCarlFK: test the guest session14:25
CarlFKdaftykins: is that what migration does, or is that what you think I should do?14:26
daftykinsmartapy: thing is, i don't think optimus works in the way that the entire desktop can be switched to being rendered on the nvidia instead of the intel14:26
daftykinsCarlFK: i'm saying try it :)14:26
CarlFKdaftykins: um.. how will that tell me what migration is?14:27
daftykinsCarlFK: you seemed to be saying your desktop isn't coming up properly. i'm not answering your latter question14:27
martapydaftykins: i have no idea why it happens too. I'm fairly new to linux and ubuntu. I don't want to mess around with it too much yet.14:28
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nabblethi, on my old laptop (lenovo ideapad s12) i could copy & paste with pressing left and right mouse button simultaneously. On my new laptop (lenovo thinkpad s440) the touchpad seems to function as one big mouse key (similar to mac?). Anyone know how to get back the comfortable left-right-mouse-click-paste ?14:43
nabbletmore info: the old laptop had a mousepad, but to pyhsically separate mouse keys below the pad.14:44
=== didge is now known as Guest46127
nabbletoh I noticed that it does not work with a pysical usb-attached mouse either. So it's probably not a hardware porblem for now...14:46
=== ubuntu is now known as Guest19473
MrPunchhello everyone14:49
MrPunchi want ubuntu help14:50
Harper42Hello Mr Punch :-)14:50
MrPunchhello Harper4214:50
MrPunchcan you help me with ubuntu?14:50
k1lMrPunch: just ask, and people will see if they can help14:51
nabbletMrPunch: hopefully :) But you have to ask your question ;)14:51
Harper42Quick question,  is anyone still having issues with Compiz on UB 14.0414:51
MrPunchi've a vps, my users accessing root files and uploading files for exploits in their ssh login.14:52
k1lHarper42: what issues?. generally it works14:52
MrPunchhow can i restrict user so they wont be able to upload any file to their ssh14:52
MrPunchand wont be even able to browse root directories14:53
=== adante_ is now known as adante
Harper42There was a bug within Compiz that would cause excessive cpu usage.14:53
=== `65whatt is now known as e-coffee
k1lHarper42: can you link that bug?14:54
k1lHarper42: i am not aware of that bug, tbh. my 14.04 works as intended14:54
=== MrPunch is now known as shadow
=== shadow is now known as MrPunch
dorkusmaximuswill ubuntu run ok on 2gb ram?14:54
k1ldorkusmaximus: yes.14:55
MrPunchhow can i restrict user so they wont be able to upload any file to their ssh and wont be even able to browse root directories14:55
Harper42I will try to find the link to the ticket and post it.14:55
k1ldorkusmaximus: but if you know it will be short on ram maybe try the lubuntu version, which is made for low and old hardware14:55
nabbletMrPunch: well, they must be able to read some of the root files, while some the must not be allowed to read. I think this question exeeds the capabilities of a proper irc answer.14:56
f00dWorkstaso I have to login between 1-5 times to unlock my computer... anything I could do to fix this?14:57
nabbletMrPunch: surely you messed up your user permissions. Did you give them root access?14:57
MrPunchnabblet no never i never gave them root access.14:57
MrPunchi just added them in root "adduser user1"14:57
k1lMrPunch: what? so this is a hacked vps?14:58
MrPunchi've my own14:58
MrPunchi bought it from my own money14:58
k1land people uploading exploits, i would remove them from access at all14:58
Guest95026Hello folks i have an old HP Proliant Server with no soundcard.Can i still set it up as a music server?14:58
k1lMrPunch: no, other users hacked your vps?14:58
MrPunchi would too i would know who is doing that14:58
MrPunchthey just use exploit to ddos ppl and then my vps provider company suspends my vps14:59
k1lMrPunch: what?14:59
Guest95026I want the server to hold my music library and connect to it via a musik player14:59
Guest95026is that possible?14:59
k1lyou give/sell shells to users and you dont know what they do at all and they use that for ddos other systems?14:59
MrPunchi mean i would remove them too from my root if i would've known who uploaded that file and used it for ddos14:59
k1lGuest95026: yes.15:00
k1lGuest95026: or use mpd for streaming in your local network15:00
MrPunchi have no monitoring system in my vps as my vps ram is not that much higher so i cant afford load on vps15:00
Guest95026thx k1l i will figure out the howto by myself.Just wanted to make sure it works before i install the server :)15:00
Guest95026yes that is what i want @ k1l15:01
Guest95026i was just wondering if it works , well good news15:01
nabbletGuest95026: there are several different server daemons and ways to do it. First figure out if you want it over internet or only within lan. Google for streaming multimedia server linux and similar key words15:02
Guest95026nabblet only for lan usage15:02
Guest95026thx for the advise15:02
=== soee_ is now known as soee
lempelyou know how to do it?15:02
Guest95026lempel not yet but i will figure it out somehow15:03
Guest95026haven't even set up the server yet15:04
nabbleti figured out my question: I had to emulate middle klick. My old laptop did this my clickling left and right at the same time. The new one does by three-finger touch on the pad.15:04
lempeli see . thanks a lot.15:04
lempelanabblet : are you kidding?15:05
k1lMrPunch: http://askubuntu.com/questions/93411/simple-easy-way-to-jail-users15:06
k1lMrPunch: but i strongly suggest you stop all users from access as long as you dont have a clue how to run a server at all.15:06
nabbletlempel: ?15:06
MrPunchthanks k1l15:07
=== lubuntu is now known as Guest33006
lempelit's time for me to go to bed. see you.15:21
=== spideyman is now known as Guest10292
javnuthow can I snap a window to the left/right with the terminal?15:27
jmaderoanyone else having really strange problems with Thunderbird with Ubuntu 14.10?15:27
=== heisenberg is now known as Guest78455
jmaderoI have some major keyboard issues, limited to Thunderbird (key presses resulting in the wrong letter, delayed entry, delete adds random characters)15:28
Yellowberryjmadero: such as?15:28
jmaderoYellowberry: yeah it's really bad15:29
jmaderono clue what's triggering it, happens in multiple DE's15:29
jmaderorestarting Thunderbird does not fix the problem, a full system reboot is needed15:29
jmaderohappens often (every day, at least once)15:29
Yellowberryhave you tried reinstalling Thunderbird?15:29
jmaderoYellowberry: have not - but can do so (good place to start at least)15:30
sky-fallhow to format a usb in ubuntu ?15:30
jmaderosky-fall: gparted is a good way15:30
sky-falljmadero, ok15:30
jmaderothere are other ways as well15:30
sky-falljmadero, can u tell any simple ones ?15:30
jmadero...and now thunderbird completely crashed15:31
jmaderosky-fall: well gparted has a decent GUI15:31
jmaderoI find it to be easy (easy is really subjective)15:31
sky-falljmadero, ok. let me check that15:31
jmaderosky-fall:  or you can do it this way: http://askubuntu.com/questions/68809/how-to-format-a-usb-or-external-drive15:31
jmaderobrb, thunderbird is now completely useless....dangit was in the middle of an email too15:32
arcskyhey guys, how do i send my syslog messages to another syslog server?15:32
=== ubuntu is now known as Guest81607
sky-fallis universal usb installer available for ubuntu ?15:42
=== kyle_ is now known as kyle__
=== MeltedDed is now known as MeltedLux
sky-fallcan anyone tell me how to make a bootable usb. i just want to reinstall my boot loader.15:42
cfhowlettsky-fall, startupdisk-creator15:42
sky-fallcfhowlett, in terminal ?15:43
cfhowlettsky-fall, no it's a gui app.  are you in server-ubuntu?15:43
=== rh1n0 is now known as rh1n0_away
sky-fallcfhowlett, no. im in ubuntu 14.1015:44
sky-fallsorry not LTS15:44
cfhowlettsky-fall, system > startup-disk-creator15:45
sky-fallcfhowlett, yes. took it. and ?15:45
cfhowlettsky-fall, you asked how to make a bootable USB.  download ISO.  use startup-disk-creator15:46
sky-falli have an is15:46
sky-fallcfhowlett, so just import it to the usb right ?15:47
sky-fallcfhowlett, it will be creating a bootable usb i hope15:47
cfhowlettsky-fall, absolutely not.15:47
cfhowlettsky-fall, startup-disk-creator will copy the .iso and configure the USB for booting15:47
k1lsky-fall: no15:47
sky-fallcfhowlett, so why is it for ?15:47
k1lsky-fall: you can use "dd" in terminal or use the usb disk creator15:48
jmaderono luck - Thunderbird is just garbage for me in 14.10 :-/ going to format and go back to 14.0415:48
cfhowlettsky-fall, you asked how to make a bootable USB.  download ISO.  use startup-disk-creator15:48
k1lsky-fall: if you just copy the image it will be only a data usb stick with an iso file in it. that is not bootable at all15:48
sky-fallcfhowlett, ?15:49
sky-fallcfhowlett, what for what startup disk creator is used ?15:49
jmaderosky-fall: unetbootin is one easy way (others don't love it but it always works for me)15:49
jmaderosky-fall: startup disk creates a "bootable" USB15:50
cfhowlettsky-fall, boot ubuntu.  start usb creator.15:50
jmaderoelse you just have data on the USB and the computer doesn't know to try to boot from it15:50
jmaderosky-fall: if you do a little google work you can find easy instructions....15:50
k1lsky-fall: where is your issue now? you asked how to make a bootable usb stick with a iso and we answered that. where is your issue now?15:50
jmaderogoogle has *most* of the answers15:50
jmaderousually with pretty how to's and pictures ;)15:50
sky-fallk1l, i wanted the name of a software like universal usb installer that makes my usb direct bootable by just copying os installation files15:52
jngdjoin /docker15:52
k1ljngd: /join #channel15:52
jmaderosky-fall: why not just use the GUI, seriously there are a ton of tutorial15:53
jngdk1l, type error, thanks15:53
jmaderoyou can't just copy an ISO to the drive15:53
jmadero(like going into file browser and copy/paste) that is impossible15:53
sky-falljmadero, ok. i will have a look at it then. thank you all for your information15:53
jmaderosky-fall: an ISO is similar to a zip package, the methods that are available essentially uncompresses them, and then makes the drive bootable15:54
k1lsky-fall: you can use "dd"15:54
jmaderok11 I don't think that's a good idea given the questions being asked15:54
jmaderosky-fall: no offense15:54
jmaderojust dd can make things go HORRIBLY wrong15:54
jmaderoand the questions being asked shows that there is some confusion as to what's going on to begin with15:54
k1ljmadero: that dd way there is no confusion with gui or file browsers at all.15:55
jmaderoyes, you just can kill your entire system15:56
jmaderoby literally making a "relatively" minor mistake15:56
jmadero(I did this when I was new to Linux...not fun)15:56
MrPunchk1l that jail kit is to suspend user, not to restrict user by access rot directory or any other restrictions like prevent upload15:56
k1lwell yes.15:56
jmaderok1l: and again - just given the questions, I suspect he's new15:56
jmaderosky-fall: have you backed up your data :-b that usually answers the question15:56
k1lMrPunch: why do your users have permissions to write in / at all?15:57
MrPunchi dont know15:57
k1lMrPunch: i think your vps is not setup properly and user used that to exploit that15:57
sky-falljmadero, tbh im kind of new to linux. kind of like it. so just wanted some information regarding third party applications. anyway im so glad u guys helped me.15:57
jmaderosky-fall: backup....seriously, do it15:58
MrPunchk1l users can upload files like when making eggdrops they upload tcls.. can i stop uploading only?15:58
k1lMrPunch: as i said: shut that system down. this seems to be a very unsecure state15:58
jmaderosky-fall: when you're messing with sudo and stuff, things can happen....I once ...(twice)...did "sudo rm -R /*"15:58
jmadero(never do that)15:58
sky-falljmadero, ok. :-)15:58
MrPunchk1l my users cant modify but they can read files.16:00
MrPunchand they can also upload files16:00
MrPunchthere is any way i can hide folders from them so cant even read their files16:00
MrPunchand stop uploading to their ssh too?16:00
k1lMrPunch: you only did read the first answer from the link i postet?16:02
NachtschattenTo enable/disable the user list in LightDM, does it suffice to set greeter-hide-users to true/false in /etc/lightdm/lightdm.conf?16:04
avoideranyone around for some support16:06
avoidersimple help16:06
MagicSpudhello I am running ubuntu 14.04 gnome compiz and alacarte and menulibre are driving me nuts because I cant set my menu shortcuts the way I want. I hate unity and I d like to customize the desktop...which would be the best choice? what is meta city about?16:06
MrPunchk1l i read bash too..16:06
ubottuPlease don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience16:06
NachtschattenWhat support do you need, avoider ?16:07
avoiderjust for my sound16:07
avoideri see the hdmi is detected from my tv16:07
avoiderbut i hear nothing16:07
NachtschattenWell, I don't know much about it, but if I were you I'd check if the volume of the right channel is enabled ;o16:08
bubbajna alter16:08
avoideri can see the output16:08
avoiderthe meter is moving back and forth16:08
avoiderfor the playback even16:09
sky-fallim having problems with my vlc. its launching up too slow. any solutions ?16:11
avoideri got it16:11
javnuthow do I snap a window to the left with the terminal16:11
avoiderthanks for the great support16:11
javnutxdotool keydown Control_L+Alt_L+KP_4 doesn't work16:11
sky-fallany suggentions for good replacements for vlc media player ?16:12
cfhowlettsky-fall, ^^^ this16:13
sky-fallcfhowlett, i didnt get you16:13
cfhowlettsky-fall, mplayer16:14
sky-fallcfhowlett, daftykins nilurie . ok ..16:14
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SchrodingersScatwhy not mpv?16:15
sky-fallis there any other simple methods to download all the codecs for the audio and video  ?16:16
lokote_jonesAny one here use Elinks? Is it possible to remap searching to a different search engine?16:17
cfhowlettsky-fall, sudo apt-get install ubuntu-restricted-extras16:17
sky-fallcfhowlett, will that do the job ?16:17
sky-fallcfhowlett, im seeing a 100 mb download. thank you .16:17
cfhowlettsky-fall, happy2help16:18
MagicSpudhello again in previous versions of ubuntu I could easily execute a sh file by clicking right mouse button and choosing open with terminal...since I upgraded to ubuntu 14.04 this option is no longer available. could someone please post a fix for this?16:18
cfhowlett!cn | xuyahui,16:24
ubottuxuyahui,: 如欲獲得中文的協助,請輸入 /join #ubuntu-cn 或 /join #ubuntu-tw16:24
cfhowlett!kylin | xuyahui16:24
ubottuxuyahui: Ubuntu Kylin is a variant of Ubuntu that focuses on Chinese users. It is a formal part of Ubuntu. For more information, see http://www.ubuntu.com/desktop/ubuntukylin16:24
* cfhowlett thinks the CN and kylin factoids should be combined ...16:24
HEROnymoushey folks, I've got a weird issue.  I'm running kde on 12.04lts.  I checked all of the kde settings, and it's none of them.  my screen goes blank after about 30 seconds of input idle.  this started happening at random last night.16:26
qknighthi. if i enable https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UbuntuBonding then i can't use the network-manager applet to chose the wireless network anymore16:27
qknightbut i want to have eth0 and wlan0 in the same bond16:27
=== rrerolle_ is now known as rrerolle
sky-fallhow to use nmap using terminal ?16:28
sky-falli installed it already.16:28
daftykinssky-fall: this isn't nmap support, go read their documentation16:29
MKCoinHey, I had to restart unity, and now one of the programs I was running isn't appearing in the task bar on the side, and I can't alt-tab to it. The program is still running though; is there a way for me to bring it to the front?16:30
sky-falldaftykins, i would like to know about which all devices are connected to my ip16:31
sky-falldaftykins, is there any other way ? just saw nmap in random. thats why asked.16:31
daftykinssky-fall: devices connected to your IP? over the internet?16:31
sky-falldaftykins, yes.16:32
daftykinssky-fall: that's not what nmap would be used for. "netstat -tuln" might be more relevant16:32
daftykinsHeyMan7: don't do that.16:32
HeyMan7daftykins: Sorry16:32
jmaderolol sky-fall personally I think you're moving a bit too fast ;)16:33
jmaderoseems like you want EVERYTHING done now16:33
jmaderoLinux is a learning curve16:33
jmaderoif you're not to the stage that you can comfortably make a USB bootable drive....getting a list of devices and using network tools might be premature16:33
sky-falljmadero, lol. well just want to spend some spare time. i understand your concern. :-)16:34
cfhowlettsky-fall, suggestion: download issue #0 of www.fullcirclemagazine.org       read it.  follow the tutorials.  After you read ALL of it, download issue #1 ... you learn a lot more and a lot faster than random, shotgun questions16:34
AlexPortablehow can I let a program open in terminal>?16:35
ubottuGuest75378: No warez here! This is not a file sharing channel (or network); read the channel topic. If you're looking for information about me, type « /msg ubottu !bot ». If you're looking for a channel, see « /msg ubottu !alis ».16:36
=== matrix is now known as uou
rotten777Can anyone help me with some LVM/baobab issues? My LV size is 433.GiB and `df -h` shows 233G used but baobab only has about 100gb showing up16:44
rotten777I can't seem to find where the data is being used16:45
chaotixhi.  i need help getting my scanner to work.  i have installed the driver and scan key tool for my model, and my scanner shows up under "Change Scanner" in simple scan.  My scanner is a brother mfc-j410w16:47
chaotixThanks in advance.16:47
=== bkuberek_ is now known as bkuberek
rotten777chaotix: what happens when you try to scan?16:48
navetzhey guys, what is the best screenshot program in ubuntu? I like the default one but I would like to be able to make minor edits to an image right after I take a screenshot16:49
navetzis that possible with any program?16:49
rotten777navetz: printscreen button + gimp?16:49
rotten777navetz: or shotwell... depending on your edits16:49
AlexPortableHow can I get my printer to actually print? I click 'print', click the printer, and then in the print queue it shows really fast my print job, and then it shows as completed16:50
toothehow do I set grub to use my old kernel as the default - the new kernel keeps crashing on me.16:51
rotten777AlexPortable: how is your printer connected? wifi? usb?16:51
AlexPortablelan and usb16:51
toothethat's it, im reinstlaling Linux16:52
toothei can't take this anymore.16:52
rotten777AlexPortable: when you go into the printer settings does it show usb or lan16:52
navetzrotten777, hum, I wonder if there is a way to pipe the printscreen image into shotwell right after a picture is taken16:52
rotten777toothe: edit the boot menu16:52
tootherotten777: How do you do that :-)16:52
rotten777navetz: you can have a stickied icon for it and it should allow to open recent files and have the screenshot listed16:52
rotten777tooth: which version are you on?16:53
kostkonnavetz, check out Shutter16:53
cfhowletttoothe, this aint' windows.  reboot, to old kernel, delete the kernel you don't want16:53
kostkon!info shutter16:53
ubottushutter (source: shutter): feature-rich screenshot program. In component universe, is optional. Version 0.92-0.1ubuntu1 (utopic), package size 1360 kB, installed size 17407 kB16:53
=== gugaua_ is now known as gugaua
kostkonnavetz, http://shutter-project.org/16:53
rotten777!info baobab16:53
ubottubaobab (source: baobab): GNOME disk usage analyzer. In component main, is optional. Version 3.8.2-1ubuntu1 (utopic), package size 153 kB, installed size 900 kB16:53
toothecfhowlett: i think the latter step of that is what I need...i am in the old kernel, not sure how to eliminate the newer ones.16:53
rotten777toothe: do you know which version is causing problems?16:54
AlexPortablerotten777: lan and usb, i  added them both16:54
rotten777AlexPortable: you've tried printing to both?16:54
AlexPortablerotten777: first lan, because it wasn't working I tried usb (to eliminate any lan issues)16:54
jvwjgamessomeone help me16:54
cfhowletttoothe, https://wiki.ubuntu.com/KernelTeam/removing-old-kernels16:54
tootherotten777: I'm using 3.16.6, so whatever the newer version is..16:54
toothecfhowlett: I suck with the googles...16:55
cfhowlett!help | jvwjgames,16:55
ubottujvwjgames,: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience16:55
NeoGeo64Help!  How do I remove the boot loader off my hard drive?  I am going to do a format with DBAN (darrik's boot and nuke) and I'm wondering if formatting the drive will also take care of the boot loader or if theres something else I need to do?16:55
jvwjgamesi did a distribution upgrade from 13.10 to 14.04 and my website is gone16:55
rotten777AlexPortable: give me a sec.16:55
jvwjgamesthe files are still there i think apache moved the root directory for hosting files16:55
daftykinsjvwjgames: 14.04 uses /var/www/html/16:56
rotten777AlexPortable: open a browser and go to
rotten777AlexPortable: click on printers and see if they're all idle16:56
jvwjgamesok so now instead of /var/ww it is /var/www/html16:56
jvwjgamesso how do i update my sites16:56
AlexPortablerotten777: yes16:56
jvwjgamesof can i safly move evrything in that folder16:57
AlexPortablerotten777: one of them can't be reached, but that's because I tried adding it via apple thing (dp or something)16:57
rotten777toothe: open nautilus as root and browse to /boot/ .... you'll see the different versions of your kernel and you can delete the ones you don't want16:57
daftykinsjvwjgames: are you not familiar with apache admin? /etc/apache2/sites-available/ <-- check your configs16:57
cfhowletttoothe, sorry that was not the right link.  http://ubuntuhandbook.org/index.php/2013/08/remove-old-kernels-from-ubuntu-13-04-13-10/16:57
rotten777toothe: then you can `sudo update-grub`16:57
navetzkostkon, thank you.16:57
kostkonnavetz, np16:58
toothethanks both of you16:58
rotten777AlexPortable: click on the printer that's USB then click on the maintenance drop down and choose to print test page16:58
toothethese instructions should suffice, im going to purge the newer kernel though16:58
jvwjgamesi updated apache to 2.4.7 why is it saying it is vunerable16:58
AlexPortablerotten777: it says that it has been printed16:58
rotten777AlexPortable: any errors on the printer?16:58
cfhowletttoothe, take you time and you should always keep at least one old kernel as backup16:58
AlexPortablecan reach the web page just fine, also from other devices16:59
toothecfhowlett: I want the opposite, to use the older kernel.16:59
rotten777which driver did you use?16:59
tootheI suspect there is something wrong with the newer version (for my hw)16:59
cfhowletttoothe, same process.  identify the kernel you don't want and delete16:59
rotten777AlexPortable: which model is it?16:59
jvwjgamesdaftykins: i am not fermillar with that16:59
gtrmtxwhat do i need to put as the number with chmod to make it neither world writable or group writable?17:00
AlexPortablerotten777: see pm17:00
NeoGeo64Help!  How do I remove the boot loader off my hard drive?  I am going to do a format with DBAN (darrik's boot and nuke) and I'm wondering if formatting the drive will also take care of the boot loader or if theres something else I need to do?17:00
daftykinsjvwjgames: you probably shouldn't be running a website then :)17:00
daftykinsNeoGeo64: it will.17:01
AJ_Z0You look fermillar from here17:01
jvwjgamesi know a little about it but not much17:01
jvwjgamesjust guide me please17:01
trijntjeNeoGeo64: the bootloader is on the harddisk, so it should be removed as well17:01
AJ_Z0Please excuse the previous comment. Wrong channel17:01
cfhowlett!server | jvwjgames,17:02
ubottujvwjgames,: Ubuntu Server Edition is a release of Ubuntu designed especially for server environments, including a server specific !kernel and no !GUI. The install CD contains many server applications. Current !LTS version is !Trusty (Trusty Tahr 14.04) - More info: http://www.ubuntu.com/products/whatisubuntu/serveredition - Guide: https://help.ubuntu.com/14.04/serverguide - Support in #ubuntu-server17:02
hyliananyone get a slight whistle coming from their speakers in ubuntu 14.04? If I play some audio, it stops for a while.17:03
Number5Hello guys, I just want to say that I like GNU-Linux a lot :D17:04
daftykinsNumber5: that's nice but not what this channel is for17:05
navetzkostkon, do you know if you can save a screenshot to clipboard after you edit it in shutter?17:05
Number5Ooh sorry, I like Ubuntu a lot too, cause with some non-gnu drivers/software and so on everything works out of the box ;-)17:06
cfhowlett!ot | Number517:06
ubottuNumber5: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!17:06
Number5cfhowlett, sorry for posting offtopic stuff here.17:07
cfhowlettNumber5, enjoy your *buntu.  come again if you need ubuntu help.17:07
kostkonnavetz, i'm guessing you can17:07
navetzkostkon, me too, just haven't figured out how yet lol :)17:08
=== Mohi is now known as IAmNotThatGuy
cfhowlettnavetz, ctrl-s   is the usual shortcut ...17:08
hyliananyone get a slight whistle coming from their speakers in ubuntu 14.04? If I play some audio, it stops for a while.17:09
navetzcfhowlett, in shutter it is the command to "Send to" but there is a copy button if you right click I just found :)17:10
navetzkostkon, thanks again, this is perfect17:10
kostkonnavetz, :)17:11
cfhowlettnavetz, good detective work, Lou!@17:11
AlexPortableAnyone else who can help me out?17:14
AlexPortableit says 'processing' when printing, and then it disappears17:14
og01hi there, in ubuntu 14.04 does /etc/init.d/networking restart actually re-read my /etc/network/interfaces file, I've added a static ipv6 address but see nothing17:14
bashfr3akhylian that sounds like a hardware issue17:14
og01I only see my link-local address btw - so i know ipv6 is working perse17:14
og01this is the config i added to the bottom of my interfaces file: http://paste.ubuntu.com/9100077/ I then restarted with /etc/init.d/networking restart, yet i still only see my link local on eth017:17
geniiog01: Should use instead sudo service networking restart17:18
hylianbashfr3ak: i figured it was software. the whistle goes away when i play any audio. it comes bac later, but still, wouldn't that make it a software issue?17:18
hylianbashfr3ak: it also goes away if I mute all audio.17:19
og01genii: Job failed while stopping and already running on start17:19
og01genii: I also have ipv4 addresses configured on that same interface (infact I have a /16 work of addresses on that interface, I would rather they not go down...)17:21
bashfr3akhylian maybe the audio the audio "masks" the whistle? also do you have a mic? is it on? anything near it ?17:21
daftykinsog01: you probably shouldn't experiment on a live system17:21
og01daftykins: it wouldnt be the end of the world17:21
og01daftykins: its not hosting anything particularly important17:22
og01daftykins: it is a system for experimenting on, its just I'd want to tidy up some other experiments before rebooting etc...17:22
bashfr3akhylian mics tend to make that sort of noise17:23
javnutwmctrl -r Resizing -e 0,0,0,500,60017:23
javnutwhat's wrong with this?17:23
daftykinsog01: ok. in my experience network restart doesn't work anymore, i go for full reboots17:23
daftykinsog01: i hope you have physical access to that box though :)17:23
og01daftykins: no - i dont17:23
daftykinsoh dear17:23
og01daftykins: but i should be able to recover if it really hit the wall17:23
og01(but I'd rather be carefull than do that)17:24
og01daftykins: its a dedicated server, and its my only ipv6 network with access to the internet that I have so...17:25
og01daftykins: physical access to the machine would mean a try to germany (from the uk)17:27
daftykinsEjTheory: got a question?17:33
PiliI have question about Gparted. Why i would want to use "free space preceding"?17:34
=== Yukitteru is now known as Yukinotteru
ramansorry to interrupt but can anyone help me with installing adobe flash plugin for mozilla? thanks17:35
xanguasudo apt-get install flashplugin-installer , done raman17:36
EjTheoryno burn device... and cant fromat usb device to fat3217:36
ramanthanks Xangua...17:36
PiliEjTheory: why you can't format usb device to fat32?17:37
EjTheoryjust fat17:37
EjTheoryin unbootin17:37
ramanok it is stuck at flashplugin-installer: downloading ......17:37
EjTheoryi just want to boot to xubuntu iso i dl..17:38
PiliEjTheory: hmmm....you have to unmount our device before formating....i would use Gparted17:38
tootheis there a way to upgrade the version of Empathy that I'm running to the latest? the version that comes with Ubuntu is outdated.17:39
Bleakwiseis distcc broken on ubuntu atm?17:39
EjTheoryi goofed and made the .iso a image is that bad?17:39
Bleakwisemake CC="distcc gcc" doesn't seem to fire up distcc, just normal gcc17:39
Scrappyi need help17:39
Scrappyabout linux shell17:39
Scrappywho can help me?17:39
squirtle_51Does anyone here run Ubuntu Mate?17:40
Scrappy(do query)17:40
pbxScrappy, ask your question, with lots of detail and context, and a pastebin link if relevant17:40
failfarmi run mate17:40
Scrappyif i do ls [a,b,c] what does it mean?17:41
Destroyer21Oh no, not I! I will survive!17:41
Destroyer21Oh, as long as I know how to love,17:41
Destroyer21I know I'll stay alive!17:41
Destroyer21I've got all my life to live.17:41
Destroyer21I've got all my love to give.17:41
Destroyer21And I'll survive! I will survive!17:41
unopasteDestroyer21 you have been muted for 60 seconds as it looks like you are pasting lots of lines into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com and paste just the URL of your data here when you are unmuted17:41
squirtle_51failfarm, do you know how I can add nm-applet to lightdm-gtk-greeter?17:41
squintyEjTheory: if using windows, insert usb stick into computer > file explorer > find the usb stick listed > right click > format.  Open unetbootin > use lower half of it's screen to transfer the iso contents to the stick17:41
toothedestroyer21: dpaste.17:41
daftykinstoothe: we don't need song lyrics pasted ;)17:42
tootheoh? i didn't read it.17:42
daftykinsmight be wise to, next time17:42
tootheon that note, does anyone remember @BigSister?17:42
DJonesDestroyer21: Please stop17:42
unopasteDestroyer21 you have been muted for 60 seconds as it looks like you are pasting lots of lines into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com and paste just the URL of your data here when you are unmuted17:42
squirtle_51Any help in adding nm-applet to my login screen?17:44
acersquirtle_51: What DE?17:44
squirtle_51acer, mate17:44
cfhowlettsquinty, to the login?  never seen it done and doesn't seem safe17:45
k1lsquirtle_51: if you add the network to a user and allow it to be used form all users its available on the lightdm17:45
guest-Nnn6NYI have a question17:45
=== guest-Nnn6NY is now known as Gothicspeaker-
squintycfhowlett:  me either on both of your thoughts....not me that was requesting such advice though  ;-)17:46
acersquirtle_51: I'd just use wicd17:46
acersquirtle_51: But seeing this... http://forums.mate-desktop.org/viewtopic.php?f=2&t=48117:46
squirtle_51k11: can you walk me through how to do that? When I ran Ubuntu (I now use Ubuntu Mate) I could connect to Wifi and then to my VPN by entering the password to the default keyring prior to logging in so nothing got broadcast outside of the VPN.17:47
acersquirtle_51: Scroll to the bottom...17:48
acersquirtle_51: sudo nano /etc/NetworkManager/NetworkManager.conf17:48
acersquirtle_51: change the line that says managed=false to read managed=true17:48
Gothicspeaker-So, can anyone help me?17:49
LinnakHi, does anyone use Docky? I can't run any app rom the panel.17:49
acersquirtle_51: sudo service network-manager stop && sudo service network-manager start17:49
cfhowlettGothicspeaker-, so did you ask a question?17:49
k1lGothicspeaker-: since you didnot even ask we cant even help17:49
Gothicspeaker-cfhowlett: Well, my question is if there can be added a new keyboard lay-out to the next edition of Ubuntu17:49
xanguaLinnak: docky is just a dock, not a launcher, you can't search launchers from it if that os what you are refering17:50
squirtle_51That's done, so let me log out and back in and see what happens.17:50
Gothicspeaker-cfhowlett: I have written myself a manuel to use a Gothic keyboard for Ubuntu 12.2, I can refer you to it at Wikipedia, and as people write at the Gothic wikipedia, it would be very useful if we had a standard Gothic keyboard lay-out in Ubuntu which can be choosen by everyone.17:50
LinnakSo when I put a lot of app icon on it it should start that app?17:50
acerGothicspeaker-: Ubuntu server?17:51
Gothicspeaker-acer: Well, I use Ubuntu, wait, let me look up my manuel17:51
=== sayan is now known as Guest46117
Gothicspeaker-acer: Here is my manuel:  http://roel.tengudev.com/Neo%20Gothic/download_keyboard_layout.php17:51
tootheim trying to avoid installing this program by source, but I might have to.17:51
tootheEmpathy on Ubuntu is super out of date17:51
acerGothicspeaker-: Oh, you said "next edition of Ubuntu" Sorry, I read it is text edition.... My mistake17:52
squirtle_51acer: No dice on the login screen. I have the icon after I log in, but not before.17:52
Gothicspeaker-acer: Like you can see, I made a custom file to add a Gothic keyboard to your ubuntu edition, but the problem is that it isn't standardly included, which I would like.17:52
opus_Hey guys I screwed up my soources.list so I copied one froma working machine and now I can't install build-essentials17:52
opus_and I'm totally confused,17:53
opus_ build-essential : Depends: libc6-dev but it is not going to be installed <<--- What?? apt-get update , apt-get install -f, and apt-get clean all don't fix this17:53
k1lopus_: please put that into a pastebin. and put the error there too17:53
cfhowlettGothicspeaker-, according to wikipedia, gothic is an extinct germanic language.  so your keyboard is intended for ... who?17:53
squirtle_51k11: What was your suggestion?17:53
Gothicspeaker-cfhowlett: Yes, it's true that it's extinct, but I and some other people are actually, just like Latin, writing modern texts in it. We are for example translating Alice in Wonderland in Gothic, and although I have programmed a tool in PHP to convert Gothic to Latin and vice versa, it's much better for people to be able to type in it directly.17:54
opus_The error message doesn't tell me anything to help me figure it out17:54
Gothicspeaker-cfhowlett: Also, I wonder if the standard font supplied by Ubuntu for Gothic can be changed, I hate the current one and I don't know how to change it.17:55
cfhowlettGothicspeaker-, so no real reason to make this a part of standard ubuntu.  set up a wiki as you have done and maintain it yourself.17:55
cfhowlettGothicspeaker-, and choose whatever open font you like17:55
Gothicspeaker-cfhowlett: If I 'm right, it shouldn't be that much of a big deal to include it, so if some people want to use it, I don't really see why you shouldn't add it17:56
Gothicspeaker-cfhowlett: And the problem is that I don't know how to add an open font17:56
k1lopus_: now please "cat /etc/apt/sources.list", "ls -al /etc/apt/sources.list.d/" and a "uname -a" and "lsb_release -a"17:56
cfhowlettGothicspeaker-, not up to me ... but I'm pretty sure "dead" language support is not a priority.  ask canonical.17:56
kazdaxlsd -need17:56
Gothicspeaker-cfhowlett: Where can I find him? And another question is how I can change the standard font. I tried to look into directories, but I can't find it nowhere17:57
cfhowlett!canonical | Gothicspeaker-17:57
ubottuGothicspeaker-: Canonical Ltd. is committed to the development, distribution and promotion of open source software products, and to providing tools and support to the open source community. It is the driving force behind the Ubuntu, Kubuntu, Xubuntu, and Edubuntu Operating Systems. Canonical's website is at http://www.canonical.com/17:57
opus_k1l: http://pastebin.com/2U0Lw05s17:57
=== dajhorn_ is now known as dajhorn
k1lGothicspeaker-: what about you file a bug? and help to contribute there and see what the devs/maintainer think about that17:58
mesonesolaa ?17:58
k1lGothicspeaker-: for the meantime you can start making a PPA on your own17:58
Destroyer21javi soy y17:58
Gothicspeaker-What's a PPA?17:58
Gothicspeaker-Sorry, I 'm really not familiar with developing Ubuntu.17:59
cfhowlett!ppa | Gothicspeaker-,17:59
ubottuGothicspeaker-,: A Personal Package Archive (PPA) can provide alternate software not normally available in the offical Ubuntu repositories - Looking for a PPA? See https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+ppas - WARNING: PPAs are unsupported third-party packages, and you use them at your own risk. See also !addppa and !ppa-purge17:59
k1lGothicspeaker-: a 3rd party repo. you can put own stuff there17:59
opus_k1l: I ran this in an attempt to fix it but it did not fix it http://pastebin.com/T2jhs1gX17:59
squirtle_51k1l: You made a suggestion about adding the connection to a user and opening network-manager to all users so it displayed on login. I have no clue how to do so.17:59
Vladimirskidoes anybody run linux on lenovo y510p ?18:00
xanguaopus_: using trusty repositories in utopic release :P18:00
kazdaxnope i use vms18:00
DJonesVladimirski: Yes I do18:00
VladimirskiDJones: really?18:00
opus_xangua: ?18:00
VladimirskiDJones: have u had any problems?18:00
k1lsquirtle_51: open network manager, edit the connection, make the check for all users can use that18:00
DJonesVladimirski: Yep, works great, no issues at all, I use nvidia-prime for the switchable graphics18:00
k1lopus_: :/  you are mixing a lot of ubuntu releases there18:01
Gothicspeaker-Ok, I 'm trying to find out how to change my default fonts18:02
squirtle_51k1l: It's already there. However....I just found the box that says "Automatically connect to VPN while using this connection." That looks like it'll do what I want.18:02
Gothicspeaker-can't find it anywhere18:02
k1lopus_: you are running a 14.10 but got 14.04 active in your repo. so that is not going to work at all18:02
Vladimirskiok=) which version of linux du u run? DJones18:02
cfhowlettGothicspeaker-, system > appearance > fonts18:02
opus_k1l: hmm.. how do I fix this?18:02
opus_k1l: The install cd clearly was 14.04, strange18:03
dm7freekI wrote a script on my mac and copied it to my ubuntu workstation via flash drive. I chmod +x it and now i can execute it normally, but i get permission denied when i try to sudo run it. whats going on?18:03
k1lopus_: i dont know what you did there at all. but deleting the sources.list sounds like you did a whole mess there18:03
cfhowlettto recreate the sources:   http://repogen.simplylinux.ch/index.php18:04
Gothicspeaker-cfhowlett: I can't find that as I have the Dutch ubuntu. I installed gnome-tweak-tool, but I can't find any way to change the Gothic font18:05
k1lopus_: your sources.list needs to say utopic instead of trusty18:05
cfhowlettGothicspeaker-, I don't muck around with gnome-tweak, and I only run xubuntu.  sorry.18:08
squintyGothicspeaker-:  if running the Unity version of Ubuntu then you may want to install/use   unity-tweak-tool18:08
opus_k1l: thanks18:09
Gothicspeaker-cfhowlett: But, to be honest, I 'm a complete noob regarding Ubuntu, I only have some knowledge of some web programming, but not of ubuntu. And I 'm still not really helped with the answers here18:09
cfhowlett!ppa | Gothicspeaker-, make a ppa.  read the links.18:10
ubottuGothicspeaker-, make a ppa.  read the links.: A Personal Package Archive (PPA) can provide alternate software not normally available in the offical Ubuntu repositories - Looking for a PPA? See https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+ppas - WARNING: PPAs are unsupported third-party packages, and you use them at your own risk. See also !addppa and !ppa-purge18:10
k1lGothicspeaker-: http://askubuntu.com/questions/191778/how-to-install-fonts-fast-and-easy18:10
=== derk0pf is now known as derk0pf|NA
k1lGothicspeaker-: for more specific informations see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Fonts18:11
tootheGRR! I can't get the latets version of Empathy installed, despite manually adding the repository.18:11
acerk1l: If you want to be clever you could just tell him:18:14
acer cat /etc/apt/sources.list;ls -al /etc/apt/sources.list.d/; a "uname -a;lsb_release -a >pastebinit18:14
Gothicspeaker-I just installed font-manager18:14
acerk1l: Well, maybe without the " b4 uname18:14
squintyacer:  easier still   install inxi and then issue   inxi -Sr   in a terminal18:16
hylianbashfr3ak: sorry man, I was working, and had to leave for a bit. There is no mic near the speakers, and as I said before, muteing also stops the whistle. this is definetly software based.18:16
acerk1l: Never mind, it doesn't work anyway18:17
David1965hylian why not insert a DSP notch filter set to the wistle and it will be gone18:18
David1965acer what doesn't work anyway18:19
acerpiping all those commands into pastebinit18:19
David1965I see now is there not a utility that can help18:20
hylianDavid1965: mostly because I dont know what that is or how to use it. Never heard of it before. I am a meat and potatoes computer repair technician. I don't do much on the audio side of things...18:21
hylianDavid1965: i will look for an audio tool..18:21
David1965DSP if signal processing using software version of a standard filter18:22
David1965Pitchshifter.cpp should work if you can verge it with the program you are using18:22
squintyhylian:  make sure your mic input volume is not set to high18:23
David1965I didn't mean verge I ment merge18:23
acerDavid1965: This works:18:23
Gothicspeaker-Ok, this still didn't help me18:23
acercat /etc/apt/sources.list >info.txt;ls -al /etc/apt/sources.list.d/ >>info.txt;uname -a >>info.txt;lsb_release -a >>info.txt ;pastebinit info.txt18:23
=== derk0pf|NA is now known as derk0pf
Gothicspeaker-I 'm looking in my /usr/share/fonts/ directory now18:23
Gothicspeaker-but I can't find the standardly installed Gothic font nowhere18:23
acersquinty: xnxi is good.  Thanks for the info18:24
squintyacer:  yw.  see https://code.google.com/p/inxi/  for more details18:24
Gothicspeaker-I will install software of 500-600 MB18:24
cfhowlettGothicspeaker-, open a terminal and do this:  dpkg -l | grep gothic18:24
Gothicspeaker-let's see if that changes it18:25
David1965Hylian just google for Pitchshifter.cpp18:25
Gothicspeaker-cfhowlett: What's supposed to happen now? I don't get any result18:25
k1lGothicspeaker-: how did you install that?18:25
cfhowlettGothicspeaker-, no result = no gothic font installed18:25
hyliansquinty: the first thing i did was to mute the mic all together, even though it's quite far from the speakers.18:26
AlexPortableasking all remaining processes to terminate ... - killing all remaining processing [fail] ... modemmanager[722]: <info> caught signal, shutting down... modemmanager[722]: <info> modemmanager is shut down - * deactivating swap... - mount: / is busy - * will now halt18:26
hylianDavid1965: thanks, nothing else i tried was very forthcoming. I will take a look.18:26
squintyacer: for those last lines you posted...   inxi -Sr | pastebinit   is all that is needed when using inxi18:26
Gothicspeaker-cfhowlett: But when I open the Gothic wikipedia I can read it with an ugly Gothic font.18:26
acersquinty: Yea, I see that now.18:26
David1965k1 merge it will the program and compile it i.e ./configure then Make then sudo make install18:27
hyliani am trying something, need to reboot18:27
AlexPortableanyone who can help me out?18:27
AlexPortableI want my system to go out18:28
squintydating site maybe then?  ;-)18:28
bubbasaures!reisub | AlexPortable18:28
ubottuAlexPortable: In an emergency, you may be able to shutdown cleanly and reboot by holding down Alt+PrintScreen and typing, in succession, R, E, I, S, U and B. For an explanation, see http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Magic_SysRq_key18:28
David1965have you rebuilt your OS by mistake and are you able to boot to your desktop if then all systems go must go now.18:28
AlexPortablebubbasaures: R, E, I failed: (1398.734411) This sysrq operation is disabled18:30
cfhowlettGothicspeaker-, because you're looking at an IMAGE of the blackletter gothic script.  doesn't mean you actually installed the font.18:30
bubbasauresAlexPortable, Did you run the whole command slowly?18:31
bubbasauresAlexPortable, YOu already had it partially shutting down.18:31
AlexPortableyes I did it slowly18:31
Gothicspeaker-cfhowlett: Maybe the system misinterprets it. I don't mean the style Gothic, but the language Gothic, with these letters: http://got.wikipedia.org/wiki/%F0%90%8C%B7%F0%90%8C%B0%F0%90%8C%BF%F0%90%8C%B1%F0%90%8C%B9%F0%90%8C%B3%F0%90%8C%B0%F0%90%8D%83%F0%90%8C%B4%F0%90%8C%B9%F0%90%8C%B3%F0%90%8D%8918:31
AlexPortableit was shutting down yes18:31
AlexPortablehow can i shut it down automaticly?18:31
Gothicspeaker-cfhowlett: Like you can see, there are either blocks, or the page is displayed with Gothic letters.18:32
Gothicspeaker-cfhowlett: I want to change the font of those blocks into another font available to display these Unicode symbols.18:32
bubbasauresAlexPortable, Stuck there that was normal, hit the power button.18:32
AlexPortablealt printscreen + o says: System requested poweroff18:32
AlexPortablebubbasaures: well I don't like to hold power button every evening for 10 sec18:32
AlexPortablethat's not good for my harddisk18:32
k1lGothicspeaker-: i think you are mixing a lot of stuff here18:33
bubbasauresAlexPortable, Sure, but you have not even come close "as usual" to being clear and not just abusing the channel.18:33
Gothicspeaker-Ok, let's be clear: these are the unicode symbols for Gothic:18:33
AlexPortablebubbasaures: how so?18:33
Gothicspeaker-10330-1034F, I want to change those into another font18:33
Gothicspeaker-so how do I do that?18:33
k1lGothicspeaker-: install a font for that18:34
bubbasauresAlexPortable, Pleading, posting random letters, not having patience....etc is a start.18:34
Gothicspeaker-Yes, but how do I install a font18:34
AlexPortableWell I'm about to throw the pc out of the window atm18:34
Gothicspeaker-if I install it, I can put it somewhere, but that doesn't change how it displays at websites18:34
AlexPortableI've been trying to fix this for quite a long time, tried many things18:34
Gothicspeaker-I can download it sure, but then I can just use it independently18:34
Gothicspeaker-I want to use it for my system.18:34
k1lAlexPortable: your acting is again demotivating others to help you. you know how to behave here so do it or leave18:35
bubbasauresAlexPortable, So your inability to fix this allows you to come to this channel and act outside the general norm?18:35
k1lGothicspeaker-: what?18:35
k1lGothicspeaker-: you are mixing fonts and languages18:35
AlexPortablebubbasaures: what do you mean act outside the general norm?18:36
bubbasauresAlexPortable, https://workaround.org/getting-help-on-irc  and read the code of conduct.18:37
trismGothicspeaker-: maybe something like this is what you want: http://askubuntu.com/questions/13708/how-to-change-the-fallback-font-for-missing-languages18:38
k1lGothicspeaker-: if you talk about fonts: go to the unity-tweak-tool, go to the fonts setting, change to your font, done.18:38
AlexPortableOn Ubuntu 10.04 my system was able to shutdown just fine. Now when I want to shutdown my system it just hangs. Doesn't even shuts down on alt+printscreen. /etc/issue is empty.18:38
Gothicspeaker-k1l: I don't know how to explain it. When I go at the Gothic wikipedia, all those unicode symbols display with the Sadagolthina font, which is not good, I want to change it18:38
k1lGothicspeaker-: but before you need to install that fonts correct, like the help article i linked you describes.18:38
Zovirakszhola, does anyone know, which port is used when I start the ap-hotspot?18:39
k1lGothicspeaker-: so your issue is that webpage?18:39
mjuszczakHow do most people use the same test kitchen setup for both testing locally and testing in a CI pipeline?  Templated .kitchen.yml, different .kitchen.yml files per environment (specified with an environment variable), or clever use of .kitchen.local.yml?18:40
Gothicspeaker-k1l: I read that article, but it says that fontconfig is very complicated18:40
bubbasauresZoviraksz, This using a PPA to run this?18:40
mjuszczakwrong channel sorry18:40
=== rigor789|away is now known as rigor789
Zovirakszbubbasaures: yes18:40
Gothicspeaker-I can't even use it18:40
bubbasaures!ppa | Zoviraksz18:40
ubottuZoviraksz: A Personal Package Archive (PPA) can provide alternate software not normally available in the offical Ubuntu repositories - Looking for a PPA? See https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+ppas - WARNING: PPAs are unsupported third-party packages, and you use them at your own risk. See also !addppa and !ppa-purge18:40
k1lGothicspeaker-: where is the issue _exactly_?18:41
Gothicspeaker-k1l: But if I would change this /.fonts.conf, how is the system supposed to recognize the font which I downloaded?18:41
k1lGothicspeaker-: fonts need to be copied to a certain folder. that is mentioned on the help article18:41
Gothicspeaker-k1l: Which help article? I got a lot of references here but I don't know what you mean18:42
k1lGothicspeaker-: and webbrowsers will likely use their own font settings18:42
k1lGothicspeaker-: .....18:42
k1lGothicspeaker-: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Fonts18:42
squintyAlexPortable:  might want to google for "ubuntu acpi shutdown" (if you haven't already).  Some boxes (I have an older box here that doesn't) won't shutdown even with recommended proceedures listed in google suggestions.  been several years now since I played around with that box though.....   anyways just a thought18:43
k1lGothicspeaker-: you are mixing all sorts of language , fonts and other settings. you cant even adress your exact issue. if you get some article to increase your knowledge to help you to tell what your actual issue is you dont even read it. i am not sure i got enough motivation left to help in this case18:44
samthewildoneThere's a problem with my installation of the 'unity-tweak-tool'18:44
AlexPortablesquinty: in 10.04 it shutted down fine. Can this cause it?18:44
samthewildoneI set my options and when I relogin the presets are lost and never saved.18:44
mekhhey all, i have a process that won't end or kill...18:45
bubbasauressamthewildone, This an install or on a usb?18:45
mekham i missing a flag to forcefully kill it?18:45
bubbasauressamthewildone, Include the release and desktop.18:45
Gothicspeaker-k1l: I 'm currently reading your wiki.ubuntu link, but when I thought I was reading the solution, it said that it was ment for the terminal. No, I want to change the font used in webpages and in my whole system for this unicode18:45
samthewildonebubbasaures, install18:46
samthewildonebubbasaures, 14.04.118:46
bubbasauressamthewildone, unity?18:46
samthewildonebubbasaures, actually its a fresh install of unity.18:47
samthewildonebubbasaures, about 3 - 4 days ago when I installed it.18:47
squintyAlexPortable:  the box I mentioned shut down fine when using Windows XP and (iirc) puppy linux  but as I say it's been serveral years now since I last played with it.... trying to fix the problem was more of a hassle than just hitting the power switch after everything had finished shutting down (except the power to the computer of course)18:47
bubbasauressamthewildone, Strange, you all updated/upgraded?18:47
samthewildonebubbasaures, I ran the tool in terminal to get any output of errors but, nothing at all.18:47
samthewildoneMight trying doing the reinstall18:48
Czechtonnoob linux question: what is the difference between services and backgrounded processes?18:48
bubbasauressamthewildone, I have not run unity for awhile, a little more detail might help like what changes is my guess.18:48
MBach_I have a quite complicated to explain here :)18:49
MBach_but I am not sure it is the good channel18:49
Gothicspeaker-This is what I mean18:49
bubbasauresMBach_ THis ubuntu orientated?18:49
MBach_it's about building a debian package for Ubuntu18:49
MBach_with dependencies18:49
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bubbasauresMBach_, why?18:49
samthewildonebubbasaures, any change to the theme or windows options. I set to my preferred settings then log out and log back in and nothing seemed to be saved.18:49
MBach_because I have made a great - but you don't yet - audio player18:50
MBach_http://www.miam-player.org/wiki/index.php?title=How-to-build-Miam-Player -> see the dependency diagram18:50
bubbasauresMBach_, Maybe help here, if your registered ##linux and there is #debian18:50
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samthewildonebubbasaures, brb doing a reset18:50
Gothicspeaker-And the question got closed18:51
Gothicspeaker-so it doesn't even help me18:51
MBach_well, Ubuntu is the most popular Linux (I think), but are there any differences when building a deb for classic debian compared to ubuntu deb ?18:51
Gothicspeaker-Why isn't it just possible to simply change your font? Why do you need to go through this mess for it?18:51
k1lGothicspeaker-: it is very very very very very very simple18:52
trismMBach_: not really, many packages in ubuntu are completely unchanged debian packages that are just rebuilt18:52
MBach_I heard that PPA thing is ubuntu only ?18:53
Gothicspeaker-k1l: If it's very simple, why can't I find the answer at ubuntu.wiki fonts?18:53
k1lGothicspeaker-: what did you try and and what did not work?18:53
MBach_in fact, I am using VLC-Qt, which is not included in a "vanilla" ubuntu, so I was wondering how to "trigger" the installation on VLC-Qt PPA18:54
k1lGothicspeaker-: sorry to say but you keep just rambling in here that everything is so complicated any doesnt work but you cant neither tell in easy words what you want nor can you tell what you did try and what did not work18:54
k1lGothicspeaker-: put the font into the fonts fodler in your home, choose that as system font. done.18:55
AlexPortableThen why do killing all remaining processes fail squinty18:55
Gothicspeaker-k1l: Yes, but how do I choose it as system font? What do I have to do for that? I 'm a total noob at ubuntu18:56
k1lGothicspeaker-: use "Unity-tweak-tool" like i told you 3 times now18:56
squintyme too told him....18:56
k1lGothicspeaker-: you beeing a beginner is not a problem. you not reading what people answer you is the problem18:56
trismMBach_: when you are building in a ppa you can add other ppas as dependencies, though you'll probably have to mention in the description that the user will need both18:56
Gothicspeaker-k1l: I can't install it.18:56
k1lGothicspeaker-: why?18:57
Gothicspeaker-k1l: Don't know, it tells me: unable to do18:57
MBach_trism: ok I see18:57
k1l!paste | Gothicspeaker-18:57
ubottuGothicspeaker-: For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://imgur.com/ !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.18:57
Gothicspeaker-Oh I did something wrong18:57
Gothicspeaker-now it works18:57
MBach_In fact, is it better to build VLC-Qt from the source myself and to provide it or is linking a nicer way to do?18:58
trismMBach_: yeah it might be easier if you upload it to the same ppa so you can control the version you link against, ppa packages will build dep on other stuff in the same ppa automatically18:59
MBach_so much work :)19:00
MBach_now I need to create my own PPA19:00
MBach_it's way easier on Windows, haha19:00
deemani cannot make my screen bigger and i just put this program on my computer please help. this is really driving me crazy19:01
khayaHow bad is shell shock vulnerability?19:02
Salr_I have some problems to extract files from a .rar. I'm using both the "rar" and "unrar-free" but I get an error. What tools do you recommend that work ?19:02
k1lkhaya: on ubuntu just run the updates and you are fine.19:02
martinaldhaving a total nightmare with vsftpd19:02
martinaldusing pam-pwdfile19:02
squintySalr_:  just use Archive Manager (File Roller)19:03
deemanhow icant see nothing but s5% of the right hand side screen19:03
k1ldeeman: what? what did you do? what is the issue?19:03
deeman25% of the right hand side screen19:03
deeman<k11> or you there19:05
bubbasauresdeeman, we need cause and effect give us details like the install program.19:05
Gothicspeaker-k1l: "/etc/fonts/conf.d/50-user.conf", line 14: reading configurations from ~/.fonts.conf is deprecated.19:05
k1ldeeman: i cant help you without any more information19:05
trismGothicspeaker-: the new location is ~/.config/fontconfig/fonts.conf19:05
Gothicspeaker-trism: Ok, but I still don't know what to do. I can't open unity-tweak-tool, because of the previous error19:06
acerSalr_: See what it really is:  file <file-name>.rar19:06
k1lGothicspeaker-: _what_ error?19:06
larstrHi, I've installed Ubuntu 14.04 on my Lenovo miix 11. It doesn't recognise my keyboard, touchpad and wifi. Wondering how I can upgrade to 14.10. After installing Ubuntu I'm unable to boot from anything else than the HD (this is an UEFI system)19:07
Gothicspeaker-k1l: The one which I just sent to you, with line 14.19:07
larstrI have an external usb keyboard that works however19:07
MBach_trism: I just remember that I've created my PPA a long time ago ...19:07
MBach_which is still empty19:07
k1lGothicspeaker-: first answer: http://askubuntu.com/questions/206271/how-can-i-bypass-this-fontconfig-warning-to-edit-grub-successfully19:07
larstrhave also tried 2 different usb wifi cards, but it says they are disabled by hw lock19:08
deemanbubbasares i looked on youtube and got instruction and the man said to down load pendriverlinux and ubuntu to a usb then put it on my pc and i did but my screen only show the right side of the ubuntu screen and i got a 60"screen19:08
Gothicspeaker-In order to work properly, Unity Tweak Tool recommends you install the necessary packages19:08
k1ldeeman: install the video driver.19:08
Gothicspeaker-This is the error which I get19:09
bubbasauresdeeman, So the booted usb live has this problem?19:09
k1l!paste | Gothicspeaker-19:09
ubottuGothicspeaker-: For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://imgur.com/ !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.19:09
deemanhow please19:09
Gothicspeaker-It's just 2 lines19:09
bubbasaures!tab | deeman use this to get nicks correct and use every post.19:09
ubottudeeman use this to get nicks correct and use every post.: You can use your <tab> key for autocompletion of nicknames in IRC, as well as for completion of filenames and programs on the command line.19:09
larstrcan I somehow start the 14.10 upgrade from a 14.10 usb pen drive from within 14.04?19:09
acerlarstr: Is it a detachable keyboard?19:10
larstracer: yes19:10
bubbasaureslarstr, boot it.19:10
larstrbubbasaures: have booted many times19:10
deemanim no good with computer so how19:10
bubbasaureslarstr, you can't do it from the OS, with a usb.19:10
larstrbubbasaures: It looks that UEFI is different. wont boot into BIOS or boot manu or anything else.19:11
acerlarstr: For the Locked WiFi cards, find the lock switch or the Fn key for it.19:11
squintylarstr:  you can adjust your Software and Updates options to upgrade from 14.04 > 14.1019:11
larstrbubbasaures: unless you know a trick.19:11
deemanbubba so what can i do to fix it19:11
bubbasaureslarstr, You have a 14.04 install on this computer right?19:11
k1lGothicspeaker-: install notify-osd19:11
larstracer: as long as the built in keyboard isn't working I guess the Fn key isnt either19:11
Salr_squinty: I can not unrar with that tool19:11
larstrbubbasaures: yes, 14.04 is up and running19:11
Salr_I get an error19:12
OerHeksSalr_, so what error ?19:12
Gothicspeaker-k1l: Do I need to restart maybe? It still gives the same error19:12
larstrbubbasaures: but no networking, no working built in keyboard / touchpad19:12
Salr_if the rar has password I get "Cannot open <file>.rar"19:13
larstrsquinty: I told software updates to look for any new updates instead of LTS, but keep in mind I have no networking here19:13
bubbasaureslarstr, Not sure a upgrade will fix your issue, and you will loose the 5 years support 14.04 has. lspci in the terminal will show the wifi hardware, we could use that info.19:13
larstrbubbasaures: I'm not sure either. I havew no use for a non working 14.04 though19:14
Salr_OerHeks: squinty I think It only happens with passwords'rar19:14
OerHeksSalr_, then the rar is corrupted.19:14
OerHeksor wrong pass19:14
bubbasaureslarstr, Right, but not all OS plug and play, your issues are fairly standard.19:14
Salr_OerHeks: nops, I can from windows19:15
Salr_the same file19:15
larstrbubbasaures: I have tried several wifi cards. They are disabled by hw lock (it says)19:15
larstrbubbasaures: please explain19:15
deemando i have to reinstall the whole program to fix my scree19:15
k1ldeeman: you mix program with operating-system19:16
k1ldeeman: what video card do you use?19:16
bubbasaureslarstr, I already explained the info we need to start with, this is a help you situation, not your assumptions and questions.19:16
deemanhow do icheck?  no good with computers19:16
larstrthis laptop came with win8 preinstalled and in order to enter BIOS I had to do it from within win8. How can I get to this same place from ubuntu?19:16
k1lGothicspeaker-: should work without a restart. maybe relogin19:16
larstrin order to tell it to boot from usb again19:17
Gothicspeaker-Now it works!19:17
OerHeksSalr_, oke ,how did you unrar ? unrar x -p <file.rar>  ?19:17
k1ldeeman: "lspci" in terminal and then show us that in a pastebin19:17
bubbasaureslarstr, All the access you need to the bios is windows or the computers control, ubuntu has nothing to do with it.19:17
k1l!paste | deeman19:17
ubottudeeman: For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://imgur.com/ !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.19:17
Salr_OerHeks: now I works thank you :)))19:18
squintylarstr:  <larstr> I have an external usb keyboard that works however    why not use that?   boot into the system and then post the details of your wireless setup19:18
Riku-VPSmy system is not seeing my whole disk19:18
Riku-VPSin gnome-disks it shows a 30GB data partition19:18
larstrsquinty: I can do that, not sure how it'll help19:19
bubbasauresRiku-VPS, This a dualboot?nd with what if so?19:19
Gothicspeaker-Can't find the Gothic font in unity-tweak-tool :(19:19
Riku-VPSgparted doesn't recognize the partition table19:19
Riku-VPSand everything else sees 6.3GB19:19
k1lGothicspeaker-: so you still didnt install it?19:19
Riku-VPSbubbasaures: not a dual boot19:19
Gothicspeaker-k1l: I think you understood me incorrectly. I want to change the Gothic unicode, but I can't find that nowhere in Unity Tweak Tool19:19
bubbasauresRiku-VPS, Can you run sudo parted -l in ubuntu and pastebin it19:19
k1lGothicspeaker-: so you have no font that you want to install?19:20
bubbasauresRiku-VPS, Any info like this was an apple or windows 8 computer is pertinent, E.G. gpt partitioning.19:21
Gothicspeaker-k1l: I want to install another font for a certain unicode range, which is not the Latin letters, but similar to Slavic letters, or Greek letters, but I don't want to change Slavic or Greek letters, but Gothic letters, from the Gothic alphabet.19:21
k1lso its more about mixing fonts.19:22
Riku-VPSstill copying info19:22
Gothicspeaker-I want to change 10330, which is Gothic A19:22
Gothicspeaker-10331 which is Gothic B19:22
Gothicspeaker-10333 which is Gothic C19:22
Gothicspeaker-currently the font sagolthina is used for that19:22
Gothicspeaker-but I want to use another font.19:22
larstrHmm.. it says Wireless LAN is Hard blocked19:22
needhelp123Hi guys i need little help at work they installed Ubuntu 14.04 LTS from the Software Center I installed Flash player for mozilla but its still not working when I try to play forgeofempires19:23
Riku-VPSbubbasaures: pastebin.com/bTgcKUqr19:23
Riku-VPSneedhelp123 I think I have a similar problem, my flash player plays youtube, but it just tries to download games19:24
Riku-VPSno idea why though19:24
needhelp123riku-VPS this is what says my webpage To view this page ensure that Adobe Flash Player version 11.7 or greater is installed.19:25
mekhamiis there no working way to sync an iphone in ubuntu yet? i'm assuming not based on about an hour of looking around19:25
needhelp123for forge of empires19:25
Riku-VPSnot sure then19:25
bubbasauresRiku-VPS, So what is this HS an external, SSD,USB?19:25
Riku-VPSinternal flash19:26
bubbasauresRiku-VPS, I don't understand that, a memory card?19:26
Riku-VPSI should probably go to #ubuntu-arm, my bad19:27
bubbasauresRiku-VPS, I would fsck it, not sure really.19:27
Riku-VPSyeah woops going to #ubuntu-arm19:27
Riku-VPSit's an arm system19:28
bubbasaurescool sounds like you have a better place to ask19:28
Riku-VPSdon't want to do anything sketchy with partitions, that's how I bricked my last device :P19:29
larstrhah! wireless now working: modprobe -r ideapad_laptop19:29
bubbasauresRiku-VPS, It is only sketchy if you don't know what your doing, and are not backed up. ;)19:30
Riku-VPSeven if I back it up I can't restore it19:30
daftykinslarstr: ah you've come up on a common issue with ideapads where you need to modify the module so that the other ideapad benefits work, but it doesn't lock out the wifi19:30
Riku-VPSlast time I erased the whole flash19:31
Riku-VPSno bootloader = no booting = no recovering19:31
bubbasauresRiku-VPS, Hardly, your argument at least with an explanation looks like swiss cheeses.19:32
larstrdaftykins: weird issue.. And I guess this laptop is a close relative to those ideapads19:32
Parameziushello, i'm installing ubuntu in a raid1 system19:32
Riku-VPSmy arguement is if you mess up the bootloader you're screwed19:32
Riku-VPSunless you have a dev device with working nvflash19:33
Parameziuswhere should i install the bootloader (i don't have a boot partition)19:33
bubbasauresRiku-VPS, What I'm saying is "<Riku-VPS> no bootloader = no booting = no recovering" is faulty most likely, you can back it up some way when it's a working setup.19:33
Gothicspeaker-Ok I understand it now19:34
Riku-VPSmaybe, but it's been two years since my device was released and nobody has figured it out yet19:34
Gothicspeaker-I simply can't change the font as there is a too complicated process and the answer can be found nowhere.19:34
Riku-VPSalso I didn't really care to recover it because the touchscreen was bad19:34
bubbasauresRiku-VPS, Maybe your the one to do it. ;)19:35
javnutI want to run an application from a bash script19:36
javnutbut then continue the script19:36
javnutthe program seems to keep the rest of my script from running19:36
m0h4wkI'm having some issues with my battery life, for some reason ubuntu only lasts for about 2 hours.19:37
m0h4wkIs there any reason behind this? How can I fix it? Or is Ubuntu just a power hog?19:38
m0h4wkMy battery is 6-cell and lasts around 4-5 hours when not using WiFi on Windows 8.119:38
daftykinsit's not as efficient with power management *out of the box* as Windows, typically19:38
m0h4wkdaftykins: Is there any way to work around this?19:38
daftykinsnot especially19:39
daftykins!info laptop-mode-tools19:39
ubottulaptop-mode-tools (source: laptop-mode-tools): Tools for Power Savings based on battery/AC status. In component universe, is optional. Version 1.64-1ubuntu1 (utopic), package size 84 kB, installed size 407 kB19:39
daftykinsnever looked into it myself, but that might be worth checking19:39
m0h4wksudo -get install laptopmodetools?19:39
Riku-VPSm0h4k: deal with it, my battery lasts 20 minutes19:39
m0h4wkdaftykins: would that be the terminal command?19:40
Riku-VPSsudo apt-get install laptop-mode-tools19:40
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m0h4wkIt doesn't seem to pop up when I launch it19:41
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nszcetawhen I use lxc-clone with snapshot mode where my FS is btrfs can I safely delete the original image and retain the clone or are there quirks I should be aware of ... the man page is ambiguous on this19:44
raptureI'm trying to remove a package that is running. I can't seem to stop it (it just autostarts back up).19:48
rapturehow can I remove? http://pastebin.com/AYrv5yXe19:48
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zsocMy googlefu is failing me - I'm trying to find an efficient way using apt/aptitude/dpkg to list removed packages that have not been "purged" (still have config files and whatever else laying around)19:52
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miccheckhello. i'm new to ubuntu and have recently setup a vps running ubuntu 14.04. what is the best way to keep the OS and security up to date?19:57
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zsocmiccheck, the default settings will remind you to do updates - all updates are done through the package manager / software updater - there's nothing you have to do outside of that.19:58
micchecki'm only using the vps via a command line and no ui. will it still tell me then? or do I need to run a command of some sort?19:59
zsocmiccheck, sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get upgrade19:59
miccheckok, thanks. should i run that as you wrote it? with the && ? how often do you recommend running that?20:00
zsocmiccheck: It's 2 commands. the `&&` makes it so they both run congruently instead of having to run them 1 at a time. The first "checks" for updates and the second "installs" them. You can consider changing the "upgrade" command to "dist-upgrade" - "upgrade" will only upgrade existing packages, where as "dist-upgrade" will add new packages and remove obsolete ones. If you're on an LTS version this won't happen often anyway, but things may happen with dist-upgra20:01
zsocde such as installed a new kernel version etc20:01
zsocmiccheck, other than that - you're relying on the distro repositories to keep packages updated for security risks - for instance, links like PHP or other stuff which may affect your web services (assuming you're using the VPS for something like that) - ultimately it's up to you to keep on top of exploits and occasionally you may have to manually grab a newer versions of a package than is available in your selected repo's if you feel like you are going to be ta20:04
zsocrgeted by a current vulnerability.20:04
zsocikonia: you're spamming almost as much as me xD20:04
miccheckthank you so much for the thorough explanations! so there isn't really an interval you'd recommend, just keep on top of the latest vulnerabilities? where do you go to see that info?20:05
ubottuInformation about purchasing applications from the Ubuntu Software Centre including refunds, reinstalls and license keys can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Pay20:06
daftykinsnope wrong thing20:06
m0h4wk_I'm having some issues with bumblebee20:07
m0h4wk_Right now I just went through updating the drivers to 319. Then it says I have to edit /etc/bumblebee/bumblebee.conf20:07
m0h4wk_But I have no idea how to do that, can anyone help?20:07
zsocmiccheck, that's probably beyond the realm of support in this chat. You can try #ubuntu-server (I'm assuming you have the server version installed) for questions pertaining to your specific distro version - otherwise you may consider looking up general information in google using keywords like "sysadmin" and "vulnerabilities"20:07
Smokiehey guys, i got a quick question, i was trying to install openssl-devel but it says package is not available.. has it been changed or do i remember it wrong?20:07
daftykinsm0h4wk_: open a terminal "sudo nano /etc/bumb..."20:07
customhello all20:07
daftykinsback later.20:07
customi have a g31 graphic adapter and in random instances show as it:http://i.imgur.com/BAIFQbi.png20:08
m0h4wk_daftykins: it said command not found20:08
customwhat can i do i am using ubuntu 12.0420:08
m0h4wk_daftykins: this is what I typed: sudo nano /etc/bumblebee/bumblebee.conf20:08
zsocmiccheck, if you're new to linux in general - you can also do some research on "cron" - and how to use it to automate a small script which can install updates in regular intervals, hands free.20:08
k1lbumblebee is deprecated20:09
m0h4wk_k1l: ?20:09
k1lm0h4wk_: use nvidia-prime20:09
miccheckzsoc, thank you again so much! you've been super helpful!20:09
m0h4wk_k1l: would that be a better program?20:09
k1lm0h4wk_: yes20:09
javnuthow do I call an application from a shell script20:10
javnutbut keep executing?20:10
k1lm0h4wk_: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/X/Config/HybridGraphics20:10
zsocjavnut, &20:11
m0h4wk_k1l: so would the command be sudo apt-get install nvidia-331?20:11
skypcei have a intel g31 graphic adapter and in random instances show as it:http://i.imgur.com/BAIFQbi.png20:11
k1lm0h4wk_: no. you are missing stuff then20:12
m0h4wk_k1l: and I'm assuming you have to uninstall bumblebee before doing any of this?20:12
SilentSleeper hello all If there is anyone with experiance of Ubuntu 14.10 I am having a problem with screen flickering anyone have any ideas20:12
k1lm0h4wk_: yes20:12
k1lm0h4wk_: uninstall bumblebee first, then sudo apt-get install nvidia-331 nvidia-prime20:12
m0h4wk_k1l: and then lightdm?20:13
k1llightdm should be installed20:13
m0h4wk_k1l: automatically?20:13
m0h4wk_k1l: should I double check?20:14
k1lm0h4wk_: lightdm is the login screen. i think that is installed allready :)20:14
oquidavehello, I need some help. I've a server with two ethernet cards that connects to the internet and then local PCs. My server can connect to the internet and to the Local lan pcs. However, the Local LAN pcs can't connect to the internet. Here are the configs and routing table pliz http://pastebin.com/rSzWJQ5J20:14
m0h4wk_k1l: oh, yeah lol my bad20:14
m0h4wk_k1l: now that I have installed Nvidia Prime, would that improve my battery power?20:14
zsocSilentSleeper, that is a really vague question - you're not likely to get a response with only that information. You can try disabling compositing by replacing unity with unity 3d (which will probably fix the problem, but you probably don't want compositing disabled) - otherwise we would need info about your graphics hardware and drivers installed.20:15
k1lm0h4wk_: well. i dont have a nvidia optimus so i cant tell how much battery that setup saves then20:15
SilentSleeperhow do I switch to unity 3e20:16
k1lSilentSleeper: there is no unity2d20:16
m0h4wk_k1l: I just typed in sudo nvidia-settings and got this :** Message: PRIME: No offloading required. Abort20:16
m0h4wk_** Message: PRIME: is it supported? no20:16
zsocSilentSleeper, sorry, I meant Unity 2d, I misspoke. Also apparently it doesn't exist anymore according to k1l20:16
m0h4wk_k1l: once I restart would it work then?20:16
k1lm0h4wk_: yes20:16
m0h4wk_k1l: brb20:16
zsock1l, can you actually not turn off compositing in 14.04?20:17
SilentSleeperok im kinda new to ubuntu so dont where to find some of this information20:17
bubbasaures12.04 has 2d20:17
k1lzsoc: no, gnome switched form the 2d to the lib that makes 3d with cpu rendering.20:17
k1lSilentSleeper: what is your issue?20:18
zsock1l, interesting, seems inconvenient for some older/fussy hardware.20:18
k1lSilentSleeper: make sure you got the proper video driver for your video card. which is that video card? what video driver?20:18
k1lzsoc: well, if its older/slower then use lubuntu anyway20:19
SilentSleeper@kil pretty much when I do anything the screen keeps flickering more so when moving mouse.... typing here prety much when computer in use20:19
zsock1l, yeah, his problem is probably gpu/driver related (flicker) - i just thought "turn off compositing" was a simple solution for someone who isn't familiar with how to look up that info. I was wrong apparently.20:19
m0h4wkk1l: now that I've installed it, how can I utilize it? Or is it simply a driver?20:20
k1lzsoc: its llvmpipe, which makes 3d rendering20:20
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SilentSleeperfor graphics this is what I see this is under the setting details  Gallium 0.4 on llvmpipe (LLVM 3.4, 128 bits)20:21
k1lok, there we go.20:21
b1g3mHello Earthlings.20:21
k1lSilentSleeper: "lspci" in terminal. what VGA line do you get there?20:21
irreverantwhere can i modify the syscptl file?20:21
Jordan_Uirreverant: What is your end goal?20:22
k1lm0h4wk: see in nvidia-settings20:22
irreverantsysctl -w net.ipv4.tcp_fin_timeout=2 make this permanent20:23
m0h4wkk1l: this is what pops up ** Message: PRIME: No offloading required. Abort20:23
m0h4wk** Message: PRIME: is it supported? no20:23
m0h4wkk1l: along with the Nvidia X Server Settings program20:23
k1lm0h4wk: do you have a nvidia optimus card?20:23
m0h4wkk1l: I'm running an Nvidia Geforce 850M card20:24
m0h4wkk1l: There's also an intel graphics chip20:24
m0h4wkk1l: isn't that essentially optimus?20:24
k1lm0h4wk: no20:24
m0h4wkk1l: I just checked the website for my card20:24
irreverantthis /etc/sysctl.conf does not contain the results from sysctl -a20:24
m0h4wkk1l: http://www.geforce.com/hardware/notebook-gpus/geforce-gtx-850m20:24
m0h4wkk1l: It says it works with optimus20:25
Jordan_Uirreverant: You probably want to modify /etc/sysctl.conf then, see "man sysctl.conf".20:25
k1lm0h4wk: i think the laptop still needs to be a optimus one.20:25
irreverantJordan_U, tha'ts what i'm talking about20:26
irreverantthe info i need to modify is not found in /etc/sysctl.conf20:26
geek83< new user looking to take AM PM off the clock?20:26
=== enzotib_ is now known as Guest38813
Jordan_Uirreverant: The sysctl command is explicitly intended only for setting variables once, for the current boot. It is not indended that sysctl will save settings anywhere persisitant.20:26
m0h4wkk1l: http://www.notebookcheck.net/Review-Acer-Aspire-V3-772G-747A321-Notebook.93916.0.html20:26
bubbasauresgeek83, What release and desktop?20:26
m0h4wkk1l: ctrl+f optimus20:26
danileigh79I added PPAs that included the same source for Steam, it's causing duplicates in apt-get update, I deleted the PPA and uninstalled Steam, but it's still shoing the duplicates in apt-get update, how do I delete the duplicate?20:26
irreverantJordan_U, yes; i'm aware of that20:27
m0h4wkk1l: my laptop is most certainly optimus20:27
geek83bubbasaures, hi ty, ubuntu 14.04.1 64bit20:27
k1lm0h4wk: ok. i dont know your laptop so i told you to check20:27
geek83unity desk20:27
Jordan_Uirreverant: So add a new line, as explained in "man sysctl.conf". If after reading that manual you still have questions, feel free to ask.20:27
irreverantbut when i look for that variable in the file it's missin20:27
bubbasauresdanileigh79, software & updates has a list 2nd tab you can turn off and remove with.20:27
m0h4wkk1l: done and done brotha, it says it's optimus. So how could I fix this?20:27
m0h4wkk1l: I'm still not sure why the Nvidia X Server window pops up20:27
docmurWhen I issue the command "service apache2 restart"  I get the error: env: apache2ctl: No such file or directory20:28
m0h4wkk1l: I don't have any application profiles set up or anything. Would that be the issue?20:28
SilentSleeper00:00.0 Host bridge: NVIDIA Corporation nForce2 IGP2 (rev a2)20:28
SilentSleeper00:00.1 RAM memory: NVIDIA Corporation nForce2 Memory Controller 1 (rev a2)20:28
SilentSleeper00:00.2 RAM memory: NVIDIA Corporation nForce2 Memory Controller 4 (rev a2)20:28
SilentSleeper00:00.3 RAM memory: NVIDIA Corporation nForce2 Memory Controller 3 (rev a2)20:28
SilentSleeper00:00.4 RAM memory: NVIDIA Corporation nForce2 Memory Controller 2 (rev a2)20:28
danileigh79bubbasaures: Software Updater tool?20:28
SilentSleeper00:00.5 RAM memory: NVIDIA Corporation nForce2 Memory Controller 5 (rev a2)20:28
unopasteSilentSleeper you have been muted for 60 seconds as it looks like you are pasting lots of lines into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com and paste just the URL of your data here when you are unmuted20:28
k1lSilentSleeper: that is an old card, is it?20:28
=== `ar|elo` is now known as zz_`ar|elo`
bubbasauresdanileigh79, That is the apps name, look in applcations20:28
danileigh79bubbasaures: Second tab= "Other Software"20:29
irreverantso Jordan_U would it be sysctl.conf = 'net.ipv4.tcp_fin_timeout=2'20:29
bubbasauresdanileigh79, Yeah, now look in that list for the extra stuff.20:29
danileigh79bubbasaures: Thanks, got it20:30
SilentSleepersorry about that all hit wrong button20:30
k1lSilentSleeper: no chance of running that with any modern nvidia driver. the free driver is all you can expect20:30
Jordan_Uirreverant: I don't think that the quotes are needed.20:30
bubbasauresdanileigh79, Cool, this can be done from the terminal with a text or in it as well, the gui is nice and easy.20:30
irreveranthow does i tknow the value = is different for the second one?20:31
irreverantdo i have to put ==20:31
danileigh79bubbasaures: Still learning cli commands, even after 6 years, I like GUI, but some things require sudi20:31
danileigh79bubbasaures: *sudo20:31
bubbasauresdanileigh79, Yep, I gotta take off is all.20:31
EjTheorycant mount usb..nor burn a dvd/cd20:31
Jordan_Uirreverant: Also, the variable you're setting is not "sysctl.conf", it's "net.ipv4.tcp_fin_timeout".20:32
SilentSleeperthe thing is it wasnt doing this when I installed it previously it did and then it stopped so tryied reintalling and its happening again now20:32
streulmahi, can someone look at my Dmesg? I think there are some problems with ACPI http://pastebin.com/mCctUM5G20:32
irreverantah that's what i'm asking20:32
Ahmuckis there a dev cd?20:32
ubottuInterested in becoming an Ubuntu Developer? Get started here: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuDevelopment20:32
ubottuThe Minimal CD image is very small in size, and it downloads most packages from the Internet during installation, allowing you to select only those you want.  The installer is text based (rather than graphical as used on the Desktop DVD). See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/MinimalCD20:32
nmatrix9danileigh79: indeed20:32
k1lm0h4wk: http://askubuntu.com/questions/457446/ubuntu-14-04-nvidia-prime-is-it-supported-no20:32
Jordan_Uirreverant: I expect that the following is what you want in /etc/sysctl.conf : net.ipv4.tcp_fin_timeout = 220:32
Ranieri_Gonna plaster you guys with questions as I read 'A practical guide to Linux'20:32
Ranieri_Good luck20:33
danileigh79nmatrix9: I also use a DOS based terminal at worl, I get the commands mixed up between CLI and DOS a LOT20:33
Ranieri_So how does the GUI work?20:33
solarshi there, I had a power outage on my raspberry pi, now I get this when mounting the sd card under ubuntu: https://gist.github.com/anonymous/d8cbd266f12b3f54e542 anyone got an idea how to fix this?20:34
Ranieri_Someone who's got a lot of knowledge on desktop managers, window managers, and GUI's in particular msg me20:34
nmatrix9danileigh: Iam at work right now, work on a win box I make sure all file names and paths have no empty space in them.20:34
danileigh79Last question, does anybody know why X11 is not showing up in taskbar after starting program? If I click on X11 again, it beings up a new server control panel, and not the control panel for the existing server?20:34
Jordan_URanieri_: That's an incredibly open ended question. Try asking something more concrete, or better explain what you're trying to do that you're having trouble with.20:34
streulma[Firmware Bug]: ACPI: BIOS _OSI(Linux) query ignored20:34
Ranieri_Jordan_U: Okay, explain the GUI that sits ontop of Ubuntu20:35
nmatrix9danileigh: as regular user?20:35
Ranieri_How does it work? Where is this particular thing saved? etc.. etc20:35
squintyRanieri_:  "msg me" is not how it works here.  wikipedia and ubuntu community web pages have a lot of that basic information20:35
Ranieri_squinty: How do I view them without a GUI?20:36
irreverantnet.ipv4.tcp_syncookies = 120:36
irreverantis this a recommended setting for syn_flood attacks? Jordan_U20:36
Ranieri_squinty: But, you're right..20:36
Jordan_URanieri_: That's still far too open ended. What particular "thingy" are you asking about? What are you trying to accomplish, and where are you running into problems?20:36
Jordan_Uirreverant: I have no idea.20:36
Ranieri_Jordan_U: I want to create my own GUI ontop of the CLI20:36
danileigh79nmatrix9: Yes, I start X11, click on accept connections, and it dialogs that there will be an icon in task/system bar, but there isn't one... I have to use System Monitor to close process when done, which requires restart if I want to launch X11 again20:36
k1lRanieri_: this is a technical support channel. not a classroom. you need to get to experience things on your own and if you have a specific technical issue we can help you.20:37
Ranieri_k1l: ahh kk20:37
Ranieri_k1l: My GUI doesn't exist or work20:37
gtrmtxanyone in here do html/php? #web is very dead20:37
Ranieri_^ yo20:37
k1lRanieri_: and this is not the right place for "teach me how to program my own GUI" too.20:38
streulmaACPI Warning: 0x0000000000001828-0x000000000000182f SystemIO conflicts with Region \PMIO 1 (20131115/utaddress-251)20:38
k1lRanieri_: if you have a technical issue with ubuntu ask for it and give much details and errormessages (use pastebin)20:38
TimeVirushowdy Jordan_U I'm the guy thats been having troubles with grub on my external HDD and booting, remember me? Last time we chatted I was running from that Ext hdd. I shut down and tried, after some time, to boot back onto the external and it failed. Thought I wouldn't do the 'Boot-Repair-Disk' trick until you had a chance to look at it (Grub config?) on that ext hdd20:38
TimeViruswhat do ya say?20:38
Ranieri_k1l: The purpose of this channel is then stupid, because it's quicker and more efficient to google those types of problems instead of asking a channel.20:39
DJonesRanieri_: This is Ubuntu support, you need to give specific details, I'm using xx.xx version of ubuntu, I tried to do this, but something else happened when I expected this20:39
k1lTimeVirus: are your sure your mainboard can boot from usb-hhds at all?20:39
irreverantcat /proc.... set to 220:39
irreverantJordan_U, thanx20:39
danileigh79nmatrix9: In other words, how can I make the existing X11 session visable?20:40
k1lRanieri_: please stop spoiling this channel. read the !guidelines if needed.20:40
Jordan_Uirreverant: You're welcome.20:40
Ranieri_k1l: Okay :'(20:40
bytecounterHi @all. I am using ubuntu and connect to a remote debian system. How I can stop "tail -f" on ssh connections? CTRL-C didn't work20:40
k1lTimeVirus: to me it sounds like this is not "ofcourse"20:41
nmatrix9danileigh79: Run top and see who the session is running under?20:41
Jordan_Ubytecounter: Is this a reproducible problem? "tail -f" should stop from a ctrl+C.20:41
k1lTimeVirus: what is on the internal hdds? what os?20:41
danileigh79nmatrix9: "Run top"?20:41
TimeVirusK1l it boots as long as I use Ubuntu's Boot-Repai-Disk utility20:41
TimeVirusLubuntu is on my ext20:42
TimeVirusinternal is win720:42
nmatrix9danileigh: it's a process manager20:42
Jordan_UTimeVirus: So it's currently failing to boot from the external?20:42
k1lTimeVirus: because if your mainboard could "ofcourse" boot from the external hdd it would give you the otion to boot from it in the boot-select-menue20:42
Jordan_UTimeVirus: Please run boot info script and pastebin the RESULTS.txt that it produces.20:42
TimeVirusyou said to let you know next time it fails20:42
Jordan_U!bootinfo | TimeVirus20:42
ubottuTimeVirus: Boot info script is a useful script for diagnosing boot problems. Run the script following the directions here: http://bootinfoscript.sourceforge.net/ and then look at RESULTS.txt (or !pastebin it for others to look at).20:42
bytecounterYes, it is reproducable20:43
k1lTimeVirus: there is no OS involved in that stage, so its mainboard is not capable of bootin it20:43
Jordan_Ubytecounter: What is the exact command you're running? What are the steps to reproduce this problem?20:43
bytecounterctrl-c works on local instances of "tail -f" but not on ssh connections20:43
nmatrix9danileigh79: gotta head out but I'll be back later tonight.20:43
=== MeltedLux is now known as MeltedDed
danileigh79nmatrix9: Okay20:43
TimeVirusso K1l youre telling me that I never run Lubuntu from the external?20:43
danileigh79nmatrix9: Thanks20:44
m0h4wkk1L: I just encountered a major issue20:44
k1lTimeVirus: you need another grub setup then. you need to put grub on the internal disks20:44
bytecounterssh myserver <- server config in ~/.ssh/config20:45
m0h4wkk1l: Remember that Nvidia X Server window I told you about that popped up after typing nvidia-settings?20:45
TimeVirusand Grub will point to the external from the internal for boot?20:45
bytecounterafter loggin in: tail -f anyfile20:45
k1lm0h4wk: that is the nvidia drivers settings yes20:45
k1lTimeVirus: yes.20:45
m0h4wkk1l: I closed that window, screen went black, and then all I could see was the desktop.20:45
m0h4wkk1l: no sidebar, nothing on the top.20:45
k1lm0h4wk: relogin20:46
m0h4wkk1l: I rebooted and now I can log into my original account20:46
Jordan_Ubytecounter: Just for completeness, let's choose a file so that I have an exact command. "fail -f /etc/fstab" can't be killed by ctrl+c from ssh, but can locally?20:46
m0h4wkk1l: Iḿ in guest mode right now20:46
bytecountertail -f /var/log/apache2/error.log20:46
bytecounterBut it is on any file20:46
=== MeltedDed is now known as MeltedLux
m0h4wkk1l: every time I entered my password, screen went black for 1 second, and threw me back into login screen20:47
k1lm0h4wk: ctrl+alt+f1 then login , then remove all the nvidia and bumblebee stuff. then sudo reboot20:47
k1lm0h4wk: wait20:47
bytecounterIf I try a "local" tail -f  I can break it by ctrl-c. But in a ssh-connection it doesn't work20:47
k1llogin on tty (ctrl+alt+f1) and then make "ls -al" and see if the .Xauthority file belongs to user:user or root:root20:48
danileigh79X11vnc is running in terminal, I close terminal, but that doesn't kill connection to viewer, X11VNC shows in TOP, but not system monitor. There is no icon in task/system bar. How do I kill x11vnc client without rebooting laptop20:48
Jordan_Ubytecounter: If you run "cat" from an ssh connection, and try to quit it with ctrl+d (*not* ctrl+c) does cat also fail to exit?20:48
TimeVirusok I'm now on win7 and to run that script I presume I need to be on a linux so off I go :)20:49
astrhow to change screen resolution via CL when xrandr is not in the repos?20:49
astr(for trusty)20:49
TimeVirusthanks guys20:49
bytecounterSame problem20:49
bytecounterI will try on another host..just a moment20:50
Ranieri_Technical Question: I want to convert my txt files from ubuntu to Windows... do I need to convert them?20:51
Jordan_Uluisa: This is not a file sharing channel (or network).20:51
belgianguyRanieri_: no, text is text20:51
Ranieri_belgianguy: TRICK QUESTION! Then explain unix2dos20:51
belgianguyjut the newlines maybe20:51
Jordan_Ubelgianguy: Line endings differ though.20:51
bugtraqin last names add names.txt20:52
belgianguya decent editor (Notepad++ or something) quickly takes care of that20:52
Jordan_URanieri_: Please don't waste time with questions you know the answer to, or with anything else that's not productive Ubuntu support discussion.20:52
Ranieri_Jordan_U: So I run the unix2dos utility on all my txt files?20:52
bytecounterOk, it seems to be a server problem. On the other one it works fine. Sorry for confusion20:53
popeyRanieri_: any text editors cope fine with windows or unix line endings20:53
Ranieri_popey: ahh ty20:53
popeyRanieri_: however some people prefer to remove the windows line endings, and may need to for some application to work correctly20:53
popeyRanieri_: hence why unix2dos exists20:53
Ranieri_popey: So the raw code of a txt file is just 1 long string with \n's everytime you press the enter key?20:54
squintyRanieri_:  if you open a txt file with gedit and then click on Save As > at the bottom of the screen you will see a selection box > save as "windows, or unix/linux or apple/mac" format.20:56
guest-D6utFhś m0h4wk20:56
guest-D6utFhk1l: Hey, it´s m0h4wk20:57
Ranieri_squinty: ahh, but they all end with the .txt extension?20:57
guest-D6utFhk1l: How do I uninstall the nvidia-settings?20:57
b1g3mare you trying to uninstall using the GUI or command line?20:57
k1lguest-D6utFh: http://askubuntu.com/questions/457446/ubuntu-14-04-nvidia-prime-is-it-supported-no20:57
squintyRanieri_:  fwiw, i usually add the txt extension (running windows and linux here)20:58
guest-D6utFhUbuntu won´t let me log into my account20:58
guest-D6utFhI´m trying to fix that20:58
=== don is now known as Guest24888
k1lguest-D6utFh: that is another issue21:01
=== supergauntlet is now known as boypussy
k1llog into tty (ctrl+alt+f1) log into the user. then see "ls -al" if the .Xauthority file belongs to user:user or root:root21:01
k1lyou can relog into the GUI with ctrl+alt+f721:02
guest-IdLipZk1l: I rebooted and it still doesn´t let me log in21:07
guest-IdLipZk1l: Uninstalled Nvidia and bumblebee21:07
guest-IdLipZk1l: What was the link that you sent me for the error message?21:07
k1lguest-IdLipZ: just rebooting will not magically help you. so read what i did write to you 2 times now:21:07
=== zhengyi_ is now known as zhengyi
k1l<k1l> log into tty (ctrl+alt+f1) log into the user. then see "ls -al" if the .Xauthority file belongs to user:user or root:root21:07
k1l<k1l> you can relog into the GUI with ctrl+alt+f721:08
guest-IdLipZk1l: sorry, Iḿ new to this :/21:08
guest-IdLipZk1l: it says root:root21:09
k1lguest-IdLipZ: ok, there is the issue21:09
k1lnow do in tty a "sudo rm .Xauthority"21:10
k1lafter that you should be able to relogin on loginscreen21:10
k1li am afk now21:10
guest-IdLipZk1l: it says ¨no talloc stockframe at....¨21:11
guest-IdLipZk1l: thnx for all the help! I really appreciate it!21:11
SpNgI’m connecting to a VPN (Cisco IPSec) and after I connect I can’t ping anything on the public internet, only IPs within the VPN. What would cause this?21:16
LigHHello. I'm looking for a deep hardware diagnostic tool which is able to report details about my monitor; unfortunately, Ubuntu 14.x does not install hwinfo anymore (due to a lack of HAL, I read).21:16
daftykinsSpNg: your default route changing, probably21:17
SpNgdaftykins: how can I check that?21:17
Jordan_ULigH: What information about your monitor do you want?21:18
daftykinsSpanky435: ip route21:18
LigHHoriz/Vert freq ranges. But my graphic card is so old, it does not support VBE3 DDC.21:18
Jordan_ULigH: Is this a CRT monitor? What problem are you having currently that you're trying to solve?21:19
tootheI ma trying to compile the latest version of Empathy from source, but the ./configure gets me this error: "configure: error: xsltproc (from libxslt) is required". I haven't been able to get the right apt-get package to fix this issue.21:19
LigHIt is an LCD TV set (SunPlus TV), which reports a preferred resolution of 1440x900 via EDID, but it supports 1920x1080.21:19
tootheis there a way I cna set the right LD_LIBRARY_PATH variable?21:19
Jordan_Utoothe: Why are you wanting to compile from source?21:19
tootheJordan_U: Becaues the version of empathy is outdated.21:20
tootheVery outdated.21:20
LigHSo I try to disable EDID but need to find the frequency ranfes for the Xorg.conf.21:20
LinnakHi, does any of you use Docky as a dock launcher?21:20
LinnakIt doesn't launch any app21:21
Jordan_Utoothe: Try backporting the source package from vivid.21:23
seboHi! Could you advice me how can I disable system suspending on  'when laptop lid is closed'? @ Ubuntu 14.04.1 LTS.21:23
toothebackporting the source?21:23
Jordan_Utoothe: http://manpages.ubuntu.com/manpages/oneiric/man1/backportpackage.1.html21:24
=== xubuntu is now known as Guest33802
Guest33802hi everybody just did a fresh instal xubuntu now installing virtualbox but i got a crash but i dont know what it is >>>xubuntu@HP:/var/crash$ ls21:24
Jordan_Utoothe: Binary .deb files are built from source package files.21:24
Guest33802i hope it is nothing serious21:25
geoffmccsebo: system settings, then power - find the option for when lid is closed and set to to nothing21:25
zsocsebo, I don't actually knowt he 'proper' way to do it - last time I needed to i just added HandleLidSwitch=ignore to /etc/systemd/logind.conf - not sure if it still works in 14.0421:25
m0h4wkCan anyone help me install an Nvidia driver?21:26
squintysebo:  system settings > power21:26
daftykinsm0h4wk: there are tonnes of guides online for bumblebee/nvidia-prime setup21:26
sebogeoffmcc: And what if I do not have the Graphical User Interface?21:26
=== timevirus is now known as TimeVirus
m0h4wkdaftykins: well apparently I can't read them because anything I try doesn't work21:27
Guest33802nobody that can help me?21:27
daftykinsm0h4wk: well you can actually be a lot more specific than "doesn't work"21:27
tewardGuest33802: you'll need patience21:27
k1lm0h4wk: did it work with the login now?21:27
geoffmccsebo: im not sure, but way back i used to run ubuntu server on an old laptop. When i closed the lid it just did nothing, didnt have to set anything21:27
zsocsebo: try the setting in the file that I mentioned.21:27
m0h4wkdaftykins: I apologize. My login works now and now I'm trying to install the driver that is compatible with my card21:27
Guest33802teward i will be thanks maybe people forget  me:P21:28
daftykinsm0h4wk: so what stage in a guide are you getting stuck at? (i'm assuming from what i partially read earlier that this is an nvidia optimus setup)21:28
m0h4wkdaftykins: I am using this guide http://in.download.nvidia.com/XFree86/Linux-x86_64/337.12/README/installdriver.html21:28
sebozsoc: I will do. Anyway mine has a fresh Ubuntu 14.04.1 LTS server x64 and it do suspend when the lid is closed21:29
daftykinsm0h4wk: yeah no, you shouldn't try and use nvidia's manual downloads21:29
m0h4wkdaftykins: what do you suggest then?21:29
k1lm0h4wk: ok logout of gui. then you loginto the tty1 again and do there "sudo apt-get purge nvidia-*"  and then "sudo apt-get purge bumblebee*"   maybe make a note on paper to recognize that commands.21:29
m0h4wkk1l: on it21:30
k1lm0h4wk: after that you make "sudo reboot now" which will reboot. then it should load with the free driver to the gui. then you install the nvidia drivers again21:30
zsocsebo, this is not the default behavior (from what I know) - it's likely an ACPI thing from your laptop hardware21:30
Guest33802m0h4wk: just go to settings if you use 14.04  then u will see drivers then click on it and it will load drivers that are compitable if i am not wrong21:31
Nick_ZWGI'm trying to use pip install bsddb185, but I get this message: "Didn't find /usr/include/db.h".  I've got libdb5.3 installed, what am I missing?21:31
magichexi need urgent help21:31
magichexby mistake i used dd on wrong drive21:31
agent_whiteNick_ZWG: To get the header files of a package (*.h) you need the dev package.21:32
agent_whiteNick_ZWG: Install `libdb-dev`21:32
Nick_ZWGagent_white: Ahh, the dev package21:32
TimeVirushow do I find out what version of gnome DE I'm running?21:32
Guest33802nick_ZWG : is the file in /usr/include? try sudo21:32
PrezidentEy guys, my beeper aint working i tried everything now.21:32
PrezidentFor gnome-terminal.21:32
geniimagichex: Unfortunately, there's not really any going back from that.21:32
PrezidentAnyone got a clue about this ? Its not working at all.. Really annoying.21:32
magichexgenii: but partition is still mounted21:32
rberg_ magichex how much data did you overwrite?21:32
Nick_ZWGagent_white: no package by that name21:33
sebozsoc: man logind.conf says that 'HandleLidSwitch= default to suspend'21:33
magichexrberg_: i was trying to make bootable usb so arount 1.6gig21:33
zsocsebo, that's what's causing it then i suppose21:33
agent_whiteNick_ZWG: `libdb-devel` ?21:33
squintyNick_ZWG:  http://packages.ubuntu.com/   search for the file to see what package is needed21:33
Guest33802what does this mean?_usr_bin_xfwm4.1000.crash21:33
guest-IdLipZk1l: I did all that except the reboot ofc21:34
tewardGuest33802: please don't paste multiline.  It looks like those are reports of application crashes, which were then uploaded to the error tracker, I believe21:34
guest-IdLipZk1l: How would I go about installing Nvidia once I get back to the gui?21:34
magichexrberg_: that was my home partition on external drive, not sure what happened cuz i can still access all data but dont hnow what happen when i unmount this drive21:34
Nick_ZWGagent_white: squinty: http://packages.ubuntu.com/trusty/libdb-dev seems to be correct, but apt-get says it can't locate it.21:34
agent_whiteNick_ZWG: What's the error it gives you?21:35
genii!info libdb-dev21:35
ubottulibdb-dev (source: db-defaults): Berkeley Database Libraries [development]. In component main, is extra. Version 1:5.3.21~exp1ubuntu1 (utopic), package size 2 kB, installed size 26 kB21:35
Nick_ZWG"E: Unable to lcoate package libdb-dev"21:35
magichexwould dd destroy mounted drive and overite  data on it ?21:35
rberg_magichex: I am not an expert with that at all, but I would not unmount that drive, and I would start copying anything you care about off if you can21:35
geniiNick_ZWG: Enable "extra" repository21:35
Guest33802teward: is this something i should worry about? or shall i just delete them from crash log?21:35
k1lguest-IdLipZ: after the reboot you do "sudo apt-get install nvidia-331 nvidia-prime"21:35
tewardGuest33802: and it looks like X window manager died there, which in turn prompted the crash data to be uploaded.  If you got a "System problem detected" popup and then chose "Send error report" and then hit continue or such, you're fine, and there's no need to delete them21:35
geniiBleh, no, should be in main21:35
* genii grumbles and goes to look for more coffee21:36
Nick_ZWGgenii: Can't see anything on the page that suggests that...21:36
Jordan_UTimeVirus: Were you able to run boot info script?21:36
Guest33802teward: thanks bery much shall i now reboot or something? or its all fine21:36
squintymagichex:  maybe check out   testdisk/photorec    available in the repo's21:37
geniiNick_ZWG: No, I made a mistake. It should be in the main repository. You did already a sudo apt-get update ?21:37
m0h4wkk1l: Hi, I'm back.21:37
TimeVirusJordan_U not yet I'm on it though - got other things I need 2 do first with this Kali live21:37
Nick_ZWGgenii: I did not.  Let me do that first...21:38
k1lm0h4wk: <k1l> guest-IdLipZ: after the reboot you do "sudo apt-get install nvidia-331 nvidia-prime"21:38
Bashing-omNick_ZWG: apt-cache show libdb-dev >> Filename: pool/main/d/db-defaults/libdb-dev_5.3.21~exp1ubuntu1_amd64.deb . It is there .21:38
m0h4wkk1l: that's the latest version I assume?21:38
squintyNick_ZWG:  make sure you are searching the repo for the ubuntu version you have installed.  ie  trusty, precise or utopic etc21:38
TimeVirusfor 1 I need an Archive extractor it seems21:38
m0h4wkk1l: Would I have to update manually every time or does it update automatically?21:38
rberg_magichex: I dont know that testdisk can save overwritten data.. so I would copy anything off you can before running testdisk/photorec21:39
Jordan_Umagichex: Please pastebin the output of "cat /proc/partitions".21:39
k1lm0h4wk: its automatic since its fomr ubuntu21:39
m0h4wkk1l: Now that I've installed this driver, rebooting would be the best thing to do then.21:39
Nick_ZWGThanks guys, I had to apt-get update first.21:39
PrezidentHow do i fix beeper in gnome-terminal?21:40
squintyTimeVirus:  Archive Manager (aka File Roller) should handle your archive needs21:40
SamuraiDioHello, I have a problem with keymap on google-chrome. It's for a while and I can't figure how to fix it. The keys works fine, but when I press Ctrl the keymaps seens wrong21:40
Nick_ZWG(I've never used ubuntu before, I'm used to centos)21:40
PrezidentImpossible to fix this. Tried everything.21:40
PrezidentIs there an workaround?21:40
TimeVirusok squinty21:40
Nick_ZWGsquinty: agent_white: Bashing-om: genii: Appreciate it guys, thanks.21:40
magichexJordan_U: http://pastebin.com/seH3qLWt21:40
Jordan_Umagichex: Please pastebing the contents of /proc/mounts.21:41
geniiPrezident: What is the issue with your bell?21:42
magichexJordan_U: http://pastebin.com/snrw7Gma21:42
Prezidentgenii:  not working at all.21:43
squintyPrezident:  might want to check System Settings > Sound > Sound Effects and make sure the volume is up and not muted21:43
PrezidentIt is.21:43
PrezidentOf course :)21:43
PrezidentSound works, just not beep.21:43
Prezidentglass.ogg work21:43
squintyPrezident:  read again21:43
Jordan_Umagichex: So it looks like your first partition is ntfs, possibly a Windows partition. That is where you're going to see the most file loss and difficulty of recovery.21:44
geniiPrezident: I'd suggest to also check for a line in your .bashrc starting with: set bell-style     ..and see what the value is, or if it is even there.21:44
TimeVirusbe back in a few need to use another OS this Package Manager is borked21:44
magichexJordan_U: i used dd on /dev/sdb21:45
Prezidentits not even there genii21:45
aloneheartı want love21:45
geniiPrezident: You might try adding a line like: set bell-style audible    in there21:45
geniialoneheart: All we can offer is Ubuntu support21:46
PrezidentHold on.21:46
Prezidentanywhere genii ?21:46
geniiPrezident: Just as the last line, by itself21:46
Jordan_Umagichex: Then you may be really lucky. Was /dev/sdb1 simply an EFI System Partition?21:47
PrezidentNah that didnt help genii after source .bashrc21:47
PrezidentThis is a mystery really.21:47
geniiPrezident: Yes, odd21:47
kiki_lambQuestion: there are rules in UFW that I can't for the life of me figure out the origin of (they don't appear in it's .rules files). How can I figure out where these rules originate?21:47
aloneheartnobody looking love21:47
Jordan_Umagichex: Rather, it looks like it's ext2, so maybe a separate /boot/ partition from its size? (If not, what was it?)21:48
geniialoneheart: This is not the channel for that. If you have a problem with your Ubuntu however, we may be able to help.21:48
Ranieri_k1l: aww come on, that guy was clearly depressed.21:49
magichex Jordan_U as far as remember fdisk -l was showing partitions on it but it doesnt anymore21:50
k1lRanieri_: your accusation is false. and i thought we are clear about how to use this channel21:50
magichex Jordan_U this partition is still mounted and it looks like i can access all data but i dont have any other hdd to make backup21:50
magichex Jordan_U so my question is would dd desttroy all data on mounted partition ?21:51
Jordan_Umagichex: Was there anything important on /dev/sdb1?21:52
magichexJordan_U: i dont care about sdb1 my old home was on sdb321:53
Jordan_Umagichex: Good, assuming that your partitions are numberd in disk order (usually true) the filesystem contents from /dev/sdb3 should be untouched, since they are far beyond 1.6 GiB into the disk.21:54
Ranieri_k1l: :'(21:54
squintyPrezident:  terminal > edit > preferences > general > bell > toggle box21:55
Jordan_Umagichex: The contents of /dev/sdb1 are probably irrecoverable, the contents of /dev/sdb2 are mostly untoched but may (or may not) be very difficult to recover if the beginning of the filesystem was overwritten. You should be able to completely recover /dev/sdb3 using GParted's partition recovery tools.21:55
Prezidentsquinty: done.21:56
PrezidentThats default i think.21:56
squintyPrezident:  not here it's not21:56
magichexJordan_U: have look -> http://pastebin.com/JMxD2EAi21:57
TimeVirusok Jordan_U; I have results post to pastebin.ubuntu.? ?21:58
Jordan_UTimeVirus: Yes please.21:59
Jordan_Umagichex: You're even luckier, gpt is easier to recover still.21:59
magichexJordan_U: (gpartedbin:2632): Gtk-WARNING **: cannot open display: :022:00
Jordan_Umagichex: If you run simply "sudo gdisk /dev/sdb" it should give you an option to restore the primary GPT header from the data found in the backup.22:00
Jordan_Umagichex: That's OK, we don't actually want to use gparted for this after all. gdisk is a better solution for your situation.22:01
magichexJordan_U: Found invalid MBR and corrupt GPT. What do you want to do? (Using the22:02
magichexGPT MAY permit recovery of GPT data.)22:02
magichex 1 - Use current GPT22:02
magichex 2 - Create blank GPT22:02
TimeVirusJordan_U; http://pastebin.com/iaEBweQ422:02
Jordan_Umagichex: 122:02
TimeVirusstrange happenings there sdc is the external hdd in question here22:02
magichexJordan_U: ok i selected option 1 what next ? i dont wanna breaki it if i have chance to recover it22:03
TimeViruswhy does it say 'Devices which dont seem to have a corresponding hard drive'?22:04
TimeVirusfor sdc22:04
Jordan_UTimeVirus: Odd that BIS isn't showing sdc. Please pastebin the output of "sudo parted -l" and the contents of /proc/partitions.22:04
Jordan_Umagichex: Please pastebin what you currently see on the screen from gdisk. (I'm 98% sure that typing 'w' now will restore your partition table, but I'd like to see the output first).22:05
magichexJordan_U: http://pastebin.com/HGBuR1Fj looks like next should be [ c ] ?22:07
Timoty Hello all, is there a way to refresh xgraph every 1sH22:09
TimeVirusJordan_U; http://pastebin.com/ZnPsf16522:10
Jordan_Umagichex: No, gdisk already did that automatically. You just want 'w', though I'd be a little more comfortable if you 'q' first and started over, running "sudo gdisk /dev/sdb" again and never entering the recovery and transformation options mode.22:10
TimeVirusthis is puppy tahr btw Jordan seems I cant do /proc/partitions on this'n22:11
Jordan_UTimeVirus: /proc/partitions is a text file, not an executable. Please pastebin the contents of /proc/partitions.22:11
Jordan_Umagichex: To be clear, please use 'q' to quit gdisk without saving, then run "sudo gdisk /dev/sdb" and again answer '1' when asked to use current GPT, then run 'p' to confirm that your partitions show properly, then 'w' to save your partition table and exit (though you might want to pastebin the output after 'p' so that I can confirm everything looks right before you run 'w').22:14
Nick_ZWGOh man - is it even possible to install bsddb185 anymore? pip install bsddb185 fails because it needs HASHVERSION=2, and the current install on ubuntu has a minimum of HASHVERSION=7 in /usr/include/db.h22:15
magichexJordan_U: http://pastebin.com/iVMTmbJ622:15
Jordan_Umagichex: Looks good. 'w' and you should be done.22:17
TimeVirusJordan_U here it is http://pastebin.com/wZgxk1iX22:17
Timoty anyone ?22:17
magichexJordan_U: do i need to do anything else?22:17
magichexJordan_U: do you accept tips in cryptocurency?22:17
Jordan_Umagichex: No, and no :)22:17
TimeViruslol :)22:17
magichexJordan_U: thanks alot man !! you saved my day22:18
Jordan_Umagichex: Now, you really need to go buy another hard drive, or some blank DVDs, or some cloud storage, or *something* and back up all of the files that you care about. If you really can't find any way to back up everything, at least back up those things which you will miss the most or are small.22:18
Jordan_Umagichex: Not having backups was your biggest mistake here, not the typo with dd.22:18
TimeVirusI need to run REAL soon Jordan_U I'm @ school for an Event22:18
TimeVirusdid you get my last?22:19
TimeViruswnna hash it over til next we meet?22:19
TimeVirusgot about 5 mins remaining22:20
Jordan_UTimeVirus: sudo file -sk /dev/sdc22:20
Ranieri_wtf how do I do this?22:20
Jordan_URanieri_: /quit22:20
Ranieri_Jordan_U: ty22:20
TimeVirusJordan_U: http://pastebin.com/c1RukCPm22:22
TimeVirusJordan_U do you see whats going on yet?22:23
=== note is now known as n0te
Jordan_UTimeVirus: That looks good, so I don't know what's happening. Getting info about sdc from BIS might help, but I guess that will have to wait until next time.22:23
TimeVirusK1L suggested I install GRUB to the internal22:23
TimeVirusthanks again for the help Jordan_U22:24
TimeVirusI shall return22:24
TimeVirus:) lol22:24
Jordan_UTimeVirus: That's certainly an option, and would work, though you'd have to be careful as you probably don't want booting your internal drive to depend on the external drive being plugged in and visible to the BIOS.22:24
TimeVirusI see22:24
TimeVirusand youre right22:25
TimeVirusok I need to go22:25
TimeVirusthanks again22:25
bluefox83i am getting a kernel panic while trying to install 14.10 live usb in uefi mode...can't seem to find a solution anywhere22:34
=== MeltedLux is now known as MeltedDed
Xodiac13Hi i installed a script found the uninstaller and when i try to run it, it keeps aborting is there another way i can completley uninstall the program22:41
Jordan_UXodiac13: That depends entirely on the script, which is why it's generally recommended that you only install software via the package manager.22:44
Xodiac13i found the main folder and i tried to use the uninstaller aborts should i delete the main folder i want to compeltley remove it22:45
Jordan_UXodiac13: If you pastebin the entire install script, and the entire uninstall script, we may be able to help you get it uninstalled.22:45
Xodiac13oops thats the script to run it22:46
Xodiac13not the installer one sec22:47
Xodiac13the linux-installer.sh doesnt want to open22:49
=== dae is now known as dae-
Xodiac13thats the only one i can open22:50
tewardXodiac13: does it give you an error when you try and open it?22:50
Xodiac13as soon as i run the uninstaller it crashes22:51
Xodiac13i have the main folder the only other way would to delete the folder22:51
tewardXodiac13: 'it crashes' is ambiguous.  Pastebin the error content.  Use http://paste.ubuntu.com so I don't have to get innundated with ads, if you can.22:52
Xodiac13teward: were do i find the error in the terminal i try to run it?22:53
tewardXodiac13: if the uninstaller 'crashes' and outputs some text, you may want to just include it.22:53
tewardif it does nothing and just says like "Segmentation fault (core dumped)", that's the error22:53
Xodiac13teward: okay one sec22:53
Xodiac13teward: http://paste.ubuntu.com/9106353/22:55
Xodiac13teward: thats all it says22:55
daftykinsXodiac13: pretty sure the UT2004 installer just copies the files to a path, so just find out that path and delete it22:57
Xodiac13daftykins: okay yeah that was the other solution i had i will do so ty22:57
techkuduXodiac13: some ppl here say sudo wasn't enough, they had to su - to root first22:58
PrezidentIs it possible status message with bitlbee?23:02
PrezidentOr just chats?23:02
bencc1if I want to use a GUI app over VNC, do I need to install ubuntu-desktop or is xvfb enough?23:07
=== xubuntu is now known as Guest2348
OerHeks!info  xvfb23:10
ubottuxvfb (source: xorg-server): Virtual Framebuffer 'fake' X server. In component main, is optional. Version 2:1.16.0-1ubuntu1 (utopic), package size 790 kB, installed size 2355 kB23:10
=== slyrus_ is now known as slyrus
OerHekssounds like yes.23:10
bencc1OerHeks: yes what?23:10
safinaskarbencc1: xvfb probably will go23:11
safinaskarbencc1: if not, then install xserverx-org, xinit and xterm23:11
bencc1safinaskar: so I don't need ubuntu-desktop?23:11
OerHeks xvfb should do23:11
OerHeksthose are dependencies, it will find them i guess23:11
bencc1maybe the gui app will install dependencies automatically as well23:11
safinaskarbencc1: then type "startx" and you will get x server running with xterm, and run vnc client or server in it23:11
bencc1I'll search for a docket ubuntu container that does all that as an example23:12
bencc1someone probably done this before23:12
OerHeksthat is one way, or tranfer a container indeed23:12
safinaskarbencc1: "maybe the gui app will install dependencies automatically as well" - yes. but gui app will not install x server as a dependency23:13
=== anthony is now known as Guest62530
bencc1safinaskar: ok23:13
safinaskarbencc1: so, you anyway should install "xserver-xorg" or "xvfb" manually23:13
safinaskarbencc1: and i personally recommend "xserver-xorg" (and xterm and xinit) and not xvfb23:13
AlexPortableWhy won't my laptop print?23:13
AlexPortableit says completed (printed), but the printer not doing anything23:14
AlexPortableis not doing anything*23:14
bencc1safinaskar: what's the difference?23:14
safinaskarbencc1: because framebuffer is very hardware-dependent thing. and this is possible that framebuffer will not start at YOUR computer23:14
OerHeksAlexPortable, look in the printjobs23:14
safinaskarbencc1: xserver-xorg is standard thing. install it23:14
AlexPortableOerHeks: it says it's completed23:14
bencc1safinaskar: xserver-xorg will run on a server without a screen?23:14
OerHeksput paper in the printer23:15
LinnakHi, I'd like to know if there's any difference if I add Utopc repo and install from there this (http://packages.ubuntu.com/utopic/cairo-dock and this http://packages.ubuntu.com/utopic/cairo-dock-plug-ins) or if I install from here:  http://glx-dock.org/mr_article.php?b=5&a=7423:15
safinaskarbencc1: no23:15
bencc1safinaskar: so that's probably what xvfb is for23:16
bencc1safinaskar: tested it on a VPS and it worked but with full ubuntu-desktop23:16
safinaskarbencc1: well. let me make some points. "x client" is any gui app. "x server" is a program which can accept connections from x clients, i. e. x server is a program which provides a "screen", either real screen or virtual one. xserver-xorg is one of x servers. it is designed to be run on computer with real screen. and this program is the standard x server (among x servers designed for real screens).   if you install ubuntu or kubuntu, it will contain xserver-23:19
safinaskarxorg as the x server. xserver-xorg is dependency of ubuntu-desktop23:19
safinaskarbencc1: and i don't know what this xvfb is23:20
safinaskarbencc1: terms "x server" and "x client" is somewhat misleading. let's imagine that you run some gui app on vps (i. e. remote computer) and this app connects to your screen at your home computer. then your home computer is "x server" and that remote computer is "x client". in this order23:21
=== sins-_x is now known as sins-
bencc1safinaskar: from my understanding, xvfb is a virtual buffer instead of using a phsycal screen23:24
bencc1so you could for example capture the screen from xvfb to a video file23:24
LinnakHi, I'd like to know if there's any difference if I add Utopc repo and install from there this (http://packages.ubuntu.com/utopic/cairo-dock and this http://packages.ubuntu.com/utopic/cairo-dock-plug-ins) or if I install from here: http://glx-dock.org/mr_article.php?b=5&a=7423:24
safinaskarbencc1: ok, let's talk about vnc. if you remote control one computer from another, then controlled computer is vnc server and computer from which you do this control is vnc client23:24
OerHekssmall tutor howto run firefox headless http://www.installationpage.com/selenium/how-to-run-selenium-headless-firefox-in-ubuntu/  and yes, you can capture23:24
bubbasauresLinnak, What release are you running?23:24
bencc1safinaskar: the remote computer need to have a real or fake screen? that's why I think xvfb is used23:24
bubbasauresLinnak, Adding another's release repo is a bad idea.23:25
safinaskarbencc1: so vnc uses terminology which is somewhat reversed as opposed to x terminology.       if you sit at some computer and see screen, then this is "x server" and not "x client".    but if you sit at some computer and perform some remote controlling using vnc, then this is "vnc client" and  not "vnc server"23:25
bubbasauresLinnak, There is a cairo ppa if you have to have some release not in 14.04.23:26
Linnakbubbasaures: Ok thanks. And what about this?http://glx-dock.org/mr_article.php?b=5&a=7423:26
Linnakso it isn't the same23:26
LinnakI mean the two source23:26
OerHeks!info cairo-dock23:27
ubottucairo-dock (source: cairo-dock): Light and eye-candy dock to launch your programs (metapackage). In component universe, is optional. Version 3.4.0-0ubuntu1 (utopic), package size 4 kB, installed size 47 kB23:27
bencc1safinaskar: http://gpio.kaltpost.de/?page_id=8423:28
safinaskarbencc1: there is two ways of using x and vnc together:  1) you use REAL x server (i. e. xserver-xorg) which requires real screen. then you start vnc server on the same host (lets call it A) where you started your x server. also, this host can contain some x apps, i. e. x clients. this vnc server connects to this x server. then you start vnc client on another computer (lets call it B) and connect to that vnc server. and of course, you need some x server on23:28
safinaskarthis B, too23:28
bencc1safinaskar: I don't have a real screen so there is no reason to explain about it23:30
bencc1safinaskar: I asked about a vps without a screen :)23:30
jkhlI just replaced my graphic card, trying to boot, I get cryptsetup: evms_activate is not available23:30
jkhlgraphics card*23:30
safinaskarbencc1: 2) you start the program which is x server and vnc server sumatuaesly (and please say me how to write this word correctly :)). this program doesn't need real screen. it virtualizes screen to provide remote control via vnc to it. this program is run on some host (A). same host can contain some x apps. then you connect to this vnc server using some vnc client from another host (B)23:31
safinaskarbencc1: so, now, using this terms (x server, x client, vnc server, vnc client, etc), please describe, what is your exact  problem. what is your configuration? what computers you use and from which to which you want to connect/manipulate etc23:32
bencc1safinaskar: http://stackoverflow.com/questions/16296753/can-you-run-gui-apps-in-a-docker-container23:32
bencc1that's what I need23:32
=== slyrus_ is now known as slyrus
alexwIs there any simple command to spawn a command 32 times?23:34
tewardalexw: why would you want to23:35
alexwnevermind worked out that supervisord handles it for me already23:35
safinaskarbencc1: i just have read xvfb description. yes, xvfb doesn't need real server.  but it doesn't provide anyway to "see" x clients. i. e. it doesn't act as a vnc server, nor it doesn't provide any other access. so, you will not see your apps anyway. is it what you want or no?23:35
safinaskarbencc1: hmm, oops23:36
bencc1safinaskar: this is the answer for what I need23:36
HappyNewYear13what will be the next thing in 15.04?23:37
HappyNewYear13what will be the next BIG thing in 15.04?23:37
safinaskarbencc1: yes, you probably can use xvfb and still have access to your apps. you just need to run vnc server and connect it to this xvfb :) yes, xvfb is solution23:38
HappyNewYear13do you guys pefer firefox, chrome or chromium? i used to like firefox, but now i prefer chromium; too many issues with flash23:38
bazhangchit chat in #ubuntu-offtopic HappyNewYear1323:39
bazhangsupport for 15.04 in #ubuntu+1 HappyNewYear1323:39
HappyNewYear13thank u23:39
safinaskaralexw: for((I = 1; I <= 32; ++I)){ your cmd here; }23:41
slobbyAnyone here know why chrome crashes my computer when trying to watch youtube videos? The whole screen turns black and freezes up23:41
jkhli think its a loose SATA connection23:42
tewardanyone had any issues with systemd complaining when a user logs in on the terminal in 14.10?  Every time I login to the command line on tty1 it always spits out "systemd-login: Failed to start unit user@1000.service: Unknown unit: user@1000.service" and "systemd-login: Failed to start user service: unknown unit: user@1000.service"23:42
tewardand anyone know how to fix that?23:42
safinaskarslobby: bad drivers for video card23:43
slobbysafinaskar: It plays 1080p videos on vlc just fine23:45
slobbysomething to do with flash im assuming23:45
safinaskarslobby: no, video card problems.  if this was just a flash player / browser / etc issue, than as a maximum the browser crashed, but not the whole x server23:46
safinaskarslobby: as a workaround, you can download videos using youtube-dl and then play them is vl23:47
safinaskarslobby: vlc23:47
slobbykind of a bother though hehe23:50
slobbyoh heres another reason i dont think its the driver....firefox works fine23:50
Dr_ManhattanHow do I make the compiz login the default login for all users instead of unity?23:52
HappyNewYear13slobby, try chromium and install pepperflash23:53
k1lDr_Manhattan: unity is a compiz plugin. so that question doesnt make sense23:53
glasshello i've recompiled the kernel from source ( i've compared the initd.lz with the original one provided in the ubuntu repo, but in mine i've got more less modules. there is a way to get all modules like in the ubuntu initrd?23:53
Dr_ManhattanYeah, it makes perfect sense.23:53
Dr_ManhattanI would like the compiz fallback login to be the default one instead of unity23:54
slobbyHappyNewYear13: Chrome worked fine for a while and started doing it, then i switched to chromium and that worked fine then started doing it. I also tried pepperflash23:54
acerglass: What do you mean like in the ubuntu initrd?23:54
acerglass: Is it booting ok?23:55
HappyNewYear13slobby, it occurs the opposite for me. flash crashes in firefox and not chromium, but i prefer to use firefox23:55
Dr_ManhattanHow do I make the compiz fallback login the default login for all users instead of unity?23:56
acerglass: What is it not doing?23:56
HappyNewYear13slobby, i assume you have the latest flash? did you check it clicking on a vid?23:56
safinaskarglass: https://www.kernel.org/doc/Documentation/initrd.txt . there are commands to unpack and pack again this initrds in this link23:56
glassacer: the initrd provided with the kernel in ubuntu repositories. yes it booting ok but i want include more modules23:57
k1lDr_Manhattan: i think you are naming things wrong? or can you provide a link describing what you mean with compiz login?23:57
slobbyHappyNewYear13 i have installed23:57
HappyNewYear13slobby, me too. did you disable hardware acceleration?23:57
acerDr_Manhattan: What ever Desktop Environment a user loggs in with will be default, until such time as he logs into another.23:57
slobbyHappyNewYear13: nope23:58
safinaskarglass: why you need more modules? it boots, then all is ok (initrd is designed for booting only :)). you can load any modules you need after booting23:58
Dr_Manhattanwhen you log in, you click a little icon next to the slot for your name, it gives you a few choices. Compiz, gnome, fallback, etc23:58
HappyNewYear13slobby, you could try it in the flash config23:58
Dr_ManhattanI would like to make the gnome compiz fallback the default login on my host23:58
acerglass: That's not where you include more modules23:58
k1lDr_Manhattan: is this 12.04?23:58
Dr_Manhattanthis is 14.0423:58
glasssafinaskar: yes i know, but i need to use it for a live cd which will be used on a different machines23:59
HappyNewYear13slobby, you can go to chrome://plugins and see if there's only one flash version enabled23:59

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