desrtRAOF: at the end of the day, if i don't agree with your power policy i can always for (;;) ;00:05
RAOFdesrt: But that won't spin up > 45W worth of GPU :P00:06
desrtalso: unless you use proper access control at the kernel level, i can always ship my own nvidia driver blob and hit up the device node for myself00:06
RAOFWell, you can try. :)00:07
RAOFI think we *do* have proper access control, actually.00:08
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mlankhorstgod morning05:59
pittiGood morning06:45
* olli waves at pitti06:51
pittihey olli06:54
pittibonjour didrocks07:37
pittididrocks: btw, if/when you plan to work on the enabled(preset) or similar things, you know src/test/test-install.c? with those unit tests this is much easier and faster to reproduce/iterate/fix07:38
didrockspitti: oh nice, I'll work with that. Thanks to the pointer :)07:41
pittididrocks: and it's rather important to have tests for this behaviour, too :)07:41
didrockspitti: It would be good to have some other feedbacks anyway07:42
didrocksyeah :)07:42
didrockspitti: so, for alternatives, I was thinking about using systemd alias rather than handling ourselves the symlinks08:00
didrocksthat removes a little bit of internal systemd knowledge that we put in postinst08:00
pittididrocks: not sure what you mean?08:01
didrockspitti: here is an example for lightdm: http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~didrocks/lightdm/systemd-alias/revision/209908:02
pittididrocks: oh, for the display-manager; I thought for wants/ :)08:02
didrocksah no, for the thing I was thinking yesterday evening :)08:03
didrocksso, how to treat alternatives, basically08:03
pittididrocks: oh, I like that!08:03
didrocksthe benefits is that it's compatible with existing ones, so we don't need to migrate everything in one shot :)08:03
didrocksif you +1, I'll propose patches to debian (and maybe upload right away in ubuntu?)08:04
pittididrocks: but please note that e. g. systemctl reload won't work under upstart/sysv08:04
didrockspitti: that's the thing I need to test, will it error out?08:05
didrocks(need to start a vm to test)08:05
pittifairly sure08:05
didrockslet me have a try08:05
didrocksif so 2>/dev/null || true08:05
pittididrocks: is-enabled/enable etc. also work without systemd, but this one might not -- so it at least needs to be guarded08:06
pittididrocks: [ -d /run/systemd/system ]08:06
didrockspitti: you prefer to guard that only call? like [ -d /run/systemd/system ] && systemctl daemon-reload08:07
didrocksyeah, it's failing08:08
pittididrocks: I'm not 100% sure about is-enabled; if that works without systemd, use it; otherwise we need to check the file system directly as previously08:11
didrockspitti: it does, just tested08:11
didrockspitti: ok, so that would look like this in the end: http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~didrocks/lightdm/systemd-alias/view/head:/debian/lightdm.postinst#L7208:15
pittididrocks: why do you need the daemon-reload at this point? you didn't change anything yet?08:17
didrockspitti: we just dropped a new .service file from the package installation, no?08:18
pittididrocks: oh, for this one08:18
didrocksand on upgrade, we added the alias08:18
didrocksI was hoping that we would have some option like --force-unless-mask08:19
pittididrocks: so please run this by Josselin Mouette08:19
didrocksbut seems a little bit overkill :)08:19
didrocksok, doing08:19
pittididrocks: I worked with him on the sprint on that general scheme, and has a great understanding of that08:20
pittididrocks: and we should hten have the same approach in gdm08:20
didrocksright :)08:20
pittididrocks: so to be clear, this is no functional change, just simpler/fewer file system assumptions, right?08:20
pitti(on the way -- possibly -- to reducing symlinks in etc)08:20
didrockspitti: exactly, it's the same mechanism as of today and the results in term of symlinks are the same08:21
didrocksbut we don't rely on internals08:22
didrocksso, hoping that if we can convince on clearer /etc… :)08:22
pittieven if not, using the official is-enabled/enable API is better anyway08:22
* willcooke -> sick. Ping if you need anything, but I'll be mostly not here08:38
didrocksurgh, good luck willcooke :/08:39
didrockshey Laney09:02
LocutusOfBorg1morning desktoppers09:03
didrocksmorning LocutusOfBorg109:03
Laneywhat's up09:03
pittihey Laney09:37
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pittididrocks: FYI, offline for ~ 2 h to reinstall my laptop; just got a replacement for the dying hard drive09:58
didrocksoh ok! ttyl09:59
Laney"I can reproduce this", such sweet words when said by an upstream ;-)10:05
didrocksLaney: heh, which ones in that case? :)10:20
didrocksok ;)10:22
Laneyit's a crash in some asm inside libjpeg10:22
Laneyyeah ...10:22
mlankhorstso we will use microsoft? :P10:37
chrisccoulsonmlankhorst, short answer - no ;)10:39
larsulong answer?10:40
larsu(which I presume is the more interesting one)10:40
chrisccoulsonlarsu, the same :)10:40
larsuhaha :)10:41
larsushort answer: no. Long answer: nein10:42
* didrocks remembers the buzz when we talked about switching to Yahoo on the netbook edition in 201010:45
didrocksand all those hard words against us10:45
didrocksI think Mozilla won't have the same treatment "because"10:46
ogra_well, they are at least clever enough to do everything at once ... their advertisement tiles one month, the default search engine next10:47
ogra_we always waited til one issue settled to fire up the next :)10:48
didrocksindeed :)10:48
larsudidrocks: they're just changing providers, whereas it looked like we wanted to extract more money and are greedy10:49
didrockslarsu: well, they are doing that as their deal is closing, so they want to extract some money, which is understandable :)10:52
larsudidrocks: of course, but it doesn't seem like that to the public10:56
larsuat least that's the impression i get10:56
larsuor they just like mozilla better :P10:56
ogra_nah, the public just freaks more out over scientist shirts than over apps ... the fashion moved on ;)10:58
larsuthat freak-out was justified though10:59
ogra_oh come on ... he wore a present his GF made for him on his big day ...10:59
larsuyou mean its better that he and his girlfriend feel good than all the people he works with?11:00
larsuhow about this: "my girlfriend once gave me a 'the people that make ubuntu are idiots' tshirt and I wore it to UDS - I don't know why the people there were offended"11:01
ogra_well, seeing how petty the web got over the last ten years i slowly start not feeling bad that i'm a german anymore11:02
ogra_he never claimed he didnt know why people are offended11:02
ogra_and he aplologized ...11:02
ogra_what i find horrible is that thw world got so humorless that he had to11:03
didrocksit's really true (and sad) that now, everything is a base of controverse11:08
larsuogra_: ya, they certainly overreacted - just saying the sentiment was justified11:08
larsudidrocks: that's not true11:08
didrockssoon, we'll have everyone suited the same, with the same hair cut, in a very white room11:08
ogra_overreaction might be *the* word describing this decade :)11:08
didrockslarsu: I'm not talking about that particular case, but seeing the number of meaningless "buzz" we are seeing…11:09
didrocksbuzz on $random polemics11:09
ogra_and i'm scared where that might go ... socially ...11:09
didrocksogra_: completely agree11:09
didrocksthe president has his tie knot never done right -> first world problem11:10
didrocks(and this really happened for months in France)11:11
larsudidrocks: obviously this is a different problem and I totally agree there11:13
larsuthe press was talking about whether the 1st lady is allowed to have a tatoo in Germany for a while11:13
ogra_well, that just the press being the press ...11:14
didrocksthe press wasn't like that before…11:15
didrocksor not that much11:15
didrocksand it's because the society asks for this11:15
ogra_its a two edged thing ... it is to generate more money due to more sensationalism ... the society gets more numb ... you need more sensationalism ... etc etc11:16
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achiangdidrocks: maybe no one cares about switching to yahoo because everyone who does care already switched to chrome ;)17:18
didrocksachiang: ahah, I'm sure this is not untrue :)17:18
achiangbtw, i understand there is still some bug in unity/compiz 14.04.1 where resuming on multi-monitor setup results in lost window placements...17:20
achiangis that stuck in the sru queue somewhere?17:20
didrockshum, I didn't hear about it, bregma? ^17:23
didrocksor Trevinho? ^17:23
Trevinhoachiang: never heard of that...17:24
Trevinhoachiang: get a crash also?17:24
LaneyI have similar17:24
achiangno crash, it's just unity/compiz losing its mind17:24
Trevinhoweird... and i *only*suspend... :o17:24
bregmaachiang, I haven't heard of a problem on simple resume17:24
Laneyif I turn one of my monitors off then it gets disabled as far as the system is concerned17:24
achiangbregma: it's one of my worst papercuts :(17:24
Laneythis messes up the window placement17:24
Laneyi.e. they all get put on one monitor17:25
bregmaoh, unless it's the timing-related problem where a monitor does not come back online right away and Compiz thinks it's been removed17:25
Trevinhoah, well... that's because one monitor gets turned off, and thus it's what we have to do..17:25
Trevinhoit might be the case where you unplugged it17:25
bregmaTrevinho, it shouldn't move the windows to a different workspace17:25
achiangin my case, chrome on laptop display (maximized) before suspend, will resume maximized on external monitor17:26
Trevinhomh ChrisTownsend did some work on that17:26
bregmawhich is what it does for me when I lose my monitor (damn that loose connection)17:26
achiangi also have workspaces turned on17:26
achiangand this is over vga, not anything fancy like displayport or hdmi17:26
bregmaeither way, there's no queued fix for that at the moemnt17:27
achianghow can i collect debug information?17:27
achiangto file a bug?17:27
bregma"ubuntu-bug compiz" should do the trick17:29
achiangalso, is there a way to restart a unity session from the command line?17:30
achiangi have another hard to reproduce on demand (but happens about 2x a week) where resume from suspend results in compiz and parts of unity (like unity-panel-service) going crazy17:30
achiangand no new windows can be opened17:31
achiangthe only way i can recover is to reboot the entire machine17:31
achiangwould be nice to just restart unity if possible17:31
bregmaachiang, 'setsid unity >/dev/null 2>&1 &' should work17:35
achiangbregma: awesome, thanks17:36
achiangbregma: i can do that from VT1, and it'll restart on VT7?17:36
bregmayou'd want to set DISPLAY=:0.017:36
bregmaideally you could just type 'restart unity7' from the command-line, but doing it from a VT means needing to set your DBUS_SESSION and UPSTART_SESSION_ID and that can get complicated17:38
Trevinhoachiang: doing that from VT1 you'd also need dbus...17:38
Trevinhoouch bregma preceded me :P17:39
achiangi mean, my goal in this scenario is to preserve my session, like all my open editor windows, etc.17:39
Trevinhoachiang: but, if you've a terminal open in your session, once yuou load it you can restart from there17:39
bregmaI guess I should write a quick script just for this purpose, except it would be tricky on a multi-seat system17:39
achiangTrevinho: ah, so if i have a terminal open in the session, i can just type that "setsid" command without worrying about anything else?17:40
Trevinhoachiang: if you have a terminal, and you get a compiz crash... then you can go to vt1, launch "unity", and then go to vt7.... There launch "unity" again from the terminal17:41
Trevinhoin this way it will load all the proper dbus and upstart env vars17:41
Trevinho(and many others :))17:41
bregma eval "$(tr '\000' '\012' </proc/$(pidof compiz)/environ | grep DBUS_SESSION) $(tr '\000' '\012' </proc/$(pidof compiz)/environ | grep UPSTART_SESSION) restart unity7"17:42
bregmathat should work17:42
* bregma wishes he could get more obscure in public17:42
achiangTrevinho: what if unity is still mostly running, but can't do interesting things like open new windows?17:42
achiangbregma: ok, run that from an open terminal in existing unity session, or run from VT1?17:42
Trevinhoachiang: mh, that's a weird case17:43
bregmaachiang, either one should work17:43
achiangTrevinho: well, i hit it about 1.5x per week17:43
achiangbregma: thx17:43
achiangseems exacerbated by running spotify desktop client + hipchat desktop client17:45
* bregma wonders if rewriting that command in Perl could obfiuscate it more17:45
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* Laney goes away18:02
didrockssee you guys18:05
humbletoadcan someone help me with ssh? im having a hell of a time18:21
humbletoadim trying to delete my keys from my server, but it isn't letting me log into the thing now18:21
mitya57humbletoad: this channel is for development, user support is on #ubuntu18:24
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