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anotherali'd asked on tuesday about an AMI that won't populate ssh keys21:22
anotheral~ubuntu has an empty authorized_keys file in the AMI, and it's not getting filled out when I launch an instance21:22
anotheralhere's the log entry:21:22
anotheralNov 20 21:15:41 ip-10-10-4-181 [CLOUDINIT] __init__.py[DEBUG]: handling ssh-import-id with freq=None and args=[]21:22
anotheralnothing after it21:22
anotheralfull log is here: http://paste.ubuntu.com/9132258/21:31
anotheraland ec2metadata has the correct keys21:32
saucewhich AMI? 12.04?21:53
saucethe cloud-init on the 12.04 is so old, mostly nothing works, so i basically use runcmd echo a ton.  "echo mydata >> /home/ubuntu/.ssh/authorized_keys" for example21:54
anotheralsauce: yeah, 12.0421:56
anotheralok, that helps a bunch21:56
saucethats your problem21:56
anotheralat least i'm not crazy21:56
saucewhatever ssh module you're using won't work21:56
anotheralguess i get to tell my users we're upgrading :-D21:56
saucewell before you do that, check out how 14.04 AMIs behave. i have no experience with 14.04 yet21:57
anotheralwhat I'm trying to do is just extend the base AMI with some company-specific stuff22:00
sauceoh. so take 12.04 and upgrade the cloud-init22:00
saucethen do your stuff22:01
saucethen AMI it22:01
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