czajkowskiGooooodo morning!09:23
ebelguten morgen!09:23
czajkowskihey you got your german licence plate also09:25
czajkowskidod you guys have to give your your irish drivers licence ?09:25
slashbelwe both do, legal requirement if you're staying longer than 6 months09:25
slashbelwe still have our licences, these are valid everywhere in the EU (except Ireland) until they both expire in 202009:26
czajkowskiah so is the same in UK09:26
czajkowskibut nobody does it09:26
czajkowskias I found out when I tried09:26
czajkowskiI got odd looks09:26
slashbelczajkowski: this is Germany, the laws are enforced ;)09:26
czajkowskias this way I cannot get points on it from UK09:26
slashbelyes you can09:26
slashbeli hired a guy from limerick as an intern when in england09:26
slashbelhe got caught by a speed camera, the DVLA put points on his record09:26
slashbelnot having a GB licence will not get you out of the point system, unfortunately09:27
czajkowskilast time I checked they have no way of adding points from UK onto irish licence09:27
slashbeltrue, but they stay on your record09:27
slashbelyou can be banned from driving in GB09:28
czajkowskiwhich record though ?09:28
slashbelthe DVLA keep a record of foreign licences09:28
slashbelalso having a foreign licence, you must carry this with you at all times when driving09:28
ebelczajkowski: they keep a UK record.09:28
slashbelyou are not required to carry a GB licence when driving in GB09:29
ebelSo like, they can't put points on your irish licence or stop you driving in ireland. they can stop you driving in UK thought09:29
czajkowskihmmm interesting09:29
slashbelmeeting time, bbl09:29
czajkowskinot that I speed or have been caught when I went over09:29
czajkowskithose average speed cams drive me insane though09:29
czajkowskiespecially those 30 mph09:29
czajkowskiand also it's mph in UK!09:30
ebelyeah silly uk09:30
* ebel is gonna change my irish licence for a DE one. Mostly because it can get a smaller one (I think)09:30
czajkowskialthough I jsut saw irish ones are now credit card style09:30
ebelI know a Hungarian guy who saved €400 a year on his insurnace for changing his HU licence for an IE one when living in IE09:31
czajkowskithere is a handshake between us which does mean if I exchage mine I still get its original date of when I got it09:31
ebelyeah I think so. Tis all EU licences. "You have had a EU category A/B/etc licence since $DATE"09:32
ebelHow goes new job?09:33
czajkowskiit's going well09:40
czajkowskibut good09:40
czajkowskiheading to Kenmare tomorrow to surprise  my dad for his birthday09:40
czajkowskiback and then Munich, back then SAn Fran, Paris and then a few days off and ireland for xmas09:40
ebelbusy busy09:44
czajkowskibetter than being bored09:44

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