jjfrv8bluesabre, running through the Parole testcase I noticed that the help docs could stand a few updates02:40
jjfrv8one place is Preferences->Display. Video Output is new. If you want, I can make some edits to the docs but I wouldn't know how to explain the video output choices.02:42
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1394064 in mugshot (Ubuntu) "Mugshot fails to launch after clearing all user info fields (name, initials, email, etc)" [Undecided,Confirmed]03:56
ochosihey folks12:12
knomehello ochosi 12:18
ochosihey pasi, what's up?12:19
knomenothing special12:20
knomeand there?12:20
knomefinished traveling for a while?12:20
ochosiyup, at least for a bit it'll be more quiet12:20
knomedid you check out my responsive-CSS commit for the docs?12:21
ochosinot yet, only read about it12:21
ochosiwhat would be the easiest way to do so?12:22
ochosior does it need extra testing before it'll land?12:22
knomeit's in trunk12:22
knomebzr branch lp:xubuntu-docs && cd xubuntu-docs && make12:22
knomethen open build/desktop-guide/index.html in a browser12:23
knomeit probably needs some little tweaks12:27
knomebut they aren't anything that would break the experience or stop anybody from reading the docs with any device12:27
knomei would say those are namely:12:29
knomemake the admonition graphics smaller12:30
knomecheck the header line-heights12:30
ochosii got parsing errors when building12:31
ochosioh, i guess i don't have xml2po installed12:31
knomeoops ;)12:31
ochosino the package name by chance?12:31
knomeand don't "know" either12:32
ochosignome-doc-utils apparently12:33
knomewe should really list those somewhere in the branch12:33
knomewell debian/control tells that...12:35
knomedocbook-xml, docbook-xsl, xsltproc, gnome-doc-utils to build12:35
ochosilooks good on the fake smartphone that chromium offers12:37
ochosifwiw, the (!) red attention icon has meanwhile been changed in elementary-xfce to a yellow triangle12:38
ochosialso looks less like ERROR12:38
ochosiwould be nice to update/replace that12:38
knomepoint me to the new icon and i'll do it together with the other small changes12:39
ochosiwell replace 32 with the size you need obviously12:40
knomeno PNG? :P12:40
ochosiwasn't sure what size the docs used12:40
ochosipng is installed on your system ;)12:40
ochosiso /usr/share/icons/elementary-xfce/..12:40
knomedang, i thought you'd do the work for me :P12:40
ochosibtw, is it a design decision that there's no visual hover effect on the hyperlinks in the docs?12:41
knomei can't remember :P12:42
knomeif you think it's an issue, i can look at it12:43
knomefwiw, i still have the old icon :P12:43
knomei'm running 14.0412:43
knomenow tell me12:44
knomewe have caution.png and important.png with that icon12:44
knomedo you think i should just change both?12:44
knomethe "warning" symbol is a stop-sign12:44
ochosiguess you gotta give me some example contexts they appear in12:46
knomeanswer: i don't know12:46
knomethere's no way to know which situation it is except to look in the source12:46
knomei don't even remeber if we use both tags12:46
ochosiwell better clean that up first then ;)12:47
knomelet's put it this way... do you think we would benefit of having the two different icons?12:47
ochosinot really12:47
knomeok, then i'll just replace both12:47
ochosithing is, that red circle looks too much like an error sign anyway, so it's best to get rid of it12:48
knomegreat, thunar crashed12:48
bluesabrejjfrv8: won't be around today, but ochosi can help with Parole descriptions13:20
bluesabreochosi: sent a mail for some priority greeter bugs, lets take a look at those if possible.  I think https://bugs.launchpad.net/lightdm-gtk-greeter/+bug/1392367 might be the new black screen bug.13:21
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1392367 in LightDM GTK+ Greeter "SegFault in libgdk-3" [Undecided,New]13:21
bluesabregotta run, bbl13:21
ochosibluesabre: ok, thanks! commented on the bug. it's easily possible though that conky and the custom setup of the guy is involved in the segfault...13:30
elfywb ochosi :)13:55
ochosithanks (again) :)13:57
elfyyou seem to actually be here this time :p14:03
ochosimore or less14:04
knomepushed new revision for docs14:26
knomesee commit message for the changes14:26
knomeochosi, slickymaster:14:27
ochosiknome: yup, new icon looks much better14:43
ochosibluesabre: i'm proposing to close this one as wontfix, lemme know whether you agree: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/light-locker-settings/+bug/139376715:15
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1393767 in light-locker-settings (Ubuntu) "[trusty] light-locker-settings may prevent xfpm to apply power source dependent monitor power management" [Undecided,New]15:15
jjfrv8ochosi, bluesabre volunteered you to educate me on the new Video Output display setting in Parole15:29
jjfrv8do you even want to update the docs to include that setting?15:29
ochosiwait, can you really use the verb "volunteer" to "volunteer someone"? :)15:38
ochosiah right, yeah, that would probably make sense to reflect that in the online docs15:38
sidi_ochosi, i have some laundry that needs volunteering btw.15:39
* sidi_ would like to start distributing the surveys to Xfce users, btw15:40
sidi_you guys got your own site/blog/fb/g+ if i followed well?15:40
jjfrv8ochosi, if you'd like, I could just add the screenshots and put some placeholder text on the staging site and you or bluesabre could fill in the technical details15:44
ochosiah sure, that sounds nice15:50
ochosithanks jjfrv8 15:50
ochosijust ping me when it's ready15:51
ochosisidi_: yeah15:51
ochositwitter, g+, fb, blog15:51
ochosimaybe even more, i'm not sure15:51
sidi_ochosi, good. i'll make a list of the people i need to mail tonight then to ask for distribution15:53
sidi_gotta not make this too xubuntu centric :-)15:53
jjfrv8ochosi, ok, there are also a few minor changes needed in other sections. I'll do them and let you know when they're all ready.15:54
ochosisidi_: yeah, makes not to focus on a distro15:55
ochosijjfrv8: sweet! thanks a lot!15:55
slickymasterWorkknome, I'll check your commit tonight when I get home17:12
knomeslickymasterWork, ta17:13
slickymasterWorkand hi, too ;)17:13
slickymasterWorkdkessel, have you checked your 'Devices' tab in the 'Mouse and Touchpad' settings?17:15
dkesselslickymasterWork: hello :) will do that when i retest for the bug... once i have managed to get my hands onto the machine this week...17:16
slickymasterWorkok dkessel, ping me afterwards, so we can make a final judgment on your bug report17:17
elfyochosi:  bug139431418:13
elfybug 139431418:13
ubottubug 1394314 in xfce4-panel (Ubuntu) "wrapper-2.0 crashed with SIGSEGV in strrchr()" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/139431418:13
elfyI redid it - marked my original as a dupe and made comment not to mark THIS one as a dupe 18:13
elfyan issue which I'd lost for a while - but has now resurfaced for the last couple of days18:14
dkesselslickymasterWork: could not reproduce the context menu bug anymore, marked it as invalid18:55
slickymasterWorkok dkessel, thanks18:56
=== brainwash_ is now known as brainwash
brainwashhttps://wiki.ubuntu.com/Bugs/Upstream/Xfce might need a rework, the page was last updated back in 200921:47
knomeit might need deleting21:48
brainwashis it obsolete?21:48
brainwashor do you mean "less is more"?21:49
knomeit's a bit meh21:49
brainwashis anyone willing to improve this wiki page? I would just mess around with the structure and eventually give up21:52
knomegenerally i think it would be much more useful to point to a page that explains how to use BUGZILLA, not the xfce wiki explicitly21:53
brainwashmaybe you are right21:54
knomesame goes for all bug trackers, just explain the software21:55
knomemaybe you could bring this up on #ubuntu-quality 21:55
brainwashyeah, it's somehow strange that several of these wiki pages just explain how to use bugzilla21:57
Pwnnadoes lightlocker leave logs?22:04
Pwnnautopic, black screen bug is back22:04
dkesselhmm should i report this repaint issue with thunar? https://imgur.com/OiGCnZT (the blur is made by me ;) basically, it is not redrawing dirty regions anymore...22:07
brainwashdkessel: anymore? since when?22:08
dkesselbrainwash: well, this running instance is doing this...22:08
dkesselbrainwash: and opening new windows takes about 20 seconds22:09
brainwashdoes killing all instances of thunar resolve the problem(s)?22:10
dkesselbut the new windows behave normally22:10
dkesseli guess... let me try22:10
dkesselyup. brainwash: could this be related to thumbnail creation? there was a new file in the folder22:12
brainwashright, I was thinking about this too, or something caused by browsing network shares22:13
brainwashor even local mounted devices22:13
brainwashthis buggy behavior should be reported, preferable upstream22:14
brainwashthe important thing is, you have to find a way to reproduce this bug :)22:16
dkesseli was guessing so... ;)22:16
* dkessel looks up how to kill those thumbnails22:17
brainwashPwnna: black screen caused by suspend via lid close? do you maybe own a thinkpad?22:19
Pwnnabrainwash: yea 22:19
brainwashyea to both questions?22:20
brainwashpeople continue to add comments to the old launchpad report for trusty22:21
brainwashthere is also bug 138741322:21
ubottubug 1387413 in xubuntu-default-settings (Ubuntu) "Black screen after wakeup from suspending by closing the laptop lid" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/138741322:21
slickymasterknome, just build rev. 27822:44
slickymastereverything looks ok22:44
knomei'm now the maintainer for xfce twitter account too22:44
knomehow did this happen? :P22:45
dkesselsaid yes in the wrong moment? ;)22:45
slickymasterwhere you engaged?22:45
knomedkessel, i guess.. :P22:46
knomeslickymaster, was i engaged with what? :P22:46
slickymasterengaged in the sense that you were forced to22:47
knomethings change22:47
knomesidi, you should've sent the mail directly to -users22:48
knomesidi, the end-user facing one22:48
sidiah crap22:52
sidithought its better to let you ACK and do it yourselves as im not Xub22:53
knomehrr hrr22:53
Pwnnabrainwash: sorry for being AFK. but yes to both questions23:19
Pwnnaand which bug should i be adding comments to?23:19
Unit193brainwash: Oh, and you asked me something about mate, could be an idea, but one that bluesabre should look at.23:43
brainwashPwnna: I suggest that you add comments to the new report. the old one is marked as fixed and it's not easy to follow the flood of comments23:44
Pwnnabrainwash: sure. i've been intermittenly reproducing the bug.23:44
Pwnnai can sometimes reliably reproduce it, and then it goes away (however when i wake the screen is at minimum brightness)23:44
Pwnnachecked out /var/logs.. found nothing of interest so far23:45
brainwashUnit193, bluesabre: mate-system-tools as replacement for gnome-system-tools (which is not maintained anymore)23:45
Pwnnabrainwash: are you the person reporting that new bug?23:48
Pwnnado you have a thinkpad as well?23:48
Pwnnathere may be another minor bug for lightlocker23:48
brainwashPwnna: no, it's not me23:48
brainwashpersonally I would just switch to another screen locker23:49
Pwnname too23:49
Pwnnabut i'm lazy and i got my work around23:50
Pwnnain addition, do we track this bug?23:51
ubottubugzilla.xfce.org bug 10373 in General "libxfce4ui-4.11: 3bb8c7d breaks shortcuts with <Super> modifier" [Normal,New]23:51
Pwnnathere's https://bugs.launchpad.net/libxfce4ui/+bug/1303404 but there hasn't been an update for like. a release now23:54
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1303404 in libxfce4ui "Hotkeys with <Super> modifier overriding each other" [Medium,Confirmed]23:54
brainwashright, if no one is able/willing to fix it, then it will remain unfixed23:56
brainwashI don't know if reverting the "faulty" commit is the right solution23:58
brainwashPwnna: I suggest that you talk to hjudt in #xfce-dev23:59

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