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teste1anybody here?13:10
jfiHi, the creator of a private bug cannot see it? https://bugs.launchpad.net/psensor/+bug/139459014:06
ubot5Error: launchpad bug 1394590 not found14:06
tewardjfi: looks like that's because it's not against Ubuntu but an upstream LP project14:07
tewardjfi: i.e. the psensor project on Launchpad.14:07
jfiteward, well, I have created it against psensor project by error, then I change it to the ubuntu psensor package, and then....can no more see it:(14:08
tewardso only the bug supervisor for that project can see the private bugs14:08
jfiI am the supervisor of the psensor project14:08
tewardjfi: well... it doesn't look like its against the Package to me...14:09
tewardand as bugcontrol I'd see it...14:09
tewardor at least should14:09
jfimaybe I did a mistake when changing the concerned package:(14:09
tewardit's possible.  I can't tell from here.  I can confirm I can see the private bugs against psensor though in Ubuntu.14:11
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* eliasps is away: I'm away or busy, leave a message and I'll get back to you.20:44
tewardeliasps: you need to turn that off21:13
eliaspsteward turn what off? The "away" message?21:16
tewardyep - the autoaway messages add noise everywhere21:16
tewardpoint being that you don't need to announce your being away to the world21:17
eliaspsI'm not sure I follow, but turned it off rather than starting a pointless argument. Sorry for the inconvenience.21:19
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teward"Don't use public away messages"21:20
* teward leaves that there as he goes to tackle closing ancient bugs via the LP API21:20

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