Unit193But nice part message anyway.00:10
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flan_suseI can't open Mugshot anymore. I get this error message: IndexError: string index out of range02:53
flan_suseThe only thing I did last time was clear my "first name".02:53
flan_suseWhen I try to open Mugshot again, I receive the above error message.02:53
holstein!info mugshot02:54
ubottumugshot (source: mugshot): lightweight user-configuration application. In component universe, is optional. Version 0.2.5-1 (utopic), package size 52 kB, installed size 797 kB02:54
flan_suse!info mugshot02:55
holsteinflan_suse: its that package? have you tried as a different user? where do you get that error? in the terminal?02:55
flan_suseYes. That is the package.02:55
flan_suseAnd it was working fine until I cleared the "First Name" field.02:55
flan_suseNow I cannot open it anymore.02:55
holsteinflan_suse: have you tried as a different user?02:56
flan_suseWorks fine under another user.02:56
holsteinflan_suse: you can use the guest user.. if it works as the guest user, then, you can assume its not an issue with the application, or system02:56
flan_suseIf I can find where Mugshot stores its config file, I might be able to fix it / reset it.02:56
holsteinflan_suse: so, if its "fine" in another user, try resetting the config for it02:56
flan_suseholstein: Where does it store its config file? I could not find it.02:56
holsteinflan_suse: i would look in the users /home..02:56
flan_suseholstein: I have. There is no folder named Mugshot or mugshot anywhere.02:57
flan_suseIt might be under an "xfce" folder, but I'm having trouble finding the config file.02:57
holsteinflan_suse: look in the .hidden ones.. in .config02:57
flan_suseholstein: I am.02:57
holsteinflan_suse: sure, friend.. let me think of a machine that i dont mind installing that onto, and i'll try it, and tell you where i find the config02:58
flan_suseInstalling what onto?02:58
flan_suseMugshot? It's default in Xubuntu.02:58
holsteinflan_suse: i dont have it here, friend.. so, i'll need to add it, and look for its config..02:59
flan_suseIt's known as "About Me" under Xfce's preferences.02:59
holsteinflan_suse: i dont want mugstho..02:59
flan_suseYou don't have "About Me" under your Settings in Xfce?02:59
holsteinbut, as i  said, if you wait, i'll install it and look and tell you where i find the config02:59
holsteinflan_suse: i dont have mugshot, friend.a nd i dont have stock xubuntu in front of me.. but, i volnteer assistance here, and *can* install it and will.. and ill tell you where i find the config03:00
flan_suseOkay, and thank you.03:00
holsteinflan_suse: is it not just ~/.face ?03:01
flan_suseholstein: That's only the image.03:01
ObrienDavecatfish does not show any occurrence of "mugshot" in my /home03:02
flan_suseObrienDave: Same here03:03
flan_suseObrienDave: I'm guessing the config file has a different name.03:03
ObrienDavethat would be a good guess ;p03:04
ObrienDaveofficial docs03:06
flan_suseGoing to relogin and see if this fixed it.03:08
ObrienDavelatest build    https://launchpad.net/mugshot/+download03:10
flan_suseI am back.03:11
ObrienDavelatest build    https://launchpad.net/mugshot/+download03:11
holsteinwell, its likely not the build, since its working fine here, and in another user there03:12
holsteini mean, change it if you like, but, i dont think its the application03:12
holsteinseems like its pulling the data from somewhere else.. i know, im already over using it, and i literallly just launched it ;)03:13
holsteinbut, anyways.. i would try just purging and reinstalling, since, that might get rid of the data that seems to be breaking it, flan_suse03:13
flan_suseWell, I figured out how to fix it manually, just tinkering around!03:14
flan_suseI had to manually edit (with sudo) the passwd file: sudo nano /etc/passwd03:14
flan_suseFor my user, I had to write something in the 5th field.03:15
ObrienDaveso, apparently a null field breaks it. file a bug03:15
holsteinnah.. i have a lot of null fields03:15
flan_suseObrienDave: Bingo.03:16
holsteini mean, file the bug, but thats not it03:16
flan_suseI manually added Flan03:16
flan_suseholstein: I can run Mugshot now.03:16
holsteinsure.. me too03:16
ObrienDaveok, delete the same field. if it breaks, file the bug03:16
holsteinim just saying, i have blank fields..03:17
flan_suseOkay. Let me try.03:17
holsteinif you can break it, let me know how, and i'll try it here03:17
flan_suseYup. Broke it.03:18
flan_suseBut there's a catch.03:18
flan_suseHere is my entry, so you can see:03:18
flan_suseNotice I have 3 commas?03:18
holsteinflan_suse: how? i'll try and confirm03:18
flan_suseInstead of just...03:19
flan_suseWhen I cleared the "First Name" field in Mugshot, THAT is what my /etc/passwd entry looked like.03:19
holsteinflan_suse: so, you clear "first name" and what?03:20
flan_suse(And yes, Mugshot asked for my admin password before I applied the changes to /etc/passwd)03:20
holsteinflan_suse: nah.. didnt break here03:20
holsteinare you on 14.04?03:20
holsteinme too..03:21
flan_suseholstein: Do this.03:21
ObrienDaveme three03:21
flan_suseOpen up mugshot.03:21
flan_suseClear EVERYTHING. No first name, last name, initial. Clear it ALL.03:21
flan_suseDon't even have "spaces" in any of the fields.03:21
holsteinits empty, and im putting in my password..03:21
holsteinthat breaks it..03:22
holsteinbut, whats the point?03:22
holsteini mean, its for storing data.. you can file a bug, and i'll confirm it..03:22
flan_suseWhat do you mean what's the point?03:22
flan_suseI'm not sure why it breaks on something like that. Having no account information (name, initials, email, etc.) shouldn't break an application.03:23
ObrienDavebut wait, the docs say it get some things from etc/password, but i don't see the same info in that file03:24
flan_suseObrienDave: It's the 5th field in the entry, under /etc/passwd03:25
ObrienDaveie, i don't see David and B as two separate fields03:25
flan_suseThe very first "comment" in that field is treated as the "First Name". The next comment is "Last Name" and it continues like that.03:25
ObrienDaveno, :David B,,,:03:26
ObrienDavedavid:x:1000:1000:David B,,,:/home/david:/bin/bash03:26
flan_suseUgh. Strange way to store it...03:26
flan_suseNo wonder.03:26
ObrienDaveit might start with etc/password but i'm sure it's stored elsewhere03:27
flan_suseObrienDave: It always asks for the admin password when making changes to any of the fields.03:27
flan_suseDo I use ubuntu's bug tracker?03:28
ubottuIf you find a bug in Ubuntu or any of its derivatives, please file a bug using the command « ubuntu-bug <package> » - See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ReportingBugs for other ways to report bugs.03:28
holsteinor try and go upstream with it03:29
ObrienDavewhen you delete name, does it actually re-write etc/password?03:29
* ObrienDave does not want to try it for himself ;p03:30
flan_suseObrienDave: Yes.03:31
ObrienDaveok, i just changed my initials, no password asked, no writing etc/password. retained initials change. MUST be stored elsewhere03:32
flan_suseBut you left First and Last names in tact?03:33
flan_suseWrote up the bug report, clicked submit, and then it says: "Timeout error. Sorry, something just went wrong in Launchpad."03:39
flan_suseMy luck, eh?03:39
flan_suseKeeps giving me the timeout error on Launchpaf.03:47
flan_suseholstein: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/mugshot/+bug/139406403:50
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1394064 in mugshot (Ubuntu) "Mugshot fails to launch after clearing all user info fields (name, initials, email, etc)" [Undecided,New]03:50
flan_suseI made a simple bug report.03:50
flan_suseholstein and ObrienDave if you can verify the bug exists, it would help. :)03:52
flan_suse(Via the URL of the bug report I just linked.)03:52
holsteinflan_suse: well, it will verify them.. "help" is likely relatvie03:53
flan_suseThank you guys for your time.03:54
flan_suseMust sleep now. Need to wake up early.03:55
holsteinflan_suse: o/ i'll /join the bug you made.. thanks for yout time03:55
flan_suseYou too. And good night all!03:55
vijay_hii..anyone active08:09
esrastara<thinks> quiet in here... <resumes lurking>08:21
esrastaraHmmm, better come back later.08:24
elfybest thing to do is ask - then if anyone is about they'll answer08:25
elfyabout and CAN answer that is08:25
esrastaraThanks elfy08:25
esrastaraThe problem: running 12.04. Got def up with Unity et al. Installed xubuntu-desktop. Removed ubuntu-desktop...08:26
esrastaraNow I want to go to 14.04. But the software apdater is attemping to take me back to Ubuntu.08:27
esrastarai.e. it wants to reinstall Unity and get rid of xfce.08:28
esrastaraHave looked at /etc/issue, /etc/lsb-release, /etc/os-release. All say Ubuntu. uname says ubuntu. Not sure if that's "normal" or where the problem lies.08:29
Unit193It's a check for the package, likely ubuntu-defaults or somesuch.08:30
esrastaraThere's a meta-package that fits the descripton. Pretty much everything depend on it.08:31
esrastaraThe package is ubuntu-standard.08:33
esrastaradpkg -l | grep 'ii  ubuntu'08:33
Unit193Nope, that's a normal one to have.08:33
Unit193Awwh, you're going to make me lookup the exact name. :(08:33
esrastara      No.08:33
esrastaraThere are only 2 packages installed that have "defaults" in name. None of them seems likely.08:35
Unit193KeyDependencies=lightdm, unity, ubuntu-artwork, ubuntu-sounds08:35
esrastaraOnly lightdm is installed.08:36
Unit193Remove ubuntu-artwork and ubuntu-sounds, and make sure xubuntu-artwork, xubuntu-default-settings, xfwm4, and xubuntu-default-settings is installed.08:36
esrastaraStand by...08:36
esrastaraThe ubuntu-* packages are gone. All the xubuntu-* packages and xfwm4 are installed. Did you mean to repeat xubuntu-default-settings?08:39
Unit193Nooope, that's just late night kicking in. :D08:39
Unit193Normal to have.08:42
esrastaraA wild stab -- gconf-defaults-service.08:43
Unit193It's still trying to install unity on upgrade then?  Another tip you can try, though a bit outdated is...08:44
ubottuIf you want to remove all !KDE and !Gnome packages and have a default !Xubuntu system follow the instructions here « http://www.psychocats.net/ubuntu/purexfce »08:44
esrastaraI found that one. I worked through his package list last weekend. You're right, it's a bit outdated but nothing I wasn't able to work through.08:45
esrastaraThe machine looks and feels xubuntu. Only the update manager seems confused.08:48
Unit193Hrm, so if you do  sudo do-release-upgrade  it doesn't give you more information?08:49
esrastara@Unit193 - yes, when I check the list of pending work it's planning on ditching xfce and installing unity/gnome.08:49
esrastaraI contemplated do-release-upgrade but chickened out and came here to seek the advice of people who know.08:50
esrastaraIs the a dry-run mode for do-release-upgrade? The --help info doesn't mention one.08:51
Unit193-s, --sandbox         Test upgrade with a sandbox aufs overlay  but no idea if it works.  Yeah, it'd have asked you if you want ot view the changes before accepting.08:52
esrastaraI'll give that a go then. If I see you on channel when I get back I'll let you know how it pans out.08:54
esrastaraThanks for your advice.08:54
Unit193Sure, good luck.  I'll be interested to know, and while my client will still be here I likely won't myself (but will read backlog.)08:55
esrastara@Unit193 ran do-release-upgrade. Same (or *very* similar) behaviour as update manager. The list of pending changes was easier to grok. Looks like it's planning on (re)installing unity/gnome3 and all the gnome applets. It will also upgrade xfce.09:19
esrastaraI guess the real question is: does vanilla xubuntu 14.04 come with unity/gonme as an optional DE?09:20
cfhowlettesrastara, absolutely not.09:20
esrastara@cfhowlett thanks for that clarification.09:21
cfhowlettesrastara, happy2help09:21
esrastaraThat being the case, it seems like it thinks it's Ubuntu with a bit of Xubuntu on the side and will attempt to upgrade as such.09:22
cfhowlettesrastara, that's not normal behavior ... is your goal pure xubuntu?09:23
esrastaraThat is my goal (sans re-install). I have a working Xubuntu 12.04 but I arrived at it after I came to loathe the improved Unity.09:24
esrastaraI did that by expunging ubuntu-desktop and installing xubuntu-desktop.09:24
esrastaraIn the reverse order ;-)09:24
ubottuIf you want to remove all !KDE and !Gnome packages and have a default !Xubuntu system follow the instructions here « http://www.psychocats.net/ubuntu/purexfce »09:24
esrastaraNow, as I attempt an upgrade to 14.04 it wants to take me back to Ubuntu.09:25
cfhowlettesrastara, right.  it's quite difficult to purge all the unity give it's integration as a single product.  might be worth considering a xubuntu reinstallation.09:25
esrastaraI followed the psychocats advice to the letter. It worked. Until now.09:26
esrastara@cfhowlett I'm starting to think you're right.09:26
esrastaraSigh. :)09:26
cfhowlettesrastara, that wiki doesn't address unity --- it'll only hurt a little.09:27
esrastaraAnd the view from the top will be worth it! Hey, I've given others similar advice. Thank you for engaging with me!09:28
cfhowlettesrastara, but try the upgraded version first  http://www.psychocats.net/ubuntucat/tag/pure-xubuntu/09:28
esrastaraShall do.09:28
cfhowlettesrastara, http://fpaste.org/152072/89326141/09:28
esrastaracat <your paste> | <split command> | while read pkg ; do dpkg -l grep "ii  $pkg"; done09:32
esrastaraI'll let everyone know how that plays out.09:32
N77can someone help me with setting up windows snapping? As I know, xfwm4 support this feature, but when I drag window to the screen edge, it firstly snaps to it without changing its shape and then just go further. I need windows to change its size to a half of the screen. I have only one workspace and workspace wrapping disabled.09:56
deshipuN77: settings -> window manager tweaks -> accessibility -> automatically tile windows when moving towards the edge10:04
N77deshipu: thank you for response, I have this feature enabled, but it does not help10:05
brainwashif you move the window, does the cursor touch the desktop edge?10:11
brainwashalso, is the window resizable?10:12
N77brainwash: yes to both questions, I'll try to record my screen to show you10:13
brainwashwell, is there really something to showcase? :)10:13
deshipuyou are using xfwm4, not compiz or anything like thta?10:13
deshipulike that10:13
brainwashdo the keybinds for tiling work?10:14
N77deshipu: yes, I'm using xfwm410:15
N77brainwash: no, they are not work10:17
brainwashdo any of the keybinds work?10:19
brainwashlike minimize/maximize window10:19
brainwashfurthermore, which xubuntu version do you use?10:21
N77guys, these shortcuts works, I just tested them on settings center, which is not possible to tile. After shortcuts were assigned, tiling with dragging windows by mouse start to work. Thank you very much for help10:23
brainwashthat's confusing, but I'm glad that you got it working :)10:26
N77could you try to tile xfce4-settings-manager, is it just me?10:26
brainwashI cannot test it right now (no access to a xubuntu system)10:27
N77I see10:28
phmevolution or thunderbird, personal opinion?11:08
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superi did a fresh install of xubuntu trusty tahr and with flash drive(unetboot).I was not given the option to form partitions.Now how can i use Gparted.??Can Gparted in my case requires Live version??13:32
akishi all. Today i realized (after last system's upgrade) that every time i plug in my encrypted usb stick the system asks not only for the encryption's password but it asks also (twice) for root privileges password and the same asks when the usb stick is being ejected. see here: http://postimg.org/gallery/34ne880wa/575d7a67/ Any idea why does this happen and is any way to overpass this procedure and return to the previous one (only encryption's p13:56
QuixxI still can't figure out how to change window transparency. What was middle click + mouse left/right on my laptop does not work on my desktop. Middle click on the title bar drops the window to the bottom.14:47
GridCubeQuixx: the only way i know you can still manipulate that is by using a trackpad horizontal scroll14:56
GridCubeon a title bar14:56
QuixxWhy will it work on a trackpad and not on my mouse?14:56
GridCubethe alt-scroll was replaced to the zoom14:57
GridCubeQuixx: beucause your mouse cant do horizontal scrolls14:57
GridCubeonly vertical14:57
QuixxThere's got to be some way to disable zoom and replace it with that, right?14:57
GridCubei guess14:57
Quixxbut where14:57
GridCubeno idea Quixx the option is not even in the window manager settings anymore15:00
GridCubeeven when you can still do it15:00
QuixxGotta wait for a dev to show up and bug them15:00
GridCubei know there is a place where that is set15:01
GridCube!hi | xubuntu97w15:01
ubottuxubuntu97w: Hi!, Welcome to #xubuntu! Feel free to ask questions and help people out. The channel guidelines are at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Guidelines. Enjoy your stay!15:01
xubuntu97wi don'r speech english very well15:01
xubuntu97weveryone can speech italian ?15:01
slickymasterWork!it | xubuntu97w15:01
GridCube!it | xubuntu97w15:01
ubottuxubuntu97w: Vai su #ubuntu-it se vuoi parlare in italiano, in questo canale usiamo solo l'inglese. Grazie! (per entrare, scrivi « /join #ubuntu-it » senza virgolette)15:01
slickymasterWorklol GridCube15:02
xubuntu97wthanks !!15:02
GridCube!hivemind | slickymasterWork15:02
slickymasterWorklazy bot15:02
GridCubeslickymasterWork: do you happen to know where to change the settings for window transparency shortcuts?15:02
GridCubebefore zoom was added to alt-scroll, you used to be able to alt-scroll a title bar to control that, but now you can only do it if you happen to have a trackpad with horizontal scroll15:03
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slickymasterWorkGridCube, it's in the Compositor tab of the Window Manager Tweaks15:04
GridCubeno, its not15:05
QuixxBut you can't change each window individually anymore15:05
QuixxWithout a trackpad15:05
GridCubethats just a global setting15:05
slickymasterWorkhmmm, I see now that you're speaking about shortcuts, not windows15:06
QuixxShortcuts for windows15:06
Quixxmiddle click title bar + cursor left/right changes window transparency on my laptop15:06
Quixxon my desktop middle click it drops the window to the bottom, and alt+scroll zooms15:07
BITTO1987Unfortunately in the help channel in Italian there is none. I try to explain my problem here helping me with google translate. I have an Acer Aspire One D255 netbook with Intel GMA3150 video card. On windows due to downscaling I managed to reach the maximum resolution of 1366x768 while on Xubuntu in the control panel makes me set up 1024x600. I tried Xrandr Use clean but I have problems. Unfortunately I do not attend more chatting15:16
QuixxI think you need to do some kinda grep VGA thing15:17
QuixxI don't recall the exact commands15:17
BITTO1987Unfortunately in the help channel in Italian there is none. I try to explain my problem here helping me with google translate. I have an Acer Aspire One D255 netbook with Intel GMA3150 video card. On windows due to downscaling I managed to reach the maximum resolution of 1366x768 while on Xubuntu in the control panel makes me set up 1024x600. I tried Xrandr Use clean but I have problems. Unfortunately I do not attend more chatting15:17
Azelphuryou can do display scaling with xrandr15:22
BITTO1987I've already tried it but I have problems15:28
BITTO1987help meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee15:31
GridCube!patience | BITTO198715:32
ubottuBITTO1987: Don't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. While you wait, try searching https://help.ubuntu.com or http://ubuntuforums.org or http://askubuntu.com/15:32
GridCubeBITTO1987: if xrandr helps, why don't you make a script of your default setting would like to be and set it up to autolaunch at startup?15:33
avoiderAnyone around for support?16:06
avoideri need some simple help16:06
GridCube!ask | avoider16:09
ubottuavoider: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience16:09
avoideri got it16:11
avoiderthanks mate16:11
BITTO1987GRIDCUBE: With Xrandr can not I add the resolution you want. I noted the error. Could you please talk in private? I can not follow the conversation on the roll. Thanks.16:19
GridCubesorry BITTO1987 i don't know more about this kind of issue16:20
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xubuntu433avrei bisogno di un help per installare xubuntu su di un vecchio laptop19:55
knome!it | xubuntu43319:56
ubottuxubuntu433: Vai su #ubuntu-it se vuoi parlare in italiano, in questo canale usiamo solo l'inglese. Grazie! (per entrare, scrivi « /join #ubuntu-it » senza virgolette)19:56
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esrastara@cfhowlett (and @Unit193): I've now analysed the delta between my system and @cfhowlett's fpaste. There are 20-or-so packages that are still installed. I will remove them this evening and report back to the channel.22:09
Unit193Ah, alright.  So you did narrow it down.22:10
QuixxWhere da devs at22:22
knomeQuixx, why are you asking22:23
QuixxBecause I've had the same question for 3 days now and I need to bug someone that's actually fiddled with code22:23

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