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kadams54rick_h_: Looking to take on another card… any suggestions?14:17
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hatchbahaha http://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/saskatchewan/saskatchewan-winter-too-much-for-one-cbc-radio-listener-1.284091614:49
hatchguy just snapped14:49
hatchhmmm, didn't we remove the pyjuju stuff? https://github.com/juju/juju-gui/blob/develop/app/store/env/sandbox.js#L24415:29
rick_h_probably the env but not the sandbox?15:30
rick_h_you did it if I recall :P15:30
hatchyeah....I must have failed hard15:30
hatchor I'll blame it on a bad merge15:30
hatchyeah, bad merge15:30
hatchcreated 15:31
rick_h_uiteam call in 10ish please kanban15:50
kadams54_hatch: for you: http://cl.ly/image/1h3z271n1a1e16:08
hatchI don't see a -a there :P16:08
kadams54_hatch: http://cl.ly/image/1w2e2H2u1u0D there, you happy now?16:37
rick_h_kadams54_: :P16:45
rick_h_kadams54_: sorry, tried to reply to you but you dropped off irc and such. Looks like you're good on cards?16:45
kadams54_I'll need another one soon, so if you have any suggestions I'll take them.16:46
rick_h_kadams54_: if you're up for it, the generating ecs entries would be one I'd love to see go through. The changing a service name validation issue is another one16:48
rick_h_kadams54_: for a lighter workout the removing the extra pyjuju code hatch found is a light weight task16:49
hatchkadams54_: yeah it should be as simple as remove the code and remove the tests - you'll just want to do a bunch of sandbox qa afterwards16:52
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TheMuerick_h_: ping17:24
rick_h_TheMue: pong17:27
TheMuerick_h_: the idea I wrote about yesterday is to let users, regardless of CLI or GUI, create action arguments as yamls, e.g. when they are complex or the user want to reuse them, and let them pass then to the server17:29
rick_h_TheMue: k17:29
TheMuerick_h_: the CLI already has such a command, but converts the yaml a json structure the API expects for arguments17:29
TheMuerick_h_: so right now the GUI would have to to the same17:30
rick_h_TheMue: ok, so that command is not an api command, but purely on the client?17:30
TheMuerick_h_: but when parsing the yaml on server-side both front-ends could use the parsing and validation17:30
TheMuerick_h_: right now yes, the passed yaml is parsed and validated there17:31
rick_h_TheMue: so the rule is, if the user is sending yaml we won't read it or touch it but pass it along17:31
rick_h_JS doesn't have a good yaml support and json/jsonschema is all we have plans to interact with17:31
TheMuerick_h_: and here I thought it would make sense if bith front-ends could benefit from it17:31
rick_h_TheMue: fine by me17:31
rick_h_TheMue: an api call to send the yaml uploaded from the client is peachy17:31
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rick_h_TheMue: as long as we're 100% sure the results of that, errors/etc come back to the client (GUI) in json form to be able to attach errors and the like to the form generated frmo the action's jsonschema17:32
rick_h_TheMue: just like we do with charm config currently17:32
hatchrick_h_: ok I believe I have resolved the issue - it's now sending null to juju, unfortunately I can't actually test that it's fixed because now postgres won't deploy at all because there are null values lol17:32
rick_h_hatch: ummm, huh?17:33
TheMuerick_h_: ok, will talk to bodie and john about it17:33
hatchI've contacted 'stub' on irc for input so now I wait I guess17:33
rick_h_TheMue: cool, let me know if you need to me to attend or help in any way17:33
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rick_h_hatch: ok17:33
TheMuerick_h_: will do17:33
hatchI actually get two errors https://gist.github.com/hatched/944c67756fcc3bf29c9117:34
hatchfirst it can't find it, then it doens't like the config option17:34
hatchso confusing17:34
hatchoh he is far far away - i'll just reply in the bug17:36
hatchinterestingly enough it deploys from the command line17:36
rick_h_hatch: right, we're doing something. 17:37
rick_h_hatch: what about null vs undefined?17:37
rick_h_hatch: those are two different things in the json?17:37
hatchyeah they are17:37
rick_h_maybe we need to really be doing a 'juju null is a JS undefined' thing?17:37
hatchI don't see how null is a necessary value in juju anyways :P17:39
rick_h_doh, want to call and get my snow tires put on but the tire places phone doesn't work. Google is telling me 'it's busy' 17:40
rick_h_guess there's a line up for those snow tires a bit early this year :)17:40
hatchuiteam any idea why my gui deploy won't switch to a remote branch? "ValueError: u'git@github.com:hatched/juju-gui.git null-config-values': release not found"    17:47
hatchit was JUST deployed via the exact same string17:47
hatchin fact, I only changed the console logging option17:47
frankbanhatch: seems like a charm bug then17:48
hatchahhh it's running here url, filename = get_launchpad_release(project, origin, version)17:48
hatchthat's definitely not a lp release17:48
kadams54_uiteam: I've been having problems recently with cached SVG icons in Chrome and it's to the point where it just drive me crazy.17:49
kadams54_So I did this: http://cl.ly/image/0x0c1M0u2J3m17:49
kadams54_Adding a cachebuster to the end of the SVG URL worked.17:49
kadams54_Any reason we don't currently have cachebusters on those URLs?17:50
hatchI just turn caching off17:50
hatchdon't ever have cache problems with the devtools open17:50
hatchnow when they are closed....17:50
jcsackettkadams54_: i like it.17:52
kadams54_I also have caching disabled when devtools are open, but I'd still get the wrong icons.17:52
hatchvery odd17:52
hatchwhat if you use stable chrome?17:52
hatchwonder if it's an issue with canary17:53
kadams54_hatch: Don't know. The problem is sporadic, so I'd have to use stable Chrome for awhile until something in its SVG cache went stale.17:54
kadams54_Or maybe nothing would break and I'd just go on intentionally using less advanced devtools for a long long time17:54
kadams54_And that would make me sad.17:54
hatchnot going to lie, I've never once needed the canary devtools17:54
kadams54_Says the developer who also does not use vim17:55
kadams54_I rest my case.17:55
hatchand yet somehow......I get by :)17:55
hatchunfortunately right now the gui charm has a bug which I need to investigate17:55
rick_h_kadams54_: because for the icon to change the id has to change (new rev) and they auto cache bust themselves?17:56
rick_h_kadams54_: and until the rev goes up there's no reason not to keep using the cache17:56
kadams54_Except that we've seen caching issues pop up in both Chrome and Safari with these…17:56
kadams54_Where all of a sudden the icon is off-center or (currently, for me) the wrong size17:57
kadams54_But yeah, I see what you're saying. I'm not sure a cachebuster would really help if the number didn't change.17:57
rick_h_kadams54_: well yea. I'm just explaining the " Any reason we don't currently have cachebusters on those URLs?"17:57
hatchdarn frankban left18:10
hatchI'm a little confused as to how this ever worked in the gui (specifying a github url)18:10
rick_h_hatch: it has known issues on precise18:11
rick_h_make sure you're on trusty18:11
rick_h_hatch: and the tests say it works in trusty18:11
rick_h_the test is skipped in precise because it fails/isn't supported I think18:11
hatchhmm nope deployed on trusty18:11
rick_h_what are you entering? I just did this with kadam's branch on guimas the other day18:11
hatchjuju set juju-gui juju-gui-source="git@github.com:hatched/juju-gui.git null-config-values"18:12
hatchoh it needs to be the https url18:12
rick_h_hatch: have to use https url18:12
rick_h_it can't do git because it can't do ssh?18:12
* hatch reading the charm source18:12
hatchI have no idea - but the parse_url method in the charm requires it to be https heh18:13
rick_h_hatch: try setting it to https://github.com/hatched/juju-gui.git null-config-values18:13
hatchyeah wow....damn18:13
rick_h_because the charm can't talk ssh (git@) for you18:13
rick_h_not unless you want to upload your github ssh keys 18:13
rick_h_hopefully that works for you now18:14
hatchwow that was a huge mind blank18:14
* rick_h_ goes back to lunch18:14
hatchI'm sure I knew that18:14
hatchuiteam is there a way to destroy a service with units in error without spamming `juju resolved <service>/<unit>` ?18:27
jrwrenhatch: not afaik :(18:28
hatchjrwren: is there reasoning behind this? 18:28
hatchor just a feature not yet implemented?18:28
jrwrenhatch: why would any unit ever be in error? :)18:28
hatchoh you're HILARIOUS 18:29
jcsacketthatch: juju destroy-service --force?18:30
jcsackettnot sure if that has a force on it or not.18:30
hatchjcsackett: not an option according to the help18:30
jcsackettwell damn.18:31
jrwrenif you are using a reasonably modern version of juju you can for killer in $( status --format tabular | awk /magic/  ) ; do juju destroy $killer ; done18:34
jrwrenor some such18:34
hatchhaha 18:34
kadams54FYI, seems like comcast has a cable outage18:34
hatchI am surprised this isn't a real issue for larger environments18:34
hatchkadams54:  I thought that comcast was always out :P18:35
kadams54Going to see if I can find another location with an up connection.18:35
jrwrenhatch: real larger deployments don't error.18:35
hatchthe way you bounce on and offline18:35
hatchjrwren: "real developers don't error"18:35
kadams54hatch: I've had good service from them in this area.18:35
hatchsubprocess.CalledProcessError: Command '['make', '-C', '/var/lib/juju/agents/unit-juju-gui-0/charm/juju-gui-source', 'distfile', 'BRANCH_IS_GOOD=true', 'HOME=/root']' returned non-zero exit status 218:36
hatchyup it's time for lunch18:36
jcastrorick_h_, you home or at the sprint?18:44
rick_h_jcastro: home18:59
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hatchkadams54: does chrome canary auto update the websocket frames without having to click 'ws' again?20:11
hatchThat feature alone would make switching worth it :)20:11
hatchteslanick: ahoy!20:13
teslanickhatch: ahoy-hoy20:13
kadams54hatch: don't know20:13
hatchafter what felt like 100 failed deploys the null config issue appears to have been resolved20:14
hatchrick_h_: we now send `null` through the ws and it comes back as `undefined` lol....oh boy20:15
hatchBUT it appears to work20:16
teslanick"Null" types per language:  JS: 2.  Everyone Else: 1.  Haskell: 0.20:17
hatchteslanick: so this one is extra special, it goes YAML > Python > JSON > JS > JSON > GO20:18
hatchwho knows what it comes out as at the end :)20:18
hatchat least now the JSON > JS > JSON part is now fixed20:18
hatchlook at all those failing tests *sniff* it feels so good when tests fail when they should20:19
teslanickhatch: So: http://i.imgur.com/jfwcVa5.jpg20:19
hatchlol exactly20:19
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hatchteslanick: what editor are you using these days?20:27
teslanickDepending on the task: Intellij Idea, LightTable, TextMate220:35
hatchwhy not just intellij all over?20:38
teslanickIt's slow and has stupid opinions about thinks.20:38
hatchahh I've been thinking of giving webstorm another try...but that was my experience last I tried too20:38
teslanickIf I could use LightTable for everything, I would. But it's buggy and has very limited language support.20:38
teslanickThough I spent a few minutes yesterday figuring out how tough it would be to make an ES6 plugin for it.20:39
hatchI've been trying atom every now and again - it's still too slow compared to sublime20:43
hatchnot sure it'll ever be able to match the speed being written in coffeescript20:43
teslanickIs CS really any slower than regular JS?20:44
jrwrenno, but it is still js.20:45
jrwrenwhich should be super fast given v8.20:45
jrwrendoes atom ship a modern v8 with it? or is it node?20:46
hatchI'm pretty sure it's using chrome's v8 as it's backend20:46
hatchit's a massive download so it better be haha20:46
jrwrenhatch: REALLY!?! so its more like a chrome fork?  that is interesting.20:46
hatchit's just slow doing system things, like searches20:46
* jrwren looks20:46
hatchit has devtools and everything20:47
hatchwhich IS pretty cool20:48
jrwrenhatch: its node: https://github.com/atom/atom/tree/master/build20:51
jrwrenhatch: which uses an old an unsupported v8 :p20:51
hatchwell where does it get the devtools from?20:53
hatchit must wrap it in chrome20:53
teslanickIIRC, the UI is written in Chrome which communicates with a nodejs "backend" that handles native system calls etc.20:53
hatchohh that makes sense20:54
jrwrenhatch: on node's use of unsupported v8 https://code.google.com/p/v8/issues/detail?id=3692#c6  20:54
hatchyeah I knew that node was using an unsupported v820:55
hatchlittle scarry20:55
teslanickAs a note, the "old" version isn't that old. And V8 hasn't gotten that much faster as of late.20:55
teslanickThe unsupported thing is scary, I agree.20:55
hatchI'm not really concerned about the speed of v8 but it's the bug fixes that can't even be rolled back20:55
jrwrenseems like using newer v8 would be worth it just for better harmony support20:56
jrwrenThe version in that issue is 2+yrs old20:57
hatchahh just use Dart20:57
jrwrenon the desktop/server?20:57
jrwrenuse go! :p20:58
rick_h_lazyPower: fyi we're going to use https://github.com/CanonicalLtd/jujucharms.com/issues to track jujucharms.com issues and get them to the right projects21:00
hatchhaha yeah Go decimates Dart in serverside performance21:00
teslanickGo is a crazy-fast language by design, though, right?21:00
hatchDart also creates masssssive js files when using dart2js 21:00
hatchyeah it is21:00
lazyPowerrick_h_: thanks for the update i'll pass it on :)21:00
hatchuiteam lf two reviews and two qa's for this backend change https://github.com/juju/juju-gui/pull/664 requires real env (LXC works)21:04
hatchoops I might as well remove the unused method too21:05
hatchuiteam ok all done - review and qa away21:08
hatchteslanick: if I were to start a new project today I'd PROBABLY use Go for the server and js for the client...21:15
hatchthere are just not as many modules for dart so one would have to write quite a few 21:16
* teslanick likes his webapps like he likes his women: full of parentheticals.21:17
hatchI really don't think that makes any sense21:18
* teslanick likes his webapps like he likes his summer days: homoiconic.21:18
* teslanick likes his webapps like he likes his politics: full of terse s-expressions.21:18
hatchyou got a lot of these don't you?21:19
teslanick </dadaist-humor>21:19
hatchyou'd use closure for the client too eh?21:19
jrwrenhatch: reminds me of : http://axioms.io/zen/2014-11-06-swift-go/21:19
teslanickYeah, I have a few middling-sized experiments in clojurescript UIs.21:20
jrwrenif I were to consider clojure, I'd skip it and use ocaml instead. :p21:20
teslanickClojure can interact really nicely with the JVM, so you get a lot of great libraries out of the box. Also, I don't think there are any (decent?) OCaml->JS compilers.21:21
hatchjrwren: teslanick is a closure pusher21:21
hatchjrwren: haha yeah but swift is only for one OS :)21:21
teslanickThe one I'm working on now has a clojure server, clojurescript front-end, and they communicate back-and-forth using a websocket.21:22
jrwrenhatch: the only OS that matters :p21:22
teslanick(two OS's -- OS X and iOS)21:22
teslanickThe really big advantage of using clojure is that you can repl into both systems and build new pieces it as it runs. A little semantics around safely restarting stateful components, and you can literally build the plane while it's flying.21:23
jrwrenthat sounds nice. I do miss a repl when using go.21:23
jrwrenin C# I even had a repl.21:23
hatchjrwren: lol did you forget who you work for? :D21:27
hatchjrwren: from your link.... """Swift was released just this year in classic Apple style: A complete surprise, with massive fanfare, and no acknowledgement that many of the ideas had been pioneered elsewhere"""21:31
hatchfrom my limited experience with swift it does look like a pretty cool language21:33
hatchmaybe at I/O this year Google will tell us that Dart is supported as Dart on Android and Chrome 21:33
teslanickIt does look it. It's crazy that it has ARC baked in. So it's a non-garbage-collected language without explicit destructors.21:34
teslanickhatch: I half expect that Apple will announce Swift for Safari/MobileSafari at the next WWDC.21:34
hatchI kind of doubt it because noone uses safari :P21:34
teslanickA ton of people use mobilesafari21:35
hatchok ok mobile safari21:35
teslanickAnd they kinda-sorta share a codebase21:35
jrwrenhatch: yeah, that is obviously by someone who doesn't follow languages :)21:37
jrwrenhatch: I also am not serious about swift. I'd not want to use a close source language.21:37
hatchthis is true21:38
hatchDart is open source with an ECMA standarsd21:38
jrwrenI use safari, because everything syncs to my mobile safari. The apple convenience switched me :(21:38
hatchhaha - chrome does the same :)21:38
jrwrenhatch: so dart is an ecmascript? :)21:38
hatchand I think FF did that before then21:38
jrwrenyup... i'd stick to FF, it is just too stupid on iOS21:39
hatchahh right becuase it's just a wrapper around safari right?21:39
teslanickI just want a spec for a browser bytecode language with decent capabilities and a great GC.21:41
hatchI like that guys website - so many don't use serif fonts any longer21:41
hatchteslanick: asm? *snicker*21:41
teslanickYou snicker, but it's close-ish. The problem is that it has manual memory management.21:42
jrwrenyup, asm.21:42
teslanickC and C++? No thanks.21:42
teslanickAlso not memory-managed. And pointer math?21:43
jrwrengo used to target nacl21:43
jrwrenyou just want the world eh? :p21:43
hatchI thought Google dropped nacl from Chrome21:43
hatchthat's why Unity is now compiling C# > C++ > asm.js21:44
hatchfor the web21:44
teslanickYou have to enable nacl from chrome://flags21:44
hatchhmm I was sure they were saying their plugin will no longer work because it was removed - maybe it's essentially useless if random joes have to enable it manually21:45
hatchuh oh, something bad happened in the apple/unity world https://twitter.com/MattRix/status/53554222416422502421:46
jrwrenhuh, too bad, I thought nacl was cool.21:50
jrwrenhatch: well that is waht they get, they should pay xamarin.21:52
jrwrenunity, if they want to be in app store in those months.21:55
hatchI thought it was Apple who needed to pay....I'm so confused 21:56
jrwrenhatch: nah, its Unity.21:57
hatchahhh 21:57
jrwrenUnity uses mono.21:57
hatchthey should just switch from C# to Go21:57
jrwrenMono is open source, much of it MIT, but runtime is GPL. GPL can't go into app store, and so requires a different license, this is how Xamarin makes $$$21:58
hatchwait...GPL can't go into the app store? 21:58
hatchwhy not?21:58
jrwreneverything in app store is statically linked.21:58
hatchoh haha21:58
jrwrenyou can't statically link to GPL libraries wtihout still being GPL.21:58
jrwrenso... you can be GPL in app store but your app would need to be GPL too.21:59
jrwrenI wrote that very poorly at first. sorry.21:59
jrwrenGPL can be, but apps using GPL libraries cannot be, because, linking.21:59
hatchlicensing is complicated 22:00
hatchmorning huwshimi22:00
teslanickIt seems like statically linking vs. dynamically linking is a technical distinction, not a legal one. But really, the GPL is awful.22:00
hatchI wonder what license I picked22:02
hatchGPL 322:02
hatchis that any better?22:02
hatchhttps://github.com/hatched/ghost-charm/blob/master/copyright 22:03
teslanickBSD always seemed like the "best" open source license. It should just be: "BSD License DGAF"22:04
hatchI just want one that says "here, take this, use this, no I don't offer warranty"22:05
hatchand preferably "pr's accepted" :P22:05
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hatchhmm I'm not having any luck getting these spurious ci issues to stop22:14
rick_h_hatch: firewall ports aren't open I bet22:15
* rick_h_ checks sauce videos22:15
rick_h_hatch: shoot an email to bac/jcsacket that we need the ports opened up for 8888 and 8889 for gui landings so that saucelabs can connect22:16
rick_h_hatch: note that in the sauce videos no html ever loads22:16
hatchahh I didn't even think of that being the issue22:16
hatchwill d9o22:16
jrwrenhatch: CC0 license for you.22:31
hatchmaybe I'll write a new license22:33
hatchthe FTL license "F'it just Take'it License" 22:33
jrwrenhatch: I assume you know about the WTFL.22:34
hatchnope but I do now22:35
hatchWTFL 2.0 for me22:35
hatchI like how nothing else on the page works22:36

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