valorieRiddell: thanks for updating the PPA page00:02
valorieI edited it for wiki weirdnesses such as extra quote marks and such00:02
valoriewe should perhaps do a short news story on kubuntu.org with that information00:03
valorie"Neon5 is dead, long live kubuntu-CI" sort of thing00:03
rx_hows the kubuntu-ci unstable weekly ppa?01:24
sgclarkno clue, have not used it sorry01:25
rx_ok ;o)01:27
ScottKRiddell: Excellent.04:19
lordievaderGood morning.06:09
Riddellwoo images! http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/kubuntu/daily-live/20141120/07:57
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Riddellwell no sddm on the image, it would help if I updated kubuntu-meta08:32
soeeRiddell: ping08:55
Riddellhi soee 08:56
soeeRiddell: i have one question, i have updated kactivities on Vivid to the version from kubuntu-ci/unstable to get shortcuts to switch activities and it works but, does other packages has to be updated also? Im asking because now if i go to app or window settings where usually i can force to load app on given activity i dont see the one i defined 08:58
soeeso i have 3 activities defined, and in app settings i see only option fo force to load on All activities but not single one08:59
Riddellsoee: I've no idea I'm afraid, there's been work in activities happening and maybe it's not all forwards compatible, you'd need to ask ivan the plasma activities person09:00
soeeRiddell: ok, thank you09:01
soeelordievader: ping :)09:01
soee_the kubutnu-ci updates want to remove: kubuntu-plasma5-desktop plasma-desktop thats fine ?09:19
RiddellI doubt it09:19
Riddellsoee_: utopic or vivid?09:19
soee_Riddell: vivid09:21
soee_one sec09:21
Riddellsoee_: well removing plasma-desktop isn't good for sure09:34
soee_yeah, it want to remove it but installs plasma-desktop-data09:37
JackWolfSkin_soee: sudo apt-get dist-upgrade -s -o 'Debug::pkgProblemResolver=true'09:55
RiddellJackWolfSkin_: you have a logo! http://starsky.19inch.net/~jr/tmp/kubuntu-ci.png10:21
Riddellsunrise new every morning10:21
valoriegeez, looks .... prickly10:23
Riddellnow with slogan10:27
Riddelljens has told me to get back in packaging cave :)10:28
shadeslayerrightly so10:30
Riddelloh I'm hurt, I put my soul into that piece of artwork!10:31
Riddellbut should be good enough for a blog post10:31
* Riddell blogs https://blogs.kde.org/2014/11/20/kubuntu-ci-replacement-project-neon10:46
bukaiRiddell: ping11:02
bukaiRiddell: For the blogs , do I keep all the data on the page or store it in the database and call it according to the date of post? 11:04
lordievadersoee: pong11:41
Riddellhi bukai 11:47
bukaiRiddell: Hi11:47
Riddellbukai: I'm not sure I understand the question11:48
Riddellbukai: wire.kubuntu.org is its own site11:48
Riddellthe cms on www.kubuntu.org needs to query for it11:48
Riddellthe new stories on www.kubuntu.org are stories in the www.kubuntu.org cms11:48
Riddellthe news stories on www.kubuntu.org are stories in the www.kubuntu.org cms11:48
Riddelljmux: do you have a phone number incase I get lost on the way to limux tomorrow?11:49
bukaiRiddell: ok, I got it! So I have to query wire.kubuntu.org for all the blogs? 11:51
soeelordievader: you are on kubuntu-ci/unstable right ?11:56
lordievadersoee: One box is, yes.11:57
soeeJackWolfSkin_: the output of the command you posted http://paste.ubuntu.com/9121237/11:58
soeelordievader: coud you do one check ?11:58
lordievadersoee: Not at the moment.11:59
soeelordievader: ok12:00
lordievadersoee: Shall I notify you when I'm able to test something?12:00
Riddellbukai: yes, I expect there are ways in wordpress to get an rss feed12:00
Riddelljens changed my Kubuntu CI image, I'm not sure which one I prefer http://wstaw.org/m/2014/11/20/sunrise.png12:01
soeelordievader: yes please12:01
bukaiRiddell: I decided to convert the theme to wp once the entire site is complete , so to implement the news part we need to convert it now?12:04
Riddellbukai: well you can use some dummy placeholder text12:07
bukaiRiddell: For wordpress blogs just sitename/rss/ give the xml data is there a similar thing that I can implement on wire.kubuntu.org?12:10
Riddellbukai: it will already have an rss feed12:14
Riddell(it is wordpress too)12:15
Riddelland you'll need a wordpress module to read the rss feed and display it on www.kubuntu.org12:15
Riddellallee: do youo remember where we met last year on the friday for lunch?12:16
Riddellallee: it was a central square in muich12:16
Riddelldebfx: ?12:16
bukaiRiddell: If i get the rss feed of wire.kubuntu.org then parsing it won't be that much problem i guess12:16
Riddellbukai: right12:17
Riddellbukai: http://wire.kubuntu.org/?feed=rss212:17
bukaiRiddell: Ok, thanks. Then I guess I can try to implement the real thing without dummy data.12:19
BluesKajHiyas all12:27
soeehi BluesKaj12:27
* soee needs some hot tea12:28
BluesKajhi soee12:28
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BluesKajis sddm going to be default in 15.04 plasma 5 in the near future, no real reason for my query, just curious.13:11
shadeslayeryeah probably13:13
Riddellalready is13:18
Riddellwell no seems my image rebuild didn't happen, maybe tomorrow13:20
BluesKajnot default here, still lightdm13:24
Riddellwell it only went in a couple of hours ago13:24
BluesKajnot much of a fan of the present greeter page, altho I assume that's the default image for both.13:26
soeekeep in mind that sddm wont work with hybrid graphics13:26
BluesKajno hybrid gpus here13:26
jmuxRiddell: +49 89 233 8224413:31
jmuxThat's the room of the BSP13:32
Riddellthanks jmux 13:40
gandalfHi there, I have a problem installing kubuntu 14.10 - plasma 5 version - from usb. I created a bootable usb key with usb-creator, which boots ok but then hangs with an error message "can't open /lib/init/init-d-script". creating a usb key with kubuntu 14.10 (old plasma version) worked fine14:28
Riddellgandalf: so kubuntu-plasma5 iso has the problem but kubuntu iso does not?14:29
gandalfyes thats right14:29
Riddellgandalf: in the first instance I'd blame usb-creator because it's known to be problematic, try doing a dd if=foo.iso of=/dev/sdX  to make the usb drive14:30
gandalfok i will try that 14:30
Riddelluse lsblk to see what sdX should be14:30
gandalfwould it be sdc or rather sdc1 ?14:31
gandalfok thanks14:31
gandalfunmount first?14:32
Riddellgandalf: ↑14:32
Riddellor just don't mount in the first place14:32
alket-wthat will take forever , try adding a parmeter with 4M or something14:32
gandalfhow would i do that in detail14:32
alket-wgandalf: add at the end: bs=4M14:32
gandalfok, it's running now14:33
gandalflets wait and see14:33
gandalfdd has finished, but i cannot mount the usb device now which makes me think something failed ..14:36
alket-wgandalf: try booting with it14:37
gandalfok ill try14:37
alket-wdd does "Disck Copy" so someimes its in binary mode or something14:37
gandalfboots ok so far14:38
gandalfaah.. now the same error. Can't open /lib/init/init-d-script14:38
alket-wthen its kubuntu error :)14:39
gandalfseems so ;-)14:39
gandalfwhat's the best alternative of installing the plasma5 version then? adding the next ppa did not work very well for me14:40
alket-wgandalf: did you compare the md5 of iso ?14:40
gandalfno, i didnt. but i tried with several downloads, both amd64 and i386, always the same problem14:40
BluesKajgandalf, try this ppa, https://launchpad.net/~kubuntu-ci/+archive/ubuntu/unstable/+index?field.series_filter=14:42
shadeslayerthat PPA by definition is unstable14:43
gandalfis that so unstable it will eat my children?14:43
shadeslayerand might not work14:43
BluesKajgandalf, actually it's quite stable..been using it for a few days now14:44
gandalfwhen adding the next ppa to a kubuntu 14.10 installation, i found not everything was upgraded correctly. would that presumably be better with the kubuntu-ci ppa?14:45
* alket-w is waiting for 15.04 to dive into plasma 514:45
gandalfon my laptop it is running quite well, so i considered moving another computer to plasma514:45
BluesKajgandalf, make sure you have your 14.10 packages up to date14:46
gandalfyes i have14:46
BluesKajrunning 15.04 here with plasma 5 on a Lenovo G500 laptop14:47
gandalfi found that upgrading with the instructions on the kubuntu website didnt work, only after an additional dist-upgrade the relevant packages were installed14:47
gandalfare there 15.04 plasma5 isos available?14:48
lordievadergandalf: If you are going to run 15.04 expect breakage. If you add the unstable ci ppa, expect more breakage ;)14:50
gandalfany idea what the problem is with the plasma5-14.10 iso?14:50
jmuxshadeslayer: you're still unconfirmed in the wiki for the weekend - guess you're comming? Same for apachelogger.14:53
shadeslayeryep, I'm coming14:53
shadeslayerI don't remember the login name for my w.d.o account xD14:54
shadeslayerjust add me14:54
shadeslayerI'm coming in at 9ish14:54
shadeslayerjmux: ^^ Can I come to the office at 10/11ish ?14:54
shadeslayerand hack from there14:54
jmuxshadeslayer: Won't have Internet at that time. And we'll still be moving stuff around. Otherwise yes.14:55
shadeslayeroh heh14:56
shadeslayerkind of useless then :P14:56
shadeslayerjmux: meetup for Lunch then?14:56
jmuxshadeslayer: Everything should be ready at 12:00 - there is a reason, why the official start is at 18:00. We have to do cooking, shopping, etc.14:58
shadeslayerah :)14:59
jmuxFrom the point of the room - shopping for 40 people for a weekend will take us at least 3 hrs. Food will be ready at the evening.14:59
sgclarkhave fun guys, wish I could be there :(15:00
jmuxSnakcs and drinks will be there. And some KDE PIM people want to ba around at 12:00, Riddell too and others.15:00
Riddellmy flight gets in at 13:45 I think, I don't expect to come to the office until 18:0015:01
jmuxRiddell: Ok - then it was somebody else - lot of non-local people ask, if they could show up earlier15:02
yofelI'll be in Munich around 4 but I have to go to the hotel first, so I'll be there sometime between 6 and 7.15:06
Riddellyofel: see you in the limux office then15:06
lordievadersoee: ping15:22
soeelordievader: could you please create 2 or 3 activities, than click on some app window decoration and go to App settings ant try to force this app to be loaded only on one of the existing activities ?15:23
soee*i want to know if they are listed there in app settings screen15:23
soeebtw FFmpeg returns to ubuntu repos :)15:24
BluesKajffmpeg is back...yes!15:25
lordievadersoee: I can move Dolphin just fine from one activity to another, if that is what you mean.15:27
soeelordievader: click on Additional App Settings15:44
soeethere is a tab Size & Placement or something15:44
soeethan Activity -> Force -> (should be able to pick one of the defined)15:45
lordievaderYou mean the Special Application Settings menu?15:45
soeeyes probably :) i have interface in Polsih atm15:45
soeeso if you set as i said, when app is launching it is moved to selected activity15:46
lordievaderThe dropdown menu only show [blank] and All Activities...15:47
soeelordievader: ah ok, so same as here, thank you for confirmation15:48
soeethough if we open Kwin Rules from System Settings, we can pick activity there for selected app15:49
lordievadersoee: Not here, same thing, blank and all.15:50
soeetry again, i had 2 apps added there15:50
soeeon first it was blank, than i opened secodn and had them15:51
lordievaderHmm, yes for the second they do show up.15:52
Riddellpatches up on bug 139347916:03
ubottubug 1393479 in kde-runtime (Ubuntu Vivid) "security: Insufficient Input Validation By IO Slaves and Webkit Part" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/139347916:03
soeeany devs around ?16:46
alleeRiddell: wasn't it in a restauraunt in the cellar of the town hall?  Marien Platz16:50
shadeslayersoee: ssup16:52
Riddellallee: yep17:01
alleeRiddell: Ratskeller: https://www.google.de/maps/place/Ratskeller/@48.137422,11.576119,2a,90y,90t/data=!3m5!1e2!3m3!1s91841496!2e1!3e10!4m5!1m2!2m1!1srathaus+m%C3%BCnchen!3m1!1s0x0000000000000000:0xea8424a27ac9c24a!6m1!1e117:04
alleeyes, it is it.17:04
alleeRiddell: Fri ~15:00 there?17:05
soeeshadeslayer: i mentioned once that i want to create onepage wensite that promotes/explains kubuntu. now i would like to split it into few section like: Office, Media, Technology etc. 17:19
soeeand i would like to hear what other sections do you guys think there should be17:20
soeeremember that this website target is common users or nwcomers17:20
shadeslayersend mail to kubuntu-devel17:20
soeeshadeslayer: this is not worte putting it there i think :)17:23
soeejust your personal opinions17:23
JackWolfSkin_soee: try without the -s maybe17:32
soeeJackWolfSkin_: what should i look for there ?18:40
ovidiu-florinhello world20:15
ovidiu-florinis there anything I should be aware of before the BSP?20:16
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soeekde applications beta3 released :)21:53
yofelsrc/common/Configuration.h:            Entry(DefaultPath,         QString,     _S("/bin:/usr/bin:/usr/local/bin"),         _S("Default $PATH"));22:08
yofelwhy thank you sddm for hardcoding your own PATH22:09
yofelenv.insert("PATH", mainConfig.Users.DefaultPath.get());22:12
yofelso it seems it can read it from somewhere..22:14

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