wxlquestion regarding loco web hosting: can we have something other than drupal? :)00:04
wxli have relatively limited experience with drupal but for blogging i didn't totally love it00:06
JHOSMANHi, I want to know who is the leader of the community, since it is no longer Jono Bacon01:01
JHOSMANof LoCo Communities 01:01
JHOSMANmhall119: ?01:02
skellatJHOSMAN: There is no single Community Manager on Canonical's side of things01:03
skellatMultiple people have that job title now01:03
JHOSMANWell I have a question, Ubuntu Colombia we had a novelty with respect to news published in social networks (with a particular person @inforigua)01:05
JHOSMANI'm Leader of Social team of Colombia (facebook, twitter and more) 01:05
JHOSMANAs we all know Microsoft will release the source code in an OpenSource project, in short this person says we should NOT advertise to microsoft and has behaved very badly not considering the thoughts of others.01:06
JHOSMANacting improperly, without informing anyone, eliminating the literature on .NET and related topics Microsoft and Linux.01:06
JHOSMANThey think about it, that's why I came here.01:07
JHOSMANWe discussed this in our mailing list, but he is the only person to disagree, does not respect the opinion of others.01:07
JHOSMANSee this tread https://lists.ubuntu.com/archives/ubuntu-co/2014-November/041300.html 01:09
JHOSMANThe application is not mentioned anything about nor on Microsoft .NET, but something else makes Ubuntu International, Canonical and others. Announcing Windows Azure for example, advances in Samba and others.01:15
JHOSMANskellat: To whom can I contact for guidance? 01:33
skellatJHOSMAN: For now, send a write-up to LoCo Council at loco-council@lists.ubuntu.com so we can look at the matter.  This does appear to be a matter that comes within our scope.01:34
joseit is01:34
JHOSMANok 01:34
josewell, not exactly ours, but more CC01:34
skellatjose: We'll handle it in first instance and develop the record before it goes to Community Council01:34
joseJHOSMAN: please email the LC and we'll try to guide you in the right way since this is something LoCo related01:35
JHOSMANah ok jose  :) 01:35
skellatJHOSMAN: LoCo Council, of which jose and I are part, will handle the initial receipt of the situation and try to develop the case.  We'll provide "good offices" mediation/arbitration if necessary and can refer to Community Council if necessary.01:36
JHOSMANskellat:  jose  I have already sent the mail, we hope we can help, we should think of the common good and not the personal interests of this person, thanks for everything. 01:43
JHOSMANEmmm Your message to Loco-council awaits moderator approval =( 01:43
skellatGive me a moment01:44
joseJHOSMAN: yes, that's usual.01:44
skellatI'm really liking the "listadmin" package these days now that I have it configured01:44
skellatAnd it is approved to our queues to read01:44
joseJHOSMAN: thanks to you for raising this. We will be taking a look as soon as we have got some time for it. 01:44
skellatJHOSMAN: Let me echo jose in thanking you for raising this issue01:44
JHOSMANThe person thinks it's a personal problem, but it is not, he is our friend and is taking it badly.01:45
JHOSMANThanks skellat  =) and jose  01:45
joseok, gtg study for an exam.01:45
JHOSMANskellat: jose  you're supposed council meeting in 10 minutes, not if they want to enter and seize ask.  01:52
joseJHOSMAN: one sec.01:52
dholbachgood morning08:39
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