dholbachgood morning08:39
dholbachhey dpm09:02
dholbachit's the Ubuntu Community Appreciation Day09:03
* dholbach goes and writes a blog entry09:03
dpmmorning dholbach09:05
* czajkowski appreciates you all 09:11
dholbachdpm, popey: I'm going to be offline for half an hour - I need to replace my laptop display - let's all cross fingers and hope that it's fine and back to normal afterwards again11:00
popeygood luck!11:00
dholbachthanks :)11:00
dpmdholbach, good luck!11:00
popeycut the red wire11:00
dholbachit wasn't the display cable - I replaced that a week or two ago already11:01
dholbachthen I ordered a new display which they sent to the wrong address, or the postman got confused11:01
dholbachnow I hope that after 3-4 weeks of display weirdness I have a working laptop again :)11:01
* popey adds "Hardware Engineer" to dholbach's skills matrix11:25
dholbachyeehaw :)11:27
* dholbach relocates, brb12:17
popeydholbach: https://plus.google.com/u/0/100659093975814540586/posts/b6aP9nUTRmT12:36
popeycan you get rid of that?12:36
popeyI am not a moderator of that team for some reason.12:36
dholbachI'm not quite sure how to do that12:37
dholbachall right, removed12:38
dholbachG+ admin interfaces are quite hard to use12:39
popeythere's a moderator page12:39
dholbachyeah, I'm trying to see if I can add you12:39
popeyin there you can go through approving/rejecting12:39
popeyi dont think you can, maybe only jono can12:39
dholbachpopey, ok found it12:40
dholbachpopey, you should be a moderator now12:40
popeyI mean, thanks.12:41
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mhall119remember popey, with great power comes a great number of work items that nobody else wants to do12:55
jcastromhall119, what are my options if my ubuntu touch device stopped showing up in `adb devices`?19:51
jcastroall the release notes seem to be for 13.10?19:59
popeyjcastro: unplug, re-plug20:04
popeyjcastro: system settings -> about phone, make sure developer mode is on20:04
mhall119jcastro: you need developer mode on (as popey said) and the device unlocked20:07
jcastroyep, checked all that20:07
mhall119did you unplug-replug?20:07
popeyis the phone actually unlocked?20:07
jcastroyes, and reboot20:07
jcastroyes, it's  running ubuntu touch20:08
popeyi.e. not at the pin lock screen?20:08
popeyno, not that kind of unlocked20:08
popeyget it to the dash20:08
jcastrooh, so unlock it then plug it back in?20:08
popeyor leave plugged in20:08
mhall119or plug it in and then unlock it20:08
popeybut unlock it, yes20:08
popeysecurity yo20:08
mhall119basically, adb only works when we are confident that the owner is in posession of the device, so it needs to have a PIN (or passphrase) and they had to enter that to unlock it20:08
jcastrostill blank20:09
mhall119have you tried a hammer?20:09
popeywhat version you running?20:09
jcastro14.10 r24320:09
mhall119jcastro: does it open a Nautilus window and show you the MTP folders? (Documents, Music, etc)20:09
jcastrono, it doesn't20:09
jcastronothing in dmesg either20:09
popeyflip developer mode off then on again20:09
mhall119then it's not making a connection20:10
popeybroken cable?20:10
mhall119try a different USB cable20:10
jcastrocable and port work fine, already tried that20:10
popeyhow did you manage that?20:10
* popey is on 14.10 r13720:10
mhall119popey: I know, that's from like 2014-1020:10
popeywhich channel?20:10
jcastroI was running it all cycle20:10
jcastroand then one day it stopped updating20:10
mhall119jcastro: yeah, probably old devel channel, you should switch to RTM20:11
popeybet you're on trusty20:11
jcastrooh, it still shows up as utopic dev20:11
jcastromhall119, how do I do that?20:11
jcastroI just want to run whatever the best one is20:11
mhall119ubuntu-device-flash -something something20:11
mhall119popey knows20:11
popeyubuntu-device-flash --channel=devel-proposed20:11
jcastrofrom the device itself?20:11
popeyvia usb20:11
mhall119no no, don't put him on proposed20:11
popey20:11:27 < jcastro> I just want to run whatever the best one is20:11
popeyproposed == best20:12
mhall119no it's not20:12
mhall119proposed == newest20:12
jcastrowell, if it can't find it on usb20:12
popeynewest == best20:12
jcastrothen I can't flash it20:12
jcastroanyway to do it from the device itself?20:12
mhall119yeah, you need to sort your USB connection first20:12
popeyyeah, you can do it from the device20:12
popeyin the terminal20:12
popeybut I'd flip dev mode off/on first20:12
mhall119what a concept, eg?20:12
popeymight be broken adb on your pc20:13
jcastroflipping does nothing20:13
popeykill adbd20:13
popeyon pc20:13
popeythen unplug/replug, run adb devices20:13
mhall119if it's not making an MTP connection, it's probably a physical problem, not adb20:13
popeyalso, usb cable20:13
jcastroif it's physical it's the phone, I've tested everything else20:13
popeyit's not a "charging only" cable is it?20:13
mhall119jcastro: have you tried juju deploy fix-my-phone?20:14
popeyI have one of them, burned it20:14
popeyso yeah, kill adbd first20:14
popeykillall adb20:14
popeyadb devices20:14
jcastrodid that already, still blank20:14
jcastrois it easy to upgrade from the device?20:14
popeyyeah, if you can type well20:15
popeysystem-image-cli -c ubuntu-touch/ubuntu-rtm/14.09 -b 020:15
popeydo that in terminal20:15
jcastrodude, I had a zombie adb process20:16
popeythere we go20:16
jcastroso I had to -920:16
jcastronot just normal kill20:16
jcastronow to rewipe it with the latest bling?20:16
jcastroI have to show it off at a talk tonight20:16
popeyyou dont have to wipe20:16
jcastroso nothing too crazy20:16
popeyadb shell20:17
popeysystem-image-cli -c ubuntu-touch/ubuntu-rtm/14.09 -b 020:17
popeyleave it alone...20:17
popeyoh, might need sudo ☻20:17
popeyyou get more feedback if you use ubuntu-device-flash on your laptop though20:18
popeyubuntu-device-flash --channel=ubuntu-touch/ubuntu-rtm/14.0920:18
jcastrowell too late, heh20:18
jcastrohow long should I give it, 15min or so?20:19
popeyit'll take a while20:19
popeyadb shell in and you'll see ubuntu-download process20:19
popeymeaning "yay"20:19
jcastropopey, is it a good idea to cancel it and do it from the laptop?20:22
jcastroit's atomic right? :)20:22
popeyits fine20:23
popeyyou can always restart it if it hasn't rebooted into the update20:23
jcastroso was I on some old crufty devel release from like months ago?20:25
jcastropopey, do I answer yes or no for disabling recovery flash?20:32
jcastropopey, mhall119: holy crap, this is waaaaay better than what I was running before!20:38
czajkowskigah stupid web client messed up my reply20:38
mhall119jcastro: welcome to the future :)20:41
jcastroyeah then I ran into popey's RMS app20:42
mhall119what happened to the jono one? we need that back20:48
jcastropopey, your youtube app is <320:48
popeyput some music on your device20:49
popeyif you haven't already20:49
popeymake sure you have artwork too.20:49
jcastrono one's done spotify yet?20:50
popeyyes, someone has20:50
popeybut there's a platform issue with playing audio in the background20:50
popeythe problem is because spotify has a binary blob for doing the streaming20:51
ahayzenpopey, are they waiting for background playlists as well? or does the music get cut as soon as it minimises ?20:51
popeyalso, put a couple of trailers on your phone20:51
jcastrodoes the normal music app have that problem?20:51
popeyahayzen: no, its because of the blob20:51
popeyno, jcastro20:51
ahayzenpopey, ah20:51
popeyjcastro: ahayzen is one of the music app devs :D20:52
popeyCommunity \m/20:52
jcastrook I just need to find local music20:52
jcastroI'll dig into one of my backups20:52
jcastroI don't think I've kept local music around for years, heh20:52
popeyyeah, a backup, right ☻20:52
popeyinternet backups20:52
jcastrono seriously, I no longer do local music20:52
popeyme too20:53
popeyI'm all over spotify20:53
jcastrooh cool, I can just drag and drop into this folder here20:53
jcastrobling bling20:53
popeyinterestingly two of the spotify developers hang out in the ubuntu touch channel ㋛20:53
jcastroman, music works awesome20:58
jcastrojust copied stuff over, done20:58
jcastrohey so, if I put pink floyd in music, shouldn't searching for "floyd" in the main scope show results?20:58
jcastrooh I see, drag over one for the music scope20:59
mhall119jcastro: yeah, there is no "Home" scope in Unity 8 anymore21:01
jcastrook, booted with my sim in it21:01
jcastroI am committed now!21:02
mhall119jcastro: want to see something slick though?21:02
jcastroshow me </morpheus>21:03
jcastroman, the notifications are so slick now21:03
mhall119jcastro: from anywhere in the dash, swipe up from the bottom edge to enter the dash manager21:03
mhall119then use the search icon in the top-right corner and search for "Pink Floyd"21:03
belkinsaOMG.  Thank you, mhall119!21:04
mhall119belkinsa: not at all, it's well deserved21:04
belkinsaYou made my day.21:05
jcastrook so is there no contacts scope?21:05
jcastrolet's say I want to call jill21:05
mhall119belkinsa: I do want to get involved with Ubuntu Leadership team, but I've got to finish porting developer.ubuntu.com to Django :(21:06
jcastrothis looks it up on like wikipedia, etc.21:06
jcastronot my phone21:06
mhall119jcastro: yeah, no contacts/people scope21:06
mhall119that was dropped a *long* time ago21:06
jcastrook so how do you call/text someone?21:06
belkinsamhall119, I think it will take time for the Leadership Team to get off the ground.  But I think with the help of the CC and the mentoring program, it may be seeon.21:06
jcastrodrill down in the messaging or phone app?21:06
mhall119jcastro: use the dialer or messaging app21:06
mhall119jcastro: or look the person up in the address book app, and then choose to call or text them21:07
mhall119I wonder if we'll see the people scope agian, now that the API is improved and C++ scopes are fast21:08
jcastroyeah I tend to use the person as the top org unit21:10
jcastroand then choose msg or call21:10
mhall119jcastro: use the addressbook app then21:10
jcastrothe google sync thing is pretty sweet21:11
mhall119yeah, that was a huge pain to get working, but now that it does it's awesome21:15
mhall119alarms too21:15
jcastromhall119, one more thing22:30
jcastrothe home circle activity thing still says no sources22:30
jcastrodo I need to set it up?22:30
mhall119the what now?22:41
ahayzenmhall119, the infographic on the 'welcome screen'23:09
popeythat may be a bug23:47
popeyi filed one for it23:47
popeyjcastro: no, you don't it should have music, texts, calls, etc, if no, it's a bug23:47
popeybug 135902223:48
ubot2bug 1359022 in libusermetrics (Ubuntu) "Welcome screen on image #200 always states that there are no data sources available" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/135902223:48

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