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* barry waves16:00
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barry#topic Lightening round16:01
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barryLightning even16:01
barryecho $(shuf -e barry bdmurray cjwatson doko slagasek jodh stgraber infinity sil2100 robru mvo caribou)16:02
barrycaribou slagasek stgraber doko sil2100 cjwatson mvo jodh bdmurray infinity barry robru16:02
* barry hopes he didn't miss anyone16:02
caribouYay, I get to start :)16:02
sil2100You won!16:02
caribou* Backport of tcpdump from Trusty to Precise into precise-backports16:02
caribou* sosreport : - Eliminate delta with debian - Sync with debian16:02
caribou* Completed makedumpfile/kdump-tools test environment16:02
barrywe didn't have a meeting last week so feel free to report on one or two weeks16:02
stgraberbarry: skip me, busy at the sprint16:03
barrystgraber: ack16:03
barryskipping slangasek too16:03
sil2100I think slangasek won't be around as well, so doko? :)16:03
barryso... doko16:03
barrydoko: ?16:05
barrygoing once... going twice...16:06
barrysil2100: go for it16:06
sil2100- Holidays last week, shorter work-week \o/16:06
sil2100- Landing team work, preparing landing e-mails16:06
sil2100- CI Train maintenance:16:06
sil2100  * Fixing the multiple bug-number bug in ci-train16:06
sil2100- Improvements to the Issue Tracker:16:06
sil2100  * Displaying the status of all projects related to the bug16:06
sil2100  * Splitting the blocker bugs to ubuntu and ubuntu-rtm categories16:06
sil2100  * More work on including the smoketesting results in the landing-email outputter16:06
sil2100- Bringing the LandingTeam documentation back up-to-date16:06
sil2100- RTM readiness meetings16:06
sil2100- Coordinating top-blocker fixes landings for the 20/21st Nov milestone16:07
dokosorry, will go at the end16:07
sil2100- Writing announcement e-mails16:07
sil2100- Half sick day on the 19th of November16:07
sil2100(done, not much of an update though)16:07
cjwatsonLots of merges.  Merges merges merges.16:07
cjwatsonTrying to eliminate Ruby 2.0 from vivid.  Nine reverse-dependencies left.16:07
cjwatsonHelped out with some odds and ends of a Click-related project.16:07
cjwatsonTransition planning:16:07
cjwatson - Converted auto-sync to log to web-accessible files rather than to my inbox, so that that process no longer relies on me.16:07
cjwatson - Arranged to remove myself from cron mail notifications for everything run by ubuntu-archive@snakefruit.16:07
cjwatson - Got ppa.launchpad.net reconfigured to serve symlinks from PPAs, so that /dists/devel/ works.16:07
cjwatson - Removed irrelevant options from populate-archive (bug 1368096).16:07
ubottubug 1368096 in Launchpad itself "populate-archive ignores --suite argument" [Low,Fix committed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/136809616:07
cjwatson - Working on allowing sprints to be designated as virtual (bug 1391281).16:07
ubottubug 1391281 in Launchpad itself "Support UDS (UOS) virtual format for sprint attendance" [Low,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/139128116:07
mvodid: spend *long* week on internal project (gtimelog list is long and boring for this audience)16:07
jodh* upstart16:08
jodh  - Fixed FTBFS issue relating to tests calling packaged rather than16:08
jodh    generated libtool.16:08
jodh* click:16:08
jodh  - Worked a bit on enriching manifest data and adding tests.16:08
jodh* system-image16:08
jodh  - Design work.16:08
jodh  - Documentation.16:08
jodh  - Working on expanding scope of upgrader's abilities.16:08
bdmurrayworked with webops regarding amqp failues (queue down to 0, not accepting core files or retracing anything) (LP: #1394365)16:08
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1394365 in Daisy "failure to communicate with core storage can result in draining of retracing queue" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/139436516:08
bdmurrayadded lucid, maverick to EoL releases for daisy/submit.py just in case16:08
bdmurrayimplemented OOPS creation in the retracer.py code so OOPSes will go to oops.canonical.com for them16:08
bdmurraysubmitted RTs to have staging and production versions of daisy updated16:09
bdmurrayinvestigation into retracing failures16:09
bdmurrayr581 daisy/retracer.py: do not consider all reports with RetraceOutdatedPackages in them as failures, rather make sure that the retraced report has a Stacktrace before considering it a success.16:09
bdmurraywrote a script to find missing ddebs for 15.04 parsing retracer log files16:09
bdmurrayworked with pjdc to test a scaling stack retracer16:09
bdmurrayreported whoopsie bug 1390627 and added in details16:09
bdmurrayuploaded libproxy, libnih, google-glog, gflags, avahi, unity-gtk-module, lcms2, mir, libsecret, mtdev, nettle, libasyncns, accountsservice, network-manager-applet, gnome-bluetooth, heimdal, process-cpp, net-cpp to get ddebs for 15.0416:09
ubottubug 1390627 in whoopsie (Ubuntu) "tabs being replaced by question marks in report values" [Medium,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/139062716:09
bdmurrayuploaded dkms hook that adds the package version to the package key fixing empty package version information in the Error Tracker16:09
bdmurrayUE - IS sync up call16:09
bdmurray✔ done16:09
barryno infinity i think16:09
barrysystem-image: LP: #1390205; smoketests.  internal project.  LP: #1373467.  testing udm fixes.16:09
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1390205 in ubuntu-download-manager "udm falls over on the switch from wifi to 3g meaning ota are stuck and the system can't recover till reboot" [Critical,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/139020516:09
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1373467 in Ubuntu system image "Support config.d directory" [High,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/137346716:10
barrydebuntu: python3-genshi; debian bug #768286 (zope-interface puiparts); debian bug #769449 (ensurepip - ongoing); reviewed debian bug #769106; debian bug #752467; debian bug #77017316:10
ubottuDebian bug 768286 in python3-zope.interface-dbg,python-zope.interface-dbg "python{, 3}-zope.interface-dbg: unhandled symlink to directory conversion: /usr/share/doc/PACKAGE" [Serious,Fixed] http://bugs.debian.org/76828616:10
ubottuDebian bug 769449 in src:python3.4 "using ensurepip installs wheels in /usr/lib/python-wheels" [Normal,Open] http://bugs.debian.org/76944916:10
ubottuDebian bug 769106 in src:python-defaults "python2.7-minimal: fails to upgrade from 'wheezy': python or pycompile not found in public_modules.rtinstall hook." [Serious,Open] http://bugs.debian.org/76910616:10
ubottuDebian bug 752467 in python-virtualenv "python-virtualenv: no command "virtualenv"" [Important,Open] http://bugs.debian.org/75246716:10
ubottuDebian bug 770173 in src:requests "please enable running the tests" [Normal,Fixed] http://bugs.debian.org/77017316:10
barryother: python bug 22807 (uuid1 not using uuid_generate_time_safe); pybootchartgui fix; update more machines to vivid (adjusting desktop init & emacs configs); LP: #678421 (lightdm sh syntax error handling); UOS16:10
ubottubug 15442 in gnome-panel (Ubuntu) "duplicate for #22807 panels change their position between logins" [Low,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/1544216:10
ubottuLaunchpad bug 678421 in lightdm (Ubuntu Trusty) "Error message for a faulty ~/.profile script" [Low,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/67842116:10
robruone sec16:10
robru* CI Train overhaul16:11
robru  - Wrote all new watch_ppa capable of scanning multiple series per silo16:11
robru  - worked with Ursinha on a bringup of a new deployment, fixing lots of bitrotted parts of the charm16:11
robru  - Good cleanup in the testsuite, moved lots of redundantly copy&pasted logic into a single cohesive superclass for all TestCase subclasses16:11
robru  - Implemented 'DotProject' class to manage .project files, consolidating redundant logic from 8 different places across 5 different files into a single coherent place.16:11
robru  - Wrote a wrapper for os.path.join() which raises an exception if you accidentally pass in too many absolute paths, protecting us against an entire class of bugs16:11
robru  - Inlined a number of redundant, single-use functions into one coherent function.16:11
robru  - Completed enough of the relative->absolute path transition that I was able to drop all calls to os.chdir() from the build job.16:11
robru* various landings, landings, landings.16:11
Ursinhacitrain shiny staging on its way16:12
barrydoko: last chance!16:12
barrydoes anybody have any questions or comments on folks status?16:12
doko- gdb merge, SRU and bug triage16:13
doko- trying to get GCC 5 built on all architectures ...16:13
doko- preparing for python 2.7.916:13
doko- installed my laptop with the disk encrypted (an odyssee ...)16:13
doko- needed a replacement disk for my server at home, raid5 working again16:13
barry#topic AOB16:13
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dokoohh, and getting a lot annoyed about python-pip ...16:13
barrydoko: "getting"? :)16:13
dokoeven more ...16:13
barrydoes anybody have anything else today?16:14
barrygood, let's keep this short and sweet16:14
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caribouthanks barry16:14
sil2100THanks o/16:17
* didrocks waves17:01
dholbachsalut didrocks17:01
didrocksGuten tag dholbach :)17:01
dholbachare you here for the desktop team?17:01
didrockswillcooke__ is sick17:01
didrocksso I'm the spare will today :)17:01
cprofitthello all17:01
didrockshey cprofitt17:02
meetingologyMeeting started Thu Nov 20 17:02:10 2014 UTC.  The chair is dholbach. Information about MeetBot at http://wiki.ubuntu.com/meetingology.17:02
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Laneygoooooo team17:02
didrocksLaney: \o/17:02
dholbach#chair cprofitt czajkowski mhall119 YokoZar pleia217:02
meetingologyCurrent chairs: YokoZar cprofitt czajkowski dholbach mhall119 pleia217:02
dholbach#topic Catching up with the Desktop team17:02
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elfyeasily forgotten is elfy :(17:02
dholbachdidrocks, Laney: thanks for turning up! how are you doing? how's the desktop?17:02
dholbach#chair elfy17:02
meetingologyCurrent chairs: YokoZar cprofitt czajkowski dholbach elfy mhall119 pleia217:02
czajkowskiAloha :)17:03
didrocksdholbach: we're good! Wrapping up blueprints after UOS17:03
didrocksgot quite some nice sessions, especially the Q&A with the community17:03
dholbachwhat kept you guys busy in the last time?17:03
didrocksdholbach: I wasn't there the last time, so not sure when it was exactly, like a month or so?17:04
dholbachhum? I'm not sure I understand - you mean when the CC met with the Desktop team the last time?17:04
dholbachit could easily have been 5-6 months since we last met(?) - I can't quite remember17:05
didrocksdholbach: right, I was on holidays I guess, so unsure when it was (don't want to go back in time too far)17:05
didrocksah ok :)17:05
dholbachright :)17:05
LaneyPhone system settings, bugs, 14.10 release, GTK Mir backend, ...17:05
LaneyMore recently gnome updates + merges too, normal stuff I think17:05
LaneySome work on the unity 8 desktop stuff17:05
didrocksyeah, part of the team is working on getting some bits of gnome 3.14 updated17:05
LaneyUDTC ;-)17:06
didrocks(and gtk with their new theme system)17:06
dholbachhow is the unity8 desktop coming on?17:06
didrocksof course, desktop developer story as Laney told :)17:06
dholbachwill the new gtk mean that we can update to the newest in gnome?17:06
mhall119Laney: I know there's been work to more cleanly separate upstream Gnome from Unity's needs, so that Ubuntu GNOME for example doesn't have conflicts. How has that work been going, is it completed or almost there?17:06
didrocksunity8: it's coming up nicely, if you saw recent posts, there is even some prototypes for multi-windows management with unity817:06
mhall119I saw that :)17:06
didrockswe have a blueprint and some WIs for that image: https://blueprints.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+spec/desktop-1504-desktop-apps-on-mir17:07
mhall119was that from this UOS?17:07
didrocksthe goal is to have all those apps running and working in the unity8 image by 15.0417:07
didrockswe didn't really have a session at UOS as it's a JFDI17:07
mhall119an ambitious goal17:07
YokoZarIn the past there was a bit of a thorny issue where our derived-from-gnome packages were still using the gnome-* package namespace (and you couldn't easily get a more gnomey-gnome from packages), leading to some upset community folks.  Has this migration been basically completely done now?17:07
didrocksbut basically we want people to be able to create touch apps and tests from this image17:08
didrockshence Qtcreator17:08
YokoZarmhall119 basically beat me to that question17:08
didrocksand having importants apps17:08
mhall119YokoZar: type smaller bits :)17:08
didrocksso GNOME - Unity separation17:08
didrocksI doubts there will be more work on this until we switch to unity8 by default and dropp unity7 support17:08
didrocksthere has been a fair share of decoupling17:08
didrocksto enable the ubuntu gnome team to update more on latest gnome version17:09
YokoZarIs Unity8 happening next release?17:09
LaneyWe'll be able to get to 3.14 I think17:09
didrocksYokoZar: we all wish, but a more realistic goal is by next LTS17:09
mhall119YokoZar: not default next release, no17:09
didrockswe will propose it as an option first anyway17:09
didrocksand then, when users will be convinced that unity 8 is better than unity 717:09
didrockswe will switch17:09
mhall119didrocks: is the plan to keep Unity NEXT as a separate build, or will Unity 8 be an installable session on top of a regular install?17:10
mhall119in 15.0417:10
didrocksas Laney told, we are going to get Gnome 3.14 this cycle17:10
didrockswhich is the current Gnome stable release17:10
didrocksmhall119: it's already available in a session on top of the regular one actually17:10
mhall119current, but usn't 3.16 coming soon?17:10
didrocksthe separate build is just for people to try it more easily17:10
didrocksmhall119: soon being next April17:10
YokoZardidrocks: We do have 15.10 before 16.04 LTS as well.  Is that the time to drop unity7 so we can fully deal with this?  I'd hate to leave ubuntu-gnome stranded for another LTS17:11
mhall119didrocks: good to know, thanks17:11
mhall119didrocks: so, same as our next release :)17:11
LaneyWho says they are stranded?17:11
didrocksmhall119: right :)17:11
YokoZarWell, alternative is package separation work of course17:11
LaneyIt would be extremely bad to fork every gnome package17:11
YokoZarNo argument there17:12
mhall119do we have many gnome-* packages left that have Unity-specific changes which break GNOME?17:12
cprofittYokoZar: I agree I would not like to see Ubuntu Gnome left is a bad position through another LTS17:12
didrocksthey can do it, but it's a fair amount of work17:12
didrocksmhall119: well, there is gtk for example, what prevented update to 3.14 last cycle is that they rewrote the theme engine for example17:12
didrocksso the ubuntu theme is being redone identical with the new css rules as of now17:12
YokoZarI'm just worried about a situation where the not-gnome gnome-* packages linger because it was easier to remove them after dropping unity-7 but then we never get around to dropping unity-7 till release after LTS and so the separation work doesn't get done17:13
didrocksso, it's not only "unity", it's "ubuntu" as a whole17:13
mhall119didrocks: so is it more a case of "newest upstream breaks Unity" and now "Unity patches break newest upstream"?17:13
didrocksmhall119: exactly17:13
didrockss/now/not/ I infer :)17:13
dholbachhow are things going with the developer desktop? :)17:14
mhall119so that answers my questions and concerns about that, how about you YokoZar?17:14
didrockswe are starting to get a nice community and external contributors17:15
YokoZardidrocks: I suspect adapting the Ubuntu theme to work with latest Gnome is work the ubuntu-gnome folks are happy to do, whereas poking around with unity-specific patches maybe less so ;)17:15
didrocksYokoZar: hum, I doubt, they are using the upstream adwaita theme, not the ubuntu one17:15
didrocksYokoZar: so, they are not really concerned about it17:15
YokoZarahh ok17:15
LaneyIt's more things like adapting UIs where Unity wants them to be different from the GNOME HIG which is in the way of updating17:16
didrocksyeah, so this cycle, we should have new ides supported for developers17:16
mhall119"ubuntu one" == "humanity" right?17:16
didrocksnew environments as well17:16
LaneyNot really so much distro patches17:16
didrocksand not protection for people using pip/ruby on their systems :)17:16
didrocksmhall119: well, we don't have headbars in our theme17:16
didrocksand some applications have empty menus with headbars17:16
YokoZarI have this fantasy of Ubuntu being in Gnome's good graces again17:16
YokoZarmhall119: I'm happy, though we should check in next release.17:16
didrocksso, it's broken in xfce, under unity…17:17
YokoZar(I kid ~ "good graces")17:17
mhall119YokoZar: +117:17
LaneyIt's like the fantasy of an "Ubuntu and Debian" relationship17:17
cprofittI would like to see that too YokoZar17:17
Laneyreally it's many to many17:17
cprofitt+1 Laney17:17
YokoZarThere is no Emperor of Gnome whose ring we can kiss :p17:17
mhall119is there anythign the CC can to do assign the desktop team's work, either with Unity 8 or the Ubuntu<->GNOME relation?17:19
didrocksdholbach: so, if you can read in the interleaved discussions, yeah, things are going great on the developer desktop :)17:19
* mhall119 can't type today17:19
mhall119(which is bad, because I'm coding today)17:20
didrocksmhall119: maybe some call for testing/trying the Unity 8 image?17:20
didrockswe know it can't be used on a daily bases17:20
didrocksand it's a tablet ui for now17:20
didrocksbut we will be thrilled to have feedback, like on social media for instance17:20
mhall119didrocks: we can help promote that if there's a coordinated plan to help people get started and report problems17:20
LaneyI saw mzanetti posted a video of some windowing support on G+17:20
didrocksand I think the core apps guys will be delighted to have early feedbacks on their applications running on a desktop :)17:20
mhall119didrocks: not a tablet UI for long, once mzanetti's patch lands17:20
dholbachvery nice17:21
didrocksmhall119: we can build some plan around it and use the community team as a proxy?17:21
mhall119didrocks: community team and CC both can assist with getting the word out17:21
didrocksto spread the world with the loco council :)17:21
czajkowskididrocks: good idea17:22
* mhall119 apologizes to everyone he just volunteered to do stuff17:22
czajkowskiI'm the LoCo council will like that17:22
didrocksvolounteering other people, that's always the way to go ;)17:22
mhall119it's the Ubuntu way ;)17:22
dholbachspeaking of help - where do you feel the Desktop team would need most help right now?17:23
didrocksif we can get some people will to contribute testing and updating the new GNOME in particular on #ubuntu-desktop, that would be awesome17:24
didrocksECANTTYPE tonight as well :)17:24
mhall119didrocks: we just need some specifics about what to test, how to test it, and how to report results17:25
didrocksI'm always personnaly welcoming feedback and patches on UDTC (the developer desktop)17:25
didrockswe will make some call for help and contribution publically on this next week17:25
mhall119a vague "test some things" isn't going to get us very far17:25
* elfy suggests that balloons would be the one to co-ordinate testing17:25
didrocksmhall119: most of the coordination is done through #ubuntu-desktop17:25
mhall119didrocks: better to gave documentation, if we can get it17:25
didrocksso people jumping on IRC and telling they want to help, we can then redirect to what is needed at that point in time17:26
mhall119you're only on IRC 22.5 hours a day, afterall17:26
didrocksthe thing is that between one week to the next one, it's not the same thing to test17:26
didrocksalso, we resumed using WI and blueprints17:26
didrocksso, if people wants to help the desktop team, there is http://status.ubuntu.com/ubuntu-v/canonical-desktop-team.html17:26
mhall119I understand, but docs still work better and get more contributors, so if we can have them that would be great17:26
didrockshere are some WI that are not assigned17:27
didrocksthey are free to grab and more specific17:27
dholbachgreat... I'm done with questions - does anyone else have any more questions?17:27
* mhall119 has none17:28
cprofittI have no more.17:28
dholbachthanks a lot didrocks and Laney!17:28
mhall119thank you both17:29
elfythanks didrocks Laney17:29
didrocksthanks everyone! :)17:29
dholbach#topic Catching up with the DMB17:29
=== meetingology changed the topic of #ubuntu-meeting to: Catching up with the DMB
cprofittyes, thank you everyone.17:29
Laneythanks, hi17:29
dholbachwelcome again Laney :)17:29
dholbachanyone else from the DMB around? :)17:29
Laneydunno, to find out you do this:17:30
ubottubdrung, ScottK, Laney, micahg, xnox, bdmurray, stgraber: DMB ping17:30
xnoxLaney: hola17:30
xnoxdholbach: hi17:30
mhall119hello xnox, nice to see you're still around :)17:30
dholbachwow, I didn't know that command :)17:31
xnoxmhall119: i beg your pardon, how dare you?! =) nah, all is cool.17:31
dholbachhow are you? how are things with the DMB?17:32
LaneySame ol'17:33
LaneyWe have meetings, we approve most people, impossible to get people to reply to email threads17:33
dholbachah yes, I remember we talked about the mail situation the last time17:33
mhall119Laney: applicants or DMB members?17:33
dholbachdo you feel things have improved there?17:33
YokoZarIs our rate of developer growth about the same as it's always been?17:34
Laneymembers, no17:34
dholbachor is it also "same ol'"?17:34
LaneyIt's pretty slow now17:34
LaneyCI train removed one reason people used to have for applying I think17:34
Laneybut the new system won't be as backdoory so we may see it come back a bit17:34
Laney("CI airline")17:35
LaneyI estimate we have someone at 3 out of every 4 meetings17:35
dholbachdo you know if people who get their changes auto-landed apply for membership very often?17:36
LaneyI know that they don't do that through us17:36
Laneyat least I can't think of anyone like that17:36
LaneyDMB has never been a popular route for membership anyway17:38
dholbachhow about the voting-by-email situation? does this go better than it used to?17:38
LaneyWe have three threads ongoing now, hard to get the board to reply17:38
LaneyI think we might have to start refusing to handle any application on email17:39
dholbachmaybe somebody should use the "dmb-ping" command on IRC more often :-)17:39
Laneybut our meeting times are crap for people not in the US or Europe17:39
dholbachright, that makes sense17:39
LaneyThe two email applicants are in Asia and Australasia17:39
czajkowskiLaney: could you review applicants in the meeting online and post them results or do you need the applicants there in person ?17:40
LaneyIt's the interview aspect17:40
dholbachbut the meeting time slot could be used for that, no?17:40
czajkowskior else make a once off special meeting when -meeting is free and everyone comes online early/late and reviews the applicatns ?17:40
LaneyOnly if the applicant is there17:40
czajkowskinot saying it's needed every month but may deal with people not answering emails :)17:40
dholbachbut you could use the meeting time for sending the mail17:40
Laneyyou'd think17:41
czajkowskidholbach: +!17:41
dholbachwriting the mail17:41
dholbachthat should really be possible17:41
LaneyMight not be talking to the right person. :)17:41
dholbachI wasn't blaming you in the slightest17:42
LaneyI know, I'm just saying that I don't know what solutions I can offer17:42
czajkowskiLaney: perhaps try dholbach suggestio of mail during meeting and add it to the agenda and see if that helps?17:43
czajkowskiLaney: do you usually have enough board members on hand at a meeting ?17:43
LaneyCould try that17:43
Laneyhere's 10 minutes of silence, go email17:43
dholbachyes, that'd be nice17:43
LaneyWe usually scrape 4 people17:43
czajkowskiLaney: so do you think you need more members on the board also ?17:44
czajkowskiLaney: try adn see and let us know :)17:44
mhall119or regional boards like we did for Ubuntu membership?17:44
czajkowskinot sure that would help the DMB given some areas are higher than others for developers17:44
mhall119true, but there might be enough current members for a asian/oceana board17:45
dholbachI know that it's not easy to make up your mind and that with the MC we had long email debates as well17:45
dholbachbut it's nice if everyone tries hard to keep the ball rolling17:46
dholbachand not keep the applicants waiting unnecesarily17:46
LaneyI know that everyone understands this17:46
LaneyStill somehow it never gets to the top17:47
dholbachthanks a lot for your help, Laney17:47
mhall119thanks Laney, hopefull the "send email during meeting time" will help17:47
YokoZarThank you Laney17:47
dholbachdoes anyone have any other questions?17:48
elfynot me17:48
LaneyI want to discuss/inform about you about something in private17:48
Laneydo you have a channel?17:48
czajkowskiLaney: yes let me dm17:48
dholbachall rightie... anything else?17:49
dholbach#topic Any other business?17:49
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czajkowskiI think we should at some point17:50
czajkowskiaddress the issues being brought up on community list17:50
czajkowskishould we have a dediated meeting to it ?17:50
mhall119which one(s)?17:50
czajkowskimhall119: the long threads going on right now re governance17:50
elfyczajkowski: I'd say yes17:51
dholbachI responded O:-)17:51
mhall119ah, those, I'm not sure the discussions have progressed to the point where we can make any decisions yet, so a dedicated meeting in the near future might be best17:51
dholbachyeah, might be a good idea17:51
dholbachmaybe let's give the discussion another week?17:51
czajkowskimhall119: well I think people need to understand it's also ok to bring these discussions to us17:51
YokoZarAgreed ~tabling, I gotta go soon17:52
elfyczajkowski: yep17:52
czajkowskiblog posts and mailing lsits arent always the best way to engage17:52
mhall119czajkowski: we (the CC) can also join hte discussion in the ML17:52
czajkowskiand many of the comments from people are leaving people alienated17:52
czajkowskiwhich isn;t good17:52
czajkowskimhall119: some have already17:52
czajkowskimhall119: but this is also a forum for discussion!17:52
mhall119I know, I just wanted to restate that17:52
czajkowskiok I propose we have an irc meeting next week17:53
czajkowskiinstead of our weekly G+17:53
mhall119same bat time, same bat channel?17:53
czajkowskiand that way the community can take part and also it's logged so people read it17:53
czajkowskiand we post it to the fridge17:53
mhall119oh wait, that's Thanksgiving day in the USA17:53
dholbachwe just need to announce it17:53
czajkowskiso people can see and also know the date/time17:53
czajkowskiok so December 4th ?as a large chunk of the CC are USA17:54
mhall119do we have catch-ups scheduled for the 4th already?17:54
dholbach(all right... I need to rush now - but you should all be irc meeting chairs, so you can end the meeting as well)17:54
dholbachsee you!17:54
czajkowskimhall119: possibly but I think this topic is worth rescheduling don't you ?17:54
mhall119thanks dholbach17:54
elfyedubuntu and lubuntu17:54
mhall119czajkowski: that's fine, I'm also okay to have this discussion +/- 1 hour from that meeting17:55
mhall119but I know that might not work for others17:55
czajkowskimhall119: much alter in EU then17:55
czajkowskitimezones eh17:55
mhall119we should get rid of those17:55
czajkowskielfy: can you contact and ask them to reschedule please?17:55
* mhall119 adds that to the CC agenda17:55
czajkowskiand then we can use the dec 4th meeting to discuss issues17:56
elfyczajkowski: well I can mail them - I never get replies from the majority of people17:56
czajkowskilets also see if we can get sabdfl to the meeting also17:56
mhall119czajkowski: we'll be doing this on IRC right, not a hangout?17:57
pleia2fwiw, thanksgiving I am around17:57
czajkowskimhall119: aye17:57
mhall119pleia2: you shouldn't be :-P17:57
pleia2I get caught up on my ubuntu work during work holidays :)17:58
pleia2it's just MJ and me, not really a big holiday for us17:58
mhall119more turkey to go around then17:58
czajkowskiright AOB folks ?17:58
elfynot from me17:58
czajkowski#action elfy contact boards and reschedule 4 Dec meeting17:59
meetingologyACTION: elfy contact boards and reschedule 4 Dec meeting17:59
mhall119none from me17:59
czajkowski#action CC to have a meeting on 4Th December to discuss latest threads on Ubuntu Governance17:59
meetingologyACTION: CC to have a meeting on 4Th December to discuss latest threads on Ubuntu Governance17:59
pleia2thanks czajkowski17:59
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czajkowskilovely jubbly17:59
pleia2ok, off to next airplane now17:59
mhall119have a safe flight17:59
mhall119thanks everyone17:59
czajkowskiHappy Ubuntu Appreciate Day folks!18:00
czajkowskiThank you to all for the workd you do!18:00

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