kavacolordievader: hi00:00
mparillosurfs^: I cannot run it in a VMware VM, so it is not ready for me: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/open-vm-tools/+bug/1362631 though the upstream bug is claimed to be fixed https://bugs.kde.org/show_bug.cgi?id=34096600:00
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1362631 in open-vm-tools (Ubuntu) "Enter Full Screen Mode crashes Plasma Next Desktop in Kubuntu 14.10 and Daily Build of 15.04" [Undecided,New]00:00
ubottuKDE bug 340966 in general "Plasma 5 crashes maximizing VMware Player" [Crash,Resolved: fixed]00:00
kavacolordievader: the problem dont exist now!!00:00
kavacolordievader: on Kubuntu 14.04 the amd catalyst downloaded form AMD site, work!00:01
kavacolordievader: the buttons: restart, shutdown and logout works normally now. And de Mixer controll too!!!00:02
kavacolordievader: lordievader_: thank you very much!00:02
kavacolordievader: Ah, i instaled the AMD Catalyst 14.9(fglrx 14.301) form site00:04
surfs^Nice! Thanks for the feedback.00:05
kavacosurfs^: me?00:05
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kavacothe AMD Catalyst 14.9(fglrx 14.301) form site dont work on Kubuntu 14.1000:15
kavacothe fglrx form repo, dont work on 14.10 too00:15
kavacoon Dell Inpiron 5447 - Brazillian version00:16
kavacowith hybrid graphics00:16
kavacoIntel HD and AMD Radeon R7 M26500:16
MobileRoeyheyl... KDE didn't start up for me once I upgraded from 14.04 -> 14.10.  I moved ~/.kde aside and ran startx, letting KDE re-start.  It did.  How can I diagnose what's wrong with my ~/.kde then?00:37
MobileRoeyhi? anyone here??00:40
kavacoMobileRoey: have patience :D00:45
MobileRoeyI'm frustrated beyond belief :(00:46
MobileRoeyI meant :) but it came out :( my bad00:46
MobileRoeykavaco:  it infuriates me that I can NEVER do a do-release-upgrade -d without something messing up and causing some showstopper issue.00:46
MobileRoeyI cringe at having to upgrade00:46
kavacoyour KDE is working now?00:47
kavacowith a new .kde directory?00:47
MobileRoeyyeah but startup is super super super slow.00:48
MobileRoeyI killed that effing baloo indexer once I found it was using 100% cpu.00:48
MobileRoeyso I was wondering if I should slice-and-dice between the new .kde and my original .kde in hopes of finding the core of the issue00:49
kavacoyou have a guest user?00:53
MobileRoeynormally I should..00:54
kavacologin with the guest user, and compare00:55
MobileRoeyis it systemd?00:55
MobileRoeyis that what's messing  thisup?00:55
MobileRoeyI added a guest user with useradd00:55
MobileRoeythen ran passwd on it to give it a password00:55
MobileRoeylogging in, i see error messages from stem-login.00:56
MobileRoeyFailed to start unit user@1001.service:  Unknown unit:  user@10001.service00:56
MobileRoeysystemd-logind[332]: Failed to start user service: Unknown unit: user@1001.service00:56
MobileRoeyNo directory, lgging in with HOME:/00:57
MobileRoeyuseradd is different than adduser, that I know.00:57
MobileRoeybut which one's which.00:57
MobileRoeyuseradd it was then.00:58
MobileRoeyok, re-created guest user and logged into it.00:58
kavacoits ok?00:59
kavacois it slow?00:59
MobileRoeyadduser DID create a /home/guest, but when I try logging into the guest user, I still get "No directory, logging in with HOME=/";01:00
MobileRoeyI have no permission to /home/aux apparently01:00
MobileRoeyas the guest user.01:00
MobileRoeykavaco:  ^01:01
MobileRoeythe permissions seem fine on it, I just cannot cd into it.01:01
MobileRoeyfor some reason.01:01
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MobileRoeykavaco:  yeah, I get "permission denied" when I try to CD into ~aux01:03
MobileRoey? why?01:03
kavacowhat's user name?01:04
kavacoand directory?01:04
MobileRoeydirecotry /home/aux01:05
MobileRoeyBRB phone01:05
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kavacosudo usermod -d /home/aux aux01:05
kavacotry this01:05
kavacobut you do it with the admin user01:06
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kavacoand be patience, i dont speak english very well :D01:07
jdwwattsim trying to get kmail configured and  so far i got incoming messages but cant sendany one have any ideas?03:46
jdwwattskmail just puts it inthe out box with no error mssage03:47
rx_smtp servers missing?03:49
jdwwattsi thought i ha the info in there right but who knows03:50
vroshow to repair "??????????" names on usb flash. Opened by Dolphin and Kubuntu 12.04?05:36
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Tm_Tvros: you either have no rights to the files or the filesystem is broken05:39
vrosTm_T, how to config that?05:40
Tm_Tvros: dolphin should tell who "owns" the files05:41
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Tm_Tvros: also the folder where the files in should be checked05:41
vrosall to root05:42
vrosall mounted as root but I not use root before05:44
Tm_Tvros: have you used sudo at some point?05:48
Tm_Trelated to that usb flash05:48
vros___this is no cyrylik names, but also "?????" and mounted as root05:51
vros___it is  for all usb's05:52
vros___hm))) it mount as on Server06:06
lordievaderGood morning.06:09
lordievaderkavaco: Good to hear you fixed your issue.06:09
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znc-hmm dont got the folder /usr/include/linux headers are installed08:56
znc-any ideas08:56
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keyonce04good morning12:17
lordievaderGood afternoon ;)12:19
lordievaderkeyonce04: i18n ;)12:21
keyonce04what does that mean12:23
lordievaderkeyonce04: Google it ;)12:24
keyonce04i will be back12:24
BluesKajHiyas all12:27
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diego__Greetings, I am looking for help to turn off my computer.13:58
diego__After installing KDM, none of the Leave buttons work, these are: Log Out, Restart, ShutDown13:58
diego__and Sleep13:58
diego__Would anyone know how to fix this_13:58
BluesKajdiego__, try sudo reboot to reboot or sudo halt to power down14:04
BluesKajupdate and upgrade first tho14:04
diego__BluesKaj:  Thank you.14:19
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diego__BluesKaj: Your suggestion did do the trick.  After that, Restarting goes as expected.  Something got fixed in the middle.  Cheers.14:51
BluesKajdiego__, good to hear :)14:52
toothewhat's a good GUI text editor with formatting?15:02
hateballtoothe: Kate?15:02
soeeKate, SublimeText15:02
oquidavewhy am i having this "tcp        0      0  *               LISTEN      1484/master " when i dont' have any service(am assuming mail server which is actually on another box) running on port 2515:26
lordievaderoquidave: What does 'ps -p 1484' return?15:28
oquidavelordievader: seen it, it is postfix!!15:29
hateballperhaps you installed something recently that had postfix as a dependency15:30
hateballand just pressed Y15:30
hateballchecking the dpkg/apt log should reveal the truth15:30
oquidavehateball thanks15:35
rberg_'aptitude why' can be helpful when trying to figure out why something got installed15:36
hyper_chhi there, on my notebook I usually have two external monitors. One is vga and other is hdmi. Now, if I accidentally disconnect the hdmi one and reconnect it, all is fine. However if I accidentally disconnect the vga one and reconnect it, KDE doesn't recognize it anymore. Also it won't show up in the systemsettings -> Monitor configuration tool16:10
znc-hey, using 11.10 and would like to install 2.x kernel17:36
znc-can someone help17:36
znc-tried to build but it fails17:36
lordievaderznc-: You do know 11.10 has been EOL for ages? But what do you run into?17:38
znc-what you mean by run itno hmm17:39
lordievaderznc-: You say it fails, on what does it fail?17:39
lordievaderznc-: Make that command "sudo make menuconfig" ;)17:41
lordievaderznc-: Reading the error usually tells you what to do.17:41
denysoniquelordievader: sounds like Gentoo17:43
lordievaderdenysonique: Compiling kernels? Can be done anywhere ;)17:43
lordievaderznc-: Do you have ncurses-dev installed?17:45
znc-dont know17:45
znc-should I try to install it17:45
lordievaderznc-: Also, could you provide the full output of the last make command?17:46
znc-what make exactlz17:46
znc-this was sudo make menuconfig17:46
lordievaderWas it all?17:47
lordievaderI suppose you can use the 'oldconfig' if it still doesn't work after installing the ncurses headers.17:48
znc-oki first I will try to install ncurses-dev and repeat this right17:49
znc-ncurses-dev installed17:50
znc-outptut changed http://pastebin.com/Msssa5Ps but still fails17:52
znc-sudo make oldconfig also failing17:53
lordievaderWhere did you get the kernel from?17:53
lordievaderznc-: Your folder says 2.6.5... kernel.org has 2.6.32...17:54
znc-youre right I see its rather old17:54
znc-2004 whops17:54
znc-I will try with a newer 2.6.32 yeah17:56
hyper_chhi there, on my notebook I usually have two external monitors. One is vga and other is hdmi. Now, if I accidentally disconnect the hdmi one and reconnect it, all is fine. However if I accidentally disconnect the vga one and reconnect it, KDE doesn't recognize it anymore. Also it won't show up in the systemsettings -> Monitor configuration tool17:58
toothedoes anyone recommend a text-editor that can do format highlighting?18:06
lordievadertoothe: Vim :D18:16
toothevim is for command-line18:19
lordievaderThat's right ;)18:19
kavaco_lordievader: hi18:34
kavaco_lordievader: see my feedback yesterday?18:34
lordievaderJup, replied to it too ;)18:35
archetech2J pronounced ya18:37
kavaco_i dont undertand, but, its ok :D18:38
lordievaderkavaco_: It is probably very dutch, means something along the lines of yes/yeah ;)18:38
archetech2similar to redneck amaerican's  yep18:40
lordievaderJup :P18:41
kavaco_ah, understand now!18:41
kavaco_similar to brazilian's "blz"18:41
kavaco_the kubuntu 14.04 dont work with amd catalyst from repo, but work with a amd catalyst form amd site.18:44
kavaco_its perfect!18:44
kavaco_lordievader: but the execution is not this happening normally. necessary to install some packages before running the script.18:46
lordievaderkavaco_: What are you talking about?18:47
kavaco_amd catalyst driver18:47
kavaco_from amd site18:47
kavaco_remeber? the restart, shutdown and logout buttons dont working yesterday...18:48
kavaco_and same menus in a windows...18:49
lordievaderkavaco_: Yes, but running what isn't happening like normal? And what was necessary to install?18:49
kavaco_i installed the amd catalyst from site18:49
kavaco_sudo apt-get install gcc dh-modaliases execstack dpkg-dev debhelper dkms lib32gcc118:49
lordievaderThat makes sense.18:50
kavaco_lordievader: the script is not shown erros, but it was possible to see the log.18:50
lordievaderIn other words you installed dkms + build-essential ;)18:51
kavaco_i ran the steam games now18:58
kavaco_how to install the lamp-server on kubuntu?19:02
lordievaderkavaco_: apt-get install apache2 mysql-server php5 ?19:04
kavaco_and common plugins PHP and Apache19:05
kavaco_on Mageia, i can install lamp package19:06
kavaco_but, its ok19:06
lordievaderkavaco_: Here probably too, I just like doing things by hand ;)19:06
kavaco_kubuntu/ubuntu dont have a lamp package, i think19:07
kavaco_Muon dont shown19:08
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lordievaderznc-: Did you succeed with the kernel from kernel.org?19:44
znc-lordievader on the run got into menuconfig and now running sudo mae19:55
ikoniaznc-: why are you doing this19:55
znc-I read about to use an older kernel to compile something else19:56
znc-wanted try that19:56
ikoniathe kernel you are running shouldn't have any impact on compiling anything19:56
znc-ikonia maybe it will not help but lets see19:56
znc-dont know19:56
ikoniayou're basically out of luck in this channel as 1.) 11.10 is out of support/dead 2.) this channel isn't here to take it further out of support19:56
ikoniaznc-: you should know before you try19:56
ikoniaas you will cause problems on your already unsupported system19:57
BluesKaj_usually sudo isn't needed for thew make command , only for make install19:57
ikoniasudo for make is actually a security risk19:57
znc-yes doint it by tutorial where its so described19:58
ikoniaznc-: seems to me like a.) a terrible guide b.) a terrible idea19:59
znc-hmm yes maybe its really not the best ideo sudoing the make20:06
znc-sudo make install should be fine20:06
znc-btw it failed20:06
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ikoniaznc-: this is not a good move20:06
ikoniaznc-: and outside the scope of this channel20:06
znc-what exactly20:06
znc-compiling a kernel20:07
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ikoniaznc-: a.) 11.10 - unsupported b.) custom kernels20:08
znc-so I dont may ask for here otherwise banned or so20:09
ikonialets not get dramatic20:09
ikoniathere is no need to ban you20:09
znc-so its ok but you dont like that20:09
ikoniait's not ok20:09
ikoniait's basically outside the scope of this channel (I strongly advise you not to do it - it's a very bad idea)20:10
znc-understand you but where should i ask instead20:10
lordievaderznc-: Why was it again that you needed 11.10?20:10
znc-because I wanted to build something old and wanted to simulate the circumstances from the old20:11
keithzgznc-: why do you need a newer kernel then, though?20:22
znc-keithzg hmm20:23
znc-its an older20:23
znc-better say got a 3.x and want to get a 2.x one that way dont know the release dates maybe theyre crossed20:29
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Guest35833hi - the plasma5 tech demo disk - does that upgrade to latest plasma 5 or is the version static ? (i.e not upgradable?)21:15
Guest35833i.e - if I install the plasma5 iso then apt-get upgrade it will it have plasma 5.1.1 ? https://www.kde.org/announcements/plasma-5.1.1.php21:16
Guest35833i.e the plasma 5 .iso is it just a snapshot of where plasma5 was in Oct 2014 or is it current ?21:20
lordievaderGuest35833: The iso is a snapshot yes.21:21
lordievaderThe ppa it uses is another thing though.21:22
Guest35833lordievader: so if I install normal 14.10 - then add ppa that is current21:28
Guest35833this one - ppa:kubuntu-ppa/next ?21:28
lordievaderGuest35833: Err, I'm not entirely sure. But I think that is the one.21:30
lordievaderShould end up with the same.21:30
Guest35833lordievader: thanks - been meaning to try plasma5 for a while...21:32
Guest35833(may ever find a bug or 2 to report..)21:33
lordievaderGuest35833: \o/21:35
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geek83Hello All :)22:12
geek83kubuntu 14.04.1 running awesome, new install here.22:12
Guest35833geek83: good to hear !22:15
geek83yes ty tried a lot ubuntu distro's, kubuntu best so far22:15
geek83gnome-ubuntu as well22:15
alketany good alternative to Gwenview22:50
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soeealket: why is it bad ?22:55
soeei think gwenview rox22:56
alketactually its nice but I have some problem which bothers me22:56
alketits that I have to do CTRL + Scroll to zoom22:56
alketI need just to mouse scroll to zoom :)22:57
soeechange shortcuts ? :)22:58
alketstupid me22:59
alketthanks soee22:59
soeehey MobileRoey23:00
MobileRoeyI can't seem to get acceleration working with the proprietary NVidia drivers.  Can anyone help?  NOT #nvidia btw I asked there already.  Thanks!23:00
MobileRoeyoh hey soee23:00
soeedo you have one card or 2 ?23:00
soeeand why do you think you cant make it work ?23:01
MobileRoey1) slow in drawing23:01
MobileRoey2) no desktop effects23:01
MobileRoeythough... glxinfo | grep irect says 'yes'23:02
MobileRoeyoh, and glxgears only gives me ~50 FPS23:02
MobileRoeythis is a Geforce 750Ti card on a Q6600 system23:02
MobileRoeyso it's not exactly slow.23:02
keithzgMobileRoey: How have you installed the drivers?23:02
MobileRoeyyes I did.23:02
MobileRoeyI used the proprietary instlaler23:02
MobileRoeysudo sh NVI*.bin23:03
* keithzg sighs23:03
keithzgplease don't :P23:03
MobileRoeyfuck nvidia btw.  Linus was right.23:03
MobileRoeygives me as much hassle as NVidia drivers.23:03
keithzgYeahhh. I've been there.23:03
MobileRoeykeithzg:  heh23:03
MobileRoeykeithzg:  are there NVidia debs?23:03
MobileRoeythat arenot old?23:04
keithzgYeah it's all in the repo.23:04
MobileRoeyah ok.23:04
MobileRoeywhat is it called?23:04
MobileRoey(and not nouveau!)23:04
soeewhat kbuntu version are you running ?23:04
keithzgOr nvidia-current-updates for the newer ones, depending.23:04
MobileRoeysoee:  14.1023:05
keithzgYou can also try just using the Driver Manager (should be found quickly by searching the launcher or krunner).23:05
soeeMobileRoey: go to System Settings -> Drivers23:05
soeeand pick recommended, it will instal for you23:05
MobileRoeyapt-get update && apt-get install nvidia-current-updates23:05
keithzgNaw I'd second what soee says.23:06
MobileRoeyI would but the graphics are too slow to redraw23:06
MobileRoeythe console is set to this really squished font23:06
MobileRoeyand the redraw is SSSSLLLLLLLOOOOOWWWW23:06
keithzgIt'll install from the repos, as if you had done so manually, but I think it also then it does the post-config which it might not otherwise.23:06
keithzgWhat's your X.org conf like?23:06
MobileRoeyI let nvidia write me one23:06
keithzgCould you throw it into a paste? Although it's honestly worth just uninstalling the drivers first and then re-installing using System Settings -> Drivers as soee mentions.23:07
keithzgThat's the way that *should* work.23:07
MobileRoeyalso, mujst I get out of X when installing these, as I must with the proprietary installer?23:09
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MobileRoeyooh ok.23:10
keithzgOne of the advantages the Kubuntu way has over the NVIDIA way :P23:10
MobileRoey-updates is more current than nvidia-current, right?23:10
MobileRoey:) yeah, I appreciate it.23:10
keithzgPackage management FTW.23:11
* MobileRoey fondles his package manager fondly.23:11
MobileRoey<-- long time fan of apt23:11
keithzgYeah that's the only thing I don't like about the idea of switching away from my trusty old Nokia N9.23:12
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MobileRoeyWARNING:  Failed to restore some backed up files/symlinks, and/or their attributes.  See /var/log//nvidia-installer for details23:12
keithzgWell, there are other things, but mostly SailfishOS takes care of them.23:12
MobileRoeyjolla phone?23:12
keithzgja, although I can't use one in my country (Canada; my carrier is only 3G over AWS, which the Jolla doesn't support), but I also have it installed and working fine on my Nexus 4.23:13
MobileRoeyalso I see this periodically:23:13
MobileRoeyCPU0: Cor temperature above threshold, cpu clock throttled (total events = 9976872)23:13
keithzgHmm, well, worth checking what /var/log/nvidia-installer says but at this point you're probably not to worried about losing config files since they're clearly not working.23:13
MobileRoeyon the console23:13
MobileRoeyi figured23:14
keithzgSounds like your case needs more fans ;)23:14
MobileRoeyalso it's install nvidia-304-updates23:14
MobileRoeymy 750ti needs 334 or higher23:14
MobileRoeythat's why I started installing the proprietary crap.23:15
MobileRoey(answer: because  I can't wait for the Ubuntusphere to take its sweet time)23:15
keithzgWell, to be clear these packages are still proprietary crap, just packaged in reasonable ways ;)23:15
MobileRoeyheh so I hear :)23:15
keithzgHrmm. You might be kindof out of luck then, if it's *that* bleeding-edge. Perhaps it's literally just NVIDIA bugs in the drivers themselves that you're running into.23:16
keithzgThere's nvidia-331 packages in vivid23:16
MobileRoey331 is not new enough doesn't support 750ti23:16
MobileRoeyin other words, x won't boot.23:17
MobileRoeyI ask Vivid and he says...install proprietary drivers.23:17
keithzgWell no offense, but I think you might just be screwed for now :(23:17
MobileRoeythat was yesterday in #nvidia.23:17
MobileRoeyfuck my l23:17
MobileRoeyya know what23:17
MobileRoeyit's only a computer.23:18
MobileRoey(it doesn't make a satisfying noise until it crunches on the ground 16 floors below)23:18
MobileRoeyhow effing long does it take to apt-get install this.23:18
MobileRoeyEVERYTHING gets slow because of bad graphics card support, it seems.23:19
keithzgIf it's failing at using GPU rendering and offloading a ton to CPU, yeah, that sadly makes sense.23:20
MobileRoeyit;s still unpacking.  I got out of X and it's still slow.23:21
MobileRoeybtw I was on a TTY console23:21
keithzgWell, X is still chugging along in the background probably.23:22
MobileRoeyI killed it.23:22
keithzgFair enough, it's all boundless speculation on my part23:23
MobileRoeyit's been at "unpacking nvidia-..." for the past five minutes.23:23
keithzgtop is your friend!23:23
MobileRoeyaye understood23:23
MobileRoeyI know23:23
soeeMobileRoey: this is not recommended, but23:23
MobileRoeydpkg is taking 100% cpu time.23:23
MobileRoeywhat, strace -p the process?23:23
MobileRoeymaybe see if it's waiting on something?23:23
soeeon 14.10 and now on 15.04-dev i am using the latest beta drivers from xorg-edgers ppa and its a HUGE performance jump compared to previous versions23:24
MobileRoeywhat's the deb line for it?23:24
MobileRoeyfor the edgers ppa23:24
soeehuh ?23:24
MobileRoeyI was asking for the source for the PPA23:24
MobileRoeymaybe as a command23:25
MobileRoeyadd the edgers ppa deb source line23:25
MobileRoeyah thanks!!23:25
soeebut it is not recommended as i said :)23:25
soeebut firs remove current drivers23:25
MobileRoeydeb https://launchpad.net/~xorg-edgers/+archive/ubuntu/ppa ?23:25
soeethan install nvidia-34623:25
MobileRoeythank yo uso much23:26
soeeMobileRoey: type in koncole: sudo apt-add-repository ppa:xorg-edgers/ppa23:26
MobileRoeyaha, that's exactly what I was looking for, thanks!23:26
keithzgsoee: tiny correction, add-apt-repository, no?23:26
keithzgOh, wait, both work23:27
soeeyup :)23:27
* keithzg just learned something, heh23:27
soeei prefere apt-* because all othger commands starts like this and new apt update or apt full-upgrade23:27
keithzgLove that command, that's one of those simple-but-powerful things that makes Linux great.23:28
MobileRoeyI appreciae your alls' fantastic English grammar.23:28
MobileRoeyI enjoy reading good grammar when I see it.23:28
valorie!language | MobileRoey23:28
ubottuMobileRoey: The main Ubuntu channels require that you speak in calm, polite English. For other languages, please visit https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/ChannelList23:28
MobileRoeyand the way you hyphenated that simple-but-powerful is what signaled that to me23:28
valoriethis is a family-friendly chan, my friend23:29
MobileRoeyyes ma'am :) :)23:29
valoriewould hate to have to quiet ya23:29
keithzgI always used "add-" because to me, conceptually, it was a specific *buntu thing rather than a facet of apt, but yeah, apt-* is the classic format so that makes sense.23:29
* MobileRoey makes pouty face and such.23:29
MobileRoeykeithzg:  wouldn't one try to cleave as close to Debian as they can though?23:30
MobileRoeythe Debian style I mean.23:30
MobileRoeyconsidering how Ubuntu bases itself off of Debian.23:30
valorieoooo, both add-apt- and apt-add work?23:31
valorieapt is magick23:31
keithzgOh, sure, but the PPAs are specifically an *buntu thing and as such, add-apt-repository/apt-add-repository are things created and distributed by *buntu seperate from apt itself per se.23:31
keithzgHence, it's "software-properties-common" that provides the command(s)23:32
keithzgJust saying that's why I conceptually latched on to the add-apt variant, but it's definitely a good idea that both work!23:32
MobileRoeyit -just now- finished installing that paciage.23:40
MobileRoeyalrihgt, rebooting it now.23:40
MobileRoeyI expect it not to work because it's 304 and not >= 33423:40
MobileRoeyalso because God loves to see my plans foiled.23:40
valorieI dunno, my son is using kubuntu on his ultra-new gamer laptop because it is literally the only thing that will boot up23:42
valoriebesides the windows it came with, natch23:42
* MobileRoey grumbles23:42
valoriehe likes distro-hopping, and knows his stuff23:42
MobileRoeyit takes like 10 seconds to get to the GRUB menu for some reason,23:42
MobileRoeyand the rendering is so  slow.23:42
valorienot a good sign23:42
MobileRoeyconsole rendering23:42
MobileRoeyah, it put it into 80x25 now and it's fast.23:43
MobileRoeyok now i see a huge mouse cursor23:43
MobileRoeyand it does not extend to the 2nd or 3rd montior.  It just stays confined to the first one.23:44
MobileRoeykeithzg: ^23:44
valoriedo you have kscreen?23:44
MobileRoeykscreen what'st hat?23:44
valorie!info kscreen23:44
ubottukscreen (source: kscreen): KDE monitor hotplug and screen handling. In component universe, is extra. Version (utopic), package size 126 kB, installed size 846 kB23:44
MobileRoeyit is installed, yes valorie23:44
valorieyou should be able to access it in systemsettings23:44
valorie`apt-cache policy kscreen`23:45
valoriewill tell ya23:45
* keithzg has to run off, good to hear that things are coming along though MobileRoey, best of luck23:46
MobileRoeyvalorie:  well I checked with dpkg -l kscreen and it showed it installed; is there anything else that apt-cache policy shows?23:46
MobileRoeykeithzg:  thanks!23:46
MobileRoeythanks so much btw23:46
* keithzg remembers having to use the nvidia-settings application to configure TwinView back in the day to get NVIDIA cards to extend to other monitors, but things should be better nowadays23:46
MobileRoeywell normaloy it works fine23:47
MobileRoeyno magic needed23:47
keithzgMobileRoey: No problem, in fairness soee was the one who chimed in with the helpful solution here it seems ;) but it's always fun to help! Later.23:47
MobileRoeysoee:  and you too Soee, thak you very much for your help and emotional support23:47
valorieapt-cache policy shows the version you have compared with the latest available23:47
MobileRoeywell ok23:48
MobileRoeyI just did an upgrade from 14.04 -> 14.10, btw.23:48
valoriedid you stick with lightdm or go with SDDM?23:48
MobileRoeyI didn't know we had the vhoice23:49
MobileRoeysoee:  after adding that Edgers repo, I see that there is no nvidia-346..23:50
soeeyuo wont see it in Drivers Manager23:53
soeeyou have to install it manually23:53
MobileRoeyyeah but from the command line23:54
MobileRoeyI do sudo apt-get install nivdia-34623:54
MobileRoeyand it says it cannot find this package.23:54
MobileRoeysoee:  ^23:54
soeeMobileRoey: not nividia23:54
MobileRoeynvidia-346 I meant, sorry23:55
MobileRoeyI tabbed after nvidia- and the highest patch level I saw listed is 331.23:55
valorie!info nvidia-34623:55
ubottuPackage nvidia-346 does not exist in utopic23:55
soeeyuo should see it, did you run: sudo apt udpate ?23:55
MobileRoeyno on the update23:55
MobileRoeywhich is what I just thought of23:55
MobileRoeyaha :)23:55

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