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fdassdffQuestion about bzr04:59
fdassdffI want a directory that I can throw random python scripts into and be able to do version control05:00
fdassdffBut it's not really part of an overall "project"05:00
fdassdffIs there a way to set that up?05:00
Peng"bzr init" in the directory?05:01
fdassdffPeng, and then what's the process to register files and have them reflected in the version control?05:02
fdassdffThe bzr quick reference card assumes that I'm going to be working on an overall project05:02
PengWhat's "an overall project"?05:02
fdassdffFor example, the doc here: http://doc.bazaar.canonical.com/bzr.2.6/en/_static/en/bzr-en-quick-reference.pdf says I should do "bzr init myproject" to create a new project05:03
fdassdffBut I'm not working on a project, I've just got some python scripts that I mess with every so often and I want to be able to roll back any changes that I make if they turn out to be bad05:03
fullermd"my random crap" is a project...05:04
Peng"bzr init directory_with_some_python_scripts" then.05:04
Pengif the directory already exists, you can cd to it and "bzr init".05:04
fdassdffAh ok05:04
PengThe proceed like normal, "bzr add"ing your files and such.05:04
fdassdffThat makes sense I guess05:04
fdassdffI wasn't expecting it to work like that05:05
PengThere isn't a concept of a Project -- that's just what that guide called it.05:05
fdassdffThe only times that I've used it have been in conjunction with launchpad05:05
fullermdYeah, bzr doc "project" doesn't have anything to do with LP "Project".05:06
PengYou don't have to interact with Launchpad at all if you don't want to :)05:06
fullermd(For that matter, LP Project doesn't have anything to do with bzr, except insofar as it can include 0..n bzr branches)05:07
fdassdffThanks both of you05:07
fdassdffI appreciate the help for a newbie05:07
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